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#the sword in the stone
pinupgirl19872 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today鈥檚 mail call from fye!鉂わ笍
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crypticdruid3 days ago
Okay okay I tried to pick only a couple but there were so many fun ones so here鈥檚 a little bouquet!!
Aubrietia, Cock鈥檚 Comb, Gladiolus, Hoary Stock, Rose, Transvaal Daisy, and Tropical White Morning Glory
WOAH omg okay okay nice okay fun
Aubrietia: Favourite drink? Coffe!:)
Cock's comb: Favourite font? Times new roman! I used to stick to Calibri light but times has grown on me.
Gladiolus: what is something you hope to do in the next year or two? GET A JOB bc I am starting to get tired of being unemployed and relying on my family lmao
Hoary stock: What are you proudest of? My writing, even though I never show it. I absolutely love my writing, which is probably why I'm so scared of allowing people to read it, in case they'll criticise it lmao
Rose: What is your favourite sound? Okay so it's the combination of heavy rain outside the house, against the windows, aND crackling fire. I have like played 15+ hours of rain and crackling fire ambience videos on youtube ahxjdjfj
Transvaal daisy: Favourite item of clothing? Very hard to pick, but rn I think it's my charcoal grey jean cargo pants, they sound lame but they are for real the best pants I have ever owned:)
Tropical white morning glory: Describe your aesthetic? Thank god there is not a limit bc my aesthetic is A lot ajxjdj. It's hobbit-y, but make it adventurecore rangercore, with great, dark forests filled with mist and fog, the nightsky on clear nights, but also rainy, stormy nights, thunder and lightning, and a small rowing boat lost far out at sea, aND silly wizards in media. That's it. There is no word for these so I had to give the details sorry (not really sorry) avfjw
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gyrhs7 days ago
Tumblr media
Merlin x The Sword in the Stone (mainly inspired by Colin鈥檚 legs in the new trailer).
It have some poses requested for patrons too, you can support me here: |
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Im not a music expert and i dont even really like music that much tbh but every once in a while a song comes on the radio that leaves such a impression on me because if how it switches the loud and quiet sounds. And it always makes me think if i or anyone i know had theme music/fight music what would it sound like? Would it be loud rhythmic drums? All base? Soft piano? Acoustic guitar? Trumpets? Saxophone? Would it be a instrument i havent heard of before like when everyone found out Wonder Woman's theme was a electric cello or would it be a song that was on the radio years ago? Would the music be majestic or subtle? Would i have more than one song?
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camelotsheart9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Adi贸s Avalon | Day 2: Best Foreshadowing
I鈥檝e never realised Merlin鈥檚 small smile in the last gif but now that I have, I can鈥檛 stop thinking about how Merlin must have felt about Excallibur. The sword that helped them save Camelot from Morgana鈥檚 hold twice, once in Merlin鈥檚 hands and once in Arthur鈥檚. The sword that helped Arthur defeat Mordred and Merlin defeat Morgana. The sword that was Merlin鈥檚 sword as much as it was Arthur鈥檚. Their sword.
He looks down the blade twice, glancing over it鈥檚 inscription, smiling; because he knows now after learning under Gaius that the inscription reads 鈥渢ake me up, cast me away鈥. He remembers Arthur, how even though Merlin might cast him away today, he will come back to him one day, when the time is right.
And when Merlin casts away the sword, Freya鈥檚 hand comes up to catch it; a beloved who had come back from the dead for his sake. His breath catches and his chin lifts up. He watches as Freya takes the sword into the water, her mere presence in that scene being a promise to him. Arthur will come back as I did. Because of you. Because he is noble. Because even above Albion and its needs, he will want to repay all you have done for him.
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sugarspunsam9 days ago
I return to you from reading Legendborn for the second time in four months and I can only repeat: I know no other Arthuriana anymore, you are my king now, Legendborn.
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dfilms12 days ago
Tumblr media
The Sword In The Stone, 1963
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artemisartblog12 days ago
Tumblr media
The Sword in the Stone 鈥擡xcalibur鈥
Inspired by the Merlin episode where Arthur draws it from the stone, it鈥檚 so cool!
I finally decided to draw landscapes/backgrounds!
I鈥檒l try to make more of them but it鈥檚 so long and hard! Plus I have no idea what I鈥檓 doing ><
I got my ref on Pinterest for the colours and all~
Click for better quality!
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kuro-ayameart14 days ago
Tumblr media
The sword in the stone (1963) au聽
Did I sketch this after seeing Yuji dressed as King Arthur on the new Jump cover? Yes, I did.
Bonus: Archimedes!Nanami聽
Tumblr media
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ahouseofvillains14 days ago
Mim: [talking to a flower while gardening] Oh, you're doing so well! And I hate you so much!
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madamewriterofwrongs15 days ago
Want to get to know me quickly?
Favourite Disney:
Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Character: Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
Princess: Merida (Brave)
Prince: Philip (Sleeping Beauty)
Sidekick: Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone)
Villain: Cruella deVil (101 Dalmations)
Fairy: Tinkerbell (Peter Pan & Tinkerbell)
Musical: The Lion King
Song: The Gospel Truth Part I, II, and III (Hercules)
Tumblr media
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