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incorrectwolfpack · 8 minutes ago
Leah:hey is this seat taken?
Paul:nope, help yourself
Leah sitting down: cool
Paul:what are you doing?
Leah opening cheetos:you said the seat was free
Paul:yeah I diddnt think you'd actualy sit there
Leah: what else would I do with a seat?
Paul: just... take the chair
Leah: why the hell would I do that?
Paul:I don't know bring it to your friends table
Leah:ha!that would make sense, but I don't have any friends
Paul:so you're that pathetic.
Leah:oh I had friends I just made them hate me, unlike you who probably never even had friends
Paul ignoring her:
Leah offering the cheetos:want some?
Paul: what did you poison them or something?
Leah:trust issues hu!?
Paul:knock it off
Leah:why so defensive?
Paul:I don't know, why don't you ask your ex-friends?
Leah:mHy... you're a lot too love
Paul:are the cheetos spicy?
Leah: congratulations you just made your first friend
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imaginetwilight2704 · 7 hours ago
Paul Lahote
Tumblr media
In Forks
1 - Lost in Forks
2 - No longer lost in Forks
3 - Love in Forks
4 - Found in Forks
Love you
1 - Love you anymore
2 - I think I love you
3 - Love you more
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imaginetwilight2704 · 7 hours ago
Love from afar
Anonymous said:
Could you do an Embry Call imagine where he imprints but the person is already in a relationship so he just has to love from afar? Lots of angst!
Tumblr media
“Hurry up Paul! I don’t want to be late! I’m already feeling nervy about going back to school and you are making this SO much worse!” Embry shouts up the stairs to his friend, tapping his foot and checking his watch.
“Oh calm down, stop being so dramatic!” Paul laughs as he walks down the stairs, flicking the side of his friend’s head as he walks past.
“Shit, forgot my pen, be right back!” He announces as he runs back up the stairs.
“Paul, we’re going to be late!” 
Tumblr media
Embry’s truck comes to a sudden stop at the edge of the parking lot and Paul’s head hits the dashboard with a thud. “What the hell!?” He shouts, rubbing his forehead.
“Y/N” Embry whispers, looking dreamily across the lot.
“Y/N? As in Y/N Y/LN?” Paul asks, glancing between Embry and Y/N in the distance.
“You’ve imprinted all the way from over here?” He laughs incredulously. “Wow”
“How is that even possible? I can’t even see her properly!” Embry asks, unable to take his eyes off Y/N, chatting to her friends.
“Must be a strong one. I mean...we only have Sam to base this on but I’m pretty sure he looked into Emily’s eyes to imprint.”
“I have to talk to her” Embry starts his truck again and moves quickly to find a space, quickly getting out and grabbing his bag.
“You know she has a boyfriend though?” Paul states as he closes the passenger door, Embry stopping in his tracks.
“What?” He turns around to Paul, his brow furrowed with worry. “Since when?”
“Erm...not long but she seems pretty loved up...” Paul gestures back to where Y/N is standing, when a tall guy with long, dark hair and a large backpack walks towards her wraps her in a hug and kisses the top of her hair gently.
A small whine escapes Embry’s mouth. “Oh...” He whispers.
Tumblr media
3 weeks later
“So have you spoken to her yet?” Quil asks impatiently before taking a large bite of his sandwich.
Paul and Jared are sat at the other side of the table, engrossed in their own conversation, whilst Embry looks wistfully at Y/N who is sat two tables over. He sighs, resting his chin on his hands.
“I lent her a pen in geography. She said thank you and smiled at me. It was amazing.” Embry replies, not breaking contact with the other table.
“Yeah that sounds creepy. Stop staring.” Quil nudges his arm away, and Embry’s head hits the table.
Jared and Paul burst out laughing as Embry rubs his chin. 
“That’s karma for me hitting my head on your car!” Paul claims and Jared nods in support.
“Come on Embry, let’s go talk to her, Kim sits next to her in physics and says she’s really friendly.” Jared suggests, waving at Kim in the lunch line, subtly pointing towards Y/N and Kim responds with a thumbs up.
“Kim will come with us.” He grabs Embry’s arm and pulls him up, dragging him towards Kim as she pays for her lunch.
“Are you ready Embry? No creepy comments please. Jared told me about the staring.” Kim laughs as Jared kisses her cheek.
She grabs his hand as they start walking towards Y/N’s table.
“Hey Y/N, can we join you?” She looks up at Kim and smiles, “Of course” she replies.
She looks to Kim’s left at Jared and nods in greeting before looking over at Embry. She frowns slightly as their eyes meet, her smile faltering for a brief second before she takes a deep breath and her bright twinkle returns.
“Embry?” She asks, gesturing towards Embry.
“Yeah uh, hi. How are you?” Embry rubs the back of his neck as he tries to think of something smart to say.
Kim and Jared start talking to one of Y/N’s friends to give them both some privacy, but Jared keeps one eye on Embry.
“I’m really good thanks. I don’t think we’ve spoken since we were like...6? Maybe? Do you remember? Our moms used to be best friends!” Her face lights up and hands become animated with excitement as she recalls their friendship. Embry’s face looks blank, but she is determined for him to remember.
“My dad made us our own assault course in my back yard, we used to pretend we were training for the army, just like him...” Embry thinks hard, then a flash of a memory appears in his mind, then another, then another.
“And watch movies with huge bowls of popcorn?” He asks.
“Yes!! You remember!” Her smile is infectious, and Embry can’t help but grin back at her, until a small cough beside him when he realises that they have just been smiling at each other for about a minute.
“Mom still asks about you. Asks how you and your mom are doing.” Y/N’s smile falters slightly as she looks at Embry sympathetically.
“Yeah is alright. We’re ok. Do you know why they stopped being friends?” Embry asks.
“Just grew apart I suppose. Wish we could’ve stayed friends though. It’s weird. It’s been so long but I feel like we never stopped being friends, like I could just talk to you about anything.” She frowns slightly in confusion, looking up at him, assessing his face, taking in every detail.
“I feel the same. Like we were always meant to be...friends” He finishes sadly, then catches eye of the guy from this morning heading towards them.
He stands next to Embry and tries to straighten up to make himself seem taller, he’s taller than average, but doesn’t even compare to Embry and Jared.
“Alex” He states, nodding at the other two boys.
“Embry. This is Jared” Embry replies as Jared nods in greeting, neither offering anything else to acknowledge him.
“Hey sexy, walk me to next class?” Alex asks as he holds out his hand to Y/N.
“Yeah let me just finish talking first” She replies, rolling her eyes.
“We should hang out some time Embry, my mom would LOVE to see you again.” She begins packing up her things before writing something on a piece of paper.
“My number” she says, as she hands Embry the paper, Alex’s eyes flash with anger. Embry smiles at her in return.
She picks up her bag and books, ignores Alex’s hand that he’s offering her and starts to walk away, Alex trailing behind as he shoots angry looks back at Embry.
“Well that went better than expected” Jared whispers.
“ did.” Embry replies, looking at the piece of paper in his hand.
206-509-6995 Y/N ♥️
Tumblr media
“I will just love her from afar. When she’s ready, I’ll be here.” 
Quil gives Embry a sympathetic look, whilst Paul and Jared look disturbed.
They’re all leaning against Embry’s truck, with Embry looking lovingly across the parking lot at Y/N.
“Not in a creepy I’m waiting kind of way.”
“Yeah of course.” Paul says sarcastically as he flings an arm around Embry’s shoulders.
“Come on, let’s go for a run, blow off some of that creepy, unrequited love steam”
“I’m not creepy.” Embry insists.
“Keep telling yourself that!” Paul replies laughing.
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since0202 · 15 hours ago
Taking Time—Five
Fortune favors the audacious...
Tumblr media
I’ve never given much thought to what having my first boyfriend would be like. Keye always seemed to be in and out of relationships, but she said it felt like stepping out of an overly air conditioned grocery store out into the hot summer sun—a welcomed shock. And the first time you know they like you back that way it’s like a pang of sour patch hitting your tongue, acid and sweet. I wonder if it would be like that for me too.
After the dinner with Paul and her family, Maya resigned herself to another night of restless sleep, but surprisingly, when her head hit the pillow shortly after 11 p.m., she dozed off and didn’t wake until her alarm went off that morning.
The gloom of Monday was exaggerated by the low hanging clouds, rolling fog across the beach, and the spit of rain that turned off and on like a faucet. Maya got ready for school quickly wanting to get there early to read over her paper before her first period English class.
She fluffed her hair with some dry shampoo and rubbed in some oil to the ends. Not wanting to look too overzealous on a Monday, she pulled on some dark skinny jeans, a black v-neck t-shirt and her loose fitted green flannel, paired with her black doc marten boots. She wound a trio of gold necklaces her mother had gifted her for her 15th birthday around her neck and dotted some tinted chapstick over her pouted lips.
Down in the kitchen, her mother was still in her nightgown and robe scrolling through her phone and reading the news.
“You’re up early,” Rish noted sipping her coffee. Maya pulled her lunch out of the fridge and stuffed it into her backpack before grabbing a banana and walking over to the kitchen table. She took the mug of coffee from her mother’s hand and took a swig.
“Need to proofread this morning,” Maya said.
“Okay, well have a good day. And consider getting in touch with Paul this week,” her mother said as Maya walked down the hall.
“I don’t have his number, but thanks!” Maya called out, ripping over the front door and donning her dark blue rain jacket.
“Love you!” her mom called.
“Try not to marry me off as a child bride while I’m at school,” Maya called back before closing the door a little too hard. She bolted up the driveway, not wanting to hang around for her mother to come after her and scold her for slamming the door so early in the morning.
Maya enjoyed the 15 minute walk to school, the light drizzle felt like mist on her face. After mulling over what her mom said to her this morning for far too long, Maya came to the conclusion that her mother most likely had acquired Paul’s phone number herself, either by asking him or asking one of the council members. Rish was always resourceful, but still, Maya was thrown off a little by how quickly her mom flipped from “Not my baby!” to “Oh yes, take my baby.” Did she really want the community clout that bad? Having Maya be in a relationship with a member of Sam’s group was definitely considered a “respectable” thing but she didn’t see other mothers on the rez throwing their daughters or son in Sam’s member’s path to see if they could be imprinted on. Maybe they just didn’t know the extent at which the legends might be true…
Keye and Becks found Maya tucked away in the corner of the library pouring over her paper.
“Hey!” Becks said to get Maya’s attention. She looked up and gave them a warm smile. “You never called me back last night.”
“Oh yeah…” Maya paused. She hadn’t even had time to tell them what had happened the night before, “So get this...Paul shows up for dinner at my place last night.”
“WHAT!” Keye says a little too loud. The librarian looks in their direction and Keye’s eyes go wide as she listens. She lowers her voice to a whisper, “Are you fucking kidding me?! He just shows up?”
“Oh god, you know Rish organized it, she just failed to tell me. I should have known when I saw her prepping the steaks that afternoon that something was happening. We never have steak,” Maya muttered slipping her paper into her English folder. “Anyway, I barely got in a word all night and my parents are basically in love with him.” She let out a sigh.
“Are you okay?” Becks said gently, putting a hand on her arm. Maya considered that for a moment.
“I mean, yes? And no? I have no idea what to do here. He said ‘I’ll see you soon’. Like what the hell does that mean?”
“That...that he might see you soon?” Keye muttered. Maya rolled her eyes.
“And then, this morning, my mom was like ‘Oh you should get in touch with Paul this week, teehee have a good day!’” Maya let out a groan.
“Jesus, your mother is literally ready to sell you to this dude.” Keye said. Becks made a face.
“She is a bit eager,” Becks conceded after Maya probed her with a look.
“She just wants to stay in good graces with the council. And my pairing with Paul is a big boost to our status. Ugh, can we just..not talk about this for awhile? I need to feel normal,” Maya complained.
“Absolutely!” Becks said.
“Yeah fuck that dude!” Keye said a little too loudly.
“Keye Mesoon!” Ms. Tolly, the librarian was at their table now. “If I hear another foul word come out of your mouth, I’m sending you to the office.” Keye shrunk in her chair and Ms. Tolly left them.
“Fuuuuuck,” Keye mouthed and Maya and Becks descended into a fit of giggles.
Maya’s first three classes passed without incident but during her passing period between third and fourth, while she was switching out books in her locker, Jeremy appeared.
“Hey,” he said, leaning on the lockers and giving her that crushing smile that could make any girl melt—well almost any girl.
“Hey,” Maya said, giving him a short smile before slamming her locker shut and turning away from him up the hallway. She wasn’t interested in small talk, considering Jeremy had dropped too many bombs on her this weekend.
For a minute, she was relieved thinking he got the hint and wouldn’t follow her, but he jogged to catch up and slung his arm around her shoulder as if he’d been doing it for years. Startled, Maya tried to dip out of his embrace.
“What do you think you’re doing?” she said, very annoyed. Her eyes flashed and Jeremy couldn’t help but look a little amused. Cute, he thought.
“Come on, it’s a favor for Paul.”
“Another favor? Look, no offense, but I’ve had enough of you doing things on his behalf. So, if you’ll excuse me,” she turned on her heel and headed in the direction of her AP World history classroom. He jogged after her, but this time didn’t try to touch her.
“I get it, we don’t know each other that well and this is kind of weird. But really, I’m just doing what’s asked of me and I kind of don’t have a choice,” he said, still grinning.
“So Paul asked you to...what? Stalk me at school?” Maya’s irritation was growing.
“Not really, he just doesn’t want people bothering you.” Jeremy seemed totally unaffected by Maya’s heat. He was enjoying it.
“By people, you mean guys right?” she looked at him with a sideways glance. One that was laced with pure venom. Jeremy shrugged.
“Don’t tell me you wouldn’t appreciate not being hassled everyday. Since the second grade, all I’ve seen are dudes trying to ask you on a date or make you their girlfriend nonstop. That’s gotta get old.” He retorted and gave her a knowing smile.
“Yourself included.” She spat back before turning the corner and reaching her class. Before she opened the door, he grabbed the handle and said:
“Look, I’ll try to keep us low on the radar, just...please work with me. You’d be doing me a favor,” he pulled open the door for her and before she walked through it, she said with a sickly sweet smile on her face:
“If you had a nickel for all the favors you give and get, you’d be rich, Jer.” He brightened at the shortened nickname she gave him. Maya didn’t notice and beelined it for her desk. He hung around in the doorway for a minute, giving her a twinkling smile before the bell rang, alerting him to his next class.
As soon as the bell rang dismissing her for lunch, Maya shot up out of her chair and hustled for the door hoping to avoid Jeremy. But he was quick and knew she’d try to bolt. He called her name as he jogged after her down the hallway:
“Maya! Wait up!” Once he caught up with her, he slung his arm around her shoulder again and Maya outwardly groaned. She knew it was pointless though. The new Jeremy was very persistent and under very specific orders from her imprinter and Maya just did not have it in her to fight it right now.
“Walk you to lunch?” he said conspiratorially. Maya let out a huff of air and nodded.
“I need to grab my lunch from my locker first.” They made their way back to Maya’s locker and she couldn’t help but notice the stares they were pulling from everyone in the hallways. Whispers were sprouting up behind them and she pretended not to hear them. Jeremy seemed unphased and waved to a friend of his as they walked past, his large, bulky arm still resting across her shoulders.
Once they enter the lunchroom, things really started to escalate. Maya had a sickening moment where she felt the eyes of the entire lunchroom on her. Becks and Keye stared at her from their table by the window filled with shock and confusion. Jeremy was relishing in the moment, but Maya successfully slipped out from under his hold and quickly made her way across the cafeteria to her friends. Once slumped down in a seat, the hum of the cafeteria returned and she felt a little more at ease..
“What….the…” Keye started by Maya shushed her. Jeremy tucked in next to her, turning out to talk to his friends at another table. After a cool 15 minutes of Becks and Keye talking hurriedly under their breath and Maya shaking her head and giving them warning looks, Jeremy finally turned to face the table and greeted Becks and Keye properly.
“Ladies.” Keye was about to burst into laughter and Becks sat there speechless. Jeremy bumped his shoulder into Maya who gave him wide eyed look. To this he said softly. “Hey, give me your phone really quick.”
“What why?”
“Do you notice how things go a lot smoother if you just kind of play along?” he challenged. Maya sat up straighter.
“Actually no, if you haven’t noticed Jeremy, everyone here is looking at us. It’s like I have a fucking raging cat on my head, so no, going with your flow is not really working out for me.”
Jeremy paused while watching her, that same amused twinkle in his eye. It’s infuriating, Maya wants to pinch him or slap him or dump her water cup over his head.
“Please?” he said again. Maya let out a frustrated noise hidden under her breath and dug in her bag to hand him the phone. “Can you unlock it?” Maya gave him another venomous smile and typed in her code before handing it back to him. Keye and Becks were absolutely floored by the exchange.
“Maya, what the fuck,” Keye said but Maya just responded with a quick “Don’t ask” and returned to eating her sandwich. Jeremy punched in something on her phone and then after a few seconds handed it back to her.
“Do I even want to know what you just did?” Maya asked as she looked at her phone warily.
“Probably turned on your location so he can stalk you properly,” Becks said, spearing her broccoli.
“For your information, I just put Paul’s number in your phone,” he said. “Oh hey man!” a friend of his walked by and he high fived him. Maya’s jaw dropped. She quickly opened her contacts and typed in his name. Paul Lahote was listed there now, casual, as if he’d always been a name in her phone. “I gave him your number already... so.”
“You did? When?!” Maya asked.
“Uhhh, Saturday? Hope that’s okay,” he said, looking at her now with the least apologetic face Maya had ever seen.
“And if I said it wasn’t okay, would you go back to him and delete my number from his phone?”
“Uhh, no probably not. He’d also probably rip my head off,” Jeremy said nonchalantly. “Are you gonna finish that?” he motioned to Maya’s bag of chips and she pushed them toward him, suddenly losing her appetite.
The rest of the day, Maya was sour. Jeremy was glued to her side during every passing period and Keye and Becks were frantically texting her to figure out what the hell was going on. But Maya didn’t have an answer for them other than Paul asked Jeremy to keep an eye on her at school to make sure no one bothered her. But why would anyone bother her? He didn’t even know her and if he did, he would know that Maya wasn’t the type of girl to just let guys hassle her and hang all over her. Jeremy was the first one to do that, confident in his ability to do so because he was operating on special orders from Paul. What a mess, she thought.
Jeremy insisted on driving her home as they got out of school. Maya briefly thought about making a run for it, just to get some peace and quiet. She was really hoping the walk home would help her clear her head but instead she was being corralled into Jeremy’s jeep. After realizing that she probably couldn’t outrun him, she climbed into the passenger side ducking out of sight of the wandering eyes that had followed her and Jeremy down the halls all day.
When he dropped her off, she gave him a gentle wave.
He rolled down the passenger window and leaned over the center console, “Hey Maya.” She turned around, her face pulled down in a tired grimace. “I really am sorry about this. I get that this is kind of annoying, but...I promise you I will do my best to make this as painless as possible,” he had a sad smile fitted to his face and Maya suddenly felt guilty for being so rude to him today.
“I know Jer, I’m sorry. This is all just kind of weird. I get it. It really wasn’t that bad, I just…” she trailed off not sure what to say. He nodded not needing her to finish and she was grateful. “Thanks for the ride,” she said.
“I’ll pick you up in the morning,” he said confidently before backing out of her driveway. Maya stifled the sick, sinking feeling in her stomach. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Jeremy, it was just that she was used to a certain amount of independence and felt like the walls were closing in.
As she entered her house her mom bustled down the hallway. “Who was that?” she said, clearly excited.
“Jeremy Treever,” Maya answered in a monotone voice and hung her raincoat up.
“Oh,” Rish’s face dropped in disappointment. It took everything in Maya not to roll her eyes as she made her way up the stairs.
Tucked away in her room, Maya sat on her bed with her Physics textbook and notebook open in front of her. But instead of working on her massive amount of homework, she stared at the newly added contact in her phone.
Maya had half a mind to text him and drag him for all of these so called favors. But something in her kept that bubbling anger at bay and instead, she opened a blank text message to him, her fingers poised over the keypad. She didn’t know how many times she wrote and rewrote a new message to him, but by midnight, she hadn’t sent anything and Maya had passed out on top of her textbooks still open to the blank message.
The rest of the week went by excruciatingly slow. Maya was getting used to having Jeremy around a lot more, in fact, she was kind of starting to enjoy his company. He was funny and fit in well with her friends. Becks and Keye, now caught up to speed with the latest Paul incident, were quick to bring Jeremy into the fold, mostly to help Maya feel comfortable but also to weasel some information out of him if they could. Jeremy was pretty good at holding them off though.
“So do you guys like sit in a circle and cut open your wrists and make a blood pact over a dark flame?” Keye said in a mock spooky voice. Jeremy let out a laugh.
“No, that would be kind of sick. We do have these matching tattoos though,” he pulled up his left sleeve to show off the intricate circular tattoo that covered most of his upper arm.
“Awww, we wanted to get matching tattoos too,” Becks wore a sweet face. Maya laughed, poking her fork into her mashed potatoes. It was finally Friday and Maya was amazed at how quickly they’d all become fast friends. Jeremy was sitting close to her and would lean around the back of her to talk to his buddies at another table. When Maya told him it would be okay if he wanted to sit with his friends during lunch he leaned in and whispered low, “Can’t, I’m working,” before giving her a secret wink.
Maya blushed and then felt ridiculous. She flipped her phone over on the table checking it again for the tenth time during lunch.
“You waiting for a call?” Becks said. Maya snapped her eyes up, suddenly caught and then shoved her phone in her bag, shaking her head quickly.
“No, no..just watching the time. Don’t want to be late for Econ.” Becks didn’t buy it and Jeremy was watching her carefully.
During their passing period, once Keye and Becks peeled off into their classrooms, Jeremy gently touched her lower back and said out of the blue:
“He’ll reach out, don’t worry.” Shocked, Maya looked up at him and then tried to fix her face into an indifferent look.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said, aloof. Jeremy let out a snort of air through his nose and gave her that same twinkling lopsided grin.
“Yeah, okay.” he said as they walked down the hall toward Maya’s econ class. He held the door open for her and as she walked through she gave him a small “thanks” and he nodded, as if to say ‘Job well done.’
Saturday morning, Maya was up early helping her mom in the kitchen. Every week her mom tried to cook and extra meal for an elder or member on the reservation who needed it. Maya was helping her make an extra batch of vegetarian casserole when she felt her phone buzz in the back pocket of her jeans. She finished cutting up the peppers and rinsed her hands before pulling her phone open. She nearly dropped it in the sink when she saw the name flash across the screen.
Text Message from Paul Lahote.
Maya quickly opened the message, her heart thrumming.
P: Hey, Maya. It’s Paul Lahote.
Groundbreaking. Maya almost laughed at this. Her fingers hovered over the keys but before she could type something, the familiar three dots popped up on the screen, indicating Paul was typing. She watched transfixed.
P: I was wondering if you might want to go on a hike with me today?
A hike? Interesting choice.
M: Hey Paul, I knew it was you. Jeremy stored your number in my phone. A hike sounds good. What time were you thinking?
Maya didn’t know if she was excited or positively dreading going on this outing with him. Paul responded quickly, clearly not interested in leaving her hanging.
P: Great! I’ll come by and pick you up around 1 if that’s okay?
M: I’ll be ready.
Maya closed her phone and shoved in her back pocket resuming her duties in the kitchen. Her mother hadn’t noticed. She was watching the small television propped up on some old cookbooks on the counter as Julia Child folded a pastry carefully over some filling in a pie dish.
Maya cleared her throat and resumed her cutting. “Uh, mom?”
“Hmm?” she said in between her stirring and sauteeing in the pan at the stove.
“Paul asked if he could take me on a hike today around 1. Is that okay?” Maya kept her voice calm. She distinctly heard the clatter of the metal spoon on the stove and then a quick recovery.
“Of course!” her mother trilled, completely elated. Maya was annoyed at this. Her mother was far too eager for this imprinting thing to take hold. It made Maya even more determined to make sure that her and Paul remained friends.
She had made this decision one night after school this past week that no matter what, Maya would make it clear that the relationship she wanted to have with her imprinter was that of just friends. The decision was made partly because Maya couldn’t fathom being in a relationship with someone she barely knew but also, she had big plans. She wasn’t going to let any weird old bond get in the way of her chances of attending an ivy league school if she got in. Paul had told her dad that Maya getting what she wanted in terms of school was important to him too. She would make sure of that in her meeting with him and set the tone early on.
Maya Sunriviere and Paul Lahote were destined to be just friends if she had anything to say about it.
“I’m leaving!” Maya called from the front door as she laced up her hiking boots. She had braided her thick black hair into two french braids and pulled on some high waisted black leggings, a white long sleeved loose cotton blouse with light brown buttons up the front that she tied up around her waist. Over that she donned her trusty dark blue raincoat and grabbed some wool gloves. The rain had subsided and the sun peeked out among the clouds, promising a reprieve.
“Have fun! Be polite!” Her mother shouted her two most common requirements from the kitchen. Maya wrenched open the door and immediately saw Paul who was climbing out of his forerunner. She had seen him from the window and wasn’t going to do the whole have him knock and answer the door and begrudge weird awkward conversation that her parents would try to insert themselves into.
He was dressed in some loose fitted jeans and a black short sleeve shirt, the tattoo on his left arm peeking out under the sleeve. She clattered down the porch steps and gave him a wave. He smiled and Maya wondered if the look he had in his eyes was nervousness. She felt a thrill run through her.
“Long time no see,” she breathed. His eyes flitted around her face taking her in and then realizing what he was doing he gave her a warm smile and pulled open the passenger door for her.
“It’s been a busy week. Hop in.” Maya settled in the seat and whipped her seatbelt on. When he climbed into the driver’s seat next to her, Maya immediately felt the heat wash over her face. He was sort of beautiful.
“Ready?” he said, starting up the truck.
“Ready.” she nodded.
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volturiwolf · 18 hours ago
Unorthodox - An Embry Call x vampire!fem!Reader Story - Part 2
A/N: This part is a bit longer than the first one, as I had to add the pack's reaction to the imprint - @foreveror-never suggested it, and I was thinking about it, so I added it.
A/N 2: (Y/N) loves expensive and lavish things - you will see it here and in later chapters
A/N 3: As Paul is 16 (a minor), I think Rachel (his imprint/Jacob's sister) should also be a minor, so I imagine her a year younger than Paul, Jacob, Quil, Jared, and Embry, at 15.
No of Words: 5600+
Through the parts, mentions of: Abusive relationship, Attacks, Hunt, Illusions, Loneliness, Mental health, Murder, Sex / Sex language / Sexual activities, Suicide, Swear language, Wild imagination
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Part 1
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Tumblr media
(Y/N)’s POV
The past few days had been filled with nerves and anxiety. We couldn’t understand who could have been behind the events in Seattle, and that kept us on edge. This graduation party was the last thing we needed right now, but Carlisle and Esme still agreed to go along with it for Alice’s sake, but most importantly for Bella, as it was her first graduation.
I decided that I would have a good time myself, not worry about my thoughts for once, and just let loose. Carlisle and Esme left the house to ourselves, as they preferred to go out on a romantic walk. Bella just arrived at the party but did not notice me, as she turned around.
That’s when I smelled the “mutts”, as the five Cullen siblings called the wolves. The stink now was unlike anything they had described to me - dirt, mold, wet dog, canned dog food? It was difficult to describe it, but it left my nose burning.
Among the smells, there was another one, far more pleasant than the stink I smelled before. It smelled like wood, pine, grass, the ocean. It smelled better than blood, better than anything I have ever smelled in my life. It smelled like warmth and home. I didn’t quite fully comprehend it, but it smelled familiar like it was calling me.
I turned to look at Bella, and she was already talking with Jacob, who stank so much by now. I played it cool, trying not to breathe, so I wouldn’t have to get out of here earlier than I had planned.
“Was my right hook too subtle for you?” I laughed at Bella’s words, as I remember telling us how she broke her hand punching Jacob in the face.
He was now trying to apologize to her, but it didn’t feel too genuine for me. Well, that was just me though, as she seemed to be relaxing a bit from her previous defensive attitude. I walked by Bella’s side just as Jacob was handing her her “graduation present”, a wolf bracelet.
“Hey, Bells!” I greeted and side-hugged Bella carefully. I turned towards Jacob, smiling widely and extending my hand towards him. “Hi, I’m (Y/N)! You must be Jacob. I’ve heard so many things about you.” He ignored me, rolling his eyes, probably annoyed I interrupted his conversation with Bella. I wouldn’t let the wolf ruin my mood. So, I just smiled and turned towards the two that were accompanying Jacob tonight.
“Hi! I’m (Y/N).” I extended my hand for them to shake. The shorter boy, with the slightly curly hair, shook my hand first.
“Hi, I’m Quil. I think we met the other day.” He smiled at me.
“Yes! You were on patrol with Paul, right? You replaced Edward and me? Nice to meet you!” I felt Jacob shaking his head behind me at the mention of Edward’s name. Pfft, get over yourself, big guy.
“Yeah, exactly! It’s nice meeting you, too.” Quil’s face lit up, the cold attitude that he had a few days ago nowhere to be seen. He actually seemed pretty nice. “By the way, this is my friend, Embry. He is part of our pack.”
I turned to look at the other guy, who stood a few inches taller than Quil, extending my hand, waiting for him to shake it. “Hi, I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you, Embry!” I chirped in. He was totally gorgeous, and if I could blush, my whole face would be burning by now.
He lifted his face to look at me, and the moment our eyes met, he froze at his place. I felt a fire burning inside me, and electricity passing through my body. My mind cleared up completely, for the first time ever since I became a vampire. I could now see what he was thinking about. I saw us running through the woods - Embry in his wolf form; us laughing at the beach; I saw myself lying in his arms.
I was taken aback. Embry was still frozen to his place, his eyes looking at me widely, and Quil had to start shaking him to bring him back to reality. He came back just in time I heard and saw Alice coming down the stairs. She suddenly froze. Bella also noticed and we both excused ourselves to stand in front of the small brunette vampire.
I stood in front of Alice, watching the images in her head. I saw Riley Biers, the guy who had been missing for over a year now, his face plastered on posters all over Forks. He was holding a red blouse, and he was giving it around to the newborns to sniff it. I saw him and the newborns swimming and walking towards Forks. The vision stopped and I started panicking. I didn’t even notice Embry coming to stand beside me until I felt the warmth radiating off his body.
“Alice, what’d you see?” Bella was starting to panic.
Alice looked at me, her face just as upset as mine probably was. “The decision’s been made.”
Jacob came to stand beside Bella. “What’s going on?”
Realization hit Bella. “You’re not going to Seattle.”
“No. They’re coming here.”
I called Carlisle and thankfully, he came as soon as he could. Alice went to get Edward and Jasper, and along with the wolves and Bella, we all walked in the small patio, not able to wait any longer for the guests to leave the house.
It was a complicated and upsetting situation. We came to the conclusion that the newborn army could not just have been created by Riley Biers; there must have been someone else behind it.
Jacob, Embry, and Quil quietly agreed with each other, deciding to fight the newborns along with us. Bella was currently trying to prevent Jacob from fighting the newborns, afraid that he could hurt himself.
I looked at Embry, who was already looking at me. I may have not known him at all, but I couldn’t bear the thought of him fighting the newborns. He could be the greatest fighter of all for all I know, but newborns are not to be taken lightly. They are lethal. I was talking from my own experience and other newborns I met along the way.
Newborns are uncontrollable and vicious, the only thing we ever think about at that stage of our life is blood and how to soothe our never-ending thirst. At that point, we are way superior in every sense than any other vampire. Our senses are heightened, our stamina much greater, our strength far greater. We are designed to kill at that point, and the only thing that can stop is our very own vanity and carelessness.
I didn’t know how the wolves would be able to deal with them, without getting themselves hurt. I would never say they were incapable of fighting or they were weaker than us, but, at least, we could, more or less, know what it feels like being a newborn, driven by a sort of madness, your vanity, your thirst; all these were things the wolves would not be able to understand.
Carlisle turned to Jacob. “We’ll all need some training. Fighting newborns requires knowledge that Jasper has. You’re welcome to join us.”
“Right. Name the time and place.” Jacob seemed too confident in himself.
Carlisle turned at me. “(Y/N)? Will you join us?”
I felt everyone’s eyes on me. “Of course. I will fight with you. You are my family after all. Whoever is behind this, won’t even know I exist.”
Carlisle nodded at me and then turned to the three wolves before us. “Tomorrow, 1 pm. We’ll meet at a clearing 4 miles southeast from here. It will give us enough space and privacy, away from the town.”
Jacob nodded and he and Quil went to leave but stopped once they saw that Embry was still looking at me. I felt an urge to fall into his arms, to talk to him, but I also knew that this relationship could probably never work. I just needed time to think. So, when I saw Embry taking a few steps towards me, I turned to Carlisle.
“Carlisle, I’ll be going now. I’ll meet you all tomorrow.” I turned to Embry to look at him one last time, mouthing a “Sorry, I need some time” to him, before running towards the stairs as humanly fast as possible, and down to the garage to take my car.
I was thankful now that I convinced Carlisle and Esme to allow me to have my own space. They knew we would be close to each other, but they understood and respected my need for privacy. When I found a nice house, about 1 mile southeast from the Cullens, I moved all my stuff there.
I also got myself a few cars, just in case I needed to go anywhere and didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention. Something which I now thought I did not manage to achieve, as my Lamborghini Murciélago LP650-4 Roadster drew too much attention, not quite fitting for the small town of Forks. The exclusivity in its production and availability made it stand out even more than the other Murciélago editions.
However, instead of going home, I drove up to Port Angeles. I left my car near the warehouses down at the docks, and jumped to the sea, swimming all the way across to Vancouver Island. I just wanted to get away, maybe hunt, go somewhere that neither Embry nor any other wolf could reach for now.
I needed time for myself, with myself, just to think about everything. Bella and, with extension, the Cullens were hunted down by newborns; I mated with the wolf; the wolf mated with me; vampires and wolves do not get along - I would say they hate each other, but Embry’s and Quil’s attitude did not clearly state that, and, above all, my head had started killing me again.
I didn’t realize it quite as quickly but, as long as I was near Embry’s presence, everything was clear, specified, and understandable. The moment I left his side, everything started becoming unbearable. More confusing and complicated than it was before. It was as if Embry unraveled the mysteries and knots I had in my head and when I left, I took the pain and complications of being away from a mate with me, in my head. I just wished for once that my mind was clear and stable, and I now knew what I had to do.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Embry’s POV
“You what?” Paul had been screaming for a solid 10 minutes, pacing back and forth around Emily and Sam’s living room.
Thankfully, Sam, having expected such reactions, managed to drag Emily out of the house in time, telling her to go to Billy’s as fast as she could. Paul was fuming, and Sam knew that he had to put his imprint’s life first before Paul did anything to put her life in danger.
“Paul, CALM DOWN! You’re going to break the house down!” Leah screamed back at him.
“How do you expect me to calm down, Leah? Didn’t you hear what he said?" Paul’s hand pointed at me. “HE IMPRINTED ON A LEECH!” He snarled, sitting back down on his chair.
“I heard what he said, Paul! I, too, am disgusted, especially with how my little brother seems a bit too excited about this!” Leah was now staring at Seth, a mix of disgust and anger on her face.
“What?” Seth shrugged, smiling. “Quil said she was cool.” Quil nodded in agreement, smiling widely. “Besides, she’s hanging out with the Cullens. She has to be one of the good vampires, right?”
Paul and Jacob hit their fists down at the table, growling. I jumped a bit, taken aback by their actions. I knew Jacob didn’t like the Cullens, but what was Paul’s issue? She was MY imprint after all.
“Don’t you dare break this table!” Sam snarled at the two wolves. “You don’t choose who you imprint to. You two should know that!” Sam was staring between the two boys, who sat across from each other, around Emily and Sam’s dining table.
“Embry?” I lifted my head to look at the Alpha. All this time, I felt as if Paul put me up against a wall, and just yelled at me for no reason. “You good?” I simply nodded, not being able to say a word, in fear of triggering Paul once again.
Paul turned his head to look at the Alpha. “Are you serious, Sam? She’s a fucking bloodsucker! Just because Embry imprinted on her, does NOT mean she does NOT drink blood!” Paul was hitting his palm on the table with every word he said.
“No, it does not. But, because she’s Embry’s imprint, it means that we won’t have to worry about her like we do for the Cullens. Embry, I would like to meet her eventually. After the battle, of course; we first have to focus on fighting off those newborns.” I nodded at Sam, relieved that he was willing to meet (Y/N).
“Meet her? You mean bring her here? Are you crazy, Sam? Jared! You are not gonna say anything?” Paul turned to look at our packmate who was now munching on his third chocolate chip muffin that Emily had baked for the evening.
Jared looked around as everyone’s eyes fell on him. “What?”
“Sam wants to meet the leech. Here!” Jacob answered back at him.
“Oh, okay.”
“Are you serious, dude?” Paul widened his eyes, looking at Jared angrily.
“What? I don’t mind (Y/N). Plus, one less mouth to feed.” Jared grinned, while Quil and Seth burst laughing.
Paul was shaking by now, as he practically jumped out of his chair, and ran out of the house. I was worried about him and the pack - half of the pack was accepting and willing to give (Y/N) a chance, and the other half could not accept that she was my imprint, and I couldn’t do anything to change that. I didn’t want to change that. I always craved to find my imprint, and now that I found her, I would not let anyone take her away from me.
Vampire or not, she was my imprint, and the pack had to accept that and move on. The pack’s law stated that no wolf could turn against another wolf’s imprint - that was what bothered Paul so much. His clear hatred towards vampires would inevitably expand to (Y/N), and now he couldn’t do anything to her. I understood Leah hating on the vampires - the redhead was responsible for her father’s death, and the Cullens’ very presence triggered her transformation, making her the first known female shapeshifter. However, she hated the wrong vampire - (Y/N) was not the issue here, the redhead was.
We sat around the table for a solid hour, not talking, just thinking. Jared was on his tenth muffin by now - “nervous eating” he was calling it. Nobody from the rest of us was hungry anymore; we were all worried for Paul, for me imprinting on a vampire, for tomorrow’s training with the Cullens, for the upcoming battle.
We heard someone coming closer to the house from afar - sniffing the air around, we knew it was Paul. He entered the house, looking calmer than he did before. He came to my side, extending his hand to me. The moment I grabbed his, he pulled me up and into his arms in a tight embrace.
“I’m sorry, brother. I should have not overreacted. I know you cannot control the imprint. I’m just..worried, scared, for everyone. I’m sorry for what I said.” Paul was..apologizing? Paul NEVER apologized. I knew he meant it though.
“It’s alright, Paul. I just need you all to accept her; whatever she chooses to do with me, with the imprinting, you’ll have to accept her. She will have to be protected and taken care of, just like any other imprint.” I felt Paul tense a bit under our embrace. “Paul, I trust her. She’s good.”
“Okay, I trust you if you think she won’t harm anyone. I guess she is welcome to visit.” Paul pulled away and grinned.
“Thank you. It means a lot to me. Truly.” I smiled back, and he playfully smacked my arm, laughing.
We turned to look back at the others. Everyone nodded, even Leah and Jacob who seemed reluctant and reserved at first. Only Seth was smiling widely.
“Great! A new friend for me!” He stood up, doing his “happy dance”.
Oh, God! What have I gotten (Y/N) into?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Y/N)’s POV
It was almost 1 pm by now, and I was driving down towards the clearing. I spent my night hunting in Vancouver Island, before swimming back to Port Angeles sometime in the morning. I took my time to dry, and I changed into new clothes I kept in my car. I once again thanked the constantly cloudy weather that has become synonymous with the state of Washington but was actually ideal for me and other vampires to walk around quite unnoticed.
I arrived at the clearing just a couple of minutes after Edward and Bella arrived; everyone was present, even the wolves, who I knew would not trust us just yet to be in their human forms, and it was understandable. Just because Embry and I had a connection did not mean that we would demand the wolves to be vulnerable in front of us. They had the right to be just as suspicious towards the Cullens as the Cullens seemed to be towards the wolves.
They all seemed to have been waiting for me, as Carlisle started speaking the moment I came to stand between Esme and Edward, nearby Alice and Bella. Edward would be the translator between us and the wolves. Carlisle welcomed them and explained how the newborn vampires differ from us, after Sam’s inquiry. Jasper started talking about how they differ in numbers from regular human armies and gave a few tips on dealing with them.
“Now, the two most important things to remember are, first, never let them get their arms around you. They’ll crush you instantly. And second, never go for the obvious kill. They’ll be expecting that, and you will lose.” I saw a wolf growl, and turn his head to look at me, his face softening a bit. Embry. I smiled at him in response.
To prove his point, Jasper called Emmett first. Emmett was the clear example of a vampire depending exclusively on their raw force and strength. Though he wasn’t lacking in brainpower, Emmett was the strongest member of the Cullen family and he used that as his only gift, not having any special ability like three of his siblings did.
Emmett depended on his strength just like the newborns depended on their own, so he was a good example for the wolves to see just how such a vampire would act and react. Just like how Jasper expected, Emmett depended on his strength on this one to one with Jasper, and thus, Jasper managed to easily overpower him. “Never lose focus.”
Edward and Carlisle were next. Their fight went on for a few minutes, both managing to excellently avoid each other’s attacks, and while Edward seemed to have the upper hand as he pinned Carlisle to the ground, smirking to Jasper - “One more thing”, Carlisle turned around and pinned Edward to the ground instead. “Never turn your back on your enemy”, Jasper snarled as he rolled his eyes, being as sassy as he could.
Rosalie was up next against Jasper. Their fight was almost like a dance, synchronized, beautiful; it had rhythm, passion, accuracy. Rosalie seemed to be the most graceful of all fighters, having probably studied the moves shown before and mimicking them to the point, without getting a single piece of dirt on her. That went on for a few minutes until Jasper decided they were even.
Alice and Jasper’s fight resembled a mix of the two previous ones. It was synchronized and rhythmical, but a few punches were thrown around, both of them avoiding them. At one point, Jasper managed to catch Alice and attempted to kiss her, before she slipped out of his hands. Jasper was clearly confused until Alice jumped off the tree above him, landing on his back and lightly pecking him on the lips; the only one who beat Jasper today.
“(Y/N)?” Edward called me. “Are you up for a challenge?” He was smirking at me like a little prick. I loved that little prick, he was family, but he was a prick nonetheless.
“Do you want to do this my way or your way?” Instead of answering, Edward smirked. He thought he could win, especially now that Embry was present, and Edward could probably hear my thoughts more easily. “Got it.” I smirked back and the illusion began.
I decided to create a “whole package” illusion for everyone to see. Suddenly, there were about 15 different (Y/N)s in front of Edward, all smirking at him. I took a few steps back to watch the illusion from afar, making myself invisible in everyone’s heads. Edward was clearly trying to catch a string of thoughts, but all he could hear were the different thoughts that came from the illusions in front of him. I only allowed him to listen to them, and only them, nobody else. The voices were falling one on top of the other, so the mind-reader could not really make out what they were saying exactly.
He launched himself to one (Y/N) on his right, but that one managed to avoid his attack. He launched himself again towards another illusion and that (Y/N) grabbed him and threw him away. In reality, he fell on his feet on his own, the illusion did not grab him or throw him, but he felt as if it did. Edward was now baffled, not being able to distinguish between reality and illusion, and everyone looked at the scene in front of them curiously.
Meanwhile, I was actually sitting on the branch of a tree above the wolves, looking at Edward, standing in the middle of the clearing, confused, his eyes moving around too fast for the human eyes, grimaces all over his usually perfect face. Everyone else was still staring in front of them, consumed in the illusion I created for their own eyes only.
Everyone except for Bella, who has now noticed me and was staring at me. Was she a shield or something? I put a finger on my lips, asking her to stay quiet and just wait for the illusion to end. She didn’t say a thing, but just nodded at me, and turned back to face Edward who was still “fighting” with the illusions.
I looked down, and I realized I was almost above Embry. I smiled slightly at being so close to him. It gave me a sense of calmness and I could concentrate better on my illusion; his presence gave me a sense of control over my mind, without distracting me from my purpose. I jumped down from the tree and landed silently next to him. I looked at him carefully, trying to take in every detail of his wolf form.
His fur was gray, with black spots all around, his nose dark gray and somewhat white fur around his eyes and mouth. He was much sleeker than the other wolves but seemed strong nonetheless. His warm brown human eyes were replaced by icy gray, almost white, wolf ones.
I couldn’t help myself stroking his fur lightly, gliding my fingers through his back, feeling the extreme heat and warmth engulfing me, my fingers burning under the touch. I felt him shiver slightly, but calming completely within a few seconds. I heard some of the wolves growling. They must have felt what Embry did through the wolf telepathy, which Edward informed me about.
I let go of Embry and I heard him whimpering at the loss of touch, and I couldn’t help but smirk. He could feel the bond through the illusion, which normally wouldn’t happen. I looked at him once again before running to the other side of the clearing and jumping up another tree.
“Okay, I think that would be enough.” I told everyone and stopped the illusion. Edward was looking around confused and exhausted as if he actually fought with me. They all turned to look up at me, and I heard Embry huffing in what I assumed was a laugh. I jumped down from the tree and bowed theatrically.
Jacob walked closer to Bella and she started talking to him, but I didn’t pay attention to what she was telling him because I was too focused on Embry. I smiled at him and waved slightly. A minute or two later, Sam called for all the wolves to leave. Embry looked at me sadly and I nodded at him, thinking it would be better for him to go with the pack for now. He looked at me one last time before he ran off. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding all this time.
Bella was talking with Jasper now, and he was telling her about the time he was serving at the Confederate Army and then when he served Maria and her newborn army. I didn’t want these images in my head, so I decided to leave quickly. Getting in my car, I only stopped for a few minutes at the Cullens’ house to talk about their final plans before the battle.
A day before the newborns arrived, the Cullens had planned to go hunting, to “power up for the battle”, while Bella and Edward would stay at their house. Alice and I - mostly Alice - convinced Charlie we would have a sleepover at their house with Bella, as he was preparing to leave Forks for the weekend to go on a fishing trip. Charlie was actually really warmed up and friendly with Alice, though it didn’t take long for me to become friendly with him, as well.
I told Charlie what I told any human who asked about me - I was Esme’s biological niece that was going to stay with them for a while. I was telling everyone that I finished school last year, and was taking online classes at the University of British Columbia, double majoring in Commerce and Environmental Engineering. He seemed to be thoroughly impressed, so he welcomed me at his home, telling me to “stop by whenever I wanted”.
While everyone was getting ready for the hunt, I dismissed their invitation, telling them I had other plans. They didn’t question me for now, so I ran back to my house to prepare mentally for what I was about to do. I wasn’t usually scared by anyone, but that was my mate. I was scared of scaring him away. I just hoped he would understand my point of view. I didn’t want to think about it too much - it was now or never. Without really thinking, I ran out of my house.
I reached the treaty line and waited for any wolf to show up. I tried to create an illusion to lure any of them in; to mimic the smell of vampires, in hopes that at least one of them would show up. A few minutes later, who I assumed were Jared and Paul showed up, growling slightly at me.
I did not flinch and I kept my voice as calm as possible. “Can you call Embry to come here? I need to talk to him.” The wolves hesitated at first, but then ran backward, towards the woods and I was left standing on the other side of the treaty line, waiting for Embry to show up.
A few minutes later, a sleek gray wolf appeared between the other two wolves. I looked directly at Embry. “Can you come over, please?” I turned to the two wolves beside me. “I won’t hurt him. I wouldn’t even think of it.”
The two wolves growled lowly, nodding slightly. Embry crossed the river to meet me on the other side. His eyes told me that he trusted me, but his packmates didn’t trust me enough to allow him to turn back to his human form.
“Can we talk? Somewhere else..?” He nodded, and I smiled at him, running away and him following me closely behind.
We ended up near Mountain Olympus’ foothills, at the Olympic National Park. Ironic - it certainly does not compare to the real thing. I got emotional all too sudden, and if I could cry, I would be balling my eyes out by now. Embry whimpered by my side, rubbing his snout on my left side.
“Just homesick. Don’t worry about it.” I paused a little bit before I continued. “The others went hunting, but I wanted to talk to you. I couldn’t do it at the party and I didn’t have enough time at the training. I just want you to fully understand what you’re in for, so you know what to expect.”
I looked at him, and he turned around, towards the woods. I heard bones crashing, and a minute later, Embry came out of the woods in his human form, wearing cut-off jeans I didn’t notice he carried on him before.
“I trust you won’t hurt me, as you trust me I won’t.”
He came and stood near me, and we both sat down on the grass. I was a bit hesitant to talk to him; I didn’t want to sugarcoat anything.
“First of all, I would like to let you know I’m a vampire.” I laughed and he joined me. “My full name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N), and I was born in Greece, in 1858, just a few decades after the Greek Revolution. Things were still really fluid then. Basically, we had a king, but he violated the Constitution at one point, and then he was gone. I grew up in a poor family, and I had six brothers. I was the only girl in the family. I don’t know what happened to them.” I paused and my eyes stang with venom. Embry carefully took my hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze.
That gave me enough courage to continue. “My brothers and I had to work by the time we were 5 years old. It was the only way to sustain the family. It was hard but we knew it had to be that way. We were working in the fields; we helped with chores; the elder siblings took care of the younger ones when our parents worked, you know.”
“One day - it was the summer before I turned 18, I was walking through the woods. We had been preparing for the winter, and I had to cut some wood for the fire, so we wouldn’t get cold during winter. I..I was walking through the woods when I saw him.”
Unconsciously, I started showing Embry my memories, as an illusion formed in front of us. I felt Embry wincing beside me. The young vampire in front of us was a ragamuffin, though beautiful, with long, curly, dark brown hair and bright red eyes. I only realized now that he spared me because he wasn’t hungry, he just wanted to bite me, to make me like him.
I saw my human self, terrified and frozen at the sight. I saw the vampire launching forward and attacking me, biting my wrist. I saw myself fall on the ground screaming. I saw the agony on my face, the tears. I remember how it felt like, the pain, the burning, then the agony and the pain in my throat 3 days later, when I woke up as a vampire, and the one who bit me was nowhere to be seen.
I forced the illusion to end. I didn’t know I was breathing heavily - I didn’t even need to breathe at all - until Embry grabbed both of my shoulders and held on to me tightly.
“Focus on me. Please. Take deep breaths.” I couldn’t focus on his eyes, my mind was running wild. He brought me closer to him and hugged me tightly. His warmth engulfed my whole body and I felt at ease. I smelled him deeply - he smelled of dirt and grass, but also pines, wood, and the ocean. I wondered how I smelled to him. Was it as bad as the wolves say we smell? Did Embry tolerate my smell for the sake of our mate bond?
“Thank you for being here,” was all I could tell him.
We stayed like that for what felt like hours, in each other’s arms. I felt comfortable enough with him, my undead heart melting and my cold, hard-like-porcelain skin shivering under his touch.
“Embry?” He puffed a little, questioning me. “Please, be careful tomorrow. I cannot lose you, not now that I finally found you.”
He laughed. “I should say the same for you.” Now, I laughed. “I cannot lose you, (Y/N), not now, not tomorrow, not ever.” His eyes were serious and loving at the same time.
I didn’t want to ruin the moment but I kind of had to. “, Embry, I..I have to go..hunting, if you don’t mind.”
He pulled away a little bit, studying my face. “Let’s go!” He smiled, standing up, running to the woods, and turning into a wolf, his jeans wrapped around his left leg. I followed after him, stunned at his actions.
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Struggling with inspiration for some of my works in progress, lots of half ideas. AHHHHHHHHH!
Anyone got any asks for me, see if inspiration strikes?
Ask me!
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Taking Time—Four
Sunday blues...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sundays are the saddest of all days. I used to love them though. My dad and I had a long running tradition where we’d go kayaking or hiking or just driving around the rez to spend time together. That kind of ended when I started high school though. My Sundays were swallowed with endless homework, community commitments or school events. Nothing good ever happens on a Sunday anymore.
Maya knew things were off when she slept most of Saturday day and into Saturday night. The rain helped but she had no desire to do her homework, let alone pull herself out of bed. Maybe it was getting drenched and the subsequent shock of the day, but she was still trying to come to terms with everything.
Keye and Becks had been exceptionally supportive as she knew they would be.
“What the actual fuck. That’s completely...I have no idea what to say My.” Becks said after Maya had told them about the council meeting, the imprint, and how she had felt which solidified that this might actually be real.
“It’s fucking creepy is what it is. What are you some child bride?! I can’t believe the council supports this. You remember Tiff Turkey?” Keye said hurriedly. She’d been a blast of chaotic energy throughout the whole conversation.
“Thats not her name Keye,” Maya said, her voice monotone.
“It is her fucking name, she thinks she slick, I know what she was doing in that utility closet with Kyle Corning during the spring fling. That girl got basted like a turkey!” Keye retorted. Maya covered her eyes with her hand, still in her towel from the shower.
“Didn’t you let Hurley Chast motorboat you in that utility closet sophmore year?” Becks said nonchalantly. Maya let out a laugh. She was grateful for the distraction.
“That’s not the POINT! The point is, Tiff Turkey saw those guys roughing up some weird dudes outside of town. They were at that grungy nightclub we’ve always wanted to go to. These guys were very sketchy. Sam and his disciples showed up out of nowhere and hassled them out of there quick! Tiff said she got a mega weird vibe from Sam and his crew.” Keye concluded.
“What’s your point again?” Maya said suddenly after a brief pause.
“That they’re WEIRD, okay?! You can’t be caught up in weird shit. You’re going IVY LEAGUE BABE. What if it’s actually a gang?! This imprinting thing sounds like some backwards Caligula nonsense.”
“Oh gross,” Becks said, making a joking gag noise. “Keye, don’t freak her out. That’s not what this is. From what I remember from the stories, the imprint is just supposed to be a bond thing. Gives the warriors purpose and incentive to protect the tribe. Ties them more closely to the land and calls them home, like in the hunter/gatherer days.”
“What...does that have to do with me now? We’re way past hunting and gathering, so what, I’m just randomly tied to this guy I don’t know for life? Also, can we please talk about the fact that none of the imprints in our legends are just friends with their imprinters?!”
“Yeah, that’s a tough one. They do always end up together...” Becks said calmly.
“You need to skip fucking town. Can you like graduate early and just go move to wherever the fuck and lay low for a while? You’re technically 18 so...” Keye said, she was starting to sound frantic. She had a point—Maya was legally allowed to leave but she wasn’t going to run. Why should she? This was her town too.
“Ha! Like my parents would ever let that happen. And anyway, that’s not even an option. Chief Black said we have to have some kind of relationship. Full stop. And Paul looked pissed about it.” Maya paused and then said softly, “Do you think I’m the first imprint in history to have their imprinter not like them?”
“Impossible, you’re adorable.” Keye said quickly.
“Yeah, I don’t think it works like that Maya. The whole point of the imprint is that you’re soulmates right? And you said you have like this...physical reaction to him that’s not lust, it’s something else right? That’s gotta mean he feels that too. There’s no way it’s one sided.”
“Unless he’s fighting it.” Maya said. She groaned again and rolled over. Why did she even care?! If he didn’t like her that made her getting out easier. Maybe it was the imprint or maybe it was the fact that she was thrilled at the thought that someone liked her like that and she’d never felt like this before, but she wanted him to like her at least a little bit. Maybe then whatever this weight was in her stomach would go away and she could breathe easier again.
“Just...feel it out. Give it a chance and maybe it won’t be as bad as you’re thinking.” Becks said reassuringly. Keye snorted in rebuttal.
“Yeah, the super buff, hot guy in his twenties who probably wants to impregnate you if you gave him the chance might not be so bad.” Keye joked. Becks started in on Keye again but Maya had a sinking feeling in her stomach that what Keye said might be closer to the truth than she wanted.
Maya had spent the rest of Saturday locked in her room and vacillating between working on her English paper and Physics homework and getting up to pace her room. Her mother knocked on her bedroom door intermittently to check on her, but each time Maya proclaimed that she was fine and just working.
That night's sleep was fitful and the wolf was back again. It was starting to feel like a nagging presence and this time in her dream, Maya took a step forward. The wolf’s eyes were trained on her feet at the movement and she wondered if it might attack her, but it stood there waiting.
Sunday morning, Maya made her way downstairs for some coffee and breakfast. Her parents were wary around her but seemed generally recovered from yesterday’s news. Tom, Maya’s dad, was chipper and asked Maya if she wanted to help him clear out his shed today. The day was cold and bright, but Maya still needed to finish her paper, so she excused herself after breakfast, intent on getting it done. Her mother gave her a knowing look as she went and heard Rish mumble something to her dad as she ascended the steps to her room.
Throughout the morning, Maya’s phone buzzed annoyingly. Some were from Becks and Keye checking in, but mostly the same bothersome number that kept popping up was Jeremy’s. The preview of messages on her lock screen filtered in over the next few hours from him:
Jeremy: Sundays, right? are you holding up?
J: You take AP Spanish right? Como se…
J: Did you hear that Tara got into UW?
J: Sorry, you’re probably still waiting on letters…
J: Where did you apply to again?
J: Are you okay? I don’t want to bug…
J: After sending that I realized I probably am bugging you…
J: We could meet up to study if you…
J: Give me a call if you want to talk or go over the answers to…
After the tenth text message, Maya switched her phone to silent so she could work without the constant buzzing and lighting up of her phone.
Shortly after noon, Maya got up to take a break, grab some water and go to the bathroom. Her mom was in the kitchen seasoning steaks.
“Woah, fancy.” Maya said absently referring to the steaks.
“Seemed like a good time for it,” her mom shrugged and Maya nodded, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge and making her exit.
As she took a swig of her water bottle, holding the feeling of water in her mouth for a minute before she pushed open her bedroom door, she had the sharp feeling of tension buzz through her head. It was kind of like that feeling you get when you know someone is standing behind you and you’re preparing yourself to not be startled by it. Maya hesitated and then pushed her door open quickly to see a handsome face peering into her second story bedroom window.
Immediately, Maya spit out her water. No amount of preparation could have anticipated this. She looked behind her down the empty hallway and then quickly shut her door before darting to the closed window and wrenching it open.
“Jeremy, what the FUCK are you doing?!” Maya said in a shocked whisper. He gave her a lopsided grin and pulled his body through the open window with a light grunt.
“Thanks,” he said, getting his bearings in her room. He looked around curious, clearly not understanding why Maya was so shocked by his sudden presence.
“How the hell did you get up here!?” She glanced out the window and saw there was no ladder that her dad stored out in the shed propped against the side of the house.
“I do parkour, it’s not that hard,” he said, now moving around her room without permission. She suddenly realized he was shirtless.
“Jeremy, what the hell are you doing here? And where the fuck is your shirt?”
“Jeez, touchy.” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Aren’t you freezing? I have a hoodie I think that would fit you, hold on,” she said, turning to her closet. The shock was wearing off and Maya was switching into polite caretaker—another trait her parents had hammered into her.
“Nah, I’m fine, really.” he said sitting on the edge of her bed now. Maya was a little perturbed at how naturally comfortable he was in her room. “Why haven’t you been answering my texts?” he said, sounding a little put out.
“What?” Maya said.
“My texts, I’ve been trying to talk to you,” he said. Maya rolled her eyes and then, ever aware of being rude she shrugged her shoulders.
“I’m working and my phone’s on silent. I’m sorry. Was there something important?” She almost turned to grab her phone and check.
“Just….wanted to see how you were,” he said. Maya raised an eyebrow at him.
“What’s going on?” she said finally.
“Nothings going on, I’m just...trying to be a friend,” he said. He wouldn’t meet her eyes and Maya had the distinct feeling that he wasn’t telling the whole truth. She crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes.
“Jeremy...No offense but we’ve had very minimal contact until this imprint thing happened and you became one of Sam’s crew. So fess up, what aren’t you telling me?”
“I’m not not telling you anything,” he said, and then gave her a sly grin which he quickly wiped off his face when he saw the angry one of Maya’s.
“I swear to god, Jeremy. I will scream and get your ass kicked out of here so quick.”
“Okay, okay. Jeez, chill. I’ve been asked check on you. As a...favor,” he stumbled over the word ‘favor’ as if it didn’t quite fit what he was describing. Maya stared at him confused for a moment and then realization dawned on her.
“Oh my god, it’s him isn’t it? He asked you to check on me?!” When Jeremy didn’t respond Maya let out a harsh laugh. “This is just great.” Why was he checking on her? This made absolutely no sense. Yesterday, he wouldn’t even look at her and now he has Jeremy doing his bidding for him? “Well, what are you going to tell him then?”
Jeremy took a moment to choose his words carefully and then said, nonchalantly, “That I checked and you seemed fine, and that you’re bad at answering text messages.”
Fine, he wanted to spy so would she. Maya sat down at her desk and swiveled her chair to face Jeremy.
“What’s his deal anyway?”
“What do you mean?” Jeremy said as he hopped up off her bed and resumed his look around her room. Maya pulled her knees up close to her chest and let her eyes follow him.
“Paul,” she said his name slowly, just feeling his name in her mouth gave her a weird sensation, “He seems...mad about all of this. You said it was because he thought he’d never imprint?”
“Yeah, I mean imprinting isn’t supposed to be that common apparently. But we’ve also never had a pack this big before, so it makes sense that more of us would, I guess.” Pack? That was a weird way to refer to their group, she thought. “Paul just thought that since he made it this far without imprinting that maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for him. And then you happened and he’s just kind of since then.”
“Off?” Maya said. Jeremy pulled a book off of her shelf.
“Yeah, like distracted, snaps a lot. I mean he was kind of a hot head before, but you can tell he’s stressed and he loses it a bit more.” Jeremy suddenly stopped and turned to face her. Maya swallowed hard. “Don’t take that the wrong way, he’s a good guy.”
“A good guy,” Maya was tempted to roll her eyes again, “Great. What else?”
“What else...uhhh, I don’t know what do you want to know?”
“How long has he been in Sam’s group? What does he do? Who does he hang out with? What’s he like?” Maya couldn’t help but let the questions spill out of her. They’d been plaguing her all night and Jeremy seemed up to offering some answers.
“Ahhh, shouldn’t you ask him that yourself?” he said skeptically.
“You think he’d talk to me right now?” she retorted, annoyed.
“Yeah, you’re probably right,” he replied. She knew that was coming but it still kind of hurt. “Let’s see...he’s been in Sam’s group for awhile, since he was 17 I think? So 11 years. Long time. Uhh, he doesn’t really hang out with anyone outside of the pack, seems kind of a lone wolf,” he smirked at this, like he was laughing at an inside joke. “And what was your other question? What’s he like? He’s…” Jeremy looked at Maya carefully, “I don’t know Maya, he’s Paul. My interaction with him is definitely different than what it’s supposed to be with an imprint. He’s kind of a jerk? But also super loyal and takes protection very seriously. I’ve only been hanging out with the guy for a month so it’s not like I know him that well,” Jeremy skirted. Maya’s palms were sweating nervously.
She was having a hard time catching her breath again and Jeremy noticed.
“Oh jeez, Maya, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. He really is good and he’ll come around. I just wanted to make sure you were okay—he wanted to make sure you were okay….Ah,” he looked out her window suddenly as if he heard a call coming from outside. “Listen, I have to go, but please just text me if you need anything.”
Before Maya could say anything else, Jeremy was hopping out of her window. She let out a startled cry and rushed to the window, sticking her head out to see Jeremy land softly from the drop and jog off around the side of the house.
Her gaze lifted to look out over the bay that backed her house. The cold wind whipped at her face and Maya found that her brain was stuck on one thing that Jeremy had said.
He’s kind of a jerk.
Paul was a jerk? Her soulmate was a jerk? Great..
The evening was quickly encroaching on Maya’s study time. She finally wrapped her paper just before dinner and went to wash her face. Since she had practically been wearing the same outfit since yesterday, Maya changed into a light pink sweater, her white bralette peeked out of the deep V of the neck line. She pulled on some heather grey soft sleep shorts and brushed her hair out before fixing it up in a high ponytail. Her hair was so heavy that it gave her headaches. She toyed with the idea of cutting it short like Becks’ but hadn’t mustered the courage yet.
Just as she finished putting some face lotion on in her bathroom mirror, Maya heard the doorbell ring. They rarely had people show up at the house unannounced, let alone on a Sunday. Maya ignored it and smoothed some nourishing oil across her cheeks that made her soft brown skin glow in the light.
“Maya!” her mom called from downstairs. “Can you get the door please?” Maya fixed the cap on her oil and shuffled out of the bathroom and down the stairs to the front door.
“Got it!” she called over her shoulder as she pulled the door open. The cold air rushed over her exposed legs but Maya immediately burned hot from the visitor standing on her doorstep.
Paul Lahote stood towering on her porch. He was wearing a dark blue t-shirt and dark wash jeans with shiny brown shoes. He had pushed his shaggy black ink hair back away from his face and the stubble she saw yesterday was clean shaven away. His eyes instantly connected with hers and Maya felt her heart fall clean through her. This was the closest she’d ever been to him and her eyes moved from his eyes to roam around his body, taking in the large sinewy arms, broad shoulders, and wide hands. His skin was a warm shade of red brown, like he’s out in the sun a lot. Her eyes rested on the line of his mouth, his lips looked soft and full and Maya felt a rush pull through before she instantly snapped back to the present and got a hold of herself.
“What are you doing here?” she breathed. His mouth parted slightly as if to respond. His eyes had never left her even as she had stolen a glance to take him all in, but before he could respond, Maya’s mom was behind her at the door with a smile on her face.
“He’s here for dinner. Paul welcome! Thank you for joining us,” Maya was speechless, her mouth hung open in shock. “Maya move please, let Paul in, it’s freezing.” For the second time in less than a minute Maya had to get a grip. She turned sideways and pressed her body against the doorframe so Paul could come in.
“Thanks,” his voice was low and soft and he gave Rish a warm smile. She pulled him back toward their dining room. Maya stood frozen in the doorway as the icy wind licked at her legs. She looked down suddenly, mortified at what she was wearing and before she could run upstairs to change she had a change of heart.
Why should she care what she looked like? She wasn’t trying to reel him in, get him to like her. It seemed like he pretty much already made his mind up about her anyway. Maya decided to use this unwanted intrusion to figure out if he really was a jerk and hopefully, get some answers.
She closed the door and padded toward the kitchen.
“Maya, can you please bring the pitcher of water to the table? Please please sit!” her mom continued to Paul in their dining room. Maya saw her father coming in from the back with steaks in hand. He wore a smile and seemed genuinely pleased to see Paul. She pulled the pitcher of water from the fridge and gave a great sigh, steeling herself to be in front of him again and walked into the dining room.
As she emerged from the kitchen she noticed Paul immediately looked at her but just as quickly he fitted his gaze back to her mother. She felt that familiar magnetized pull in her body toward him and wondered for a second if he felt it too. Setting the pitcher down, she hesitated to choose a seat. Should she sit across from him? That would offer the most physical distance but she was more likely to catch his eye that way. If she sat off to the side of him, it might look like she was trying to be close to him which he clearly didn’t want.
God, shut up, just sit down, her brain shouted at her. Why was she overthinking this?!
“Maya, sit here.” Her mom pulled out a chair next to Paul and the decision was made for her. Her father set the steaks down in the center and he sat at the head of the table across from Paul after shaking his hand and exchanging pleasantries. Her mother was chattering away about council stuff at Paul that Maya didn’t even know if he cared or knew about. She sunk into the chair next to him and out of the corner of her eye saw him shift in his seat positioning his body ever so slightly away from her.
Maya internally groaned and the weirdest dinner ever ensued.
“So, Paul what do you do for work?” Her father asked in between bites of steak. They’d already blown through a host of topics including where Paul lived (just at the edge of the reservation close to the beach on Red River Road), if he had any family left in the area (he didn’t), what he did in Sam’s group (neighborhood watch stuff and mentoring), and if he enjoyed the bonfire gathering (he did, very much).
“I’m a private contractor...carpentry mostly. I do work in the area but most of my clientele is in the greater Seattle area,” he said.
“You’re being modest, Sue says your work is very sought after.” Her mother interjected. So she was doing reconnaissance as well, Maya thought. To this though, Paul simply shrugged and said:
“It pays the bills.” Her father chuckled and nodded, silently commiserating. Paul glanced sideways at Maya. He seemed to be trying to read her expression, but Maya kept her face smooth, feeling his eyes on her as she pushed the broccoli around on her plate.
“Maya, can you refill the pitcher please?” Her mother asked. Maya stood immediately and leaned across the table to grab the pitcher. Paul cleared his throat and averted his eyes. As she left for the kitchen she heard her mother continue,
“We’re so proud of Maya, she’s got big college plans and the start to this year has already been stressful what with school and waiting for her acceptances and the..uhh imprint. Everything’s an adjustment, but we’re just so hopeful for the future.” Maya rolled her eyes as she slowly filled the pitcher at the sink—leave it to her mother to brag.
“The council seemed pretty proud of her at the bonfire.” he replied. She could just see the light shining out of her mother’s face now.
“Oh yes, the first ivy hopeful for our community. It’s a big deal,” her mother said.
“We want those things for her.” Her dad suddenly interjected and Maya’s eyes went wide. Oh god. There was a clear awkward pause. Should she make a run for it now?
“I do too,” she heard Paul say firmly.
“Good,” her father replied. Maya’s mother quickly changed the subject as Maya came back into the room. Paul’s eyes flickered to her again when she re-entered as if he couldn’t help himself.
By the end of the night, her parents seemed to love him.
“I’ll walk you out.” Maya says, resigned. She hadn’t said a word all night. Paul's eyes were instantly drawn to the sound of her voice. After a handshake with her father and a wave to her mother, Maya led Paul down the hallway to the front door. She pulled it open and he quickly exited. Maya followed him over the threshold and left the door slightly ajar. She crossed her arms in front of her body instantly cold in the frosty January night.
“Thanks for coming, I guess.” she said, letting her eyes rest on his now. Her body relaxed the tension it had been holding in a great exhale. Can someone be simultaneously tense and relaxed?
“Something tells me you didn’t know I would be coming by,” he said gently. He was careful to look nowhere else but her eyes.
Maya shook her head, pursing her lips.
“Sorry about that,” he tried. Maya shrugged.
“It’s fine.” His eyes looked around her face now and Maya had the feeling that he was trying to read her again, or maybe buying time. Her body ached to get closer, the cold was causing goosebumps to ripple down her body and her lip trembled slightly from the cold.
“I’ll see you soon,” he promised, backing down the stairs before turning toward his forerunner. Maya watched him go, holding herself in place on the porch even though she was freezing. When he turned on the headlights, the bright light washed over her body, lighting her up. She could just see him beyond the windshield. He was staring at her intensely, a look of fire in his eyes as he gripped the steering wheel.
Maya sucked in a quick breath of air and for a beat they stared at each other. Then, he flipped into reverse and quickly pulled down and out of the drive.
What the fuck.
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since0202 · 2 days ago
Taking Time—Three
The council meets on a Saturday...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What about standing up in front of a group of people automatically makes you feel persecuted? As a woman, it kind of comes with the territory. I can’t even escape it when I read—the pages of my required reading for AP Lit are littered with perceptions of women seen through the eyes of men. Pretty, pouty, reserved. A toe out of line is a swift step toward the pyre. So if I’m stepping into the fire, I’ll lean on Joan of Arc: ‘..To sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.’
Back in her darkened room, Maya still couldn’t seem to catch her breath. The rest of the evening at the bonfire was spent trying to catch a glimpse of the strange man she now felt connected to with a strange, tenuous bond that she swore she could feel tightening in her body.
When the rest of the evening passed without incident, Maya felt a thrumming in her chest start and her breath would catch in her throat. When she returned home, she excused herself to her bedroom, saying she was just tired. Behind the closed door, Maya placed a hand on her chest and tried to take in deep, solid breaths. She felt like she had run a marathon and no amount of calming breath could bring her back to normal.
His eyes swam before her, the firelight flickering in it’s dark depths, as she tried to make sense of what happened. Everything had been fine and now, everything felt somehow complicated, different, and slightly terrifying. Her heart hammered against her chest as she continued to breath, pacing her room for some clarity. Would it feel like this forever? Maya realized now that panic was rising in her. Should she tell her parents? They’d think she was crazy, surely. She might call Becks and run the event past her but she faced the same fear again.
Maya knew that what she felt in those short moments connecting with a stranger across the bonfire in the most visceral way possible had to be real, but how she explained that intense feeling to anyone else, she wasn’t sure.
Maya reached for her cellphone from her back pocket and opened to her most recent text messages with Jeremy. He had texted her earlier this week asking about some history homework they shared. When she opened the message though, and poised her fingers to type out a message, she nearly dropped her phone when she saw the three little dots appear on his end, indicating that he was typing to her. And just as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. A moment later, they reappeared again. Maya had no idea what to think. Had he witnessed the weirdness between her and the stranger tonight?
If Jeremy was a part of Sam Uley’s group, maybe he knew this guy and could give her some reassurance. She could see it now:
Who? That guy?! Oh yeah, don’t mind him, he’s just a weirdo. You were totally right to feel that, he can be a little….intense. Anyways, what did you write for the short answer response to number 3?
She closed her phone and tossed it on her nightstand, opting to crawl into bed instead. After much tossing and turning, she drifted off, but when she slept, the wolf was there in her dreams. He was waiting for her on the edge of the cliff now. Familiar, calm. Maya didn’t know if she should walk toward him or run the other direction. She stood frozen in place until the wolf pulled it’s head up toward the sky and let out a low mournful howl.
Maya startled awake to her mother shaking her shoulder gently. A strange look was on her face. It was raining but Maya could tell that it was early morning.
“Maya, sweetie,” her mom said softly, stroking some hair out of her face. “I need you to get up. The tribal council has requested a meeting with us.”
A weight like a stone dropped in Maya’s stomach. “What?” she croaked. Her throat was parched and she felt how tight the muscles in her hand were as if she’d been clutching around her sheets all night.
“Get dressed.” her mother said, sweeping out of her room. She could hear low talking in the living room as she pulled herself out of bed. A headache was ratcheting through her skull and she gave herself a minute before standing to ensure she wouldn’t get light headed from standing too quickly. Maya pulled off her clothes from the night before—she hadn’t even bothered changing before bed—before pulling on some light wash jeans and an oversized forest green sweatshirt. She pulled her knotted hair up into a ponytail and brushed her teeth quickly before running downstairs to pull on her rain boots.
Her family had never been summoned by the council before and Maya would be lying if she said she wasn’t a little nervous. Then she remembered elder Mila smiling at her last night, knowingly. Maya wiped the thought from her mind and pulled on her dark blue rain jacket as her parents emerged from the kitchen with odd looks on their face.
“Everything okay?” she probed. Rish looked at Maya’s dad for a split second before nodding and giving an enthusiastic smile.
“Of course! Let’s go, don’t want to be late!”
The council house was a modest cottage down close to La Push beach. Circular skylights dotted the roof to create natural overhead lighting. In the large main room was a long table that took of the majority of the space and chairs of varying shapes behind it. A small hallway led a to a back entrance.
Maya’s family entered the humble cottage through the front door and was greeted warmly by the council members who were made up of: elder Mila, elder Leo, Chief Black, Sue Clearwater, and elder Arbol. Maya was slightly placated by their eager faces and happily accepted the tea they offered her. Her parents sat down in the chairs across from the table and Maya stood behind them.
“Thank you for joining us on such short notice,” Chief Black said with a warm smile on his face. “And we wanted to thank you, Rish, for putting on such a great first gathering for the new year, as always.”
“Oh, it’s my pleasure!” Rish blushed somewhat and waved them off. “It was nothing.”
Elder Mila was watching Maya carefully, her kind eyes twinkling in the low light of the cottage.
“We wanted to call you here to discuss a matter that has been brought to our attention. Last night, specifically.” Chief Black’s eyes flickered to Maya for just a moment before staying trained on her parents. The panic was rising in her again and she worked to control her breathing. In and out. Take it slow. She told herself. She was sure everyone could hear the sound of her heart thudding loudly as Chief Black continued. Outside, a low rumble of thunder swept down the beach.
“Oh?” her father said as he looked over his shoulder to glance at Maya. Her eyes darted frightfully to him and the look on his face changed to one of concern. Rish grabbed for her husband’s hand unsure of what was about to come next.
“You are familiar with our Protection group run by Sam Uley, yes?” Chief Black asked. They nodded as Maya remained stock still. “As you may know from our legends, each member is a direct descendant of our spirit warriors, our wolf warriors.”
“I’m familiar with the legends,” Rish said quietly.
“That’s good. That will make this explanation easier. Part of our legends defines the role of the spirit warriors to the tribe. They’re our protectors and keep us safe from outside threats.”
“The cold ones,” her father said to Maya’s surprise. Chief Black fixed him with a serious stare.
“Yes. And though our threats and the roles of the spirit warriors have changed over the years, two things remain true: those threats are still out there and protection is still needed and...that our spirit warriors have the ability to imprint.”
Maya was pulling in small breaths down her throat. Her vision was starting to blur from lack of air, she thought, or maybe it was just the panic making her lightheaded.
“Im-imprint?” Rish said confused.
“It’s the sacred bond between a wolf warrior and his or her soulmate. The imprint is integral to the warrior’s strength and focus, and is thus an integral part of our tribe’s protection. The imprint comes to the warrior when they need them most and last night...your daughter became an imprint.” Elder Mila said gently. Maya closed and opened her hands trying to stay here in this room.
“I’m sorry.” her mother said after a moment. Maya’s father was silent as he considered this. He was well versed in the legends of the spirit warriors and he seemed to have a better grasp of what was happening than her mother in this moment. “Are you saying that one of Sam’s group thinks my daughter is their soulmate?”
“Not think. Is. Maya is now intricately tied to the history and continuance of this tribe. Being an imprint is honorable and sacred and should be held as such. She will always be protected by her imprinter.” Elder Leo confirmed.
Rish’s mouth hung open in shock as she turned to look up at her daughter, but Maya’s eyes were trained forward, watching Chief Black with a sense of urgency. Even with the explanation, Maya wasn’t sure why she felt this way.
“And who might I ask is this mysterious person who has imprinted on her?” Rish said a little defensively. Maya’s father squeezed Rish’s hand reassuringly.
“Paul Lahote,” Billy Black said as he gestured toward the door. As he did, Paul walked through, a stern and measured look on his face. Maya stared at him and instantly recognized him as the man she had seen the night before. Paul. she thought, the name floating around in her head. He refused to look at her, she noticed. The relief she had read on his face last night was clearly replaced now with what she could only pick up as...irritation? Anger? He came to stand off to the side wall, facing the council.
“This is ridiculous. He’s a grown man! He’s 30! And you’re telling me he’s Maya’s soulmate!?” her mother was getting upset now and rightly so.
“He’s 28,” Sue Clearwater corrected with a gentle smile. To Paul she gave a sympathetic look. Maya was finally able to pull her gaze away from staring at Paul’s profile.
Her breathing evened out and the headache she had felt earlier had ebbed away. By all physical measure, she felt better, but the panic was still there and he wouldn’t look at her. Was that intentional?
“My daughter is 18. Imprint or not, this is inappropriate,” her mother finally says.
“No Tom!” Rish shoots back at Maya’s father.
“As the imprint, Maya determines the relationship,” Chief Black says gently, “That means that it can be that of a friend, older brother, protector, mentor, or romantic partner if she chooses. The imprinter respects the pace set by the imprint.”
Rish seemed somewhat soothed by this but was still a little uneasy about the whole thing. Maya realized her hands were clenched into fists and she was hyper aware of Paul’s presence across the room. She felt an unconscious pull that was willing her to cross the room and make contact. The ache of it made her uncomfortable and she was almost annoyed that it was causing her physical discomfort to be in this predicament with him. She could tell from his side profile that he held the same look—annoyance that showed he desperately wanted to be anywhere but here.
“I feel like I have to stress, given the circumstances that while this is a little out of the norm,” Chief Black said. Maya internally laughed--what exactly was the norm in this weird circumstance? She was still teetering on if this was even a real thing, “And while Maya determines the characteristics of the imprint relationship, there must be a relationship between them of some kind. It is imperative that they maintain their connection in whatever vein they choose, but ultimately, there must be something.” He said this with a tone of finality in his voice and Maya noticed that his gaze was set on Paul and the look suggested that he has no choice but to cooperate.
Did he not want her as his imprint? Maya was floored and suddenly, that uncomfortable pull inside her transforms into hurt. She wanted to laugh out loud at herself for even caring that he didn’t want her. She didn’t even know him, so what. But still, the pain etched itself into her belly and she tried to keep her face serene and unreadable. When he nods his consent to the request, stone cold, Maya realizes she can’t take anymore.
She turns on her heel and bolts out the front door. The air is thick and the humidity nearly chokes her as she runs as hard as she can up the beach. Her rain boots aren’t really meant for running but she pushes on—she’d deal with the blisters later.
As Maya reaches the curve of the beach that takes her out of sight of the council house, she pauses and bends over with her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath. The skies open up and drip heavy wet drops of rain around her on the sand making satisfying splatting sounds around her. The rain started in earnest now and she was completely drenched. The discomfort and hurt bubbled up in her and she stood up straight, still huffing for air, before she threw her head back and let out a desperate, frustrated scream. Rain dripped down the back of her throat and she pulled off her rain boots, letting her toes dig into the damp sand as she made her way back home.
Her parents beat her home since they drove down to the council house. Maya comes through the front door, leaving her rain boots on the porch, dripping from head to toe.
“Maya?” her mother calls from the kitchen. She quickly swings around the corner, her eyes frantic and then relieved at the sight of her “Goodness, you scared me running off like that. Are you okay?! Let me get you a towel,” she said, noticing the puddle forming around Maya’s feet.
Maya was speechless. She didn’t know what to say or what this even meant for her, she just wanted to douse herself in hot water and crawl into bed. The walk back had done nothing to clear her mind.
Rish was back upon her with a towel, wrapping it gently around her shoulders and rubbing her arms. After a silent moment of communication between them, Rish put her hands on Maya’s cheeks.
“It’s going to be okay, sweetie.” she said softly. Maya so much wanted that to be true, but she had so many questions, none of which she wanted to ask. Rish leaned in and planted a warm kiss to her cold forehead. “This can be a good thing.” she whispered into her hair. Maya still said nothing and when she pushed out of her mom’s arms and climbed the steps, Rish didn’t follow her.
The rain slapped against her window as Maya wrapped herself up in bed after her shower. She didn’t even bother changing into any pajamas, she just opted to stay in her towel, her wet hair sticking to her back. Her gaze was transfixed out the rainy window and the thoughts that had plagued her throughout her shower were back.
She was an imprint. Which meant, if she understood the legends right, that he had some ridiculous claim on her. Imprints were revered in the history of her people but what Maya was hung up on was the fact that all of the imprints in the stories and legends were with their imprinter. As in together, together—marriage, kids, the whole thing.
In all the stories of wolf warriors and their imprints, she didn’t remember a single story that ended with them just being friends. Maya suddenly felt all of the air leave the room at this thought. Her whole life she was hoping to get off this reservation and she didn’t know what the future held.
Would she still be able to leave for college? Would she always be tied to this place physically and this person forever? Why did Paul look so upset when Chief Black told him he must have some kind of contact with her? Was it because she was 18, in high school, and had her whole life ahead of her still? She hoped it was that and not the other insecurity that was plaguing her.
Maya wasn’t sure how long she sat there staring out her bedroom window but at one point, she snapped herself out of it and reached for her phone, determined. She had missed her study date with Jeremy, but unfortunately, she realized that he probably already understood why.
She navigated to her messages with Jeremy and typed a hasty message: Hey, sorry about missing our hangout today...something came up.
Maya didn’t have to wait long for a reply.
Jeremy: No worries. I assumed as much considering the whole imprint thing. How are you feeling?
Maya exhaled a puff of air surprised that he was so open and willing to talk about it. She got the distinct feeling in that room that what the council told her was not public knowledge. But if Jeremy was part of Sam’s group, he probably had a better understanding of what was going on than any of her friends. She hesitated to reply and then said:
Yeah, it’s...weird. I don’t know how to feel. He looked...upset at being there.
J: Who Paul?
M: Yeah…
J: Don’t take it too personal. He was caught off guard last night. I don’t think he thought he would ever imprint. You blindsided him.
M: Me blindside him?! Hello! Less than 24 hours ago I still had my freedom, now I have all of this… instant history.
J: LOL. That’s a funny way of putting the imprint “instant history.” I like that.
Maya didn’t know what else to say. She had so many questions but she wasn’t sure if Jeremy was the person to ask these things, but he was kind of all she had at this point. Before she could respond, Jeremy hit her with the double text.
J: So what are you going to do?
M: About what?
J: Uhhh, the imprint. Everything?
M: It doesn’t really feel like I have choice when it comes to anything any more. Especially the imprint.
J: I think you do have a choice, the way just doesn’t look like it used to. It’s just gonna take some time. I’m the way.
M: Thanks, Jeremy.
She flopped back onto her bed and stared up at the ceiling. What was she going do, indeed. Maya had no clue. After a hot second of panic, she felt her phone buzz aggressively in her hand. When she brought her phone up to her face a voice bellowed on the other end.
Keye’s words smashed on top of one another. Maya sighed.
“It’s a mess. Can you get Becks on the line so I don’t have to tell this cluster fuck of a story twice?” Maya said. Might as well bite the bullet on this one. Of everyone on the planet, she knew she could trust her best friends to understand.
“Yeah, hold on one second.”
As Maya waited patiently for Becks to get on the line, she tried to figure out the best way to break the news to them. But when Becks picked up suddenly Maya was at a loss.
“What’s going on?” Becks said worried. Maya groaned and like ripping off a bandaid she said:
“Paul Lahote is my soulmate.”
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volturiwolf · 2 days ago
Unorthodox - An Embry Call x vampire!fem!Reader Story - Part 1
A/N: This is my first story with my favorite wolf 🐺 that I always wanted to write to see the different dynamics between two "mortal enemies". The story takes part in Eclipse after Edward and Bella came back from Jacksonville.
No of Words: ~ 4000
Through the parts, mentions of: Abusive relationship, Attacks, Hunt, Illusions, Loneliness, Mental health, Murder, Sex / Sex language / Sexual activities, Suicide, Swear language, Wild imagination
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tagged: @girlgirlgirlnormal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tumblr media
(Y/N)’s POV
"So, how has Bella been, since you all came back?" I was sitting in the Cullens' living room, the room being bright and warm compared to the storm outside.
"She's been better. I mean it was difficult for things to be like they used to, but I think we are making progress." Esme chirped. Her motherly stance always made me feel welcome in their house.
Though both Esme and Carlisle were always willing to take me into their family, I always hesitated. Don't get me wrong, I loved their family, but I was also kind of used to the nomad life, the freedom, the "traveling-around-the-world" part, though at some point it was all meant to fall apart.
I met Carlisle way before he found Edward. I had recently found myself in the United States, sometime before the turn of the 20th century. He was working as a doctor in Columbus at the time, around the time he came across a young Esme.
I left before he moved to Chicago, where he met Edward and turned him into a vampire, both to save him and to have as a companion. I met him again, when he moved to Forks, after Esme, Rosalie and Emmett joined him and Edward.
I spent a few years with them before Alice and Jasper joined them. I only met these two about two decades later, when I was running through Alaska, where the Denali Coven resided. I knew them because of our shared "vegetarian" lifestyle, one I picked up a few years after my transformation.
“She is actually down to the reservation, as we speak. She left with Jacob, on his motorbike.” Alice looked at me. Edward shifted in his place, obviously not agreeing with Bella going to the wolves. I knew about their existence back when I stayed here.
"Anyway. How have you been, (Y/N)?" Alice smiled at me, her golden eyes caring and loving. She had always been a shoulder to "cry" on. She and Rosalie were basically my best friends, keeping me grounded and focused.
"Well, I've been better." I sounded bitter, but they knew pretty much my situation and how I felt.
"How's your head?" Carlisle questioned, studying me carefully with his eyes, trying to take in any possible sign I showed.
"Messy, as always."
Like Edward, Alice and Jasper, I was also "gifted". I could attribute my gift to my wild fantasy I had as a kid, and later, as a teenager. I was always thinking too much, dreaming too much, my fantasy running wild. My days were filled with daydreaming; I don't really recall if I was ever "living in the moment". I mostly dreamed of different places, different scenarios, alternative universes.
When I was attacked one day and turned into a vampire, my head felt messy, wild, disorganized. I have been suffering for quite some time. It was years later that I discovered I could project my mind, the images in my head to others, in some form of illusions. I trained my gift over time, as a way to lure humans to me to feed on.
I managed to reach a point where I could not only create a visual illusion but could also affect all of the remaining senses. I could make others see, hear, smell, sense, even taste whatever I wanted. Hunting humans was oh-so-easy. That was until I realized I could also see their own images in my head, like a projection of their own mind to my own.
After some time, I couldn't take it. I couldn't find the strength to look at them, see the terror in their eyes, my own reflection as I attacked them in their heads. I gave up human blood for animal blood, and I stopped all these vicious images. I didn't want to be the kind of monster someone else created, but I had to live with it and actually survive.
I saw my heartbreaking figure in Edward's mind, who looked at me saddened. He couldn't really read my thoughts, my mind being like a "messy skein of thoughts, images, and whatnot", as he called it, that he could never actually figure out, apart from some things here and there.
I felt like I was intruding into their own family. I was never an actual part of the Cullen family, though they have all invited me at some point to officially join them. I was really considering it by now, tired of being alone, running around aimlessly. I've pretty much seen what I wanted to see; I just wanted to belong somewhere, to settle down, to put my thoughts in order.
"You know, you're always welcome to join us if you feel like it. You were always part of the family, an extended part, but a part no less." Edward smiled condescendingly, having caught part of my thoughts.
"Thank you for your kind words, though I don't know how well I will fit in. You all have your places in the family, and I don't want to take anyone else's space around."
"That's nonsense." Rosalie joined the conversation. "You have always been a part of our family, whether you ever realized it or not. We would be more than happy if you came to live with us."
“Besides”, Emmett interrupted, “we may need your help now. Old vampire vendetta.”
I looked around the room, and they all smiled encouragingly at me. That's what I missed the most all these years; the true love these people felt for each other, without actually having to voice it out loud, and the warmth they radiated. Ironic for being a vampire, but the care and how they protected each other made up for their cold skin.
"Thank you. I will stay with you and help you, as long and as much as I can." I smiled wildly, as we all stood up to hug each other, sealing the love and appreciation we had for each other, and a promise to stay with them and support them.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Embry's POV
Jared, Paul, Quil, and I were sitting in Emily and Sam’s kitchen, eating, as we always did, and discussing last weekend’s events. Sam and Emily were in each other’s arms, just a few feet away.
We were aware that the redhead leech, who was responsible for Harry’s death, was in the area again. The golden-eyed leeches managed to run after her, but she kept slipping away, jumping from one side of the treaty to the other, as if she knew and she was taunting us.
When she jumped on our side, we were quick on our paws and almost caught her, until she jumped across again. The muscled leech almost had her, but she jumped on our side and he followed her. What a fool! He should have known that we wouldn’t allow that - no exceptions, which is why Paul repelled him. They were both PISSED at each other.
Paul still held a grudge against the leech for trying to step on Quileute land, and he wasn’t just going to forget it. The leeches made our already complicated life even more complicated. If it wasn’t for them, Harry would probably still be here, and Jacob would probably be with Bella now.
She was all he ever thought. Because of the wolf telepathy, we could all hear his thoughts, and it was getting tiring by now. He hadn’t imprinted on her, of course, but he was obsessed with her, nonetheless. He couldn’t believe she chose a leech over him. Well, maybe, he wasn’t the right type of monster for her.
My thoughts were interrupted by a motorbike roaring down the dirt road - this must have been Jacob - I sniffed a bit - and Bella! Surprise, surprise! The vampire girl came to see us. They rode off the motorbike.
“Are you sure this is a good idea? I am the vampire girl, remember?” I laughed at the nickname I mentioned just seconds ago. Jared, Paul, Quil, and I stood up from the table and stepped out of the house, me leading the way.
“Hey, look who’s back!” I exclaimed.
“What up, Bella?” Quil chimed in.
Bella looked surprised. “Quil? You, too?”
“Yep. Finally made the pack.” Quil strutted, clearly proud of himself. We all laughed at him.
“I’m glad you’re here, Bella.” I told her. “Maybe we can get a break from Jake’s obsessive inner monologue.”
“I wish Bella would call.” Paul chimed in.
“I wish Bella wouldn’t call.” Jared continued.
“Maybe I should call Bella.” I continued, in a mincing way.
“Maybe I should call Bella and hang up.” Quil finished our little fun and we choked with laughter, while Bella and Jacob were a mix of laughter and awkwardness.
“All right, you can shut up now.” Jacob warned us but smiled in the process.
Then, Leah stepped out of the house. She was sitting at a corner somewhere in the house, while we sat at the table, so we didn’t really notice her before.
Jacob took it upon him to introduce her. “Bella, this is Leah Clearwater, Harry’s daughter.”
Bella looked at her apologetically. “Hey. I’m really sorry about your father.”
Leah snarled at her. “If you’re here to torture Jacob some more, feel free to leave.” She told her and walked away.
“Fun, isn’t she?” Jacob tried to play it down.
Emily and Sam stepped out of the house, and Emily ran to hug Bella. “Bella, hi! I was wondering when we’d see your face around here again.” Emily was definitely like our wolf mom, always by our side.
Bella hugged her back. “Yeah. Same here.”
Jacob turned to Sam. “Sam, we good?”
“We’re good. She won’t be getting through our line any time soon.”
“Yeah, that’s right boys!” Paul smirked, and the four of us ran away whooping, leaving Sam, Emily, Jacob, and Bella behind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Y/N)’s POV
I felt angry and sick. Some vampire broke into Bella’s house while Charlie was there, peacefully sleeping on the couch. I just came back to the Cullen house with Jasper and Emmett. We were sent to trace the intruder’s scent or anything else that could indicate why they entered Bella’s house. Thankfully, Bella was already in the living room, along with the others.
“Who was it? Someone we know?” I heard Carlisle’s voice.
“This stranger. I didn’t recognize his scent.” Huh, that makes two of us, Edward.
“A nomad passing through?” Esme questioned.
“A passerby wouldn’t have left Bella’s father alive.” Rosalie sounded worried. It was true though. Whoever it was, they weren’t there to hunt. They were there for something else.
“The scent disappeared about five miles south of Bella’s house.” Jasper informed the others as we entered the living room.
“Someone’s orchestrating this.” Carlisle sighed.
“Victoria?” Bella questioned. Was she the redhead one?
“No. I would have seen her decide.”
“Has to be the Volturi.” I slightly shivered as Edward mentioned their name. I didn’t like them at all. Everyone knew how terrifying they could be.
“I don’t think it’s the Volturi, either.” Alice interrupted my thoughts. “I’ve been watching Aro’s decisions, too.”
“So we keep looking.” Emmett said decisively.
“We’ll also take shifts guarding Bella at her house.” Carlisle ordered.
Rosalie protested at the idea. “Another protection detail?”
Bella agreed with her. “You can’t protect me, watch my dad and search for the intruder.” “And for Victoria.” Rosalie added. “And keep yourselves fed.” Bella continued.
She was right. As I looked around the room, I saw seven pairs of black eyes, all starving, which I guessed matched mine as the thirst and the burning in my throat became more prominent.
“I’m not leaving you here defenseless.” Edward protested.
“Well, I’m not gonna let you starve. And I wouldn’t be unprotected. I have..” She couldn’t finish her sentence. Edward flinched. She hit a nerve, but he was not going to let himself get upset at her, so he just let it be for now.
A day later, under Bella’s request, we started working with the wolves, taking shifts between each group. While Alice and Emmett were guarding her house one day, the rest of us would go out to hunt, much to Edward’s dismay and disapproval.
A few hours later, a pair of wolves would come to take over and replace one of our groups. We tried to make things work for Bella’s sake, though the wolves and the Cullens’ ego would clash all the time.
I personally wanted to get in a group with Rosalie, but Carlisle said it should be one of each to make sure we were safe, so I was partnered with Edward. He agreed not to leave me out here alone, so we were both standing across from Bella's house, watching over.
Part of my gift’s ability was I got to control and sense whoever “fell” into my illusion. So, I made sure to create an illusion that would catch anyone who tried to come within a 5-mile radius, so it would be easier for us to catch any suspicious activities around, while also looking out for the next pair of wolves that was to come in about an hour.
Edward was really stiff beside me, staring at Bella’s windows the whole time. She tried to sleep, but I could hear her moving around, not being able to find peace through her fears and anxiety. Alice and Rosalie had informed me these past days about the Bella-Edward-Jacob triangle, and everything else regarding these three.
“I know you’re anxious for her and angry that the wolves are helping us, but, you need to understand that keeping Bella safe is what matters the most here. You and Jacob literally fight all the time, and just make her stressed all the time, without any actual, serious reason. Just for once, leave your differences behind, and think about what is best for her. You, at least, should try to get along with him for her sake. He’s her best friend. Would it be fair to you if you had to give up on your best friend, even if it was for the love of your life?”
Edward gritted his teeth and refused to look at me. “You don’t understand. It wouldn’t be like that if they were just best friends. He wants to be way more than friends with Bella. He doesn’t like me, and I sure as hell don’t like him back.”
“You may be right. I don’t understand. But, the way I see it here is that you need to talk to Bella, tell her how it makes you feel when Jacob tries to court her all the time. Then, tell her why you had to leave her then and apologize to her. Actually apologize to her. I know you may not be able to see it, but imagine a girl being with a guy whom she is madly in love with, and then the guy disappears. Normally, a girl like Bella wouldn’t run back to you or even go as far as Italy to save you. She is a keeper, and you should make her feel appreciated. The way I see her, she always looks like an emotional wreck. You better start taking her mental health seriously, and you and Jacob should stop putting obstacles her way. Let her leave an exciting and happy human life, for as long as it lasts. Let her make her choices and be there to support her if she needs it.”
Edward didn’t say anything for quite some time, probably letting my words sink into his thick, stubborn skull. Then, he turned at me and laughed slightly. “You know, for someone who is just good at illusions, you sure do understand why more than Jasper does.”
I smile back at him. “Jasper is the expert here. I just don’t have a filter and say things the way they really are.” I shrugged and continued the patrol.
We stayed there for a few minutes before I felt two wolves getting sucked into my illusion. I immediately pulled the illusion apart to let them reach us. Edward must have already heard their thoughts, because he turned back to look at the woods, waiting for the two wolves to replace us.
After a minute, the wolves stood in front of us, a wolf with chocolate brown fur and a lighter face on our left, and a wolf with dark silver fur on our right. Upon looking at me, they slightly growled.
“(Y/N), this is Quil Ateara the fifth, and this is Paul Lahote. (Y/N) is a family friend, she recently came back to visit and we invited her to stay with us. She’s here to help us.” Edward introduced us to each other, but the wolves couldn’t be any more uninterested, as they huffed and walked past us to take our places.
“It’s okay, Edward. Let’s go. I’m starving.” I put an emphasis on “starving” to taunt the wolves, as I ran towards the woods. Edward looked at Bella’s window one last time before following me through the woods.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Embry’s POV
We were currently sitting around a bonfire, waiting for Jacob and Bella to arrive before Billy could start the stories. He, Quil’s grandpa, and Sue, Leah and Seth’s mother, insisted she had to join our meeting to learn the true stories about these leeches she loved. Quil and Paul wouldn’t shut up about the new leech that joined the Cullens.
“Dude, I’m telling you! They are up to something. Why would they invite this new leech if they weren’t? What if they are behind the attacks in Seattle, and just play innocent, trying to fool us?” Paul was raving by now, and I couldn’t deal with him right now.
“Paul, you are being delirious! Please, let it go for now. Let us have a quiet night for once!” I was pissed.
They didn’t even know the new one, none of us did yet. We should not jump to conclusions yet, let alone blame the Cullens for what has been happening in Seattle. If it turned out that there were actually new vampires raging through Seattle, it would cause a lot of damage to blame the Cullens for starting all this.
Finally, Jacob and Bella arrived and we could start the storytelling. I was already sitting down, with Leah on my left. Seth came to sit on my right, as Billy started the narration.
“The Quileutes have been a small tribe from the beginning, but we have always had magic in our blood. We were great spirit warriors, shape-shifters that transformed to the powerful wolf. This enabled us to scare off our enemies and protect our tribe.”
He told us about the Cold Man that our warriors came face to face with, the Cold Woman who destroyed our village and Taha Aki’s third wife, who sacrificed herself to save the rest of the tribe members.
“She saved the tribe. Over time, our enemies have disappeared. But one remains, the Cold Ones.” Billy was looking straight at Bella at that point. “Our magic awakens when they’re near, and we sense it now. We feel the threat in our blood. Something terrible is coming, and we must all be ready, all of us.”
The next few days were filled with patrols all around the territory, in hopes that we may come across whatever newborn broke into Bella’s house, or, even better, more than one of them.
Jacob was currently with Bella walking around, talking about them, trying to convince her he was a better choice for them. Through the mental link, we saw him forcing her to kiss him, and her punching him on his face in response. She yelped in pain as she broke her hand, and we all mentally shivered at the sound of her hand cracking.
What happened next between Jacob and Edward was another story. I had to say, though I didn’t like the leech, he had a point. Jacob shouldn’t have forced himself on Bella, and he shouldn’t expect her to like him back because she clearly never liked him that way.
Jacob was not listening to anyone who told him he better forget her. He spent the next few days, before the graduation party, crafting a wolf bracelet for her, and preparing the right words to tell her when he apologized to her about the way he treated her and how he reacted.
He convinced Quil and me to join him at the graduation party that was held in Cullens’ house; though we weren’t fond of parties, we decided to go to support our friend through Bella’s rejection. We found her just on time we arrived upstairs. She didn’t acknowledge either me or Quil but started talking directly to Jacob.
“What are you doing here?” She asked him, clearly annoyed he was here.
“You invited me, remember?” He answered back as if it was the most obvious thing. Quil and I looked at each other. This could end badly for Jacob.
“Was my right hook too subtle for you?” I could swear I heard someone laugh in the distance. “That was me uninviting you.”
Jacob started apologizing to her, blaming himself for once, and not his inner wolf, for his actions. I couldn’t focus on what exactly they were talking about. I sniffed around. Apart from the leeches that were scattered across the house and the human guests, I could smell a very distinct smell that almost knocked me off my feet - vanilla, freesia, gardenia, and spices.
As Jacob handed the wolf bracelet to Bella, a girl walked by Bella’s side and hugged her. She looked beautiful, though her golden eyes betrayed her identity - another leech. She must have been the one Paul and Quil were talking about. As if he knew, Quil nudged me and pointed his finger towards the girl, whispering. “That’s the one Paul and I saw.”
She introduced herself to Jacob, though he paid no attention to her, clearly annoyed he interrupted his conversation with Bella. She then turned to Quil and me.
“Hi! I’m (Y/N).” She extended her arm for us to shake. Quil shook her hand first.
“Hi, I’m Quil. I think we met the other day.” He smiled at her.
“Yes! You were on patrol with Paul, right? You replaced Edward and me? Nice to meet you!” Jacob shook his head at the mention of the leech’s name.
“Yeah, exactly! It’s nice meeting you, too.” Quil’s face lit up, probably mesmerized by her, just as I was. “By the way, this is my friend, Embry. He is part of our pack.”
(Y/N) turned to look at me, extending her hand, waiting for me to shake it. “Hi, I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you, Embry!”
Her voice sounded like music, her presence felt like a breeze passing through a field filled with flowers. I lifted my face to look at her. The moment our eyes met, it was like that same breeze passed through my body, cooling every part of it, and clearing up my mind. I felt like I was cursed with stone feet my whole life, and now I lifted up in the air. I saw (Y/N) and I running through the woods, laughing at the beach, holding her in my arms.
I didn’t realize what was happening until I felt Quil shaking me violently. (Y/N) stood in front of me, shocked and confused. I didn’t have time to tell her anything, as she and Bella excused themselves and walked towards another Cullen girl. I couldn’t move from my position, not being able to believe what had just happened.
I just imprinted on (Y/N). I just imprinted on a vampire.
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incorrectwolfpack · 2 days ago
Sam: we can’t solve all our problems by turning into wolves.
Paul: how about just this problem?
Jared: if we take being able to turn into wolves off the table, we don’t have a lot on the table
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since0202 · 3 days ago
Taking Time—Two
Tonight's alright for a bonfire...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There’s always something about firelight. It casts shadows, softens the lines, sets everything aglow, and swallows you up. Once you’re in the fire, there’s no escaping it and there’s no going back unscathed. But even still, I’m mesmerized by it, drawn to it, and willing to get a little burned if it means I can feel the heat of it pulse through me.
“UP! UP! UP!” Maya’s mother, Rish, pulled back the curtains of her bedroom, letting precious morning sunlight filter in uninterrupted across Maya’s room.
Maya groaned and pulled the covers up over her eyes. “Mom, please! It’s the last day of winter break, pleeeease.”
“I need help finalizing some stuff for Friday’s bonfire gathering and I need your help, so UP PLEASE!” she said pulling the covers down off of Maya. “Did you girls have fun last night?” Her mother always did this—she always started casual conversation to help distract you from the thing you really didn’t feel like doing. It was pretty effective on Maya over the years but as a pulsing headache already built up behind her left temple, Maya didn’t find it so endearing this time.
“It was eventful,” she grumbled, leaning up and rubbing her eyes.
“Well, good. I’m glad you got to blow off some steam before the stress of the semester. Get dressed please, we’re leaving in 15!” and with that, Rish swept out the room, her lithe and shapely figure disappearing down the wide steps to the kitchen. Maya’s room was closest to the staircase and if she poked her head out of the door, she would have full view of the front door. It came in handy when people swung by unannounced that she’d rather avoid (boys, community leaders, overzealous cousins, you get the idea).
Maya got ready quickly and spent most of the morning cruising around town with her mom, stopping at some council member homes to drop off care packages and food, as well as picking up supplies for the Friday gathering. They always liked to hold a bonfire at the beginning of the year to get everyone together and reacquaint with themselves with the new year. Typically, they would discuss tribe matters, fundraising for the school or local resident’s home repairs. People would commit to dedicating time and resources to restoring areas of the reservation for the next year and new projects were assigned to community members like Maya’s mother.
Maya was very involved in her tribe, mostly due to her mother’s influence, but she was well versed in the stories and traditions of her community. It gave her immense pride but also filled her with a desire to see the world outside of her tribe. Maya was the council’s hopeful for ivy league admittance from the tribal school’s batch of graduates. She had a great shot at a full ride to just about all of the public universities she had applied for both in and outside the state of Washington, but Maya was holding out for bigger things.
Currently, she was holding her breath for her Princeton and Columbia application decisions. A girl could dream and this girl was pulling out all the stops to get out of La Push and into the great wide world for awhile. But while she was still here, her mother would keep her wrapped up tight in the traditions and community that kept her safe since birth.
Maya spent the rest of the evening organizing herself for the week ahead at school. She texted Becks and Keye (who had nothing of note to report except digging for more details on Jeremy Treever of all people). She obsessively checked her email for an applications status update on her college acceptances and just as it had the night before, she closed the window with no news.
The rush of the new and final semester felt good. Maya couldn’t help but feel something in her shift, as if every step forward was a new moment waiting to be defined, if only she knew how to define it. She would chase that feeling as mucha s she could
She barely made it past second period when Jeremy tracked her down. Maya was pushing her locker door closed, commiserating with Keye about their first period homework—a paper due next week on the cultural impact of colonizers in “A Passage to India” no less— when he leaned on the row of lockers over her right shoulder.
“Maya the master escape artist,” he said pleasantly, she had to admit, his tone exuded a warmth she couldn’t deny and she could practically feel the heat coming off of his body like a overworking radiator. Maya widened her eyes at Keye before gaining her composure and turning to meet Jeremy’s eyes. She clasped her AP Physics book in her arms, eager to get to her third period class.
“Jeremy the expert at finding girls who don’t want to be found,” she gave a reassuring laugh to show it was a joke and he smiled in return. He was absolutely massive, towering above her even in her 4-inch heeled black boots.
“So we got cut off the other night.”
“That we did,” Maya said.
“And I wanted to see if you would maybe want to hang out this weekend? Maybe we could get together and study?” A productive date. Hmm, she liked that. Maya arched an eyebrow suggestively.
“A study hangout?” she refused to use the word date.
“Yeah, I mean, I know you’re swamped with AP stuff even though classes started today, and I’m already behind so, I thought it might be doubly useful? We get to hangout, talk…” he trailed off. Maya pondered this for a minute and then with a sidelong glance at Keye who was patiently twirling her neat pony between her fingers while checking her phone, she said:
“Sure, why not. Want to meet up at Clearwater Coffee on Saturday around 11?”
“Sounds good!” he said, bopping her forearm with his textbook gently before heading off quickly in the direction of his next class. Maya snapped her locker shut and turned to look at Keye who was doing very uncouth hip thrusting in the middle of the hallway.
“AW YEAH!” she said before bursting into laughter.
“Keye, calm down,” Maya said as if it was no big deal. She started to walk quickly toward her Physics class not wanting to be late. For all the responsibility and buttoned up demeanor that Becks had, she couldn’t hold a candle to Maya’s determination to succeed in school, not to mention punctuality.
“I can’t believe it. Maya Sun actually said YES to a date!” Keye skipped to catch up with her.
“Not so loud! And it’s not a date, it’s a study sesh. Very different.” Maya said as she rushed around a corner.
“Okay, but this is groundbreaking! In all our time here, you’ve not ONCE said yes to any kind of date other than Carmichael what’s his face from Seattle that one time and he was a total do–” The bell rang and Maya waved goodbye before ducking through the door of her class, grateful for the interruption from the onslaught.
The rest of the week passed by in an all too quick haze for Maya. She was hoping to be caught up on some things by the end of the week before her study session with Jeremy on Saturday, but by Friday afternoon and a pile of work ahead of her and her duties at the bonfire tonight, Maya was already overwhelmed and feeling very behind.
“The answer is no, Maya. It’s the first gathering of the year and the tribe’s elders will be there. Plus, you only have the spring and summer before you’re off to college and then who even knows how many bonfires you’ll be back for!” Rish choked up a little as she prepared her Five Divine casseroles for the gathering that night. Maya had been pleading with her to let her stay home just this once so that she could tackle some homework before the weekend.
Leave it to Maya’s mother to put tribal business before her daughter’s academic success.
“Ugh, fine, but I’m bringing my English homework to work on during some downtime.” she conceded trudging back upstairs to change. The weather was holding up well for January which was surprising. It was unseasonably warmer, but the air still had a bite to it when the wind blew off of the incoming waves.
Maya decided to layer up and wore a long sleeve black shirt under her baggy black sweater with the wide cuffed collar. She cuffed the sleeves a little just enough to leave her wrists exposed and dawned her late grandmother’s black leather watch. She paired her sweater with a pair of dark jeans, sans rips, and bundled some wool socks under her dark brown boots with a 2-inch heel. Her mom had made a good point, it was the first bonfire of the year so she might as well look presentable.
Her family liked to maintain a certain level of respectability in her community seeing as her mother ran a lot of the gatherings and sat in on council meetings for timekeeping purposes. She had a line in without being a sacred member and Maya knew that that was all she truly wanted in life—to be a bigger part of her community and her tribe’s history.
Maya carefully brushed out her thick black hair and curled some intermittent waves throughout. She dabbed on some pigmented lip stain that accentuated her full mouth and reddened her lips a little. She finished off with a quick swipe of mascara and called it good.
As she clattered down the stairs in her boots, Maya grabbed her brown book bag off the hook by the door and stuffed her notebook, A Passage to India and some pens into her bag.
“Mom! Time to go!” she shouted by the railing. Her father swung around the corner of the kitchen and planted a soft kiss to the top of Maya’s head. He loved bonfire nights almost as much as Maya’s mom. They reminded him of his childhood, sitting next to his father and hearing the legends of their tribe. He tucked into his jacket and held the door open for her as Rish scuttled down the hallway balancing two casserole dishes and pulling her hat off the hook by the door.
When they arrived in the clearing just down the hill from the council’s meeting house, there were already some local boys setting up the bonfire and some tables to host the food. Maya was given a task and set to work, keeping her head down except to say hello to each person who came up to her and exclaimed:
“Oh Maya! The end of your senior year, how are you feeling?”
“Got big plans for college I heard. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my heart light for you!”
“Oh I just have to introduce you to my grandson. He just got into the University of Montana, I’m sure you two would have lots to talk about.”
Maya was always courteous, a trait her parents hammered into her from a young age. She loved her community but just once, she’d love to be somewhere where no one knew her. Where something about her was a little bit of a mystery and her life wasn’t an open book because people had watched her grow up from birth.
When Rish came over to help her tidy up the spread of food before the elders began telling the legends, a group of towering men caught her eye and she watched them with fascination.
“Oh my god, I didn’t know Sam Uley’s group would be here!” she exclaimed in delight.
“Sam Uley?” Maya said, scoffing a little, “The leader of that protector group the council’s always going on about?”
“Mmmhhmm, they rarely show up to these events anymore. I haven’t seen them in years honestly, not since you were much younger.” Her eyes were still transfixed on the group and she wasn’t the only one.
In the past eight or so years, the tides of opinion had been gradually shifting on Sam Uley’s group. They used to be thought of as thugs, a gang of no good trouble makers that had weird ties and permissions from the council. But slowly, the opinion held by most tribe members had shifted, mostly in part to Sam’s group and the council’s work, at showing that they were integral members of the tribe. Honorable even. People talked about them in hushed reverence now and their presence was always overtly respected. Long gone was the talk of them being a cause for the drug problem in La Push. They were now thought to be the reason why so many drug dealers had been pushed out. Crime was near non-existent in La Push proper and the council publicly attributed that to Sam Uley and his group.
Her mom was mesmerized by them. They were a sight so Maya couldn’t really blame them. They all varied in levels of tallness. And their wide shoulders, hard bodies, and strong features exhibited the most carried traits of their tribe. They were echoes of past warriors, carrying the hearts and minds of their ancestors and for that, they were revered now. And, best of all, according to her mother, they were incredibly beautiful.
“Why don’t you go say hello,” Maya prompted, trying to organize the plastic cutlery into neat cups for distribution.
“Oh, I couldn’t!” Rish actually seemed pretty flustered and Maya let out a snort of delight as she saw the color rush to her mother’s cheeks.
“They’re not celebrities mom, you can just go talk to them,” Maya looked up at the group now. Most of them had their backs turned to her but her eyes widened when her gaze landed on one person in particular. “Oh my god, that’s Jeremy,” she said without thinking.
“Who? Jeremy Treever?” Rish knew everyone. “Where?” She wasn’t even looking in the direction of Sam’s group anymore, clearly unable to recognize the now towering figure of Jeremy amongst the throng of men.
“Right there, in Sam’s group,” Maya said under her breath.
“Oh my god! He was accepted into Sam’s group? That’s amazing! They haven’t taken any new members in years.” Her mouth was slightly ajar and she pointed, “Oh and there’s Mica!”
“Aren’t you the one who told me it’s rude to point?” Maya was acutely embarrassed now. She was not trying to draw attention to herself.
It made sense now—Jeremy’s transformation—that she saw him with Sam’s group. They all seemed to have that similar build and Jeremy fit right in. Maya wondered why Sam had decided to add new members to his group now.
“Let’s go find a spot, they’re about to start.” Rish said as she wiped her hands on her waist-high apron. Clearly she had given up on trying to approach Sam’s group.
Maya ran a hand through her hair, took one last look at the table and felt satisfied. As she sat on a low log next to her mother and father, she caught Becks and Keye’s eyes across the circle. They were standing back and off to the side and shot her a smile and a wave. “Talk after?” Becks mouthed and Maya nodded enthusiastically.
The sun was setting quickly in the late winter light and the bonfire was already raging. The elders were escorted to their seats at the head of the fire and began their part in telling the stories of warriors past. Maya’s favorite was that of the spirit wolf warriors. As a child she always had this recurring dream that she was gliding through the forest at full speed. Under her were paws pounding into the wet earth, but she felt nothing except the cool refreshing breeze on her face. The dream persisted through her teenage years and after every retelling of the spirit wolf warrior story, Maya’s dreams would come back with vigor. Sometimes she was the wolf, other times a golden, tan wolf stood next to her. She would point over the cliff toward the sea and before she could wake up, she would hear her voice say “Wait.”
Maya never knew if she was saying the words “wait” to the wolf or to herself. Sometimes the voice didn’t even sound like hers. Sometimes it sounded like a deep, wanting male voice that made her shiver and always startled her awake in a cold sweat. But she knew that she felt deeply connected to these stories and always relished in their retelling, especially when it was from a tribal elder.
Following the stories, the elders announced some council business and divided up projects and labor among the able-bodied members of the tribe. Maya never really paid much attention to this part, often lost in thought about the stories and where she fit into them in her own personal histories.
“And finally,” Elder Leo said, “We want to offer our thoughts and light hearts to those young members of our tribes waiting to hear back about colleges. Maya Sunriviere is hopeful for some very competitive schools and if accepted, we know she will make her community proud.”
Maya blushed profusely, completely caught off guard by this call out. Her father looped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a sideways hug as she dipped her head and nodded her appreciation at the acknowledgment.
As the announcements came to a close, Maya stood up and looked for her friends over the bonfire. Her face was still red from being singled out but in the firelight it warmed and spread across her whole face in a swath of joy. Maya felt...good. Very good. As she flicked her eyes up, she had the distinct feeling that was she was being watched. And in one defining moment, her life changed.
Across the fire was a member of Sam Uley’s group. When his line of sight collided with hers, Maya felt her entire body freeze. The world around her grew quiet and slow and she felt like she was back in her dream with the tan wolf. Her heart hammered in her chest as she watched this complete stranger hold her gaze like he’d recognized her before, maybe even in lifetimes before this one. Her lips parted slightly as if she was going to say something, but words escaped her and as the recognition flooded his eyes, Maya felt the same wash over her.
She knew him.
She didn’t know how, and didn’t even know his name, but Maya recognized him. A soul acknowledging another soul. The burning in her belly crawled up through her throat and she could only describe the warmth as something akin to pure joy. Her eyes pulled across his face, naturally trying to memorize this moment as everything seemed to have stopped. She took her time letting her eyes roam around the firm, cut jaw with overgrown stumble, the dark eyes reflecting the flames licking up toward the sky. When she tried to place the look on his face, she recognized several emotions flicker across it at once: shock, recognition, understanding, upset, and then finally, was it relief? And then, his smile. Her eyes darted to the warm grin he flashed at her for just a moment and felt addicted by it. But then, he quickly closed his lips over the smile and took a step back, snapping Maya from her reverie all too soon. Immediately, she craved that contact in his eyes again—she'd never felt something more familiar that filled her with want in her entire life. The feeling was totally new but also curiously familiar as if looking at him that way was the most natural thing she'd ever done. It made sense to want to look at him like that, get closer, reach out with one hand extended toward that hard jaw and—
The cold air pressed in around her and she felt her arm being touched. The sounds were slowly coming back to life and she heard her name a couple of times as if she was coming up from under deep water. She swivelled her head to look to her right: Keye was standing there, her eyes flashing wide in confusion.
“You okay?” she said. Was she okay? Maya couldn’t be sure. When she whipped her head back to look for the man again, he had disappeared. “Maya?” Keye pressed again.
“Dude, your mom’s casserole never disappoints.” Becks said over a plateful. Maya shook her head out a little bit, trying to clear the swimming feeling in her brain.
What just happened? She tried to scan the crowd again for any sign of him or Sam Uley’s group but they were gone. When she looked to her right, she saw Elder Mila sitting serenely on the stump still at the head of the bonfire. She was staring back at Maya with a smile so wide she thought her face might crack in two. As Mila nodded at her, Maya couldn’t help but feel that warmth quickly turn to ice at some unconscious understanding at what had happened. She didn’t know what it was, but it no longer boded well.
“Earth to My!” Keye said snapping fingers in front of her face now, “Jeez, are you alright? I thought I lost you.”
“Sorry,” Maya was finally able to murmur. She felt dizzy. “So weird. I thought I just saw—” But how could she explain what she just experienced to her best friends? They would think she was insane: ‘Hey guys, I think my soul just recognized it’s counterpart and I got to find some weird guy I’ve never met before and tell him… I don’t know...I think we’re soulmates?’ Yeah...totally crazy when she sounded it out in her head.
“Who?” Keye prompted, looking around curiously.
“No one,” Maya said. But that statement had never felt as wrong as it did just now. Not no one, the one.
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since0202 · 3 days ago
Taking Time—One
Summary: Maya Sunriviere was just trying to finish her last semester of high school and get the hell off this reservation. But when a man she barely knows lays some weird archaic claim on her, the tribal council steps in and tells her what her destiny will be. That won’t stop Maya from searching for another way out though.
Timeline: This story take place a few years after the events in Breaking Dawn. 
Pairing: Paul Lahote x Original Quileute Female Character
Warnings (Later chapters): Sexual Content, Sexual Tension/Frustration, Jealousy
Tumblr media
You’re never sure when your life actually starts. One day you just wake up and everything looks different, there’s a shift in the universe, or you feel all brand new but somehow, irritatingly, the exact same. For me, my world began to shift the last weekend of winter break before my last semester as a senior at the Quileute Tribal School. If only I’d have known what chaos was about to unfold, maybe I would have held on tighter to the old instead of rushing toward the new. 
“You’re going to freeze to death!” Rebecca was expertly applying her lip gloss in Maya’s full length mirror when she saw her shimmying on the tightest dark wash jeans she had in her closet. The rips exposed just the right amount of thigh and Maya had paired it with a cropped dark green tank top with thin spaghetti straps. Her long, silky, black hair rippled down to her mid back and her almond shaped milk chocolate eyes were accentuated with just a hint of mascara. 
Maya looked up laughing as she struggled to button her pants. “Chill Becks, I’m gonna wear my sheepskin coat. Plus this is an indoor party, no?” 
“Fashion over warmth, take note!” Keye said from her place on Maya’s bed, sprawled on her stomach and finishing her expert eye shadow. 
“Don’t come crying to me when you’re a popsicle,” Becks turned back to applying her mascara letting her mouth hang open. 
“Oh!” Keye exclaimed as a new song shuffled on her phone. She pressed up the volume to the point where Maya and Becks had to shout over Khalid’s song “Twenty One.” Maya dug in her closet for her trusty pair of brown boots with red laces. 
“Keye!” she shouted, snapping her fingers to get her attention over the music. She posed when she looked over. 
“SHOW ME THE BUTT!” Keye shouted, clapping. Maya laughed and did a little twirl. “Yesss!!” Becks nodded her approval from the mirror having moved on to applying lip gloss. Maya bounded over to her and Becks automatically handed her the wand. Maya had A-class best friends—they were all adept at anticipating each other’s needs, hyping one another up, communicating with just a look, and being there at the drop of a hat. With a quick swipe of the sticky substance across her full, pouted lips, she handed the wand back to Becks who turned to peck her lightly on the lips with an exaggerated “Mwah!” 
Keye dug under Maya’s bed and swiftly pulled out the tall bottle of vodka they had swiped from her dad’s liquor cabinet and flicked the lid off to take a swig. She grimaced and handed it out to Maya who eagerly took it and dunked it back dramatically, taking a larger glug than intended before sputtering and coughing. Keye burst into laughter and Beck’s joined in, grabbing the bottle and taking a small swig, ever the responsible one. 
As Maya ungracefully regained her composure and complained that she was going to need to reapply her lipgloss, her bedroom door swung open, revealing a tall, handsome man in his mid-forties, with long black swinging hair. He was covering his ears and looked annoyed. 
“Can you turn it down? PLEASE?!” he shouted. Keye was quick to push the volume down. Becks had expertly stowed the bottle under her baggy black sweater and was pretending not to notice Maya’s dad’s intrusion. 
“Sorry, dad,” Maya said, still coughing and covering her mouth. “Swallowed wrong.” She answered to his quirked eyebrow. 
“Don’t forget your curfew. Midnight, no later, understood?” He said firmly. Maya nodded agreeably. 
“Yes, midnight, got it! Thank yooou!” she replied in a sing-songy voice. 
“Behave yourselves,” he said as he pulled the door shut behind him. Maya immediately turned on her heel and quickly collided with Becks who’s eyes had gone wide. She fished under her shirt and produced the bottle of vodka and they each took another quick pull. 
“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s gooo!” Keye said as Maya reapplied her lip gloss in the mirror with only one arm through her jacket. And with that, the three inseparable friends tumbled down the wide staircase and out the front door, shouting their goodbye’s to Maya’s parents as they went. The cool night air ushered them in. They could taste the wet promise of snow on the tips of their tongues as they inhaled chilly breaths, their arms threaded into one another’s as they charged down the lamp lit street toward their destination. 
“Do you think Kai will be there?” Keye prompted, pulling the bottle out of Beck’s hands as she took a drink, resulting in a squeal from her. 
“Ugh, I hope not, he’s such a douche. Are he and Sadie Guthrie still going at it?” Maya responded, pushing her breath out in huffs and making ghosts in the frosty air. 
“So they say,” Becks said waggling her eyebrows. Her short black hair was clipped back away from her beautiful round face. Her naturally ruby lips shone with the help of the gloss in the lamp light and her dark green eyes dazzled in the moonlight. Each of the girls was a varying shade of warm brown. Maya had the softest glow, with sunkissed russet skin that always looked like she had walked fresh off a warm beach even under the rainy overcast sky that plagued the rez. Becks was a shade warmer, the color of macadamia nut shell, and her bright vibrant smile was like a magnet whenever she laughed. Keye looked like her mother, with warm honey brown skin and red undertones that pooled warmth into her high cheekbones. Her dark brown eyes were swarmed by thick black lashes that always gave her a heavy lidded look. Her “come hither” eyes she always joked. 
The threesome was a sight and heralded by their classmates as exceptionally beautiful, which translated, naturally, to being well liked. 
“Are you still hung up on him?” Maya chided as she took a swig. The bottle was getting close to half empty. 
“I’m not ‘hung up’ on anything!” she protested. “Just looking for a little eye candy tonight. God, he’s good looking.” 
“Yeah well,” Maya said. 
“Oh pipe down, Virgin Maya,” Becks poked at her side and Maya squealed. “No one at this school is ever good enough, admit it.” 
“I’m admitting nothing. Your girl’s just got high standards is all.” To this, Becks rolled her eyes. 
“Yeah, yeah. Maybe that college dick will suit you better,” she replied. Maya almost choked on the last sip of vodka amidst her laughter. 
“Jesus, Becks!” Keye scolded playfully, “Give the girl a break, she aims high. Too high, but high nonetheless. You know what they say about aiming high?” Maya and Becks looked at her expectantly, “The farther and harder they fall.” 
“High standards, low morals, am I right ladies?” Maya yelled holding the bottle above her as they swayed off down the street together. The whole world opened up before them and they plunged headlong into the night, eager to see what awaited them on the other side. 
The party was at a small house down by the beach. The air coming off the crashing waves nearly choked with cold, but the buzz of activity in the house was inviting and flowing with alcohol to keep everyone warm. 
The girls made their rounds, checking in on some friends and being pulled into all too familiar hugs with some of the boys from school. Maya felt the finality of this evening upon them too quick. This was their last party before their final semester, before the crushing anxiety of college acceptance letters rolling in, the onslaught of finals, the inevitable change of life. 
Maya scanned the room, looking for anything that would catch her interest, but as usual, there wasn’t anyone she was truly interested in. Of course, she was attracted to plenty of the boys at school and a few of them over the years had even tried to take her out on dates, but she always lost interest a few weeks in, feeling that hollow pit in her stomach of something missing. Hilariously, this has earned her the moniker of the Tribal School’s biggest prude. But she always laughed it off—she’d know who she wanted when she saw them, she was sure of it. 
The night progressed while the girls drank the mystery mixture from their red solo cups and danced in the small living room with a throng of kids from school. At one put Keye disappeared and a few songs later, Maya was alerted when Becks squawked with delight and shock, pointing over Maya’s shoulder toward the far wall. Kai Pierce was wrapped around Keye, their lips smashed unceremoniously together when just a few hours ago, he had been similarly wrapped around Sadie Guthrie in the opposite corner. 
Maya, too drunk to feel disdain, barked out a laugh and tried to shout across the booming chorus of the music “Oh Jesus Keye! Com’ere!” But Keye was lost in the sweet forgetfulness of kissing your long time crush. Becks and Maya devolved into giggles, stumbling and splashing their drinks, when a loud crow of noise came from the front door. Two towering boys, one with their arm wrapped around a girl, walked in and let out a holler of joy to announce their presence. 
“Oh...oh my god,” Becks said surprised. Maya looked to her confused, her vision a little shaky now. She couldn’t place the two boys, their faces clearly that of a high school boys but their bodies were tall, hard and the muscular ones of men. It was kind of funny, actually. “Is that….Is that Jeremy Treever and Mica Blackfoot?” 
Maya did a double take. There was no way! Jeremy Treever had had a long time crush on Maya, that she knew very clearly, but when did he become so...enormous? Even by winter break standards, no one could bulk up that fast, let alone shoot up 8 inches. He towered over the heads of some of the others. Her eyes connected with his and he gave her a devilish grin before hollering over everyone’s heads and the thumping music. 
“Maya Sunriviere! Come here!” 
She didn’t really take kindly to being summoned so she dipped her head and took another drink from her cup, swinging her body behind Becks who looked pleasantly alarmed. Jeremy didn’t seem too perturbed and wove his way through the crowd easily. It helped that people kind of stumbled out of the way of his massive frame. 
“Oh god, he’s coming over here,” Maya said mortified to Becks. Becks returned Maya’s sentiment with wide eyes, trying to stifle a smile as Jeremy appeared over Maya’s shoulder. He tapped her on the shoulder and Maya, biting her lip, turned and gave the overly pleasant greeting of a woman taken off guard. “Oh my god! Jeremy, HI!” 
Jeremy chuckled at this, “Hi. What are you drinking?” he pointed to her solo cup. Maya held it up, confused and then squinted her eyes in trying to remember. 
“Mmmmm Quileute kid punch!” she said. “Everything a growing girl needs, you know?” 
“Yeah, let me grab us some more drinks. I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” he said, trying to retreat and solidify his night with her. Before he could get too far though, she shouted a retort.
“You know, metabolic steroids are really bad for you!” she yelled over the music. Was it getting incredibly hot in here? He laughed and Maya was momentarily transfixed by the sight of it. She recognized something familiar in there. Curious.  
“I’m just filling out Maya!” he yelled back over the music, clearly taking note of her interest, “I’ll be right back.” Before she could stop him, he had deftly moved away to the punch bowl. 
“We gotta go!” Maya said frantically. 
“What?! Why?! They’re hot.” Becks said. 
“Keye!” Maya swung around, looking back to the far wall. She was gone. “Keye!” Maya called out again looking around the room. She saw her just by the front door, being pulled by the hand out into the cold night. Maya saw an opportunity and took it. “Let’s go!” she yelled to Becks as she threaded through the crowd, Becks arm gripped firmly in her hand as she stumbled and laughed wheezing, “Jeez Maya! Slow down!” 
“Hey!” Jeremy called across the crowd, holding two cups in his hand and nearly stunned at the brush off. 
“My friend!” Maya called back, ever the polite cover up, “She...I gotta…” she didn’t finish as she snagged her coat from the rack by the door with her finger tips, delicately balanced the cup in her hand and grasping a stumbling Becks with the other. Before Jeremy could open his mouth to protest, they were out the door in the cool night air. “Where the fuck did she go?” Maya breathed. Becks had somewhat regained her feet under her, “Come on.” she said to Becks as she scanned the beach ahead. There were several dark figures milling about. One of them had to be Keye. 
Mostly, Maya was hoping to get out of sight of Jeremy, rather than crash Keye’s chance at getting lucky with Kai. Something had set off in her when Jeremy got near her and she wasn’t entirely sure what that was. Attraction? Couldn’t be, she knew what that felt like, but Jeremy was...different than the other guys thrashing around at the party. And she didn’t just mean his stature. 
She could have sworn that just before they left for winter break, he stood at eye level with her, the pudginess of a young kid still hanging on his bones. But now, he was all muscle-hard and she was pretty sure she saw a tattoo peeking out from under the right sleeve of his black t-shirt. His once long hair was shorn short and the usual round face was cut with hard angular lines that pronounced a spectacular jaw. 
As Maya and Becks made their way down the freezing beach, Maya tugged on her jacket and smooshed her side into Becks’. 
“Jeremy Treever is looking pretty fine, no?” Becks said between chattering teeth. “And who was with Mica? I don’t think I’ve seen her before.” 
“No clue,” Maya said, trying not to give anything away. Becks, ever perceptive, nudged her shoulder into Maya’s.
“Oh come on, he was nearly dripping onto you. That boy is a puddle when he’s around you,” she joked. 
“Not a boy anymore,” Maya was starting to get cold now too. She hated feeling cold and craved the warm summer sun. Her mom had always joked that Maya’s most natural state was lying in the sun, usually clad in as little a bikini top as she was allowed with cuffed jean shorts. “Where the hell did she go?” Keye had the incredible ability to disappear and reappear at a moment's notice. As they trudged down the beach, Maya heard her name bellow out behind her. 
“Hey Maya, wait up!” the ever persistent Jeremy was jogging up the beach toward her. Mica and his girlfriend were further down the beach taking their time. Maya sucked in a breath and tighted her grip on Becks. 
“You’re being dramatic. He’s cute, what’s the problem?!” Becks protested as Jeremy finally caught up with them, “Hey Jeremy. You sure do know where the gym is huh?” 
“Yeah, I had some free time this break.” He said nonchalantly, shrugging. 
“You must be freezing,” Maya said. Jeremy was only wearing a black and some dark jeans. 
“I run hot,” he said, meeting Maya’s gaze with a warm grin. 
“You sure do,” Becks said. Maya jutted her elbow into her side and Becks let out a cry. 
“What’s up?” Maya said, folding her arms across her chest and trying to conserve what little warmth she had left. 
“Uhh,” Jeremy seemed lost for words now that he had her attention, “How was your break?” He put a hand behind his head, scratching it. Maya gave a gentle smile but looked around the beach and replied cheerfully. 
“My break? Uhh, yeah it was good. Ready to knock this semester out and move on.” 
“Oh yeah, for sure,” an awkward silence ensued and Becks was trying her best to hold it together next to Maya. Unfortunately, this was a common occurrence for their group. A lot of the boys in their class and even some lower classmen would try to talk to them sometimes. Maya was the best at it. She was always genuine and kind, and never tried to throw anyone off unless they were being an absolute ass for clout. That was usually easy to spot. Keye was a little more direct and brushed people off easily. Becks typically changed the conversation to something academic or community related and they often lost interest. 
“Listen, uhh,” Jeremy was shifting his weight from foot to foot, his hands now shoved deep in his jean pockets. “I was wondering, I mean once we get back into the swing of things at school if you maybe wanted to...I don’t know, go—” It was about to happen. He was going to ask her on a date. Becks was green next to Maya and as Maya opened her mouth to respond accordingly to the invite she knew was coming, Becks doubled over and vomited on the sand at their feet. 
“Oh fuck!” Maya said, immediately moving to grab Beck’s short hair so it wouldn’t drop into her face. Jeremy had jumped back in alarm but was now seemingly concerned. 
“Jeez is she okay?” he said. 
“Just drunk I think. Becks. BECKS! Blink twice if you’re gonna puke again,” Maya said. Becks gave an ungodly moan of despair and Jeremy looked at Maya in alarm. 
“What does that mean?” He said. 
“It means I need to get her home. Can you find Keye? She’s making out with Kai somewhere,” Maya muttered, not really looking up. Suddenly though, Keye appeared. 
“Good god, Becks, not again.” she said. 
“Not helpful, Keye,” Maya said as they both hoisted Becks up and started off toward Maya’s house again. 
“Impeccable timing Becks,” Maya said somewhat relieved. Behind her, Jeremy shouted “I’ll see you at school!” Becks continued to groan and they carried her away up the dark street stumbling as they went. 
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rat-bastard-fics · 3 days ago
Playing Games
Paul Lahote X OC
Eleanor had been gone from La Push for a few years but upon her return home, she’s excited to see her old friend Paul again.  
Word Count: ~670
Part I. II.
Why would she say pack?
Does she know?
I hold the lollipop stick and suck on the flavor that had so recently been in her mouth.  
I remember her popping the sucker out of her mouth that final time.  The way it dragged down her lip just a little, tinted that pink skin red.  Had I not been so taken by her word choice, I would have had to focus hard on my restraint in order not to kiss her right then and there.
To kiss her.
God how I wanted to kiss her.  The small gasp that escaped her when I steadied myself.  How she broke eye contact to peek at my hand on her leg. How badly I wish I could have read her mind right then and there.  How badly I wish our long-time dynamic could have been more physical just so I might know arc of her back, the taste of her skin, the feeling of her nails--
Her nails
I want her to press them against my scalp forever.  I would be okay with that being the only touch I ever feel again as long as it’s coming from her.
I feel my pants tighten just the tiniest bit and clear my throat, refocusing on the present.  I could think of her all day and still not know why she chose to say pack.
I’m in the house now.  I hardly remember walking here. Pack. I am pacing back and forth enough that I hardly notice the attention I’ve drawn from the guys--from the pack.  
“Paul?” Jared’s voice is distant but I can somewhat hear his concern and confusion.
“Got a sweet tooth?” Embry comments and I pause, ready to defend Elle.  I then realize he means the sucker in my mouth.  Her sucker.  Suddenly Sam chuckles under his breath and my eyes snap to him.
“Paul imprinted.” The room erupts in comments.  
“Just now?”
“Oh I remember her!”
“What’s her name? Kelly? Nell? J-”
“It’s Eleanor.  Elle.” I say it without thinking.  I realize now that I love her name.  I love the way my tongue flicks in my mouth when I say it.  She used to go by Ella but then Bella Swan moved in with Charlie and she took up even a portion of conversation in La Push.  Elle was being compared, then, to a girl she’d never met simply because their names rhymed.  She didn’t dislike Bella at all, she just wanted her own identity.  
I don’t remember remembering her name in such precision until now.
“What was it like?  Imprinting?” It’s Seth. Imprinting hardly matters to me now.  It’s simply something that happened.  I would die for her and that’s a fact, but I no longer remember not feeling so strongly for her.
“She said Pack.” The strangest aspect of the afternoon came to mind. Nobody seems to understand what I’m saying and so I elaborate, now pulling the cleaned sucker stick from my mouth and tossing it in the trash can. “She referred to you guys as my pack.” There’s a discomfort throughout the room.
“Maybe it was a coincidence.  She might not have meant anything by it.” Quil’s voice is passive but anyone looking at him can see the gears turning in his head.
“Maybe it’s a good thing if she knows already.  Less for you to explain!” Seth’s eyes are smiling like always.  
“Maybe it doesn’t matter regardless.” Sam. “If she knows, nobody will believe her.  If she doesn’t, we’re exactly where we’d expect.”
I feel a sharp anger in me at Sam suggesting she ever not be believed--that she ever be considered crazy or anything akin.  But his tone has edged on his alpha voice, the baseline command being ‘get over it.’ 
There’s a few minutes of silence before the room erupts again in unrelated conversation.  I take a moment to linger on the word before sitting down.  My mind swaps focus now--when will I see her again? 
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rat-bastard-fics · 4 days ago
Playing Games
Paul Lahote X OC 
Eleanor had been gone from La Push for a few years but upon her return home, she’s excited to see her old friend Paul again.  
Word Count: ~900
Part: I. II.
I’m sitting on the hood of Paul Lahote’s truck.  We’d always had a dynamic--one similar to cat and mouse.  But then I left to travel with my father.  And now I’m back. And now I’d lie to pick off where I left off--return to mutual teasing and playful flirting with the hothead.  
My back is pressed against his windshield and my legs, clad in black leggings, stretch out before me, one knee bent and the other lay flat.  My shirt is is large, baggie.  I’d wanted to wear something more form-fitting but I wasn’t quite comfortable enough with my body today to do so.  One hand is set behind my head while the other holds the stem to the large red sucker between my lips.  The sun is shining harshly and I would fear the spots that may dance across my vision had I not been wearing sunglasses. 
To my left, I hear a commotion coming from the woods.  I lazily look over, and from the trees emerges a group of young men, all muscularly toned, hair cropped, and tree-trunk thighs clad in jorts.  For a moment, I’m unsure if I’d ever seen these guys before, and then I slowly recognize them, and then I slowly recognize  Paul.  
Paul was definitely hot before, but now, and not to sound too terribly shallow, I wanted to glue myself to the hard curves of his torso.  I miss his long hair, I miss tucking it behind his ear before walking away from him, but seeing his hair cut so short makes me want to rake my nails across his scalp, twist my fingers through whatever short hairs I can catch.  Suddenly my mind is toying with the images of scratch marks on his back, of fingerprint bruises on my thighs, of hot breath and--
As I notice my own being noticed, I look back up towards the sky.  The screen door to the house before me squeaks and slams a few times as heavy footsteps approach me.  
“Get off my truck.” Simple.  To the point.  How very Paul.
I pop my sucker out of my mouth, “Awe, is that how you greet an old friend?” I turn my head to face him, shamelessly getting a closer view behind the protection of my sunglasses.  A grin breaks out across his face and I know he’s realized who I am.
“An old friend? I don’t recall ever calling us friends.” His words are harsh, but his tone is playful.  
“No?” I swiftly turn and slip myself to the driver’s side edge of the hood.  My lower legs dangle off, one on either side of him. “What did you call us?” I pop the sucker back between my lips and lift my sunglasses atop my head like a hairband.  I make direct eye contact with him for the first time today and am surprised at the site before me.  I don’t remember his eyes ever being so heavy.  The deep brown is like mud and quicksand--I am sinking into them and I don’t want to fight it.  His palms lay on the outer sides of my thighs and, while I’m convinced he was steadying himself, I let out a small involuntary gasp as my mind wonders back to those fingerprint bruise I’d thought of so recently. My eyes flash down to his hands and a heat pools in my chest. 
“I have a busy evening, lots to do.” My voice is less confident then I’d like it to be but I look back at him, imitating the way I used to push his hair behind his ear.  I scrape my nails along his scalp and I swear to god he leaned into my touch.  My fingers linger for just a moment before I pat his cheek twice.  “Better get going.” I hop off the hood, ducking under his arm and walking away from the house.  This was strange.  How had everything changed?
“Elle!” Paul calls my name.  I hadn’t heard him say my name in so long.  I don’t remember my stomach turning to pudding as it did right now. I hear maybe two steps and that’s all it takes for him to be standing beside me.  God, had he always been this tall?  I am disgusted with my intensified longing to be dominated. “I can give you a ride.”
This was different.  This wasn’t Paul suggesting we spend alone time together.  This was Paul standing before me like my own trained monkey.  I suddenly knew that, for whatever reason, he would do whatever I’d ask of him at this moment.
I pop the sucker out of my mouth one last time, looking up at him. 
“No, no.  I want to walk--it’s amazing out.  Plus you wouldn’t want to miss--” I try to think of a word to describe the gaggle of boys he’d walked out of the woods with.  Even at the edge of the property, I can hear them hooping and hollering from within the house.  They sounded like cartoon dogs. “Your pack.” I smile a close-mouth smile at the frozen and confused look on his face, bopping the sucker against his nose before placing it in his mouth and walking away.
Every step I took, the less I wanted to take another, and the more I wanted to understand why the hell I was feeling this way.
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incorrectwolfpack · 4 days ago
Paul: look, i take orders from one person—me!
Leah: wow. It’s a wonder you’re still alive.
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elivanah-writes · 4 days ago
As of a few days i have no internet and that at least until Friday.
So i won't be online or post a lot cus my 4g sucks.
But I am working on the next part for happier (Juice Ortiz x reader/mob bucky x reader) and gift of the gods (Paul Lahote x reader).
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teresabilba · 5 days ago
Imagina lobos de crepúsculo
Cómo reaccionan cuando cambias tu foto de pantalla de bloqueo de una de vosotros dos juntos a una de tus famosos favoritos. 
SAM: "Gran elección, nena. Ya sabes, ¡me gustaron mucho en esa película que vimos! ¡¿Noche de cine?!
JARED: "Puede que estén más buenos que yo, pero no pueden ganarme en Fortnite".
PAUL: *cambia su salvapantallas por el de su celebridad favorita* "Dos pueden jugar a ese juego, nena".
JACOB: "Mejor están sin camiseta".
QUIL: "¡De ninguna manera! Ellos también son mi salvapantallas".
EMBRY: *no le importa ni se da cuenta*
SETH: *Intenta actuar como si no le molestara* "Son geniales, supongo... Quiero decir, si te gustan los egoístas, llenos de sí mismos, sin preocuparse por el medio ambiente".
LEAH: "Maldita sea. Están buenos".
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luna-0092 · 5 days ago
Rating M for Language and sexual situations
Triggers None
Bella left Forks. Alice and Edward never came back. Paul left La Push after a fight between him and Jacob. In Phoenix, Paul meets Bella again, only this time, Paul imprints on her. They form a relationship unlike any other. But when Paul get summoned back to La Push, will Bella go with him? Or will they suffer the consequences of her not going? And what will Jake think of them now?
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✨Masterlist ✨
Finally figured out how to make a masterlist!! Never thought I’d write enough to have one but here we are ❤️ Twilight only for now. Requests are still open!
Tumblr media
Emily’s Cousin
Period Pains
Car Accident - Part 2
It’s Always Been You
I’m Pregnant
Twenty-nine Days
I Don’t - Part 2
Be Careful
Tumblr media
Nothing Could Compare
I’ll Wait For You
Tumblr media
How To Reject An Imprint
Tumblr media
He’s Not A People Person
Tumblr media
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