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#daniela x fem reader
hikarimiyanaga · 9 days ago
The Dimitrescu ladies reacting to their S/O who is a vampire but stronger and faster than them.
A/N : I'm also in love with Maggie Robertson now. The Dimitrescu VAs are just amazing.
Also, buff ladies can crush me and I would thank them.
Alcina Dimitrescu / Lady Dimitrescu
You work out. It doesn't affect your body physically since you're an immortal vampire but it's fun to do so you do it once in a while. It also helps you to sleep better at night when you're exhausted so.
The first time Alcina sees you doing push-ups she had to do a double take. Was that really you or was she just hallucinating? She never knew that you worked out?
She got her opera glasses and looked again and nope, it was you.
She knew you had muscles, of course she does, she always revel in them when you two finish making love but this is different.
You were wearing a tank top and god can she see your arm muscles just glistening in sweat. It made her gulp. And don't tell anyone but she was too distracted to even answer Miranda's call. She was scolded later.
Ever since then, whenever you work out, she's in her room and just stares at you with her opera glasses. You don't notice at all since you always try to focus one thing at a time.
And when Daniela discovers you pushing up, the girl squeals. You and Alcina look at her and she was just so excited. She raves on about your muscles.
You chuckle and ask if Daniela wants to be on your back while you do push-ups. Daniela squeals again and agrees. She gets on your back and you note that she seems lighter (she's made of bugs) for her height but you shake it off and continue your work-out.
Alcina's jaw drops because she knew you were strong but damn.
Later that night, Alcina traces your arms and you hum in content as you hug her and you fall asleep together.
Bela Dimitrescu
You and Bela decided to hunt for the night without Cassandra and Daniela. You love your sisters-in-law but damn can they be so rambunctious.
With just you and Bela, it was quiet and you can take time to hunt. It was also turned into a spontaneous date.
It was you who spotted a maiden an hour into the hunt. You pointed the maiden out and Bela smiles. She was about to stand from your date spot but you were faster.
In just a blink, you were already upon the maiden and has incapacitated her.
You smile as you carry the bound maiden to your girlfriend who just stares at you.
She never knew you were this fast!? Granted, she has never seen you hunt despite going on hunts with them.
You were just there for support. You wanted them to have all the fun and you were the carrier of bodies.
You poke Bela who snaps out of her daze. She blinks at you and you tilt your head.
"You okay, my love?" You ask Bela who just nods at you. You hum and take her hand as you lead the way back to the castle.
Let's just say that that Night, she didn't let you sleep at all. And you were too happy to complain.
Cassandra Dimitrescu
Cass is fast and cruel. Oddly enough, that was one of the reasons you were drawn to her.
The way that she just plays with her prey just makes you laugh. She has new ideas everytime you two go on a hunt that Bela scolds her for.
One time, she has this grand idea to let you take the maiden. She has two reasons. One, she has never seen you hunt down a maiden before. Two, she wanted to see how you would do it.
You tried to back out since you haven't hunt in such a long time but she insisted since there were only the two of you.
You sigh and comply to her request. You crack your neck and stretch your body. You turn to her with bloodshot eyes and smirk.
She has never seen you with such confidence and she gulps.
You run towards a maiden and quickly get her heart. You patch up the body to make sure that the blood gets collected. You smile as another maiden's scent goes through your nose. You go ahead and hunt that one too.
Cassandra blinks at your hunting style. She was fast but damn were you faster and more precise.
Before you knew it, you had already hunted down three maidens. All in the same manner. Heart out and blood in.
You carried all of their bodies to Cassandra who gulps at you.
"You ready to go back, Cass?" You ask her and she gulps as she sees the still glistening blood from your hands. She holds your hand and lick the blood which made you smile.
You abandon the bodies for a second and push her against a tree and smirk.
"Later Cass." You kiss her. "Prepare not to sleep." She nods and you pick up the bodies.
She follows you as you two go back to the castle.
Daniela Dimitrescu
Daniela is lounging around in her room with you when Karl called for you. He wanted someone to test a new creation of his.
Daniela didn't want you to go but you owed Karl a favor so you had to. She keeps pouting at you so you just invite her to tag-along.
You and Daniela arrive at Karl's factory and he immediately escorts Daniela out of the way. One of his creations come out and he introduces it. You sigh.
You always hated it when he's being dramatic.
You quickly dismantle his creation and Daniela's jaw drops. She knows how much of a pain Karl's creations can be, she had an unfortunate accident one time but damn. You were fast.
Another one comes out and you dismantle it again.
Karl complains this time and says that you have to actually test rather than just dismantle.
"Then make them faster and stronger! Damn it, I was enjoying time with Daniela!" You shout back and Daniela blushes.
A particularly big creation comes out and Karl curses as he scrambles to get it inside. It was incomplete and gone rouge.
You didn't mind though as it was the one who actually put up a fight with you. Daniela revels at your strength as you catch the creation's weapon with just one hand.
It took a minute but you also dismantled it. Karl is staring at you while you go to Daniela.
"You okay, sweetheart?" You ask her and she nods. You sigh in relief then turn to Karl.
"H-how did-" You cut him off with a shrug.
"It might be strong and big but it was too slow." You note and he sighs.
"Okay. Get back to the castle. I'll call you later." You hum then hold Daniela's hand as you two get back to the castle.
Daniela then proceeds to cuddle with you in her room so she could feel warm and safe.
I wrote this on my phone so forgive me for any mistakes.
Thoughts and comments are always welcome!
Thank you for reading!
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hausedimitrescu · 14 days ago
Part 2 of the vampire hunter series is now on AO3!
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piers-wifey · 16 days ago
Daniela: I'm going to the village with Y/n. I don't want her to think that I think it's a date.
Cassandra: Do you think it's a date?
Daniela: No, but she might think I think it's a date even though I don't.
Cassandra: Or you might think she thinks you think it's a date, even though she doesn't.
Daniela: Are we overthinking this?
Cassandra: Not at all.
Bela: Will you two SHUT UP!?
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spooky-scary-lesbian · 19 days ago
Request: No
Fandom: Resident Evil
Pairings: Dimitrescu Girls x Fem!Reader
Warning: mention of a stab wound, homophobia.
A/N: Here's something to hold you over while I work on the commissions I have! I had an instant idea when I saw a prompt for coming out and having multiple people send the video of Lady Dimitrescu's voice actor saying Lady D supports gay rights! Happy Pride month everyone!!! Collage was made by me and this was edited by @semiproeagle!
Tumblr media
You ran through the village you once called home, the shouts of the villagers ringing through your ears. This is what you were afraid of. You knew this would happen eventually, but you were hoping it would've taken a few more years, at least till you were able to move away. 
Putting pressure on the wound that was on your shoulder, you hissed, feeling the cold air hit your face as you climbed up the small steep hill that led to the entrance of Castle Dimitrescu. 
Stopping to catch your breath, you hunched over the open gate. You felt like your legs were about to give out. 
"There she is!" 
Turning your head, you saw the villagers running towards you with weapons. "C'mon, just...just a little further." 
Gathering your last bit of strength you could, you made your way to the castle door. Slamming your fist against it, you screamed out for help as the villagers started to get closer. Going to hit the door another time, you stumbled inside when the door opened, seemingly by itself. 
Falling to the floor, you turn to lay on your back. Your vision started to get blurry and you started to fade in and out of consciousness. The last thing you heard was footsteps approaching your body. 
"Mother! She's here! The woman we told you about!" 
"Daniela, keep it down, please. I'm trying to hear her heartbeat." 
"I'm pretty sure it's beating, Bela. She's still breathing, and pretty heavily, too." 
"Mother! Tell them to be quiet! I know she's alive! I'm trying to figure out how fast it's beating!" 
"Now girls, no arguing...Daniela, prepare a dish of warm water and get some clean rags. Cassandra, gather a fresh change of clothes for the girl." 
"Yes, Mother!" Both girls left Alcina and Bela at the front door to do as they were told. 
Alcina looked out the window, seeing the crowd disperse watching as some scowled or stuttered in fear of stepping too close to the castle. 
Turning back to Bela, Alcina glanced at the girl, seeing her chest rise and fall heavily and rapidly. "She's running a fever, mother." 
Alcina nodded. "Take her up to one of the spare rooms, I'll be right behind you." 
"Yes, Mother." Bela carefully picked you up in her arms, making sure you were as comfortable as can be before she started to move you even further. 
Stirring in your sleep, you quickly sat up, breathing heavily. Feeling your heart race in your chest, you placed a hand above it to help calm yourself down. 
Confusion was what you felt when you looked around, seeing you were in a very luxurious bedroom. You realized someone had changed you to a black silk lace nightgown. You shivered and winced in slight pain from your shoulder wound. You had been patched up in your sleep. 
Carefully stepping out of bed, you grabbed the white robe that was on the chair by the vanity. Slipping it on, you made your way out of the room. Looking on either side of the hallway, you heard laughter coming from your right. Following the sounds of giggles and wood crackling from a fire, you looked down, seeing four women. The one in white was sitting on the sofa, reading a book while the three in black were whispering to each other. 
Your head was spinning a little while you were focusing on the three that were by the fire, not noticing the fourth one looking at you. "Well, I see our little guest is awake." 
Startled, you quickly looked over at her. Your breath caught in your throat for a second when you saw her face. 
"Don't be afraid. You may come down here and join us." 
The three women looked up at you, their smiles wide as their eyes followed you while you slowly made your way down the staircase. 
Cassandra stood up just as you reached the last step. "Come sit with us! We prepared food and water for you. It's still very warm." 
Your cheeks turned a light pink when Cassandra grabbed your hand. Quickly pulling you towards the small table, you sat down between the other two. 
Fidgeting with your fingers, your eyes darted between everyone in the room before they landed on Alcina. 
Feeling a weight on your shoulders, you realized the anxiety you were feeling before was starting to bubble in your stomach again. 
Alcina looked over at you with a serious expression on her face before it softened when she saw how fearful you were. "If you're afraid that my daughters and I will do something to you, then have no fear. We won't." 
Surprised at this, you spoke up with a fragile voice. "Wh-why? I-I thought that-" 
"Stories are stories, my dear. Yes, we kill, but it's for survival. We don't kill for entertainment." 
"Oh...I'm sorry." Awkwardly picking up the glass of water, you drank some of it, welcoming the liquid that slid down your dry throat. 
Bela quickly refilled your glass before asking you a question. "Why did you run to our castle?" 
Daniela slid a plate of cookies towards you. "Why were your people chasing you? I saw you from one of the windows." 
"Oh, I-" Your chest started to feel tight, like your lungs were caving in. "Um..." 
Alcina rested her head on the palm of her hand. "It's alright. Nothing will harm you while you're here." 
Taking a deep breath in and out, you stared at the plate of food in front of you. " They caught me....kissing my friend- a former friend. She suddenly pushed me away and said I forced her to do it, and that I was mind-controlling her. I was stabbed in the shoulder, but managed to run away, and the only place I knew no one would follow me to was here. I'm sorry for trespassing. If you'd like, I will leave as soon as-" 
"No! You're injured, we wouldn't let a pretty lady out in the snow in your condition!" Daniela squeezed your hand when you jumped in your seat. 
"Of course you don't have to leave. Not with the way those barbarians treated you and, without hesitation, almost killed you over an accusation as wild as hers while you were just living your truth." Alcina stood, making her way to you. You stayed frozen in place when she knelt down, touching your unharmed shoulder. "This is your home now. Here in house Dimitrescu, we do not discriminate against anyone's sexuality, race, or gender. It's ridiculous in my opinion." She offered a warm smile. "This will be your new home, we'll protect you as a family should. So please, sweet girl, don't be afraid of us." 
Bela tugged on Alcina's sleeve. "Does that mean we get a new sister?" 
The four women all looked at you, waiting for a response. The tight feeling in your chest gradually went away with each breath you took. Your eyes started to water as everything became clear. "Yes! I would love that very much!" 
Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela all grinned while pulling you into a group hug, lifting you off the ground, and happy to have another sibling around.
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dismal-alien-darling · a month ago
Alcina Dimitrescu x (established) female mermaid reader 
Bela, Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu 
Karl Heisenberg 
Summary: Heisenberg has a sea faring gift for Lady Dimitrescu. 
Warnings/tags: backstory, being captured, wholesome family vacation, established mermaid, love at first sight type beat, i also *didn’t* take a scene right out of a certain 1984 mermaid movie either, nudity 
A/n: Mermaid lore: you have legs when you’re out of the water, you’re also naked when you step out of the water, one drop of water gives you your tail back, your scales are connected from your tail breaking off in a V shape to cover your breasts, you have some scales on your forehead, hands, arms (they vanish when you’re out of the water as well)
PS: If this does well I’ll do a follow up where you take Alcina into the cove for some alone time ;) 
t/c= your mermaid tail color 
“Alcina! Open up...c’mon! I have a present for you!” Heisenberg said as he banged on the castle doors. You continued to beat on the glass of your tank that was being pulled on the back of a cart. Even if you did manage to break the glass what could you do? Your human legs weren’t very strong so you would maybe make it down to the main gates, if that. You had been peacefully swimming through the village canal to get back to the ocean when you had been caught in the toughest net you had ever encountered. You had a knife tied around your waist at all times for occasions such as this, but this time it did no good. You had been pulled onto a boat where a very tall, scruffy man with circular sunglasses had peered at you through the net. “Oh huh ho! I know exactly what I’m going to do with you,” he had mused. You had then been tossed into the tank you were now in and pulled up a rough mountain path to this giant castle. You recollections were broken by the front doors swinging opened. You jolted to the back corner of your tank, hiding behind your hair. Strangely your fear somewhat subsided when you saw the extremely tall, not to mention, breathtaking, women emerging from the castle. There wasn’t a doubt in your mind that she wasn’t human...a vampire perhaps? 
“What do you want Heisenberg!?” she had barked, her voice was so silky even though it was saturated with annoyance. 
“TA-DA!” Eh? Waddaya think?” Heisenberg said as he waved jazz hands at your tank. 
“Oh...oh my,” the woman had gasped brining a hand up to her chest in shock. 
“Wow! I’ve rendered my bratty sister speechless...never thought I would see the day,” the man named Heisenberg practically sang. The woman had then came up next to your tank, bending down so she could gaze at you. Again, against your every instinct, you pushed your hair out of the way, and swam from the corner where you had been cowering to where the lady’s face was. Her eyes were a golden yellow color, her skin pale as a moonlit shore, her lips a deep red, her hair as black as the ocean at night and you were entranced. As you stared at her she stared back, you flicked your t/c tail causing a flash of color across the woman’s face. 
“Heisenberg ,I-I simply don’t know what to say,” the woman had stated, “her tail is such a gorgeous color, her eyes, her hair...” the women had stopped a slight blush creeping onto her cheeks. She stood up clearing her throat. 
“WHAT HO?! Is my sister smitten with her new mermaid pet?” Heisenberg teased causing the women to glower at him. That was a terrifying sight you had to admit. 
“N-no! Of course I’m in awe, she’s a mermaid for crying out loud, it’s not like everyone has one in their home,” the woman defended and your heart sank a little. “Besides, the girls with simple adore her.” 
“Ssoooo, do you want me to take her to the lake or what?” Heisenberg asked taking the reigns of the horses pulling the cart. 
“Not right at this moment. I want my girls to see her first, I’m sure she will hide the moment she’s put in our lake,” the women said and you could have sworn you saw a disappointed expression flash over her face. “BELA, DANIELA, CAASSANDRAAA, COME NOW!” A moment passed before a large swarm of insects appeared startling you back into your corner. Out of this swarm three girls appeared. “Daughters, look at what your uncle has brought us,” the woman said as they turned to look at you. Now, their faces frightened you. The three girls let out screeches as the rushed over pressing their faces into the glass. 
“I can’t get a good look at her mother!” 
“It’s because your ugly mug is scaring her!” 
“Shut up you both are scaring her!” The girls continued to argue as your curled up into an even tighter ball your t/c tail glistening in the sunlight. 
“Ooohhh her tail is so so pretty...I wish we could see that face!” 
“GIRLS ENOUGH!” the woman boomed causing the girls to silence themselves immediately. “Since she will be living in our lake I’m sure...eventually, you will all get to see her face,” the women sighed. The girls obeyed, backing away from the tank. “Thank you Karl, this was a most generous gift....let’s take her to the lake now. Girls, go back to what you were doing, I don’t want her frightened anymore,” she finished glancing your way as you cautiously peeked from behind your hair. The girls swarmed away looking very unhappy. 
Before Heisenberg tugged on the reigns, the woman lifted the top off of the tank placing it upright in the cart. Heisenberg clicked his tongue and the horses began walking. The woman walked in tandum with your tank, glancing down every step or two. After a few moments, you swam out of your corner breaking the surface of the water resting your arms on the side of the tank looking up at your new...owner? Master? Ugh! You were excited at the prospect of being around this absolute goddess but you absolutely loathed the idea of being someone’s property even if it was hers. The woman’s face softened when you looked up at her and you couldn’t help but blush.  
“I do apologize for my daughters, they can be a little...enthusiastic,” the woman said wringing her hands together. You nodded in response, not quite ready to speak yet. “I assure you that you won’t be treated as my property. Think of yourself as...a,” the women thought but it was obvious she couldn’t think of anything other than “property” or “pet”. 
“Look, I know what this may seem like, and what I’m trying to say is that you won’t be hurt or made to feel frightened, you’ll be so cared for and wait until you see the size of our lake. It’s so very deep as well,” the woman struggled again. You did find it endearing how she was trying to appease you and show you some kind of respect which you appreciated. You still didn’t like the prospect of belonging to someone and even less, never tasting ocean water again. “Whatever you need, it shall be given to you, just say the word,” the woman continued seeing the unchanging expression on your face. 
“For fuck’s sake Alcina, I didn’t bring her to you so you could freak out about whether she likes you or not,” Heisenberg sneered. 
“Shut up Karl!” the woman, who was named Alcina, snapped startling you causing you to dive back into your tank. As magnificent as this women was the thought of never being in the ocean again, never seeing your oceanic friends, never riding the waves...broke your heart. You turned away from Alcina, hiding behind your hair again as you started to cry. 
The carriage suddenly stopped causing you to turn over. Before you stood a serene lake of shining clear water, lined with the surrounding forest, a low dock extending about twenty feet out onto the lake, an array of colorful pebbles littered what you could see of the bottom as the gentle waves shimmered red in the setting sun. Alcina and Heisenberg removed the back latch of the cart so they could tilt the tank. You rode the rush of water down into your new home. Your t/c tail made several hard propulsions so you were about thirty feet away from them. You remained a foot under the water watching them. 
“I’ll leave you to it, any refunds just let me know and I’ll get her out of the lake and back in the ocean,” Heisenberg said as he mounted the cart snapping the reigns. It was just the two of you now. You remained where you were as you watched Alcina. Her eyes were so piercing. She took a few steps until she reached the dock. She walked the length of it until she was kneeling at the edge making her now ten feet from you. She removed one of her black gloves and extended it into the water. You appraised her for a moment before swimming up to her hand, your head breaking the water. You didn’t take her hand but instead looked up at her. 
“Look, I know this lake pales in comparison to the ocean, and i-if” her voice cracked, “you want to leave, please let me know, I don’t want to keep such a....magnificent creature against her will, even I’m not that just...” Alcina was stopped when you took her large hand in yours. You examined it for a moment, tracing along her fingers bewitched by the sheer size difference. You stopped your motions, looking up at Alcina, still holding onto her hand and you said, 
“This’s beautiful. It’s so clear and unpolluted, I’ve only ever seen water like that where humans are barely present, filthy creatures, ruining the oceans,” you spat. “I’m sure I’ll be happy here, not as happy as I would be in my true home, but I think I can find some happiness here,” you said looking into those golden eyes when you said “happiness.” “Perhaps,” you continued not breaking eye contact with the woman, “if we were to develop trust between the two of us, you could allow me to swim in the ocean from time to time.” Alcina squeezed your hand as her face relaxed a little bit still holding sadness on the edges. 
“I think we could manage that....OH! How incredibly rude of me I haven’t even introduced myself to you. I am Alcina Dimitrescu, vampire lord to Mother Miranda.” She explained to you. You were right, she was a vampire. She flipped her hand over so your palms were flush. She took a moment tracing the scales on your hands before asking “And what may I ask is your name?” 
“Y/n. No last name, or fancy titles, just y/n,” you said with a shiver as she continued to caress your scales. 
“Such a fitting name for a such a beauty,” Lady Dimitrescu whispered. You felt a heat rise in your chest at the compliment. “I’ll leave you to get acquainted with your new home now. Unitl then y/n,” Lady Dimitrescu said squeezing your hand one last time before walking back down the dock. She turned and waved at you before you returned the wave flipping backwards as elegantly as you could waving your t/c tail in the last shreds of sunlight. Alcina gasped at the magical sight. 
As your time in the lake progressed Lady Dimitrescu took remarkable care of you. As much as you hated to admit it you were entranced with your lake home. Lady Dimitrescu would visit you almost every day, either sitting on the dock or having her bargeman set her out in a boat. You would lean on the edge of the boat arms folded, head resting on your arms as you two would talk for hours on end getting to know each other. Eventually her daughters would start accompanying here when she would visit you. After a time you grew to adore her wild girls and any fear you had felt for them was now relinquished. One thing the Dimitrescus loved about you was your haunting mermaid voice. They adored listening to you sing. They also loved watching you swim, your t/c tail shimmering as you glided through the water, jumping and leaping out of the water splashing the girls and the lady as you did so. Eventually the girls wanted to learn how to swim seeing as they didn’t know how. You taught them as best as a mermaid could teach someone with legs. They caught on quickly though and soon were swimming with you in the deepest parts of the lake. In return, the girls and Alcina taught you how to better use your human legs and soon enough you were running through the castle with them. 
Over time, Lady Dimitrescu and you formed a deep bond, but there was something more just under the surface that neither of you would admit. Until the day Alcina and the girls planned on taking you to the ocean. It was at this point where you, the girls and Lady Dimitrescu knew you wouldn’t try to swim away or escape seeing how deeply attached you were to them and they to you. The Dimitrescu women had grown fiercely protective of you and wanted to make sure no one would try to steal their beloved mermaid from them. The plan was to trek through the village, down the forest path that lead to a beach and therefore the ocean. Since you were very seasoned now with your legs it shouldn’t have been an issue. The five of you walked through the village, you being careful to avoid any kind of water because all it took was one drop. Unfortunately for you a horse and cart carrying barrels of water had an upset splitting you away from Alcina and girls. You had laid there helpless as your t/c tail flapped on the ground of the village square.
“Look, a mermaid !” you heard a man yell and you were immediately surrounded. Those poor fools...forgetting just exactly WHO the mermaid was traveling with. The girls sprang into action scything every single person within ten feet of you. 
The commotion was much too much for you. The apex of the incident happened when one man had grabbed you, lifting you off of the ground. You let out an otherworldly shriek which had alerted Alcina who had then picked up the man ripping him in half with her bare hands. The man’s blood and innards had gushed onto you making everyone who was making a grab for you scatter. Lady Dimitrescu and the girls had quickly whisked you away, rinsing you off in the castle courtyard not wanting to pollute your lake. You had thrashed and cried as the girls washed the filth off of your t/c tail as you wept into Alcina’s neck as she held you tightly. You had lamented that you were never going to feel your ocean’s embrace ever again. Lady Dimitrescu had then taken you down to the lake and two of you sat on the shore, your tail in the water next to her feet. Your raw seafood spread was extra delicious that evening as Alcina had taken her dinner with you. 
“Thank you for saving me, the girls too,” you had said swallowing a piece of tuna. 
“I hope we didn’t scare you with our methods but we have a reputation to uphold and when that filthy rat grabbed you I just...lost control,” Lady Dimitrescu had said stroking your hair. Lady Dimitrescu fretted afraid she had gone to far, scaring you like she said she never would. 
“No no, I thought it was quite remarkable, after the fact,” you let out a laugh. Alcina chuckled. 
“Of course my dear y/n, you’re apart of this family now,” Alcina said, looking down at you lifting your chin up so you were looking at her. You placed your scaled hands onto hers kissing her knuckles gently. Alcina swallowed thickly. “And apart of my heart,” she whispered her eyes asking you a question you already had the answer to. 
“As you are apart of mine,” you whispered back. “Kiss me...please.” Lady Dimitrescu leaned down, keeping her hand under your chin as you took her face in your hands. And that is how Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters took a mermaid into their family. 
*Present Day*
“Girls, I won’t know what to pack if I don’t know where we could possibly be going,” you sighed looking at your suitcase as the girls giggled. This was the first time since the incident in the village that you were leaving the safety of your lake and the castle. 
“Then it wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you silly!” Bela had chastised. 
“What are the Dimitrescu ladies planning?” you asked amusement dancing in your voice. 
“You’ll seeee,” Cassandra chimed in. 
“Enough questions now y/n, you’ll see when we get there, and besides if we keep talking to you I know one of us will slip up and then mother will simply kill us,” Daniela finished leading her sisters out of the room. You laughed as you continued to pack for all weather and terrain options. 
“All ready ladies!?” Karl had asked as he loaded the last of the luggage onto the cart behind the Dimitrescu carriage. The five of you exited the castle your hand in Alcina’s. 
“Hello Karl, good to see you!” you waved as you all piled into the carriage. “I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me where exactly we are going?” Heisenberg shook his head in response. 
“I hope you’ve finally forgiven me for capturing you and handing you over to my monster of a sister,” Heisenberg laughed looking at you and Alcina, clearly glowing in hopeless love with each other, causing you to laugh and Alcina to snarl. 
“I think I can finally forgive you,” you chuckled giving him a peck on his cheek. 
“Hot dog! Better watch out sis’ I think she wants me,” Heisenberg teased making you and girls scream with laugher. 
“You’re lucky you’re Mother Miranda’s favorite or you would be six feet under by now,” Alcina growled clearly unamused. 
“Hey hey, I’m the reason you two love fishies met in the first place,” Heisenberg defended hopping up onto the driver’s seat avoiding a slap from Alcina. 
The carriage ride was uneventful as you wondered where you all could possibly be going together. All the carriage curtains were shut tight so as not to give anything away. After some time your nostrils flared and Alcina noticed. Your legs began twitching and you looked up at your beloved.  “Are w-we?” you choked tears forming in your eyes. Alcina smiled lovingly at you and so did the girls before Bela pushed the carriage curtains aside and there it was....your ocean. The carriage had left the forest trail that led down to the very secluded and secret Dimitrescu ocean manor (this being a completely different path you had planned on taking the day of the incident.) It was situated on a small hill surrounded by sea grass and sand dunes. There was a pier with a large boat attached to it with the Dimitrescu crest on the bow. You could see a rocky outcropping that more than likely led to a secluded cove. You completely and utterly lost your mind. You screamed and bounced in your seat. You hugged Alcina and the girls tears pouring down your face. 
“Is she ok in there?!” Heisenberg called from the driver’s seat. 
You were vibrating as the carriage made it’s way down the path that led to the house. You were scratching at the door like a dog desperate to be let outside. The second the carriage stopped moving you exploded from it making a dash to the water. Alcina and the girls followed behind wanting to see your reaction when you first touched the water.  
“It’s ok! I got ALL of the bags, don’t worry about me,” grumbled Heisenberg as he began unloading the luggage. You ran at full speed ripping your clothes off not caring who saw you. Your legs hit the water as you dove into the waves. Your tail propelled you until you were a little ways off from the shore. You simply floated as you deeply inhaled the salt water. Your t/c tail gently swayed in the current, your hair floated around you as you watched the sunlight glimmer under the water. You were filled with such a joy that you hadn’t felt since you first kissed Alcina that you bucked your tail lifting you out of the water so high in a perfectly arched breach. Lady Dimitrescu and the girls watched as you splashed in the waves, your tail flipping in and out of the water as you screamed in pure happiness. Their hearts swelled seeing their mermaid so happy. 
“Come on my doves. Let’s help your poor uncle and leave y/n to have some time to herself,” Alcina said as she and the girls headed back to the house. 
It was late afternoon before you had finally settled your excitement and were just swimming up and down the coastline. You swam into the rocky outcropping where, like you had predicted, there was cove with a hole at the top to let the sunlight and moonlight in. You collected shells and any other treasures you could find for Alcina, the girls and Heisenberg as you swam. The only thing that reeled you back in was the sudden hunger that overcame you and you figured you’d head back. 
“Good luck trying to get her out for lunch,” Heisenberg had said as he, Alcina and girls stood on the beach trying to catch a glimpse of your t/c tail so they could all eat lunch. 
“Y/n!” Alcina called and as if on cue your head broke the waves. You waved at the party on the beach and they waved back. “Time for lunch!” Alcina announced holding a towel and clean clothes in her hands. You nodded as you dove under the water swimming back to shore. The girls and Heisenberg had already started making their way back to the house when you arrived at the shore. Alcina scooped you up into her arms drying you off and laying kisses all over you. “How’s the water my pearl?” Alcina cooed as your tail was replaced with legs. 
“I can’t describe it, oh my ocean, my ho-, it’s all so wonderful Alcina! Thank you! Thank you so much for this!” you fawned kissing her back hoping she didn’t take offense. The ocean was your home, that wasn’t a lie, but your new home was with the Dimitrescus and in your lake which they had name Perla (pearl in Romanian.) 
“Of course my pearl, anything you for,” Alcina said her face falling every so slightly. She put you down so you could slip into your clothes. 
“I didn’t mean that Alci, what I said earlier. Please don’t be upset but the ocean was my first home but you’re my home now with the girls and my Perla. And as much I as miss it I would miss you even more. I would miss the girls more and even Heisenberg believe it or not.Please-” you were silenced by Alcina kissing you. 
“I know draga mea. You didn’t upset me and please don’t hesitate to call the ocean your home because it is. We can come here now as often as you’d like now. It’s secluded and no one would DARE come here. You’re safe here. Our trust remember?” You smiled up at her kissing her again. 
“Thank you Alcina, I don’t even know what to say, I-I, I love you so much,” you choked out. 
“And I love you too,” Alcina hummed scooping you up in her arms. 
The six of you had lunch on the upper balcony the ocean breeze blowing through your hair as you added small shells to it. The girls examined their treasures you had found for them. Alcina had already placed hers on her vanity and Heisenberg kept his in his trusty leather pouch. 
“Can I have some shells in my hair?” Bela asked. 
“Of course you can my dear,” you smiled.
“Hey I want shells too!” Cassandra and Daniela said. 
“You can all have shells in your hair I’ll just have to get more is all,” you chuckled. 
After lunch you, Alcina and the girls went swimming with you while a very tired Heisenberg napped in the hammock outside. 
They went in as far as Lady Dimitrescu’s chest while the girls held onto her shoulders and arms. You circled around them flicking your tail in and out of the water. 
“Can you take us for rides now please y/n? And look for shells?” the girls asked. 
“Of course we can!” you said happily taking Cassandra off of Alcina’s arm as she wrapped her arms around your neck so her front was flush to your back. “Deep breath,” you said as you dove under the water. You swam fast as Cassandra clung to you. You knew she was smiling. The girls adored when you would take them for “rides.” Cassandra’s hand tapped your shoulder indicting she needed air. You breached the surface as Cassandra gasped for air. 
“See any shells?” you asked as you looked down at the sandy bottom. 
“There!” she said pointing. You dove down to where Cassandra’s hand pointed as she reached out and plucked the shell from the bottom. She grabbed a handful of smaller shells that were just the right size to be woven into her and sister’s hair. After you two were done collecting shells you headed back to where Alcina, Bela and Daniela were. Cassandra grabbed back onto her mother and put the shells in a floating wicker basket. 
“My turn my turn!” Bela exclaimed jumping onto your back. 
“Deep breath,” you told her as you two slipped under the water. 
“I’m hungry mother, when will Bela and y/n be back?” Daniela asked Alcina. 
“I’m sure it will be any moment now dearest,” Alcina replied scanning the water for her daughter and lover. Something caught Lady Dimitrescu’s eye causing her brow to furrow. The water was churning but coming towards them? 
“What is that mother?” Cassandra asked clutching her mother’s arm a little tighter. 
“I don’t kn-,” she was cut off by a grey something leaping out of the water right next to where they stood. 
“DOLPHINS!” Cassandra and Daniela squealed. A small pod of dolphins was now swimming, chattering and leaping around them.   
“Look sisters! Y/n called them over! Aren’t they amazing?!” Bela called as she and y/n approached her hands filled with shells. Bela took hold of her mother’s shoulder as the four of them watched in wonder as the dolphins danced around them. You joined the dance, flipping and twirling with them. After a few minutes of this you made a chittering call to them as the pod turned in unison making their way down the coast. The girls tried to mimic the call but it just sounded like someone was being murdered. Alcina laughed with her chest. The five of you headed to shore, all eager for dinner to start. You all sat in the full windowed dining room enjoying lovely food, drink and company. The girls were rummaging through their shells picking ones to be tied into their hair. 
After dessert you walked down to the beach yet again. As you undid the ties on your dress you felt a hand on your shoulder. You looked up into Alcina’s eyes. 
“Yes my love?” you asked smiling up at her. 
“Will you back before bed?” Alcina asked giving you a lewd smile. You laughed motioning for her to come down to your level. You gave a playful kiss. 
“Of course my love,” you assured patting her cheek. Alcina sighed her eyes wandering about your face. 
“You know, when I first saw you in that tank, I thought you were the most stunning creature I ever laid my eyes one,” Alcina said with such a fondness your heart swelled. 
“Oh my dearest love, you have captured my heart since the moment you looked into that tank,” you sighed back as she took you in her arms holding onto you tightly. You captured her lips again before slipping out of your dress and heading to the water. 
“As hypnotic as your t/c tail is....I do so love that ass of yours,” Alcina called after you smiling at you lustfully. You glanced over your shoulder dramatically placing your hand over your mouth feigning offense. You blew her a kiss before diving into the waves. Alcina watched as your entrancing tail sparkled in the moonlight before disappearing under the waves. 
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Little Flower
Alcina Dimitrescu x female reader
You and Lady Dimitrescu’s vampire baby
Bela, Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu
b/g= baby’s gender
b/n= baby’s name
Summary: New baby fluff, that’s it.
Warnings/tags: new vampire baby, the girls are besides themselves, you and Alcina are proud mamas, fluffy fluff 
A/n: Requested by @coolninjavoid, they wanted new baby fluff continuing from my fic “Birth and Rebirth,” enjoy! 
“Good morning floarea mea,” you cooed picking up b/n from their crib. “Did you sleep well my little love?” B/n let out a laugh looking up at b/g mother. “You did!?” you sang peppering b/n’s face with kisses making b/g giggle.
“How is our floare mică this morning?” Alcina’s voice came into the nursery. You sat down in the rocking chair a soft fire already crackling undoing a few buttons on your shirt as b/n latched on for breakfast.
“B/g’s perfect as usual,” you sighed looking up at Alcina as she placed a soft kiss on your lips. Alcina knelt down next to you resting her head on your shoulder so she could look at b/n. At seeing her other mother, b/n’s eyes sparkled in delight. Alcina smiled broadly ever so gently stroking b/n’s head so she didn’t disturb b/g breakfast. 
“Hungry aren’t you draga mea,” Alcina chuckled, “you take after your sisters.” You and Alcina both laughed. The two you watched as b/n had her fill, letting go once b/g was full.
“You need to eat as well lubirea mea,” Alcina said to you taking b/n in her arms. Compared to Lady Dimitrescu b/n was even tinier than b/g already was in the arms of her giantess mother.
“Yes yes my lover I have every intention,” you said rising from the rocking chair stretching.
“How is our sibling this morning!?” Bela’s voice came crashing into the nursery her sisters fast behind her.
“SHUSH!” Alcina scolded, “B/n just ate and b/g can’t have so much commotion in b/g poor ears.” Alcina finished covering b/n’s ears.
“That’s my bad mother,” Bela said now whispering.
“See mother, this is why I should watch over her,” Cassandra said even quieter.
“You are Bela are always tied for whose the loudest, I’m quiet as mouse,” Daniela said in a barely audible whisper.
“No you aren’t” Cassandra and Bela didn’t say, but mouthed. This fracus between the girls had been going on since the moment b/n was born. The girls were in constant competition to see who was the “better older sister.” You and Alcina had mixed feelings about this; on one hand your hearts swelled with such pride you two thought you might burst when the girls would care for their youngest sibling, on the other hand it would grate on your nerves having to constantly break them from fighting not wanting b/n to hear stressed voices so early in b/g life. You and Alcina were both sure the girls had held b/n more than you two had since b/g was born.
“If you three don’t knock it off right now no one is getting to hold, play or feed b/n at all today,” you growled not having the energy to deal with the girls’ antics today. The girls immediately softened their faces and nodded so hard you and Alcina were surprised their heads didn’t pop off their bodies. You didn’t notice but Lady Dimitrescu grinned, pleased with your new motherly sternness that was starting to rival hers at times.
“I’m sure breakfast is ready now let’s go and eat,” Alcina said handing b/n back to you as you all made your way to the breakfast nook. Alcina held b/n as you ate heartily because breastfeeding a vampire baby was no joke. Just as you finished eating b/n started crying.
“What’s wrong my love!?” Alcina said voice fraught with concern. You laughed to yourself rolling your eyes. Ever since b/n was born if b/g made the slightest cry Alcina would go into fight mode. You found this very sweet and amusing.
“Again my little dearest? B/g is just hungry again drag mea calm down,” you said as Alcina handed you b/n. You got up to head to the sitting room to feed b/g.
After b/n had their fill again the girls poked their heads in the sitting room. “Come in my sweets,” you motioned for them to come in their mother following behind coming to where you sat.
“Can we play with b/g now?” Cassandra asked.
“In a minute b/g needs to digest,” you replied. “Here,” you said handing b/n to Cassandra along with a small towel. When you handed b/n over Alcina picked you up and sat down placing you on her lap. Cassandra knew what to do and before long b/n let out a cute little burp.
“Ha-ha nice,” Bela laughed burping herself. Daniela and Cassandra followed suit making b/n screech with laughter.
“Ugh girls-“Alcina started but stopped when b/n kept laughing so she couldn’t bring herself to chastise her daughters. Bela jumped up dragging b/n’s huge toy chest over to the where her sisters sat.
“Look it’s mister lycan,” Bela chirped bouncing the stuffed animal around making b/n squeal. 
“Peek-a-boo!” Daniela sang as Bela held b/n.
“Where’s Daniela?” Bela asked b/n.
“Peek-a-boo!” Cassandra sang.
“Where’a Cassandra?” Bela asked b/n. You and Alcina sat with your tea as you watched your girls play together. You had been melted into Alcina’s lap while the girls entertained their youngest sibling. B/n let out a yawn.
“Did your sisters tire you out my little darling?” You cooed walking over taking b/n from Bela. “Nap time for you.” You walked upstairs to the nursery, Alcina keeping stride next to you. You placed b/n in the crib and b/g let out another yawn.
“What a big yawn cel mic,” whispered Alcina as the two of you caressed your baby’s face until b/n was fast asleep.
B/n woke up screaming b/g head off. You were in the room within seconds. “Is someone hungry again my lupul mic?” you said settling in. You heard Alcina’s footsteps dashing down the hall.
“What’s wrong with b/n?!” She said looking very worried.
“Alcina, lubirea mea, b/g is just hungry...again. No emergency here,” you laughed as Alcina’s worry left her face. She made her way over to you and b/n watching you feed your child once again. 
“My beautiful doves, my sweet darlings,” Alcina fawned kissing you and b/n. You leaned up capturing her lips again in a gentle kiss as b/n suckled on your chest. “I love you, I love you both, so much, my babies,” Alcina continued hugging your upper body careful not to disturb b/n. 
“And we love you Alcina,” you said tears welling in your eyes. A gentle knocking on the nursery door caught your attention. “Come in,” you sniffled wiping your eyes. 
“My ladies, it’s a lovely day outside, would you and your daughters and your little one like to take lunch on the veranda?” your head maid asked. 
“Yes that sounds lovely thank you,” you answered as the maid nodded turning away. 
The Dimitrescu family sat outside enjoying a delicious lunch as Daniela held b/n showing b/g the different birds flitting around. 
“And that one there is a a gold finch,” Daniela said excitedly pointing at a nearby bird, “can you see it’s beautiful yellow and black feathers b/n? It’s such a pretty bird just like you!” 
After lunch, you mentioned something about b/n needing a bath and the girls jumped on the opportunity.   
“Can we please give b/n a bath y/n please?” Bela begged. “We’ll be so so careful and we won’t fight or bicker!” It’s not like you didn’t trust the girls completely it’s just they had never bathed an infant before. 
“Oh-um-well,” you struggled as you looked at b/n and back at the three sets of eyes that were silently begging. 
“I think they can manage y/n. They have been on their best behavior today after all and besides, it’s not like b/n can drown,” Alcina reassured looking down at you. 
“You make an excellent point Alci. All right girls you may give b/g a bath,” you said handing over b/n. The girls could hardly hold in their pure excitement as they whisked their baby sibling into their bathroom. 
“Come sit with me lubirea mea, they’ll be fine,” Alcina said patting her lap. You looked after the girls, sighing as you curled up in your lady’s lap. The moment your head hit Alcina’s chest you were out like a light. 
“Let’s show your mothers how squeaky clean you are you little rascal,” you awoke hearing Bela’s voice. You rubbed your eyes seeing b/n in Bela’s arms, fresh and clean and in a new outfit. 
“Hello floarea mea, look at you!” you smiled taking b/n. “Girls! B/g looks marvelous, thank you, well done!” you praised making the girls smile so widely their faces hurt.   
“Very well done my doves, you take such astounding care of b/n!” Alcina added hugging her girls tightly. You all spent some down time together in the sitting room until dinner was served, once again on the veranda. You held your child in your arms as you ate, the setting sun casting lovely colors along the castle. 
After dinner, you and Lady Dimitrescu headed up to the nursery to put b/n down for bed time. You sat in your rocking chair feeding b/n one last time before b/g inevitably decided to wake up in a few hours with demanding cries for more. While you fed b/g, Alcina busied herself making b/n’s crib as comfortable as it could be, turning the dial on b/g music box. The gentle tune danced in the air as you finished feeding b/n. Bela, Cassandra and Daniela silently glided into the nursery kissing b/n in your arms. 
“Goodnight love,” Bela cooed. 
“Goodnight little bird,” Daniela whispered. 
“Goodnight darling,” Cassandra cooed. After the girls had left, you and Alcina laid b/n down giving b/g kisses of your own. 
“Goodnight my beautiful one,” Alcina whispered tracing a finger along the side of b/g cheek. 
“Goodnight my perfect angel,” you whispered placing b/n’s favorite plushie next to b/g. You and Alcina looked at each with pure, undying love for each other, your girls and your baby...your little flowers. 
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Birth and Rebirth
Alcina Dimitrescu x female reader 
Bela Dimitrescu, Cassandra Dimitrescu, Daniela Dimitrescu 
Summary: The reader gives birth to her vampire human hybrid and of course there are complications. 
Warnings/tags: childbirth, labor, complications during labor, blood, “dying,” the Dimitrescus being so so caring, CASSAAANNDRRAAA, slightly NSFW just enough, sickeningly sweet family moments, post birth care 
b/n=baby’s name 
b/g= baby’s gender
A/n: This is kind of a sequel to my fic “The Gentle Heart of the Monster” (which I have linked below) but could very well be a stand alone story. Enjoy!
Chaos. That would be the word used to describe what had been happening in Castle Dimitrescu since early that morning. Chaos. You had woken up just before dawn to use the bathroom but the second your feet had hit the floor it’s like a button was pressed and your water broke gushing onto the floor. 
“Alcina!” you had yelped and the vampire woman had levitated out of the bed. 
“WHAT’S WRONG!?” she yelled coming to you within seconds. She had looked down at the floor, back up at you and then down at the floor again. 
“B/n is ready to come out,” you had said in a very shaky voice. You were terrified because the time had finally come to birth the fourth Dimitrescu child. 
“Fuck, shit, ok ok ok, you’ll be fine y/n, remember what we discussed, dammit ok hold on....CASSAANNDRAAAA!” Alcina screamed her usual calm demeanor absolutely nonexistent. Cassandra had appeared a few moments later. 
“Mother it’s so early what could possibly-” she had started in a sleepy voice before she saw the wet carpet. “Son of a BITCH!” 
“Get your sisters and the midwife and wake the staff NOW!” Alcina commanded picking you up. 
“RIGHT RIGHT ON IT!” Cassandra exclaimed vanishing into a swarm. You could hear her yelling at the top of her lungs, “ALL RIGHT EVERYONE IT’S GO TIME! BELA, DANIELA WAKE THE FUCK UP B/N IS ON B/G WAY!” And with that the castle sprang into action. 
***12 hours later***
You were sure the whole of Romania could hear your screams and sobs as your labor continued. The first few hours hadn’t been that bad with the help of Lady Dimitrescu, the girls and the midwife. The midwife had come to stay at the castle the previous week seeing as your due date was fast approaching. She was a wonderful sweet lady by the name of Sonya. She had birthed dozens of human and animal babies but...she had never birthed a vampire human hybrid. Considering this was Sonya’s first time she was doing remarkably, easing your pain with special herbs and tonics, telling Alcina how to support your body during contractions. The girls had been a great distraction, cracking jokes and doing little skits that made you, Alcina and Sonya laugh. But now your contractions were unbearably painful and the tonics, the girls performances and Alcina holding you did next to nothing for the pain. You had been pushing for about an hour and still nothing. Meanwhile b/n had been writhing and twisting inside of you causing you even more pain. B/n refused to come out. 
“Alcina, draga mea, I can’t....I can’t hurts...please,” you said through sobs your body completely drenched in sweat your face contorted in pain as the tears flowed. Alcina was behind you holding your upper body up while your feet were propped on a footrest. She had deep nail marks covering her forearms and hands from where you had squeezed her each time a wave of pain had come over your body. You felt badly for it but Alcina didn’t mind one bit because she would have done anything to help ease your pain. Amidst your contractions you had also began to bleed, slowly at first, a few drops here and there but now the flow was beginning to pick up worrying Sonya. 
“Yes you can my dove, you’re doing so well, I’m so proud of you,” Lady Dimitrescu reassured stroking your hair holding you close. The girls stood behind Sonya who was down in front of you. 
“Considering how b/n is moving inside of you my dear lady you’re doing most excellent,” Sonya chimed in checking the situation under your dress. 
“You’re doing amazing y/n!” Cassandra encouraged. 
“You’re so strong!” Bela added coming over to your side taking your hand and squeezing it. 
“You and b/n will both be fine!” Daniela added. You didn’t say anything but only smiled at the girls before another contraction took hold of your body. 
“FUCK FUCK ALCINA I CAN’T MY LOVE PLEASE!” you wailed burying your head in Alcina’s arm. Alcina kissed your head and looked at Sonya who had pulled out from under your dress hands covered in blood. Sonya exchanged a look with Lady Dimitrescu and she shook her head. Alcina’s heart dropped into her stomach. She was so angry at how powerless she was here. She could do nothing for her sweet darling who had endured so much pain for her sake. 
“Lady y/n,” Sonya began, “you’re loosing too much blood and b/n isn’t coming out anytime soon. We’ll have to...”she paused looking at Alcina again, “cut b/g out.” She finished as you snapped your head out of Alcina’s arm letting out a sob of despair. 
“While she’s AWAKE?!” Bela shrieked taking you in her arms. Sonya nodded grimly. 
“There’s absolutely no other option right now Lady Bela,” she replied. You doubled over in absolute hysterics. It’s not like the castle was filled with anesthetics. You were in shock, pain and despair you just wanted it to be over. Suddenly, you felt an intense pain on the back of your head, then you saw stars as the room spun and then darkness. 
“CASSAANNDRAAA!” Alcina screeched at her daughter who was standing to your other side her mother’s heavy jewelry box in her hands. 
“What? She’s out cold now! Hurry Sonya hurry!” Cassandra said. Sonya looked at y/n mouth opened...this was the most deranged birth she had ever experienced or would experience in her life. She swallowed getting the proper tools out of her bag as Alcina pulled you back. 
“She’s lost so much blood my lady that when I cut her open...she’ll...” Sonya stopped looking up at Lady Dimitrescu. 
“That won’t be problem, just do it,” Alcina dismissed. Sonya was confused by what she meant but she went to work. Blood poured from under your dress spilling absolutely everywhere. Bela ran back over to where her sisters stood and the three of them clung to each other watching in horror. Alcina observed the procedure carefully. Her timing would have to be as precise as possible. 
It didn’t take long before Sonya was pulling out b/n out of y/n immediately examining b/g. B/n didn’t cry out but only opened b/g eyes. “It’s a b/g!” Sonya announced as the girls rushed over to y/n’s side. 
“Yes yes lady we know,” Daniela said with a dismissive wave. 
“What? How?” Sonya said baffled as she began to clean b/n. 
“Witchy woo magic vampire human baby lady, our mother literally impregnated y/n. Wrap your head around that,” Cassandra said. Sonya didn’t even try to understand what was happening. Sonya jumped as Lady Dimitrescu surged downwards latching onto y/n’s neck injecting her venom that was necessary to turn you. She broke away offering her wrist to Bela as she nicked her mother’s wrist. Alcina brought her wrist to your mouth. At first nothing...just silence. Alcina never took her eyes off you not even to look at b/n. She knew b/n would be fine, was fine but you were still in your human form on the edge of death so you were her main concern currently. Moments passed as Sonya had finished cleaning b/n and wrapped b/g in a blanket. The girls also focused on you with great intent. 
“Come on y/n....please,” Bela breathed.Then slowly your lips began to twitch agains’t Alcina’s bloody wrist, then they pursed, then you began to suck and finally your hand came up slowly pushing your lover’s wrists deeper against your mouth. Your eyes remained shut as you drank Lady Dimitrescu’s blood, still wavering between your human life and your vampire life. Your head and body snapped back in a convulsion causing the girls and Sonya to jump. You let out what sounded like a guttural growl as two deadly sharp fangs appeared in your mouth as your *current eye color* changed to a haunting *your new eye color.* As fast as your body had convulsed it settled, absorbing any signs of pregnancy. The only thing that remained were your breasts still full of milk for b/n. Sonya watched in a horrified awe still holding b/n. As you had birthed Lady Dimitrescu’s child she had birthed you into your new vampire form. 
“Alcina! Where is b/n?” you yelled now that you were back to reality. Sonya only smiled offering b/n to you. “Oh Mother Miranda!” you exclaimed taking b/n from Sonya. “Hello b/n,” you cooed holding b/n in your arms. B/g looked like an exact splice of you and Lady Dimitrescu. B/g was purely stunning. You turned to look up at Alcina who had tears flowing from her eyes now. She leaned down kissing you passionately before breaking away leaning her head down so she and you could look at b/n. The girls exploded. 
“WE A HAVE BABY SIBLING!” Daniela screamed. 
“B/N AND Y/N ARE ALIVE AND WELL!” Cassandra screamed. 
“Y/N IS A VAMPIRE NOW JUST LIKE US!” Bela screamed. The girls were running, skipping and dancing around the room. They took poor Sonya in their arms squeezing her between the three of them.
“You’re the best lady!” they exclaimed. “You’ll be rewarded most excellently! How does a mansion sound?!” 
“Oh-oh really it was nothing, just what I do my ladies,” Sonya said humbly as the girls let her go. You and Alcina turned to Sonya. 
“House Dimitrescu owes you a life debt,” Lady Dimitrescu agreed, “you will be very well taken care of.” 
“Thank you Sonya, I think you’re actually a real angel,” you said taking her hand in yours. 
“Thank you my ladies. I am so very glad I could be of help. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be back in a moment, I’ll leave you six to it,” she excused herself probably needing several hard drinks after what she had just witnessed. You and Alcina looked at each other again. 
“I can see you so clearly draga mea, I feel so strong,” you said tonguing one of your fangs. Alcina was still crying. 
“I know Iubirea mea. I couldn’t loose you. Look at you and b/n! My loves, I was so scared,” Alcina choked out as you brought a free hand up to her face pulling her in for another searing kiss. The girls watched still hugging each other, normally grossed out when you and their mother kissed but this time was different. 
“But you didn’t, I’m here, we’re both ok,” you reassured. 
“I’m so sorry for putting your through this pain,” Alcina said voice filled with guilt. 
“Now you stop that lubirea mea and I don’t want to hear another word like that every leave your mouth again, hmm?” you said rather sternly. Alcina chuckled. 
“I see you have my stern motherly tone now?” Alcina mused. 
“I’m going to need it, with four Dimitrescu children,” you finished looking over at the girls. “Girls? Do you want to come say hello to b/n?” The girls broke from their huddle hurrying over to you and their mother gushing over b/n. 
“B/g has your eyes mother,” Daniela said gently stroking b/n’s forehead. 
“B/g has your nose y/n,” Cassandra said booping b/n on the nose. 
“B/g has your jaw mother,” Bela said tickling b/n’s chin. 
“B/n my beautiful cel mic,” Alcina said kissing b/n on the forehead. 
“Te iubesc atat de mult b/n,” you whispered nuzzling your face into your baby’s. The five of you sat like that for several minutes simply fawning over the new addition to the family. You were so overwhelmed with love for b/n, Alcina and the girls. You were also noticing your new vampire body but you would explore that later. All that mattered right now was b/n, Alcina and the girls. 
After some time Alcina cleared her throat saying, “My doves, why don’t you take b/n to the nursery, there’s bottle of breastmilk waiting in there, so y/n can get cleaned up and she needs much rest after that ordeal.” You were still covered in dried sweat and copious amounts of blood. 
“Yes mother!” Cassandra said taking b/n from your arms. 
“Hey why does Cassandra get to hold b/n!?” Bela whined. 
“Because I’m the most responsible,” she replied. 
“Oh don’t me laugh!” Bela argued. 
“Enough girls,” Alcina sighed placing a hand on her head. “You WILL all take turns.”
“Fiiineee,” Bela and Daniela said. 
“Come one b/n your aunties are going to take over for a bit, your mother needs rest you little rascal,” Cassandra cooed as the girls left with b/n. The second they were out of the room Alcina picked you up carrying you to the bathroom sitting on the floor with you. 
“By Mother Miranda my love I thought I was going to loose you tonight,”Alcina began crying yet again. You leaned up kissing her into silence. Your kiss became hot and heavy letting your emotions run wild. 
“But you didn’t drag mea, what did I say before,” you broke away lightly scolding her again. Lady Dimitrescu nodded taking a deep breath in and out to calm herself. 
“I’m going to take such good care of you right now my dove. Anything you want it’s yours, you deserve everything I can you give right now,” Alcina praised as she made her way over to the bathtub drawing a lovely steaming bath for you filled with floral oils. Normally she would have a servant do this but she alone wanted to be responsible for your post birth care. As the water was filling up Alcina picked you up placing on the rim of the tub. She got you out of your birthing dress which should probably be burned seeing as it was completely ruined. She unpinned your hair as it cascaded down. She placed gentle kisses all over your new vampire body. “Look at you,” Alcina gasped looking at your naked body. “My beautiful vampire dove,” she continued undressing herself before picking you up again. “Are you hungry my dear?”she asked as the water engulfed your bodies. You let out the most satisfied sigh, it felt as if the water was hugging and penetrating every inch of your exhausted body. 
“Yes,” you replied settling against Alcina as she began to wash and rub your body. Alcina picked up a phone that was on a stand near the tub which was a direct line to the kitchens. 
“Yes, y/n needs a very large meal prepared immediately, yes b/n is healthy and being attended by my daughters, yes, 2 bottles yes, thank you,” she finished hanging up the phone and attending to you again. “You’re dinner will be up shortly draga mea.” 
“Thank you lubirea mea,” you sighed kissing your lady again. “After we’re clean and I eat I want to go see b/n.” 
“Of course my love, I’m eager to see b/g!” Alcina agreed. 
“And then...later....” you mused smiling up at Alcina. 
“Oh my dove are you sure?” Alcina looked concerned. 
“Oh am I ever beautiful, I don’t know what has come over me. Couldn’t have anything to do with my change hmm?” You seductively whispered. 
“Of course not,” Alcina purred kissing you again. 
After you were both bathed and you had more than eaten your fill the two of you headed to the nursery. Alcina insisted on carrying you for the rest of night and you humored you. The girls were sitting on the floor around the fire b/n in Bela’s arms. 
“Bela its been ten minutes it’s my turn now,” Daniela said crankily. 
“Well you took two and a half extra minutes feeding her so that means I get two and a half extra minutes holding her!” You and Alcina looked at each and laughed. 
“Hi hi hi mother, y/n how are you feeling?! You look great!” Cassandra said leaping up her sisters following suit. 
“Do I have to fight you girls off for my child?” you teased as Bela handed you b/n. B/g was fast asleep. “Seems like the three of you are experts now,” you praised making the girls beam. 
“B/n drank the whole bottle and then we told her a story,” Daniela explained. 
“Thank you my loves,” Alcina said taking her girls into her arms. “We’ll take it from here, thank you for watching after b/n so y/n could have a chance to recover.” 
“Yes my dears, you all did a fabulous job,” you chimed in sitting down in the rocking chair next to the fire. The girls scurried over to give you and b/n kisses goodnight and then it was just you and Lady Dimitrescu in the nursery. Alcina sat down in front of you her head resting on your knee so she could look at you and b/n. You rocked in the chair gently as Alcina traced b/n’s face with her finger. That’s how you spent the first few weeks of b/n life, sitting in the rocking chair, Alcina’s head on your knee watching her lover and her youngest with so much adoration she thought she would burst. 
A life was given, a life was taken and then given again. 
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Secondary Love
Alcina Dimitrescu x female reader 
Bela, Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu 
Summary: Her daughters feel abandoned when their mother takes a human lover, the first one she’s ever had.
Warning/tags: hurt/comfort, feeling abandoned, feeling unloved, bodily harm, threats, threats of violence, mocking, being chased, dead parents, the girls are incredibly jealous of you
A/n: I’ve read fics where the girls are less than thrilled with your presence and try to hurt you so here’s my take.
“I HATE YOU! WE ALL HATE YOU!” Bela screamed at you as you coward into the corner the girls had backed you into. You were so afraid because you knew how insane they were and just how severely they could hurt you. 
“I-I’m s-sorry, I d-don’t mean to t-take your m-mother’s attention away from you all,” you managed to say stuttering out of pure fear. You had no idea where Alcina was and didn’t know if she could hear her daughters screeching at you like banshees. 
“B-B-BUT YOU HAVE YOU VILE HUMAN THING!” Cassandra mocked your stuttering causing her sisters to laugh. 
“ALL SHE DOES IS SPEND TIME WITH YOU WHEN SHE SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION TO HER OWN FLESH AND BLOOD!” Daniela screamed picking you up by your neck and throwing you across the room. You slammed into a mirror causing it to shatter glass falling around your body as you hit the floor. The small shards of glass left many tiny but painful cuts along your body. You yelped out in pain. 
“That’s a girl Daniela!” Cassandra praised her sister as Bela rushed to you now. 
“Let’s really mess her up! I’m thinking her face so mother won’t want her anymore! You know mother only likes you because of that pretty face right?!” Bela yelled dragging the flat side of her scythe along your cheek. The metal was cold on your skin and the rust and dried blood were coarse. 
“That is an excellent idea sister!” Cassandra and Daniela agreed letting out purely psychotic giggles and laughs. You were racked with the realization that they were about to mutilate you for life and Alcina was no where to be found. 
“Please don’t!” you screamed tears pouring down your face as you tried to make a run for it to no avail as Bela caught you by the neck slamming you down once more. The force knocked the wind out of you as you gasped for air. Cassandra and Daniela mocked your gasps laughing as they did so. 
“Say good-bye to this pretty complexion you fucking bitch!” Bela said her voice thundering in your ringing ears. The tip of her scythe scratched down from your temple to your jawline. You knew they weren’t going to mess you up quickly, they would absolutely take their time. You screamed in agony fighting against Bela’s grip. The cut wasn’t deep but it hurt none the less. In your desperate kicking your foot unknowingly mad contact with Bela’s stomach and she dropped you doubling over. You saw your chance and took it sprinting past Bela and her sisters who had been distracted by Bela’s sudden gasping and coughing. You ran like wildfire down the hall screaming for Alcina. 
“That’s right you filthy thing! Call for mother! She can’t help you now! Oh we love a good chase!” Cassandra called after you as the girls swarmed into insects in hot pursuit. You ran down another hallway making your way to the front doors. Blood streamed down your face onto your chest, arms and torso. You knew for a fact that Alcina wasn’t in the castle because she would have heard you by now so you’re only hope was outside. You raced down the stairs hearing the girls swarming up on you laughing hysterically. You cleared the last three steps with a jump and hurled yourself through the doors. 
“ALCINA!ALCINA!” you sobbed screaming for your mistress. 
“ALCINAAAAA!” you heard the girls mocking your cries for help behind you. You didn’t even think which way to run you just started sprinting. You ran towards the gardens. You ran and ran screaming for your Alcina as you heard the girls growing ever closer behind you. You had made it as far as Lady Dimitrescu’s rose garden when you slowed your pace ever so slightly because you simply could not keep up the pace were your running at and that’s when they pounced. Bela hit you full force from the side causing the two of you to roll over each other in the gravel. The two of you stopped with Bela on top of you pinning you down. “Got ya!” Bela hissed as you placed a punch to her chin. “Sisters please help me with this little bitch!” Cassandra and Daniela were on each your arms pinning you down. You were fully and totally trapped. “I think I’ll keep your cheek as a souvenir,” Bela said raising her scythe over her head. You let out a blood curdling scream and shut your eyes waiting for the pain. 
“BELAAAAAA!” you heard a pissed off voice from the distance. The voice belonged to Alcina Dimitrescu. She had been out in the garden tending to her roses and was in the garden shed when she had heard the screaming and laughing. It took a few strides for her to be now looming over her daughters and you. 
“Don’t worry mother dearest, we’re all just playing.” Cassandra explained as her sisters agreed with her. 
“A friendly game of tag,” Daniela backed the statement.
“And y/n was it,” Bela said still holding onto her scythe. Alcina said nothing but instead picked Bela up by the scruff of cloak and tossed her off of you. She only had to look at Cassandra and Daniela for them to release your arms. You sprung up tears flowing from your eyes mixing with the blood and dirt on your face holding your arms up indicating you wanted to be picked up. Lady Dimitrescu did so quickly nuzzling you against her chest as she examined your wound. You were trembling so violently that you thought you were going to puke. 
“What the hell have you done to y/n?!” Alcina said in an extremely unpleased tone looking at her daughters. Bela, who was even more infuriated now after being thrown replied. 
“Ooooh nothing, I thought her face could use some improvement mother,” Bela sneered in a completely disrespectful tone, “what do you think? Do you like your pet even more now than us? I don’t think that’s even possible seeing as you spend every waking minute with this human fucker instead of attending to your own daughters!” Bela finished tears rolling down her face now. Cassandra and Daniela didn’t say anything only started to cry along with their sister. Lady Dimitrescu was obviously cross with her daughters for scaring you so severely but her heart also tugged seeing her girls cry. 
“Please just send me away my lady,” you said wriggling in her arms indicating you wanted to be put down however Alcina did not put your down instead held you tighter. “I don’t want to come between a mother and her daughters. That would be beyond cruel. Just please let me go, they hate me and for good reason. I deserve this,” you said pointing to the wound on your face. “I’ll get my things right now and leave, please let me go.” You finished trying to push Lady Dimitrescu’s arms from around you but it was fruitless. 
“Is this true my dear cel mics? You feel as if all my love is being focused onto y/n?” Alcina said looking down at her daughters with a concerned expression on her face. 
“Yes!” her daughters said their tears picking up. 
“You spend all day and night with her!” Cassandra cried. 
“We never get to spend time just the four of us, SHE always has to be there!” Daniela weeped. 
“You only like her because she’s pretty! She dumber than a scarecrow!” Bela yelled gesturing towards you. Alcina’s mouth dropped opened as tears welled in her eyes. She finally put you down and moved forward taking all three of her girls in her arms. You saw this a as good opportunity to leave. 
“My loves! I’m so sorry! I have been inattentive to my precious girls haven’t I? I’m sorry please forgive me!” You heard Lady Dimitrescu say as you ran back to the castle. You heard the girls respond to their mother but didn’t hear the rest of the conversation. Tears of anger now flowed from your eyes as you made your way to the room you shared with Alcina as you began to pack your things not giving one shit about the cut on your face. 
‘Y/n, you selfish bitch. The girls were right, you are a bitch. Taking their mother away from them when you would kill to have your own mother still living. Of course the love Alcina gave you filled the void that was left when your own mother died. But now...’ you shook your head, ‘you are taking it from someone else when you know damn well what it’s like to not have a mother anymore. No wonder the girls wanted to hurt you so badly.’ You finished packing the last of your things your thoughts going a mile a minute. You went into Alcina’s bathroom and cleaned yourself up. After you were done you took one last look at your mistress’s room before making your way to the door with your bag on your back. You had reached the top of the stairs leading to the front door when a sight stopped you dead in your tracks. There stood Lady Dimitrescu, Bela, Cassandra and Daniela in front of the door. You had to gawk for a moment to make sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you because you could swear you saw each girl holding a rose. You stood unmoving at the top of the stairs. 
“Y/n my dear, please come down here, the girls have something they want to say to you,” Alcina said gesturing for you to come down to meet them. You proceeded down the steps your bag still on your back. 
“I’m still leaving Lady Dimitrescu,” you said, “like I said I refuse to break a family in two.” 
“Oh but we want you to stay,” Bela said stepping forward offering the pink rose in her hand. Cassandra and Daniela followed suit offering their yellow and white roses to you. You were stunned into silence for a few moments. Alcina cleared her throat. 
“Mother told us about how you lost your own mother.” 
“And how you had come to castle when it had happened looking for a new life.”
“You must have been so sad after you lost your mother y/n, we can’t imagine what that must feel like.” 
“Being mother’s pet, I mean um lover, must make you feel the love that you once felt with your mother only different.” 
“And mother has never taken a human pet, erm lover, before.”
“She used to be so lonely before you came along. She has us but you give her something we can’t.” 
“She was so infatuated with you that she did neglect us for a time.”
“But it was so very wrong of us, what we did to you, we should have never scared or hurt you like that.” 
“And now you’ll have to live with that scar the rest of your life, we are so very sorry.” 
“So if you can forgive us, please accept these roses as a token of our friendship and as a promise.” You stood there in shock, you almost pinched yourself because this couldn’t be real. You looked at the girls and then at Alcina who gave a small nod. 
“Oh um, yes, yes! I accept your apologizes ladies and I’m sorry I ever put any doubt in your heads that your mother loved you any less,” you choked out taking the roses from the girls a small smile on each of their faces. “I would be honored to be your friend and to get to know each of you personally.”
“That sounds good to us,” Bela said extending her hand out. You took her hand in yours giving it a squeeze. You repeated this action with Cassandra and Daniela too. Lady Dimitrescu stood behind her girls beaming as the four of you made peace. 
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The Gentle Heart of the Monster
Alcina Dimitrescu x female reader 
Bela, Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu 
Summary: Lady Dimitrescu and her daughers take care of a very pregnant reader. 
Warnings/tags: pregnancy, slight pregnancy kink, talk of impregnation, some sexiness, Lady D and her daughters are so caring, personal attention, caring for a pregnant woman, wholesomeness
A/n: For the sake of the fic Alcina carried and birthed her daughters so she has extensive knowledge on vampire babies/pregnancy. Let’s say they are fraternal triplets to make things simple. No father involved just witchy baby magic just let me have this please! 
y/n=your name
b/n=future baby’s name 
“Ugh! You’re close to overstaying your welcome b/n!” you groaned as b/n gave your ribs a firm kick. You were seven months pregnant with still two months to go and you were over being pregnant. As if being pregnant wasn’t hard enough, having a human-vampire spawn growing inside of you was an entirely different animal. Alcina had come to you with the request of you carrying her next child a few years after you had come to live in the castle. You started as a servant, then her personal hand maid, then her lover and now her brood mare. Lady Dimitrescu would have trusted no one else to carry her next child. You had initially refused her request. You deeply loved Alcina but not enough to have some Dimitrescu man rut you like a rabbit in heat. Lady Dimitrescu had laughed, given you a very sly look and then explained how the conception would happen. You had listened mouth agape closing it after Alcina was done explaining. When you were told SHE would be the one impregnating you your decision instantly changed to a resounding yes. The rest was history. 
“B/n hurting my dove again?” Alcina cooed kneeling down to take your shoes off. You grumbled in response. You had spent most of your pregnancy in one of the lounge rooms upstairs. It had the most comfortable chairs in the castle accompanied by equally comfortable foot rests. It had a fireplace and an adjacent balcony with a lovely outside dinette set. The doors leading to the balcony were made of glass so you got plenty of sunshine and had easy access to fresh air. Lady Dimitrescu had joined you every day as often as she could in your little sanctuary. She would often read in the chair across from you, rub your feet, neck, shoulders and back or you would curl up in her lap so you and her could caress your growing bump. Even the first two months your pregnancy had been challenging due to the circumstances. You had been around countless pregnant women in your old village and none of their pregnancies resembled yours, in some aspects yes but most aspects no. 
“B/n, you little shit, stop hurting your mother,”Alcina chastised the baby inside you. You chuckled. It always made you laugh when Alcina and the girls would talk and vaguely threaten b/n. Alcina sat on the floor, placing your shoes to the side and began rubbing your feet with her inhumanly strong hands. You sighed in relief. You settled further into the chair placing your hands on your stomach as b/n continued their assault on your insides. 
“Ow fuck!” you cried as b/n dragged their foot along the length of your stomach as if they were trying to rip your skin. You sat up doubling over. 
“My dear sweet y/n,” Alcina said placing a comforting hand on your head stroking your head. She glared at your stomach and as if the baby could see her terrifying glare b/n finally settled and stopped moving. You lifted your head and slumped back into the chair. Alcina gave you a delicate smile and continued to rub your sore feet. 
“I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up my lady,” you confessed tears forming in your eyes. 
“I know I know dear one. Growing a vampire baby is a daunting task. The girls were fist fighting even in the womb and look at them now! Ah, but alas my body was more than equipped to handle the pregnancy.” Alcina admitted. She had been in her same form she was now when she had been pregnant with her triplet girls. You however, were still a feeble human so just one vampire-human baby was more than enough for you. 
“I’m so weak and fragile I’m too-” you were cut off by Alcina placing a hand on your stomach. 
“My dove don’t start...” Lady Dimitrescu trailed off. You simply nodded in response wiping your eyes. You hated how emotional you had become. Alcina hated when you tore yourself apart especially now since you were carrying her fourth child. Alcina and you had discussed the mechanics of what a vampire pregnancy would entail making sure you were fully aware of what was ahead of you. You accepted the task because you would literally die for Alcina Dimitrescu. You had also discussed that if b/n were to almost kill you coming out she would turn you no questions asked. 
“Would you like me to rub your neck and back draga mea?” Alcina asked breaking your recollections. You nodded leaning forward as Alcina moved behind the chair. She could fully sit on the floor and still be tall enough to reach your neck and back comfortably. “You look so beautiful cel mic, I love how you look with your child growing inside you, our child. I must admit I’m going to miss you looking like this when b/n arrives,” Alcina fawned as you gave her hand a quick squeeze. “If you weren’t hurting sweet one I would take you right here and now,” Alcina purred into your ear. You twisted your neck meeting your lips with hers. During the first few months Alcina hadn’t held back making love to you in your early stages but now you were too sore to entertain the idea.
“You flatter me so Alcina,” you said licking her lips before deepening your kiss. Alcina reached down snaking her hand over your belly rubbing it softly. She moved her hand and ever so gently touched your swollen breasts. “Oh my dear lady,” you moaned into her lips. Lady Dimitrescu moved her hand down your stomach again and was just passing your hips when the doors to the lounge room flew open. You and Alcina jumped apart breaking your tender moment. 
“LUNCH TIME!” Bela announced pushing a tray full of delicious food and snacks. Her sisters followed in behind her pushing another tray of herbs and drinks. 
“Oh thank you my loves,” you thanked as Bela, Cassandra and Daniela presented the spread to you. Cassandra began mixing the herbs into a liquid which she poured into your tea. It was mix of supplements and pain relievers. You gladly gulped the tea as the almost instant effects settled into your aching body. 
“I have water, more tea, juice and milk,” Cassandra offered. 
“Thank you Cassandra just set it down for the moment,” you said. 
“So you have bread, that’s...feta and brie cheese, tomato slices, ham, salami, fresh basil, I picked it myself,”Bela boasted.
“But I have grapes, strawberries, almonds, roasted chicken and chocolate cake,” Daniela boasted back glaring at Bela. Since you had been pregnant the girls had been competing to see who could take care of you better. 
“You’re feeling better aren’t you y/n because of my herbal mixture right?” Cassandra asked pushing past her sisters. 
“I can rub your feet!” Bela offered kneeling down and getting right to work. 
“Well I can rub your neck and shoulders,” Daniela barked bulldozing her mother out of the way. Alcina looked sternly at her daughter in response. 
“You two didn’t ask her what she really wants! What would you like me to do for you and b/n y/n?” Cassandra asked sweetly. Alcina could see her daughters were overwhelming you. 
“GIRLS!” Alcina bellowed making all three girls freeze. “You’re going to make y/n go into early labor if you don’t quiet down.” Alcina continued in a low and deadly voice. You spoke up to diffuse the situation. 
“My lovely caring girls. All three-four of you,” you started looking up at Lady Dimitrescu, “are doing a wonderful job taking care of me and b/n. You all have made this pregnancy so much easier for me and I don’t know how I’ll ever be able repay the countless hours you’ve devoted to us.” You finished eyes welling up with tears for a different reason this time. 
“AWE Y/N!” The girls squealed in delight as they gathered around you hugging you lovingly but gently because they knew if they were the slightest bit too rough with you mother would have their necks. You gave them each a kiss on their heads eliciting even more squealing. You glanced over at Alcina who had a single tear running down her face. She quickly wiped it away and cleared her throat. 
“I can clearly see you and b/n are well taken care of here so I’m assuming I’m not needed,” Lady Dimitrescu teased. You rolled your eyes as the girls removed themselves from you. 
“Oh no my lady, you’re job is to be the most beautiful view for me,” you teased back as Alcina leaned down kissing you chastely. “Now my angels you can each take turns rubbing my feet and then when I’m finished eating you can take turns rubbing my neck, shoulders and back. Does that sound like a good plan to all of you?” You finished with a feigned tone of exasperation. 
“Yes!” The girls said in delight and just before they could bicker about who was to go first you exclaimed “Bela you can be first, then Cassandra and then Daniela and that was the order that popped up in my head,” you assured before any of their feelings could be hurt. Bela knelt down again as her sisters sat on the floor waiting their turn. Alcina walked over to the chair opposite you and picked up her book from where she had left it the other day. She took a seat admiring the beautiful picture of her pregnant lover and her three daughters so eager to attend her. 
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Like Glass
Alcina Dimitrescu x female reader 
Bela Dimitrescu, Cassandra Dimitrescu, Daniela Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenburg
Summary: Lady Dimitrescu almost looses you and becomes even more protective than ever before. 
Warnings/tags:abduction, being held captive/against your will, being held for ransom, being starved, severe bodily harm, mentions of torture, trauma, night terrors, angst, hurt/comfort, protective Heisenburg, protective Dimitrescu daughters, upset Alcina, protective Alcina, vulnerable Alcina 
y/n= your name 
y/L/n=your lycan’s name 
Alcina Dimitrescu had always been protective of you. Even when you were simply her “pet,” her “toy,” her “human play-thing.” Her protection had doubled when she had confessed her feelings for you and had taken you as her lover. It had then tripled when she asked for your hand in marriage, you now being her wife AND step-mother to her girls.
You and Alcina had been careful in hiding your relationship because as pure as your love was it was dangerous. You could very well have been used a ransom bargaining chip to hand over Castle Dimitrescu to an enemy family. So Lady Dimitrescu kept you close and safe...that was until one winter night. You had  ventured out into the grounds that night to watch the snow fall and as you enjoyed the peace of the snowfall you had been taken by an enemy house. The word has slipped, unbeknownst how, but it had slipped just the same. You had screamed and fought as best as you could but the ones that took you were by far stronger than you. By the time Alcina had heard the screams and had gone racing out of the castle, her daughters leading the charge, there was no sign of you except for the signs of a struggle in the snow.
As expected, two days after you had been captured a note was left at the castle doors demanding Castle Dimitrescu be handed over in exchange for you safe return. The letter stated they had three days to comply or else the next thing that would be showing up the doors would be your dismembered body.
During the next two days Alcina, the girls, Heisenburg (who had grown fond of you) and your lycan (a wedding present from Heisenburg) were tearing the countryside apart looking for you. The troop barely stopped to rest and when they would Alcina could be heard muttering; “Alcina you fool, you should have turned her when you had the idiot...she could have fought them off if she was should have been watching her...Alcina you idiot...” she went on and on. Your captors had been very thorough in covering their scent and their headquarters was extremely well hidden.
It was close to sunset on the third day and Alcina had collapsed on her fours sobbing into the grass, “I’VE KILLED HER! LUBIREA MEA I’M SO SORRY!” I’VE FAILED YOU MY POOR DRAGA MEA!” The girls surrounded their mother holding onto her crying on her shoulder, even Heisenburg knelt down and placed a comforting hand on his sister’s back. Their moment of despair was interrupted by y/L/n howling and barking down a lone well about 50 feet away. The group rushed over peering down into the well which had no water at the bottom.
“Call the pack y/L/n! She’s down there and we are going to destroy every single one them! They fucked with the wrong family!” Heisenburg commanded y/L/n who immediately turned tail.The girls and Heisenburg quickly descended down the well leaving Alcina, who couldn’t fit down the narrow entrance.
“There’s a tunnel mother! We’re coming y/n!” Daniela screamed as she, Cassandra, Bela and Heisenburg surged forward.
“Be careful my doves!” Alcina called down after them. Lady Dimitrescu stood over the well for five minutes...fifteen felt like an eternity for her. She strained her ears for the slightest sound of anything she could hear. In the distance she heard the lycan pack fast approaching. Y/L/n arrived at the well and sat waiting with the rest of the pack behind them. Some more time passed when finally Alcina heard frantic running.
“Hurry Cassandra! Dammit don’t drop her! I should have carried her!” Daniela screeched.
“Hurry, hurry, guys stop arguing! She’s lost so much blood we need to hurry!” Bela screamed her voice choked with tears. Alcina’s heart dropped to her feet as she saw the girls and Heisenburg at the bottom of the well you draped over Cassandra’s shoulder. The girls and Heisenburg made quick work of ascending the well passing you into Alcina’s arms. Lady Dimitrescu let out a combination of what sounded like a scream, a sob and a wail. 
“MY DOVE! CEL MIC WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU?!” Alcina wailed at the sight of her lover. You were absolutely battered within an inch of your life and covered in blood. There were deep chain marks around your wrists and your protruding ribs indicated you had been starved by your captors. 
“Come lycans! Tonight we will taste blood as we ruin a family line forever!” Heisenburg dropped down into the well again as the lycans followed suit one by one leaving the girls with their mother and you. 
Alcina was broken from her despair by the girls tugging at her dress. 
“Come mother! We must get her back home!” All three of them yelled in unison. And with that the Dimitrescus made a mad dash back to their castle while you lay limp in your lover’s arms. 
It had been several weeks since you were abducted and you were back to your normal self....well as normal as you could be now that you had suffered severe trauma. You woke up every night screaming and thrashing. In your night terrors you were captured over and over. You were beaten and starved over and over. Alcina would always hold you in her arms comforting you as you sobbed eventually falling back asleep. You had gotten the run down of what had happened a few days after your return; Heisenburg, y/L/n and the pack had absolutely decimated the underground home of the rival family. They had weened out the few directly responsible for taking and beating you. They still resided in the basement being tortured every day by the girls and Alcina. It was safe to say they wouldn’t be bothering any you ever again.
Ever since your abduction Alcina had been insanely protective of you and it was starting to become ridiculous. She didn’t let you outside unless supervised by the girls or herself. You hadn’t been alone for more than five minutes and Alcina had a death grip on you every night. She wouldn’t even let you walk down the stairs for fear you would “trip and break your neck.” Although Alcina had lamented not turning you when you were gone she still hadn’t done it because she was so preoccupied with keeping you “safe” and of course the normal commotions with Mother Miranda. You knew she was acting like this because you were taken but it was annoying you and not helping you in your recovery. One night you snapped.
“Alcina, drag mea, I know you want to keep me safe but you can’t treat me like I’m made of glass for the rest of my life!” you sighed pushing the log you were going to put onto the fire until Alcina had grabbed your waist pulling you back from the fire asking if you had burned yourself when you hadn’t even been close to the flames.
“I won’t apologize for keeping you safe cel mic it’s my JOB,” she stated gesturing for you to come back and sit on her lap where you had been. She furrowed her brows when you didn’t move.
“Look Alcina my love, I know that incident was a close call but I’m fine now and nothing has happened since,” you finished snapping your head around to look at your wife. Her whole body tensed. 
“Nothing is my job to protect you y/n.You’re my wife and the step-mother to my daughters and you will NEVER be away from me or hurt like that ever again!” Alcina was now yelling her eyes filling with tears. She let out a sigh resting her elbows on her knees placing her head in her hands. You couldn’t see but you knew she was crying. You strode forward quickly kneeling down so you could look up at her. You took her hands in yours leaning up to place a kiss on her chin.
“Alcina I-“
“I will never get that image of you out of my head!” Alcina sobbed taking your face in her hands. “You looked dead! I thought you were dead! We almost didn’t make it in time! And even when we did I couldn’t come get you myself! You wake up every night screaming and in tears because I failed to protect you! I should have turned you before we were wed and even now I STILL haven’t gone through with it! I’m a monster who almost lost the one person I have ever loved!” She finished her sobs racking through the room pulling you up into her lap. You went without protest wrapping your arms around her neck as she sobbed into yours. You two had never really addressed what had happened. The only time you did was when you first woke after being passed out for almost an entire day after you were returned safely to the castle. Lady Dimitrescu had not left your side the entire time you were recovering.
“Then let’s do it draga mea...” you whispered, “I think it is time. I’m ready to spend eternity with you and the girls.” As you said this Alcina lifted her head looking into your eyes and a smile stretched across her face. 
“Ok my sweet dove, we shall then,” sniffled Alcina as you wiped her eyes with your sleeve. “There is a full moon tomorrow? Does that seem right?” You let out an amused laugh and she did too. 
“Yes lubirea mea, that sounds simply perfect,” you agreed pressing your lips to hers. You were ready to become like her and the girls. You were ready to shatter your human form and embrace your new body. 
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theblondeoneswife · a month ago
Helping Bela dye her hair
I made a (crappy) Bela Dimitrescu oneshot because she’s bae and I’m in love with her :) 
I had this headcanon that because Bela, Cassandra & Daniela obviously all had brunette hair in the picture of the castle demo they’ve dyed it (or something else happened but oh well) since then.
Tumblr media
Bela got sick of having the same hair colour as her sister Cassandra (brunette) she wanted her own which she asks you (her girlfriend) to help her with along with Daniela to dye hers ginger...with a mix of blood in it.
Yes I made it so Bela and Daniela could go out in the daylight (I prentended those jewels on their chokers protect them lmao)
Pairings: Bela Dimitrescu x fem!reader 
You welcomed yourself into castle Dimitrescu as usual and wuld of hoped that your girlfriend Bela would be there in the main hall sat on the sofa waiting. But, she wasn't which made you think she was either going to jump out at you for fun. "Bela I know you're hiding." You shout as it echoes through the main hall.
You hear a laugh, and just like that she appears in front of you. You expected blood to be around her mouth from feeding (since shes a vampire) she wasn't even wearing her usual outfit, rather she was wearing a corset top and black jeans but with her usual choker with the red jewel placed inside it. "What? You didn't think I'd clean up for my own girlfriend?" Bela chuckles.
"No, it's not that it just looks like your going somehwere" you add. She gives you a small smirk and presses a kiss to your lips "I want to dye my hair blonde, so I thought I'd go out to get some".
You weren't surprised she wanted to change her hair but blonde? You thought she would go for something darker "and where would you get it in the village? If you asked me I would've happily gone to buy you some from the store in the town I go to" you replied.
Bela shrugged her shoulders at you "Well I just made the decision now, do you think we could drive there? I know it's daylight but I'm not exactly gonna burn, the jewel in my choker doesn't allow that" You nodded your head at your girlfriend and agreed.
"Yes! Okay lets go!" She seemed so enthusiastic and to be honest those moments of her like that are rare; Bela had always struggled with her emotions to the point people think she hasn't gotten any...but you know that isn't true.
The good thing was that it wasn't morning or even the afternoon, it was rather that the sun was setting and besides the store would be open still anyway. Bela had grabbed your hand, pulling you to the large castle doors.
"Hi Y/n, Bela where are you going?" Daniela popped up out of nowhere which made you jump slightly. She chuckled at your small action as se confronted you and her sister. When you first met Daniela she was closed off anf very quiet half the time but now, the two of you actually get along very well. "I want to dye my hair blonde, y/n is taking me to the store to get some dye" Bela explained, she just wanted to hurry up and go.
"Oh cool! Can I come? I've wanted to dye my hair red...but with a twist. If you guys get me blonde hair dye and I mix it with blood-"
Bela and you laughed at her but Daniela seemed very serious "Why don't you just buy red dye? Problem solved Whats with the blood being added?" You asked her. "Uhh because it's more fun that way?" She shrugged her shoulders.
Honestly, you stopped questioning Daniela a while ago. You looked at Bela as if to ask for approval to bring Daniela. She rolled her eyes at you and sighed "Ugh fine you can come".
During the car ride, you had played some music which Daniela and Bela kept belting out. You honestly loved that they were just so normal in these situations even if they're not normal whatsoever.
You were just happy you could show Bela what its like to have fun outside of the other...activities she does (aka being a vampire). As you stopped the car in the store, Daniela wasted no time in getting out of the car to go into the store so much that you and Bela had to stop her.
"Dani, stay here and look after the car. We'll be back and maybe get you a treat" Bela adds to which Daniela sighs and stomps her foot a little before getting back in the back seat "More blood?" she cheekily questions.
"No, Dani. We'll be back soon." You add.
For the most part the reason you left her in the car was because she was wearing what she usually does. Of course you wouldn't mind her walking around with the both of you if only she didn't have blood stains on it.
Bela offered you her hand and the two of you just walked hand in hand to the store. Going over to the part of the store that has beauty and hair products. Bela looked quite overwhelmed that and the fact she had never really been out of her village much at all or to a large store like this. Of course she knew of these things though, she knew what every item was...shes been alive for centuries and has adapted well to changes.
"There's the blonde you'd probably look best in" you pointed her into the direction of dirty but light blonde box dye, she already had a platinum blonde one in her hand but she grabbed the other and put them beside her.
"Which one babe?" she asked you, as if you were some sort of expert on these things. Yeah, you've dyed your hair many times it's currently h/c (your hair colour) which you loved. "Since you have a pale complection I'd go for the light dirty blonde, you'd look so hot" those last words slipped out of you but Bela smirked. Putting back te platinum blonde dye "Daniela can have the same then" she adds.
As you were walking to another aisle as you wanted something for yourself, Bela had grabbed your hand because this guy kept ogling you just because you were wearing a skirt, fishnet tights and a casual t-shirt.
Of course your girlfriend was going to get possessive, she had practically pulled you into her and kissed you in front of everyone who was down that aisle...but you didn't mind one bit and kissed her back.
"He was eyeing you up and down, ugh men disgust me." Bela replies. You wanted to make a joke about her saying that even though she was bisexual but you left it and agreed. After paying for everything you both headed back to the car which all you could hear was rock music from.
"Oh god whats she doing" you laugh.
"Daniela! Daniela!" Bela shouts as the two of you get back in your car, you turn the music down and Daniela gives you an unamused look.
After a small argument between Bela and her sister Daniela about whose bathroom they'd do it in you settled the argument by saying that they should just use the bathroom down in the main hall. Daniela had collected the blood and mixed it in with the blonde and it turned an actual nice red, so you decided to help her first.
"Daniela, you need to stay still, it'll go everywhere if you don't" you explained. "The blood is already everywhere on the damn floor mother is going to kill us. Not to mention my girlfriend clearly likes spending time with my sisters more than me" Bela pouted, you rolled your eyes at her and plafully punched her arm a little "you get me all to yourself tonight, now help."
During this entire commotion Cassandra had came back up from the cellar and decided to help you, while you helped Bela with her dye Cassandra washed off Daniela's in the tub with the shower after it set for a good hour.
When everything was finally done both Bela and Daniela had new hair but the bathroom...oh that was an absolute tip. You were sure one of the maids would come clean it up...but then.
"Girls I'm home." Alcina shouts as she walks through the doors, she spots you and igves you a small smile "hello Y/n" she greets.
"mother" all three girls say from the bathroom she walks over to them with the biggest shock on her face "Bela, Daniela what did you do?" she didn't sound very pleased.
"We dyed our hair, Y/n took us to a store, so it was really her-" Bela slapped her sisters arm really hard to cut her off from her sentence "it wasn't Y/n's fault mother" She then finishes.
Alcina sighs "no it wasn't Y/n's fault but you are all going to clean this up right now."
"But mother the maids-"
"Now! You too Cassandra, also Y/n" she adds before leaving to her room.
"Great, fantastic" you all say in unison.
Help this was terrible, why did I write this ughhh :(
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ladyorlandodream · 2 months ago
Lady Dimitrescu-tag FanFiction List PART 3
here the links for part 1 and part 2
401) Venomous Lips (Chapters in progress)
402) She Won't Take Kindly To Grandmama (Chapters Completed)
403) Danse Macabre (Chapters in progress)
404) When Things Go Bump in the Night (Chapters in progress)
405) At the Beginning (Chapters in progress)
406) Within Dark Corridors (Chapters in progress)
407) Obeying Mother Miranda (short story)
408) The Strength of Her Embrace (short story)
409) I'd Rather it be Me Than You. (short story)
410) Guiding Star (Chapters in progress)
411) Blood of a Song So Sweet (Chapters in progress)
412) Indulgence (Chapters in progress)
413) Allergies (Chapters in progress)
414) Unholy Sanctuary (short story)
415) You Had Me Worried (short story)
416) Insomnia (short story)
417) Caring Hearts (short story)
418) Not a Poet (short story)
419) Only You, Forever and Always (short story)
420) ・ (short story)
421) Forever with you, Mother (short story by me, changing capcom ending)
422) Chemicals React (Chapters in progress)
423) The Lady’s Lapdog (Chapters in progress)
424) Sanguineum Miseria (Chapters in progress)
425) Antistrophes (Chapters in progress)
426) A Different Plan (short story)
427) Like a Duck Takes to Water (short story)
428) Shadows on you (short story)
429) Eternal (Chapters in progress)
430) Nu e mai bun decât tine. (Chapters in progress)
431) Just a bad dream, darling (short story)
432) In another life (Chapters Completed)
433) În viață respirăm, În moarte dormim (In life we breathe, In death we sleep)
434) To Exist In Your Space (Chapters in progress)
435) Come let's play a game Winters (Chapters in progress)
436) Tăcere (Chapters in progress)
437) Reborn in Fire (Chapters in progress)
438) She Who Waits in the Dark (Chapters in progress)
439) Down with the lady (Chapters in progress)
440) Mother knows best (Chapters in progress)
441) Shadow of the Four (Chapters in progress)
442) Where the Watermelons Rot (Chapters in progress)
443) Sharing is Caring (short story)
444) Dead Man's Party (short story)
445) Sexual Education (short story)
446) A Storm (short story)
447) Like a dying phoenix (short story)
448) personal, no. out of spite? yes. (short story)
449) Uninvited Guest (short story)
450) Warmth (short story)
451) Oh shit? You're Alcina's maid! (short story)
452) Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens (short story)
453) Every Mother's Nightmare (short story)
454) Mother 母亲 (short story, not english)
455) The waterfall (short story)
456) A Guest of Castle Dimitrescu (Chapters in progress)
457) You Dare Hurt My Daughters?! (short story)
458) 【夫人×伊森】孕育 (short story, not english)
459) Entertaining Foreigners (Chapters in progress)
460) Fuck Canon (Chapters in progress)
461) Eros and Psyche, permit me the vision of thy form (short story)
462) The Consequences of Curiosity (short story)
463) Unexpected Circumstances (short story)
464) Size (short story)
465) Common Grounds (Chapters in progress)
466) Heisenburg, You dirty dog (Chapters in progress)
467) an honest death (Chapters in progress)
468) Hello Sorrow (Chapters in progress)
469) The Daughters of Castle Dimitrescu (Chapters in progress)
470) Amantă Sângeroasă (Chapters in progress)
471) Rescue (Chapters in progress)
472) Jealousy almost Kills (short story)
473) The Embrace (short story)
474) Room For One More? (short story)
475) Mother (short story)
478) Mess (short story)
479) To Lose a Life so Precious (short story)
480) Compliments (short story)
481) Vampirii (short story)
482) Your Sharp and Glorious Thorn (Chapters in progress)
483) And Icarus Looked Straight Into The Sun As He Burned (Chapters in progress)
484) Even in this, the darkest of nights, I see her Moonlight (Chapters in progress)
485) Blood and Chains (Chapters in progress)
486) De-a V-aţi Ascunselea (Chapters in progress)
487) A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream (Chapters in progress)
488) offer it a soul (Chapters in progress)
489) A Garden of Steel (Chapters in progress)
490) Just as Boredom Tempts The Cat to Break a Glass... (Chapters in progress)
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495) Unleash the Beast (short story)
496) It's Just a Dream! (short story)
497) the art of loving you [alcina dimitrescu] (short story)
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499) Sommelier (short story)
500) do you see me? (please tell me you do) (Chapters in progress)
501) Mother of Two (short story)
502) Bloodlust (short story)
503) Lady Dimitrescu x buttermilkink (short story)
504) Break Me (short story)
505) Oh, that’s not what she thought was happening (short story)
506) Vena Amoris (Chapters in progress)
507) Don't look at the moon (or do?) (Chapters in progress)
508) The Tailor’s Daughter (Chapters in progress)
509) here come the sun (Chapters in progress)
510) Call of the Castle (Chapters in progress)
511) Dawn of Love (Chapters in progress)
512) A Wildflower in Early Bloom (Chapters in progress)
513) Custody Arrangements (Chapters in progress)
514) In The Red (Chapters in progress)
515) The Things That We Become (Chapters in progress)
516) Yield to Her (Chapters in progress)
517) Resident Evil Village but awesome: the prequel (short story)
518) Power (short story)
519) we'll cast some light and you'll be alright (for now) (short story)
520) the taste of crimson (short story)
521) Your New Master (Chapters in progress)
522) Trapped In A Nightmare (Chapters in progress)
523) Meet the family. (Chapters in progress)
524) The Way of the World (Chapters in progress)
525) Shadow Work (Chapters in progress)
526) Family Bonding (Chapters in progress)
527) Sick Day (short story)
528) Liberum Vinculorum (short story)
529) Sing for your Supper (short story)
530) Insulă (short story)
531) self-help (short story)
532) Mother of Three (short story)
533) A Talk With Angie (short story)
534) Mind Your Mouth, Man-thing (short story)
535) leviathans (short story)
536) viata dupa moarte (short story)
537) Game of Survival (short story)
538) so don’t come looking for me. I’ve got no joy to lend (short story)
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556) in her mercy (short story)
557) Hemorrhage (short story)
558) Dragon Claw (short story)
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560) Pregnancy Cravings (short story)
561) Sacraments (short story)
562) Resident Evil Village but awesome: the third installment (short story)
563) tooth and nail (short story)
564) Picture Perfect (short story)
565) Notes on Colvyr (short story)
566) In Her Anguish (short story)
567) Someones Waiting For You (short story)
568) Exposure (Chapters in progress)
569) the moments between (Chapters in progress)
570) The Lady and Her Loyal Knight (Chapters in progress)
571) RE : VILLAGE (Chapters in progress)
572) Resident Evilove (Chapters in progress)
573) Las Siete Maravillas (Chapters in progress in Spanish)
574) Most Favourable (Chapters in progress)
575) The Factory (Karl Heisenberg x f/reader) (Chapters in progress)
576) How Far Can One Go For Family? How Far Would You Go To Protect Family? The Dark Side of Life! (Chapters in progress)
577) hirudo medicinalis (leech therapy) (Chapters in progress)
578) What's His is Mine and What's Mine is Mine (short story)
579) I fancy you, Ethan Winters. || A resident Evil Fanstory (Chapters in progress)
580) Cursed Summer Vineyards (Chapters in progress)
581) Shadow and Bone (Chapters in progress)
582) Flowers and Flies (Chapters in progress)
583) On a soft bed, delicate (Chapters in progress)
584) Corrupted Sin (Chapters in progress)
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586) 5+1 times Karl Heisenberg was an idiot and got into trouble (Chapters in progress)
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588) Vampires have pets too (Chapters in progress)
589) Blood Atonement (Chapters in progress)
590) Beastial Natures (Chapters in progress)
591) A mothers rage and a sons vengance (Chapters in progress)
592) A Mothers Grief (short story)
593) A Simple Song (short story)
594) Sacrificial Lamb (short story)
595) Prepare for trouble and make it quadruple. (short story)
596) Delicios (short story)
597) Escape (short story)
598) Daniela's reign of terror...? (short story)
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600) Eternal (Chapters in progress)
601) Call Me Calloused, Call Me Cold (Chapters in progress)
602) The Plunge (Chapters in progress)
603) Of Stars and Moonlit walks (Chapters in progress)
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606) Created By Man (Chapters in progress)
607) Happy Family Living - Generic Second chance in life fanfic (Chapters in progress)
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610) Working With Metal (and Not Happy About That) (Chapters in progress)
611) A Faithful Maid (Chapters in progress)
612) Creatures of the Night (Chapters in progress)
613) handle with care (short story)
614) Like A Phoenix, We Are Reborn (short story)
615) She Never Liked Flies (short story)
616) Little Darling Of Mine (short story)
617) Miss You (short story)
618) Certified Simp (short story)
619) In which Alcina breaks your leg and it’s Incredibly Awkward (short story)
620) The Great Morel Garden (Chapters in progress)
621) Metal Wire (Chapters in progress)
622) Ember In My Darkness (Chapters in progress)
623) The Other Side (Chapters in progress)
624) Wonder (Chapters in progress)
625) Nightmares In Castle Dimitrescu (Chapters in progress)
626) Exhaustion. ||KARL HEISENBERG X READER|| MAJOR TW (Chapters in progress)
627) See something you like, Maiden? (Chapters in progress)
628) Man Eater (Chapters in progress)
629) Anything For You (Chapters in progress)
630) The Bride (Chapters in progress)
631) Seraphim and The Angel...or is she? (short story)
632) False Gift (short story)
633) Like A Doll (short story)
634) A Lonely Night (short story)
635) athirst | lady dimitrescu x fem! reader smut (short story)
636) To Serve Castle Dimitrescu (short story)
637) Show me you need it (short story)
638) Hung Up (short story)
639) Unbelievable (short story)
640) Thicker than Blood (Chapters in progress)
641) Belas Love (Chapters in progress)
642) Into the "Village" (Chapters in progress)
643) Heisenberg's Monster #66139043 (Chapters in progress)
644) Betrothed (Chapters in progress)
645) Dead Man's Party (Chapters in progress)
646) Sacrament (short story)
647) Alternate Fate (short story)
648) Under The Table (short story)
649) 【生化危机8/all卡尔·海森伯格】Story back on(PWP)(short story in 中文-普通话 國語)
650) A Debt Repaid (short story)
115 notes · View notes
evieonic · 3 months ago
Ships! (UPDATED: 5/23/2021)
Here’s my lovely ship list categorized alphabetically by fandom. I have multiships in some of these fandoms, just so you know and if a ship you like isn’t on here, it could just be because I’m not very familiar with the ship but you can still request it if it’s not listed. I’ll let you know if it’s a ship that i just... ehe >~< isn’t my cup of tea and can’t doing anything for you. 
Ships in Bold are my ultimate OTPS. Non bold ships are ships that I still adore but may not love as much as the bold ones, but that’s okay, you can still request XD
NOTE: If you want a ship to change to where it’s trans x trans or cis x trans or anything lgbtq related, I’m fine doing prompts and stuff like that, I’m all for it BUT if you want me to change ships for transphobic/homophobic reasons, I won’t do it. Example, if you want me to change Dazai x Chuuya to cis female Chuuya x Dazai, I won’t do that because that’s kind of homophobic. That also applies to characters who are canonically gay and canonically trans. If you want me to detransition a trans character for a comfort reason or anything like that, I can do that because detransitioning does happen and is 100% valid so I’ll do that but not for any transphobic reasons.
A:   Angel Beats! 
Yuzuru x Kanade, Yuzuru x Hinata, Hinata x Yui, Yuzuru x Naoi, Yuzuru x Naoi x Hinata
     The Arcana: A Mystic Romance 
Nadia x Portia
     Angels Of Death
No Specific Ship
     Assassin’s Creed 1 & 2
No Specific Ship
      Attack On Titan
Levi x Eren, Levi x Erwin, Levi x Eren x Erwin, Eren x Jean.
B:   Boku No Hero Academia 
Deku x Bakugou, Todoroki x Deku, Deku x Iida, Todoroki x Bakugou, Todoroki x Bakugou x Deku, Shinsou x Denki, Momo x Jirou, Tsuyu x Uraraka, EraserHead x Present Mic.
      Bungou Stray Dogs
Dazai x Chuuya, Atsushi x Akutagawa, Ranpo x Poe, Yosano x Kouyou, Mori x Fukuzawa.
     Bee & Puppycat
No Specific Ship
     Banana Fish
Ash x Eiji
    Black Butler
Sebastian x Grell (Note: Not a lot of people know this but Grell is a transwoman, so if you request this ship, it’s going to be a straight ship pairing. I can do male x male but only if detransitizan is a specific request from you for comfort reasons or any other reason that is not transphobic.) Alois x Ciel.
C:   Camp Camp
Max x Nikki
      Cowboy Bebop
No Specific Ship
     Detroit: Become Human
No Specific Ship
F:   Fugou Keiji: Balance Unlimited
Daisuke x Haru, Suzue x Myself (She is my wife, go away)
      Fire Emblem: Fates/Three Houses/Awakening
(Fates) Ryouma x Xander, Takumi x Leon, Perri x Jakob
(Three Houses) Dimitri x Sylvain, Dimitri x Claude, Dimitri x Fem or Male! Byleth
(Awakening) Chrom x Fem or Male! Robin, Frederick x Fem or Male! Robin, Chrom x Frederick x Fem or Male! Robin
     Fallout 3 & 4
No Specific Ship 
     Fairy Tail
Natsu x Lucy, Natsu x Gray, Gajeel x Levy, Jaleel x Erza, Rogue x Sting
G:   Genshin Impact
Childe x Zhongli, Venti x Xiao, Kaeya x Dainsleif, Beidou x Ningguang, Beidou x Ganyu, Bennett x Razor, Chongyun x Xingqiu
H:    Hetalia
America x Russia, Russia x China, France x England, FACE Family (France and England as dads, America and Canada as their sons and are brothers), Prussia x Austria, Austria x Hungary, Germany x Italy, Spain x Romano. 2P!Prussia x 2P!England
J:    Jujutsu Kaisen
Yuuji x Megumi, Yuuji x Sukuna (with Yuuji aged up of course), Nobara x Maki
L:    Legend of Zelda series
Zelda/Tetra/Shiek x Link
M:   Mystic Messenger
Saeyoung x Yoosung, Jumin x Zen, Saeyoung x Jumin, Saeran x V, Vanderwood x Saeyoung, Jaehee x MC
      Miraculous Ladybug 
Fem or Male! Ladybug/Marionette x Fem or Male! Chat Noir/Adrian, Luka x Adrian, Kagami x Marionette, Marc x Nathaniel, Rose x Juleka.
N:    No Game No Life
No Specific Ship
O:    One Piece
Nami x Luffy, Luffy x Zoro, Luffy x Sanji x Zoro, Zoro x Sanji, Crocodile x Doflamingo.
P:     Pokemon Sun & Moon
Hau x Gladion
R:    Rune Factory 4
Doug x Dylas
        Resident Evil 8: Village
Chris Redfield x Ethan Winters, Lady Dimitrescu x Reader, Bela x Reader, Cassandra x Reader, Daniela x Reader, Heisenberg x Reader, Donna Beneviento x Reader.
S:    Soul Eater
Soul x Maka, Black Star x Tsunami, DTK x Crona
       Steven Universe
Steven x Connie, Ruby x Sapphire, Lapis x Peridot.
      South Park
Kyle x Cartman, Kyle x Stan, Kenny x Kyle, Kenny x Stan
      Sk8: The Infinity
Langa x Reki, Joe x Cherry, Ad*m x D e a t h (go the fuck away, Ad*m)
      Stella Glow
Dante x Alto, Popo x Ewan, Alto/Elcrest x Klaus, Alto/Elcrest x Klaus x Dante, Klaus x Rusty.
T:     Toilet Bound Hanako Kun
Hanako x Nene, Kou x Mitsuba
V:     Valkyria Chronicles 4
Raz x Claude, Claude x Riley, Kai x Raz
W:    Wolf Girl and The Black Prince
No Specific Ship
X:     Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Rex x Pyra, Zeke x Pandoria, Morag x Brighid, Jin x Lora, Mikhail x Minoth (*sobs*)
Y:     Yuri On Ice!!!
Yuuri x Victor, Yuri x Otabek
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anxiousnerdwritings · 10 months ago
Masterlist ii
Batfam Reactions to Receiving a Poem (non-yandere) 
Yandere Arkham Knight (general) 
Yandere Arkham Knight (platonic)
Yandere Arkhamverse!Bruce Wayne/Batman (platonic) 
Yandere Batfam w/ Male!Author!Reader (platonic)
Yandere Bruce Wayne/Batman w/ Pregnant!Reader (romantic)
Yandere Clark Kent/Superman w/ ‘Daughter’!Reader (platonic)
Yandere Clark Kent/Superman w/ Pregnant!Reader (romantic)
Yandere Damian Wayne w/ Hurt/Kidnapped!Reader (romantic)
Yandere poly!Aged Up Damian Wayne and Jon Kent (romantic)
Yandere Gotham!Bruce Wayne w/ Intern!Reader (romantic) 
Yandere Injustice!Damian Wayne w/ Zantanna’s Nephew!Reader (romantic)
Yandere Harley Quinn w/ Friend!Reader (platonic)
Yandere Jason Todd (general) 
Yandere Jason Todd w/ Batfam!Reader (platonic)
Yandere Jason Todd w/ Depressed!Reader
Yandere Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (general)
Yandere Oswald Cobblepot (general) 
Yandere Plastic Man Valentine’s Day (romantic)
Yandere Rachel Roth/Raven (romantic/general) 
Yandere Ra’s al Ghul w/ Reincarnated!Reader (romantic)
Yandere Red Hood and the Outlaws (general)
Yandere Queen Hippolyta (romantic)
Yandere Scarecrow w/ Assassain!Fem!Reader (romantic) 
Yandere Superfamily vs Yandere Batfamily (platonic)
Yandere Superfamily w/ Seamtress/Seamster!Reader (platonic)
Sleepless Night and Brownie Delights (Beast Boy)
Home (Jason Todd)
Learning the Ropes (Martian Manhunter)
Yandere Avengers Day to Day w/ Male!Reader (romantic)
Yandere Avengers Sharing an S/o (romantic)
Yandere Blackheart (general)
Yandere Bruce Banner w/ Male!Reader (romantic/general)
Yandere Bruce Banner (+NSFW) 
Yandere Carnage/Cletus Kasady (romantic/general) 
Yandere Charles Xavier w/ Escaped!Reader (romantic)
Clint Barton w/ Soulmate!Reader (non-yandere)
Yandere Colossus/Piotr Rasputin w/ Soulmate!Reader (romantic)
Yandere Deadpool/Wade Wilson (platonic)
Yandere Peter Maximoff (general) 
Yandere Amazing Spider-Man!Peter Parker (general)
Yandere Peter Parker/Spider-Man x Kid!Reader (platonic) 
Yandere Pepper Potts w/ Shy!Reader (platonic)
Yandere Pietro Maximoff (general) 
Yandere Steve Rogers (general)
Yandere Teacher!Natasha Romanoff x Student!Reader (romantic) 
Yandere Wolverine/Angel/Nightcrawler/Colossus/Rogue w/ Student!Reader (romantic)
For the Faint of Heart (Eddie Brock/Venom)
Yandere Brainwave/Henry King Jr. (platonic)
Yandere Cameron Mahkent (general) 
Yandere Cindy Burman/Henry King Jr. (general)
Yandere ISA (platonic)
Yandere JSA (platonic)
Yandere Rick Tyler vs Yandere Cameron Mahkent (romantic)
Yandere Tigress/Sportsmaster (general +NSFW)
The Boys 
Yandere Homelander vs Yandere Butcher (platonic)
Yandere Homelander (platonic) 
Yandere Homelander (NSFW)
Yandere Homelander and Yandere Stormfront (platonic)
Yandere Evil-ish Starlight (romantic)
The Originals
Yandere Elijah Mikaelson (romantic)
The Mikaelson Siblings (platonic)
Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black (What They Look For In A Partner/ non-yandere)
Yandere Edward Cullen (romantic)
Yandere Felix Volturi (general)
Greek Mythology
Aphrodite (general)
Ares (general)
Demeter (platonic)
Hades (general)
Hera (general/romantic?)
Hephaestus (romantic)
Zeus (general/romantic?)
All's Not Fair In Love and War (Aphrodite)
Selfishness Rules All (Demeter)
Harry Potter
Yandere Draco Malfoy (general)
Yandere Fred and George Weasley (general)
Yandere Lucius Malfoy (general)
Yandere Molly Weasley (platonic)
Yandere Neville Longbottom (general)
Yanpapa Green Arrow w/ College!Reader
Yan!sibling Damian Wayne
Yan!sibling Dick Grayson
Yan!siblings w/Depressed Reader 
Yan!sibling Jason Todd 
Yandere Lex Dadthor/Lex Luthor
Yandere Papa al Ghul/Ra's al Ghul
Yandere Wonder Mama/Diana Prince
Working w/ Yan!uncle Tony Stark
Where I’m Needed (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow)
Demon Slayer Yandere Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado (platonic)
Game of Thrones Yandere Joffrey Baratheon (platonic)
Resident Evil Yandere Alcina Dimitrescu (general)
Resident Evil Yandere Chris and Claire Redfield (platonic)
Resident Evil Yandere Daniela Dimitrescu (general)
Riverdale Yandere Archie Andrews (romantic)
Riverdale Yandere Archie Andrew w/ Popular!Reader (romantic)
Supernatural Yandere Dean Winchester (general)
Teen Wolf Yandere Isaac Lahey (platonic)
Anniversary (Wednesday Addams)
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