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#one direction memes
thatonedragonboya day ago
Can i just like,, stop thinking about him for two damn minutes
C-ptsd has me fucked up rn since everything鈥檚 going great at the moment and my brain is utterly convinced that it鈥檚 all going to shatter and just,,, all go away and i hate it and its terrifying bc it鈥檚 telling me to run away from this amazing potential relationship because what if they鈥檙e like him
What if they鈥檙e gonna try to control me and isolate me
What if they ignore boundaries and guilt trip me
What if they try to convince me to ignore my moral standards and use me to their own benefit
And logically i know they鈥檙e not like that, they鈥檙e two amazing people that I鈥檇 love to really be in a relationship with, they鈥檝e always offered help and understanding and when they even suspect they鈥檝e reached -not even crossed- a boundary they stop and check on me and im hhhhhhh
They make me feel wanted and actually attractive for once in my life and they actually care about whats going on in my head and are genuinely interested in hearing about my special interests and are so incredibly sweet,,, but,,
Im scared
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broman-channela day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The wildest & funniest example of Bromance : the 1 & only One Direction
丕賱賮乇賷賯 丕賱睾賳丕卅賷 賵丕賳 丿丕賷乇丕賰卮賳
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Tony: *through Spider-Man suit intercom* 鈥淧ETER!!!! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ONE DIRECTION WITHOUT ME AGAIN!!!!! 馃槨鈥
Peter: *drops cheerio* *Switches off Steal My Girl* 鈥淲ha-What Mr. Stark? Pppppffh NOOOOO锟硷考OO!!!!鈥
Peter: *Turns off intercom* 鈥淜aren?鈥
Karen: 鈥淵es Peter?鈥
Peter: 鈥淓rase my 鈥淪winging Playlist鈥 along with the last half hour of footage from my suit鈥. Thanks鈥︹
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mythvoiced4 days ago
Tumblr media
@jeoseungsaja鈥嬄爘 鉂 it seems important to mention all the things that went wrong 鉂 (Saja tO...HAN? IF YOU WISH TO, IF NOT, TOTALLY DISMISS THIS) hieu minh nguyen -聽聽not here
A sigh. Breathless body and beatless heart shouldn鈥檛 react so humanly to the given situation, but if there鈥檚 one thing that these supposedly beings of death do well, then it鈥檚 emulating human behaviour. They behave as though they are still alive, some more than others, and they鈥檙e often unconscious of these demeanours until someone points them out to them, or when they鈥檙e sitting amidst only themselves and some introspection and observation suddenly reveals these things.
Han is semi-conscious of them. Han, though, doesn鈥檛 really care about these things. No, he cares more about the situation, about the reason he鈥檚 here. He knows the Saja he鈥檚 standing next to is experienced, on one hand because he stands by his side, rather than at the side of the newbies he鈥檚 staring at, and on the other, you can tell by the way they hold themselves, by how naturally their hats sit on their heads, just how long an individual reaper has been a reaper.
Han has been doing his own job for far too long himself. Although it doesn鈥檛 seem as though those centuries of experience protect him from new surprises.
The two reapers before him - he hasn鈥檛 found monikers for them yet, but he鈥檚 definitely thinking of a few now聽- have their heads lowered, eyes seeking either the shoes encapsulating their feet or the ground beneath them. And on a normal day, repenting is enough if the charge is this young. But this is... Goodness, what is this. 鈥淎ll the things that went wrong... Saja,鈥 the two instantly lift their head, causing Han to stop before he can finish his sentence and wave at them dismissively, pointing with his thumb at the older among them in the same motion.
Tumblr media
Then he turns. Maybe actually facing the man will help differentiate who he鈥檚 referring to. His lips part, just as his eyes capture the crown attached to the reaper鈥檚 front. Huh. Okay, King Saja it is. 鈥淚 can tell you鈥檝e been doing this for a while. Could you tell us, from your personal experience, why, when we mess with the mind of a person, we do it 1. rarely, 2. minimally, and 3. certainly not to the point of keeping them stuck in a hallucination that forces them to see worms everywhere they look?鈥
And with that line, he points, without looking, to the table he鈥檚 standing next to. Or, rather, to the man hiding underneath it, with his palms firmly pressed against his eyes. Han鈥檚 presence helps blocking him from view: the way he鈥檚 standing would force someone to see him before they could see the man, and perception brushes past him like water on ducks. But that doesn鈥檛 block him from the view of Han himself and the reapers, two of which would rather look anywhere else. His hand returns into the pocket of his trousers. 鈥淲hat are all the things that went wrong there?鈥
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soin1d4 days ago
Harry, showing Louis his new house: Over here is my Louis Blue kitchen with matching appliances and walls and tile. This is my bedroom with Louis blue sheets and carpet and curtains.
Louis: Harry don鈥檛 you think this is a little much?
Harry: Too much? It鈥檚 not enough. I鈥檓 also planning to get a Louis blue bathtub, Louis blue pool, Louis blue siding鈥
*20 minutes later*
Harry, hears a knock on the door: Who鈥檚 that? I鈥檒l get the Louis blue door
Woman: Hello. I鈥檓 from the London Mental Hospital and I鈥檓 looking for a someone named鈥 Harry Styles?
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azza1dlou5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Louis washed his hand a bit aggressively that day x
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diyatwinkle5 days ago
Me while texting w my other friends: My life's so exciting rn!
Me on the other hand all bored and don't know what to do:
Tumblr media
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lingeringscars6 days ago
Ik I've talked on this before but i don't think I've ever made a formal post. One of the...more common things i see in the rpc is the confusion over my muse/your muse in memes. ( I've seen a few switch to sender + receiver which is imo a really good way to do that??? Whoever started that props to u ). But as a general rule i just kinda ignore it lmao. I tend to answer the meme in whatever way i feel makes sense for that dynamic/interaction. Pls always feel free to let me know if you don't vibe with that!!!
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soin1d6 days ago
Harry: What should we have for Zayn鈥檚 birthday party?
Niall: What about a pi帽ata?
Louis: Ooh, yes! I鈥檒l take care of it
15 minutes later
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