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pinkandblueblurbs · an hour ago
Can you write something about Sirius and James being a mean doms/condescending praise? ❣️
Sirius Black x James Potter x Fem!Reader. Smut, cunnilingus, heavy degradation, d/s, praise, clit slapping, overstim
“Oh, poor baby” James coos, strong arms holding your trembling form against his broad chest as Sirius devours your pussy down between your legs. “Is that too much? Hm? Too much for your little pussy to handle?” The words are so sickly sweet they’re condescending, only accentuating your now agonizing pleasure.
“Y-yes, please-“
“Oh don’t fucking beg” Sirius spits, head rising just enough that the words can be spoken unobstructed by your pussy. “You sound so pathetic when you do that, ‘s embarrassing. Just take it”
You whimper, struggling feebly against James’s firm hold as Sirius’s tongue delves back between your soaked folds- soaked with the evidence of three prior orgasms- but your fighting is to no avail.
“Shh, babydoll, you’re fine.” James croons, thumbs starting soothing strokes where his hands curl around your writhing body. “Quit squirmin’, let Pads eat your pussy like a good girl.”
“Hurts, Jamie” you whine out, hips bucking, forcing Sirius to press down on them with his forearm.
“You think that hurts? Hm?” Sirius taunts, looking up at you with a raised brow. Before you can respond his hand is coming down on your cunt, fingers hitting your clit in a rough pat that has you crying out and jolting against the restraint of the boys’ hold. James chuckles behind you as warm stinging tears fill your eyes.
“How ‘bout that for hurt?”
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janeofthornfieldhall · an hour ago
the suitcase (part four)
professor lupin / reader
summary: the order are short staffed, they need you to go on a mission. luckily, lupin’s going along. some quite sweet moments, slightly smutty conversations. have fun.
You sat, cross legged, at the top of the stairs at the Burrow. It was probably past midnight now, you’d been listening to the Order meeting for an hour. Since the events at the Department of Mysteries, namely the death of Sirius, the Order had been using the Burrow as a meeting point, but it was blatantly not a long-time option; it wasn’t exactly secret. That was the topic of the meeting: a new Headquarters. Moody had suggested asking Dumbledore to find them somewhere at Hogwarts, some spare outhouse, but they couldn’t risk being so close to school, someone would notice. Molly wondered about using some other muggle house, but it was too risky, and there’d be a lot of memory charms to perform if something went wrong. Arthur talked of building their own headquarters, somewhere far in the countryside, in Wales perhaps, but they hadn’t time.
‘My house,’ Lupin said, quietly. You couldn’t see anyone, but by the way the room fell silent, you could tell they were in deep thought; ‘In Yorkshire; it’s secluded, not too small, derelict, but we can easily fix it up. I haven’t been back for a couple of years — you should bear that in mind.’
‘Your house?’ Arthur repeated.
‘And what about the children? Yorkshire’s hundreds of miles from here, and school starts in a week; they can’t apparate, we’d have to fly or drive.’ Finished Molly, and you could imagine the expression on her face; stern, but apologetic.
‘We need four,’ Moody grumbled, ‘Four to cast the Fidelius Charm. So, me, Arthur, Lupin … ?’
‘I’ll be staying with the children,’ Molly added.
‘Bill? And Fleur?’ Lupin suggested. There was silence. You listened intently.
‘Molly.’ Said Arthur in a warning tone.
‘Oh! So I’m not free to protect my son? I do not want Bill going, I’m sorry, if that spoils your plans, but I - ’
‘Molly, he’ll be with me the entire time; you don’t have to worry,’
‘William is staying home. My son is staying home. They could be waiting for you … ’ She said, voice trembling. You felt your heart drop slightly; you knew things were bad now, but you hadn’t heard the adults sound worried.
‘Harry is too valuable to take. And I’m assuming we cross off Ginny and Ron — and Hermione, as her parents advised us to be careful. Which leaves — ’
‘No, Alastor.’ Said Lupin firmly. You held your breath slightly, not wanting to miss any words that might be spoken.
‘Remus, please, who else is there?’
‘She can’t go.’
‘Why not?’
‘Because — I said so.’
‘That’s not good enough, Lupin, you’re gen’ need to give me a reason.’ Moody sounded … moody.
‘Well I - I just,’ He stumbled on his words, and you felt yourself flushing red for him, ‘We have no word from her. She has no guardians here, so we have no one to ask — it’d be unfair, irresponsible,’
‘We might just have to be unfair this time, Remus,’ Arthur said, calmly. ‘Everyone else in the Order is busy; Tonks, Kingsley, Mundungus, Dedalus, Podmore; even Hagrid’s got his stuff to sort out. We’re short — we need her.’ There was a long silence now.
‘I know you care for the girl; she was fond of you as a teacher and no doubt you see some similarities between yourself at her age and her. But this is important, Remus.’ Arthur continued. You felt a pang of guilt; nobody knew what you and Lupin had been getting up to. You heard Lupin sigh, and assumed he must’ve nodded his head by the relieved sounds that the others made.
‘When shall we tell her?’ Molly asked anxiously, beginning to clear their cups away.
‘In the morning. As soon as possible — but don’t let Ron or Hermione know. They’ll only follow us. Besides, you all need to be here for when Harry gets back. I’ll tell her tomorrow,’ Arthur said confidently, now standing.
‘I’ll tell her.’ Said Lupin.
‘You won’t need to.’ Moody said gruffly. ‘You won’t need to wait ‘till morning, either.’ Your heart thudded, and you drew your knees into your chest, as if that would hide you.
‘I think we’ve a guest.’
There was a scuffling, and both Molly and Remus appeared at the bottom of the stairs, craning up at you. You smiled guiltily.
‘Dear! Come,’ Molly said, reaching her arm out. She was almost shaking. ‘You’ll catch your death out on that landing, no socks on, no cardigan,’ she rubbed your shoulder a few times.
‘I’m fine, honestly,’
‘You heard then?’ Moody asked. You felt just as you did two years ago, when Moody (or rather, Barty Crouch Jr) interrogated you in class. Something to do with the focus of just one of his eyes, it was more intense.
‘Er — yes, I suppose,’ you said, fumbling awkwardly with the hem of your top. It was slightly strange being in front of everyone in your pyjamas when they were all fully dressed. Your toes were in fact cold, too.
‘And?’ He pressed.
‘Well, I’m happy to do it — I think,’ you tried not to look at Lupin, who, like the others, watched you carefully, ‘I think it is best if we don’t tell the others.’ You added. They nodded.
‘Yes, well. We’ll take brooms?’ Arthur said. You smiled quickly in agreement, but then furrowed your brow.
‘You can apparate, there’s no law about that. I’ll take a broom.’
‘Not on your own,’ Molly said, looking at Arthur sternly.
‘I’ll go,’ Arthur and Lupin chimed. You noticed Moody stayed rather quiet. Good, you thought, I don’t want to be on the back of his broom.
‘You go, Remus,’ you felt a wave of relief, ‘Moody and I will see about some business first. You’ll be there, say … Five o’clock?’ You scowled.
‘Eight o’clock — tomorrow?’ You cried.
‘Yes,’ Arthur said, as if there was no reason why not. You retreated slightly, turning red at your sudden exclamation. Lupin smirked a little, meeting your eye at last. You lost it, quickly looking at your toes.
‘Which means you should probably get some sleep, dear; it’ll be an early start. Come on, I’ll get you some water,’ Molly ushered you upstairs, quietly setting a cup of water down on. the bedside table as not to wake Hermione or Ginny. She left with a warm, slightly guilty, smile. You sat in the dark. Not at one point did anyone ask you if you wanted to go. It was just assumed. That’s a good thing, you supposed, it means they trust me, it means they think I’m on their level of maturity.
Five o’clock. That’s when you were awoken. You stared groggily at your tea, clutching the sides of your coat, pulling it tightly around yourself. Arthur and Moody talked inaudibly, standing in front of the fire as Lupin pulled on a scarf. He moved towards you, and crouched at the side of the table.
‘You ready to go?’ He said softly. You nodded. ‘Good girl. Thank you for doing this; I know you didn’t have much choice, but I’m proud of you.’ You flicked your eyes over to Arthur and Moody; they were in deep conversation.
‘That’s okay, sir.’ He shut his mouth, turning to check on the others himself.
‘Quiet. Come on, sweetheart.’ He guided you up, putting the teacup in the sink and walking back over to the living room. Moody and Mr Weasley bid you a safe journey, offering all manner of hats and gloves, which you politely refused.
Ten minutes later, you were on the back of Lupin’s broom, arms secured around his waist, biting your lip nervously as you ascended above the house.
‘You sure you didn’t want goggles?’ He called, scanning the fields ahead.
‘We aren’t Wallace and Gromit,’ you laughed back, the wind muffling your voice.
‘What?!’ He said loudly. You giggled, and you began to speed forwards.
‘I said we aren’t Wallace and Gromit.’
‘What the hell is Wallace and Gromits?’
‘Gromit. It’s a telly show — I can’t believe you’ve never seen it?’ You had to shout, really, and even then he had to turn his head a little to hear you. ‘It’s about a man, Wallace, who lives with his dog, Gromit; they — actually, I don’t really know what they do. There’s tea, and cheese, and sometimes Wallace invents things.’
‘You’re really selling it, darling!’
‘Well, good! I think you dress like him!’
‘Stylish fellow, is he?’
‘Absolutely, absolutely.’ You smirked, looking over the land below. You were passing over a river now, and if you looked closely, could see your reflection. It was still early, and only a yellow light brushed the landscape, but it was perfect; there was a dewy smell, and occasionally a speedy bzz of a passing bee; you smiled to yourself.
‘This is great!’ You exclaimed. It was. You’d never spent time like this with him before, out in the open, able to talk loudly and freely. Be it even for a mission, you felt truly, truly happy. You wanted to tell him you loved him, but he’d think it foolish, and rash.
Half an hour later, the sun was beginning to rise, and you were passing over Hereford.
‘Edward Elgar lived here for a bit,’ Lupin said, nodding to the town before focusing on the broom again.
‘Yes, and,’ he said loudly, ‘In their cathedral, they’ve a Mappa Mundi, do you know what that is?’
‘It’s a large, medieval, wall map of the world. Now, there was a Mappa Mundi called the Ebstorf map, but it was unfortunately destroyed during the war. But the Hereford Mappa Mundi survived — I believe it’s made from cow skin.’
You grimaced.
‘How old is it?’
‘Well, medieval — but I think the Hereford map is from about 1300. You know, it’s really fantastic how well preserved it is, I shall take you to see it one day.’
‘Yes!’ He’s so clever, you thought. It was sexy. You held him tighter as you followed another river, watching through the trees as deer and rabbits scampered around.
Two hours flew by, and soon you approached Yorkshire. Middleham was where Lupin’s cottage sat, far enough away to be considered secluded, but close enough that he was able to reach the village by foot if he needed. Once you’d landed, you looked curiously at the house.
You hoped to God it was purely the early morning light that cast the cottage so grimly, but couldn’t help but feel otherwise. Remus set the broom down against a hedge, and you both looked up. The house was a grubby white, thick, dark vines crept up the walls, the door was rusted, the windows rotting. You looked at him apprehensively. He was fixed on the house, solemnly, eyes empty.
‘Oh, Remus.’ You said softly, looking sadly between him and the house. You put your hand in his, and slowly, his fingers intertwined with yours.
‘You’ve never called me that before.’ He said, still staring ahead. You bit your cheek awkwardly.
‘I didn’t know — that you — that this — I’m sorry. Is it because of the — thing?’ You said, avoiding the W word.
‘Yes.’ He said simply. Your heart ached. Imagining Lupin living here, alone, was enough to make your throat tighten and threaten tears.
‘When were you last here?’
‘I came to pick some belongings up a couple of years ago, when I moved into Grimmauld. But not since.’
‘Do you think it’s safe?’
‘You mean do I think someone’s been here?’
You stayed quiet.
‘It’s possible. But there’s only one way to know for sure.’
You both pushed hard against the door, and you stumbled forward as it finally opened, a mass of letters, tins, papers and general rubbish were revealed to have been blocking it.
‘Wow,’ you said, breathing only through your mouth. ‘That’s an interesting smell.’ You both proceeded cautiously into the kitchen. It was raided; not a cupboard was left closed, flies buzzed around empty tin cans, and the walls were browning at the corners.
‘Looks like someone’s been living in here,’ you said, grimacing as you poked at an old mattress with your foot.
‘Peter,’ Lupin mumbled under his breath.
You entered the living room now, which was surprisingly not as badly torn apart as the kitchen. The shelves were still stacked with books, and there were even some old photographs with frames that were barely cracked. You picked one up, wiping a thick layer of dust away with your finger. You furrowed your brow for a moment.
‘Oh my god,’ you exclaimed. ‘This is amazing.’ The picture was of Lupin — a young Lupin — next to an equally younger Sirius, Pettigrew, and who you assumed to be Harry’s father. Sirius was making a rather rude hand gesture, his tie loose around his neck, his head between James Potter and Lupin, who were sat, you now realised, on the Gryffindor common room couch. This was taken at school.
‘Oh my god,’ you repeated. In the picture, Lupin had an eyebrow raised, but smiled bemusedly at the camera; James beamed, and was winking, a large textbook in his lap. Peter, you thought, perhaps didn’t realise the picture was being taken; he looked at the other boys cluelessly, a quill positioned behind his large ear.
‘What is that?’ Lupin asked. You showed him eagerly. You assume he’d take it from you, examine it, light up with joy; but he cast it a quick glance, before turning away again. ‘That’s my textbook James’ got there; he said to me, Remus, give me the book, I’ll look right clever!’ He said with a slight fondness. ‘That badge I’m wearing, you see it? Prefect. Impressed?’
‘Certainly. Shall we take it?’
‘Take what, sweetheart?’
‘The picture!’
He paused, pretending to look for other items in the room.
‘Why?! It’s amazing, Sirius looks — ’
‘I just don’t want to. It’s best left here. Put it down, it’s dusty.’
‘But it’s amazing, — ’
‘It isn’t amazing, it’s just a picture. Go and check the dining room, please.’ He said sternly. You frowned, putting the picture down with some force. You said nothing to him as you left the room, clenching your teeth angrily. You walked around the dining table twice, not really taking any surroundings in, more trapped in your own thoughts. Scrutinising a dark spot on the carpet thoughtlessly, you heard a shuffle behind you.
‘Sweetheart,’ he said gently. ‘Sweetheart, I’m sorry. That was rash of me, I didn’t mean to upset you.’ You stayed looking the other way, only listening as he moved closer towards you.
‘Listen to me. I’m sorry.’ He repeated, and you lowered your head. You sighed.
‘It’s fine. I just thought — ’ as you turned, you took a moment to digest the sight before you. A tall, cloaked figure, with a metallic skull mask stood before you. Behind it, another, who had Lupin at it’s side, wand poised at his neck. Your heart thudded quickly, and you reached for your wand, but the first dark figure raised a hand.
‘That wouldn’t be very wise, would it?’ Said the Death Eater.
Tumblr media
A/N: i hope this is fun; the next part will be out in the following few days. >:)
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1800-barnes-slut · 6 hours ago
Friends? pt2 young!sirius x reader
You started to feel vulnerable by the way he was staring at you, shying away as your arms started to go up in attempt to cover yourself, only to be stopped by Sirius before you could even do it.
"Don't. You look beautiful." He whispered, lips ghosting on yours as he placed your hands gently back on your sides. Sirius scanned your eyes, feeling glad that he didn't see any doubt from it and that it shared the same desire that his own eyes were showing.
His hands were back on your hip in no time, fingers playing with the hem your underwear and he smirked at the way you swallowed the lump in your throat, never breaking his gaze, just patiently waiting to what he's going to do next.
Sirius closed the gap again, kissing you a little more intense this time but still at a slow pace, relishing the moment as his mouth moulded your own. He pushed you back until your legs hit the edge of the bed, you falling down the mattress with a small yelp, hair forming a halo around you as you looked up at the incredibly handsome man in front of you. He towered over you as he stood at the foot of his bed, his eyes glowing with lust as he watched your perfect, angelic body lying on his bed.
He quickly pulled his shirt over his head, now showing off his toned body, and you couldn't help but gape at him, mesmerize by every part. If he looked good before, he definitely looks breath-taking now. From his broad shoulders down to his huge biceps, then his rock-hard abs and that prominent V-line that's pointing down to something you want so bad, pointing at the obvious bulge on his jeans.
Sirius tilted his head to the side with a cocky grin, loving the attention you were giving him, loving the way that you flushed even more when he caught you staring. With a low chuckle, he leaned down, resting his palms flat on the mattress just beside your thighs, placing a soft kiss on each of them, his lips lingering on your skin as he kept his eyes on you, looking through his eyelashes and you couldn't help but whimper at the sight.
"You want me?" He murmured, nipping at the skin of your thighs, and you were at a loss of words right then. You gave him a nod in response, eyes screwing shut as Sirius continued to mark your thighs up, slowly but surely, urging you to spread your legs open little by little with a nudge of his nose. "Need words baby." Sirius added with a chuckle when you didn't answer him properly, the vibration sending shockwaves through your body.
"Yes, Sirius plea–" Your words were cut off by your own moan when Sirius sucked the inside of your thigh, you almost closing your legs in surprise, but Sirius held it in place with his huge hands, keeping them spread out as he continued his assault on your skin.
You wanted him just to get to it, to skip all these teasing since you were growing more impatient with this pace he has set, but you can't seem to find your words at the moment, completely lost with the way his mouth was bruising you up.
Then all the sudden, he stopped. Completely pulling away, making your eyes snap open to see him smirk at you. "Move up for me honey."
With deep heavy breaths and shaky legs, you moved, slowly backing up towards the headboard with your elbows, Shawn crawling after you, the muscles on his arms flexing unintentionally, the grin still on his face with his bottom lip drawn between his teeth, and this action did unfathomable things to your body.
Sirius' pace was still at a minimal and it was driving you insane, so you finally tried your luck.
"Can we pick up the pace now please?" You asked sweetly the moment he finally reached and hovered above you, your hands trailing from his chest down to his abs until you reached his belt, tugging at it for Sirius to get the drift.
He looked down at your hands before going back to your eyes, grinning widely before saying, "If that's what you want honey."
Sirius hastily smashed his lips with yours as you quickly undid his belt, going for his buttons next and quickly unzipping his pants, him kicking it off shortly after, now leaving you both in only your underwear.
You caught a glimpse of the shape of his member, almost pulsing against its confines, your mouth hanging open at how big it looked, wondering if he would be able to fit inside of you.
"Only one way to find out don't you think?" Sirius muttered against your lips with a deep chuckle, you mentally slapping yourself for accidentally saying it out loud.
Sirius left your lips to kiss your jaw then your neck, going back to deepen the marks that were already there and adding some more, you whimpering under him with one hand getting lost in his hair, the other gripping tightly on his huge arm as he slowly trailed down until he reached your breast.
You kept your eyes glued to him the entire time as he took one nipple in his mouth, eyes locked with yours as he sucked on it, hard, you unable to stop the loud moan from escaping your lips. Your hands were quick to cover your mouth, embarrassed by the sound you made.
"Let it out babe, I love hearing you, you sound fucking amazing." Sirius encourage, pulling away shortly to give the other one attention, giving it enough pressure to have you squirming under his touch. You tugged on his hair when he sucked on it harder, making Sirius moan against your breast, sending vibrations across your body, making you feel even more ecstatic than before.
"Sirius..." You panted as he placed hickeys all over your chest, from the valley of your breast, at the bottom, on the sides, literally everywhere, your fingers now clawing on his shoulder, surely leaving your own marks.
Sirius groaned as he watched your face contort in pure pleasure, one hand reaching down to palm himself to at least relieve him a little bit.
Your eyes were shut tight with your mouth agape, back arching towards him with your head digging on the pillow. Nothing can beat how fucking good you look in Sirius' eyes, every little thing you do just fuelling up the burning passion inside him, your pretty little gasps and moans just asking, urging him to fuck you senseless.
Sirius continued to kiss down, sucking, and nibbling the skin on your stomach, adding more to the marks that already adorned your body. You sucked in a breath as he proceeded to go lower, and lower until he reached the area on your hip where your underwear and exposed skin meet.
"Eyes on me (Y/N)." He commanded, voice deep and strong and you immediately obeyed, trying your best to pry your eyes open. When you finally locked eyes with him, Sirius took the hem your underwear between his teeth as his fingers hooked on the other side, slowly pulling the material down and off, eyes never leaving yours. Your bottom lip quivered at his actions, a soft whimper coming out of your mouth as you lifted your ass up from the bed to help him rid of your laced thong, legs shaking in the process.
Sirius stood up fully as soon as he removed the garment off you, flicking it across the room along with the rest of your clothes. He stared you down like a predator eyeing its prey, your body now free from any article of clothing, and boy were you a sight for sore eyes.
"Fuck." Sirius groaned, hand coming down to palm himself through his boxers and you couldn't help but moan at the sight.
You looked like an absolute goddess to him with your skin glowing as the light from the windows reflected on your sweaty body. The hickeys he made littered everywhere with the obvious flush against your skin, pupils all blown out with your chest heaving up and down as you struggled to keep a steady breathing.
You were absolutely stunning to say the least, and Sirius felt so glad he had finally decided to make a move.
You watched in anticipation as Sirius pulled his boxers down, finally freeing his himself, his hard length now in full view and your eyes widened at the sight of him.
Sure, you've had your fair share of dicks before, but what Sirius has? It was definitely huge. From his length to his girth, the tip all pink and glistening, and you can just see the veins on it pulsing, this made your mouth water.
Sirius couldn't hide his cocky ass grin the moment he saw your reaction, your face completely saying it all, feeding his ego even more.
With a tilt of his head and his eyes glued to you, Sirius rested one knee on the bed as he wrapped his tattooed hand around his member, sighing in relief when he gently stroked himself, making you whimper at that fucking hot image.
"Sirius please..." You whined, already missing the way he touches your body, longing for some kind of feeling to ease the constant throb between your legs, and with him touching himself right in front of you, it was just too much to handle.
"What do you want baby?" He said with his voice sexily deep, finally letting go of himself as he crawled right back on top of you, his dick brushing against your pelvis, his head dipping to place a soft peck on your lips.
"I want you to fuck me Sirius, hard." You whispered in his ear, making every hair on his body stand up. Sirius let out a growl at how good that sounded, not saying anything more as he kissed you hard and hurriedly this time.
Sirius grabbed both your legs and wrapped it around his waist, the cold air hitting your centre as it was now fully exposed, sending shivers down your spine. Sirius brought his hand between the both of you, his thumb finding your clit as he pressed on it playfully, sparks shooting all over your body.
"Oh fuck." You cried out in pleasure as he kept rubbing your clit, his long finger slowly teasing against your wet folds, but not giving you any satisfaction of pushing it deeper.
Sirius knew he was torturing you with all the teasing and his slow pace, hell he was even torturing himself as he wanted nothing more than to ram you into the mattress, but he likes hearing you beg, it's like music to his ears.
"For fucks sake Sirius, just fuck me already." You growled against his lips irritably as he didn't go any further with his finger, his thumb still rubbing at your clit but at a slow pace this time.
"Ask nicely (Y/N)." He mumbled, pulling away to rest his forehead against yours, retracting his hand fully and you whimpered at the loss of contact.
You were about to complain when you suddenly felt the tip of his dick grazed against your core, both of you moaning in unison at the feeling, Sirius' head throwing back in pleasure as he felt just how soak your already are.
"Sirius please... I need you." You pleaded, not being able to take it anymore, not caring if you sounded desperate, you just want him, need him so bad.
"Patience princess, don't worry, I'll make sure you won't be able to walk tomorrow." He gave you a soft peck on the lips and a wink as he reached for his night table, opening the drawer, and taking out a condom before sitting straight up. Sirius kept his eyes on you, ripping the packet open with his teeth, you wondered how he managed to make it look hotter than it actually is as you watched him roll it on his dick with a soft hiss.
He didn't waste any more time as he got back to the position you were in before, supporting himself with his elbows to make sure that you weren't getting crushed by his weight.
Sirius kissed you again, but this time it felt different, it was soft, gentle, and sweet. A warmth spreading around your heart, the kiss making you feel reassured, that you were safe in his presence, and you also can't deny the sort of spark that ignited inside of you.
"Ready?" He breathed out as he pulled away slightly, not too far away but just enough so he can see your eyes as he positioned himself on your entrance. You nodded, giving him the go signal as you wrapped your legs tightly around his waist.
Sirius hissed as he slowly and gently slid himself inside you making you let out a strangled moan with your mouth wide open as you felt yourself stretch around his member.
"Fuck (Y/N)." He grunted, burying his face on the crook of your neck as he pushes deeper into you, struggling to fill you up because of how tight you are. You grabbed onto him as you gasp out his name, eyes fluttering shut with your nails raking on his back, his size very overwhelming to say the least.
A loud moan of pleasure played your lips as Sirius finally bottomed out, pushing his cock deep inside you as you took in what you could.
Sirius heaved huge breaths as he gave you a quick kiss, eyes staring into your soul as he completely halted his movements to let you adjust to his size, you matching the rhythm of his breathing as you stared back into his eyes with the same amount of wonder and curiosity.
"Holy fuck." Sirius broke your stare off with a curse, forehead dropping to your shoulder as the feeling of you clenching and unclenching around him was enough to make his head spin, taking everything in his strength to stop himself from rutting his hips as he waited for you to fully adjust, not wanting to hurt you in the slightest.
"Sirius?" You whimpered, the feeling of his cock pulsing inside you getting too overwhelming by the second, and you wanted more, to feel him more.
"Move?" He whispered, sucking at the sensitive part of your neck, adding more hickeys to his collection, making you let out a moan. "Move." You gave him a quick nod, both of your bodies now on fire as the sweat started to build even more. Sirius didn't need to be told twice as he started to thrust in and out of you in a slow pace, almost lovingly, making you feel all of him, from every inch to every vein.
Both of you were moaning in utter pleasure, his touches making your skin tingle in a way that you couldn't explain, lost in each other's eyes as Sirius continued to move his hips into you, one hand gripping yours hips tightly as the other one found your hand, interlacing his fingers with yours as he held it down beside your head.
Your eyes fluttered close with a moan, heavy breaths coming out from both of you as Sirius picked up his pace, now sliding in and out of you easily as you became wetter by each thrust, low grunts coming out of his mouth as he kept his eyes on you, his raven hair sticking to the sweat on his forehead.
You felt Sirius draw his hips back, pulling almost all the way out before slamming himself back into you, making you scream out his name as he repeated this over and over with low groans, the heels of your feet digging on his lower back with your nails crating half-moon marks on his shoulder.
"Fuck, you feel so good." A growl formed in Sirius' throat as he bit your shoulder, his mind all over the place just by feeling your warm, tight cunt wrapped around him.
Moans filled the air of the room as Sirius continued to fuck you slowly but deeply, his pubic bone brushing against your clit, but you craved more, you want more. You want to know how badly he can really fuck you up.
"Faster." You breathed out, lips trembling at how good Sirius feels buried deep in you. Sirius gave you a nod, quickening his pace, hips going faster as he started to fuck you mercilessly; you instantly became a moaning mess with his new rhythm, the sounds your making sounding so beautiful in Sirius' ears.
"Fuck!" Sirius was breathing hard, low groans vibrating on his chest, all sweaty and hot as he started to go rougher. Strings of profanity along with his name left your lips when he slammed into you relentlessly, pushing Sirius closer to the edge as he stared down at your gorgeous face, eyes barely open with your mouth forming an O shape. You weren't far off yourself as you started seeing stars, Sirius dipping his head to kiss you harshly as he swallowed your moans.
You felt his arm wrap under and around your waist, and the next thing you knew, you were flipped over easily so that now you were on top of him.
"Take control baby." Sirius groaned, hands gripping your hips tightly as you start to grind on him, palms pressed flat against his chest for support. "Sirius." You breathed out, throwing your head back with a moan and your eyes glued shut as you drew your bottom lip between your teeth, him somewhat feeling bigger, fullerin this position.
"Holy fuck, you look amazing (Y/N), feel so fucking good." Sirius growled, the sound bouncing off the walls as he stared at you in complete awe, his mouth slightly agape as he watched you grind on him, looking so breathtakingly beautiful.
Sirius quickly push himself up with his elbows until he was sat up fully, mouth connecting with one of your breasts, his hand fondling with the other. "Sirius fuck!" You cried out, hips staggering as your hands flew to his hair, tugging at it and making him moan against your skin, your whole body shaking with your climax just around the corner.
Sirius pulled away from your chest as he grabbed the nape of your neck, pulling you down as he carelessly smashed his lips against yours, teeth clanking in the process.
You felt Sirius dig his fingers firmly against your hips, one arm resting behind him as he started to buck his hips upward to meet your movement, the tip of his dick hitting your g-spot every time, mouth still connected with yours.
"Sirius I – I'm close." You moaned against his mouth, your legs shaking from tiredness and pleasure all in one. "Me too baby." He groaned, biting your bottom lip before wrapping his arms back on your waist as he pulled you out and off him, flipping you over on your back again.
Before you could whine at the sudden empty feeling, Sirius slammed himself back inside of you without warning, making you cry out in pleasure as he now hovered above you, one hand on your hips, the other gripping tightly on his headboard with his forehead lying flat on yours, eyes staring you down as he watched you get fucked into oblivion.
Sirius rammed himself into you once again, snapping his hips fast making the bed squeak at how hard he was going in on you, accompanied by your loud moans and his low grunts. You grabbed onto his back, fingernails leaving long red marks on his skin, Sirius letting out a guttural moan at the sharp feeling.
Then you suddenly felt yourself tighten around him the familiar feeling building up in your stomach as his thrust became sloppier, indicating that he too was about to reach his peak.
"You close honey? Come on baby, let it go for me." Sirius said huskily as reached between your bodies, his thumb drawing circles around your clit, until it finally sent you over the edge. "Sirius!" You screamed as you reached your orgasm, Sirius moaning in pure pleasure as he soon followed you right after, the feeling of you coming undone triggering his own. Sirius kissed you passionately, groaning deep into your mouth as he filled up the condom, him slowly riding out both your highs before gently pulling out.
Sirius pulled away from your lips with deep breathes as he rested his forehead on yours, both of your eyes showing all kinds of emotions as you stared straight into them, his hand coming up to pull a stray hair away from you face as gentle as he could before cupping your cheek, thumb stroking your now bruised up lips.
You knew there was something in the way he looked at you. Hell, even the way he touched you made you feel like there's something between you two. But you didn't speak, you just stared right into those gorgeous grey orbs of his.
"Be right back." He whispered, giving you a peck on the lips then one on the tip of your nose before standing up to get rid of the condom, you admiring his toned back and his beautiful, rounded ass as he disappeared into the bathroom.
He came back after a few minutes later with a damp towel in his hand, him flashing you a sweet smile as he walked over to you. The cold feeling of the material touching your skin few moments later as Sirius cleaned you off, his touch soft and gentle and you can't help but get swooned by his sweet gesture.
Tiredness started to take over you as your eyes began to get heavier, your head pounding a little, an early sign of a hangover.
You felt the soft covers being pulled over your bare body, followed by the bed dipping beside you as Sirius slid next to you, wrapping his arms around you as he pulled you closer to his side. You laid your head on his chest as you cuddled next to him, the sound of his heartbeat lulling you to sleep.
"That was amazing." You whispered, looking up only to see him already looking down at you with genuine, happy smile grazing his plump lips. "It really was, you are amazing." He sighed, placing a soft kiss on your forehead, fingers drawing random shapes on your bare back, the feeling so soft and comforting that you can feel yourself slowly drift off to sleep.
"So... I think we've successfully ruined our friendship" Sirius chuckled, turning to face Y/N.
"Did I at least help your dream come true, as my last act of 'only-friends'?" Y/N looked up at him innocently, and Sirius felt his chest clench at the sight of her, glistening in sweat, looking at him with a look that made him never want to leave this bed.
"I honestly don't think I could have ever imagined that" Sirius grinned, pulling her body back onto his. They lay together, Sirius arm wrapped around her waist, closing their eyes.
"I don't think I could have imagined anything better" He whispered softly, Y/N was unsure if he wanted her to hear him, so she said nothing, drifting off to sleep with the sound of his heart beating under her head.
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pink-surftable · 6 hours ago
hey everyone i’ve decided that i want to take writing requests!!
Tumblr media
so send me anything you want and i’ll try to write it! i write for the grishaverse, the marauders era and marvel. i’m excited to do this so don’t hesitate to send anything.
the only thing i don’t write is smut (cause i don’t think i would be good at it)
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proserpina-magnus · 7 hours ago
hi! If you take requests can you write a reader x Remus fluff? where they are usually studying together and helping each other out, talking about books etc. it is obvious for everyone that they like each other, but not for them.
maybe the reader could be a little shy, but really positive? and Remus is completely smitten by her and also feels protective of her?
whatever you decide I’m sure it will be amazing, hope it’s not too much
thank you for your work, you’re truly amazing!
heyy, this has been in my inbox for weeks and I'm so sorry this took so long!! I loved how descriptive you where and I hope that you don't mind that I changed the plot just a tad. Remus kind of confesses to being a werewolf soo.. I hope you like it!! xoxo
Monsters Need Love Too [ R.L ]
word count: 2.5k
[ warnings: female reader, slight jealously, tears, slight possessive behavior/words, clothes sharing, first kisses, had holding, scars, slight talk about violence, Remus's friends embarrass him, flattering ]
editor: @breakingniconicokneecaps
Remus anxiously tapped his foot, you had promised him that you both would meet up for a study session before a big potions test. You had been running late, caught up with fixing your hair or finding missing quills.
Remus kept looking towards the library door, tapping his fingers on the wooden table. There had been cracks of brown throughout the wood, Remus watched eagerly towards the doors as his dainty finger traced over the dark spiral wooden pattern.
He felt his heart putter against his rib cage, a nervous sensation creeping into his mind as he started to worry about you. It had been 10 minutes since you both originated the time to meet up, Remus was just about to stand to go look for you, but you had just hurried into the library.
He watched your frantic state walk swiftly towards him, your hair pinned back with loose strands. He smiled, pushing the chair beside him open. You flopped yourself down onto the opened chair, your books and papers left a thud as you dropped them onto the desk.
"So sorry I'm late! I couldn't find my assignment, I might have to re-do it all," you stammered, opening your books with marked stamps. You sighed, before giving a smile towards Remus. "Oh well, at least I'll have a better understanding of the material,"
Remus looked lovingly towards you, rubbing his sweaty hands on his slacks. He looked towards his own opened book, moving his papers around as he passed you his finished assignment.
"If you want, you can take a look at mine," Remus suggested, but you only shook your head and looked back towards a student who sat across a few tables. The guy you smiled at was Amos Diggory, the captain of Hufflepuff's quidditch team. Amo's had combed back messy blond hair, a boyish grin on his face as he waved towards you. Remus followed your gaze, catching the small interaction. He felt a sense of urgency to have your attention back on him.
"That's alright rem, Amo said he would help me later. Let's work on potions shall we?" You said, guiding your attention back to your books. Remus gave a disgruntled sound, his leg bouncing as it tapped into yours.
"You alright?" You asked, knees twitching every time his own knocked into yours. Remus hummed, lips thin as he focused down on his book. You felt like you did something wrong, a frown forming as you flipped some pages.
After a few moments of awkward silence, your eyes travelled towards the taller male. He was hunched over his book, his hand in a fist that rested on his bouncing thigh.
"Did I do something wrong? Are you mad I'm late?" You mumbled quietly, leaning forward as Remus turned his gaze to you. He saw your pleading eyes, a sad pout on your lips at the thought of upsetting him. Remus concluded that you were just too cute to be mad at, not that he was prior.
"No, I'm not mad," Remus huffed, tearing his eyes away from yours. Truth be told, Remus had no idea why he was so upset. You mumbled at his lame lie, your fingers tracing his wrist as you glided your hand to open up his fist. Remus jerked at the faint touch, eyes pouring at the connecting hands.
"You seem mad," you whispered gently, trying not to cause attention in the silent room. Remus brought his gaze back to your face, seeing your beautiful eyes and a small welcoming smile on your lips. His fingers opened, your own wiggling between them.
"How could I possibly be mad when you look like that," Remus blurted, in a daze. You flushed red at the compliment. You wanted so desperately for him to kiss you, Remus felt the same exact way. Before a gentle kiss could be shared, you turned back around and faced towards your book.
"You flatter too much," you teased, your shoulder bumping in with his. You didn't dare take your fingers away from his, liking the way his scars felt rigid and warm against your palm.
"I don't think I flatter enough," Remus stated, his eyes still trained on your adoring profile. You flushed once more, a swirl in your stomach from his words. Remus gushed himself at your flustered state, denying himself the right to lean in and place a kiss against your red cheeks.
"You know what I think?" You ask, turning your head so you can take a long look into his eyes. Remus leaned forward, his nose almost brushing yours. "What do you think?" He asked in response, his voice a low hum.
"I think if anyone should be flattered, it's you. You're a very attractive young man, if I do say so myself Mr. Remus," you flaunt, a giggle on your lips as you close your eyes from the laugh. Remus smiles, watching the way your cheeks rose with your smile. He was absolutely adoring your giggle form, but it was soon to be crushed by his friends.
"Uh- hello! What's going on here?" Sirius's voice boomed through, the three boys marched over to you two. Your hand fell away from Remus's, a small frown on your lips before you replaced it with a smile.
"We're just studying," you say sweetly, turning around so you can get a good look at them. Sirius raises an eyebrow, a suggestive gaze in his eyes as he stares between you two. Remus grows anxious, wanting his friends to leave as soon as possible.
"Studying what? Human anatomy?" Sirius jeers, a smirk on his lips as he leans closer. James and Peter laugh, obvious to Remus's dire crush on you.
You turn to mush at the gesture, turning back to your book as you hide your glowing face. Remus notices, upset at the way they were getting you embarrassed.
"Leave it pads, go bug off, all three of you," Remus sends a low growl to the male, but the rest of the boys only laugh and continue to talk. James pushes a seat open next to you, Remus giving him a dangerous glare.
"She's very pretty" James gushed, one of his fingers poking your sides. You squirm, but decide to be polite and smile towards James. You can't even tell him a thank you before Remus is telling them off.
"Prongs, get up and piss off," Remus states, his hand wrapping around the leg of your chair as he scoots you away from him. You grab your stuff, placing it in front of you. James frowns, tilting his head to give Remus a puppy dog expression.
"Can I stay?" Peter asked his own pout on his lips. Remus sighs loudly, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose.
"But moony!" They all chant at once, shushes and glares get shared between you all. Remus sighs one more time, deciding not to freak out and yell at all of them in front of you. The tall brunette collects his stuff, pushing it into his bag in a messy hurry. You frown, watching him pack up. You thought he was leaving with his friends, but Remus starts to take your own books and papers. With his empty hand grabbing yours, He pulls you up, tugging you out the door.
The rest of the boys shout behind him, trying to follow you both. Remus leads you down the hallway, a smile on his lips as he pats your shoulder for some comfort. "One second love, just wait here,"
Remus speeds over to the boys at the other end of the hall, far away enough for you not to hear them. They start to argue, hearing Remus raise his voice. Soon enough, the three boys look towards the ground and scoot away down the opposite hallway.
Remus jogs back over to you, smiling as he runs a hand through his hair. You bring out your hand, making a grabbing gesture. He places his hand into yours, taking the lead as he guides you down the hallway.
"Where are we going?" You questioned, stepping down the switching staircases. Remus turns briefly at the end of the steps, waiting for it to connect with another. "It's a sunny day, let's go sit on the dock,"
"What about our potions test?" You asked, following Remus down the now given steps. He steps onto the cobblestone floors, helping you off the last step.
"It's not until Friday, we have plenty of time tomorrow. You deserve a break," Remus states, pushing open a thin wooden door out towards the back of the huge castle. He takes you down the small hill, holding your hand to protect you from tripping.
"Watch your step," he says, stepping down the small steep hill. His other hand holds your waist, squeezing it between his fingers as he helps you down.
"You're my saviour," you whisper in gratitude, leaning more towards him. The air gets thicker and the breeze grows colder as you step towards the doc.
"You get pleased too easily," Remus comments, his hand squeezing yours. You turn your head, tilting it as you walk against the wooden space.
"Is that a bad thing?" You ask, Remus looked over at you briefly. He has an unreadable face before he shakes his head.
"No, unless you're thanking the wrong person," Remus explains, walking further along the doc. He helps you sit first, following suit as his legs sprawl out. He has much longer limbs, you giggle as he stretches.
"Everyone's so nice, who could possibly be the wrong person?" You wonder, head leaning against his shoulder. Remus sighs, answering that question quickly in his intrusive thoughts. You shiver, tugging your skirt down towards your knees.
"What? Do you think you're bad?" You ask, lifting your head to get a clear look at the boy. Remus lets his head lean down, a frown on his face. You hold a confused expression, your heart aching at the thought. Before you can think, your fingers tilt his head. Remus looks with wide eyes, seeing your saddened expression.
"Remus, you're the nicest person I've ever met," you explain, emotion in your eyes as you talk to him. Remus screams at himself, knowing you had no idea what he really was.
"You need to meet new people," he jokes, but you only shake your head with a deeper frown.
His heart beats quickly, your eyes guiding down to his chapped lips. He picks up instantly on your intentions and he has no remorse to stop them.
Your eyes shut on instinct, lips moving closer to his. Your head tilts, nose brushing against his as you connect mouths. Remus expresses a content sigh, his own eyes closed. His fingers lace through the back of your hair, pulling you closer.
"You don't understand," Remus sighs after the kiss, eyes whisking open. You flutter your eyelashes, sitting back on your legs. You frown, thinking he didn't like the kiss.
"Then make me understand," you tell him, heart hammering inside your chest so loud you might go deaf. Remus smiles, one of his hands still occupied with yours. His other hand cups your face, sliding it through your loose hair.
"You'll hate me once I tell you," Remus whispers, feeling tears burn his eyesight. He wishes he'd never got bitten, he didn't want you to think he was some sort of monster.
You shake your head, leaning closer as you kiss his lips once more. Remus pulls you in, addicted to the way your mouth tastes. He pushes you back slightly, feeling guilty for not telling you what he truly is.
"I'm a werewolf," Remus says, ripping off the bandaid. You blink a few times, not comprehending what he just said. Your eyes dangle down to his scarred hands, your soft thumb tracing a particularly big one.
"Does it hurt?" You quip, eyes looking back into his. Remus feels instantly loved at your small little reaction, his heart swelling as he realizes that you only care whether he's hurt, not that he turns into a killer creature every full moon.
"No," Remus lied, a tear falling from his eye. You nod, happy with his answer. Your cold fingers come to wipe away the lost tear. you lean in for another kiss, but Remus pushes you back.
"I'm a werewolf," he states once again, you nod in understanding. "I can kill you,"
"Do you want to hurt me?" You mumble, Remus feels worried build up from just thinking about it. He shakes his head, head falling as he lets out more tears.
"Then it doesn't matter," you finish, leaning down so you can get your much wanted kiss. Remus leans into it, another sigh on his lips as he pulls you closer. The waves crash against the doc, coating the wood just in front of you with seeping water.
"I can't control myself in that state, I could hurt you," Remus whispers against your lips, his arms wrapping around your sides as he pulls you in. You sigh, kissing the corner of his mouth.
"No, the werewolf would hurt me. It's not your fault, you can't control it," you tell him, sticking with your conclusion. Remus would never dare hurt you and you knew that.
"You're too good, what is a monster like me doing with you, hm?" Remus says, his fingers tilting your chin as he places a generous kiss against your cold lips. A smile decorated on your mouth, you shift closer to him. His body was so warm and you felt so cold, you were almost slipping under his coat for warmth.
"You're no monster," you whisper, Remus notices your shivering body. He felt sick for taking you out to the cold doc, tugging off his coat quickly as he props it on your shoulders.
"I monster wouldn't let his girl freeze to death," he contorts, rubbing your arms to get you to warm up. Your face heats at his words, you couldn't help but smile.
"I'm your girl?" You ask, leaning closer as you shift onto his lap. Remus's long limbs curl around you, bringing you closer as he protects you from the now vicious wind. His hair whips in every direction, the wind so tough you can hear it.
"Yes, you're my girl," Remus juts, standing up with ease as you cling onto him. He adjusts you easily, hiding you inside his big coat. Your head rests against his chest, his arms hiking around your bottom to carry you up the hill.
"All yours," you mumble, happy with the soft protection he was offering. Your arms link around his neck, not daring to let go as he opens up the wooden door once again. He carries you inside, looking around as he spots his friends. They all gap with their mouth wide open, pointing.
"All mine," Remus mutters to you, speeding away from his frantic friends. You keep your eyes closed, letting him take you to wherever he pleases.
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proserpina-magnus · 7 hours ago
hi bestie
I know you have finals and wanted to wish you good luck! and at the same time
can I request a Sirius x female reader where she gained weight and feels fat? and Sirius is comforting her or something. I’ve been feeling really bad lately about it and hate to look at my body.
sorry if i triggered you - I really didn’t mean to
hii, this didn't trigger me at all so don't think you've upset me! I'm sorry this took so long, but I'm finally done my finals so yay! I really hope you like this, xoxo!!
( also, you are absolutely stunning. Remember, your body is just a vessel for your beautiful soul! )
One Where You Gained Weight [ S.B ]
word count: 0.9k '
[ Warning: fem!reader, insecurities involving weight, kissing, clothes sharing, suggestive smut near the end ]
You stare towards the mirror with a disgruntled expression, not enjoying the reflection that stared back. Your stomach poked out through your shirt, an obvious pudge in view for everyone to see.
You tried to suck in the fat, trying to get your stomach as flat as it could go. You even try to push your skirt up over your naval, trying to compress it down.
You frantically smooth your hand over the pudge, your chest squeezing. You felt disgusting, how could you ever look pretty?
Sirius dangled outside the door, looking at his watch before concluding that you weren't coming out of your dorm. He knocked briefly, not waiting for an answer as trudged inside.
His eyebrows knit, seeing you try and flatten out your pudge. Sirius wasn't sure what you had been doing, so he walked over. He looked at you through the mirror, his hands placing themselves on your hips.
"Are we checking out how cute you are?" Sirius mushed, placing a sloppy kiss on your hair. You frown, seeing his fingers cup your doughy hips. Sirius looks back to the mirror, seeing your downcasted expression of hatred.
"What's going on? Why are you looking at yourself like that," Sirius asked, his cheek leaning against your head as he shuffled closer to you from behind. He was now confused, not understanding why you were looking so insecure.
"I've gained weight," you comment plainly, the frown never slipping. Sirius takes in a breath, placing a kiss against the tip of your ear.
"Mhm, I know," He says, not knowing why it was such a big deal. He liked the new look, there was so much more to worship and Sirius was loving it. When you don't respond, only grimace with glossy eyes, Sirius turns you around so you focus on him instead of the mirror.
"That's a healthy weight baby, means I'm taking care of you," Sirius gloats, squeezing your waist with a gentle rub. He runs his right hand up your torso, cupping your jaw so he can tilt your face. He leans in but snaps his eyes open when you push him back.
"You don't want to kiss me, I'm ugly," You ramble, eyes tightened as you turn around and look back towards the mirror. Your eyes instantly go to your stomach, Sirius raises an eyebrow.
"I don't date ugly people," Sirius states plainly, feeling a type of anger fill him as he sees you fret about your weight. Sirius liked the happy weight you put on, it made him feel good for keeping you healthy. So when you started to hate the new look, Sirius felt a need to protect.
"Turn around," Sirius asks, twirling your body back to face him. You give him a long look, not believing his words. He steps back for a second, tugging off his jumper.
"Arms up," he commands, giving you a look when you don't instantly obey. You sigh, raising your arms pathetically as he pushes the warm material onto your body.
Sirius steps back further, analyzing his impressive work. You fit into his jumper perfectly, the ends of the sleeves were a bit too big. Sirius smiles, pulling you closer as he attacks your face with little kisses.
"See, look at you." Sirius coo's, turning your back around so you can view your body. You shrug, seeing the way his jumper clung to your curves. "I'm more ugly," you mumble, Sirius gives a confused look at your statement.
"You can't be more of something you're not," Sirius explains, his arms wrapping around your waist from behind. He tugs you into him, humming as he sways you back and forth.
"See, you fit perfectly in my jumper. You’re the perfect size before, right now, and later,” Sirius says, a smile on his lips as he looks over your body. He was in love, absolutely smitten over you.
"What if I get too big and can't fit in your jumper?" You ask, feeling saddened by the thought. How embarrassing would it be if you couldn’t fit them, everyone would know and laugh. You turn away from the mirror, burying yourself into his chest.
"I'll just buy a bigger size," Sirius answers simply, shrugging like it was nothing. He crouched down slightly, looping his arms under your thighs as he lifted you. You squirm for a moment, afraid you’re too heavy.
“Sirius, I’m too heavy,” you complain, pushing at his shoulders to try and get him to put you down. He only shuffles you closer, his curious hands resting on your ass with a smirk.
“What kind of bullshit is that? You’re saying I’m not strong enough to lift up my lady?” Sirius jeers, offended by your words. He twirled you around three times, proving your theory wrong.
“Sirius, just shush,” You mumble with red cheeks, leaning back so you can map out his lips. You give him a deep kiss, thanking him for his kind words. Sirius lets out a victory hum, his mouth devouring yours in a hungry kiss. He carries you to the bed, throwing you back down against your unmade sheets.
“Alright little lady, think it’s time I showed you how a proper man makes his girl feel better,” Sirius winks, climbing on top of you while he props himself on his elbow. You laugh in the kiss, grabbing your wand as you cast a locking charm towards the door.
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pinkandblueblurbs · 8 hours ago
📜Can you write a baby blurb Sirius x reader where she wears skirt for the first time? she used to cover up all the time but plucked up the courage to do it. and she feels really cute and Sirius is like :’)))
Sirius Black x Fem!Reader. Insecurities/body image issues (they lean towards insecurities of a thicc person since the anon didnt specify and that’s what speaks to me more, but it’s nothing super specific), reassurance, overcoming insecurities, skirts, fluff, kissing
oops kinda missed the “she feels really cute” part thats my bad
a/n: i’m saying for the hogwarts uniforms girls can wear pants or skirts! bc fuck gender norms!
You let out a shaky breath as you looked in the mirror one last time, trying not to nitpick the shape of your figure or the subtle protrusion of your stomach, not to compare the size of your breasts or thighs to those of all the other girls you know. You try to look at your body and accept it, own it, consider it beautiful; and with that you pick up your satchel and head down to the common room for the day.
You’re greeted by familiar faces, Remus Sirius James and Peter all smiling at you and wishing you a good morning, which you return politely. Soon Sirius’s eyes trail lower, however, and surprise crosses his features as he takes in your outfit. Your cheeks heat up at his acknowledgement of your skirt, and your weight shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot as he steps up to you.
“You’re wearin’ a skirt today, baby” he observes, hands coming out to rub up and down your arms, his eyes still trained on the garment.
“Y-yeah- I can change, I just thought I’d give it a try, but I’m not sure if-“
“Woah woah woah, whaddya mean you can change?” He says nearly incredulously, his gaze finally finding yours, confusion swirling in his grey irises. “You look adorable, puppy.”
“I do?” You murmur unsurely, the knots of worry loosening in your stomach but remaining present still. Your boyfriend nods, the beginnings of a sly grin forming on his face.
“So cute. Looks like it was made for you, doll, it’s that pretty.” More heat floods your cheeks at his slew of compliments, the worry finally disentangling almost altogether at his kind, genuine reassurance. His hands find your sides, rubbing up and down your hips where your skirt rests on your form. “I love it. No need to change at all.”
“Thank you, Siri” you murmur, smiling up at him, your heart full and warm. He smiles back, leaning down to press a chaste yet sweet kiss to your lips.
“I’m only telling the truth, pretty girl.”
tags: @snapesdaughsjm @kyleed24 @woman-with-no-name @barneswidow @randomoutsiders @fandom-puff @spxllcxstxr @frecklesandfirecrackers @wholebigboxofyikes @fific7 @sunrisefairy @pandaxnienke @weasleyposts @mypainistemporary @amourtentiaa @drachoesimp @st0nesnglitter @quindolyn @arcaneslut @hoes4dameron @wh0reforthemarauders @shadesofvelma @i-love-scott-mccall @maybanksslut @crystal-dee @sprucewoodlover @mauradersmarvelandbooks @emmaev @padfootswife @lillsthoughts @kermiemoon @abbott27 @elizabethrosedarling @lilypad-55449 @wh0reforthemarauders @riddikulusweasleys @ashesandstars @lexlupin-black @saintlike78 @pretty-pop-princess-hs @emma67
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slycassini · 9 hours ago
Just a reminder that my requests are still open, i need to write something for remus but my mind is just blank
Here's my masterlist
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proserpina-magnus · 9 hours ago
hi! could u write an remus imagine, where y/n and remus have feelings for each other but didn’t confess anything yet but everyone knows it. And like in the story remus sees y/n in the libary struggling getting a book from a higher shelf and yk this kinda stuff:))) i love your works!!
Hi!! this is sorta like a short blurb rather then an imagine, but oh well. I hope you like it though! xoxo
Exchange’s [ R.L ]
[ Warning: female reader/terms, suggestive wording towards sex, first kisses, background Jily ]
Word count: 0.7k
Sirius teased the tall brunette, James and Peter cackling alongside him. Remus had a scarlet flush on his cheeks, embarrassed by their words.
"You're totally smitten over the chick! You're even worse than James!" Sirius called, his laugh never dying as James punched the young man to the shoulder. "Hey! My love for lily is like Romeo to Juliet!" James muttered proudly.
"Didn't they both die?" Peter asked, a confused expression on his face, Sirius couldn't have laughed harder. James went brighter than Remus, his smile fading. "I didn't read the book alright! Bloody hell, I didn't know I was gonna be quizzed,"
Remus chuckled along with his friends, checking his watch. He knew you have just arrived in the library, you always had during this time.
"Alright lads, I must get away from you lot before I get more brain damage," Remus lied, a smirk on his lips as Sirius fumed by the insult.
"Oh, whatever moony! You're going to go see that chick, what does she have that we don't?" Sirius whined, throwing a snitch towards James who caught it between his fingers.
"Uh I don't know, maybe...let's see... she has common sense, that's kind of attractive," Remus teased further, the rest of the boys yelled at him while he made it out into the hall.
Getting to the stairs, Remus could hear Sirius shout a "wanker 'ya 'r! Complete nonsense, haven't even seen the girl naked yet and you're already in love with 'er!"
Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius's comment. He took long strides down the stairs and out the portrait hole, making his way to the library.
It didn't take him long until he was walking inside the silent room, everything louder than it should be in the quiet space. He couldn't see your smaller frame, usually, it wasn't too hard for him to find you considering his taller height.
At last, he heard a faint "fuck you," whispered from your perfect voice, Remus heartbeat quickened in the thought of you being in danger.
He turned the corner behind loads of piled books, some books were high enough they touched the ceiling. There you stood, balancing on your toes as you tried your hardest to reach for a thick red book. Your fingertips brushed the spine, but it wasn't enough to grasp and tug it down.
With a huff escaping your lips, Remus slid behind you. He heard you give a delicate squeak, your head twisting to see who was so close to you.
"Oh, it's just you. I was scared for a second," you breathed out with a glow on your cheeks, to distract yourself you turned back and tapped the big book. "Can you grab this for me?"
"My pleasure," Remus responded, his own face heating as he reached his hand up and grasped the book between his fingers. You sighed happily, turning back around so you can create distance.
"Thank you-" you said while reaching for the book. Remus pulled it back, a smirk on his face. You huffed again, a pout on your lips as you looked up towards him. "Remmy, give it back,"
"I think I deserve a reward," he quipped, rising the book up higher as you tried to jump and get it. You frowned, your arms pressed together over your chest.
"A reward? Like what," you asked puzzled, tapping your foot as you watched the brunette. Remus thought for a moment for dramatic effect, but he had already known what he wanted.
"A kiss will suffice," Remus nodded, watching with a smile as you began to get flustered at his request. He was about to say he was joking, but he stopped short when you grabbed his jacket and pulled him down into a long kiss.
Remus was left shocked, your nimble fingers coming to grab the book as you pulled away from the delicious kiss. "Was that a good reward?" You asked, fluttering your lashes up at him.
Remus felt his heart drum against his body, gulping slightly with sweaty hands. He could only mumble out a crooked "ye-yeah,"
"Good, I'll see you at dinner," you smiled, closing your eyes once again before leaning up and planting a short kiss against his warm lips.
Remus watched as you walked away, his limbs numb as he sees Sirius and James walk through the doors.
"Moony, let's go break into Filch’s office again!" James whispered loudly, motioning for Remus to follow them out the door. Remus followed them out, looking back to see you hunched over the book. He licked his lips, tasting your chapstick. Remus couldn't help but smile.
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zehecatl · 10 hours ago
i might dislike canon Snape, but that does not stop me from wanting that 'we're doing canon now fuck Jo' take where Lily forces Snape and James to talk their issues out, Snape gets a 'stop using the dark forces as a tool to hide from your trauma king' talk, and they eventually form an absolutely horrible triad, where Lily has two hands, and maybe sometimes James and Snape mack on each other, just a bit
and also Harry's family gets even fucker weirder than it was in canon
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salazarslytherin · 10 hours ago
sex on fire (s.b x y/n)
summary: an encounter with sirius in the kitchen
🃛 masterlist
cw/tw: smut, pussy slapping, fingering, dumbification, praise kink, like exhibitionism if you squint, age difference (reader is of age!)
word count: 2.14k
a/n: Inspired. SO HEAVILY by @thotbutpurple’s dilf!marauders headcanons, specifically this post for this imagine. also heavily inspired by @acosmis-t's fic peanut. honestly this is just, self-indulgent. might do a dilf!series, I'm not sure reblog to boost please xxx
tag list at the bottom ☯︎ join tag list here
Some people would think that it’s weird to like someone almost twenty years your senior. And if we’re being honest, you thought the same too.
That was until Sirius fucking Black walked into your life.
One of your dad’s best friends from high school, Sirius appeared in your life when you were sixteen, riding back into town on a Bugatti motorcycle and a battered leather jacket. A photographer who’d travelled the world, he came back to your small town to spend time with his younger brother and his old friends from high school.
That spelt weekend barbecues at your house, watching the absolute hunk of a man walk around your house shirtless, or in the thinnest fucking white tank you’ve ever seen in your life. Whether Sirius owned clothes that weren’t band tees, white tanks, and ripped jeans, you didn’t know.
But secretly, you hoped he didn’t.
Now it’s been three years since Sirius had returned, and yet another one of your dad’s friends’ barbecues was being held at your house. The men were out back barbecuing – they called themselves the Marauders, the name never not making you laugh. Unfortunately, this week you were unable to join them, holed up in your room to study for your finals.
With the weather heating up as it neared the beginning of the summer, you could feel each individual bead of sweat run down your spine. Unable to focus on anything with the immense heat and the overwhelming stress you were feeling, you took out your earphones and got up off your chair, deciding to go downstairs to get something cold to drink.
Opening your bedroom door, you could hear the music playing from the backyard, the booming laughter of the various men standing around the barbecue grill. Walking down the stairs, you recited the formulas you were revising earlier, not at all paying attention to anything around you. Stepping into the kitchen, you kept staring at the flashcards you held, opening the fridge door to grab the carton of juice you knew was in there.
“That focused, are we?”
The deep voice scared you, making the flashcards from your grasp fall all over the tiled flooring. You whipped around to see Sirius leaning against the kitchen sink, smirking as he watched you. You watched him in return, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he downed a gulp from his beer bottle.
Shaking yourself off, you turned back to the fridge and grabbed the carton, before placing it on the counter and closing the door. You bent over to pick up the flashcards that you had dropped earlier, only to hear a splutter of a cough behind you.
You turned around as you placed the cards next to the carton, seeing Sirius cough into his forearm, his abs flexing beneath the thin tank top he wore.
“What’s wrong? Are you okay, Sirius?”
The man waved his hand at you, placing the beer bottle between his lips as his eyes scanned up and down your body, smirking around the bottle.
“S’nothing, Y/N.”
Your eyes followed Sirius’s gaze, looking down to realise just exactly why he had his little impromptu coughing fit. Given the heat, you’d forgotten you were only wearing a thin tank top and booty shorts that day, meaning that when you bent over, you’d given Sirius quite the show. You felt yourself turn red as you realised, spinning around promptly to grab a glass from the upper cabinets.
Unfortunately for you, but quite a fortunate happenstance for Sirius, all the glasses on the bottom shelf had been taken outside for “public consumption”, and only those on the top shelf remained.
Conscious of your every move in front of the hottest man you had ever known in your damned life, you stood up onto your tippy toes, reaching for the glasses on the top shelf. You could feel your shorts riding up as you reached up as high as you possibly could, honestly just contemplating climbing on top of the counters to reach the glasses.
All you wanted was some damned juice.
As you struggled, you heard a chuckle sound behind you, then footsteps. Warmth emanating from behind you, and then a hard body pressed up against you. Your body tensed up as you felt Sirius’s body behind you, swallowing You saw a hand reach up above yours, the large appendage wrapping around the blue glass before receding as the warmth moved away from you.
“Here you go, pumpkin.”
The nickname made your mouth run dry as you turned around to take the glass from the man, smiling slightly at him. You felt a shiver run down your spine as your fingertips grazed his, having to grip the glass unreasonably tight as you felt your hands weaken at his warmth.
Your voice croaked at the word, Sirius’s smirk growing on his face yet again. You took the carton and poured yourself a glass, sipping on it as you leaned against the counter, mirroring Sirius who was back to sipping at his beer bottle.
You could feel your exam stress building up again as your hand reached for the flashcards again, flipping through them as you mouthed the different formulas and definitions written on them.
“Stressed, Y/N?”
You hummed in agreement as you focused on the cards in your hands, the glass having been returned to the counter as you sunk back into revision mode, barely registering the clink of the beer bottle being placed in the kitchen sink as the man made his way towards you.
“Want some help, destressing, hmm?”
You looked up at the man only to find him right in front of you, your body straightening up as you watched his teasing expression, lips curled and eyebrows raised.
You knew Sirius knew the way you felt about him. The way you sucked in a breath the first time you’d seen him, the way you licked your lips subconsciously at the sight of him, the way you thought about him when you touched yourself…
He wasn’t exactly subtle with hiding the innuendos.
You shook yourself free of those thoughts as Sirius watched you, almost as if he knew what you were thinking.
“More juice, maybe?”
The smirk only grew bigger as the man shook the carton slightly, uncapping it and tilting his head backwards, drinking straight from the carton itself. You watched with your mouth hanging open slightly, his Adam’s apple bobbing entrancingly with every gulp.
“Oops, I might've finished it all. Though, I think there’s still a little more in here…”
Sirius watched you almost mockingly, mouth dropping open to show the bare minimum of juice left in his mouth.
The man knew you wanted him, and felt the exact same way towards you. He couldn’t help it.
The moment you stepped into the kitchen, he was a goner. The tank top clinging to your breasts, showing just the right amount of cleavage, the shortest fucking shorts he’d ever seen you in barely covering your ass, the man was holding himself together by a thread at this point.
“Hmm? You want it?”
Sirius’s eyes scanned your every move, eyebrows raising as you pushed off the counter slowly.
“Come get it.”
You didn’t know who moved towards who in that split second, only that a moment later your world was turned upside down. Sirius’s lips were soft and sweet – the entrancing taste of Sirius overwhelming you, beer and orange juice mixing together in the kiss. As promised, Sirius’s tongue pushed a dribble of juice into your mouth, making you moan into his lips as your arms wrapped around his neck, flashcards scattering across the tiled flooring yet again, his hands coming up to grip your waist. The man’s calloused hands fingered the hem of your top, pushing the edges up, his thumb drawing circles on your hip bone.
You gasped at the feeling of his fingers on your skin, feeling Sirius chuckle against your lips at your surprise. Your own hands moved from his neck to his shoulders, sliding down to his arms. You could feel Sirius’s arms tensing at the feeling, the veins on his muscled forearms like braille under your fingertips.
Grunting into your lips, the man stepped forward, pushing you up against the counter, the edge right against the small of your back.
“Can I?”
Sirius asked breathlessly, lips bright red from what felt like minutes, but also hours, of yours against his. He ghosted the elastic of your shorts, eyes flicking between yours as he awaited your approval or disapproval.
You nodded, unable to speak as you held your breath.
Was this actually happening, or were you having some sort of heat stroke-induced delusion?
“Turn around and bend over for me then, doll.”
Your breath hitched in your throat as you nodded again, rendered dumb by your disbelief at the situation. You bent over the counter, leaning on your forearms as you looked over your shoulder, watching Sirius crouched down, hooking his fingers into your shorts, pulling your panties down as well in one move.
The man sucked in a breath at the sight of you bottomless, making your face turn red.
“Such a pretty pussy…”
The blush spread throughout your body as you noticed how close Sirius was to you, his breath ghosting your clit as he did nothing. Simply staring at your cunt. His hands moved up from your ankles, where he’d brought your shorts down to, and spread you open, fingers dipping inside you unintentionally, but it was likely to have been intentional. You squeaked at the feeling, walls clenching around thin air.
This is so fucking embarrassing. But your body seemed to disagree, feeling yourself become wetter at the feeling of Sirius’s eyes on you.
Moving in to take a closer look, the older man sent you one of his signature panty-dropping smiles.
Literally, in this case.
“I’m going to fucking ruin it.”
You threw your head forward as Sirius ran his forefinger up and down your slit, the brief contact with your clit making you let out a loud moan of surprise. Your eyes squeezed shut as you hid your head in your forearms, Sirius’s finger stretching you out as you moaned into your arms.
“Don’t be so loud, doll. Do you want everyone to hear you?”
You shook your head, biting your lip as Sirius moved his finger in and out of you, growing wetter at the thought of anyone catching you here. In the kitchen.
With your dad’s best friend.
All coherent thought was interrupted as Sirius’s other hand landed on your clit, rolling the nub between his thumb and forefinger. The movement made your brain short-circuit, letting out a loud gasping moan as he pushed a second finger inside you as well.
“S-Sirius. Fuck.”
The man tutted from behind you but didn’t even falter in his movements, seemingly spurred by your pleasure to pump his fingers in and out of you even faster. You were so immersed in the pleasure that your eyes shot open in surprise as a sharp slap landed on your clit.
“What the fuck?”
Your head whipped back to look at the older man, who merely lifted a brow at your outburst, his fingers still thrusting into you, the sinful sounds echoing around the kitchen.
“Told you to shut up, doll. Or are you too dumb to understand simple instruction, hmm?”
As he said that, Sirius curled his fingers inside of you, making you choke on your breath as he hit something inside of you.
“S-Sirius. I-”
Another slap landed on your cunt, but the pain mixed in with the insane amounts of pleasure you were feeling, your eyes squeezing shut once more to see nothing but stars in the midst of your pleasure.
“I told you to be silent, didn’t I? How’ve I fucked you dumb already.”
You whined silently, wiggling your hips slightly as your walls clenched around him, feeling your pleasure mount inside you, climbing towards its precipice.
“Your pussy’s so tight around my fingers. You wanna cum, love?”
You bit down on your forearm, moaning out into it as you nodded, your orgasm threatening to erupt on his fingers.
Sirius curled his fingers inside you, the movement pushing you over the edge as you nearly screamed, thanking the heavens that someone, probably Sirius, had come up with the idea of blasting AC/DC in the backyard. Convulsing around the older man’s fingers, your chest fell onto the countertop, your fluids running down your thigh as Sirius pulled his fingers out of you slowly. The feeling of being empty made you whine, hand searching blindly behind you to find Sirius.
“Want more.”
A chuckle sounded behind you, Sirius’s hand finding its way to your hair, threading his long fingers through it.
“You didn’t think I was done, did you, pumpkin?”
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fandom-puff · 15 hours ago
Putting On A Show
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Sirius Black x Reader
Requested by: anon ‘wolfstar x reader where sirius is tied up by reader and remus sits at the end of the bed and gets off by watching his lovers play??’
Notes: so I imagine the dynamic in this is remus is like the Dom of both Sirius and YN, YN is the most submissive and Sirius is a it of a switch
Warnings: threesome, bondage, established Dom/sub dynamic, Sirius being a brat, praise kink, degradation, masturbation, daddy kink
Gif creds to owner
Tumblr media
“Remus,” you said, pushing into Remus’s room, not really paying much attention to what was going on. “I finished that book you lent me, it was really good-oh!”
You shut the door behind you quickly, hugging the book to your chest, biting your lip. Remus was sat in a chair at the foot of his bed, a few buttons on his shirt undone and his trousers tented. Immediately, you realised why; Sirius was sprawled out on the bed, his arms and legs tied to the posts, completely nude. “Sorry, I’ll-”
“No, Princess, come here,” Remus smiled, patting his broad thigh. You nibbled your lip, perching on his lap, eyes flicking over to Sirius occasionally as Remus eased the book from your hands and set it aside. “Sirius here has been… well a bit of a brat today,” your eyes widened as you watched Sirius roll his eyes and stick his tongue out. “And you’ve been being such a good little girl lately, so I thought you could help Daddy out a little bit. Do you think you can do that for me, sweetheart?” You nodded eagerly, smiling as Remus kissed your neck.
“Yeah,” you murmured.
“Good girl,” he smiled. “Undress for me, Princess, right down to your underwear,” you scrambled up, shucking off your shirt and jeans quickly, revealing your simple black underwear. You made to apologise that you weren’t in the sexy lingerie your boys had brought you, but Remus cut you off with a gentle kiss and a squeeze to your bottom. “Shh, you look beautiful no matter what underwear you have on, darling,”
“I much prefer her without it. Saves money when I rip it off her body,” sirius piped up, and your cheeks heated up, and you hid your face in the crook of Remus’s neck.
“While I agree with you, Padfoot,” remus said, stroking your back gently. “I feel I must remind you that you are being punished for giving me attitude,”
“And you’re gonna get YN to do your dirty work for you?” Sirius said, rolling his eyes. You gasped at his cheek.
“No. If I wanted YN to do my dirty work for me, brat, I’d have her spank you and fuck you with that pretty little strap on of hers until you cry,” he said, pushing you towards the bed gently. “No… instead, I’m going to let YN take her pleasure, do whatever she’d like to you. Go on, Princess,” he said. You bit your lip, looking between Sirius and Remus, before beginning to unhook your bra and step out of your knickers.
“Today would be wonderful, YN,” Sirius said, huffing and pouting.
“Quiet padfoot. And be nice, or I’ll have to gag you,” remus hissed, before nodding encouragingly at you.
“Can I… ride him, daddy?” You whispered.
“Of course you can Princess. But I’d like you to face me when you do. Padfoot doesn’t deserve to look at your pretty tits,” you nibbled your lip and nodded, moving to straddle Sirius in a reverse cowgirl position, stroking his cock to full hardness.
“Jokes on you Remus. I get to look at YN’s arse,” Sirius smirked, and you knew that if his hands weren’t tied, he’d be grasping the globes of your arse, spreading, squeezing and slapping them. You looked over your shoulder at him.
“You’re meant to be being quiet, Siri,” you said, turning back around and holding the base of his cock, lowering yourself down onto it, whimpering.
“Good girl, YN,” Remus cooed, returning to his seat and shuffling out of his trousers, leaving him in his boxers. You moaned at the sight of a little wet patch caused by his pre-cum. “Now… put on a show for daddy,”
You began rocking your hips, your breath coming in little huffs and gasps as you took your pleasure on Sirius’s cock, the tied up man groaning below you. You squeezed your eyes shut briefly, and when you opened them, remus had his cock in hand, stroking over his thick shaft. You moaned at the sight, eyes now fixed on it as you began bouncing. “Good, good girl,” remus grunted, squeezing his cock as you took your pleasure on Sirius’s cock. “Does his cock make you feel good darling?” He cooed.
“Y-yes, daddy,” you whined, reaching up to pinch your nipples, before starting to rub your clit. Sirius groaned loudly at the feeling of you clenching around him.
“Remus…” he moaned. “I’m gonna-”
“Oh, you can come if you want, Pads,” remus smirked. “But don’t expect YN to stop. This is a punishment, remember,”
Sirius gave out a dejected cry, his hips beginning to buck up, causing your moans to tumble from your lips. “K-keep doing that, please, Sirius, please! Gonna make me come!” You moaned out, your fingers down toying frantically with your clit as your whole body began to throb and pulse.
“Good girl,” remus growled, bucking up into his fist, his cock now throbbing for release. “Come for us, Princess,” he groaned as you cried out, tossing your head back as your hips stuttered, your pussy clenching hard around Sirius’s cock, and you could feel his release painting your inner walls as he cried out. Remus grunted, his own come spurting into his fist.
Panting, you stilled your hips, feeling Sirius’s softening cock still buried inside you. “Daddy…” you moaned softly, reaching for remus.
Remus smiled softly at his loves, and with a quick swish of his wand, Sirius’s arms and legs were released, and you felt his elegant hands grasp your hips, and with the help of remus, you were laid between them, two sets of arms wrapping around you.
“Remus,” you mumbled, already feeling a little sleepy as Sirius kissed the back of your neck and nuzzled into your hair. “I think Sirius made up for being a brat,”
Tags: @liliputbahn @lilymurphy03 @pinkandblueblurbs @wholebigboxofyikes @remus-lupin-simp @dailyalanrickman @cremedelabrulee @simpforsnape @imareallygrumpyme @ithinkweallsing @lizlil @whizzbeesdukes @sassicaismysupreme @acciosiriusblack @highfunctioningfangirl19 @mypainistemporary @sociallyawkward-princess @pandaxnienke @agalandhermarvelobsession @once-upon-an-imagine @lazyotakujen @lilypad-55449 @rogertaylorismycar @lxoxtxtxi @wh0reforthemarauders
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heathericious · 16 hours ago
daddy daughter time - s.o.b
!smut! - 18+ only, minors dni. warnings; sex with biological father, ddlg, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, multiple sex positions, rounds of sex, masturbating, spanking, dirty talk, oral (m&f receiving).
note; this is basically porn, and it's gonna be really long. i-, i'll admit i kinda like this one.
Y/n is Sirius' only daughter. It had always been the two of them together since Y/n's mother died when she was 3. "Y/n, c'mon and help me lift these to the attic." Sirius called out while lifting boxes filled with his mother's old books, expensive silver plates, and jewelry. "One second, daddy!" Y/n shouted from her room trying to push down her tight t-shirt over her breasts. Lately, Sirius was feeling more than a daughter and dad relationship with Y/n, since Y/n is a teenager, her boobs got bigger, her ass got bigger and she developed curves throughout her body. Y/n leaped down the stairs and lifted the boxes on the floor. She bent down to pix up the boxes as Sirius stared at her ass. "Oh, how badly I wanted to spank them." he thought. "Can you please pull down the ladder daddy?" she asked. Her innocent tone turned him on even more. "Of course baby." he said. Sirius pulled down the ladder as Y/n stepped up and climbed the ladder carefully with the box in her hands. Sirius' face were right infront of her ass. And it was obvious that he's turned on and he had a visible boner in his black pants. After moving the boxes, at this point Sirius was sweating not only from carrying the boxes but also trying to hide his boner that seemed like it wouldn't calm down. "Uhm, daddy what happened to your pants?" Y/n blushed hard knowing that it was his dick. "Erm, it's nothing baby, you can go to your room . Thanks for helping me, darling." Sirius rushed to his bedroom to take care of his "problem". Y/n was left alone blushing in the hall, she was deciding whether or not she should see what Sirius was doing. And she did. She tip-toed walking to Sirius' room. //Sirius' Pov// I rushed to my room and sat down on my bed and layed down. I slowly unzip my pants and slide of my boxers from my cock as it spang out. I let out a moan of relief. I started to stroke my cock up and down and over again. As i glided my finger on the tip of my cock, I thought of Y/n laying naked on my bed with her hands tied on the headboard and my cock penetrating her tight pussy. I know having these thought of my own daughter was wrong but it felt so right. "Ah..." I moaned quite loudly as I put pressure on the tip of my cock. As I was about to cum the door opened revealing Y/n looking at me with lust in her eyes. //Author's Pov// Y/n opened the door quietly to leave a small gap enough for her to see what Sirius was doing. She watched him stroke his cock slowly increasing his speed and moaning in pleasure. Y/n rubbed her thighs together as she was getting wet in between her thighs. As Sirius was about to cum, Y/n accidentally tripped and the door slammed open. Both of them blushed and looked away. "E-erm I-i'm sorry. I-i'll get going now." Y/n closed the door. But Sirius pulled her hand making her fall on top of him. "D-daddy?" "You were peeking me weren't you? You deserve a punishment." he said lowly. Sirius pulled her down and kissed her. Y/n tensed but then relaxed and rubbed Sirius' hard well-built muscular chest. Sirius flipped her over so he was hovering above her. "Baby, you were being a naughty girl. You deserve to be punished." Sirius went down to kiss her jaw and neck desparate to find her sweet spot. Eventually he found the spot just under her ear because she moaned quite loudly. Sirius pulled away trying to tease her. "Ugh~ Daddy, kiss me." Y/n whined. "Hm? What was that? You want me to kiss you? Okay. What my baby girl wants, she will get." Sirius kissed her with more force. His hands roamed around her body and squeezing her breasts as he goes. "Ah~ Squeeze harder daddy." she mumbled against his lips. Sirius obglied and squeezed her breasts harder. “Hm, I shouldn’t be the one following your orders baby girl. Strip.” Sirius chuckled darkly. Y/n followed his orders and stripped her clothes until she us fully naked. Sirius did the same as well. “Get on all fours.” Sirius said. “Daddy, is it bad that I’m enjoying this?” Y/n asked. “No, darling. I’m enjoying it too.” Sirius engaged her in a kiss. His tongue roamed around her mouth
wrestling with her own. “Hmm, let’s see. What should I do for your punishment?” Sirius smirked at her red face. He picked up his belt and spanked it on her bare ass. “Ugh~ Daddy!” Y/n yelped. Sirius then spanked her ass with his belt again. And again. And again. And again. And all over again. “I’m pretty sure you’ve had your punishment enough.” Sirius said as Y/n let out a sigh of relief. “Now. Tell me darling. How many boys have you fucked?” Sirius rubbed her ass gently to soothe the pain. “T-three.” Then Sirius slid his cock inside her still tight slick walls from behind, doggy style. “Uh~ You’re so big daddy.” Y/n moaned loudly. Sirius continued to pound inside her pussy on a fast pace making her tits bounce with each thrust and the bed shake along with their lewd movements. “That’s what you get for fucking other men besides me. You’re mine, you are fucking mine. You belong to me, only me.” Sirius slapped her ass. “Y-yes daddy! I belong to you.” Y/n moaned. "How do you feel to be fucked by your own father? Huh, Darling?" Sirius said as he kept penetrating his daughter with his cock on a rapid pace inside her slick wet pussy. "Ah~ It feels so good to be fucked by you daddy! Ugh~ Your cock is so big." Y/n whined and moaned. She lowered her head to see what was going on under there where their bodies connected. She saw how pink his cock was and it was going in and out of her making her pussy stretch out. "You've fucked three guys and yet your little wet pussy is still so tight. Just wait till' those guys you fucked see you pregnant with your father's child." Sirius pounded her even faster making the bed rattle rapidly. "Ah! Daddy! Make me pregnant with your cock, daddy! I don't want to be your daughter anymore! Make me pregnant daddy!~" Y/n gripped the sheets tighter with each thrust that Sirius did. His cock hit her g-spot and she moaned out loud curses. "How hot, you want to get pregnant with my baby huh? I'll make sure you won't walk for a week and you'll get pregnant with my baby." Sirius rubbed her clit from behind sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body. "Daddy! I'm gonna cum! Ughh~, AH~!" with that loud moan she came with Sirius cumming not long after. His warm, sticky, white gooey cum shot out of the tip of his cock and filled up her pussy up to the brim till' it couldn't fill her pussy and squirted and oozed out of her pussy. "Ugh~ You came so much daddy, look it's overflowing from my pussy." Y/n said lightly and dug her finger inside her pussy and collected her and Sirius' cum on her fingers and licked them clean. She continued to clean her pussy from the cum with her fingers and licking them clean. Sirius watch his daughter's lewd doings while stroking his sticky cock from the cum. "Such a dirty girl you are, huh?" Sirius smirked looking down at his daughter's sweaty tits and body. "Everytime I touch myself I think of you daddy. Make my imaginations come true." After Y/n said that, Sirius started to kiss, bite, suck, and nibble on her neck leaving dark bruises and hickeys. "It feels so good, daddy." she moaned and tugged on his long dark locks. "Are you ready for round two, baby girl?" Sirius whispered and bit her earlobe. "Hmm, Yes daddy." "Come on baby, put your legs on my shoulders." Sirius said as he helped her shaky legs and put them on his shoulders. Sirius slid inside her pussy easily and continued to thrust in and out at a firm pace. This new position made Sirius' cock hit the sweet spots inside her pussy making Y/n moan out loud and whine wanting to cum and wanting Sirius to penetrate her faster and cum inside her. "What's with the whining my darling daughter?" Sirius snapped his hips harder to abuse her pussy but still maintaining his slow and steady pace. "Ahh~ Daddy, please fuck me faster! Cum inside my pussy please, Look at my pussy daddy, it needs to be filled with your warm salty cum, daddy." Y/n rubbed her clit gently. Sirius was so turned on and started to pound into her wildly. "Ahhhh~" Y/n moaned loudly. With this position Sirius managed to hit her g-spot
with his red tip of his cock. Y/n's pussy clenched around his cock and that sent them both over the edge. And his gooey, sticky, white cum mixed around with Y/n's cum inside her pussy and overflowing and oozing out of her pussy for the second time. Sirius pulled out slowly as he watched a string of cum connecting his cock and her slick hole. “Hmm, you did so good for me baby. Can you do one more round?” Sirius stroked her hair. “Mmm~ I can do as many rounds as your want, daddy.” Sirius’ hand trailed down her body from her tits to her pussy. His fingers glided up and down her creamy folds. “Hmm... Baby how are you already so creamy for me?” He pushed two fingers in and pulled them out again to get his fingers coated in her creamy juices. He sucked and licked his fingers tasting the taste of her pussy. “Hm, since you’ve been a good girl for me, you get to choose the position you want.” Sirius rubbed her tits. “Ugh, I don’t care! Just fuck me daddy! Penetrate me! Breed me!~ ” Sirius pushed her spreaded legs up to her chest and slipped in his still hard cock inside her pussy. Sirius moaned at how her pussy engulfed his milky cock so well and her juices making his cock wet and slick. Her pussy milked his cock perfectly and making sure that his milky, creamy cum was all inside her. Y/n cried out to the new angle his cock was hitting. His cock was in her pussy up to her g-spot perfectly and Sirius pounded her pussy rentlessly. The veins from his pink cock was sticking out since his cock was so hard and the tip of his cock was technically red and leaking out. Sirius continued to fuck her as Y/n couldn't feel her legs. Sirius' cock rammed and drilled her pussy so hard that Y/n couldn't hold it and cummed with Sirius. Sirius wasn't finished, yet after he cummed inside her pussy, he took his cock inside her mouth as she licked his cock clean. He then went down to her pussy to slurp all of that delicious sticky cum from his cock and her pussy. His tongue swirled around her hole and mixed their cum around till' he was happy enough to slurp the cum from the hole of her pussy. His tongue licked her clit and her pussy till' it was clean. The next day Y/n couldn't walk properly for a week straight and after she could walk again, she found out she was pregnant with Sirius' child. The guys she fucked saw her with a big baby bump and Sirius wrapping his arm around her waist.
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nerdblob · 17 hours ago
Sirius hadn’t felt the betrayal of someone who’s supposed to love you, who used to love you not loving you with his parents because they never loved him, not really and after his gryffindor sorting their feelings for their son turned into deep hatred but it was different with regulus. The siblings had loved each other, been each other’s life line, been the love the other needed growing up when no one else would give it to them and so as regulus slowly began to hate his brother, to feel a disdain towards Sirius- that was betrayal, that’s were he felt the most pain because he would die for his brother and it hurt so much for someone he cared that deeply for, who used to carry the same level of care for him, to no longer be able to look at him without a sneer or a look of hatred and distain and that’s were it hurt most.
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blue-writes-things · 18 hours ago
Sirius Black x Reader | Fluff / Angst
“For once you didn’t want to set the place on fire, you wanted to set yourself on fire”
| Masterlists | Words: 2225 Warnings: Shitty parents, Walburga and Orion’s A+ parenting, swearing, feminine pronouns   A/N: I still don’t know what pov this is, and also world ‘law’ inconsistencies. Edited Blue Moon Archives
Feedback is always appreciated! - Blue
You’re standing in a crowd of people talking shit about each other or blood purity, blah, blah, blah. Although you’d rather be listening to the other people at this ‘Pureblood only’ party that your mother dragged you to, then listen to her talk at you, ripping at everything about you because the ribbon you tied around the waist of your dress was red and gold.
You wanted to have something with you that didn’t make you want to set everything on fire, or maybe you could borrow some of those fireworks James and Remus made, or - you got snapped out of your thoughts of ‘justified arson’ by someone yelling “Sirius Orion Black!”
Oh shit- that was one of the biggest reasons you hated going to these things since Sirius had ‘family’ in this little clique, he was dragged to them. You always made a big effort to not let anyone at Hogwarts know you were related to these monsters.
Everyone but a few Slytherins knew you as a muggleborn, Including your friends, you knew you should tell them the truth, but something always stopped you.
So you spent these parties hiding from Sirius, seeing him in a room meant you went to another, or even just went to the bathroom for the whole event so there was no way he would see you. You wanted to tell him, so these things wouldn’t be as bad, so you’d have someone to talk to, but you thought that if he, or any of your friends found out, you’d be dropped as their friend and that was the worst thing that could happen to you.
As Sirius and his mother walked into the room, you went to the other room, but unlucky, Sirius saw the little bit of red in the sea of green, going after you, knowing that no one who went to these things would ever wear red. But he missed you by a second. A seconded that, to you, saved your friendship. You and Sirius ended up playing a game of hide and seek for the rest of the night before you finally got to leave.
The next morning when you walked into the common room to see James, Remus and Lily sitting on the floor watching Sirius pace in front of the fireplace talking faster than a snitch flies.
“Who broke Sirius?” you raise your eyebrows sitting next to Remus on the floor.
“He had to go to one of those pureblood parties and a girl was there” he sighs, you stiffen, knowing it was you
“It’s not about her being a girl! It was that she had a red ribbon!” he yelled, before dramatically falling to lay on the floor.
“What’s it matter that she was wearing a red ribbon?” Lily asked leaning on James, making him turn as red as the couch “No don’t make him talk again!” Remus half laughs, but was also being a bit serious (no pun intended)
“Because! If you were listening, no one at these parties wears red, it’s like poison to them, meaning this girl must have known that and chose to wear it, meaning she doesn’t think like them!”
“Sounds like your jumping to conclusions Pads,” James says, still red “No! Cause she also was basically running from me all night
“She sounds smart” You smirk “Either way, why does it matter?” “It means that there’s someone there who is also a Gryffindor, you guys wouldn’t understand…” He trails off, you wanted so badly to hug him and say, I know exactly what you’re saying
“Guys, I’m hungry, can we go to breakfast now?” Remus whines standing up, we all nod and agree getting up
“Last person there has to do Sirius’s homework!” you half yell making everyone run out of the room down to the great hall, once everyone gets there, Lily ends up coming last, meaning James will end up doing Sirius’s homework.
“How do you always get here first?” Remus says panting (pun 100% intended)
“Cause I remember all the shortcuts here” he grins
“I think that’s cheating and Sirius is disqualified meaning he has to do his own homework, all in favour?” Lily glaring but smiling at Sirius as everyone, but him raises their hand “You’re all sore losers!” everyone laughed sitting down and starting to eat.
About halfway through breakfast a bunch of owls come in, dropping everyone letters. You don’t pay too much attention to it, you rarely get letters, and when you do, it’s just your parents shouting insults at you. So when a letter drops in front of you it made you flinch. Noting it’s in a green envelope you shove it in your pocket. Sirius frowns but doesn’t say anything.
The group go about the day, having classes, watching James try to flirt with Lily, Sirius trying to flirt with you, the norm.
But after charms with Slytherin, you and the boys had planned a prank for Lucius Malfoy, he was bullying a first-year Hufflepuff, no one messes with Hufflepuffs and gets away with it.
Right as it was about to go into action, he got out of the way of the red dye about to fall on his plantation blonde hair. The group all groan, seeing Severus smirk as he leaves the classroom, you guess he told Malfoy about it but the looks of things.
“Watch it ‘mudblood’.” he smirks, putting ‘mudblood’ in quotations, he was one of the people who knew about you not being muggleborn, he said he wouldn’t tell anyone, but now he uses it as blackmail on you.
“Don’t call her that!” Sirius yells, going to pull out his wand, to hex him into next year.
“Y/N, I suggest you control your friend there, he does anything to me, I’ll tell your little group about your dearest mother and father. To be honest, I’m surprised you’ve kept your mouth shut about it for so long” he chuckles as he turns to leave, Sirius fuming about to go after him again
“Sirius. Just, leave it” you mumble
“Why! He can’t say that to you!”
“Cause we’d get detention and I have a…thing…I need to go to this weekend, and if I miss it, I’ll get bea- in big trouble….I’m going to the library I have homework to do, I’ll see you guys later” you rush off
“She’s not going to the library” Remus utters, both James and Sirius look at him funny “You can’t get to library from that way”
“I’ll catch up with you guys,” Sirius says going off after you
“Wanna go get lunch Moony?” James says after Sirius runs off
“Sounds good”
You reach the black lake, taking out the letter your parents sent you this morning, ripping it open and reading it. It was the normal ‘disgrace, worthless, traitor’ it hurts more than you expected, plus a reminder at the bottom that you’re going to another gathering this weekend.
You drop the letter next to you, hugging your knees to your chest, tears start falling. You sat like that for almost an hour before someone sat next to you
“Been lookin’ for you everywhere love” you look up and It’s Sirius “What’s wrong?”
He frowns looking down seeing the letter, and a green envelope, just like the ones his family sends him, he goes to grab it, but you snatch it away before he can
“What’s the letter say? It’s clearly upset you” he shuffles closer to you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. Not thinking clearly, you say the first excuse that comes to your mind
“Mum just told me that, my aunt died,” you say not looking at him
“Y//n, I know that’s not true”
“What do you mean it’s not true! I just read the bloody letter”
“Cause this is the fourth letter in a row telling you that an aunt has died, you’re not very good at lying”
“You’d be surprised” you mumble so Sirius doesn’t hear you
“Come on, you can tell me anything, you can tell me the truth”
“You don’t want to know the truth, Sirius!” You snap at him running up to the castle.
You spent the rest of the week avoiding your friends, well Sirius, but he’s always with them, so it meant avoiding them too.
It was Saturday night, and you were at the pureblood party, and completely miserable. You go over and stand next to your father
“Couldn’t help but bring that ‘Gryffindor’ pride with you?” your father says looking down at you. You’ve never felt so small “Take that stupid thing off”  
“S-sorry father” you look down you taking off the red ribbon
“Disgrace” he mutters walking away
Not wanting to look as alone as you felt, you go outside though some fancy glass doors, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, for once you didn’t want to set the place on fire, you wanted to set yourself on fire, you felt cold, but not from the weather, from spending a week away from your friends, and re-reading all the letters your ‘family’ sent to you.
You didn’t notice, but Sirius had just walked in. He’s looking around for the red ribbon, hoping that ‘whoever’ she is, was here tonight, he sees the ribbon by the doors, smirking “fuckin’ finally” he thinks, once he’s outside he sees that it’s you.
Your eyes go wide ‘well tonight can’t get worse’ you think, turning to him but not daring to look in his eyes
“How’d you get here? What are you doing here?”
“Same as you” You show Sirius the ‘invite’ to the party
“I-I don’t understand, you’re not muggleborn you’re pureblood? Why didn’t you tell me?” he frowns
“I didn’t want you to think of me as one of them” You look inside, you can practically hear them saying mudblood
You could see cogs turning his brain though his eyes as he was piecing it all together “All the letters were from them?”
You nod, pulling out a bunch of paper from your bag “Only letters I ever get” you choke handing them to Sirius He looks through them, anger boiling inside him
“They say I’m a traitor, pathetic, disappointment, disgrace, worthless, unloved, unneeded…I guess I am really” Sirius pulls you into a hug.
“You’re nothing like them, and you’re none of those things, I’m so glad I met you, I don’t know where I’d be without you… actually I do, I’d be in there bored outta my mind,” You hold him tighter burying your head in his neck
You hear Sirius’s mother calling him from inside, you pull away smirking at him, and spark in your eye, as if you weren’t about to burst out crying.
Sirius looks at you confused but smiling “What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours”
“Well since we’re stuck here for a bit, why don’t we have some fun” you grin tying ribbon back around your waist
“I like the sound of that”
You grab Sirius’s hand and pull in inside to where a song is playing and people are dancing respectfully in pairs.
“Hey, Pads? May I have this dance?”
“Hey, isn’t that my line?”
You roll your eyes as you both go to where the dancing is. Sirius holds you by your waist pulling you close
You raise your eyebrow and Sirius winks at you “Do you know what personal space is?” smirking you wrap your arms around his neck, only making you both closer “Doesn’t seem like you mind” his voice drops an octave
“Who would mind being this close to Sirius Orion Black” Sirius looks down at your lips.
“The way my name sounds coming off your lips is making me want to kiss you,” he says sensually, smirking and pulling you closer (if that’s even possible) you bite your lip, flicking your eyes from his lips
He crashes his lips to yours, sending sparks through each other, it felt like it was always meant to be, but ruining the moment both your mothers are pulling you apart, saying things like blood traitors, despicable, etc, making you both laugh
“See you at school!” Sirius calls as his mother drags him out
“If we make it back!”
You both laugh, your mothers going off.
~ A few months later ~
You were taking a walk around the grounds finding Sirius sitting by the black lake holding a letter “Parents?” you say sitting by him, wrapping him in a hug as he nods
“Th-they disowned me…It’s like I don’t give a fuck, I hate them…but it still hurts”
You laugh a bit “You’re kidding right?” “Hm?” he tilts his head to the side as you pull a letter from your robes
“Got it yesterday” you hand letter to him He lets out a laugh “They disowned you too?!” “They couldn’t wait one day? So we can get disowned together?” you both laugh
“I love you, Sirius Orion”
“Now that sounds so much better coming from your lips” he has his cheeky grin on his face “Does it make you want to kiss me?” you smirk “It makes me want to kiss you forever” as he pulls you into a passionate kiss.
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- Unheard Songs ³ -
Word Count: 959
Synopsis: Y/n finds Sirius' song book and finds three songs he has never shared with her.
Warning(s): None
Author's Note: the writings in italics are lyrics and small letters are Sirius's notes.
Important: I don't own any songs in the story all rights go to the respective singers!
I prefer listening to this song while reading.
Previous Part
˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄
And with that, it was the last piece of paper, unlike the other pieces of papers this one was in better conditions, as of written recently.
September 9th, 1979.
I found a love for me
Oh darling, just dive right in and follow my lead
Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet
Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
Never in a million years I thought, that one day I'll find myself such a beautiful person, the girl of my life my y/n. How foolish I was who never knew she was the one with me all the time, how this mere thought of her loving me never came to my mind. Merlin.
'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes, you're holding mine
Thinking about old times now, we were so little when we fell for each other not even realising it, we made mistakes and mend them, we fought and apologized, and in the end we got together. All I want is her kisses to keep me alive. All I have is her love and her heart, which I won't ever dare to break, and when I look inside her eyes I feel like I am lost, because they are so deep and beautiful just like the ocean
Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight
Whenever we dance together, it reminds me of our first ever date, when we were dancing near the black lake, with no music just the beat of our hearts, it was perfect, and I remember how she slowly mumbled Merlin I look like a mess right now, I had to correct her, that she was indeed the most beautiful and perfect person ever, prettier than Aphrodite herself. Because she is my love, and she is perfect.
Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own
In my life, I haven't wanted anything but to spend my whole life with this goddamn gorgeous woman. She helps me through everything, thick and thin, never complaints or doubts me. And all I want is to have my own little kids with this god send angel. I want to marry her one day, and call her mine forever. No one can ever come between us. Because in our world it's just me and her and love.
We are still kids, but we're so in love
Fighting against all odds
I know we'll be alright this time
Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl, I'll be your man
I see my future in your eyes
We are still kids, but our love is so beyond it, it's true love and it's pure bliss, we have fought everyone who came between me and her because us, it inevitable, I want her to be mine till I grow old, to be with my and do all the sappy, lovey-dovey talks, to make love until morning, to be their with her forever.
Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don't deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight
I am so inlove with this gorgeous human being, I don't even think it's possible to love someone as much as I love her. The day when lily and james got married, she looked gorgeous in her bridesmade dress, she looked like an angel who came straight from heaven, and I can't wait to see her in her own wedding dress.
Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect
I don't deserve this
You look perfect tonight
Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve this beautiful, pure and gorgeous human being. Merlin. I am in love.
Y/n had the biggest grin on her face as she read the last bit of the paper, tears of happiness gushing down her eyes, she loved this man so freaking much and yet he had no idea.
The girl was snapped out of her thoughts, by sirius who was standing on the door frame clearing his throat.
"I suppose you read these huh?" Sirius asked while engulfing the girl in a hug.
"I love you sirus, so very much" was all she said before burrying her face in his neck.
"Marry me then". Sirius said his voice barely above a whisper.
"Huh" y/n asked as she looked up at sirius.
"Marry me then y/n!" Said sirius before getting on his one knee and taking out a velvet box from his pocket.
"S-Sirius are you serious?"
"I am always Sirius my love" said boy chuckled before continuing. "Y/n whitmoore, you have changed my life completely in a good way ofcourse! I was going to sing the last song you read for you today night infront of your parents and ask your hand for marriage, but since you already read it, marry me y/n and make me the happiest man in existence."
"Yes!" Y/n exclaimed, as Sirius slipped the beautiful diamond ring in his now fiancé's finger.
"I love you my love." He finally said as he grabbed her chin, and kissed her passionately.
"I love you too Sirius"
And then they lived a life like they were in a fairytale.
˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄
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