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witchyangela · 5 minutes ago
WIP ask game
Making this cos it looks fun and also I never ever finish writing fics...
RULES: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it! And then tag as many people as you have WIPs.
So for example I’ve got!
Wolf pack fic (Quembry edition)
Nessie goes feral
Long ass Volturi fic
Sad Jacob hours
Paul / Jake hostility time
And Imma tag people who I know write @teamjacobthot @loveworns @bellaslilpapercut @the-most-pathetic-edge-marquis @fuckmeyer
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i-yuri · 24 minutes ago
the whole honeymoon montage in breaking dawn pt. 1 is so funny bella is just horny and edward won't let it happen
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* Wild, bursts through the door *
Twilight: What happened??
Wild: Before I say anything no one died
Twilight: What kind of answer is that?!
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nevilleslongbottomwp · 58 minutes ago
i've started a soft catherine cullen one-shot today so hopefully i'll finish it and maybe have it posted later. if not today then tomorrow! this one-shot will introduce esther 'este' platt into the petals for armor series and i'm super excited about that!! and yes it's heavily based off the song no body, no crime ( but make it gay )
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i-yuri · an hour ago
asking catherine hardwicke to remake the other twilight movies like dc fans asked for the snyder cut
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witchyangela · an hour ago
Jake x Bella at prom moodboard
Can his hair be kept long to
Posted now ml!! Dw I would never allow short hair! Jake into my Moodboards 💕
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witchyangela · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Bella and Jake + Prom Moodboard for anon!
They mainly get lowkey dressed up so Charlie and Billy can take a million photos.. even tho Jake wouldn’t wear a tie unless you paid him.. They ditch after about ten minutes and go hang out at the beach instead! But they much prefer that!!
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zzinvolterra · an hour ago
Any thoughts about Aro killing Didyme?
Well, I guess I’ve accepted it.
But, I fought it for a looong time, mostly because it seemed like an afterthought.  Aro’s little sororicide first popped up in Life and Death, which was published about seven years after Breaking Dawn.  There was (and correct me if I’m wrong) no previous mention of it.
It struck me as a bit sus.
Because surely, there would have been something about it?  The Volturi know nothing, or at least, it doesn’t come up in the chat with Eleazar in BD.  Carlisle knows nothing about it. (Or maybe he’s actually fine with his old BFF committing sororicide.  Unlikely.)
More damningly, Edward never mentions it.  Despite knowing how Edward’s gift works, Aro is apparently terrible at hiding his thoughts.  Seriously, in both NM and BD, Edward’s able to read his thoughts quite easily, and then proceeds to reach the worst possible assumption.  We get growls and muttered comments from him in response to every stray wondering.
And yet?  Absolutely nothing about Didyme, even while Aro is reading Marcus’ mind.  (That guy has one thing on his mind, and it’s not tacos.)
So yeah, canon... but a little sus.
(This line of thought was partly inspired by this great post by @panlight)
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bellaslilpapercut · 2 hours ago
This post was quite long but I wanted to chime in and say @troquantary I agree with you! I do think most of smeyers character fit the bill for NPCs. Many NPCs have backstories and personalities but what truly makes a book character feel like an NPC is a lack of a character arc. I also fully agree RE: smeyer's writing abilities. She struggles with many technical aspects of writing. There is something to be said for coming up with a world that is consistent and a story that is compelling but that alone doesn't make someone a good writer. But her actual writing ability it's not good, to put it simply. @reasoningwithvampires is dedicated to breaking down the technical elements of the series piece by piece. Grammar, syntax, brevity, and pacing are all things I would expect a good writer to have a grasp on. Meyer doesn't.
I'm also gonna link this post by @panlight that does a great job of explaining why all the character backstories feel like add-ons and after thoughts rather than integral characterizations within the main series.
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twilitty · 2 hours ago
Hey everybody!
I’ve had a few people ask to be added to my taglist for my Jacob/Bella fic that I’ll be posting very soon. If you haven’t tuned in to my constant rambling about it you can get the general gist of it from here and here. 
I’ll be posting it on tumblr, ao3, and ffnet. Buttt, I will be posting on tumblr early (so if you want on my taglist you’ll read it a day before everybody else). 
I’ll be posting on a schedule, roughly one chapter every week and a half (chapters are of fair length, 3k-6k words each). If you want to be added to my taglist let me know either in a private message or in the comments :))
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rebeccamcullen · 2 hours ago
I will forever love Jacob as a character
But despise Taylor Lautner
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hirokosoul · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Well, for me it's probably Sirius Black, Daenerys Targaryen or Ned Stark(i couldn't watch the show for many months after that)
I know this isn't a tag game or something, but i'm curious so which movie death took your heart forever? @themugshotexperience31 @errruvande @elvish-sky @aduialel @lady-latte @thewhiteladyofrohan @eowynsprincess (no pressure ofc)
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incorrectwolfpack · 2 hours ago
Embry: you're beautiful
Quil: I thought only I needed glasses
Embry: bITCH-
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ladynephthyss · 2 hours ago
so i’m thinking about rewriting twilight. would y’all read it?
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bisexualemmettcullen · 3 hours ago
uh ok so i don't necessarily ship jessica and bella BUT i was listening to Sports by Beach Bunny and its kinda perfect
If you feel lonely
I could be lonely with you
Tell me baby
Why do you seem so blue?
Bella coming to forks for the first time and being obviously unhappy, and jessica trying to cheer her up
I'm tired of waitin' I was never good at sports
Save the games for the girls on the tennis court
Volleyball scene, where they make eye contact and sneak off to go ~make out~. Bella obviously the one not good at sports...
It always feels like
I need more
Jesus Christ you're so confusing
Jess trying to figure bella out when she starts doing the adrenaline seeking stuff when edward is gone, admitting to herself that she's in love with bella
ANYWAY if someone who is actually talented and can do edits and stuff wants to take this on... i wouldn't be mad about it
(as long as you credit me for inspo)
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bisexualemmettcullen · 3 hours ago
when you tell someone you like twilight and they find out youre not even ashamed of it
Tumblr media
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