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medicinenew · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
[I just learned Re8 has werewolves. I’m pretty happy.]
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hysteriasam · 4 hours ago
Thoughts on werewolves?
Eum first, I’m not hugely into monsters for the sake of them. Just doesn’t compel me that much. But what first drew me to Supernatural was the procedural aspect, so what I look for in a motw episode is like. the quality of the mystery, the depth of the episodic world, the resolution to the mystery.
So like I think 2.17 Heart used the werewolf well, as it served to tell a story about Sam, a developing relationship, and the unescapability & unfairness of horror. Meanwhile, in something like 12.16 Ladies Drink Free (or like most post s-3 motw tbf), the presence of a werewolf felt more like an excuse to move the characters around and put them in jeopardy, and the choice of monster felt like the writers picking at random.
I don’t have an opinion on the quality of spn werewolves vs other franchises. I think if I must care about monsters, they’re not very high on the list. (like i do love the aliens from stephenie meyer The Host, they’re so fucking creepy oooh <333)
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queen-sophie · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ahhhh I love the wolf in Fairy Tale Island! If my 11 year old self were to see this wolf during my crazy wolf phase I would have freaked out lmao
Animals are easier for me to draw than simple shaped Poptropican bodies somehow
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alphawolf-daddy · 5 hours ago
I'm a transman alpha looking for another alpha to use and abuse my man-cunt. Come on Alphawolf-Daddy, want me to get on my back, spread my legs, and let you pump that hot and hard cock of your in me? Or do you want me to climb into your lap and ride you? Tell me all the things you'd do to me if I let you.
Well, I would start off by laying you on your back, and pushing my big thick cock into your tight cunt. Would love to hear an alpha moan like an omega. After awhile of fucking you like that, I would pick you up, my cock still inside you, and carry you over to my chair, where you would ride me. I would watch with satisfaction in my eyes as this "alpha" before me begs for the true alpha to fuck him deeper and harder. I would start by gripping your hips and thrusting upwards to match your rhythm of riding me.
Eventually, your motions would slow, obviously getting tired, and more importantly getting much more pliant. I would lift you up once more, this time putting you into the mating press position. It wouldn't take long before I was ready to finally fill your cunt with my seed. I would push once. Twice. And on the third push, pop my knot right into your tight passage and pump all of my cum into your waiting womb, overfilling it and watching your stomach bulge a bit. You're mine now.
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prokyon · 8 hours ago
Been fiddling around with some ideas and decided to draw Mila’s ratty old wizard hat, pictured here worn by Kass the werewolf being a goof. I’m sure it gets used as a chew toy when they’re moody or trying to get Mila’s attention.
Tumblr media
[ID: over a light brown papery textured background, a drawing of a pointy wizard hat, indigo with yellow flowers stitched on, with a few stitches and stains to convey wear, upright and crumpled. The same hat is shown upside down, less crumpled to convey its cone-like shape. To the right is a portrait of Kass, a brown werewolf, wearing the upright wizard hat, with an excited and playful expression.]
As far as the design goes, I wanted to make something pretty and colourful, but clearly used/worn, and with a simple enough design that even Mila (who doesn’t like sewing and embroidery anywhere near as much as Kass does) could make it. I like to say Mila has a sort of colourful vulture culture aesthetic, and describe her as a character with feral Gandalf energy. She’s brilliant with spells, and skilled with fabric dyes, but doesn’t care so much for looking refined.
I have some thoughts about why she has a wizard hat: maybe it was passed down to her by her mentor and she added flowers to make it look pretty, or she made it all herself - but it also has some purposes beyond being a fashion accessory.
When flipped upside down and attached to a strap or belt, it acts as a pouch, which is helpful when foraging for food or spell ingredients.  Like a lot of things Mila owns, the hat is imbued with magical properties. In the hat’s case, it carries a bit more than its physical volume can actually handle. Not that much more, as of course the more you add the more weight you have to bear, but it’s handy. It also has a nice little trick: if you turn it upright and shake it a few times, sweets fall out! Which is great when you’re on the road with a hungry werewolf and you want to keep them from getting grumpy.
Like all magic in this world, of course the hat’s tricks come at a cost. It will occasionally absorb things placed inside it as little sacrifices to keep the magic going. Sometimes you come home after hours of foraging mushrooms, and find the hat absorbed a handful of them as compensation for its use. It’s a good idea to avoid placing anything particularly valuable into it, lest they be gone forever.
Think of it like a purse: you lose things in there all the time! Sometimes, months later, you dig them out even after cleaning the purse out a billion times and never finding those things before. Sometimes you find things in your purse that you don’t recall putting in there at all. Sometimes things lost in there truly are gone forever.
The hat acts like this, with a higher chance of simply never returning your stuff. Don’t take a chance on purse magic! Carry your valuables in pockets instead - pockets are reliable!
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dargon899 · 10 hours ago
Hey guys! Here's my DnD character, Demetrius! He's my edgy Order of the Lycans Bloodhunter!
Hope you guys are having a wonderful day and happy belated Werewolf Wednesday! 😘
Tumblr media
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megatraven · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
werewolf girlfriends!! Ro and Benji vuv (i gave up on benji’s other hand 😳)
Ro is a grey wolf and Benji is a white wolf! Benji’s tail, tho u can’t see it here, curls like a husky’s tail does, while Ro’s doesn’t!
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fandomslashcontent · 13 hours ago
2! 😁
Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?
I’ve just started writing so there’s definitely tons I want to try my hand at. Most of what I’ve written is either a drabble, one-shot, or like an open ended one-shot I may continue. I would really like to do a Post S5B kind of Steo fic where Theo appears and no one knows how and some kind of Supernatural that makes people party. Somewhere along the way Steo get together to save the day on campus. Just in general I’d like to try my hand at a multi chapter fic with a developed plot and some subplots. I’m also a big fan of modern urban fantasy with established governing bodies or some kind of multi pack infrastructure.
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werewolfsuggest · 14 hours ago
yell. just do it. dont need a reason just do it
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thegayhimbo · 15 hours ago
JD has started drugging the entire werewolf tribe with V to get them ready to fight on behalf of Russell.
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triviaadnyc · 16 hours ago
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horrornerdonline · 16 hours ago
Werewolves Within - Official Teaser | HD | IFC Films
#horror - #Trailers - #horrormovies - #WerewolvesWithin - @IFCFilms - 
Opening in theaters June 25 and on VOD July 2
Director: Josh Ruben
Starring: Milana Vayntrub, Cheyenne Jackson, Michaela Watkins
When a killer terrorizes the snowed-in residents of a small town, it falls to the new forest ranger to find out who - or what - lurks among them in this hilarious horror whodunnit.
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ginnyzero · 17 hours ago
The Lone Prospect: Chapter 13
The Lone Prospect: Chapter 13 There are four young women Gideon's age in the cockpit of a transport planning out his romantic life without his input into the matter. But hey, Blake brought cookies.
New rules. New girl. New home. Ex-military and werewolf, Gideon Vonrothe is looking for a place to belong. His first and last hope for a pack to call his own is the Heaven’s Heathen’s Motorcycle Club. Being the new prospect isn’t going to be easy… especially when there are four young women his age in the cockpit of a transport planning out his romantic life without his input into the matter. But…
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naxlevelnat · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yesterday I doodled with a friend. We drew mostly Toads.
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kleohoneyao3 · 17 hours ago
Ohhhh!!!!! First time meeting another werewolf! I wanna see protective Steeb!
Pairing: werewolf!Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 2k 
Warnings: 18+, no minors, exophilia, a/b/o, jealousy, possessiveness, marking, nests, dirty talk, knotting, unprotected sex, mentions of blood, fighting, vaginal sex, unedited 
can be read as a standalone but would be better if you read alter beforehand! you can find it HERE! you’ve sent me the request I desperately wanted to do omg💕
Tumblr media
With your head cocked to the side, hand on your hip, you surveyed the mess that was your nest. A frown tugged at the edges of your mouth. It still wasn’t right.
You could hear Steve in the kitchen. The scent of cooking meat made your mouth water. He hadn’t said anything but you knew he was concerned, knew that he hadn’t taken his eyes off of you once. 
It was his fault, really. Steve had bought you a ton of new things for your nest and you had no idea where to put them. Blankets, duvets, pillows, old shirts. It was beginning to look a little crowded.
You’d taken them without complaint. You had been distracted by the worried look on Steve’s face, the way he seemed to be constantly surveying the area. It was putting you on edge and you knew he could sense it.
“Are you almost finished over there, baby?”
You huffed. “No. I don’t want that in there,” you pointed to a fluffy pillow.
Steve, the dutiful mate he was, immediately removed it for you. He threw it upstairs, in the direction of the bedroom that was no longer used. You smiled, satisfied, and allowed him to steer you to the kitchen table. 
Steve helped you into the chair, keeping his hands on your hips as you wiggled around. You whined as he buried his face in your neck, inhaling deeply and nipping at the bond mark.
“Steve,” you pushed his face away, “it’s sensitive. Stop.”
“Might have to do it again soon,” he grumbled, “keep it fresh.”
Finally he moved away and began to dish up dinner. He piled your plate with food and didn’t start eating his own until he was content with the mouthfuls you were taking. 
Throughout the meal, his eyes kept straying to the window. His knee was bouncing and he looked a second away from leaping up and charging out of the door. You tried not to stare too much, chalking it up to the fact he hadn’t been out in a day or two.
Dissatisfied with the distance, Steve hooked his leg around your chair leg and dragged you closer. You yelped and glared at him, reaching out to smack his knee.
“I’m trying to eat,” you said, dodging his hands as they made grabs for your thighs and breasts. 
“Nothing wrong with being close,” he shrugged, “is there a problem?”
You stilled. “I don’t know,” you said carefully, “is there?”
Something just felt off. Like when the sky was blue but you felt rain was about to come. You trusted Steve but there was something he wasn’t telling you.
It had been like that at the beginning, too. Despite having marked you, he kept pretty tight-lipped about everything. It took him a while to talk about it, and you had found yourself in disbelief at times. None of it had seemed real; the bond, the nest, the cabin. Werewolves.
You had been worried that you would change. That his bite would alter some part of you. Steve had reassured you that it wouldn’t.
“Werewolves can’t be made,” he had explained one night, wrapped around you in your nest. “It’s a recessive gene, and it has to be inherited.”
That had caused an entirely new bout of worries, ones involving children and tiny furry pups, but you had no plans to get pregnant anytime soon. 
“What about packs,” you’d asked, “wolves live in packs, don’t they?”
“They do, but werewolves are entirely different,” he’d said. “There are rumours that was used to live in packs hundreds of years ago. These days there’s not enough places with enough room to house packs of wolves. I guess we evolved to not need them.”
You had asked him how many more there were out there. He’d told you he didn’t know, but it wasn’t something you should worry about. 
“We’re in the middle of nowhere,” he’d laughed, “the chances of another human stumbling upon us are pretty low, let alone someone like me.”
Tumblr media
A few days after that dinner, you found yourself laid up in your nest with Steve. It was getting warmer so most of the duvets had been replaced with shirts. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d worn your own clothes.
Steve had you between his legs, resting your head on his stomach. You had your laptop on your knees, sending the last few emails to your publisher. You’d managed to finish your book and looked forward to having more free time. 
You jolted when Steve’s hand fell onto your breast, squeezing the flesh. You scowled and peeked up at him. His face was buried in a book and he seemed entirely innocent. Too innocent.
You hissed when his thump tweaked the turgid peak of your breast, rolling it between his finger tips. You pressed ‘Send’ on your email and shut your laptop down, shoving it under the sofa before turning back to Steve.
You tried to sit up but he pinched your nipple. “Steve! Why did you do that?”
He peered down at you over his book. “Did you send those emails?”
“Yes,” you pouted, “I’m finished.”
He hummed nonchalantly, turning back to his book. You huffed, turning your face to nuzzle into the crotch of his sweatpants. You swallowed hard, reaching up to slide your fingers beneath the waistband and pull them down.
Your mouth watered at the heavy scent of his cock. You could picture it; pink and pretty, the tip red or purple depending on how much you’d teased him. There was a slight curve, one that you loved tracing with your tongue, and a soft bump at the bottom that turned into a thick knot when he was inside of you.
“Alpha,” you sighed, pressing gentle kisses onto the public hair that you revealed. 
Steve was not unaffected. His grip of his book was tight and you could spot a slight tremor in his breathing. You smiled to yourself, satisfied with the reaction you provoked.
Just as you were about to reveal his cock, Steve went rigid. You froze. You had learned enough about his body language to know it was unusual. A guttural growl made you whimper, and it took you a second to realise it was coming from him. 
Fingers still curled around the waistband of his sweatpants, you wriggled up until your hand was pressed beneath his chin. “Alpha,” you whispered, “what’s going on?”
You yelped when Steve shot to his feet, book flying a few feet away. He began prying you off of him, setting you down in your nest and covering you with various shirts and blankets.
 He pressed his hand into the centre of your chest and looked you in the eye. “Stay.”
Nostrils flared, he turned and began heading for the door. An intruder, you thought dimly, someone’s here. The thought turned your blood to ice. 
To your surprise, Steve left the door open as he stepped out. You buried your face in your hands, peeking out between your fingers. 
You expected to hear vicious snarls and the snapping of jaws, the breaking of bones under paws. After a few seconds, the silence was finally broken.
“Bucky,” Steve gritted out.
You relaxed a little. There was no real anger in his tone, only annoyance. You began getting to your feet, still listening carefully to the conversation going on outside.
“I just came to visit my old pal,” the stranger said. “Imagine my surprise to find he’s gone and found himself an Omega. Like it’s no big deal.”
Steve snapped. “Don’t talk about her.”
A low whistle, followed by, “A relatively new bond, I’m guessing.”
You peered out, curiously finally winning over. Steve had his back to you but his head tilted to the side, chest heaving. He could smell you. 
The stranger stood some fifty metres away, hands stuffed into his pockets like it was nothing. He had brown hair that dusted his shoulders and blue eyes that seemed to be laughing. He rivalled Steve in his size, his shoulders seeming wider and his chest thicker. 
You gulped. Whoever this man was, you were glad he and Steve didn’t seem to be enemies.
The man looked at you over Steve’s shoulder. “This her?”
“Look away!” Steve roared, the sound echoing.
You flinched. The man tutted. “You’re scaring her,” he rolled his eyes and squinted. “Though, I can see why you would be so over protective -“
You screamed when Steve shot forward, tackling the man like he weighed nothing. They both hit the ground and rolled, tearing up chunks of dirt and scattering leaves. 
The man, Bucky, caught your eye and smiled. “Don’t worry, doll. Give us a few minutes.”
Steve howled and head butted him. There was a splash of blood, followed by laughing, and you found yourself eager to take Bucky’s advice. You locked yourself into your cabin (not that it would do much good) and retreated to your nest.
Almost an hour passed before the sounds died down. The doorhandles jiggled a few times and then snapped as Steve forced it open, charging inside like a rhinoceros. 
He seemed to calm at the sight of you in your nest. You tried to stop him from coming in; he was covered in leaves and dirt and blood, but he wound himself around you and didn’t still until you were tucked nicely in your chest.
To your surprise, Bucky entered soon after. He didn’t look much better off than Steve. He nodded at you. “Nice nest, doll.”
“Don’t push it,” Steve growled, glaring at his friend of your head. “One more word and you can fuck off.”
Bucky seemed to be holding back a smile but his gaze was fixed on you. It kept straying to the spot where Steve’s mark was. “We’ll do proper introductions another day,” he said. “I’ll be living in Steve’s cabin for a while. Shout if you need anything, doll.”
“She won’t,” Steve snarled, watching as Bucky walked out of the cabin and shut the door behind him.
“Steve!” You slapped his arm. “That was rude. That’s - isn’t that your friend?”
Steve was busy cramming his fingers down your sweatpants and into your panties. “Not for much longer,” he snapped, licking at his bite mark.
Your back arched as he plunged his teeth into the old wound. That, combined with his fingers rubbing tight circles onto your swollen clit, had you orgasming embarrassingly quickly. 
“That’s right,” he urged, sitting forward and propping you onto your hands and knees. His fingers left a wet trail of your slick up your stomach. “Show your Alpha your cunt, baby. Let him see.”
Steve adjusted you to his pleasure, shuffling around with his sweatpants before revealing his cock. You wanted desperately to see it but he was rubbing the head through your folds and nudging at your clit before you could ask.
He seated himself inside of you without thinking twice. The knot at the base of his cock was already swollen. It took only a few thrusts before he was locked inside of you, his hand pressed to your back as he ground his cock into your pussy.
“Gotta let him know,” he cursed, thrusting as much as he could. “Needs to know that you’re mine.”
“Alpha!” You cried out as his fingers connected with your clit, pulling back your flesh and allowing him to touch the most sensitive part. It would’ve been too much if you weren’t so desperate to cum with his cock inside of you.
“I fuckin’ saw him,” Steve pressed his face into your neck, “Saw how he looked at you. He was interested. Intrigued. Wanted to get close to you.”
He pinned you to the floor as he came, shooting his seed inside you and humming as it trickled out past his knot. He did his best to stifle the flow, prodding at your lips and the base of his cock with his fingers. 
You couldn’t stop thinking about what he had said about Bucky. You knew Steve was territorial and it was likely just the Alpha talking, but still. Something about the way Bucky had looked at you. . .
You shuddered at the sound of a howl outside, keening as Steve stiffened behind you. “Bastard,” he murmured before going back to kissing your neck.
No, he had to be wrong about Bucky. There was just no way.
Tumblr media
reblogs/comments are appreciated! if you want to see more of this pair (or this three ;)) then please send me a request!
i do not give permission for my fics to be reposted on other sites
dividers by @firefly-graphics
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