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#liv writes
uhthor · 16 hours ago
I’m a simple person. I see thorbruce, I immediately want to ask you things. Do you have any favorite headcanons about thorbruce or Thor in general?
aaaah hello!!
i’ve never officially done headcanons like written out so forgive me if they’re all wrong and strange but most of them i have are for a fic i’m writing about the five year time jump in endgame and how i thought it would go for them had the writers not fucked everything up.
first of all after the Garden, thor and bruce would not leave each other. it makes no sense to me that they ever did that, that thor was just left alone to wallow in his depression and ptsd by himself. knowing bruce’s character and the fact he even said to thor in endgame “it was you. you helped me.” literally proves that bruce would not have left thor alone during that time.
i like to think that after the snap the o6 lived in the compound together and looked after each other. they’re at a time where they literally can’t do anything to help the universe so they would be surrounded by each other.
steve, nat and bruce would take turns to check on thor and take him food when he never came out of his room to eat. thor wasn’t very good company in the first weeks but he always enjoyed eating dinner with bruce in his room because they’d talk about things that took his mind off his grief.
bruce would see him reading one day and wonder when he got the books from the compound library because thor was literally never out of his room. he must’ve snuck around at night and got them or asked some of the others to get them for him. thor reads a LOT during that time to take his mind off things. bruce is a little offended at first because why didn’t thor tell him he was reading?? they could’ve talked about books!! bruce is the only one in the compound who reads daily so he was rightfully upset!
one of their dinners he takes thor a book on astrology because it might remind thor of home, even though it’s a touchy subject. bruce is the only one who thor lets talk to him honestly about his situation and how he needs help and he’s the only one who thor lets sit on the edge of his bed with him. he’s the only one who thor feels comfortable with touching him.
when thor’s ready, bruce takes him to The Vanished memorial like the one scott visits in endgame. maybe the o6 go all together to try and work through their grief together and form a bond between each other that is actually one of family. if not, thor and bruce definitely go together. bruce wants to help thor on his journey through his grief because he knows exactly what it’s like to be so grief stricken and suicidal like thor inevitably was after the snap.
bruce helps thor try to locate the remaining asgardians who made it off the ship in time before thanos decimated it. they spend months trying to make contact, which brings thor out of his room and into more of a normal routine again. bruce works tirelessly at it because he knows that finding them will give thor a little shred of happiness.
of course, bruce checks every single green insect, animal, leaf etc. for loki upon thor’s request. i wrote a fic about this once, i’ll link it here!
when he’s accepted they’re gone, bruce helps thor give odin, loki and heimdall funerals on the beach. (i saw fan art based on this) they take the day and travel to a beach where thor can give them asgardian send offs and so that thor can connect to his home once again.
thor asks bruce to move to New Asgard with him. he tells him about odin’s death where he and loki sat on the rocks in norway and how he wants to rebuild Asgard there. bruce happily obliges, because at this point the compound only houses steve and nat (tony went to his lil cabin with pepper and morgan and clint went off on his homicidal rage :/).
thor and bruce are integral to building New Asgard and they are helped by korg, miek, valkyrie and the remaining asgardians that thanos didn’t kill. like korg says in ragnarok, it is a haven for all people and aliens of the universe, so thor grants entry to anyone who may not feel they belong anywhere after the snap (this is done in moderation of course) and we finally see what happened to ava starr post amatw - she lives in New Asgard with valkyrie.
thor asks bruce if he will help him seek therapy. i don’t know if thor would be able to take things like anti depressants but he would definitely reach a point where he wants to try and heal. he’s incredibly torn up by the guilt and grief he feels for not stopping thanos, but when he’s surrounded by positivity from bruce, korg, miek, valkyrie etc. he learns to believe that it wasn’t his fault.
there are memorials for loki, heimdall, frigga and odin in New Asgard in thor’s office. he looks at them every day for motivation and strength and even though they are painful, he never takes them down.
thor and bruce have their own house together in New Asgard. they start off as platonic roommates but eventually get closer and realise that they’ve been in love with each other the entire time. everyone around them in New Asgard has already realised months ago but nobody ever thought to mention it until one day korg blurts it out and they’re forced to confess to each other.
they don’t go back to New York until they’re called upon. bruce does not undergo the transformation into professor hulk. as bruce helps thor through his grief, thor unknowingly helps bruce learn to love himself and appreciate that he shouldn’t be ashamed of himself because of how the hulk acts. bruce remembers that he very in character hates the hulk and does not want to merge himself with hulk for the rest of eternity. he admires thor’s love for bruce banner, not the hulk, and tries to adopt it for himself.
most importantly they find some semblance of happiness and peace with each other. whether that’s possible through their grief following the snap i don’t know, but i’m absolutely 100% certain that it is canon in my mind that they never leave each other’s sides.
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justanoffalygirl · a day ago
Family Fault Lines
Tumblr media
Summary: Being 34 weeks pregnant isn’t easy. Being 34 weeks pregnant and an ER doctor really isn’t easy. But when a patient comes in, you need to make sure your husband is ok. Part six of The Fellow And The Intern. (Remember when this was a smut series?? Now there’s FEELINGS)
Words: 2.7k
Warnings: pregnancy, canon typical medical stuff, heart attacks, mentions of cheating, mentions of Connor Rhodes’ awful dad, traumatic childbirth, NICU time.
You were in the lounge, stretching your back out. Being pregnant was great, and by all accounts you’d had an easy pregnancy. But being an ER attending at 34 weeks pregnant was not easy. Natalie had shared her stories about how she dealt with the final trimester of her pregnancy with Owen, and it helped a little bit. Not a lot, but a bit. You wrapped the bump support around you, sighing as it helped redistribute the weight to make things a little easier. Once you stared at yourself in the mirror, and glanced at the rose gold silicone ring you wore in work, you left the room to go back to treating patients.
“Doctor Rhodes!” You turned to see Sylvie and Violet bringing in a patient. “Cornelius Rhodes, 72. Complaints of chest pain, previous history of cardiac episodes. Pulse 97, BP 130 over 90, resps 27. Gave nitro in the field, no response. Conscious and alert.” You grabbed the gurney, bringing your father in law into a trauma room, directing the team to move him over to the bed there.
“I want an ABG, lights, full cardiac enzymes, a full blood work up and get an EKG in here. Page cardiology, and put the cath lab on standby.” Your orders were obeyed, and you turned to your patient. “I’m Doctor Rhodes, an ER attending here. I’m going to look after you. When did this come on?”
His face was ashen as he struggled to breathe. “Forty...minutes. Connor?”
“I’ll see if he’s out of surgery. April, get me twenty migs of lasix, and two aspirin. I need cardiology here stat.” You checked the EKG, your worry increasing. He’d definitely had a heart attack. “I’ll be back in a minute, Mr. Rhodes. Nurse Sexton is fantastic.”
You went out to the nurses station, picking up the phone and calling Connor’s cell. If he wasn’t in surgery he always picked up.
“Connor...” you trailed off, how could you tell him?
“Baby, are you ok? Is the baby ok?” He was frantic and you took a breath.
“We’re fine. Your dad is down here right now, I’m treating him for a heart attack. We’ve called down a cardiology consult, and the cath lab is ready for him. Sweetheart, he asked for you. I know how you feel, and you don’t have to, but I wanted to let you know.”
Your husband took a deep breath, and you could nearly feel his brain contemplating everything.
“I don’t know. Ugh. Can I have a hug when I come down?”
“You never need to ask for that. I love you, and I’ll see you in a few minutes.” You hung up, turning around and going back into the trauma room.
Cornelius was responding to the medication, his eyes closed as you checked him over. His heart rate was back to nearly normal, and you watched as the monitor beeped. Latham arrived in, and you turned to greet him.
“Is that your—“
“Yes, it’s Doctor Rhodes from trauma’s father. Looks like an MI, we’re waiting for the cardiac enzymes to confirm.” You watched as his eyes widened, and you shook your head subtly. He did an exam and you escorted him out of the trauma room to talk.
“Doctor, that’s your father in law. Should you be treating him?” You whirled around to Latham, feeling your baby kick your stomach in annoyance at moving quickly.
“I’ve never met him, Isidore. Connor doesn’t speak to his family, and I’m the attending on call right now. A big patient coming in when I’m on? I have to deal with him. And as far as I’m concerned, he’s no relation of mine or this baby.” You watched as his face softened.
“I’m sorry. Does Connor know he’s here?”
“Yes. He’s coming down once you bring him up. Are you doing a stent?”
“Probably. We’ll get in there and see what’s happening. Let him know I’ll deal with him directly.”
The two of you walked back in where Cornelius was awake again. “Mr. Rhodes, this is Doctor Latham, our head of cardio thoracic surgery. He’s going to take you upstairs to the cath lab so we can work out the best course of treatment. You’re in good hands with him.” You signed the chart to indicate you’d handed over control, before leaving the room and going back to the doctors lounge.
Connor was already in there, and you gave him the biggest hug you could with your belly in the way. You hadn’t realised how stressed you felt about treating his father until you held him and felt the stress melt away. Your baby always loved when Connor held you, kicking against your belly into Connor.
“The Squash is active today. You doing ok?” He wrapped his arm around you, settling you on the couch.
“I will be. It was weird, I know so much about this man and he’s never met me. Are you ok? It has to be a shock.”
Connor shrugged, his face slack. “Honestly? I don’t feel anything. The last time I saw him I punched him, so the fact I haven’t done that is a good thing. My then girlfriend slept with him.” You clutched your husbands hand, making sure he could feel you beside him.
“I’m just saying, we promised monogamy when we got together. I’ve no plans to ever change that.” Connor let out a low chuckle, relaxing into you.
“I love you so much. You know that, right? You and me and the Squash. None of the rest of it means anything. You two are the most important people in my life.” He leaned in to kiss you, one hand possessively on your bump while the other was wrapped around your ribs, fingers tapping gently on your tattoo.
“I love you too. I said better or worse, sickness and health, as long as we live. And we’ll get through this. And the next time someone from one of our families tries to do something ridiculous. How we ended up as the most sane ones I don’t know, but we did. And Squash is going to grow up knowing their parents are superheroes, and we love them so much.”
He kissed your temple, before helping you stand up to face the world again. You went back to treating patients, waiting to hear news about what had happened to Cornelius. As you were checking patient charts from your intern a woman walked over to you. As soon as you saw her face you knew it was Connor’s sister, and you steeled yourself.
“I’m looking for Doctor Rhodes who treated my father?” She asked, and you stood, introducing yourself.
“Your dad had a heart attack. He’s upstairs now with our cardiology team who are checking what needs to be done from here. I can bring you up to the cardiology waiting room if you’d like?” She nodded, accepting your offer. As you walked her through the ED you saw Connors eyes widen, but you shook your head slightly to stop him from coming over.
The two of you were standing in the elevator when Claire broke the silence. “When are you due?”
“Six more weeks. My husband and I are thrilled, he’s excited to be a dad.” And you were carrying her nibling in your stomach, no big deal.
“That’s fantastic. Is he in medicine?” Suddenly you realised her eyes were firmly on your ring, and you had a sneaking suspicion that she knew exactly who your husband was.
“He is.” The elevator doors opened, and you directed Claire to the waiting room, saying goodbye. All you wanted was to get back to your ER, where you ruled the roost and could work. As you stood there waiting for the elevator, you felt a wetness between your legs. No.
You made your way back downstairs, going to the doctors lounge. You’d thought your back pain was just normal end of pregnancy pain, but this was too early. You had six weeks left. You couldn’t give birth yet. A contraction hit your middle and you stopped, bending over in pain. It was happening and the baby was coming and you couldn’t do this yet. You had to keep them safe. The pain winded you, and the last thing you remembered was grabbing a chair as you collapsed.
Connor was the next one in the lounge, and his scream of your name and begging for help would be remembered by everyone in the ER that day. You were on your side, hand cradling your bump, and he immediately could see you were bleeding. He was made stand back as your friends - his friends, the people who’d watched you get married and had celebrated your pregnancy - crowded around you. He watched Natalie become a woman on a mission, whisking you up to the OR, taking charge and calling OB and trauma, anyone who could perform a c-section and get in there quickly to get in. He wanted to be in the OR, you’d planned for him to cut the cord and be there for the whole delivery, but instead he was left in the gallery watching as Natalie helped pull his baby from you and cut the cord.
There was no cry when you delivered. He watched the floppy pink body of your child be put into an incubator, so, so small. He’d only felt the baby kicking earlier that day, how had this happened? He held his breath, watching them perform CPR on the tiny infant until he heard a cry, tears shedding at the news. Once the baby was stable enough Nat wrapped them up, bringing them to the glass.
“You have a son, Connor,” she said through the microphone, watching the wonder fill his eyes. “We’re taking him to the NICU, you can see him when they finish here. It’s looking hopeful.” He tore his eyes away from the door his son disappeared through to stare at you, wishing he was in there. He was a surgeon. What was the good of being a surgeon if he couldn’t fix his wife? If he couldn’t help her when she needed it?
His tears stopped as he watched them finish stitching you up, your stomach still distended from the son who’d been in there less than an hour ago. He waited for Crockett to come over, holding his breath again for news.
“It was a placental abruption. She’s lucky she was on shift. We stopped the bleeding, and we avoided a hysterectomy. I’ll get her in recovery, you can see her in ten, ok? I just want to take out the ET tube and check sedation first.” Connor nodded, his eyes filled with thanks for the man who had been his rival but had since become a close friend.
He decided to go see their son first, before going to check on you when he was allowed. Connors one mistake was forgetting that Cardiology and OB were on the same floor. He stood outside the NICU, his eyes staring at the incubator with the carefully named “Baby Boy Rhodes”, watching Nat check him over. He didn’t notice people going past, but realised when someone stopped beside him. He turned around to see his sister standing there.
“That ER doc, she’s your wife, isn’t she?” Claire was never one for subtlety.
“Yeah. We got married eighteen months ago. That’s...that’s our son. She’s in ICU.” He saw Claire’s face fall, and she put her hand on her brothers shoulder.
“She’ll be fine. Does he have a name?”
“Not yet. I was convinced he’d be a girl. She told me I was wrong and I had to be a boy dad.” Connor let out a hoarse laugh, the last hour sinking in. He’d nearly lost you both.
“I’ll stay here to keep watch, if you want? Dad’s in recovery, it’s going to be a few hours. Go be with your wife.” Connor hugged his sister for the first time in years, before going the two floors down to the OR recovery room.
Crockett was still standing at your bed, watching your vitals cautiously. If he couldn’t do the surgery himself, Connor was glad Crockett did it. It made things a little bit easier.
“How is she?” His voice was low as he appeared, watching the blood slowly transfuse into your veins.
“She’s doing well. This is the last transfusion, after this it’ll just be fluids. We’ve got her on heavy pain meds, but fully removed sedation. She should wake up in the next while.” Crockett handed over the iPad, letting Connor see everything. It wasn’t pretty reading, seeing how low your blood pressure and pulse had fallen. But you were here and you were alive and Connor had his wife and son and even if it wasn’t the best circumstances the three of you would be ok.
You woke shortly after, going almost immediately from blissful unconsciousness to terror, realising that your stomach wasn’t moving and your organs didn’t feel squashed.
“The baby?” You asked, throat dry. Connor was beside you and his smile soothed you.
“He’s ok. Nat brought him to the NICU because he’s so small, but he’s ok. We have a son, Baby.” You grinned at his words, relaxing back into the bed. You had a son. Your baby was here and he’d be ok.
Connor gave you the details of what happened, of Nat and Crockett taking control and getting the two of you through, of his sister standing watch over your baby.
“We need a name,” you rasped, taking sips of cool water from the cup your husband held.
“I didn’t want to do it without you. We never talked about boys names.” You were unsure, and then it hit you.
“David Marcel Rhodes. We didn’t want a C name, David after Downey, and Marcel because I love Crockett but I’m not giving that name to our boy as a middle name. He saved my life, we should honour that.” You lay back and Connor pressed a kiss to your forehead.
“David Marcel Rhodes. A perfect name for a perfect boy.”
It took until the next morning before you were allowed be wheeled down to meet your son. Connor had spent the night with you, Nat and Will promising to keep an eye on David for you. Your friends were all waiting to meet your son and hear his name, and you grinned as Connor wheeled you in.
David was so small, but he was healthy. There was a minuscule nasal cannula helping him breathe, and apart from that he just had a heart monitor on. One of the nurses picked him up and laid him on your chest, and it finally felt real to you. You and Connor had made him in love and he was here at last.
“Hi David,” you whispered as you held back tears. “You gave me a scare, you know that? But we’re here and we’re ok, and I love you so much. Are you ready to meet your family?”
Connor waved in the awaiting ED staff, who looked at you with love and affection. You stayed in your chair as Connor cleared his throat.
“Meet our son, David Marcel Rhodes. Nat, Will, we were hoping you two would do us the honour of being his godparents?” They immediately agreed, hugging Connor and putting a hand on your shoulder before they had to go back to work. Crockett stood there, looking at the small child.
“You sure? It’s an honour.”
“He’s named after Connors mentor, and the man who made sure we both got to meet him. I can’t think of a better name for him. Thank you, Crockett,” you said, holding out the arm you weren’t cradling your son with for an awkward hug.
It took a week for you, and three more days for David, but finally the two of you left Gaffney as patients to your friends celebrating. Connors dad was still on the cardiac ward, but you ignored it. The past was the last, and David was your future.
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unmistakablyunknown · a day ago
Keeping Up With The Severides - Date Night
Tumblr media
Description: Andi’s parents offer to have the kids for the night, leaving Kelly and Andi with a night to themselves. Suffice to say, that with the promise of time alone in an empty apartment after a couple glasses of wine, they make the most of the night.
Warning(s): mild language, EXPLICIT CONTENT MINORS DNI, alcohol/drinking, a brief moment of semi-public teasing, Andi drops some Greek (that definitely needs to be a warning lmao). If I missed anything lmk
[A/N: this was so much fun to write and ngl, I probably enjoyed this a little too much lmao but hope you enjoy!]
“Alright, be good for Yia-Yia and Pappous, we’ll pick you up in the morning,” Andi stated as she and Kelly headed to the door. Her parents waved them off with wide smiles and well-wishes.
As soon as they were out of her parent’s place and in her car, Andi could breathe a sigh of relief. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her children, but they’d had a particularly rough week and a night off was more than deserved for the two of them.
“I’ve been looking forward to this all week,” Kelly stated with a grin as he put a hand on her thigh whilst she drove.
Since Monday, they’d had a reservation made at a nice restaurant with the promise of a romantic evening together. They’d both an effort in dressing up and looked almost completely different now they weren’t in some combination of comfy clothes or their CFD uniforms.
Andi wore a backless black dress and her customary gold jewellery decorated her neck and wrists. 95% of her tattoos were on display and she felt good about herself. Kelly had opted for a dark dress shirt and dark-wash jeans with a silver-buckled belt and his watch on his wrist. Beneath the slightly opened collar of his shirt, his own chain and pendant were visible against his skin.
“You and me both.”
When they arrived at the restaurant and made it to the front door, Kelly had his arm around Andi’s shoulders and she had an arm around his waist. Almost glowing with adoration and pride as they were shown to their table and handed food and wine lists. Whilst they considered their options, Andi stretched a hand out to the middle of the table and without thinking anything of it, Kelly put his hand on top.
They’d spent almost three hours eating, drinking and talking, finally able to catch up with one another. Andi had also spent the latter half of the meal making eyes at Kelly from across the table.
“How about a dessert? They do chocolate strawberries, cheesecakes -” Andi made a hum of contemplation.
“I can think of something else that’d be just as satisfying…” When she looked up at him from her glass, the look on his face was one of shock at her bold words.
“Right - right now?” Her tongue poked out to lick her bottom lip and she shrugged complacently.
“I don’t think everyone else would appreciate it. I was thinking more for when we get back to our place. Whilst the kids are away for the night…”
“Yeah?” It amused Andi to no end that Kelly seemed to be a mixture of giddy and flustered at what she was hinting at.
“Oh, yeah. I’m taking full advantage of an empty apartment tonight, with or without you. Preferably with.” Within minutes, they’d settled the bill and were on their way back to their apartment. The entire ride back, Kelly’s hand never left Andi’s decorated thigh and he insisted on whispering the filthiest things in her ear at each stop sign they reached.
“You’re playing with fire.”
“It’s in the job description, Sweetheart,” he countered with a heavy sigh against her neck. The smell of her perfume lingered on her skin and in her curls. Excited to get some time alone, Andi barely remembered to lock the car when they got back to the apartment building. She just about managed to shut the door before Kelly pounced on her. Kissed her breathless and let one hand linger around her throat.
The way Andi looked up at him through her thick lashes made his heart skip a beat in his chest. She stretched up slightly to ghost her lips over his and Kelly was quick to move in and kiss her properly. It was a messy clash of tongues and teeth and they didn’t even make it to the bedroom.
Andi lost her footing and the two of them hit the lounge floor with a fit of giggles half-swallowed by more kisses. She lifted her hips to bunch her dress up and pull her underwear off. Kelly discarded the lacy garment and let her undo his belt. With her legs hitched around his waist, Andi was more than eager to feel him inside of her.
“Oh, fuck,” Kelly sighed into the crook of her neck as he situated himself between her thighs and gently rocked his hips forwards, almost experimentally. Truthfully, it’d been an unfair length of time since they’d last been afforded an opportunity like this so they were definitely going to make the most of it.
“More…” Andi wined and unbuttoned his shirt to let her hands roam beneath. The inked letters on his collarbone were stark against his skin but suited him so well.
“Since you asked nicely,” he taunted breathlessly and obliged. Before long the two of them were sweaty, breathless mess on the carpeted floor. Andi dragged her nails down Kelly’s back and left plenty of souvenirs in their wake. That almost forgotten sensation began to bubble in the pit of her stomach and spread upwards from her hips, made her clench around him involuntarily. Once again, Kelly’s hand rested on her throat, just below her jaw. The pad of his thumb pressed against her bottom lip and pulled it down as he kissed her again.
It was whilst she nipped and nibbled at Kelly’s earlobe that he came undone with a shuddering gasp. His hips snapped sharply one last time and he stilled. Andi let out a long, breathy sigh and relaxed as his weight pressed on to her.
“Did the kids take their toothbrushes?” Kelly spoke hoarsely in her ear and Andi let out a hearty laugh, which earned a low moan from him in response.
“You’re literally inside me and that’s what you’re worried about?” Andi couldn’t help but laugh even more and she was acutely aware of how Kelly reacted to her actions.
“C’mon, tough guy, I’m not done yet,” she eventually prompted and they separated to stand up. Andi turned and made a beeline for the bedroom, removing her dress along the way. Kelly just about caught a glimpse of her completely bare body as she rounded the corner. All those tattoos out in the open.
When Kelly stepped into the bedroom, Andi was lay on her front on top of the covers wearing nothing but a grin. Wily curls framed her face and fell across her shoulders. Wordlessly, he removed his clothes and savoured in the fact that Andi was watching with her bottom lip between her teeth.
“I love you. You know that right?” he questioned as he climbed on to the bed behind her and began to kiss a hot trail down the line of her spine. All her tattoos were vivid and bold against her almost glowing skin.
“I might have an inclination,” she mused in response as Kelly pushed her hair over one shoulder exposing the nape of her neck.
“Well, let me make it a little more obvious.” Andi was all too eager to push back into him when his fingers trailed up her heat. She shifted slightly and propped herself up on her elbows and knees.
“Se parakaló agápi mou,” she pleaded breathlessly as she looked over her shoulder at him.
“Oh, so you’re dirty-dirty, huh?” Kelly teased with a boyish grin and Andi let out a noise of frustration, though she was quick to react when he did finally fill her up for the second time that evening.
“Óchi pia peirágmata - Please, Kelly,” Andi begged with a pitched whine as he adjusted his stance slightly. Kelly rocked his hips once, then twice and that was all the warning she had before he set a steady rhythm. The sounds of skin on skin and the noises they made for each other filled the bedroom.
Kelly switched from holding her hips firmly in his hands to leaning over Andi and keeping her pinned in place. An arm snaked under hers and tipped Andi’s head back so he could kiss her between stuttered thrusts. Andi couldn’t form a coherent sentence to plead for more or to let him know that she was deliciously close to climaxing again.
“Shit -” she forced out as the coil in her stomach snapped and everything seemed to stop for a moment. Kelly continued to chase his own orgasm whilst working Andi over as best as he could. Overwhelmed with the sensitivity between her thighs, a few euphoric tears slipped free and rolled down her cheeks and landed on the sheets she gripped in her fists.
“Andi - oh fuck…” he groaned and Andi stopped him from pulling out.
“Are - are you sure?” Kelly fumbled and struggled to stop himself from blowing his load right then and there.
“Yeah! Stay inside me, Kelly,” Andi gasped and that seemed to be enough confirmation for Kelly to do as he was told. With a last few sloppy thrusts, he spilt white-hot inside of her and all but collapsed on top of her. Breathless, sweaty and trembling slightly, the two of them lay like that for a minute or two to catch their breaths before they rolled over to face each other.
“I love you,” she pulled him for a tender kiss as a few stray curls fell against her forehead.
“I love you too.” A pause followed, filled with the sounds of them slowly calming down and regaining the function of their limbs and extremities.
“Wanna shower together?” Andi eventually asked when she’d stopped breathing so hard.
“Hell yeah.”
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*immediately forgets every word I've ever known* ummm what aboutttt 'kiss' and/or 'laugh' :)
Oooh. Hehe. So for 'kiss' (and lowekey spoilers for death and Destiny chapter 21 but it is para 3 so not too much) :
Percival didn't have enough time to look at him fully before Elyan was kissing him desperately.
The context: Merlin just healed Percival and Elyan is incredibly relieved.
For 'laugh' (same spoiler warning as before but again its the beginning of the chapter) :
Merlin sat back heavily on his heels, an exhausted breathy laugh bursting out of him.
Context: Merlin just managed to successfully heal Percival and he is relieved as all hell.
Thank you for the ask!
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star-whores-a-new-hoe · 3 days ago
I’m hard at work on the Sith!Obi fic but if you are interested, here is the Pinterest thing I made!
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Death and Destiny chapter 21 sneak peak:
"You do know they're called 'ducklings' right?" Merlin muttered petulantly. Both Leon and Lancelot let out laughs at that.
"I sure do, baby duck," Leon said with a grin, emphasizing the nickname. Merlin grumbled softly, sleep claiming him before he could make any kind of comeback.
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So I did work on chapter 21 on the car ride, though unfortunately the last two hours of the ride went from "operation write" to "operation don't succumb to motion sickness." Damned stop and go traffic. So idk when it will be done but it will be this weekend (hopefully)
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falseungodlyhours · 4 days ago
Being young's not working for him but he's afraid being old will be worse.
or, ricky bowen grows up.
s2 countdown: peach scones (ricky character study)
read here 💞
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uhthor · 5 days ago
“when they asked me what it was like to be in love,
the only answer i could give was your name,
and when they told me the whole world has been in love with you for decades,
i smiled sadly and said not like i have.”
— l.c.
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storybookprincess · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bless me father, for i am back on my banana fish bullshit
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Death and Destiny chapter 21 sneak peak:
Leon was officially bothered by everyone he knew assuming he had a negative view on magic and sorcerers. He did his job, just like every other knight, yet Leon doubted that anyone that knew Percival would react with shock if he were to say he had no prejudice against magic. But then again, anyone who was aware of Percival’s childhood would already know he had nothing against magic. Still, Leon had no idea what he had done to earn himself a reputation of hating magic.
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So Death and Destiny will likely not be updated this week. Its finals week and I need to pack so I won't have a lot of time to work on it. I feel bad since its already been a week since I last updated and it ended on a cliffhanger, but life happens. I should have time on the car ride home to work on it tho, so maybe it will be updated next Saturday or Sunday.
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Im debating whether to end Death and Destiny after chapter 22 and make a new fic in the series called Destinies Fulfilled and Lives to Live (working title, something to that effect) that deals with everything else I have planned and want to write for this AU that is a lot less connected to "Destiny," or just continue with everything in Death and Destiny, turning it into an absolute monster of a fic. Idk. If anyone could give me thoughts on this, I'd appreciate it!
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uhthor · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
thinking about how this is one of my favourite things i’ve ever written
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I stg if chapter 21 ends up being longer than 20 i will cry
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If I don't break my own heart while writing, then what's the point?
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chaoticdean · 11 days ago
Dean doesn’t know exactly what pulled him out of his slumber in the first place- he’s vaguely aware of a weight against him, of another body pressing next to him but that’s about as much as his exhausted mind can gather.
It’s the press of lips under the cut of his jaw that startles him enough to get him to open his eyes, and he just have to slightly turn his head to figure out that there’s an angel of the Lord inside his bed, and he doesn’t look sober.
“Cas?” he groans, voice still thick with sleep, trying really hard to make it make sense. “Whatcha doing here, buddy?”
Cas seems to take the sound of his voice as queue to press even closer to him and even hooks a leg over his, half of his body resting on top of Dean and an arm slung over Dean’s middle. His breath is hot where it skitters on the skin of Dean’s neck, and Dean tries not to think too hard about how good it all makes him feel.
He concentrates on the faint smell of alcohol on Cas’ breath instead, because truly- what the fuck?
“Cas, buddy- are you drunk?”
“You’re warm,” Cas grumbles, his hand going down Dean’s side in nonsensical patterns. “So warm.”
Dean tries to ignore the slight shiver that runs through him at the clear sound of astonishment in Cas’ voice.
He’s drunk off his ass, it’s not like he means it anyway.
“Okay. Doesn’t answer my question, though,” Dean smiles.
“‘Tis a stupid question, Dean,” Cas fires back tiredly.
Alrighty then. Drunk Cas is petty, Dean had somehow forgotten.
“Okay. What are you doing in my bed, then?”
Cas huffs, the bastard- like a child you’ve just asked why they haven’t done their homework, or a teenager you’ve just told they can’t go out.
Castiel, Angel of the Lord, Commander of Armies; petty, drunk and petulant inside a bed that isn’t his own, wrapped around Dean like a goddamn octopus.
Life is typically weird in the Winchester household but this is weirdly over the top when it comes to bizarre.
“Your bed is comfortable,” Cas finally lets out, his voice slurry like he’s about to sink into sleep. “You’re comfortable. You smell good. You’re warm. I wanted to be with you.”
And yeah, okay. Dean has no objections to that. So he lets Cas stay right where he is; lying halfway on top of him, safe inside his arms and, yeah, warm.
“Okay. Do you want to tell me why you smell like you drank an entire liquor store?”
Dean smirks at the obvious memory, but Cas doesn’t seem to get it as he simply groans in response against him.
“Okay, then.”
“May I stay?” Cas asks almost sheepishly.
“Yeah,” Dean breathes out. “Get some sleep.”
He listens for a while as Cas’ breathing slows down and once it’s clear that the somewhat angel has finally fallen asleep, he wraps his arms tighter around him, brushes a kiss against Cas’ forehead and sinks into sleep in his turn.
Life is weird, but Cas is warm against him. And when it comes down to it, that’s all that really matters.
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