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seijinmukemanga · 6 minutes ago
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COMIC Danshaku COMIC男爵
ラッシャーヴェラク Rusher Veraku
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ceramicalapuerta · 7 minutes ago
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新潟伊勢丹公式ページに素敵に掲載していただきました! 新潟は一年ぶりなので、少しドキドキ💓してます。今もまだまだ足りない作品を作ってます💦 間に合わず、初日にはお持ち出来ない作品もあるかと思いますがなるべく早めに追加していきたいと思いますのでよろしくお願い致します! @michiyomaki 先生 FBでもシェアしていただきましてありがとうございます🙏✨ 次回展示会 #新潟伊勢丹 5階 #ステージ5 初夏を迎える花の器展 5月19日〜25日 #花のある暮らし #花の器 #花のうつわ #花が好きな人と繋がりたい #花が好き #器好き #うつわ #器のある暮らし #器好きな人と繋がりたい #花紋 #5月の花 #5月の器 #陶芸工房ラプエルタ #小林恵 #5月の展示会 (新潟伊勢丹)
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ramudamemura · 11 minutes ago
ranking fling posses songs even tho nobody asked
i havent looked at translations for the lyrics so this based off of only the melody also I hope I don’t offend anyone for not liking certain songs as much I’m really really really sorry if i do
Umm I’m doing them in alphabetical order btw
ok so I really like this song it’s super super catchy but. But 😭 it has like those cash register sounds in the background and I mean it doesn’t ruin the song or anything but like it sounds like they’re trying to hard JDJDJDJJS I would not listen to this song in front of friends just because of the sound effects BUT like I said it’s really catchy so it kinda makes up for it!! My favorite part is when there’s the instrumental part that leads into a key change!! I rate this an 8.5/10
i like this one a lot too! One thing that’s kinda cool is how they go back and forth on the chorus like matenrou is first I think and then fling posse and the way they’re going back and forth almost makes it seem like they’re really fighting yknow!!! Ummm also it has like Moments where like idk they’re memorable like when doppo screams or Gentaro does the whispery thing and I like that!! This ones also 8.5/10
Black Journey—
dont get me wrong I do like this one but it’s probably in my bottom three 😭 I don’t actually dislike it THAT much it’s just that I really like all the other songs ig? There’s really only one song I dislike but we’ll talk about that later anyways this song is pretty nice I’m not good at recognizing voices but whoever is singing in the very very beginning (Gentaro???) did a very good job I’m gonna give this a 6.5/10
a lot of what I’m gonna say here goes for both of gentaros songs but they both sound almost unfinished? That’s not really what I mean idk how to describe it they both sound like they’re missing something?? theyre both extremely catchy and really well written which kinda makes up for it but it’s still kinda noticeable yknow? BUT im not saying this song isn’t good like it’s really good but it COULD be better I think but um for some reason the chorus makes me nostalgic?? I have no idea what for but yeah. Hmm 8/10
Im insane for liking this song so much it’s so obnoxiously upbeat and I swear I should hate it but I DONT because like yeah it’s obnoxious but it’s catchy and I can never be sad or angry while listening to it cuz it cheers me up. im embarrassed to like this song as much as I do 😭 but like. IDK it’s got a really good tune and it gets stuck in your head and it’s super cute umm I’m giving this one a 9/10
I feel like everyone really really likes this song but idk I don’t think it’s that great again I don’t DISLIKE it but I’d say it’s my second least favorite fling posse song? Umm what’s something good I can say about it well it has a nice beat I do like the beat a lot idk I’m just gonna give it a 5/10
pink colored love—
okkkk I’m trying not to be mean but like I HATE this song so much 😭 I’m trying to think of something nice to say about it but I genuinely cannot think of a single part I like im giving it a 1/10 because I feel bad giving it a 0
reason to FIGHT—
love this one!!! It’s very like energetic and pretty fast paced and I really like the chorus which duh is important cuz it gets repeated a lot umm my favorite part is when they like announce the group names??? I don’t speak Japanese but ik they say mad trigger crew and fling posse and Id try to find the lyrics but again I can’t understand Japanese and ik they say the group names several times and I don’t want to put the wrong part 😭 but yeah I like that umm idk it’s just a really good song 10/10
scenario liar—
just like with Gentaro’s other song this one sounds a bit unfinished and I don’t like it quite as much as his other one but it’s still really really catchy his voice sounds very smooth and nice here!!! Also it has this one like piano bit in the background that I like :)) I really like the chorus but the reason why I like this one less than the other is because the rest (outside of the chorus) is a tiny bit boring but still I’ll give it 7.5/10
im also embarrassed to like this one as much as I do but this might be one of my favorites 😭 no idea why but I really like it my favorite part is the right to left left to right part there’s more lyrics than that but that’s all i can remember AND it doesn’t have cash register noises so it’s a step up from dices other song I really really like it 10/10
Maybe it’s just me but I feel like this one doesn’t seem to be as popular but for whatever reason I’m like obsessed with it 😭 I really like Halloween and in theory this could be considered kind of a Halloween song??? Not really but like ghosts and stuff idk and it always gets stuck in my head I really like it 9.5/10
this ones cute the beginning sounds like .idk how to describe it like bouncy??? It’s very bouncy???? I like how they say the name of who’s rapping before they start that’s nice and I like the kind of call and response part thats a little towards the end idk I don’t have much to say 8/10
I like the original a tiny bit better than the remix but this ones nice too! It doesn’t have as much of the like bounciness but it still sounds good. The background part when each person like individually raps makes me really nostalgic for some reason? My only complaint is I don’t really like the siren noises they always take me by surprise even tho I know they’re coming 8/10
this is the only one I’ve looked at lyric translations for and the song itself AND the lyrics are both really nice. I love the piano part a lot it’s really nice and there’s this really specific line in dices part that I really like when it has the like descending violin thing which gets me EVERY TIME 😭 also towards the end I think it’s the last time they sing the chorus there’s like a drum roll added in (sounds like snare????) and I’m obsessed with it and also again towards the end they add like more background instruments to like flesh out the sound (?) and I really like that 10/10
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raventreehouse · 12 minutes ago
Can you do a Hcs of a gender neutral reader trying to teach Sunny how to dance! (Dancing is my favorite thing to do) Thank you! I love ur blog
I got so happy seeing a request for Ann and Katara as well thank you kind stranger for letting me write for these women. These turned out so long, can you see that dancing is one of my interests as well?
Let’s start with the first thing, you’ll have to convince him to learn to dance
Cause do you see Sunny dancing?
Well earlier than Omori
Anyways after that the trouble begins
Soo this boy, is stiff
You’re gonna spend a lot of time teaching him to dance
Especially more than the other two-
Honestly the best you’ll get him to do is those really non moving dancing moves
He will however support you for dancing if you do competitions or something
But say you’re a bit disappointed about him not really wanting to dance
Well he sets up a surprise
He sets up a flash mob at the park
Many people actually join in!
He’s clearly more comfortable if the focus isn’t on him
But in the end he does really well!
Just don’t expect him to dance while it’s just the two of you, he gets embarrassed 
She’s so excited!
And like a really good student
She picks things up so fast
I mean look at the rhythm persona games
She’s good man
If you’re actually looking for a dance partner you can call her up
New hobby thanks to you and loves doing it with 
She would be so good at things like tango or waltz with you
She also hands down would get the rest of the phantom thieves to join like at least 3 lessons
Dude seeing Futaba and Ryuji dancing will never not make you laugh
They know they are bad at dancing
And do not give a shit
It’s great
Haru is so graceful you are in awe a bit
Ann isn’t even jealous she just looks like ‘yeah those are my friends’
Makoto would be so good at breakdancing
And Akira is so overdramatic and fancy while dancing
Morgana is just vibing on the sidelines probably managing the music so you don’t have to run over every song that ended
Yusuke would be a bit stiff in the beginning but he learns pretty quick of the art of dance, is very interested, so would ask a bunch of questions
You have a great time
(yeah Akecchi is there but he is too much of a sour puss to actually join)
After that Ann stays over and demands cuddles though, a lot of attention went to them and so she wants time to make it up
So she would love to learn from you!
But struggles a bit in the beginning
You try different dancing genres but it just doesn’t seem to work
Then you get a light bulb moment
And show her how dancing is a lot like bending, and could probably make some amazing dance moves with bending to make it even cooler
After that things go super smooth
She is a really good dancer!
And you swear you see her use more dance moves to dodge attacks from others when in trouble
You’re kind of smug about it
She’ll never admit it though
Unless you ask really nicely
Yeah it goes really smooth with Katara
Aang joined at least once in your lessons
Neither of you minded and it was real fun
You might all have ended in the lake nearby on accident but it was all fun and games
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wolffieen · 15 minutes ago
Taking requests for Persona 3, 4 and 5💕
I have wanted to write stuff about Persona series for a while, but haven't gotten around to it.
Things I can write:
Male reader
Gender neutral reader
Slightly suggestive
I don't write female reader or smut!
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oilifeblogs · 16 minutes ago
5/8 Dram Glass Sample Vials
These 5/8 Dram Glass Sample Vials will fit into any purse or clutch, making them the perfect companion for when you need essential oils on-the-go.
Tumblr media
 Each sample vial comes with an orifice reducer and cap -- allowing you to decide how much product is dispensed  and preventing any spillage. 
With more than five quantity options, ranging from 15 to 600 vials, you can buy as many or as few as you want. 
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meylindv · 24 minutes ago
Tidak Bersyukur
Mungkin kata ini keluar dari orang yang keras kepala
Mungkin juga keluar dari dia yang bermental korban katanya
Tapi nyatanya belum tentu anak-anak malang itu ingin jadi Sully
Bisa saja mereka yang berperang di sana lebih bahagia daripada Jonghyun
Mereka yang sudah yakin tentang kematiannya bisa jadi bersyukur akan hidupnya daripada mereka yang masih menerka-nerka ketenangan surga
Belum tentu hidup menderita yang kau sebut lebih baik, kau juga mau menjalaninya
“Ceritamu masih lebih baik dariku.” atau “Banyak yang masih lebih sengsara darimu.”
Katanya, jika ucap begitu pada seseorang yang bercerita di ujung kesabarannya bisa sangat berbahaya
“Kamu tidak pernah jadi dia, dia tidak akan pernah jadi kamu”, itu benar adanya
Hati yang membatu tidak semudah itu disembuhkan dengan perbandinganmu
Aku percaya syukur tidak harus begitu, membandingkan
Semua hanya harus bersyukur pada kisahnya, pada koridornya, pada dirinya
Mungkin bukan membandingkan judulnya tapi tiap orang saling bersimpati pada yang lainnya, sadar dengan sendirinya berkat contoh dan cerita yang saling dibagikan dan dimengerti bersama.
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chiaro--escuro · 24 minutes ago
My way of dealing with terrible writing is to pretend it never happened at all. That's how I cope with the ending of Person of Interest, Lost, and Hawaii 5-0. It never happened and that's the jam
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dukuntogel · 25 minutes ago
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hansoloschubbybrother · 26 minutes ago
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ssaalexblake · 27 minutes ago
for the past week the weather has been heavy rain storms interspersed with bright sunny spells and i have never seen as many rainbows in my life
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