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#bram greenfeld
heisallandheismore10 hours ago
right now simon is sitting criss cross applesauce in the middle of his sofa, in his threadbare plaid pajama bottoms and a cozy sweater bc even tho it's warm outside, bram likes to keep the ac running high in the summer and it gets chilly in their apartment. his glasses are sitting askew atop the bridge of his nose and he stifles a yawn behind his hand.
bram is sitting right next to him, pressed up against his side, and simon is leaning heavily against him. he's wearing simon's hufflepuff boxers and a worn black tshirt and he's got a thick blanket spread across their laps.
they've got a movie on, their third of the evening, and it's late enough that they're both starting to get tired. at one point simon leans his head onto bram's shoulder and bram settles his arm around simon's shoulders and starts to gently card his fingers through simon's hair. it's gotten so much longer, and simon sometimes purrs like a cat when bram gets to petting it like this. feels nice against his scalp is all. it's also ridiculously soothing, and the longer bram runs his fingers through the strands, the sleepier simon feels until his eyes fall closed on their own accord and the wispy warm tendrils of sleep take him under.
it isn't until the movie ends that bram shuts the tv off and quietly, gently nudges simon awake, telling him that it's time to go to bed, and simon rouses just enough to stand and shuffle towards their bedroom, still leaning heavily on bram.
they'll slide into bed together, and simon will immediately curl into bram's side, and they'll fall asleep in the comfort of each other's arms.
when they wake, it'll be sunday, and they'll have a whole day of easy relaxation. maybe they'll go to the farmers market. maybe they'll hit up a park and bram will try to teach simon how to juggle a soccer ball. maybe they'll laze the day away in bed, only leaving the warmth of the blankets for snacks. maybe they'll talk to their families, maybe they'll hang out with friends, maybe they'll bake a whole cake.
but whatever they choose to do, they'll do it together and with just as much love as they always do. 馃挄
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heisallandheismore11 hours ago
i can't be the only one who was totally waiting for bram to show up in that end scene with simon, right? like was anyone else just waiting for simon to hang up the phone and like either bram walks into the camera shot and like touches simon's shoulder or the camera pans over to show bram sitting there too and they share a meaningful look or something
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dat-is-chill-ghafaa day ago
ok but how did they think
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
do i ship benji and victor after season 2. NO!!
i feel like benji makes it all about him and his problems and like i get it victor can be tough like with the aa but benji seems toxic from victor. i don鈥檛 ship it
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
s2 ep 4 spoiler
as an asexual individual i鈥檓 really struggling to connect to the sex parts bc i鈥檓 not into that. i feel like this season is more sex than the first. just me??
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
tbh tbh i鈥檓 not feeling the same connection rn to this show season 2 as season 1. i feel mixed about some of it.
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
love for pilar
damn ok spoilers for s2 e1-2
so we know how felix鈥檚 mom struggles with depression
but this time she had a bad episode and in turn lost her job
felix couldn鈥檛 afford $200 of the rent.
but pilar took the initiative
instead of using the money for the billie elish tickets (btw they weren鈥檛 sold out she lied so felix didn鈥檛 feel bad) she gave it to felix
in turn felix didn鈥檛 have to find the 200 bucks and could save the house.
now that made me cry
Tumblr media
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
love victor season 2 episode 1 and 2 spoilers
ok ignore how i鈥檓 so excited about adriens new pet.
but wow victors mom is a jerk. the fact that on the first day of school victor was so scared to tell people that he was gay(in turn to the extent of people spreading a rumor on creeksecrets saying mia cheated) is sad. it really stemmed from his mom saying things that got in his head.
also, damn mia and tyler i kinda ship it. like damn she lied to him saying she was in college but i mean damn they cute.
and lakes joke about Corporations after pride month was having me on the floor
oh one last thing the thing benjis dad did when he came out was funny but sucked.
so i can鈥檛 wait to watch the other 8 episodes. so far it鈥檚 rlly good. 锟
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plainvanillajane3 days ago
Love, Victor commentary part 8
Two updates in one day to make up for lost time. I think this might be my favorite episodes of the season. I love seeing the couple that started it all, Simon and Bram, I also just have a massive crush on book Bram, movie Bram, tv show Bram, and the actor who plays Bram sooo. Should I do a commentary for Love, Simon? Anyways check out the other parts at #love victor commentary and get amped for season two!
Love, Victor
S1E8: Boys鈥 Trip
Victor is crazy. Wow, I could never have spun that big of a lie to my parents.
I want to go on a gay adventure. 馃殞
Lol wait I kind of love Felix鈥 move, that was pretty funny.
Lock her up!馃敀
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is one of my favorite books. 馃崻
Okay but obvi we haven鈥檛 seen Bram since L,S but that kiss greeting didn鈥檛 seem very Bram but it's alright I will just be happy that Bram is now an openly affectionate person.
God, why are teenagers so messy?
Victor, stop lying to these amazing people.
Bram seems so tall what the heck.
Ru Paul said 鈥榳e are all born naked and the rest is drag鈥, and I love that.
Andrew just wants some friends, Felix just doesn鈥檛 want to be a joke, Lake wants attention and to feel seen, Mia wants her dads attention (maybe her mom?), Victor just wants to be gay.
Wait but why are they diverging from canon, Simon has had a girlfriend. I swear Simon it's canon in L,S that he had a girlfriend before.
Oh my god he鈥檚 got his own denim jacket.
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spider-styles11 days ago
finally made the HQ version of this edit聽
song: Boys - Charlie XCX
film: Love, Simon
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agentlilieae19 days ago
I seriously can鈥檛 think of anything that makes me smile as uncontrollably as Love, Simon fanfics
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cuffedbijeans23 days ago
I am once again talking about how hot the entire cast of love, victor is!
but fr, everyone is *chef's kiss*
okay george sear if you ever see this I'm in love with you.
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beeesworlda month ago
Chapters: 21/21 Fandom: Love Simon (2018), Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Becky Albertalli Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Bram Greenfeld/Simon Spier, Nick Eisner/Abby Suso Characters: Simon Spier, Bram Greenfeld, Leah Burke, Abby Suso, Nick Eisner, Jack Spier, Mrs. Spier (Simonverse), Nora Spier, Alice Spier, Mr Greenfeld, Ms Greenfeld, Garrett, New Characters (Gasp), SURPRISE CAMEOS Additional Tags: Based on Love Simon, Falling In Love, Finding Confidence, Love, College Life, Future, proposal, Marriage, Marriage Proposal, Same-Sex Marriage Series: Part 1 of Bram & Simon's Excellent Adventure Summary:
The Shady Creek Gang is in their final year of college and ready for the next step and Simon has marriage on the brain.
*Post Cannon (w/o Leah on the Offbeat knowledge), a healthy mixture of 'Love, Simon' & 'Simon Vs' influence & a part of a balanced breakfast
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spier-robinsona month ago
Spierfeld x Venji edit enjoy.
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