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#bbc merlin
mr-and-mr-pendragon19 minutes ago
Arthur: how do I get out of the friendzone?
Merlin: omg who put you there bestie
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julieketch20 minutes ago
HEAR ME OUT!! this song but it's Arthur who sings it
I don't even care if it's merthur or gwenthur because it suits perfectly for both but there are some big Arthur's vibes out there and I will die on this
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morganadaqueen54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Credits:聽 _fontedivina_
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the-mother-of-lionsan hour ago
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Colin Morgan, Three Families - Episode Two 2021
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swanqueensaladan hour ago
everyone who interacted w my morgana post asking what would happen if she鈥檇 done it, idk if u were serious but i want to ramble so.聽
if she actually had gone through with it in to kill the king... arthur would have had to become king before he was ready. it'd be tough, he'd struggle, he'd break down, he'd make bad decisions, but ultimately merlin would stick by him and give him the support he needed, and gaius would be a big help too. this is merlin's destiny after all, to guide him and support him.聽
morgana would feel incredibly guilty. not for ridding the country of a ruthless tyrant, but for causing arthur so much grief. when she sees him break down at uther's funeral and sees the strain the crown has put on him, she'd break down and confess what she did. i'm not sure what arthur would do at this point. depending on his mood at the time or how much merlin was able to talk him down he'd either banish her - until his love for her hits him and gwen and merlin talk to him and he understands why she did it, and he ultimately lets her come home - or he'd avoid her until his feelings of anger and betrayal cool and he comes to those conclusions by himself.聽
because of this understanding and forgiveness, she would feel safe enough to confide in him when her nightmares start to spill into accidental magic. he'd be shocked and those feelings of betrayal will come back up, but ultimately he loves her so much he'll have no choice but to accept her, and promise to keep her safe. he won't change any laws yet because he still feels too inexperienced and scared, but he will give her support and understanding. this means she doesn't experience that terror and isolation that eventually leads to her leaning on morgause and becoming 'evil.'聽
instead, she grows closer with arthur, who she helps rule, closer with gwen who learns how to help her, and closer with merlin who is impressed and proud of her honesty. arthur knowing about morgana's powers will get him questioning everything his father taught him, and thinking that magic is something you're born with, and not inherently bad.聽
merlin, having supported and actively encouraged and helped arthur through all of this, will eventually feel brave enough to confess his own powers to him. arthur will be shocked - he's been through a lot in this timeline, a lot of secrecy from the people he loves - but again, he has no choice but to accept it and now two of the closest people to him have come forwards, he knows for certain magic is not bad, is not evil, and is not a reason for fear or hatred.聽
together, arthur, merlin, morgana and gwen would unpick uther's laws and create a camelot in which magic is celebrated, not persecuted. this young arthur would not be alone on the throne. his friends would help him, and each other.
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meepgamer09an hour ago
Hey but how much shorter would the merlin series be if uther had knighted morgana as well as arthur. Like sooo many less people would of died and she would of saved all the druids she came across and would of been able to get mordred out too. (And she would of dated gwen and merlin and arthur could spend more time together instead of solving the countries crimes.)
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anarchycox2 hours ago
Chapters: 3/4 Fandom: Merlin (TV) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Gwaine/Arthur Pendragon (Merlin) Characters: Arthur Pendragon (Merlin), Gwaine (Merlin), Merlin (Merlin), Gwen (Merlin), Leon (Merlin), Percival (Merlin), Elyan (Merlin), Lancelot (Merlin), Agravaine (Merlin) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, POV Arthur Pendragon (Merlin), Post-Season/Series 03, Lancelot (Merlin) Lives, Banter, Feels, Hurt/Comfort, Gwaine's charming ways, crack idea became serious idea, minor merlin/lancelot, Minor Arthur/Gwen, arthur and gwen plan to have a platonic marriage, Past Gwen/Morgana - Freeform, Sex, Discussions of sex, i meant to write fluff and plot fell out, Pining, Unrequited Love, becomes requited love, arthur's competitive streak, arthur's emotional insecurities, Uther Pendragon's A+ Parenting (Merlin), merlin and arthur are my brotp, Happy Ending Summary:
Arthur is shocked to learn that Gwaine has slept with all the other knights, or near enough it seems, and he is bothered by the question - why not him? He is determined to get an answer, and get laid. In pursuit of that he learns the truth about Agravaine, magic, the allergies of his knights, and a lot about friendship, loyalty, and love.
Which is all really great, but he just wants to get laid for god's sake, since it seems everyone else has. Why does he also have to fall in love?
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aini-nufire2 hours ago
鈥淜nights of the Living Dead鈥 Ch. 1
When a dark poison turns the five knights into wraiths, it鈥檚 going to take everything Merlin has to save them, including revealing his magic to Arthur.
Read on Ao3 Read on
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rights-for-redshirts2 hours ago
Not sure if I posted this before but
I tripped over another abandoned BBC Merlin plotline some days ago hard enough to break my nose
They needed to sacrifice a life for the closing of the Cailleach's veil, right?
So all I can think of is Merlin being like, hold up a sec. If we only knew someone very much alive that we want dead anyways and can't get rid of?
Three days later Gwaine ceremonially chucks Sigan's glowing rock soul crystal heart through the veil
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lol merlin is living the y/n life
he鈥檚 a messy haired brunette
pale skin
he鈥檇 never left ealdor
was basically sold into one direction when he was told to be arthur鈥檚 manservant
and other reasons etc etc
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southfarthing4 hours ago
16, 17, and 23! 馃挅
thank you so much! <3
16. What is your most underrated fic?
probably till dawn聽(b.a.p - kpop)? it was a sibling fic (that i鈥檝e now abandoned r.i.p) about family conflict and slow bonding after becoming more mature, and i had a lot of fun with the tension and the imagery
17. What fic are you most proud of?
my current work, scorch marks and embers聽(bbc merlin)!!! i鈥檝e never written anything this long before (i think it鈥檚 gonna be 80-90k once it鈥檚 done) or with such passion. i鈥檓 genuinely having so much fun聽馃ズ i feel like there was so much space for extra angst in merlin season 4 (and also that gaius could absolutely have died lmao) so it鈥檚 been a wild ride exploring the repercussions of that betrayal of trust and support, and just !!!! merlin being angry!!!!!! and disillusioned!!!!!! and arthur panicking at the loss of merlin鈥檚 respect and actually realising he needs to do better!!!!!!!!!!!! and just. gwen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
i was also very proud of something i should tell you聽(b.a.p - kpop) at the time! i wrote it throughout my first year of uni and it really boosted my confidence in writing. it also gave me a chance to try playing around with chronology (it had a running backplot)
and an unexpected mess (b.a.p hobbit/groupchat comedy au) was actually funny if i do say so myself lmao
23. If you had to remix one of your own fics, which would it be and how would you remix it?
ooh, i鈥檓 not sure? something i should tell you was a hunger game / one shot mv au, so i did plan on having an even worse alternate ending (like in the music video) where youngjae was聽a full traitor and did go through with his plan and lived with the guilt lmao ;) but i never got round to it
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incorrectmerlinquotes4 hours ago
Merlin: People treat me like an idiot, so I'm allowed to act like one from time to time.
Merlin: It's one of the perks.
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nextstopparis5 hours ago
what if the dorocha were both evil and good spirits. what if one of them was just like. a dead dude who saw his alive bro and started flying at him screaming from excitement and then suddenly. bam. killed his bro by accident.
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acciohanbrough5 hours ago
ok merthur / patrochiles parallels :
- prince with servant / exiled prince for patroclus
- great destiny
- started as friends
- trust
- blonde bitch with dark haired hoe
- red and blue
- war gays
- patroclus and merlin were both physians in said war while their loves is the great warrior
- blonde warrior bitches that have been trained to kill since birth
- parent that isn鈥檛 supportive of this relationship ( thetis and uther )
- insecure dark haired bitch
- merlin wore a knights armor once to lure bandits into an attack cause arthur was also being to stubborn / patroclus wearing achilles armor
- i鈥檝e only know this person for a day but if anything happens to them i would kill everyone in this room and then myself
- both merlins and achilles stubborness ended up leading to their lovers death
- both arthur and patroclus died in the battlefield by a man that was said to be their doom in a prophecy the other lover knew
- both achilles and arthur trust too easy
- merlin and patroclus are the princes right hand man even if they are 鈥渘obodies 鈥
- arthur and patroclus died in the arms of their lovers and they were the last person they ever saw
- merlin and achilles are both god like creatures and both immortal ( tho achilles had the achilles heel ) that were trusted with a great destiny at birth
- merlin and achilles are both immortal beings who watched the love of their life die in their arms
- both achilles and merlin literally weeped and said their lovers name over and over and over again while said loved eas dead in their arms
- omfg achilles and merlin sent their lobers to their doom like achilles knew the grewtest of his man will die ( at least in SOA ) and merlin knew arthur would die at that battle
- achilles and arthur really thought patroclus and merlin were the bravest men they ever met huh
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acciohanbrough5 hours ago
you ever think about the fact merthur and patrochiles have so much in common minus the fact that patrochiles got to be together in the afterlife while merthur didn鈥檛 cause merlin is immortal so he鈥檚 stuck on earth waiting for a day that must be thousands of years away and he has spend thousands of years already without his phillatos ( most beloved) or are you normal ?
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ao3feed-merlin6 hours ago
What was Left of My Heart
read it on the AO3 at
by Anonymous
An ancient wizard of legends takes in a wounded immortal God of Mischief. This causes fewer problems than one might think.
Featuring doctor!Merlin, brat!Loki, confused!Avengers, government/monarchy/SHIELD-bashing, convenient coincidences, centuries-old secrets, and a lot of self-indulgent fluff.
Words: 3603, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Merlin (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Merlin (Merlin)
Relationships: Loki (Marvel) & Merlin (Merlin)
Additional Tags: Not Thor: The Dark World Compliant, Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Doctor Merlin (Merlin), Protective Merlin, Suicidal Thoughts
read it on the AO3 at
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acciohanbrough6 hours ago
i have just once more remembered that merthur were always willing to sacrifice themselves for the other , like from day ONE we saw it on s1 episode four for crying out loud so like idk how to feel about that i do know actually i feel sad
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