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weasleydream · 3 hours ago
dreams are my reality - part 4
Tumblr media
~ show me your new way of loving ~
“We’ll be only six, why am I so anxious?”
Lily giggled softly and her hand brushed my hair. 
“Only six and in your living-room Y/N, don’t worry, it will all be okay.” 
I nodded weakly and looked away from the chair where the dress I would slip in in less than two hours was resting. Never would I have imagined the thought of marrying Sirius would make me so sick in my stomach, yet at the moment I wanted nothing more than to throw up. Lily was doing her best to help me calm down, and after having watered me with tisanes between two yoga poses, she had run out of ideas. She was now kneeling in front of me, her hands on my knees and her green eyes deep in mine. 
“Tell me what’s in your mind. Why are you so scared?” When I didn’t respond, she switched her position into a more comfortable one and looked up again to me. “Y/N, you love Sirius and he loves you - difficult to ignore when the only name he’s known for years is yours.” She stopped, as if she was waiting for me to laugh. That didn’t happen. “Anyways, I get it that life hasn’t been easy on us, but you have your chance to be happy. I don’t get what’s so scary,” she added in a soft tone. She wasn’t judging me, just genuinely keen to understand why what had made me so happy was suddenly the most terrifying thing that could happen to me. 
“I just- I’m persuaded that something will happen. I feel it in my guts Lily; I have this bad feeling that when my happiness will be at its peak, it will all vanish and… and I’ll be left alone.” I closed my eyes to keep my tears from falling, and a second later the warm feeling of Lily’s hand on mine brought a bit of balm to my heart.
“Oh Y/N, I promise you that it won’t happen, we’ll protect you from whatever the next step is. Do you hear me? You’re safe, you can open your eyes now.”
The soft voice cracked and I obliged. Lily was at the door and turned to me with a bright smile and no sign of sadness. 
“I have to get ready, I’ll come back to you just after to help you. Does that seem right?”
“Actually Lils… Could you ask Sirius to come here please?”
“Sirius?” she repeated with a reproachful pout. “The future husband shouldn’t see his future wife before the wedding, that’s the tradition. You wouldn’t break the tradition, would you?” she added with narrowed eyes. 
Far from being intimidated - in fact, it had been four or five years since Lily had last scared me with this face, I shrugged. 
“Marrying Sirius in my living-room with one of your beach dresses isn’t tradition either. This is everything but tradition. So is asking James to marry us and-”
“Yes, I get the point.” Lily sighed and opened the door. “I’ll get Sirius.” 
She closed the door behind her with another exaggerated sigh and I found myself alone. The room was familiar, hearing the boys’ voices from the other side of the house was familiar, but the tension that was on the verge of snapping in me was all but familiar. It wasn’t the same as every single day since the night in the muggle village, it wasn’t the same as just before that fateful event, it was as if I was terrified and ecstatic at the same time. As if whatever was going to happen - because I had the deep feeling that the wedding wasn’t the cause of my apprehension - was both the thing I was dreading the most and the one I craved more than anything. 
Soft knocks on the door made me jump, and I waited silently. It wasn’t in Sirius’ habits to wait for an answer after he had knocked on the door: usually he would just barge in, assuming that no one had anything to hide from him. However, this time, the door didn’t open until I cleared my throat and said he could come in. 
“Lily said you were in a strange mood, even for a future bride.” Sirius sat next to me, his arm wrapped immediately around my shoulders and his mouth found its way to my hair. “Tell me what’s wrong, love. Does it have something to do with the voices thing?”
“No, it’s not that. Or… maybe it is? I don’t know…” I sighed and from the corner of my eyes, I saw Sirius’ worried expression. Knowing him, he was probably imagining the worst things possible, maybe even considering the fact that I could have gone mental. “It’s just that I have this sensation that things are going to change and it scares me. I know it’s what happens with weddings but-”
“But it’s not what you fear.” When I looked up to Sirius, surprised, I realized he wasn’t thinking I was crazy. No, far from that. What I was reading in his eyes wasn’t just concern, it was also comprehension. Somehow, Sirius had the same apprehensions as I had. “I know what it feels like, Y/N. Something is going to break and we won’t be able to fix it. It’s terrifying, isn’t it?”
“I didn’t think it was the same for you…” I murmured, and Sirius shrugged. 
“You were anxious enough, didn’t need me to add to your worries. But if it can ease your mind, I’ve talked about it with James, and he assured me everything would go like clockwork. These friends we have out there are here for us, love, and don’t you ever think they’ll let you get in trouble without being at your side. They love being the firsts in line too much for that.” I chuckled and Sirius’ smile widened. “Mission accomplished,” he murmured before lightly laying a kiss on my forehead. 
_ _ _ 
An hour later, Sirius had cleared out after Lily’s threats. “I am going to save the few traditions left in this ceremony. Sirius, you better not show up here or I swear you’ll regret it. Get it?” was all it had taken for him to leave with a knot in the stomach. Then Lily had helped me with the dress laces and with whatever a bride had to do in her opinion. She was clearly more enthusiastic than me at the moment, and I suspected her to bring enough joy in the room for the both of us. Maybe she was hoping that her happiness would somehow jump in my head if she laughed loud enough, or maybe she was truly overjoyed and enjoying the moment so much that my uneasiness remained unseen for her. It was without counting on her natural perspicacity, though. 
“I’ve heard that if you force yourself to smile, you’ll eventually get happier.” she said as she was sitting next to me. “You know you can talk to me, right? Is there anything you want to tell me?” I shook my head and looked up, trying to gather enough of anything that would make my dull mood vanish. “Oh my god, Y/N are you-”
“No Lils, I’m not pregnant.”
“Oh, yes, of course, just wanted to make sure.”
Her brainless tone made me laugh, which was obviously her goal. That was part of why Lily was such a good friend: she was ready to remind me of her flirting days with James and the cliché tone she used every time he was in the same room as her even though she knew how much I adored teasing her about it. 
Suddenly, someone knocked at the door and a head appeared. It was Peter and he smiled brightly at us. 
“He’s ready too. It’s time!”
Lily grabbed my hand and we both followed Peter through the corridor. The living room’s door was half opened and the voices of Sirius, Remus, little Harry and James were barely muffled. They were joking about something like how sweaty a werewolf could get. Peter explained to me why when he looked at me and noticed my nervousness.
“Maybe he’s playing it cool, but Sirius is as stressed as you are. He was sweating so much that he and James had to exchange shirts. James is quite disgusted but he doesn’t want you to drown when you’ll kiss.”
“Couldn’t he just enchant the shirt?” muttered Lily, and Peter shrugged as if we shouldn’t be surprised before sneaking in the living-room by the door. 
A second later, a little silhouette appeared and Harry gave me his hand. He was so elegant in his jeans and white shirt that I almost squealed. Lily was literally melting next to me. 
“Oh my little baby!” she exclaimed. “You are so handsome, my big boy!”
Then she hugged me tightly and left, leaving me alone with her son. Even though very young, Harry was taking his task to heart: he was straight and had his head high when he pushed the door. 
A lot of young girls imagine their wedding with a dress worthy of a princess, in an elegant castle, with flowers everywhere and feeric lights, and my wedding couldn’t be more different, it couldn’t be better. The sofa had disappeared and so had the coffee table and pretty much everything that was once in the living-room; and instead of our furniture, there was a red carpet underneath my feet, an ark of flowers and balloons in front of me and a table where fruit juices and food were flowing together at my left. There were also a few lanterns above our heads and the soft light they were diffusing flooded the room with golden light. 
Lily, Remus and Peter were on the right side of the room. They were glowing; their gazes were proud and loving and that reminded me of the day Lily and James had married. The latter was just underneath the ark, and his discomfort due to the shirt incident, if it had really existed, seemed far behind him. His smile was so large that we could have feared it hurt, and the way he was glancing at Sirius was the same as a proud big brother. 
As for Sirius, I had seen him so many times in so many states, yet it had never been during our own wedding and I was feeling like it was both the first and the hundredth time I fell in love with him. He was beaming, his eyes were sparkling and his hands already extended toward me; when Harry and I reached him and after the little boy had let go of me, his fingers slipped slowly between mine and he suddenly pulled me toward him. His lips crashed on mine and through the loud beating of my heart, I barely heard James’ whistles and Peter’s applauses. 
“My dear friends, you all know why we’re here so I’m just going to go straight to the point, even though I must say we’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. Anyway,” James said quickly as Lily threw him an inquisitive look, “We are gathered around you today to witness your love and to remind ourselves of the most embarrassing stories we know about Sirius after the party. Y/N, is there something you want to say?”
“I- yes, I… Well, Sirius, I just love you so much, I’m not sure anything I could say would be strong enough to make you understand how- how vital is your presence in my life. I just- I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always love you and my heart will only be complete if you are with me-”
My voice broke and Sirius’ hands immediately cupped my face.
“I know, love, I know. I love you so much too, so so much…” 
A quiet sniffle coming from behind Sirius caught my attention; it was James who wiped a tear away quickly before asking Sirius if he had anything to say with a slightly shaking voice. Sirius’ loving eyes were looking right into me, and he murmured: 
“No, she already knows everything. Hurry up Prongs, marry us, would you?”
And it was with an enormous smile that James pronounced the few words that changed everything while Harry brought us two very simple rings. With a wave of his wand, several dozens of silver and golden stars appeared around us, bathing our freshly married couple in a feeric light. The click of Remus’ camera didn’t even startle me as it used to, I was too focused on Sirius’ heartbeat as he was embracing me tightly. Our friends applauded and congratulated us with joyous laughters, and someone summoned a torrent of rose petals. Lily jumped on me and hugged me tightly, excitedly squealing that we would finally be able to compare our rings and our lives as wifes. 
“Now let’s start what we were all truly waiting for,” said James with a smirk after the euphoria of the moment had calmed down. “The party!”
_ _ _ 
It was several hours after the beginning of the party, more than a good dozen for sure. It was true to every party we had ever thrown, the Marauders, Lily and I: simple, without any fuss, with a good atmosphere, just a bunch of friends celebrating good news. There had been games, songs and dances and above all a lot of laughter, especially when Remus and James had shared a sensual slow on the most rocking song of this muggle group Lily had advised us. Harry had stayed with us until he had fallen asleep on his butt in the middle of a tickling fight with Sirius, and once James had brought him back to his bed, the after party had begun. 
I had sworn myself I would stay reasonable with the firewhiskey, but I hadn’t been able to restrain myself. Not because I loved alcohol too much, which was more Sirius’ case than mine, but because it was easier this way. Because no matter how happy I was, how hard I tried not to think about what was eating me up, I couldn’t forget that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was like an insufferable itch out of your league, and the whiskey was like that tool you use to reach your back. Unfortunately, I was used to drinking and it didn’t have that much influence on me. That left me in a quite melancholic mood in the middle of my wedding party, and it was all but fun. 
The only thing that eased my uneasiness a bit was that Sirius, even though he hid it better than me, seemed to be in the same state of mind. Every time our eyes met, the look he sent me seemed to mean “I know, me too.” It was truly a strange feeling, to be deeply convinced that something irreversible would happen and being unable to know what or to stop it. It seemed impossible that James and Lily, who were sharing a dance, or Remus who was taking photos and Peter in deep conversation with Sirius could ignore it. 
When only Sirius and I could stay on our feet, we collectively decided that the party was over and it was time for us to go to sleep. James and Lily supported each other until they reached the guest room where Harry was sleeping, and Remus and Peter were starting to rearrange the sofa when my husband and I left to our own room. 
It almost felt like the tension was natural. Sirius took his shirt off, I put on my favourite nightgown and we slipped underneath the covers. His arm found its way around my waist and he pulled me against his torso. His chin was resting above my head and his breath tickled me when he whispered he loved me. He said it several times, all more loving than the precedent, and I was so focused on the words themselves that I forgot to say it back. I only realized my mistake when my eyes closed, and I murmured I loved him too, hoping in my clouded mind that it was intelligible enough for him to know I would always love him. 
_ _ _ 
If I was being completely honest, opening my eyes the following morning surprised me a lot. However, this bubble of relief exploded when I realized three things: Sirius was not next to me in the bed, this bed was not in my room, and I wasn’t alone. 
To be continued...
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lvlofpanic · 3 hours ago
Red Mugs | R.L
Remus Lupin X Wife!Reader
Summary: Her last breath was devoted to saving her husbands best friend who also happened to be her brother, memories of the past begin to fill her brothers mind.
“ Sirius! “ It was the last word that fell off her lips before a flash of green hit her from Bellatrix, ultimately saving Sirius’ life.
This girl was no hero, no superwomen, no stranger. She was a wife, a sister, and a daughter. Y/n Lupin, formally known as Y/n Black, the middle child of the black family. Disowned by her mother in her fifth year and seeker refuge with her close friend Remus. Being a Black daughter and sorted into Gryffindor wasn’t easy. Being a Black daughter, in general, isn’t easy. The one thing she took pride in? She was close with both her brothers till the very end.
He was in danger, and all she saw was red. Remus, her husband who had grieved for Sirius after learning he had betrayed the Potters and was kept in Azkaban. After extended evaluation and a multitude of arguments, Y/n proved that Sirius was innocent to her husband. It wasn’t enough to prove him innocent to the Ministry. Despite being Remus’ wife, she knew that Sirius meant more to him than she could ever imagine.
It wasn’t just Remus Y/n was thinking of. It was Harry, Harry Potter. The godson of Sirius Black and Y/n Black. But all Harry saw was Professor Lupin, teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and his wife. Never Uncle Remus or Aunt Y/n, the titles they always wanted to hear.
Sirius watched as his little sister took the spell and fell back into the vail. He watched his little sister die by their cousin's hand. Remus had to grab Sirius by the neck in order from running after Bellatrix, which Harry did anyways. Tears streamed down the eldest Black brother's cheeks. He’d lost his youngest sibling when he was just twenty. Now he lost his last sibling at the age of thirty-seven. He was too young to have witnessed this many deaths.
Remus wanted to sob, wanted to cry for his now dead wife, but he couldn’t. Not right now. Sirius needed him before he had time to grieve. So when it was time, they apparated back to Grimmauld Place, where Sirius fell onto the couch. The man sat with his elbows on his knees, his palms holding his head up facing the fireplace. The same fireplace they used to make hot cocoa and joke around while their parents were out.
“ Sirius! Regulus! Come on! “ The thirteen-year-old girl called, making both her brothers run down the steps.
“ Here. One for you. “ She handed a cup to Sirius, “ And one for you. “ Y/n stated, smiling, giving another cup to Regulus.
They all sat around the fireplace with hot cocoa in their hands, “ I’m scared. “ Regulus admitted.
“ Scared? Why? “ Sirius inquired after taking a sip of his hot beverage, “ Mum keeps hurting you guys. I don’t want you to leave. “ Regulus confessed.
Both older siblings hugged either side of him, “ If we ever leave, you’re coming with us. “ Sirius stated, “ We’ll never leave you, Reggie. “ Y/n added.
Eventually, their cups got cold as they joked around together, feeling like kids for the first time in years. But every good night comes to an end. Sirius and Y/n had their arms wrapped around Regulus. The trio had fallen asleep. When Walburga and Orion returned home, Orion immediately went upstairs, assuming all his kids had fallen asleep. Walburga had seen them huddled up in the living room together and smiled fondly. Deciding that she’d pretend she never saw it.
A hand on his back snapped him from his flashback, “ Don’t blame this on yourself. “ The man had just lost his wife, yet his voice was so steady, “ How can I not? She died saving my sorry arse. “ Sirius retorted.
“ She died saving her brother. The same brother that would’ve done the same for her. “ Remus replied, and Sirius sighed, “ She shouldn’t have. She had a life to live. “
“ And you don’t? “ Remus queried with an eyebrow raised, “ She could’ve had a life with you, Moony! “ Sirius exclaimed.
The man chuckled bitterly, “ Y/n talked about it all the time how you and her planned to have a child one day, how she waited for me to leave Azkaban so I could be in the child’s life. How she wanted to find a place with you in London instead of staying here. “
“ I don’t have a wife. I never had a lover to care about, to come home to. She did. “ Sirius stated as tears filled his vision, “ Her life had more things in it than mine ever will. “
Remus had to swallow back the tears after hearing about these plans his wife talked about, “ Y/n lived the best life she could’ve ever had. “
“ How could you know? “ Sirius snapped, and Remus chuckled, “ Because she told me. “
“ Every morning, she told me how living through the days was a blessing. She used to say to me that if she died tomorrow that she wouldn’t have changed a thing. That she lived her life to its fullest. “ Remus explained, “ Y/n didn’t die with regrets or guilt. She was content. “
Sirius twisted a ring on his finger, “ This ring. “ He began, “ When we were kids, she used to steal things. “
“ Like my jumpers? “ Remus interjected jokingly, “ Yeah. “ Sirius laughed.
“ But she- she always nicked something from the shelf at a store, and one day she nicked this costly ring. Probably worth about three galleons, and she gave it to me for my fifteenth birthday just before I had left for the Potters and gotten disowned. “ He informed, twisting the ring off his finger and holding it out to the male beside him, “ I think you should take it. “
“ What? “ Remus was gobsmacked, “ Take it. “ Sirius insisted.
The male shook his head, “ No. Trust me. I have plenty of other things of hers. “
“ Do you have the Black photo books? “ Sirius questioned, “ I believe they’re in her study somewhere. “ Remus answered.
“ Do you- Do you think we could take a trip there after the war? “ Sirius questioned, and Remus nodded, “ Of course. “
The raven-haired male stared at the fireplace a little longer. Maybe if he stared long enough, the old memory of falling asleep with his siblings would come true. Now it even felt like he could see the coffee mugs on the table. The same red coffee mugs she had again, stolen from a store.
Sirius stood up and walked into the kitchen. Inside the cabinet laid three red mugs. The very same red mugs from those nights. She had placed them into the cupboard after starting to live here with her brother and husband. Sirius took two of them down and began making hot chocolate. After moments of making the beverage from memory, he walked back into the main room, where Remus had slight tears falling down his cheeks.
Swallowing thickly, he repeated her words, “ Here one for you. “
Remus took the cup gratefully and began drinking; soon enough, he realized it was her exact recipe. Taking a look at Sirius, who looked strangely nostalgic while drinking hot chocolate from a red mug. The trails of tears on either of their faces weren’t mistaken.
“ Red mugs. “ Sirius began, “ The only red in the house other than my bedroom. “
“ She nicked them from a market and hid them in her bedroom. On nights where both of our parents were out, she made me and Reggie hot cocoa. We used to sit on the floor in front of the sofa, talking until we fell asleep. “ He concluded, “ Full moons. “ Remus began.
He chuckled, “ Every night after a full moon, I was greeted with a red mug full of hot cocoa. It seemed to be the only thing distracting me while she cleaned my wounds. “
“ It didn’t matter if it was boiling hot outside. She always made hot cocoa for me, and it was always in a red mug, but I never understood why until now. “ Remus finished.
Sirius grabbed Remus’s hand and held it tight, “ One day, she’ll greet us with hot cocoa in a red mug again. We just have to wait. “
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zzzfour · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sirius Black Masterlist
Fluff= ✩ Smut= ☾ Angst= ♡
God I Wish That You Had Thought This Through
Based off of Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo ♡
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maraudersmap123 · 9 hours ago
Best Friends - James Potter
summery - James Potters best friend from childhood realises she loves him. requested by anon "Can you write a friends to lovers james potter fic? I loved regret and the way you want, i seriously cant get enough of your james fics"
warning - none i don't think, this hasn't been edited yet so read with caution.
word count - 5,656
Tumblr media
James Potter had been nothing short of heartbroken when he found out at eleven years old that his lifelong best friend wasn't to be joining him at Hogwarts in September but instead was going to school somewhere in France, which would have been fine had it not been miles away from where he would be. He forgot about his heartbreak however when he got to Hogwarts and met his three best friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew along side who he was sure was the love of his life, Lily Evans.
He got to spend time with his childhood best friend during every holiday that he didn't stay at Hogwarts. But these meetings were always short lived and therefore after awhile their friendship wasn't as strong as it had been in earlier years. The letters went from daily, to weekly, to monthly, then eventually to nearly nothing at all.
However when they met again each Christmas and summer at the old tree house that was in the forest behind their neighbouring houses it was as though they had never been apart at all.
This summer was slightly different as one of James' school friends had joined him. He was called Sirius Black and y/n being from a respectable pure blood family recognised the name immediately and was rather apprehensive of the tall brunette boy but quickly learned to like him, realising he was nothing like the other Black family members she had met.
On top of this she needed to tell James something. She was waiting until the end of summer to tell him, hoping for a moment alone with him to break the news.
This moment came when the group of three had climbed the hill across from their town and gotten to the top in less than half an hour. Sirius had decided he was going to head home earlier than the other two, claiming that he needed to pack for Hogwarts because he didn't want to leave it last minute like he did the year before.
When the two had been left alone they collapsed onto the ground, laying next to one another on the grass, staring up at the sky which was starting to grow darker. It wasn't as warm as it had been a few weeks ago as September quickly approached however it was far from cold, a light breeze dusting over them.
She made a small sound of complaint at the feeling of the harsh ground under her head and he quickly lifted his arm, she leaned her head against his shoulder and looked up at him, meeting his eye and smiling.
"It's been a good summer" Said the girl quietly, looking back up at the sky, stars starting to reveal themselves after hours of hiding.
"One of the best" James quickly agreed, playing with her fingers which were sat right beside his.
"Sirius is great. I'm really happy you have him, he seems like a great friend" She told him and he grinned at the news that she liked him. He had worried before they met that they wouldn't get on because had that been the case he'd have no idea what to do.
"I'm glad you like him, I was worried you wouldn't get on. Next summer i'll try and have the other boys over so you can meet them. You'd love them too, especially Remus. You and Remus would make great friends you are so similar" James said excitedly.
Y/n decided this would be the perfect time to tell him. If he was so excited for her to meet his friends then surely he would be happy about what she has to tell him
"About that, I have something I need to tell you" She began and he frowned, looking down at her through his eyelashes.
"Is everything okay?" He asked her, his hand slipping from hers to her upper arm
"It's better than okay" She assured him "with everything going on with that dark wizards mum and dad want me closer to home in case something happens and they need me back. They don't feel comfortable with me still going to Beauxbatons anymore" Before she could finish her sentence he sat up quickly, her following suit.
"If you're away to tell me-" He started excitedly, trailing off as she smiled at him
"I'll be joining you on Monday" she confirmed and he jumped up. pulling her up with him and spinning her around.
"You're coming to Hogwarts!" he yelled and she laughed at his excitement "this is the best news ever" He started running down the hill towards Sirius, who was just a little dot at the bottom walking in the opposite direction.
"Padfoot wait up, you'll never believe it" She heard him yell after the boy who finally stopped walking and turned towards him. Y/n sat back down, looking over the small village in Devon and pulled her knees to her chest. For the first time since she has began school she was actually excited for summer to end.
James had been right about her forming a friendship with Remus. They were very very similar people and had hit it off as soon as she had entered the compartment on the train alongside James and Sirius and once again when she sat down at the Gryffindor table after the sorting. When she was sorted into Gryffindor James has cheered the loudest, followed closely by Sirius.
However something that James hadn’t accounted for was the friendships she would make with her roommates, who happened to be Lily, Marlene and Alice. Y/n knew who Lily was and when she found out they were to be roommates she had worried that the red head would hate her due to her friendship with James. However that didn’t happen, the two girls got on very well and became quick friends.
One Friday afternoon, y/n found herself walking along the corridor with Lily, making their way back to the common room after their final class of the week ended. She had been at Hogwarts for 3 months and had had more fun than she did in 5 years in France.
“How long have you and James been friends” Lily asked her curiously as they passed a group of Hufflepuffs who smiled at them.
Smiling back she told her that they had been friends since they were born pretty much and had been inseparable until they turned 11 and went to different school.
“He really likes you, you know” Y/n told the ginger girl beside her to which all she received was a scoff. “I’m serious Lils, he talked about you all the time before i came here. In fact he still does”
“He doesn’t really he just thinks he does” Lily responded. 
“You and I are very similar. I think he came here and missed you so he deflected his feelings onto someone who reminded him of you. That person just so happened to be me” Lily grinned to which Y/n’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe Lily really thought something so far fetched. Y/n went to reply when she hard footsteps quickly approaching them from behind and an arm was wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her into someones side
“Look who it is, my favourite girls” James said, looking down at his best friend who he was much taller than, having had a massive growth spurt only last year, and squeezing her shoulder. Remus appeared at the other side of Lily and the pair shared a look as they observed the two in front of them. Y/n caught this interaction after she smiled back at James and it occurred to her then that Lily wasn't the only one who thought James felt something more for her. 
She felt a funny feeling in her tummy at both the feeling of him close to her and knowing what some of their friends thought. She had never felt anything like that before. 
Y/n and James had both gone home during the Christmas holidays, this time without Sirius. He had decided to stay at school to keep Marlene company as she was to be staying. When they got home they never seen each other for a few days, having been busy visiting other family members and just doing holiday things. When they did next see each other it was relatively late on Christmas eve and James had climbed into her bedroom window.
“James why can't you just use the door” She laughed as he tumbled in, falling onto her bed. She was sat at her desk, writing out her last few Christmas cards before she would send them, along side the presents she had bought, with her owl to her old bauxbatons friend.
“I need your opinion on something” He told her, ignoring her question. She hummed in acknowledgement, encouraging him to carry on. 
“Well you’re a girl” He began apprehensively
“I’m glad you’ve noticed” She said back in a slightly impatient manner, turning to look at the boy sat on her bed with raised eyebrows only now noticing the two bottles in his hand.
“Which do you recon Lily would like best” She felt a sharp pain in her chest when she heard the question and cringed at herself for feeling at all jealous. 
“How would I know, me and lily aren’t the same person you know” she answered, reaching out and taking the bottles that he handed her.
“You’d might as well be” he answered, watching her as she smelled the first bottle. She took notice of the fact that he did acknowledge that his best friend of 16 years was remarkably similar to that of who he claimed was the love of his life. She doubted James had ever had any feelings for her like lily said, however she found a part of herself wishing he did. For she had realised when Lily had told her what she thought about James’ feelings that she was actually the one who had the hidden crush. 
She assumed that it had started because he had become part of her everyday life again, and having him around her so much had just sparked something she hadn’t experienced with him during their short periods of time together during holidays where the end of their time was always in the near future.
She realised she had zoned out when the boy sat on her bed cleared his throat and when she finally looked at him he had furrowed his eyebrows and was looking at her in concern.
“What’s wrong” He asked her
“Nothing, just tired” He seemed to accept the answer with little hesitation and nodded back to the two bottles in her hands that she had now smelt. She cleared her throat awkwardly and handed them both back to him
“I’d say the second one, she already has one very similar to the first and she rarely uses it” She told him, turning back to the small stack of Christmas cards on her desk and beginning to put them into their envelopes.
She could feel James’ stare bore into her back and she straightened up in her chair slightly, feeling awkward.
She considered for a moment telling James that she had accepted a date to hogsmade on the first weekend back but decided not to, having a bad feeling that he wouldn’t take the news well. Knowing he would find out eventually she decided to handle the situation in another way.
"I've been thinking, now that I'm friends with lily I could try and talk to her about going on a date with you" Giving her owl the last package and giving it a small treat she opening the window to let the bird out and opted to watching it fly away rather than looking back to James.
"You're kidding" He exclaimed. She forced herself to laugh at his excitement, pretending it never hurt at all. She was the one to propose the idea.
"Not one bit, She is coming over for a movie night tomorrow and I'll talk to her about it then. I can be very persuasive when I want to be"
"If I ever take you for granted again y/n just remind me of this moment" He told her, jumping up from her bed and giving her a quick hug before he climbed back through her window and into her back garden.
"Merry Christmas James" She yelled after him, when she checked her watch and realised it was 12:03.
"Merry Christmas Y/n" He yelled back before disappearing behind the trees that separated their gardens.
The holidays had come and gone and the snow that blanketed the grounds of Hogwarts started to melt, indicating the beginning of spring and the approach of the first hogmades weekend of the year. Lily had agreed to go out with James after lots of explaining and begging. James of course had been ecstatic about the news and didn't seem to care about what it had taken or why his best friend had done so much to make it happen, too busy in his bubble of happiness to care.
"I still think you should tell him y/n" Lily mumbled as they walked towards their table at the back of the library. All of the girls knew about her date and has done nothing but attempt to persuade her to tell James for over a week now.
"You know what he's like Lils, he's why too protective to be happy about it. or even mutual for that matter" She responded for what felt like the hundredth time.
"And you still haven't stopped to think about why he's so protective" lily questioned with a smirk.
"Oh don't start. He views me as a sister, it's not that serious. its just how we are"
"Just how you are my arse. He loves you and deep down you know it. I don't get why you can't just accept it and go on a date with him yourself instead of forcing me to do so" The red head complained, finally reaching their seats and taking out their work.
"It's just not like that, honestly" She couldn't think of anything worse than admitting her feelings so anyone out loud.
The more she thought about telling Lily or Remus the more she realised it was simply a terrible idea. Remus would undoubtedly tell James which would swiftly end their friendship and she couldn't help but think that deep down Lily did have feelings for James, and that the news of her friends feelings would cause a drift in their friendship.
"Whatever you say" Lily replied with a laugh "Anyway what are you wearing for your date with Abbot"
It took little effort to sneak out of the castle without James or any of his friends seeing her and her date Henry Abbot. Henry was a Hufflepuff that she shared a few classes with, when he had asked her out she has been ecstatic and agreed instantly. But now most of that excitement was gone and the feeling of stress and guilt about going behind her friends back took over.
By the time they had made it to Hogwarts the pair had already discussed most of what they had in common, which was very little, but they carried on as thought it hadn't started to grow awkward and he acted like he hadn't noticed her looking over her shoulder constantly.
"Why don't we head to the three broomsticks, hopefully it will be a bit warmer than it is out here" He smiled down at her and y/n nodded with a polite smile.
"That sounds great" As they made their way to the crooked stone building at the corner of town they fell into a somewhat comfortable silence and she let herself look around more, raising her eyebrows in surprise when he slipped her hand into his.
Just to her luck it was at this moment that she spotted James, who it seemed had seen her long along. Lily was stood beside him trying to act was though she was enjoying herself and James looked as though he had seen red. She could see now that her plan to distract James to the point of not caring that she had a date would not work and she also realised that her date with Henry was not in any way going to diminish her feelings for James.
"You fancy him" Came a voice from beside her that caught her of guard though she quickly realised it was Henry who had a rather amused look on his face
"I don't know what you're talking about" She mumbled as she pulled her eyes away from James and pulled her date towards the three broomsticks.
"Potter, you fancy him" He repeated with a laugh. "It's fine, I'm not offended"
"I do not fancy James" She told him firmly.
"There's nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to most girls at this school at some point or another. they either fall for Potter or Black" He told her grinning and she just rolled her eyes and laughed.
"He's my best friend, and lily is a good friend of mine also" She responded "As soon as she realises his feelings for her they will be happy together"
"My friends don't think he actually likes her you know" He told her as they entered the three broomsticks at last, the feeling of his James trailing after her finally lifting. "What would you like"
"A butter beer please" She answered with a small smile and he nodded, telling her to go find a table and he'd be right over
She left his side and looked around her, finding a table in the back under a window. Making her way over to it she slipped onto one of the rather uncomfortable seats and waited for Henry to return.
"What are you doing" She heard the familiar voice of James asking as he sat down on the seat in front of her without waiting for an invitation.
"I should be asking you that question" She answered sarcastically, look up at him with narrowed eyes before look back to the bar to see what was taking Henry so long, only to find he was being somewhat harassed by Sirius.
"Well you're obviously on a date, I was more asking why you never told me" He bit back, pulling her attention back to him.
"What do you want James, you're not my father. And where's Lily" She said calmly, thought feeling anything but. All she had wanted was to be left alone for an afternoon and get to know someone knew, but apparently that was too much to ask when it came to James.
"I want you to tell your date that it didn't work out and that you'd best be going" He told her to which she laughed "And Lily is waiting outside"
"Why would I do that, it is working out and I don't want to leave. You have a date with the girl of your dreams and you're leaving her outside on her own to pester me about something that is none of your business" She told, having lost her patience and growing tired of his behaviour.
"The dates just not what I expected is all" He responded with an agitated expression.
"Well that's not my fault, Maybe now you can move on and find someone who actually wants you" Y/n snapped, not thinking about her words or how they could hurt him.
At long last Henry had managed to get away from Sirius and stood in front of the table with raised eyebrows, two butter beers in his hand.
"Everything alright mate" He asked James who looked up at him with a face of disgust. Sirius quickly appeared behind Henry and shot Y/n an apologetic look.
"Maybe we should leave Prongs. Lily is probably getting bored out there" Sirius told James to which he got an eye roll in response.
"I don't care mate" For some reason James' response had Y/n more angry at the boy than she had ever been before.
"Why do you always do this James, why can't you let me be happy" She mumbled, standing up and grabbing Henrys hand. "Talk to me when you decide you are going to act your age and stop being such an arsehole" At that she left the pub with Henrys hand firmly held in her. On their way out they seen Lily sat on the wall across from the pub and she gave a sorry smile when she spotted the pair
"I'm sorry Y/n, I tried to stop him" She said quickly and Y/n just shook her head
"It's not your fault Lily, I'll see you back at the castle" She smiled as she made her way to the exit of Hogsmade.
"It seems my friends where right about his feelings then" Henry joked as they made their way back in silence to the castle
"Maybe they were" She agreed with a small laugh "I'm sorry it went so badly at the end, I've had a good day"
"It's been good, though I do think we are better of as friends. You are clearly very involve with Mr Jealousy and if i'm not wrong he's most definitely in love with you" Henry said with a chuckle, causing Y/ns head to drop in guilt.
"Ok you're right but he doesn't love me back, he's to busy loving Lily" She mumbled and he shook his head quickly
"He left her outside a pub in the Scottish highlands march weather to come and persuade you not to date me, a boy he doesn't even know so doesn't have any grudge against. You can't really think he actually loves her. And she certainly doesn't love him"
James hadn't talked to Y/n since the incident at the three broom sticks and she certainly didn't opposed the silence she got from him. She was annoyed at him for trying to ruin what could have been a successful date and for treating lily the way he did even though the red head had assured her many times that she didn't care and had only agreed to the date for her sake anyway, not because she fancied him.
James on the other hand had no idea why he was as annoyed at he was and neither did hid friends. He hadn't the right to be annoyed at her for going on a date with another boy because they were just friends. It didn't take his friends long to catch on to what the issue actually was and that he did in fact fancy her. Him no longer pursuing Lily was just the cherry on top that confirmed their assumptions.
"Maybe you should talk to him" Lily urged as they sat at a table in the common room with Marlene and Alice, a pile of books and parchment sat in front of them each as exams came closer and the work load got heavier
"No" Y/n mumbled as she scribbled down the last few sentences of one of her paragraphs in her potions essay which was due the next day.
"Come on, it's been over a month. I get you're both mad at one another, god knows what he's so mad over, but regardless it's time you talked about it" Marlene said, grabbing the scroll from her hand. Earning an eyeball and a glare.
"I agree with them y/n, it's gone on way too long. It's getting weird to be honest"
"If he wants to talk he can find me, he's the one hiding from me not the other way around" As if on cue the portrait swung open and in walked the marauders.
At the sight of the girls sat at the table Remus and Sirius made a B line towards them, being trailed awkwardly by James and Peter, an out of place position for the confident James Potter.
"What you up to ladies" Sirius asked as he perched himself on the arm of the sofa that was sat in front of the desk they were occupying.
"Studying Sirius, and if you had any sense you would be too. Exams are in almost a month" Y/n responded, grabbing her quill back from lily and carrying on with her essay, not looking at James once.
"Woah, what's with the hostile tone" He joked "Maybe we will join you" He carried on, a loud groan coming from the 4 girls.
"So much enthusiasm" He laughed but was cut off by James.
"I'm going to head to bed actually, very tired" He said and Y/n finally let herself look at him, finding him to already have his eyes firmly trained on her.
"Alright mate, we'll see you later" Remus responded after a few seconds of silent and James finally looked away, turning away from them and disappearing up the stairs.
"Will you please talk to him. He's way to stubborn to talk to you first but he knows he's in the wrong, trust me he talks about it and you every second of everyday" Remus begged and Y/n just scoffed and continued on yet again with her essay, at this rate she'd never finish it she thought.
"Y/n please, he's been a real mess. He's gotten so moody I'm struggling to live with him honestly" Sirius added
"Always the drama queen Sirius, always a drama queen" Lily joked "Anyway we've been telling her to talk to him for weeks, she just won't listen"
"What's the worst that could happen" Peter added for the first time.
She thought about it for a second and realised there really wasn't anything to loose. They would become friends again at some point because they always did find their way back to one another so what was really the point in ignoring him. If Sirius was being true and he did know he was wrong what good was she doing dragging it out?
"Fine" She finally agreed drawing a gasp from lily.
"Really, gosh I didn't think that would work" Marlene expressed her surprise.
"I can't promise we make up, If he doesn't stop being an arse he's getting the silent treatment for another month at least, and I mean it" Making her way up the boys stairs, ignoring the laughter that erupted at the table from her parting statement she tried to walk as slowly as she could, cursing Hogwarts for giving them a dorm so close to the entry.
She stood outside their dorm room and contemplated what she was going to say, but gave up after a few minuets realising that no matter how much she planned she never ended up saying what she had planned to say.
She knocked once before slowly opening the door, stepping in and closing it behind her. She quickly spied James who was lay face forward on his bed, his back facing her. She waited a second before saying anything and even considered leaving though knew he already knew someone had entered the room.
"James, I think we need to talk" At the sound if her voice his head had shot up and he had scuffled into a sitting position, staring at her as though she had returned from the dead.
"Ye" Was all he managed as she made her way over and sat down beside him on his bed.
'I don't want us to be fallen out anymore. You're my best friend and I don't like things as much without you. Not to mention I really don't like seeing you in the way I do right now" She rambled and he grinned half-heartedly down at her.
"Well its sorted then, we're fine" He confirmed and she was about to agree when she decided she would push the cause of the argument a little more to find out what he was thinking.
"Why didn't you like the date with Lily, James?" She asked quietly, knowing it was possibly a sensitive subject.
"It just wasn't what I expected was all" He told her simply and she nodded slightly.
"What did you expect then" She asked, leaning back against the bed frame, watching him as he fiddled with his hands.
"I dunno, I just expected it to be different" He said bluntly "I guess I expected it to be with her like it is with you, but it wasn't" he admitted guiltily, she mumbled a quiet 'oh' in response and looked away from him quickly.
Though she too had grown suspicious of his behaviour towards her she hadn't expected him to ever admit anything out loud, especially not to her.
"Were you jealous of Henry" James had scoffed quite quickly when he heard his name and Y/n simply rolled her eyes at his response "Don't be a dick about it James, he's a nice boy"
"He's an arsehole is what he is" he snarked back.
"Says the boy who interrupted my date and publicly argued with me over something that was none of his business" She responded quickly, his sigh was proof enough to her that he did know that he was wrong.
"I'm sorry" He told her softly.
"Ye I know"
"I love you" She smiled at him and leaned into his arms gently, hugging him.
"I know" she repeated.
"No I mean I love you, like how I thought I loved Lily" He mumbled against her shoulder. He felt her stiffen slightly against him and sighed at the response, taking the dragging silence as a rejection. she pulled away eventually placing her hands on either side of his jaw.
"You mean it" She whispered and he nodded.
A smile broke out on her face as she wasted no time in leaning in and finally pushing her lips against his after what felt like years of waiting. He quickly responded by moving his hand up to her face, hers falling down to his shoulder. He didn't mean to do it but before he could control himself he started laughing. She pulled away from him, looking at him with raised eyebrows.
"Really James" She asked, his laughter growing louder.
"How on earth did it take us this long to realise" He asked her after calming down.
"Speak for yourself I realised after my first month at this school, Lily and Remus pointed it out about you first but I didn't believe them" He raised his eyebrows at this
"They what" He asked.
"They said that you actually love me and and that you projected your feelings for me onto Lily in first year because you couldn't have me anymore" She told him and he laughed loudly once again.
"You know what, I think they might actually have been onto something" He mumbled before leaning in once again and kissing her.
5 Years Later
Y/n had always known that weddings were stressful. Being a Bridesmaid at Lilys wedding only further showed her this fact. After graduating Hogwarts there had been a war that seemed for awhile never ending. But it had ended and with it brought many weddings. James assumed that the burst in weddings was people trying to distract themselves from the horrors they faced in the aftermath of the war but Y/n believed it to be a lot more romantic than that.
She believed that so many were marrying because they knew that the only thing that beats hatred is love, and after surviving a time filled with so much hate what better way to celebrate than to do so with love. It made perfect sense to her because it had been the reason she had said yes to James when he had asked the question only two months ago.
The wedding had started to die down slightly, and after wishing farewells too a few of her high school acquaintances, including Henry Abbot who attended with his pregnant girlfriend and their two year old son.
It was here that she realises she hadn't seen James in awhile and she decided she would look for him. the wedding had been held in James and Y/ns town, Lilys now husband having been a friend of theirs who they had introduced to Lily in the summer after 6th year.
As she exited the large tent in the middle of the field she spied the silhouette of her fiancé up on the middle that looked over the village, the hill that she had told him she was be coming to Hogwarts atop of all those years ago. She started to make her way up the hill towards him and when he finally spotted her he smiled down waiting patiently for her to reach him.
"What are you doing up here love" She asked him as she made her way over to sit beside him on the grass, looking out ahead of them at their childhood homes in the distance, the houses that neither family occupied any longer.
"Just needed some air" he told her gently, reaching out and wrapping his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into his side.
"You're the best thing that ever happened to me Y/n L/n, and it all started in this little town" he said and she tilted her chin to look up at him, smiling brightly at the glimmer in his eye.
"You're the best thing that ever happened to me as well James Potter" she returned and he just chuckled, leaning down and kissing her forehead.
"We should get married here too. The forest behind our old house has that clearing in the middle, It's big enough and would work I think" he expressed and she raised to her knees and connected her lips to his, earning a quiet groan from him
"It sounds perfect James, absolutely perfect" she whispered into his mouth, his hand gripping at her waist as he admired her and the life he had managed to make with her.
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once-upon-an-imagine · 9 hours ago
Family Portrait - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine
A/N: ahhh :D this just happened! I’m trying to get back to my old pace but so far I think it’s been pretty good :D hope you lovelies like it!
Request: so, this was requested by the lovely play-morezeppelin, but they also requested Wolves and so, when I posted that one, I stupidly erased this request by mistake xD so I don’t have the actual request but I do remember it was Black!reader who is the youngest of the Black siblings and Sirius was always very protective of her until he leaves her behind with his family so.. I tried my best! hope you like it, love :)
Warnings: bullying, reader is injured, mentions of abuse
Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :) gif isn’t mine
Family Portrait
Never knowing what love could be, you'll see I don't want love to destroy me like it has done my family
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin was the first one to notice. He couldn’t help it. Sirius was his best friend, of course, but so was (Y/N). Ever since the youngest of the Black siblings started Hogwarts, Remus and James had been as protective of her as her oldest brother had been. But everything changed after Christmas break. Remus knew why. He knew why Sirius had appeared at James’ house. He knew why he couldn’t go back to his house. And while everyone was extremely worried about him, he was more worried about his little sister. Why? Because she looked terrified. Remus noticed it. Remus noticed how Sirius was no longer even acknowledging his sister’s presence. He noticed how Regulus wasn’t either. He noticed how her light was shut down. Sirius wasn’t speaking to her and apparently, neither were the rest of the Marauders. He had caught her looking their way a few times but as soon as he locked eyes with her, she would look away. He knew she was hurting and he found it extremely unfair that they had to choose a side. Whatever happened that night, Remus was certain that (Y/N) had done nothing to Sirius for him to be behaving this way.
“Moony?” James snapped him out of his thoughts.
“Y-yes?” he asked, pretending to be paying full attention.
“Stop it, mate” he whispered back, making sure that Sirius still wasn’t coming in.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about-”
“You know exactly what I am talking about” James cut him off before eyeing where the lonely Slytherin sat. “Drop it-”
“I can’t Prongs” he admitted. “Look at her” he widened his eyes.
James turned to look at (Y/N) and felt his heart aching. She was like a little sister to him and it broke his heart to push her away. But he knew they didn’t have a choice.
“I know, mate” he sighed. “But there’s nothing we can do-”
“Yes, there is, James! (Y/N) is our friend too!”
“I know that, mate! But Padfoot needs us right now! We are the only family he has!”
“I know that, but that shouldn’t mean that we have to turn our backs on (Y/N)-”
“I know, Moony! But if Sirius finds out-”
“If Sirius finds out what?” Sirius asked, appearing out of nowhere and sitting in front of his two best friends, with Peter next to him.
“Nothing” they both said at the same time. “Just that... uh” James continued. “Marlene has a boyfriend” he quickly covered up.
Sirius arched an eyebrow at his friends as if they were crazy. “Why would I care if Marlene has a boyfriend? We haven’t been together for months” he said, casually.
“Exactly” Remus said. “That’s what I was telling Prongs, that... you wouldn’t mind” he laughed nervously. Sirius looked at them weird, but decided to let it go.
“Alright” he said, going back to his breakfast. James threw a warning look at his werewolf friend before they did the same.
The rest of their meal was pretty much uneventful, with James elbowing Remus every time he stared too long. After they were all done, they got up and started making their way towards the Great Lake, but Remus stood behind.
“Um, I’ll catch up with you. I... forgot my book” he said quickly. Sirius and Peter shrugged it off and resumed their way but James glared at him.
“I’m just getting my book, Prongs” he insisted.
“Fine” James sighed. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you” he said, before following the other two. Remus debated for about a second, before he saw (Y/N) walking towards the library.
“(Y/N)!” he called after her. His heart ached when he saw her jump, scared, and looked around before facing him.
“R-Remus?” she said, still making sure nobody was looking at them. “Y-you shouldn’t be speaking to me-”
“(Y/N)” he said, softly. He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards an empty hallway. “(Y/N), I’m worried about you-”
“Worried?” she said, trying her best to smile at him. “There’s no need to be worried, Rem” she said, before correcting herself. “Rem-us” she said. “I’m just a bit stressed about exams is all-”
“(Y/N), look at me” he said in a soft but demanding tone. “Please, love” he whispered. (Y/N) closed her eyes, making a few tears escaping her eyes, but she quickly composed herself and made eye contact with him for the first time since what felt like forever.  Remus felt his heart breaking when he saw how exhausted and terrified the look in her eyes was. “(Y/N)-”
“I’m fine” she said, with a trembling voice.
“(Y/N), please talk to me” he begged, holding her hand in his and bringing her closer to him. He tried to place his hand on her cheek, but she flinched away from him, making hie heart break even more.
“I c-can’t” she said, looking away. “Y-you’re Siri’s friend” she muttered.
“I’m also your friend, (Y/N)-”
“N-no!” she snapped. “You’re Sirius’ friend” she repeated. “He needs you right now” she said as more tears escaped her eyes but she tried to wipe them away. “You shouldn’t be speaking to me” she said, pulling away from him.
“Please take care of him” she said, looking back at him one last time before he could say anything else as she ran away from him.
In the following weeks, Remus kept a closer look at (Y/N). She was always alone. She was jumpy. She seemed terrified of everything and everyone.
“I am telling you! Something is wrong, Prongs!” Remus insisted as they roamed the empty halls at night, going to get food from the Kitchens underneath his invisibility cloak.  
“It is not our problem, Moony-”
“How can you say that?” he snapped. “(Y/N) is like our little sister and she needs our help, Prongs!”
“Remus, I doubt that she-” James stopped talking when she heard a very familiar voice on the other side of the hallway. Him and Remus started walking towards it and noticed the two youngest Black siblings arguing.
“Reggie, I c-can’t do it” (Y/N) said sobbing harder.
"I know, (Y/N). But I swear I will take care of you. I won’t let anything happen to you” he promised.
“You don’t know that!”
“You have no choice, (Y/N)! Are you going to be like him-?”
“Him? You won’t even say his name now?”
“Mother and father said-”
“They’re not even here, Reggie! They’re not even doing this! They’re sending us to do it! Is not fair! I don’t want to!”
“(Y/N), if you don’t, I won’t be able to protect you, you know that right? Look what they did to you! They think you’re like him and  I can’t let you get hurt-”
“I can’t do it, Reggie!” they heard her yell at his brother. There was silence for a moment and then Regulus spoke again.
“Then I can’t help you, (Y/N)!” he snapped before they heard his steps fading away.
“Reggie!” (Y/N) tried to call him back before she broke down. “REGULUS!”
The two of them saw (Y/N) sitting on the floor and bringing her knees to her chest , crying harder. James turned to look at Remus who had his very familiar ‘I-told-you-so’ look and sighed.
“Ugh, bloody hell!” he muttered, rolling his eyes. “Fine! But when we get caught, I’m blaming you!” he said, before stepping out of the cloak. “(Y/N)!”
The crying girl jumped, startled at the new voice next to her. “J-James?”
“(Y/N)” James said worriedly, when he got closer with his wand illuminated and saw her clearly. He felt his blood boiling when he saw the bruises she had and her bleeding arm. “(Y/N), who the fuck did this to you?” he said, kneeling down as Remus approached them. “Was it Regulus-?”
“No!” she assured them quickly. “Regulus w-would never-” she said, trying to calm herself from crying. “Y-you two shouldn’t-”
“You’re coming with us” Remus said, kneeling down on her other side and tried to help her up.
“N-no!” she said, trying to scoot away from them. “Y-ou shouldn’t be s-speaking to me-”
“Too late, (Y/N)” James told her. “You’re coming with us” James said as him and Remus gently pulled her up.
“B-but Sirius-”
“He’s in detention” they replied at the same time. “Let’s go!”
The walk towards the Gryffindor Tower was in complete silence. (Y/N) knew that no matter what she said they wouldn’t let her go back to her house, so she just followed them in silence. At some point, Remus’ hand found hers. She wasn’t sure exactly why but it was probably the first time since they came back from break, she didn’t feel truly alone. When they arrived at the boys’ dorm, Peter was the only one there.
“Hey, mates did you get-” he stopped, widening his eyes when he saw the third person entering with them. “(Y/N)?”
“Wormtail, guard the door. Make sure Padfoot isn’t coming” James instructed.
Peter simply nodded and walked out of the dorm. Remus led (Y/N) over to his bed and she sat down as James went over to get what they needed to help with her injuries. When he came back, the two boys stood in front of her, arms crossed.
“W-what?” she asked, confused.
“What happened?” James asked, making her sigh and look down.
“(Y/N)” Remus said, kneeling down in front of her. “What happened? We only want to help you, love” he insisted, looking at her with his big green eyes. She knew she couldn’t say no to him. “What happened after Sirius left your home-”
“Is not my home” she muttered sadly, as James mimicked Remus’ actions, kneeling next to him. “It’s a house” she continued. “But is not a home” she said, looking at them. “Not after Siri left” she said, with tears streaming down her face once more. “He got into a fight with my parents” she continued. “Like they always did. But this time, something felt different. I knew it wasn’t going to end well” she said, taking a deep breath. “I’m guessing he already told you what happened?” she asked and the two boys nodded. “After Sirius left... everything got worse” she said looking away. “M-my parents wouldn’t even let us say his name out loud” she explained. “They said he was the greatest disappointment to our family and they told Regulus and I that... we needed to prove our loyalty to the Black family” she explained. “Or we would end up like him” she said, with another tear falling down her cheek.
“(Y/N)” Remus said, fearing the worst. “D-did you and Regulus join-?”
“I didn’t” she insisted, lifting her sleeve and revealing the word ‘Blood-traitor’ where the mark should be. “That’s why they gave me this” she muttered. “But... Regulus did” she said.
“He what?”
The three of them froze a little when they heard that voice. They turned around to look at the door where Sirius stood with Peter behind him.
“I’m sorry” Peter said. “I couldn’t stall him any longer-”
“What did you say?” Sirius said, making his way to his sister and pushing his friends aside. “Why is she here?” he asked, glaring at them.
“Pads, calm down-”
“I was just leaving” she said, getting up.
“You’re not going anywhere!” Sirius said, blocking her way. “What happened to you?”
“That’s none of your business-”
“YES, IT IS! It is my business (Y/N)! I am your big brother-”
“Oh, now you want to act like a big brother?!”
“No! Don’t (Y/N) me!” she snapped back at him. “You left!” she said, disgusted. “You left us!” she said with angry tears forming in her eyes. She could see Sirius’ eyes were welling up as well.
“I had to” he said, stepping closer to her but she took a step back.
“Had to?” she asked with a bitter laugh. “You had to?”
“(Y/N) I didn’t mean to-”
“Mean to what, Sirius? Save yourself and leave us behind?”
“I didn’t leave you behind-”
“Yes, you did, Sirius! You did! You left-”
“You saw what father was doing! I had to get out of there-”
“Oh, because you’re the only one he’s ever done that to?” she yelled all of the sudden, making Sirius’ heart drop.  
“N-no” he said, not wanting to believe it. His father was not a nice man and everyone knew that. But he never dared do anything to (Y/N). “He wouldn’t-”
“Wouldn’t he? Wouldn’t mother?” she said, angrily. “How do you think I got this?” she said, taking off her sweater and revealing bruises on her upper arms. “See this is what you get now when we mention your name” she informed him. “And this” she said lifting her shirt a bit to reveal scars on the side of her stomach. “This is what you get when we stand up for you” she said, making the tears fall from Sirius’ eyes. “And then, when we came back here, thinking we were going to see you and maybe you could help us because... it’s you” she said. “And you acted as if we didn’t exist! And you made sure that Remus and James and Peter wouldn’t talk to us-”
“That’s because I knew what mother would do if she found out you were talking to me-”
“Well, she did it anyways, Sirius!” she raised her voice at him. “And she made us choose” she continued. “And guess what Reggie chose?”
“I’m sorry” Sirius whispered, trying to get closer to her again.
“I should leave” she muttered, looking down.
“You’re not going anywhere until I fix your wound” Remus frowned at her.
“I’m fine-”
“You’re not going anywhere until Remus fixes your wound!” Sirius said in a demanding tone. (Y/N) rolled her eyes a little and sighed.
“Fine” she muttered. “But only because I like Remus” she glared at her brother. “And James and Peter” she added quickly.
After about twenty minutes, Remus was done cleaning (Y/N)’s wound. Before she could say anything else, James beat her to it.
“We’re going to go get the food” he said, eyeing Peter and Remus who nodded quickly. “Let you two talk” he said, before they left the dorm.
“I’m leaving-”
“No, you’re not” Sirius said, blocking her way. “Who did this to you?” he said, grabbing her arm.
“Does it matter-?”
“Of course it matters, (Y/N)!” he said, trying not to raise his voice at her again. “(Y/N), I’m sorry” he insisted. “I never meant to leave you or Regulus-”
“Then why didn’t you take us with you?” she cried, making eye contact with him and Sirius could see she was fighting back more tears. “They got worse, Siri” she sobbed. “I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to join them-”
“You don’t have to” Sirius assured her. “I promise you don’t have to, (Y/N)! I am so sorry I left you, I thought I was doing what was best for you. You know I love you and I would never leave you or Regulus if I had known” he begged. “But I promise, I will get you out of there and I will protect you. I won’t let anything happen to you” he swore.
“What about Reggie?”
Sirius sighed, sitting on his bed and running his hands through his hair. “I don’t know” he admitted as (Y/N) sat next to him. “We’ll figure something out” he assured her. “I promise” he told her as she placed her head on his shoulder and he kissed the side of her head. “Who did that to your arm?”
“Doesn’t matter-”
“(Y/N)! I am not going to ask you again” he insisted and she sighed.
“M-Malfoy” she muttered, as she looked down. “He said he always knew that Reggie was the only smart one out of us and that I shouldn’t be in Slytherin because I’m just like you” she told him.
“I’m going to murder him” Sirius said, feeling his blood boiling.
“You won’t” she insisted. “Malfoy’s always been a prick” she said. “And besides, saying that I am just like you might be one of the best compliments anyone’s said to me” she said, making him chuckle.
“You’re going to be alright, munchkin” he said, kissing her head.
“Stop calling me that!” she rolled her eyes, although deep down she was happy to hear his nickname for her again.
“Oh, and don’t think we’re not going to talk about Moony!”
“What about Remus?” she frowned, looking at him.
“Don’t play dumb with me, (Y/N)” he laughed. “’Fine, but only because I like Remus’” he said with his best impression of (Y/N) and mocking her actions as well.
“I do not talk like that!” she glared at him.
“I love you. You know that, right?” Sirius asked and she nodded.
“I love you too, Siri” she said, kissing his cheek.
 The End
A/N: I hope you dearies like it :D I hope to have more imagines coming up this week xD or next week :) let me know what you think
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zzzfour · 10 hours ago
God I Wish That You Had Thought This Through Sirius Black x Reader
A/N: hi hello i haven’t posted any fanfiction in years and this is the first time i’ve posted any on tumblr so plz ik it’s short and bad but if someone wants a part 2💪😩
Summary: Sirius Black x Reader, based on Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo.
Warnings: angst, mentions of cheating, Sirius being an asshole <3
Tumblr media
“Sirius please i just want you stay for a little while. please?” You pleaded with him with big eyes hoping just this once he’d cancel his plans with her for you instead of the other way around.
“Y/N you know I can’t i’ve got plans, we’ve been over this.” he sighed while shoveling his paper and books into his satchel.
You hated how he dismissed your want to be with him like it didn’t matter, he hadn’t been available much lately after he and Marlene decided they liked helping Professor Sprout with extra Herboligy care. You mumbled from your position at the foot of the bed, “Keeping your plans never seems to matter when they have to do with me.”
He hardly stopped at this just scoffed “You know that’s not true.” He spoke as he finished packing up his belongings.
“Why do you have to make everything a fight.”
You tried, really, you know him and Marlene weren’t just friends even if nothing had happened it wasn’t something to just be brushed under a rug.
You hated the idea of confronting him about it, you wanted him, you liked that you had him that he loved you. And so you kept quiet. “You’re right i’m sorry.”
Sirius gave you one last look knowing what he was about to go do, knowing what he did hurt you. He wanted to scream at you, wanted you to know he was doing it for you. Of course Marlene was attractive and funny but he loved you he wanted you to care that he was with her. He felt guilty knowing he was hurting you but a small part of him wanted the attention knowing he could do anything and you wouldn’t leave.
As he walked through the door you lowered your head to your hands. You wished it were different, that he’d stay.
Once again the two of you sat quietly in his dorm. You knew you needed to say something if you wanted to make it work, still you were anxious. what if you were wrong? What if he wasn’t lying and it was all in your head?
Still you spoke, “Sirius?”
It had been a week since your ‘fight’ you’ve tiptoed around the subject the past couple of days hoping he’d say something first but still nothing. “Yes love?” he said, hardly paying you any mind.
“Are you and Marlene just friends.” Your words came out fast, barley above a whisper.
Sirius sighed he looked almost relieved, “Y/N, Your paranoid of course we’re just friends. I love you, no one else.” He moved closer to you gently taking the side of your face with his hand, “Promise.”
As you looked him in the eyes you knew he was lying, you knew Sirius. He fidgeted his other hand with the hem of his sleeve. You knew what you had to do but it killed you to do it.
“Sirius please don’t lie to me.” your eyes started to sting as you looked at him.
“Y/N I-.“ He breathed out, this couldn’t be fixed, he knew that.
You pushed a sob down before quietly grabbing your bag and heading to the door. When you looked back Sirius had tears on his face his eyes pleading with you to stay.
you gave him one last look before shutting the door.
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anordinarymuse · 12 hours ago
omg gem reader just being heckin comforted by the marauders—after a hard/exhausting day she just collapses in the bed and they’re worried at first but eventually they get her to explain and they all get cozy together and someone is petting her head gently and UGH
Poly!Marauders x Fem!Reader
Summary : request
Warnings : bf/gf roles (bf!marauders + gf!reader); angsty maybe (?); crying; fluffy tho; unedited
Word Count : 590
A/N : i always feel bad not including peter (only bc i love dane dehaan) but it's awk when it's smutty so he's not part of the crew rip
the masterlist.
request here.
You could feel the tears forming in your eyes as you try your hardest to steady your breath. You run from Slughorn's classroom to your boyfriend's room, barely being able to contain your self inducted disappointment.
When you enter your boyfriend's room you toss your satchel and books aside, collapsing onto Remus' bed. The smell of fresh parchment is nice, but not enough to calm you.
You lay face down waiting for you boyfriend's to enter the room, but they don't. So you proceed to crumble and cry into Remus' red pillowcase's and cover. You throw pillows and change positions in bed sporadically not being able to contain your frustration.
Just as your about to grab your wand and cast muffliato so you can scream out your anger, your three boyfriend's enter the room, laughing and cracking jokes. You feel like decking all three of them at once.
James is the first to recognize you on Remus' bed and he quickly takes your torso, helping you sit up straight. Sirius and Remus quickly follow, sitting beside you with worried expression.
You cover your face, not wanting them to see your tear stained cheeks and red eyes. You drop your head onto you knees that are tucked in close to your stomach.
"Y/N, what's happened?" James asks softly, stroking your hair. You know he means well but you shake him off and proceed to cry even harder.
"We won't understand if you don't tell us, bubs," Sirius says gently, moving to your empty side and wrapping his arms around your waist.
When you look up from your looking down at your knees, you wipe your eyes and nose. Remus is tucked underneath James, his head laying on your stomach and he looks up at you with a worried look.
"C'mon, Y/N, you can tell us," Remus whispers, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.
Shaking in James and Sirius' arms, you take a deep breath, choking on your inhale before you manage to speak coherent words.
"Slug-Slughorn called me after class, and- and he said that I failed yesterday's exam-" you choke again and wipe your eyes, your sleeves were damp and tears were falling on Remus' cheek which made you feel twice as miserable. Remus doesn't react and lets them fall. "And then he said- he said that- that if I fail another exam...I have to retake the class next year."
You let your head fall back onto your knees, embarrassed and crestfallen. Your three boyfriend's were extremely smart. Sure, Sirius didn't get top marks, but that's only because he didn't try. You try, you try so hard, but you just couldn't get the hang of it, especially potions.
"Why didn't you just tells us? We could've helped you, bubs," James says, expressing a confused look. When you turn your head to your side, you see that his glasses slip a bit, and when he pushes them back up, he doesn't let his gaze leave yours.
"I-" you sniffle, wiping your tears again as you look back up, "I was embarrassed."
"Don't be embarrassed, love. You can tell us anything, m'ka?" Sirius grins, giving you a light squeeze.
"M'ka," you look down to see Remus with a comforting grin, that makes you crack a smile, against your own will, but you let yourself indulge.
"Now, next exam we'll be prepared," James says in his scholarly tone, giving you a quick peck on your head before jumping up and rampaging through all his and Remus' lesson books.
taglist : @marimorena06 @missryerye @agirlwholovescoffee @nicole198205 @blackpinkdolan @siriuspvdfoot @hufflepuffflowers-blog @thatguppienamedbae @peachykeen3502 @youngblood199456 @oranee @silly-little-bl0g @bobbyjohnsonbeat @jasgreen101 @will-to-live-who @bellatrixscurls @krishavania @wh0re4blaise @thegirlwhocriedlupin @mrsaliciamalfoy @wwweasleystan @modernvellichor @westantheweasleys @lolaperezb @zaraskyla @v4l3nt1n44 @sirisuorionblack @rinbyo @xdancinggurlx @lupinsravenclaw @hogwarts-boys @inglourious-imagines @siriuslyslyslytherin @kykymyeon @amwitherspoon @the-abyss-gazed-back @eunoia-kth @kaqua @erinruby003 @famdomhideout @malfoysbiitch @rudypankowisdaddy@dontjudgemyobsessionpls @666cookies @i-love-scott-mccall
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violetrainbow412-blog · 12 hours ago
Sirius Black without any context
Tumblr media
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cleverexpertphilosopher · 15 hours ago
Okay, so, umm I have a question. Who the hell taught the Marauders Potions?? Did someone even teach them Potions?? Cause my mind had flashbacks of what Slughorn said about how it's a shame having taught the whole Black Family but not their eldest son of 1959, Sirius.
Somebody please explain 😃✋
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1800-barnes-slut · 17 hours ago
Tank Top- Sirius x reader
-words 0.14k-
warnings: none
overall: y/n doing laundry when sirius come home
"Well hello there," his voice was mischievous when he walked behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You smiled, feeling how his grey eyes scanned you from head to feet, admiring your short shorts and his black tank top you stole.  "That's not yours to take," he whispered to your ear, grinning when you turned around to look at him, cocky smile on your face. "Why not? I'm doing the laundry anyway, I might just wash it twice in a week," you teased, raising an eyebrow while you tried to muffle few giggles. Sirius opened his mouth, acting surprised and shocked, finally making you laugh. "Fine, I give it back Black," you laughed, groaning before starting to take it off in the middle of the kitchen. "No, let me," he exclaimed happily before ripping it off, "it looks so much better on me anyways."
@gr4cein9h4m @siriusblackswife24 @drownie @lostredheadinablondeworld @siriusblackwh0re
means i couldnt tag you for some reason
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1800-barnes-slut · 17 hours ago
The Morning After- young!sirius x reader
-words 0.58k-
warnings: metions of smut, small if you blink you wont see it
overall: waking up with sirius after a night 😉
The lightly colored curtains on the windows across from where you laid allowed the suns light to come radiating inwards and directly into your face. You tried to fight the sun from waking you up and kept your eyes sealed shut, but it was too late. The brightness of the room took you away from your slumber and you cracked your eyelids open.
As your eyes adjusted, you turned to face the mop of hair laid out in front of you. Sirius, your boyfriend, was positioned on his side facing towards you and you couldn't help the smile which formed over your mouth as you watched how gently his chest would rise and fall. The occasional snores escaping from his lips made it all too tempting to kiss him all over his face, but you fought back the urge as he laid there completely undisturbed from the overpowering sun coming into the bedroom.
You propped your head up on your hand and watched him sleep. Taking in all of his features: the way his lips were slightly parted as the light snores escaped his lips and the way his perfect body was glowing in the morning sunlight. As creepy and weird as it seemed, you were completely content with doing this for the rest of your life: waking up next to the man of your dreams. Of course new more dark curtains would be a must in this future, but you were content nonetheless.
As you were just beginning to doze off, Sirius's cold feet entangled themselves with yours. Your eyes darted open at the sudden coldness which contrasted greatly from the warmness of the bed and your feet. A quick glance over at him revealed a still sleeping Sirius and you soon began to find yourself falling back asleep as his cold feet soon warmed and came to be the same temperature as yours.
Sirius fidgeted slightly and let out an agitated groan, probably in response to the complete brightness of your shared bedroom. He gently pulled your body towards his bare chest and pressed a light kiss to your temple as his fingers trailed along your cheek. Your eyes fluttered open and were greeted by a half asleep Sirius. His eyes looked completely refreshed and full of sleep, despite the grogginess of his movements.
"Morning." He said raspily as he continued to trail his calloused fingertips along your face. "Morning." You replied as you pressed a light kiss to his nose. He smirked and propped his head up on his other hand.
"Last night" He said with a hint of cheekiness in his tone. You smirked as the thoughts fluttered into your head of the amazing night you spent together. You nodded and moved your body closer to his and kissed his bare collarbone.
"Are you hungry?" You mumbled as he ran his fingers through your hair. "Starving." He said almost immediately as you nodded and began to move away to head into the kitchen to make you both breakfast.
But before you could make your way out, Sirius's hand gripped your arm and pulled you back into his chest. "Stay with me here a few more minutes." He said politely as you took in his sweet scent. You nodded in agreement and before you knew it, the two of you had fallen asleep yet again.
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imintofictionalmen · 19 hours ago
Old Friends - S.B. (Chapter 2)
Pairings: Sirius Black x female reader, Remus Lupin x platonic!female reader
House: Hufflepuff
Warnings: Mention of no-longer-existing friendships? Angst, mention of fire whiskey - drinking? Nervousness/anxiety, Sirius being indifferent/cold, fluff-filled flashback
Series Masterlist
Main Masterlist
Series info/authors note
Over the following week, Y/N had spent a lot of her time with Remus. Though mostly working on their Astronomy project, they definitely had a few conversations unrelated to the work material.
Meaning, the Hufflepuff had a lot of time to analyze her old friend. To take note of what had changed in him and what hadn't. And vice versa, for as casual as Y/N may have thought she was being, Remus knew her well.
Despite their falling out, the Gryffindor boy knew her better than she'd thought. He could see through even her most "casual" glances, along with the questions that were intended to come off as subtle small talk. But as hard as the girl tried, Remus could tell she'd been trying to reform their old bond. And although he did miss their friendship, the small talks they’d had in the library past curfew, the way she’d always carry chocolate in her robe pockets in case Remus needed something to brighten his day, he was far too worried of her getting hurt. Despite anything that may have happened between the two, Remus cared for her. He wanted, no, needed to protect her. Not only from his lycanthropy, but from his friend.
Taking a glance at the girl next to him, Remus let his eyes scan her figure. The way her hair had been spread messily across the grass below them. Her legs sprawled out in front of her, one bent up as the other lay on the patches of green and yellow. As his Hazel eyes made their way to her feet, he felt the softest of smiles creep upon his features. She'd been wearing converse.
Not just any pair, but her favourites. More specifically, the yellow ones she loved so much for the way they symbolize her Hogwarts house. Though, again, the shaggy haired boy knew her well. Maybe too well.. for he knew the reason she loved those shoes so much was because they'd been a gift, from a specific Gryffindor boy.
Said boy, who at this very moment was sat under a similar tree, across the castle grounds.
"No way."
"I’m telling you Padfoot! She was blushing!" James Potter was far too loud for his own good. Practically everyone at Hogwarts knew this. Though currently, only a small group of people were exceptionally bothered by it.
Peter flushed heavily before turning back to his friends, "Padfoot, Prongs, it seems we're being a little too noisy," The boy explained, nervously peaking at the group of Slytherin girls who'd been previously glaring at them.
"No Prongs. I mean no bloody way," Sirius shook his head in response to James' earlier words, completely disregarding Peter's concerns, as the raven haired boy let his eyes focus on something near the Black Lake.
"Wha-" following the trail of Sirius' index finger, James' eyes laid upon the sight of Remus and Y/N sitting under a large tree, laughing.
"Since when did they get all buddy-buddy?" Asked James, studying the girl as she laid on her back, glancing towards a familiar Gryffindor who had been propped up against the oak wood behind him. She was wearing yellow - Y/N’s usual colour - though this time her long-sleeve shirt had been so bright that the grass surrounding them looked as though it had changed from the pale green to an almost emerald shade.
"They're partners for one of Moony's assignments," Explained Peter, though this time his words were acknowledged as James tore his eyes away from the pair. 
"When's the last time either of you blokes talked to her?" Asked the bespectacled boy. "I mean-" Started Peter, only to be cut off as Sirius took in a sharp breath, "It's been.."
"Yeah, a long time," Finished James, not needing to hear more.
"I swear though, I'm never trying fire whiskey again," As Remus reached the end of his story, Y/N found herself wiping the underneath of her eyes, for they'd been laughing so hard that real tears had begun to pool.
"I'm so never letting you live that down," She giggled, and Remus found himself smiling at the sound.
"You know, I have to admit I was a little distraught at first, but I'm so glad we got to be partners for this," Admitted Remus, slightly shocked that he'd let that slip out.
"Distraught? Was your memory of me really that terrible?" Asked Y/N, letting out a breathy laugh, though Remus could still clearly see how his words had hurt her. "I didn't mean it that way. It's just, well we haven't spoken since-"
"Oi! Moony!" Remus explanation was cut off by the suddenly approaching group of boys.
As Y/N's eyes scanned the three approaching Marauders, she allowed herself to take note of how they'd changed in the last few years.
Peter, though still the shortest of the group, had grown significantly since the last time they'd spoken. Thinking back, Y/N could remember how in their second year he'd just barely been the same height as her.
James, his hair messier than ever, still looked the same to the Hufflepuff girl. Y/N could make out the slight shadow of hair growing along his jaw, which had no doubt become more defined since the last time she'd spoken to him. Though he had the very same pair of glasses that he'd worn since fourth year, after his initial pair had gotten crushed during a game of quidditch.
And lastly, Sirius. His hair's longer, thought Y/N, yet as dark as it's always been. Feeling her heartbeat quicken, Y/N allowed herself a few seconds to take in Sirius features, which hadn't changed drastically since the last time she'd seen him, though he was undeniably more handsome. Letting her eyes linger on his own, Y/N felt a sort of tightening in her chest, thinking back on the days she used to spend staring into his grey orbs. Only then, they'd been looking back at her like she was more than just a stranger, another student.
Only when Sirius' eyes shifted from Remus to the Hufflepuff girl sitting next to him did Y/N tear her eyes away from the raven haired boy.
He can't know he affects you this much, Y/N thought, rolling her bottom lip between her teeth. He doesn't deserve your feelings, not after what he did.
At the sound of her name being called, Y/N's eyes shot up from the sleeves of her shirt to the three boys standing in front of her, Remus remaining with his back against the tree.
"Yes, Ja- Potter?" Y/N cursed herself internally for the way she'd almost called him by his first name. He didn't deserve that sort of thing from her, not after what he put me through, the girl thought.
James winced slightly, clearly noticing her slip-up, yet not bothering to comment on it. "Nice day, huh?" Though it may of seemed like the Gryffindor had been acting cold with her, Y/N knew James better than that. Even if she wished she hadn't, she could clearly see that he was trying his best. Humming in agreement, Y/N allowed her eyes to drift back to the golden sleeves in her lap. Although she'd always been shy, the reason for this hadn't been to hide - well maybe it had, but not in the way others may think. The reason she'd found herself so drawn to the loose threads was because she couldn't bear to let her eyes wander to the raven haired boy - who was surely staring at her.
Though unbeknownst to Y/N, standing in front of her, Sirius felt the strangest wave of disconcertment fill his chest. As aloof or unbothered as the boy may have wanted to seem on the outside, Sirius hadn't realized how it would feel to truly be standing in front of her.
"Do you still have your accent?" The question, which had caught the attention of the whole group - each individual previously lost in thought - came from Peter.
Feeling a small smile grow on her face, Y/N looked up to the dirty blonde haired boy in front of her, "I'm not the one with the accent, remember?" She grinned, though quickly shifted her eyes back to her lap.
But hearing the subtle laughs of the boys around her, she lifted her head once more, feeling the smile reappear on her face at the sight of Remus and James grinning. Y/N could've sworn she'd seen the corner of Sirius' mouth twitch upwards, though she'd averted her eyes too quickly to be sure of it. Don't let him catch you looking, she scolded herself, feeling her smile fade once more.
"So, Moony, what're you guys doing?" Asked James, attempting to come off as casual, though ultimately failing as his words came out rushed and abrupt.
Glancing towards Y/N, Remus frowned slightly, "We're working on a project, James," He explained, quirking a brow, "Or we were," Remus tilted his head, as if questioning what his friends had been doing here.
"Well surely you can take a break?" Questioned Sirius, while Y/N found herself taken aback by his cavalier attitude. "We need your help with something." He added flatly, not even bothering to meet Y/N's shocked eyes.
"Padfoot-" James started cautiously, in attempt to tell the raven haired Gryffindor to leave this for later. Though clearly Sirius hadn't felt very patient today, "What Prongs? We're his friends. Surely he can take a break from a school project? Or is this more important to you, Moony?" Sirius narrowed his eyes at Remus, who's mouth was slightly agape at his friend's tone.
"I-" Though before Remus, or anyone for that matter, could interject, Sirius had turned on his heel. "Great," He stated, making his way back to the castle, "Let's go." 
Turning from Sirius' retreating figure and back to the other Marauders, Remus raised his eyebrows at James, silently asking what his friend's issue had been. James sighed, running a hand through his already messy hair. Meanwhile Peter shrugged, before following after his friend.
"I'm sorry," Started Remus, though Y/N was quick to shake her head, dismissing any apology he hoped to of given. "Don't worry about it," She said, "Seems like your friends really need you for something." Y/N gave the boy a small smile, gesturing towards the three boys who had been approaching the castle doors, Sirius notably ahead of them.
Sighing, Remus continued to collect his things, "Wanna meet up in the library tomorrow? Hopefully we can get more done than we did today," He gave Y/N a half smile, gesturing towards their unfinished work.
Smiling, Y/N gave the boy a small nod, watching as he made his way towards the courtyard, though at a much slower pace than the previous three.
Feeling a small breeze blow past her, Y/N was quick to pick up any loose parchment, hoping to avoid it getting carried away with the wind.
"Sirius! Slow down or I swear to Merlin you'll regret it,"
Sirius laughter echoed throughout the quidditch pitch, "Awe darling, I can't make it that easy on you, it just wouldn't be fair."
As she finally started to approach him, no doubt because he'd slowed down - whether it was out of exhaustion or something else - Y/N jumped on the Gryffindors back, tackling him to the field of grass below.
"Caught you," She whispered, heaving out deep breaths.
"You caught me," Stated Sirius, and try as he might, he couldn't help but let his eyes drift to her lips.
"Si?" She questioned, her face heating up at the sight of her best friend staring at her lips.
"Don't move," Sirius placed one elbow on the ground to sturdy him, rising up slightly until he noticed her backing away slightly. Pausing his actions, Sirius' eyes scanned Y/N's face, taking note of the way her eyes were blown wide, cheeks dusted in a heavy flush - partly from running around and partly from the way he'd been staring so intensely at her.
As Sirius allowed himself the moment of admiring the girl in front of him, her mind was plagued with something entirely different.
Her hands were on his chest. His hands were on the ground below them, holding both of their bodies up from the damp grass surrounding them - though Sirius' entire backside had already came in contact with it.
"Sirius," She called once more, her voice getting lost in the wind. Tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, Sirius allowed his thumb to linger on her soft cheekbone.
"I've been meaning to do this for a while," He explained, and somehow his nose was touching her own, though she couldn't recall when or how long it had been since the distance between them had grown smaller.
As their lips connected, she allowed one of her hands to move from his chest, dragging it up to his long raven hair. The hair he'd normally never allow anyone to touch - anyone but her.
Feeling the soft tugging of her fingers in his hair, Sirius began to smile against her lips, slowly lowering himself - along with her - back onto the grass below them.
He felt the moisture of the grass begin to dampen his dark shirt, though none of that mattered to him in this moment.
As they broke apart, she rested her four head against his own, letting out a breathy laugh, still slightly out of breath. Sirius couldn't help but smile at the sound, watching as she moved onto the grass next to him, though before she could get too far, Sirius had caught one of her hands, intertwining his fingers with her own.
Tucking the last of her assignment in her bag, the Hufflepuff girl stood up, dusting the dirt off her jeans. As Y/N let out a small sigh, she found herself wishing the tightness that filled her chest would get lost in the cool air that blew through her hair, causing it to fly in front of her face.
"So much for starting over," She mumbled quietly, tucking her hair behind her ear before making her way towards the castle herself.
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lqvenat · 20 hours ago
harry potter masterlist.
Tumblr media
requests are open!! (i will not write for draco, bellatrix or tom riddle)
james potter
↠ prongs & hawkeye
↠ august (coming soon)
sirius black
↠ nothing yet
remus lupin
↠ nothing yet
lily evans
↠ nothing yet
harry potter
↠ nothing yet
ron weasley
↠ nothing yet
fred weasley
↠ nothing yet
george weasley
↠ nothing yet
ginny weasley
↠ nothing yet
hermione granger
↠ nothing yet
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the-second-tonks · a day ago
Upside-down | S.B
Warnings : None , just very short and fluff . Not revised .
Pairing : Sirius Black x fem!reader . James Potter x Sirius Black x Remus Lupin (platonic) .
Summary : Sirius knew that his flirting would never go waste. Now that Y/N likes him ,he decides to get her confess it , directly or indirectly .
English is not my first language.
Tumblr media
"Padfoot ! Padfoot ! " James whispered in between their charms lecture . "What is it Prongs ?" Sirius whispered back . "Y/N . It's confirmed that she likes you back!" James broke the news . Sirius smirked and spoke "Told you my flirting won't go waste !" . Remus smiled at it and spoke "Well, we'll see if you can make her confess . She's shy as hell , you know that .." . Sirius smirked wider and spoke "Now , the fun begins . "
After charms class ..
Y/N was peacefully selecting a book from the Library , one hand gently striding over the books while the other hand had some notes from that she had borrowed from Lily . She wanted to take of her mind off of Sirius Black , who was her first crush , an almost stranger and A PLAY BOY . Not that she judged him , but was quite sure that he could've two motives for flirting with a nerd like her - making Marlene jealous or using the girl . Ofcourse, Sirius couldn't force her and wouldn't even but she was worried because she had been constantly staring at Sirius during the whole potions . The Charms was just worst . He was sitting far behind her , so it wasn't possible to look at him , but she kept day dreaming about him , not listening a word about today's lecture . To make the matters worse , Sirius hadn't looked at her the whole time , talking with her seemed at the bay .
She walked from one shelf to the other , but before her eyes could start scrolling across them , they caught a figure in the library . Sirius Black . The boy who'd never enter the library without any specific reason which could include her being in the library . "Godric Gryffindor !" She mumbled and ran away , picking a random book and silently sitting on the nearby empty table . She held the book right in front of her face , making it look odd . Although she tried to hide her face , Sirius spotted her , walked in his style and on reaching , sat right in front of her , their legs touching . Y/N felt herself squirming away a bit but he bought he leaned forward. Y/N could feel the heat rising up her cheek . "Y/N , you have tell me , what do you feel about me ?" Sirius whispered , smirking at the crimson red girl . Choking a bit , she managed to keep a stern tone and act as if she was reading the book ."Black , I'm trying to read over here , can we talk about this later or maybe never ?" Y/N kept reading her book , trying to ignore the whiny boy who was seated in front of her .
"Uh-huh ! I know you like me" he spoke . As soon as he did , he could see Y/N's eyes grow wide .
"No" Y/N kept the stern tone .
"Yes" Sirius answered playfully
"No" Y/N replied again , trying to be confident in her lie .
"Yes" Sirius' mind had a brilliant idea and so , he kept going ..
"No " Y/N was pretty close to get irritated and so , she spoke as if she had mugged the opposite word . She just kept in mind to repeat the opposite word .
"Yes" Sirius replied again
"No" Y/N literally shouted a bit , without thinking . She wanted to let it out that she liked him so badly , but she had thought about the far away consequences already , which had been stopping her till now , but ...
"No" he finally took his last step , smirking.
"Yes-" Y/N got caught in his trap . She really did have a chance to stop herself from saying yes , but she didn't. Letting it flow out felt good . But the embarrassment made her want to hide herself beneath the floor . She desperately regretted what she said , because now , she was going to stutter like hell also to add , her face was a complete tomato , her heart beating at an alarming rate and her mind was just blank , everything went muted except for her heartbeat and Sirius' voice ..
"See , you like me ! " Sirius shouted in victory , banging the table with one fisted hand. "Shh!!.." some of the students in the Library shushed Sirius , but he ignored them . "I-i mean , No , a-actually that just h-happened because I wa-as concentrating on t-the book rather than your w-words , a-also to add, b-because I know that I have don't have any feelings for you ..... " Y/N spoke , after regaining some sense in her blank mind .
"Stop fooling around Y/N . Meet me near the Black lake in the evening .." He spoke and got up , without waiting for a reply from the girl . Before leaving , he bent down , his mouth next to girl's ear , much closer to her lips , knocking the breath out of her as he whispered again "By the way , the book's upside-down" he spoke and walked out of the library , leaving Y/N a blushing mess..
Do like or reblog if you enjoyed it :)
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zaidlynsblog · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sirius thought he already had fallen out of love with you. That's why he decided to broke up with you but why is it every time he sees you he can feel the butterfly's flying around his stomach? every time he tries and talks to you he always finds himself tongue tied?. maybe he's STILL INTO YOU after all
up coming
angst and fluff
Oneshot or mini series
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The Best - Marauders
Tumblr media
Prompt: anonymous asked, "marauders imagine where she isn’t officially dating any of them but is just a close friend and has slept with all of them. and one night during truth or dare they ask her who’s the best in bed (idc who it is bc personally i love them all)"
A/N: oh my GOD! I am obsessed with this fanart.
Pairing: Marauders x reader Word Count: 1,666 Synopsis: What the prompt says. A game of truth or dare has the reader divulging which of the Marauders was the best in bed. 
Warnings: slightly smutty
“Alright, Y/N, truth or dare?” James asked, a wicked gleam in his eyes. You thought about the last dare you had taken, having to steal a book from Professor Binns’s office, and decided on truth. Sirius and James exchanged a look in the common room firelight, and you realized your mistake.
“Alright, who’s the best?”
“The best?” you asked, taking a swig of the butterbeer you lot had snuck up to the common room. 
“It’s not a secret that you’ve slept with all of us,” James said, his eyes flashing to each of your friends, “So who was the best?”
“I’ll take a dare.”
“No, you already decided.”
“Do you all really want to know this?” you asked. You turned to each of them, but none of them shied away. “Okay. Let me think.” 
“It’s been a while since it happened,” you said. “It’s not like I think about it every day.”
“That I find doubtful,” Sirius said. You glared at him, but as you did, you couldn’t help but thinking about that night, last year, when the two of you had hooked up. 
It was no secret that you and Sirius were the most experienced of the group. And one night, when the others had landed in detention, the two of you decided to find out just who was the best in bed. 
It started out simply enough. Like the night you were currently having. You were drunk in the common room. And Sirius was bragging about how good he was in bed. And drunk and wanting to fight, you said there was no way he was better than you.
“Do you want to put that theory to the test?” Sirius asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
“What do you have in mind?”
“Let’s see who is the best . . . at everything,” he said with a grin. He leaned across the couch and kissed you. You made out for a while, seeing who could get the upper hand. You eventually found your way into his lap, grinding softly. 
“That’s not fair,” Sirius said. He wrapped an am around your waist and laid you out on the couch. He started kissing along your neck and chest, and when his hands found their way southward, you pushed him off.
“That’s not fair,” you said. “If we’re really gonna find out who’s the best, we need to test it. At the same time.” Sirius raised an eyebrow at you, but the excitement was clear in his eyes. He laid down on the couch and waited for you to turn around and lay on top of him, positioning yourself above his mouth. 
“So, we’re decided on the rules?” Sirius asked, his breath tickling in between your legs.
“Yep. First one to finish loses,” you said.
“Alright. Let’s do this,” he said, and his tongue was between your legs. 
You looked at Sirius now and shook your head. You could see he was now thinking about that night, too, a slight flush to his cheeks that had nothing to do with the butterbeer. 
“You think rather highly of yourself,” you said.
“You didn’t seem to be complaining much,” he said. You rolled your eyes and looked to James on the couch next to him. 
“Remembering our romp, too?” James asked.
“Maybe,” you said, your mind flashing with images of soapy baths, cold bathtub rims, and giggling. 
There had been a spark between you and James since you had met. And although there had been a few kisses, and failed attempts at turning your friendship into something more, it was just simply true that you were better off as friends. But that didn’t stop the both of you from wanting each other. 
And when James was made prefect, and granted access to the prefects’ bathroom, all those emotions bubbled over. Literally.
James had invited you to see the Grand Prefect Tour, as he so lovingly called it. He had taken everyone else on the tour already, but since you had been in detention when he did, you and James had to go on your own. Late at night. 
He brought you up to the bathroom, shown you the sparkling stained glass windows, the cozy, perpetually warm towels, and the massive bathtub, with endless combinations of bubbles.
“So, what do you think?” James asked, coming up behind you. 
“It’s really something.”
“Want to try out the tub?” he asked. You looked back at him and saw that wicked gleam in his eyes.
“Sure,” you said. James placed a quick kiss to your neck at that, before moving over to the tub. He began filling it with bubbles and hot water, and when he turned back to you, you had stripped your clothing. 
“Y/N,” he said breathlessly, the steam from the bath fogging his glasses.
“Come on,” you said, laughing as you stepped into the water. James quickly stripped his clothes, too, and found you in the bubbles. You were both laughing the entire time. You blew bubbles at each other, made bubble sculptures in your hairs, and made out, a lot. And when James led you over to the side of the tub and leaned you over the side of it, you laughed some more. 
“Don’t laugh,” James said, giggling as well. “Do you not want to . . .”
“No, no, I do,” you said, looking back at him, “You just still have that bubble beard on your face.”
“Well, it looks good on me,” he said, before gripping your hips.
He had looked good in the stupid bubble beard, and he looked good now. James smirked at you, most likely remembering the bubble patterns he had made on your body.
“Why do we know all these personal stories about each other?” Peter asked, shaking his head. “We’ve all heard that bubble story.”
“It’s a shame to keep a story like that to yourself,” James said. You rolled your eyes, and looked at Peter’s face. You could see the nerves. Wondering if you had told them what happened between the two of you.
But you had kept it secret. At least the details.
It wasn’t an exciting story, like the bubble bath, and it wasn’t as competitive as Sirius, but it still held a special place in your heart. 
Peter had showed up at your house during summer break. It wasn’t unusual for him to arrive at your home without invitation, but when he showed up late at night, in the pouring rain, with tears in his eyes, it was a different story. You invited him in and listened to him as he told you about his parents’ abuse.
This wasn’t anything new. Peter’s parents always made him feel like he was worthless, undeserving. And when you kissed him, you wanted to show him that he was worthy of everything good in life. And when you led him up to your room, he had finally lost the darkness in his eyes and . . . You weren’t sure the others could stand the details of that sexy night with Peter. And you would spare him of the embarrassment. 
“I think there’s something about keeping it a secret,” you said. 
“Means there’s something worth hiding,” James said.
“Yeah, and makes you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong,” Peter said with a laugh. 
“Alright, Y/N, so do you have your answer?” Remus asked. You turned to look at him, and knew you were both thinking about the night you two were together.
As far as stories go, the time with Remus wasn’t like the others. There really wasn’t a story. Mostly because it had happened so recently. And often. 
The rest of your friends didn’t know that you and Remus had slept together more than once. The most recent being the night before. But if you were supposed to judge on the first time, you would have to think back to the night you and Remus had been out late, studying in the library. 
You were cramming for an exam the next morning, and you had actually fallen asleep at the table. James had gotten you late night access to the library, but made it clear that you needed to be out before Madame Pince returned in the morning. 
Instead of waking you up, Remus had lifted you into his arms and began leading you upstairs to the common room. You woke up halfway there and smiled at him.
“I can walk,” you whispered in the dark.
“I know,” he said, “But you look kind of cute drooling on my shoulder.” You laughed at him and snuggled deeper into his arms. You granted him access to your dorm room, and because the rest of the students wouldn’t be back until the next morning, you invited him to stay. 
“We have an exam in the morning,” he said, although he sat at the end of your bed.
“So let’s sleep,” you said, pulling on his arm. 
“Just sleep?” Remus asked, laying down next to you. You threw the blanket over the two of you and snuggled into his arms.
“Sure. Although other things might bring you good luck,” you said. He looked down at you and you smiled. You were about to say something else when he kissed you softly.
You made sure he left before anyone else returned, or the others knew he was missing, but that didn’t stop you from inviting him back every once in a while, or finding your way into his bed, too.
“This is stupid,” you said, shaking your thoughts free of all the hookups. 
“Just, give us an answer,” Sirius said. You looked at them all once more. You had your answer, and if they knew how often it had happened, you knew they would all know it, too. Your eyes snared on Remus’s and he gave you a little nod.
“Peter,” you said quickly. They all started shouting. They were arguing, they were calling you a liar, but mostly, they were laughing. 
“That’s my final decision.”
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Tumblr media
Imagine Talking too Young remus about your relationships with his best friend Sirius
Tumblr media
“You think Sirius changed much?”
Asking remus he may be Sirius best friend but you knew in your soul Remus would be truthful about whatever it was hurtful or not. You arent a best friend your a friend. So when Remus rested his head on his bag looking up at you he sighed softly. Talking about Sirius wasn’t Remus favorite subject espically with you.
You had no idea that the shy quite reasonable remus had feelings for you. James and Peter always have too cheer him up when he catches you and Sirius. But lately you haven’t been hanging out with Sirius. You been focusing on your studies and you been studying with Remus more and more. Remus didn’t complain but he was curious as too why. But he didn’t want too ruin it by asking.
You both were quite for an hour reading when you asked the question. Remus glanced at you as he spoke, “what you mean?”
Rolling your shoulders looking off. It was a nagging feeling you been having lately. Sirius has just been.. off. But he wasn’t doing anything that was different something felt wrong. Remus noticed your puzzled look. As he spoke, ‘you haven’t been hanging with him as much..”
you agreed you been involving him. Sirius was always flirting with someone, or with James causing mischief. You just felt exhausted by him. Holding your arms too yourself you looked at Remus as you spoke, “that noticeable huh?” Remus nodded his head as you looked at him, “why hasn’t Sirius noticed?”
Remus was stunned hearing that so he reached over grabbing your arm softly as you spoke, “Sirius- hasn’t ’ mention or asked or even cared- and I haven’t wanted too..”
Remus heart tensed up hearing that. Grabbing his hand you spoke, “Remus... that isnt’ good right?- I mean.. i just.. I feel like i made a massive mistake.”
“with what?”
Shaking your head say ou spoke, “I’m not even sure- i just know.. i dont feel the same.. and I- things about Sirius are starting too annoying me and I’m not sure what too do.’
"Talk too him.. its the only thing you can do Y/N"
groaning softly flinging your head back.
"god i wish you could just talk too him for me."
remus chuckled saying he was glade he could't
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proserpina-magnus · a day ago
can you do a young sirius black x reader fic where the reader gets kidnapped and tortured by death eaters and sirius rescues the reader and comforts and takes care of the reader?
Hii! Thank you for the request, I didn’t go much into the description of getting tortured (sorry). I hope you like it! xoxo
One Where He Rescues You  [ S.B ]
Word count: 1.6k
[ Warnings: GN reader, kidnapping, bruises and blood, violence, bathing, non-sexual undressing, kissing, words such as “baby” and “pup” ]
A bright white light was seen flashing under the door where you sat, ankles and wrists bound by tight itchy rope. Your eyes downcast, fighting to stay awake to see what the communion was.
You heard the frantic yelling of men, thudding footsteps and the yanking of the doorknob. You let out a long sob, your tears mixing with the thick red blood. You have no strength to even try and scramble out of the ropes, your wrist and ankles burning with bruises.
A silent curse was sent at the locked door, Sirius looking around with worried eyes. His eyes slanted in anger, hair sprawled out in thick mounds. His eyes caught your wounded figure, a sad smile on his face as he let out a silent cry knowing you were okay.
You blurred for a moment before you saw his body in front of yours. He took your face in his gentle hands, you let out a painful whimper, his hands grazing your open flesh.
"Oh baby, Shh it's okay, it's okay," Sirius coo's, tears in his eyes as he fiddled with the rope. He throws them to the side, wiping his eyes with his sleeve as he takes a shaky breath. "You're okay, I won't let them hurt you anymore," he states in a hurry, eyes flashing to you.
You see James come bursting through the doorway, seeing Sirius hunched over your tired body. James lets out his own relieved breath, turning back to the hallway as he flashes a curse towards an unknown death eater.
"Are they okay, pads?" James calls out, moving his wand as he steps more in the hall. Sirius calls back quickly, more focused on getting you safe. When your eyes start to close and you don't respond to his simple frantic questions, he starts to worry.
"No no, keep your eyes open pup," He rambles, his hand in your hair before lifting you up into his chest. You can't even cling onto him, your arms too exhausted. Sirius curses to himself as he sees you pass out, moving out to the hallway as James and Sirius escape through the back.
When you awoke, you were safe in your shared bed. You feel an ache in your wrists and ankles, stern bandages wrapped around them to hide them from view. Your fingertips rise and touch your scarred face, touching the band-aids that shielded them. You let out a loud sob, sensitive from the aftershock.
Sirius walked through the door with a glass of water, seeing you awake and scared. He jolted over to you, placing the cup down as his hands gently held your face.
"Oh baby, Shh it's okay. It's all over now," He coos, trying to wipe the running tears. He sits on the bed, bringing you to his chest as his hand rubs your back gently. "You're okay, you're okay,"
With the constant reminders of your safety, you let out relieved sobs and breaths. Clutching onto him for dear life, your body aches. You pull away with a sniffle, tears drying on your reddened face. You take a long look at Sirius, glad to finally be reunited with him. You notice his own glossy eyes, obvious tears stained on his face.
"I'm sorry," you cry, holding his face in your cracked fingers. You hold back the tears, breaths heavy and deep as you try to calm down. Sirius takes a sorrowed look, shaking his head.
"Don't apologize, s'not your fault," he says, a small smile ghosting his face. He was so relieved to have you back, he wouldn't know what he would do if you didn't come home with him.
"You came and saved me," you mumble, his smile contagious as you lean forward and press a long kiss to his lips. It wasn't a heated sweet kiss, it was just a small reminder that you both still had each other.
"I'll always come and save you," Sirius whispers, his lips coming to kiss your cheek. He pulls you back to his chest, his nose buried in your hair. He pushes back a cry, trying not to startle you.
"Can we have some tea?" You asked, your throat dry and swollen. Sirius kissed your head before lifting you with ease, holding you in his strong grip, he was too afraid to let you go. “Of course, Marlene gave me some herbs for this. It’s supposed to help numb the ache,” Sirius explains, carrying you out to your shared kitchen.
“Will James and Remus visit? What about lily?” You ask as Sirius props you up on the counter, Sirius pulls away just a bit, his hands on either side of you.
“I told them to come by tomorrow, I want you to rest up first,” Sirius explains, his hand coming up to tilt your chin. He leans down and plants a sweet kiss on your mouth, not minding the slight taste of dried blood.
“You’re so pretty,” he says, giving you another kiss. He didn’t want to waste the time he had.
“I’m bandaid up, how can you even tell?” You ask while Sirius starts to buzz around the kitchen, filling up a kettle as he places it on the burner.
“I don’t need to see you to know you’re pretty,” Sirius says, using a quick charm to instantly heat the water. You scrunch your nose, not understanding. Sirius laughs, kissing your forehead as he mixes in the herbs. He gets out two cups, filling them to the brim. Steam rolls from the new position, making you sigh at the familiarness.
“Alright, drink up,” he chimes, passing you the cup. You hold the warm mug, blowing on before bringing it to your lips. The smooth texture soothes your throat instantly, making you hum and lean back against the cupboard.
Sirius watches with love, rubbing your thigh before taking a drink as well.
“I wanted to wait for you to wake up before I bathed you,” Sirius says, watching as you finish the healing tea. You nod, arms wrapping around his neck as he picks you up once more. He takes you to the bathroom, setting you down once more on the closed toilet seat.
“Do you want some bubbles?” He asked, turning on the faucet as hot water filled the tub. You nod, reaching for the pink container as you pass it to him. Sirius smiles, kissing your knuckles as he opens and splashes the mixture in the bath.
“Alright, I have to take these off,” Sirius warns, motioning to your bandages, you look towards the side, afraid to see your bruised skin. “I know pup, I’ll be quick and then we can get you all nice and clean,”
Sirius takes a breath to calm himself, crouching down so he can take off the bandages on your ankle. He kisses your knee, undoing the white fabric. He does the same to the other ankle, clearing his throat. Sirius felt angry at the wounds, only wanting to harm the person that did this to you.
Sirius moves to your wrists, being gentle as he unravels the bandages. Your eyes scan your raw skin, an uncertain expression on your face. These wounds would leave scars and the thought scared you.
“Sirius, m’ so ugly,” you say, tears in your waterline as you look at your wrists. You peer down towards your ankles, seeing the same exact wounds. Sirius shakes his head, tilting your head up so you can focus on his eyes.
“No pup, just another thing to love about you. Shows me how strong you really are,” Sirius explains, love in his eyes as he rubs away a tear. He hugs you firm but soft, making sure to not apply too much pressure. He rubs your back, letting you express grief for a moment.
“I love you, Sirius,” You mumble into his shoulder, kissing his shirt before pulling away. “I love you too pup,”
“I’m going to take the band-aids off, it might hurt but I’ll be quick,” Sirius says, rubbing your shoulder before bringing his hands to the big bandaid on your forehead. He tears it away making you wince and tug away from his touch.
“I know, I’m sorry,” he expresses, tugging another one off with a quick swoop. You sigh, nodding as he finally pulls off the last one. “Okay, you’re all done. Let’s get you undressed and clean,”
He undressed you quickly, eyes scanning your skin to make sure there aren't any other wounds he missed. With his conclusion, he pulls you up and plops you gently into the bubble bath.
The warm water instantly makes you whimper, sinking into the tub as you let the water clean and soften your aching skin. Sirius brushes your hair, placing kisses on your face.
He picks up the movable shower head, cleaning your hair as he soaks it for cleaning. He applies some shampoo (the expensive kind, since Sirius Black could only supply you with the best products), his fingertips pushing into your trigger points on your skull. You groan in relief, leaning completely into him.
Sirius chuckles, washing out the shampoo as he grabs for the conditioner. He apples it graciously, letting it sit as he works on cleaning your skin. He picks up a soft cloth, washing with the bubbles to clean you from dirt. He was very careful around your wounds.
“Thank you siri,” you mumble, the detachable showerhead washing through your hair once again. Sirius cleans away the conditioner, kissing your wet cheek. “I’m only taking care of you pup,”
“Do you want to rest in the bath for a bit more?” Sirius asks, massaging your aching shoulders. You nodded, shoulders relaxing from his generous touch. “Yes please,” you whisper.
“Okay, I’m going to go pick out some comfy clothes and make you a small snack,” Sirius says, lifting your chin up so he can give you a small departing kiss. You nod, pulling him back down for another kiss before he disappears out to the kitchen. You smile, sinking back into the tub as you feel a sense of protectiveness.
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