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#florist au
pillowprincesspeter3 days ago
Tumblr media
馃拹Disabled florist!Peter au:
Peter works every Saturday at his aunts florist shop with his service dog Max in tow. He likes the shop, its peaceful and he finds comfort in being around the flowers even when costumers tend to overwhelm him. Because of his disability Peter finds it hard to communicate with others unless he really knows them until Tony Stark walked through the door. With a simple hello and an order of roses (and a not of harmless flirting) Peter lit up.
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thelittlefanpire7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
petals fall to ruin
by thelittlefanpire
The 100 | Lostia | TROPED MADNESS
Character: Lexa kom Trikru || Theme: Tragedy || Tropes: Florist AU + Mindlink || Written for Round Two of TROPED Madness 2.0 @troped-fanfic-challenge
There was no way to know how long she had been knocked out cold or what had happened to her. But she seemed relatively unharmed.
She sat there in shock, trying to gather her bearings so she could stand and retrace her steps back to the docks. She felt the panic swell as she searched for her friends, calling their names, but the alley was empty.
All of a sudden, there was a pull in her mind and Lexa was back at the Farmers鈥 Market. She could see the overturned stands and ruined paintings through the sodden mesh. But the water looked odd to her. Bluer than she recalled. It took her a moment to realize that she wasn鈥檛 physically at the docks but seeing everything through someone else鈥檚 eyes.
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snowyhybridboi10 days ago
Tumblr media
Nicolo | Florist au | Multiship
[New to Tumblr, not new to rp.]
鈾 for a starter 鈫 for a boost
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navigatrixloves21 days ago
Flower Shop AUs: the crash course no one asked for
Alright my dudes, I worked in a flower shop when I was in high school and I鈥檓 here to bring you some potentially useful information for all your flower shop AU needs. this is all my own experience, take it with a grain of salt, etc etc etc.
making a custom arrangement right when someone requests it (ie they walk in and say 鈥淚 want XYZ鈥 and the florist then making an arrangement on the spot and selling it, all in one customer interaction) is pretty rare- I see it in fic a lot, but I can only imagine it happening on a really slow day, and probably from a pretty good-natured florist. custom arrangements tend to be something that are ordered well in advance for very special occasions (weddings, quince帽eras, etc), because you鈥檒l be paying for the consultation and the time that it will take to design the arrangement.
most places will have a bunch of pre-designed arrangements to choose from- there鈥檒l be pictures of the options near the register, often with cheesy names like 鈥渁 thousand wishes鈥 or 鈥渉appiness blooms鈥. because greens keep longer than flowers, a shop usually keeps a stash of greenery arranged in vases, so when someone orders one, you just have to add fresh flowers to a pre-made vase. if someone came in and said 鈥淚 want this pre-designed arrangement, but with X instead of Y鈥, that鈥檚 a pretty reasonable request.
customers usually don鈥檛 know anything about flowers. you get a lot of people coming in and basically asking聽鈥渨hat do you think my date/partner/parent will like?鈥 the obvious answer is聽鈥渨hy the fuck would I know?鈥 but that鈥檚 鈥渋mpolite鈥 or whatever, so a good florist will ask questions about what the person likes, if they have a favorite color, what your price range is, etc. basically you have to just pretend you know what the recipient wants- ultimately, in nearly every circumstance they鈥檒l just be happy to receive flowers, so it鈥檚 hard to go wrong.
sorry to say it, but I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever met anyone, florist or not, who was actually familiar with flower meanings. like it honestly never came up. it鈥檚 a fun element to include in a story, but realistically the only way someone鈥檚 going to聽鈥済et the message鈥 of an arrangement is if you tell them directly that the flowers are meant to聽鈥渟ay鈥 something, or maybe if you鈥檝e talked about flower language in the past.
often, in the process of unpacking, processing, and storing flowers, you鈥檒l get a few flowers that break at the stem, which makes them essentially unusable in an arrangement (generally speaking, longer stems=more expensive) however, you could, in theory, save any snapped-stem flowers, make a little bouquet of them, and give it to someone. (I did this a few times when I was working in the back room- I literally just snuck discarded flowers into my backpack. a rose with a 5鈥 stem would get thrown out normally, but if you save it it still looks adorable in a mason jar). I鈥檓 just saying,聽鈥渇lorist gives crush a little bouquet nearly every day鈥 is something we need a lot more of, and it鈥檚 totally feasible.
a list of things a person might do while working in a flower shop (if you need to just have ambient activity or whatever):
鈥渇ront of house鈥 work:聽
arrangement, including assembling dozens of identical arrangements assembly-line style
taking orders (on the phone and in person), usually from people who know fuck all about flowers. requires the patience of a saint and/or a take-no-shit attitude.
general cashier/sales work. a lot of flower shops will also sell potted plants, small gifts/trinkets, greeting cards, chocolate, etc. so there鈥檚 the usual maintenance, stocking, etc associated with retail.
鈥渂ack-of-house鈥 work:聽
opening and processing shipments (flowers have to be unpacked and have the ends of the stems sliced off with one of those guillotine-ish paper cutting things, then stuck in buckets of water. a single shipment can take hours, especially if the flowers are delicate or individually wrapped)
clean-up, which involves sweeping pounds of plant matter into two-foot-tall mountains, then shoveling the mountains into garbage cans. 鈥渟hoveling鈥 is not a hyperbole there, you literally use a snow shovel as a dust pan. it鈥檚 a full-body workout.
clean-up in the cool room/walk-in (the giant refrigerator where the flowers are kept). same as normal clean-up, but there are more shelves and corners to get packed with leaves and shit. also it鈥檚 about two degrees above freezing. this is an excellent opportunity for sharing sweatshirts, coats, etc.
organizing orders by zip code and date of delivery. during a busy period, this is a one or two person job that involves being stuck in the walk-in for hours. great potential for 鈥渂egrudgingly realizing I like this person鈥檚 company鈥 moments.
delivering arrangements! door-to-door is a one person job usually, but delivering to a single location (ie taking flowers to a wedding or graduation) takes two or more people taking an often-very-long drive in a truck/van. (I鈥檓 not saying聽鈥渞oad trip games鈥 but that鈥檚 exactly what I鈥檓 saying).
little details (idk maybe for someone to notice about the florist character?):聽
when you work in a flower shop, you will smell like flowers until you wash it off in the shower. the smell lingers like you wouldn鈥檛 believe.
calluses!! a florist might have calluses on the outside of their thumb and the backs of their fingers from holding scissors and clippers (the location鈥檚 hard to explain but if you hold a pair of scissors, all the places where the scissors touch your skin), on the bases of their fingers on the palm side (from carrying buckets, etc), and possibly on their fingertips (especially the tip of the thumb) from snapping stems and generally working with their hands all day.
also, your hands are a little damp nearly all day, so a florist is likely to have some really chapped skin, in the winter especially.
lilies are normally sold with the stamen removed, so they don鈥檛 get pollen stains on the petals. lily pollen stains everything it touches, so when your job is to remove the stamens of a hundred or so lilies, your fingers will be stained yellow for a while.
also, green-stained fingertips and nails are common. (snapping stems with your thumbnail will turn it green, stripping leaves off stems will stain the space between your forefinger and thumb)
scraped-up hands and arms. it just happens- it鈥檚 physical work with a lot of sharp tools, nicks and scratches are going to happen.
it鈥檚 pretty physically taxing work, especially if your boss has a 鈥渘o sitting on the job鈥 rule (mine did.) after an especially busy day of work, your character will probably be exhausted and sore. massages? massages.
If you use any of this/if this is helpful, feel free to let me know/tag me! I鈥檓 @navigatrix on AO3 :))
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emptynarration24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I coloured in a BUNCH of chibi sketches I had commissioned AGES ago
And wanted to share all my babies ;3;
Also did some colour changes here and there uwu
i love my ba bie s
(Be aware I ONLY COLOURED THESE) (They were all drawn by:
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mdzs-fic28 days ago
Additional Tags:聽
Alternate Universe - Modern with Magic
Word count:聽14k
鈥淎-Yuan,鈥 he says, carefully, 鈥渄id鈥攄id you make the flowers grow like this?鈥
A-Yuan shakes his head in exasperation. 鈥淏aba, I said. Doctor Flowers did it.鈥
鈥淒octor Flowers,鈥 Lan Zhan repeats, pointing at the tiny plum tree, just to confirm that his son is suggesting a magical tree named Doctor Flowers sprouted overnight and made their tame family project turn into a verdant jungle. 聽 A-Yuan nods. 鈥淒octor Flowers,鈥 he confirms. 鈥淗e鈥檚 funny! I like him.鈥
A mysterious garden blooms on Lan Zhan's rooftop. His internet forum pen pal gives great gardening advice but never seems to sleep. The man who works at the florist, who keeps reviving the plants that Lan Zhan can't seem to keep alive, has a beautiful smile.
These things are related.
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thecringeworthybarisaxa month ago
Coffeeshop/tattoo artist and florists/any other normal "Hallmark" style AU on AO3
Me: oh, its another one of those coffeeshop AUs, I doubt It will capture my attention, but ill open it for later i guess
Also me: *first chapter in* AWwWw tHeY jUsT mEtTt
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3cfa month ago
Tumblr media
FitzSimmons Florist AU
for @agentsofchallenges聽March Madness
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apathbacktoyoua month ago
Tumblr media
When sisters Daisy and Kora walk into May鈥檚 Spring Blossoms and put down their piggy banks to get their mother a special bouquet for her birthday, Melinda doesn鈥檛 expect to see them again.
She doesn鈥檛 expect them to convince Jiaying to order the flowers for the grand opening of her caf茅 from May鈥檚; she certainly doesn鈥檛 expect to call them her stepdaughters a few years down the line.
Sometimes, life is just so much better than expected.
Florist AU for @agentsofchallenges鈥 March Madness
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meterokinesis2 months ago
How To Write A Flower Shop, by Someone Who Works In One
Happy Valentine鈥檚 Day! It鈥檚 time to talk about one of the most time-honored fic tropes: the flower shop AU! My parents have owned their flower shop for 4 years now, and I鈥檝e spent my fair share of time there. I find it hard to read flower shop AUs because of the inaccuracies, so I figured I鈥檇 make a masterpost of some of the most common mistakes!
Disclaimer: if you want to do your own thing, that鈥檚 totally okay! This is for people who want to make their fics accurate.
No. One. Cares. About. Flower. Language. Outside of the obvious (lilies at funerals/sympathy, roses for love) most things come down to personal/cultural preference. Where we are, there are people who think chrysanthemums are for sympathy, while others think they鈥檙e for celebration. Colors are also pretty flexible, but you can stick with some basics: red roses are romantic, yellow roses are friendly affection, white lilies are mourning. Most times a聽鈥渕eaningful鈥 bouquet will look ugly as fuck in practice.
Flowers are EXPENSIVE. This weekend, a dozen roses were $90. A very simple arrangement with cheaper flowers will be $40 minimum. Adding a single rose to an arrangement is $5. Any rare/out of season flowers will cost extra. Wrapped bouquets or boxes are less expensive than an arrangement in a vase.
Speaking of expense, florists won鈥檛 sell flowers wholesale. Each flower is marked up, and then labor is added. If a stem costs $.67, then it gets marked up to $3.
They鈥檙e called stems! If someone鈥檚 doing an arrangement, you鈥檒l ask for two carnation stems, not two carnations.
Some flowers, like hydrangea, can be brought back from the brink of death, so you鈥檒l see them floating in buckets of water in the back of the shop.
Dyeing roses is a bitch and a half and not a single florist likes it.
Everything needs greens and some kind of filler flower! I like leatherleaf, personally. Baby鈥檚 breath is a pain in the ass, but they鈥檙e a good cheap filler.
Shops will have a walk-in cooler. There are two doors, one that the public can open that has pre-made arrangements and one that employees use to store flowers. Flowers should be kept cool (but not cold!) so they stay as fresh as possible.聽
The work area will have a sink, a work table or two, and all of your supplies. You鈥檒l also have two garbage cans: one for biowaste like leaves and clippings, one for normal garbage.
Florists get hurt. A lot. I worked six hours yesterday and managed to get a splinter, cut my finger open, and scratch up my hand from rose thorns. Those thorns are really painful btw! Most florists will have visible damage from thorns, cutting themselves, or other workplace hazards.
February-June is the big season for flowers because of all the holidays. The rest of the year, you get by on weddings, funerals, and events.
You get to know everyone鈥檚 drama. We know who鈥檚 getting married and who鈥檚 cheating on their spouse and who has a baby on the way. It鈥檚 a little like being a bartender, except you have slightly fewer drunk people.
When someone orders from a general website, like Teleflora, they take a huge chunk before it gets to the florist. That means an $80 order becomes $60, not including the $10 delivery charge. That will drastically change the quality of the arrangement. People also try to scam the website, which just hurts the florist. Because of this, florists hate these websites and will complain to their co-workers about it. Fuck Teleflora.
Most flower shops will have live plants, balloons, stuffed animals, and maybe chocolates.
Churches and funeral homes usually partner with flower shops and getting one of these partnerships is really important for events.
It鈥檚 a physically demanding job. Flowers are heavy! You also have to lug glassware, buckets of water, and be on your feet all day.
Florists are gonna be stressed more often than not! It鈥檚 really not a relaxing job, it鈥檚 retail. Just because it鈥檚 a cool job doesn鈥檛 mean it鈥檚 not work.
There are a lot of expenses, so even on good days florists don鈥檛 make money hand over fist. ShopRite can afford to have bouquets for $20, but they鈥檙e cheap and they鈥檒l die in three days, whereas a nicer arrangement can last upwards of two weeks. This is part of supporting small businesses!
If you have more questions, let me know! These are just some misconceptions I鈥檝e seen in the past, but I鈥檓 available as a resource.
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emptynarration3 months ago
1, 5, 27
1 - Florist AU
- Author is a cute pastel wearing florist - He鈥檚 a little poor, but manages alright - he still writes gorey, bloody, violent fanfics in his own time still - he plays guitar and is quite baby
- do want to make dark a tattoo artist probably - dark has chronic pain issues and author noticed one day and couldnt help but go over
5 - All egos are Gods AU
There鈥檚 nothing to say but, all the egos are gods. I have no further thoughts on it
27 - Asylum AU
Again not a lot of thoughts.
- Host is a 鈥渘ormal鈥 human, who鈥檚 stuck in a mental asylum - he鈥檚 90% stuck in his own head and mumbling about worlds only he sees - he鈥檚 rarely aware of reality around him - he tends to have unreliable behaviour and can get violent, but thats a rare occurence
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ab5ter-2-03 months ago
Tumblr media
This is my Secret Santa Gift for @congliz!
Decided to go for a Florist/Tattoo Artist AU~
Bill works next to the Florist in a Tattoo and Piercing Shop and can鈥檛 help but bug Dipper on his Lunch Break~
I did plan a One shot and may do it later? But motivation left me
I hope you enjoy your gift!
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15-kitzchii4 months ago
i miss my Everyday bloom At your Junes AU (that florist Yosuke AU cos, Hanamura, hana means flower so yeah :D) so much but i hate how i dont have time to draw them because how school have been slapping me so hard and how my mental health isn't getting better?
but hopefully I'll be able to draw them soon when highschool over and when I'm at better state of mind! i was thinking about turning them into webtoon/comic instead of fanfic because I'm bad at writing stuff so im gonna express them through art.
Heres their bio in this AU. (Writing this here so I won't forgot)
Yosuke Hanamura ; age ; 19
Yosuke is the eldest child of the Hanamura family and he take over the Junes flower shop after his father passed away. Yosuke have a step dad and he was in ok relationship with him. After granduate highschool, Yosuke take over the shop instead of continue his study abroad because he was worried to leave his family behind, especially his little brother Teddie. (he refuse to admit this tho)
Yu narukami ; age ; 20
Yu is the only child of the Narukami family. Yu isn't very fond with his parents because they're very pushover and putting too much pressure on him. The only reason he continue his study is not because he wanted to chase his dream, but it's because he wanted to be far away from them where he could be himself.
Chie Satonaka ; age ; 20
Yu's childhood bestfriend who somehow menange to get into collage same with him. She's aware of Yu's unstable relationship with his parents and always there to support his decision. Chie is a lesbian, and currently in relationship with his childhood bestfriend, Yukiko.
Yukiko Amagi : age ; 20
Yu's childhood bestfriend and Chie's girlfriend. She went to the same collage as Yu and Chie. Can't cook and can't control her own laughing fit for her own good.
Kanji Tatsumi ; age ; 18
Yosuke's childhood bestfriend. They went to the same middle school and highschool. Kanji took over his family textiles shop and often hanging out with Yosuke and Teddie during his free time. He have crush on Naoto but refuse to admit it.
Naoto Shirogane ; age ; 18
Yosuke's and Kanji's childhood bestfriend. She went to same middle school and highschool as Yosuke and Kanji. After granduate highschool, shes continue her study (which is same as Yu's collage.)
Rise Kujikawa ; age ; 18
Naoto's classmate and dormmate in collage. She's super popular among guy at their class and a influencer on instagram.
Teddie Hanamura ; age ; 12
Yosuke's younger brother. He admire Kanji and wanted to grow up to be stronger like him.
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coffin-head-dracula5 months ago
Making Your Own Future: Chapters 1 - 5
I am so excited for this new fanfiction I am writing. I think I鈥檝e improved my vocabulary聽from the past two stories I鈥檝e written, and I hoped I grasped the characters鈥 personalities and behavior. I hope you all enjoy this story, and leave comments.
1. Happy Birthday Dennis!
Dracula promises Mavis to be more honest with her in the future after the events at Dennis's birthday party.
2.聽Drac Takes On Dating
Dracula fails at another blind date with Frank's right arm's cousin; Mavis wants Dracula and Johnny to spend time together.
3.聽The Florist
As Johnny and Dennis go and spend the day with their favorite vampire, they hit a few speed bumps with Drac as he's still trying to get used to humans; Dracula becomes captivated by a human florist named Ericka under the guise of her merciful nature.
4. The Usual
The hotel runs like usual; Dracula has yet to receive a message from the florist.
5.聽Dracula鈥檚 Texting Frenzy
Johnny wants to expand more opportunities for the hotel; Dracula learns through trial and error that there is more than one type of phone in the human world.
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emptynarration6 months ago
40! (Florist AU?)
@lamiasluck @alvie-ashgrove @ferociousfangirlofmanyfandoms idk at least one of u will read this
鈥淪o since they can鈥檛 die die the doctor just kills him and makes sure that he won鈥檛 try to use his powers again! So now he鈥檚 terrified of using his powers, and has to suffer through everything the doctor does to him, which is a whole lot of bad-鈥
鈥淏ut he technically has the power to help stop all of that that鈥檚 happening, but he鈥檚 not really aware of it, because he suppresses them so much as to not make the doctor mad, so he has no idea that he could help correct everything he knows is wrong-鈥
鈥淏ut no one else knows about his powers either, and the doctor can鈥檛 think about it when he鈥檚 thinking straight because he has to worry about all the damage he鈥檚 done to him while he couldn鈥檛 think right, but he would also be able to realize that if that fear weren鈥檛 there everything could be right-鈥
鈥淪o they鈥檙e just stuck in this not being able to realize- huh?鈥
Finally, Arthur noticed Illinois had been trying to interrupt him -or at least had said something recently. He was rather certain it was the former, because looking at his boyfriend, he was met with a fondly exasperated look. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e talking too much again.鈥, Illinois said, making Arthur blush in embarrassment, lowering his gaze. Which led him to seeing the plate of food that had likely gotten cold already. 鈥淥ops.鈥. Illinois chuckled, standing up and leaning over, pressing a kiss to Arthur鈥檚 forehead. He grabbed the cold plate, smiling down at his boyfriend. 鈥淚鈥檒l go reheat it for you, goofball.鈥, he hummed, moving to go and put the plate into the microwave.
鈥淭hank you Illy.鈥, Arthur smiled after the other, tapping his fingers on the table. 鈥淏ut you know, those two could save everyone if only they realized what power he really holds-鈥
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incorrectseijouquotes6 months ago
I,,,made my florist makki in acnh and I may or may not have made my villagers call me king makki sjskkskakks
maybe,,,I will also make mattsun,,,,,
Tumblr media
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incorrectseijouquotes6 months ago
I cannot stop thinking abt my mtshn florist au where when makki and mattsun hang out during their days off, makki is teaching mattsun flower names + their meanings
mattsun has it written down in a lil journal he bought specifically for that
and then mattsun confesses via a bouquet he arranged himself at another flower shop
at first, makki thinks nothing much of it but does keep it in his house bc its not everyday u get a nicely done bouquet from ur crush
mattsun gets worried bc he hadn't heard anything from makki and wonders if makki hates him but iwa and oikawa assures him that he should just wait
it takes almost a full week for makki to finally notice the bouquet and he can't help but blush (he should have known that mattsun would confess this way)
when they meet again, makki practically shoves a rose in mattsuns face while completely avoiding eye contact
mattsun takes the rose, smiling like a complete idiot bc he knows that makki finally understood what he meant with his bouquet
they go on their day as usual, makki teaching mattsun more abt flowers while mattsun is looking oh so fondly at makki, but unlike before, they can now hold hands and steal kisses from the other
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thecrowmaiden6 months ago
Trying to have things show up in the tags is a whole nightmare and I鈥檝e somewhat given up, but the second-to-last chapter of my JonMartin florist AU has been posted! There鈥檚 some nice AU Daisy and Jon friendship if anyone is interested after the latest episode of the show, oof.
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megers677 months ago
I think there is an AU type we are collectively sleeping on that has unlimited potential.
Strip Mall AU.
Hear me out. Is has all the benefits of classics like coffee shop AU and florist/tattooist AU while also adding countless small businesses into the mix too. Because literally any shop can be found in a strip mall.
Tumblr media
This is just one I went to today. And the same strip mall has coffee shops, an optometrist, sports bar, book shop, auto repair, game store, comic book shop....
Yeah literally anything. Strip Mall AU can even be a hub upon which other AUs can co-mingle. Want your Mafia AU and your Florist AU versions to chat? Mafia has a laundromat front or something and boom. They chat in a coffee shop on their lunch break.
Also allows for new possibilities. Character A and Character B each have super niche business ideas and not enough capital to open their own store? They go half-sies on a store and try to either combine or split up the space for their own business ventures. It's like the "roommates" AU but for small business stuff!
What about two characters open up businesses really close together that turn out to be similar type? Fighting over customers, perhaps? Trying to one-up each other? The strip mall that pic is from literally has three different auto repair stores and idk how they manage it.
Want a character to participate in the classic AUs but they don't feel like they fit in those specific businesses? Well Strip Mall AU allows you to do literally any business with the same kind of intimate small-business-owner feel that the other ones also provide. And you can have them interact with other characters from any number of other store types without pigeon-holing them into specific ones!
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