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jick-n0nas · 54 minutes ago
* indicates smut
The Harry Styles Era Preferences
-> Preferences for your favorite Harry era.
(some might be very short) !
Harry Styles :
- Kiwis On A Wedding Day
In which (Y/N) is worried that she is going to marry the wrong person, and Harry is here to save the day. All she has to do is say one word.
- Sex On The Highway *
In which Harry and (Y/N) are having a good time on the road to the next concert.
- Lovely Skin And Tattoos
In which, (Y/N) wakes up a little earlier and admire her beautiful boyfriend, asleep besides her.
- A What ?
Warning : Harry Styles x Louis Tomlinson ( mentioned )
In which Harry borrows (Y/N)'s phone, and find something very, very interesting.
- Did You See That ? Oh My God !
Warning : Harry Styles x *************** !
In which (y/n) is a singer in a very famous girl band. During a concert, she is very surprised to see two of her idols in the VIP section ... sitting together. But what surprised her the most, is what they are doing. Little did she knows, her ******'s heart is going to explode.
- Where Were You ? ,,,,????,,,,
In which Harry and (Y/N) have an argument, which leads Harry to leaving the studio sooner than expected. Although, when Harry doesn't return home in the next hours, nor answer his phone, (Y/N) is worried sick, thinking of the worst.
- Golden
Thank you Mia Giovina for the rewrite !
In which, Harry doesn't understand why is precious girl doesn't smile anymore, but soon find out when he attends one of her concerts.
- Little Styles ( inspired by a headcanon i read )
In which, Harry's daughter, is nervous to play an important game of football, but being the best father of the world, Harry made sure to cheer her up.
- Nails
In which, Harry and (Y/N) are bored out of their minds during this f***ing pandemic. :)
- Fuck yeah ?
In which Harry needs to let go of the pressure.
- Meow ?
In which (Y/N) a very dirty kink...
- Harry ? What's wrong ?
In which Harry is feeling sad about how people behave around him. ( A/N : very long note at the beginning on how the people are treating Harry like trash and how I fucking hate it and want to punch the shit out of them. ) tpwk :)
Niall Horan :
- Lover Boy
In which, after seeing Harry make his girlfriend happy by spoiling her, Niall wants to do the same for his girl.
- Fuck that
Dark, Niall !
In which, Niall is feeling low after a robbery has gone wrong, and need to let go of the guilt he is holding. ( don't ask me why )
Louis Tomlinson
- Shit, maybe I miss you
In which you discover that Louis misses you, and hadn't moved on.
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kym-truestory · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Here’s the thing though...I love dairy too much😐...”too much, it’s never enough” Niall should know that haha
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louis-styles06 · an hour ago
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Tumblr media
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wemadeit · an hour ago
dm me on twitter if interested: click
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heartbreakmar · an hour ago
i’d never thought that i would found out
we were just two lovers in the dark
you’ve known someone for a long time but you never really know who they are
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fullyfadingengineer · an hour ago
@NiallOfficial - Our Song - Anne- Marie
@NiallOfficial – Our Song – Anne- Marie
@annemarie Anne-Marie & Niall Horan Perform Our Song | The Jonathan Ross Show 609,998 views•May 29, 2021 53K76ShareSaveThe Jonathan Ross Show 409K subscribers Enjoy this stellar performance from Anne-Marie and Niall Horan. Subscribe to The Jonathan Ross Show YouTube channel for weekly videos and the best bits from the show:… Follow our Instagram page for…
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harrycanyonmoonn · 2 hours ago
𝗔𝗴𝗲 𝗚𝗮𝗽
Here are some good Age Gap fics from amazing writers
You and Me ( @havethetimeofyourstyles )
Our First Time ( @hstyles-1994 )
Pleasure In Business ( @vocalharry )
Act My Age ( @ouronlyangelhes )
#48 the Age Gap ( @thestylesproject )
#48 the Age Gap Pt2 ( @thestylesproject )
Who’s Your Daddy ( @onlyang3ll )
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harrytomlindaughter · 2 hours ago
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i love fetus harry more than myself ♡━━━━━━━━━♡ Tags: #larrystylinsonedit #larrie #harrystylesloveontour #harrystyles #harry #louistomlinson #louis #louist91 #niallhoran #niall #nialler #liampayne #liam #liampayneedit #zaynmalik #zayn #zaynmalikmemes #onedirection #thankyouniall #loveniall #lovelouis #loveharry #lovezayn #loveliam #twitter #twitter1d #1dtiktoks #harrytomlinson #louisstyles #harrytomlinson941 (at London, United Kingdom)
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magicwemade1313 · 3 hours ago
I've said it a million times before and I'll say it again,
That album SERVED.
And its so underrated and unrecognised. Go argue with a wall.🤚🏻
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apureniallsource · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Niall's recent Twitter Activity - 06/14
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scrupulous-beyotch · 4 hours ago
I would let harry styles kill me with his bare hands. I won't even try to fight him. He can just come and kill me whenever he wants and I'll be happy. I might also frame someone I hate just so he could walk free and live his life. Also why would I give up the chance to see his face when I breathe my last breath.
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crackincocainee · 4 hours ago
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he looked so good 😔
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