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#harry 1d
dailyharrypictures · an hour ago
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ch3m1c4l-w4rf4r3 · 2 hours ago
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Why does it look like they’re gonna kiss I’m-
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pathetic-dreamy · 6 hours ago
Harry: Hey do you want to— stop screaming— do you want to watch Shrek with me?
Harry: Okay well when you're done, do you wanna watch Shrek with me?
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gina-emilia28 · 7 hours ago
Louis: I think I got your lunch. *holds up a note that says 'I'm very proud of you! Love you Liam. <3'*
Zayn: Yeah I do thought this wasn't meant for me. *holds up a note that says 'Be good! For the Love of God! Be good!'*
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shawn-and-1d · 7 hours ago
Mi bebè hermoso with straight hair 😵
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ig-1dobssesion · 11 hours ago
Louis *standing on a chair* : don't go there!
Zayn : why?
Louis : there's a spider !!
Zayn : did you not kill it ?
Louis : I've only two arms it has ten that's not fair !!!
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Gryles is one thing that makes me wonder if Larry has open relationship. It looks like there was something more than just friendship between Harry and Nick. And Louis doesn't look much bothered about it, so I don't think Harry was cheating on Louis (assuming the stories iam telling about Larry are real)
I've always thought it possible that Louis and Harry might have an open relationship - lots of people do. (Although I think there are limits in terms of the ways rumours travel to how much either of them can have ever been seriously on a gay scene).
As I just posted, my story about Nick and Harry doesn't necessarily involve them ever hooking up (although it could - hooking up with someone can be a way to kill a crush).
But like you say - there are lots of stories.
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