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#911 fox
adhdwtf · 11 minutes ago
y’all ever think about how buck wanted to impress the new hot guy by helping get a grenade out of someone’s leg and now he has a whole son
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vought · 25 minutes ago
Your Buck/Taylor vs Ana/Eddie take is so true. All I need for a ship is a good amount of chemistry, and Edie literally only has chemistry with Buck
I do believe Taylor might not be IN LOVE with Buck and nor Buck is with her. Hope they realise they are better of as friends. At least she as depth and range and I love her so much. She’s funny and clever and she can be a good bestie for Buck. Now Ana we saw her like 2 times with what 1 line each she was just thrown like “oh here is a romantic interest for Eddie just because”
I hope Eddie sees that she’s not the woman for him and he’s only doing it for chris. Carla was so right to ask him if he wasn’t just doing that for Chris and HIS LOOK *SUS MUCH* anyways Ana just doesn’t do it for me honestly. Eddie and Buck supremacy. Soulmate besties that are in love but don’t know it yet.
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monachopism · 35 minutes ago
s5 of 911 but it opens with buck and eddie in full ball gowns waltzing to this song and then just continues the rest of the episode as normal and no one ever talks about or acknowledges it for the rest of the show
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hawaiianpinapplepizza · 39 minutes ago
Tumblr media
(Not mine!)
Translation: "Buddie has to be canon this season because I don't know when Hen is gonna be a doctor, and I can't live in a world where there's not a scene of Hen winning the bet @ 911onfox"
I absolutely love this and I need it in my life pls make it happen Tim thx
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athenagrantnash · 50 minutes ago
Seriously season 2 of 911 is the best season
Maddie finally arrives
Christopher arrives and makes the show six trillion times happier
We finally have the whole Fire Fam assembled
The Buckley siblings prove to be the best sibling relationship ever seen on TV
Bobby and Athena are together and in love
Maddie and Chimney get together
The truly engaging story and tragic ending of Eddie and Shannon
Bobby and Athena get married
Not to mention it’s the season with some of the best episodes in the entire show!
Merry Ex-mas
New Beginnings
Chimney Begins
Fight or Flight
Oceans 9-1-1
Bobby Begins Again
This Life We Chose
Like literally some of the best episodes of the ENTIRE show! The only other episodes in the entire show that even hold a candle to those are Worst Day Ever, Athena Begins, The Taking of Dispatch, Blindsided, and Survivors! And tbh WDE might not even compare
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in regards to oliver stark’s phenomenal acting, i will continue to obsess over how high pitched buck’s voice gets in sink or swim when screaming for christopher after he fell into the water and in eddie begins when screaming for eddie after the well collapsed
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afterafternoons · an hour ago
you ever stare at your fic so long you convince yourself that it’s too ooc
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good evening i am still thinking about how the only character they decided to show onscreen crying about eddie being shot was buck
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luv-eddiediaz · an hour ago
Omg. Eddie's little shimmy to get his shirt on in the open of 2x4 gives me life.
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mays-grant · an hour ago
im watching lone star and mateo mentioned making a tiktok and now im just imagining him doing random tiktok dances-
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skylessnights · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Buddie + The Song of Achilles Master List [Updated]
Mixing my love for Buck and Eddie with quotes from The Song of Achilles Novel [Gifsets]  ⬇️
“That is — your friend?”
“Have you no memories”
“He is half of my soul, as the poets say.”
“I would know him in death.”
“Go. he waits for you.”
Achilles Come Down
“We were like gods at the dawning of the world,”
“He will be a god.”
“I had lain awake loving him in silence.”
“Perhaps it is the greater grief, after all, to be left on earth when another is gone.”
“If I had had words to speak such a thing, I would have.”
Evan Buckley as Achilles Aesthetics
“Achilles weeps. He cradles me, and will not eat, nor speak a word other than my name.”
“What has Hector ever done to me?”
“In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless, heavy dusk.”
“Well, if I am Patroclus, then I die first.”
“Name one hero who was happy.”
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destialpal · an hour ago
So I’m on the skateboard episode and I literally cannot breathe “you always said I can do anything. You lied” BITCH SHUT UP IM LITERALLY SOBBING RN
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skyjane85 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Ryan Guzman as Eddie Diaz in 9-1-1 on Fox
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scarletmanuka1 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Here’s another moodboard for Buck Down Under.
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wackybuddiemewbs · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Buddie Moodboard - Erin Brockovich AU
AKA another AU absolutely no one asked (or should have asked) for. And yet, here we are, peeps. Ngl, I totally could have seen that the other way around as well (my head's a strange place, you should be aware by now). But I settled for this one. (*/ω\*)
Eddie Diaz is out of his luck. First he gets into a car accident, then he loses the court case, even though his lawyer promised him they'd get that pompous ass who just ran him over, and then he loses his job. as a single parent to a child with a handicap, that's living the dream, isn't it? Not that this is going to stop Eddie. He'll do whatever it takes to be there for Christopher.
So when he pressures his former lawyer Bobby Nash to take him on as a secretary, Eddie doesn't much care. He needs to do this for his son. Thankfully, after some discussion, Bobby relents, despite Eddie lacking a background in the legal field. While this may solve one problem, it still leaves a very long list, a list he does not have the money to pay for.
Because he broke with his family and left without a trace ever since his wife left him, Eddie has no security network and has to rely on people he'd normally not entrust the most important thing in his life to. But it's either that or losing the job, the house, and the money to pay for the kid's treatments.
If all of that wasn't bad enough, his new neighbor Buck proves to just the kind of self-absorbed wannabe-biker Eddie has absolutely no patience for. Even less so because Bobby allowed him to look into a case that sparked his interest.
Eddie is shocked when he comes home from a day investigating what he assumes to be a big case involving pumping hazardous water into a city's water supply: Christopher is gone. And so is the babysitter. He is that close to calling police when he finds Christopher chilling in his neighbor's backyard, making burgers.
When Eddie demands to know what the hell the man was thinking, just taking his son out for lunch, Buck informs him that the babysitter left without further notice and since he knew Eddie was out, he took care of the kid.
A quick apology and an admittedly rather decent barbecue later, Buck offers to babysit Christopher for Eddie. As a construction worker, he is currently not in for another job for at least another two months. While reluctant about it, Eddie eventually agrees. Buck can't be worse than the babysitter he had, right?
To gather more information, Eddie heads out to some official agencies to take a look at the archives. But it seems that those are friends of the company Eddie is preparing a case against. Disappointed, he tells Buck about the problems he's facing, very much surprised when Buck tells him that he'll handle it.
The next day, Eddie and Buck head to the agency in question together. Eddie is still irritated not to see Buck in his typical biker wear but in actual clothes, clean-shaven and all. Another twenty minutes later of waiting by Buck's bike, the guy almost waltzes out of the office, waving the papers Eddie couldn't get at his face.
Apparently, flirting with the guy seemingly did the trick. And for some reason, Eddie is beyond pissed about Buck is having fun, musing about going out for drinks with the guy.
The irritation fades somewhat when Buck reveals he found some more possibly incriminating evidence. Turns out Buck is a fine researcher, so long it is something that sparks his interest. Thus, Eddie enlists him to gather some more information and research whatever Buck finds interesting. And Buck happily agrees - under the condition that Eddie takes him out for a drink once this is dealt with.
Eddie finally feels like he's gaining some higher ground when it comes to the case, only to have a rough awakening when Bobby orders him to the office and tells him that he's fired. Eddie doesn't know what's going on. He told Bobby, but he seemingly misunderstood what he was doing and assumed Eddie slacked off his duties. He is all the more thankful for Buck offering to pay his former boss a visit to tell him how he bust his ass, working the case.
He is more than surprised to have Bobby knock on his door a couple of days later, coming with peace offerings, i.e. self-made food. The two sit down and Bobby genuinely apologizes for the misunderstanding and wants to rehire Eddie. Having taken some notes from Buck, Eddie agrees, under the condition that he is given a raise - and that Buck can come in for research or whatever else, no questions asked. Bobby agrees, and lets him know that he will set his whole team on it.
And so, the team digs their nails into this case, working it from all kinds of angles to figure out just what is going on with this company and the polluted water.
Though that is not the only change in Eddie's life. The biggest change proves to be having a partner in his life, sticking with him through all of it. Christopher absolutely adores Buck and loves spending time with him. And the truth is? Eddie loves spending time with Buck also. It's easy talking to him, even about the things that are not easy to talk about. Even more so because Buck doesn't shy away from sharing things with Eddie he knows must be hard to say out loud.
How Buck used to be a firefighter until an accident left him heavily injured and on blood thinners. How he sued the captain and the city to get his job back, after his captain tried to keep him from coming back. Because he found Buck a burden to the rest of the team. How he didn't take the millions he could have gotten, just to be a firefighter again. Only to be shunned by his colleagues and then to nearly die on a job when he developed an embolism and no one seemed to care whether he made it out alive.
Buck quit the job after that, as much as it pained him, because he didn't want someone else to have to pay the prize for his condition. He started travelling again, with a motorcycle this time, and keeps afloat with some odd jobs at construction sites.
And now babysitting the best kid in the world, as he will insist.
It isn't much later that the two wind up in bed together. And for some time, it seems like the universe is finally on their side for a change.
Things continue to take bad turns, not just on the case but also in private. Tensions rise between Buck and Eddie as they wrestle with jobs, responsibilities, and their fear of being abandoned. Even though that exact fear may be the reason why they will soon find themselves alone, or will it?
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thekristen999 · 2 hours ago
Beside You In Time
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 9-1-1 (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Evan "Buck" Buckley/Eddie Diaz (9-1-1 TV) Characters: Eddie Diaz (9-1-1 TV), Evan "Buck" Buckley Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Soft Evan "Buck" Buckley/Eddie Diaz, Post-Episode: s04e14 Survivors (9-1-1 TV) Summary:
It was his first night in his own bed and all he wanted to do was make it to sunrise, to give Buck a little reprieve from running himself ragged. But as much as hated waking up Buck, Eddie knew if the pain flared too high, it would take twice as long to knock it back down.
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evaneddie · 2 hours ago
hey,,, pals. how would we feel about ravi and albert? 👀 two probies, probie-ing together. two of my fave any pronoun pansexual boys 😎✌️
i call them albavi 😌
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lanassupportgroup · 2 hours ago
Uhm…. How do y’all think Maddie got to LA? Bc she definitely doesn’t have her own car 🤔
Im rewatching season 2 (obviously bc I’m obsessed at this point) and buck takes her to the dispatch and he was in traffic in one of the early episodes and he said she should start ubering. And then in Oceans 911 she orders an Uber while the cops are searching the Jeep. So I’m just curious.
My only thought is a greyhound bus. It’d probably be the easiest way to use cash for a bus ticket so they Doug couldn’t track her. I can’t believe I’ve never thought about it before and they’ve never mentioned it either.
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