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#i wouldn't call it a spoiler since it's literally the same scene as the episode just with insider info on merlins thoughts
Writing Merlin’s thought process is pretty fun, ngl:
‘Despite knowing how willingly they would kill Arthur, him, and his friends if given the chance, Merlin had no desire to kill these men. He didn’t even wish to see Agravaine dead, not truly, even with all he had done to betray Arthur and assist Morgana in her attempts against his life. Merlin did not want to kill anyone. He never did. Nimueh was the first and only exception and even that brought him no pleasure. Merlin killed out of necessity to protect Arthur and those he held dear and for self defense alone. If they turned around and walked out of the cave with the intention of leaving and not pursuing them, Merlin would let them go. But unfortunately, Merlin knew that was not going to happen. But he still had to give them that choice. “Be careful,” Merlin warned.’
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