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starduststudyblr17 hours ago
love victor season 2 thoughts
MAJOR spoilers under the cut
i have Thoughts about season 2 because they all just kept. screwing up. so many times. except for felix, he is baby and i will always love him. this season was so messy and infuriating and real and i still loved it.
- is simon sick of victor yet馃槀it's been two seasons of simon exclusively being a high school kid's gay sherpa and those conversations seem pretty one-sided
- i LOVED felix's storyline. i thought it was so well done. it was a hard situation and they handled it with grace and authenticity. anthony turpel delivered an amazing performance and that scene where he finally broke down BROKE me. this type of situation is a reality for so many people and i loved the way they portrayed it.
- i never realized the extent of lake's toxic positivity. i always really liked her because she was such a ray of sunshine, but she handled felix's situation so poorly. like, she was so out in left field. not even in the realm of understanding. i know she had good intentions and was dealing with her own stuff too but like...yikes. it really rubbed me the wrong way. i still love lake, but pilar seems oddly like a much better fit for felix. i really love the way her character has developed since season 1.
- the whiteness thing!! yes!! I'm so glad they addressed this. as a queer poc i can relate to victor and rahim in that even the most well-intentioned non-poc won't truly be able to get it unless they live it.
- mia's dad accepting the job offer made my eyes pop out of my head. I've been pretty annoyed with mia since season 1 because she never tells anyone when they upset her but i was so proud of her for finally speaking up. and then her dad goes and does...that??
- speaking of...mannn i am so sick of everyone not communicating. if i have to hear one more "are you okay?" "yeah i'm...fine *tight smile*" from any of them i'm gonna scREAM the tight smiles are killing me (looking at you victor and mia)
- the whole victor and rahim thing felt so forced. it just didn't make sense. i love rahim and i'm so glad they brought him in, but i just don't think it adds up to have something only spark between them in the last two episodes. but also i need victor and rahim's version of holy on spotify immediately
- I was rooting for lucy to be gay from the start and the twist with lake gave me so much serotonin omg馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズmy lil bi heart is full
- i loved isabel's storyline so much. at first i was a little nervous because i really didn't want to watch a full season of homophobic parents, but isabel's growth was so real and vulnerable. this stuff isn't easy and i loved that they showed the real struggles that some parents have after their kids come out. isabel wasn't perfect and the show definitely didn't gloss over the ugly parts, but watching her develop over the course of the season was beautiful. also, being a Catholic who has also struggled with the church's views of the lgbtq community, watching her come to terms with her changing beliefs and stand up to the priest really touched me.
- aaaand victor and benji. on the one hand, this series is called love victor so it makes sense that the story should focus on him, but the whole relationship just felt like...a lot of victor. everything was always about victor and his issues and nothing about benji and what he was going through. not to mention victor's family issues, which must've been a nightmare for benji. i can understand how he felt. but on the other hand, i can also see victor's side because he's dealing with things that benji will never experience. benji needed to have a lot more understanding with him because they were in two very different situations. not sure who to side with on this one.
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etubrutus666a day ago
Tumblr media
can i just say that i love lake
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etubrutus666a day ago
Tumblr media
best crossover event in 2021
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frommydeathbeda day ago
This episode kinda made me crazy.
Benji and Lake comparing their asses, that was hilarious, they have a surprisingly cute friendship.
And I actually liked Tyler at the beginning, then he turned out to be a horrible human being.
Poor Adrian, my sister and I thought as well that we could trick our parents into being together again after watching the parents trap. That didn鈥檛 worked out.
Also, I feel so freaking sorry for Lake, her mother is horrible. I鈥檓 convinced the whole gang has some kind of trouble with their parents.
And I鈥檓 sorry but right now I love Andrew, he had so much character development it鈥檚 so cute.
I鈥檓 glad the show is finally acknowledging some very important things, like the fact that mlm and wlw people basically grow up having now idea of how to do that kind of things because of the lack of representation there is. I personally have absolutely no idea.
Anyway, I鈥檓 not used to see content about this in such a deep way and I鈥檓 kinda glad I just did, even if I spend the whole time panicking.
I really liked the episode, such a cute, deep and funny episode.
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
do i ship benji and victor after season 2. NO!!
i feel like benji makes it all about him and his problems and like i get it victor can be tough like with the aa but benji seems toxic from victor. i don鈥檛 ship it
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frommydeathbed2 days ago
Halfway through episode 3. I feel so sorry for Victor, his team mates are completely ignorant assholes.
Can we please talk about how much character development Andrew has had? It鈥檚 awesome.
I actually kinda like the guy Mia is talking too, but I hate that he thinks she鈥檚 from collage, that will most likely end up badly.
I officially ship Felix and Pilar, she鈥檚 literally so sweet to him al the time.
And SIMONS DAD IS BAAAAAAACK. That鈥檚 the comeback of the history.
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frommydeathbed2 days ago
I鈥檓 halfway through the episode and I feel SO bad for Mia, and so hyped for Victor defending her.
I lowkey feel like he should just tell everyone and end this poor girl pain, but i understand why he hasn鈥檛 tell everyone. School is hella scary.
I kinda understand why Benji isn鈥檛 very happy with Victor, but then again, if Victor is scared, as he鈥檚 boyfriend he should understand him.
I鈥檓 so glad Mia didn鈥檛 outed him she鈥檚 literally so cool.
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spierfeld-is-life2 days ago
Love Victor S2: clich茅s and tropes
Ok so while I appreciated that in the first season they steered clear of many clich茅s and tropes I feel like they went right back to them this time around. There was so much bad or non-existent communication, people telling secrets they promised to keep to themselves, figuratively nobody being able to just be friends and so many love triangles. Like why? In my opinion the show already addressed a lot of important and interesting topics (mental health, different types of queer people, race issues, queerness and religion, alcoholism etc). so was there really the need for (soo much) more drama?
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frommydeathbed2 days ago
Did they actually put Whatcha Say????
That was very unexpected but it surprisingly worked pretty well with the scene.
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frommydeathbed2 days ago
I鈥檓 watching episode one of Love, Victor season 2 and it鈥檚 really good so far. It鈥檚 cute how Lake, Felix and Pilar are so supportive.
Isabel is driving me a little crazy, but I kind of understand her, she鈥檚 just like my mother.
I feel so sorry for Victors little brother, the separated parents thing completely sucks and he is really young.
Stan Heather the turtle.
That鈥檚 what I think so far.
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
s2 ep 4 spoiler
as an asexual individual i鈥檓 really struggling to connect to the sex parts bc i鈥檓 not into that. i feel like this season is more sex than the first. just me??
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
tbh tbh i鈥檓 not feeling the same connection rn to this show season 2 as season 1. i feel mixed about some of it.
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spierfeld-is-life2 days ago
If Victor doesn't choose Benji in the end I don't know what I'll do with my life. Also, I'd find it really weird that after spending this little time with Rahim he'd choose him over Benji to go to prom with, to do long-distance in college etc馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
love for pilar
damn ok spoilers for s2 e1-2
so we know how felix鈥檚 mom struggles with depression
but this time she had a bad episode and in turn lost her job
felix couldn鈥檛 afford $200 of the rent.
but pilar took the initiative
instead of using the money for the billie elish tickets (btw they weren鈥檛 sold out she lied so felix didn鈥檛 feel bad) she gave it to felix
in turn felix didn鈥檛 have to find the 200 bucks and could save the house.
now that made me cry
Tumblr media
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mxti-penguin2 days ago
love victor season 2 episode 1 and 2 spoilers
ok ignore how i鈥檓 so excited about adriens new pet.
but wow victors mom is a jerk. the fact that on the first day of school victor was so scared to tell people that he was gay(in turn to the extent of people spreading a rumor on creeksecrets saying mia cheated) is sad. it really stemmed from his mom saying things that got in his head.
also, damn mia and tyler i kinda ship it. like damn she lied to him saying she was in college but i mean damn they cute.
and lakes joke about Corporations after pride month was having me on the floor
oh one last thing the thing benjis dad did when he came out was funny but sucked.
so i can鈥檛 wait to watch the other 8 episodes. so far it鈥檚 rlly good. 锟
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