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#death and destiny
*immediately forgets every word I've ever known* ummm what aboutttt 'kiss' and/or 'laugh' :)
Oooh. Hehe. So for 'kiss' (and lowekey spoilers for death and Destiny chapter 21 but it is para 3 so not too much) :
Percival didn't have enough time to look at him fully before Elyan was kissing him desperately.
The context: Merlin just healed Percival and Elyan is incredibly relieved.
For 'laugh' (same spoiler warning as before but again its the beginning of the chapter) :
Merlin sat back heavily on his heels, an exhausted breathy laugh bursting out of him.
Context: Merlin just managed to successfully heal Percival and he is relieved as all hell.
Thank you for the ask!
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Death and Destiny chapter 21 sneak peak:
"You do know they're called 'ducklings' right?" Merlin muttered petulantly. Both Leon and Lancelot let out laughs at that.
"I sure do, baby duck," Leon said with a grin, emphasizing the nickname. Merlin grumbled softly, sleep claiming him before he could make any kind of comeback.
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So I did work on chapter 21 on the car ride, though unfortunately the last two hours of the ride went from "operation write" to "operation don't succumb to motion sickness." Damned stop and go traffic. So idk when it will be done but it will be this weekend (hopefully)
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Once I finish death and destiny and before I start the second fic in the series, I'm going to try finishing my dark tower missing scenes fic and a fic which is basically Leon coaching Merlin on how to stage a crime scene
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jack-inaboxx5 days ago
Because it irritated me that you don't say anything at all to the taunting of the Darkness, even though that was definitely the smartest option- don't engage, don't speak to it, don't listen.
Still. Here we are.
Trigger warnings, because this one definitely needs it; unreality, implied insanity, implied death, mentions of death and dying, descriptions of alternate realities and hallucinations, mild body horror, and I'm probably missing others, so ask to tag.
Story itself under the cut.
Polaris has always been dancing with the darkness, but never has it been so literal.
He is not a Warlock. He is not a Titan. He is not a Hunter, either, although that may be the closest descriptor. He is a Guardian, and he needs no other title, though he has gained many in the short years he has been among the Lightbearers.
'Moon-blessed', they call him, and many other things. Voidgazer. Starchaser. Fatewalker. Shadowbourn. Eternal. Far-seer.
And he has earned these names, and more, because he has always been something other, something different, even in the time-before-now that he cannot remember, the time before the Traveler.
(The only memory of this that he has is a torn scrap of cloth, one that whispers you walk the line when he brushes over it with his thumb in a motion that is both foreign and familiar)
So it is only natural, to him, when he takes the first steps into a pyramid of nightmare and pain, to hold conversation with the creatures within, the ones that try to tempt him into betraying all he holds dear.
It is only natural, then, to smile, and behind his smile there has always been hidden a knife.
Welcome. We've been waiting.
Moonstone is speaking, but Solaris can tell that his Ghost is not in control of themself; something is speaking through them. The Darkness that dwells within this place.
He sees Ghaul. It is a familiar battle. It is a familiar death. He watches the nightmare fade with impassive eyes and a smile that is not a smile at all.
The Red War saw so many lives lost. Saw the Light taken away so easily. In Light, there is only weakness.
"Is that what you see?" he questions, unperturbed. He knows his strength. "Because I see so much more."
He continues.
This time, it is the Prison of Elders that he sees. He still cannot stop Nova and Elaire from dying, their Ghosts shattered beyond repair before he can break through the glass- so thin, and yet all it takes for him to fail.
He smiles, still. This, too, is familiar, something that plays out behind his eyes each time he sleeps. The connection makes him wonder. He files the idea away for later, and continues.
Your Light let your friends die, the Darkness whispers. The Light promised you forever, and now they are gone.
"The Light promised me nothing, and death is inevitable," he says, stride unwavering and well-worn bow a steady and familiar weight in his hands. "Nothing is forever. Not even you."
Are you? Do they not call you Eternal?
"They call me Eternal because they are not me. I know that I am not forever. And I know when my end comes for me, I will be ready."
Nobody is ever truly ready for death.
"I did not say death. I said the end. They are not the same thing."
Are they not?
No. Death is not an ending, not really; death is something other, something new and untamed and free. Something like him.
He does not say this. Instead, he smiles. It is sharp.
"No. But when I die, I will meet it with open eyes."
A brave sentiment. But futile.
"What you call sentiment I call faith, and it has not failed me yet."
He continues. He longs for familiar blue skies. He does not let his stride falter as he walks in the darkness.
He sees Crota. He knows that this is the last scene that will play out around him, and this time, he does not bother to fight. He just stands, and smiles. And smiles. And smiles. And he dies.
He returns in the darkness of the pyramid, and he is still smiling.
One by one, Crota slaughtered many Guardians. The Light stood by and did nothing. And a great disaster ensued. In Light, there is only death.
"Light brings life. The sun brings light to worlds where living things grow, and thrive, and make war and love and all manner of things. Light gave life to Guardians."
Did it? Or are you all dead things, doomed to die again and again?
He pauses. Considers this.
"An old philosopher once said that we are born dying. We are dying from the moment we take our first breaths. Some of us are born already dead, and we are revived, and we continue to die." He tilts his head. "But does this mean that we should simply lay down and die, just because one day our lives will end? No. It does not."
It is a thing he has thought much about, since learning of his own immortality, and one he has written many theories on, but this dark place will not want to hear them, and it will not listen.
So he continues.
There is silence as he walks, now, though what that means he does not know. He simply counts his steps. One foot in front of the other...
Come to us. Do not be afraid. Respite lies ahead.
He continues to walk, but now he looks up at the long hallway before him.
"Am I afraid?" he asks, because he is not, has never been, even in this hellish place that confronts him with all his despair, his regrets.
Polaris has always danced with darkness. He has always lived on the edge of a blade. You are not. Come forward, then, and take your rest. Your fight is over now.
"It is not," he rebuffs calmly. "I have no wish to rest. I know that if I were to rest here, I would not get up again, and my work is still unfinished."
He is not afraid to state these things, either. Perhaps they are weaknesses, laid out for the dark to exploit; perhaps they are simply facts, things he has known since setting foot on the moon.
He does not stop again until he reaches the dias at the foot of the great statue. The stone is familiar, somehow, like they are someone he knew, once, long ago. He turns away, and eyes the artifact that sits waiting for him.
It is almost certainly a trap.
He reaches out, and touches-
The air is clean, here, and unfiltered by his helmet. He is more afraid now than he has ever been before.
The moment passes. He looks out at the fields of blooming red, looks down the cliff he stands at the edge of, and wonders-
You made it.
He turns around, but does not move away from the edge. Across from him is a reflection of his own face, but it is not his. It is the one he sees in the mirror, a perfect copy across a barrier of glass.
There are no barriers here.
We have heard your cries for help. And soon, we will answer.
"Whose cries? And who are you, to claim to answer them?" He does not mean to ask it, but something about this place strips away the meticulous control he has learned over years of study.
Don't you recognize us?
We are not your friend...
So why do you pretend to be? He wants to ask, but he cannot speak. It is as though he is frozen, trapped in a maze of conflicting timelines. In one, he breaks. In another, he tips back, over the cliff; in a third, he kneels to this creature before him.
In this one, he only watches. He smiles. It hides a knife.
... we are not your enemy.
It is a lie, and blatant, and if only he could do more than smile with hate in his eyes he would say this-
We are...
... your...
No- !
He inhales, breathes deep of the air of this place, and with all he is he reaches out, gathers the shattered timelines around him and draws them against his skin like a shield.
"No," he says, calmly, with eyes like crystal and a voice like the murmur of a stream in summer. He has given himself to this place, and it has taken-
"They call themselves our salvation," he tells Eris, the moon solid and real under his feet. He can still smell sweet, growing things. "They are not. We need to prepare for what could be the end of everything."
Because death and endings are different things.
And just because they survived does not mean they are not ended.
He leaves the artifact behind, and walks out over the surface of the moon, following the song of a bird that has never existed and hiding eyes that are sharp and bleeding because they are no longer eyes but shimmering shards of gemstones-
He doesn't even see the cliff.
When Moonstone returns him, the scent of green is gone from his nose, and his eyes are plain and dull once more.
He has never been so glad to see the sky.
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So I didn't manage to resist the temptation of starting a new show. I am currently halfway through s1 of The Musketeers and I'm going a bit feral over the brotherhood they have. This. This is what I thought I was going to get in Merlin with the knights. Literally episode one these motherfuckers are fucking shit up and raining hell down in order to save one of their own. There's no build up to the bond, the bond is there from the start and it is the definition of found family. I love it.
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If Uther had still been alive, Merlin would have been grabbed and thrown into a cell to await his execution with no trial and no listening to explanations. But Arthur was not his father.
From chapter 21 of death and destiny!
Thank you for the ask!
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camelotsheart7 days ago
Ygraine x Nimueh is the superior old gen ship fite me
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Death and Destiny chapter 21 sneak peak:
Leon was officially bothered by everyone he knew assuming he had a negative view on magic and sorcerers. He did his job, just like every other knight, yet Leon doubted that anyone that knew Percival would react with shock if he were to say he had no prejudice against magic. But then again, anyone who was aware of Percival鈥檚 childhood would already know he had nothing against magic. Still, Leon had no idea what he had done to earn himself a reputation of hating magic.
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So Death and Destiny will likely not be updated this week. Its finals week and I need to pack so I won't have a lot of time to work on it. I feel bad since its already been a week since I last updated and it ended on a cliffhanger, but life happens. I should have time on the car ride home to work on it tho, so maybe it will be updated next Saturday or Sunday.
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Im debating whether to end Death and Destiny after chapter 22 and make a new fic in the series called Destinies Fulfilled and Lives to Live (working title, something to that effect) that deals with everything else I have planned and want to write for this AU that is a lot less connected to "Destiny," or just continue with everything in Death and Destiny, turning it into an absolute monster of a fic. Idk. If anyone could give me thoughts on this, I'd appreciate it!
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botanicallyinclinednerd10 days ago
I stg if chapter 21 ends up being longer than 20 i will cry
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botanicallyinclinednerd10 days ago
If I don't break my own heart while writing, then what's the point?
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botanicallyinclinednerd12 days ago
Character interactions: Leon and Lancelot:
4x02: The one scene they both share really and while Leon agrees with Lancelot鈥檚 plan of taking Merlin back to Camelot through the valley of the fallen kings, they don't actually talk directly to each other in this scene
4x02: Leon having faith in Lancelot, assuring Arthur "If anyone can get Merlin back to Camelot, Lancelot can."
4x02: Leon hugging Lancelot in greeting and patting him on the back when Lancelot and Merlin rejoin them before the Isle of the Blessed.
In summary: they had next to no interactions.
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botanicallyinclinednerd13 days ago
Making Leon unable to lie convincingly has become an annoying issue this chapter
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