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#becky albertalli
antilarriearchive · 4 hours ago
I swear larries haven’t even read Love Simon. 
Like, how can you read that book and think about Louis and Harry????? 
It’s literally about how harmful deciding someone’s sexuality is harmful.
The gp knows larries are weirdos and barely think about them.
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bookreader-inkdrinker · 9 hours ago
The fact that the very authors who gave me high standards in men are married themselves honestly gives me hope.
Can it really be true that Sarah J. Maas, Laini Taylor, Holly Black, Tahereh Mafi and Becky Albertalli are all married?!?!
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sillypenguinwitch · 14 hours ago
love victor season two thoughts (in no particular order)
i love how much the families are such a big part of the show, i feel like that's not super common in teen shows, especially not such real problems
victor kind of being the "new simon" to rahim was such a cute touch
(also the fact that they skipped school for a day like simon and bram in the book!)
was anyone else a ben j pierce stan in like 2014 and was excited to see them on the show? am i old? idk
michael cimino is adorable (those eyes!)
felix is still one of my favorite characters
i am in love with felix's and victor's friendship
the pink hair thing was so cute
i love rahim but he should have been introduced as just a friend imo :/
unpopular opinion (maybe?) but i pilar and felix are really cute... lake and felix are too but idk, i can really see felix with pilar (also possibly lake and lucy?!)
i would have loved another keiynan lonsdale cameo
nooo that cliffhanger!
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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
do i ship benji and victor after season 2. NO!!
i feel like benji makes it all about him and his problems and like i get it victor can be tough like with the aa but benji seems toxic from victor. i don’t ship it
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sapphicadhder · 2 days ago
It just makes me so emotional seeing Nick Robinson as Simon Spier again and knowing that it's probably for the very last time because in 2018 (or 20gayteen lol) my sexuality was my main cause of depression (i never actually struggled with internalised homo/biphobia, the problem was other ppl's homo/biphobia) and i even thought of doing some Serious stuff because of it but shit like Love, Simon really fucking helped me! And now in 2021 those ppl still suck but ik my worth, am out to the ppl that i can safely be out to and im just over all much more adjusted when it comes to this topic (i mean, i ocassionally still have my Moments yk, but overall way better and Love, Victor helps me with those too since I also relate to the homophobic mom thing). So, ig all im trying to say is: ill forever be thankful to Becky Albertalli for creating the Simonverse (and that includes our lovely wlw rep in Leah on the offbeat!) and to Nick Robinson for his amazing portrayal+the kind stuff he said in interviews and stuff
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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
s2 ep 4 spoiler
as an asexual individual i’m really struggling to connect to the sex parts bc i’m not into that. i feel like this season is more sex than the first. just me??
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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
tbh tbh i’m not feeling the same connection rn to this show season 2 as season 1. i feel mixed about some of it.
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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
love for pilar
damn ok spoilers for s2 e1-2
so we know how felix’s mom struggles with depression
but this time she had a bad episode and in turn lost her job
felix couldn’t afford $200 of the rent.
but pilar took the initiative
instead of using the money for the billie elish tickets (btw they weren’t sold out she lied so felix didn’t feel bad) she gave it to felix
in turn felix didn’t have to find the 200 bucks and could save the house.
now that made me cry
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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
love victor season 2 episode 1 and 2 spoilers
ok ignore how i’m so excited about adriens new pet.
but wow victors mom is a jerk. the fact that on the first day of school victor was so scared to tell people that he was gay(in turn to the extent of people spreading a rumor on creeksecrets saying mia cheated) is sad. it really stemmed from his mom saying things that got in his head.
also, damn mia and tyler i kinda ship it. like damn she lied to him saying she was in college but i mean damn they cute.
and lakes joke about Corporations after pride month was having me on the floor
oh one last thing the thing benjis dad did when he came out was funny but sucked.
so i can’t wait to watch the other 8 episodes. so far it’s rlly good. 
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slaughter-books · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 10: JOMPBPC: Books And Sunshine
It was a cloudy day today and the pansexual pride flag! 💞
Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈
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thatsomethinginme · 3 days ago
I can’t believe you’re not dressing up. Don’t you realize you’re throwing away the perfect opportunity to be someone else for an evening?
Jacques, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
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Songs mentioned in LGBTQIA+ novels or prominent songs from gay book-to-movies --------------- Leave a comment with songs for me to add and also mentioning the LGBT book it is referenced in, if you’d like :))
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