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#love victor
ellenarcher · 26 minutes ago
I’m already so proud of Victor in both episodes!! Telling his mom to call Benji his boyfriend in episode 1, and coming out to the whole school in episode 2! My sweet boy is so strong and brave!!
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stressed-and-desperate · 40 minutes ago
Twitter is going to unlock my account soon and I am quite excited hehehehe
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skam-in-every-language · 43 minutes ago
So here are my thoughts on the Love, Victor cliffhanger...
Victor will choose Benji because at this point Rahim just doesn't make sense. Objectively I can admit that Rahim and Victor could be kind of cute. I like Rahim, and they do have chemistry, but Victor is in love with Benji. He hasn't gotten over him, and if his decision is based on Felix's speech then Benji is the only option that makes sense.
So yes, Victor will choose Benji but that doesn't mean they get back together, and a part of me hopes that they don't... at least not right away. I re-watched the fight(s) that lead to Benji asking to take a break and from my perspective Benji didn't do anything wrong. No more than Victor did anyway, and honestly, if we're going that route, I'd say Victor has more to apologize for than Benji. The boy let someone else kiss him when he and Benji weren't even technically broken up, and the fact that Victor even entertained the idea of Rahim (or anyone really) for even a second at this point makes me kind of angry for Benji.
With that said, I do want Victor and Benji to be endgame and for that to happen they have to work on themselves first. So maybe Victor does need to date someone else to gain a little perspective and Benji certainly has plenty of trauma to work through, but what's clear is that they both need to be in a much better headspace so that when they do get back together their relationship can work long term and not implode the way it did in season 2.
Season 3 just has so much potential for exploring thier individual journeys including a much needed POV for Benji and the issues that he's facing separate and apart from just being Victor's boyfriend. In the end my hope is for a culmination of events that will ultimately lead to them reuniting and set the foundation for a solid relationship by the end of season 3.
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shippyspamblog · 44 minutes ago
So I parapharsed the latest Interviews of Michael Cimino and George Sear
(They should have a ship name, too. Migeo? Semino? Idk, I'm open for suggestions ^^)
Michael is adorable and any scene with him is too hot to handle. I lost count how many times we've kissed, unfortunately we had to use mouthwash after every take (because of the pandemic) that was annoying, cause it was harder for me to do the (US) accent with a numb tongue. But it was worth it, being able to do these scenes and to kiss Michael who is not a bad kisser 😏
We've even kissed during rehearsals and it was never awkward, George is so easy to work with, he's great at break dancing and nailed the grizzly dance routine.
Venji's on screen relationship stems a lot from the chemistry George and I have, we're really, really, REALLY comfortable with each other.
The sex scenes were very explorative and new land for the characters, we opted out of having an intimicy coach and just went for it, that's why the scenes feel so naturel on screen.
We would love to get a third season.
I've never seen co-actors being so cute and comfy with each other 💜
Why aren't there any RPFs of them, yet?
I'm asking for a friend 😅
(Just for the matter, I totally respect their private lifes, in RPF the F stands for Fiction and nothing else.)
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gleefulfan · an hour ago
gele-gordijnen replied: The sad thing is that they probably won’t develop Rahim or his romances. He’s gonna have his more serious development stripped and be the funny side gay who ends up with 1) either that asshole who rejected him for being too gay which YUCK or 2) a random since there’s no way they’re adding another mlm regular
I totally understand this fear (plenty of shows would do this kind of thing) but I actually trust this show not to do this. Rahim's introduction (outside of the triangle) has been an almost universal success and I expect him join the main cast and be given storylines on a similar level to Mia or Felix.
The benefit of having a gay lead and a gay couple as central to your show is that you can introduce more gays without worrying that your audience may not like that. Rahim dating can also get Victor and/or Benji involved in gay stories that don't work for their characters specifically (what if Rahim starts dating someone who comes out to their parents and actually gets kicked out of their house? that could be a storyline involving the whole Salazar family).
I think some people think the only way Rahim can stay on the show is as Victor's boyfriend, but I really don't think that's the case. Being friends with someone where there was once romantic interest is so common in the LGBT community, that would be a good thing to tackle too.
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andyscramberg · an hour ago
i really don’t think the writers were prepared for the ship war they created lol venji vs vahim is already so violent
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sugdenlovesdingle · an hour ago
oh my god i haaate cliffhangers
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vansandroses28 · 2 hours ago
just watched all of love, victor and all of you need to drop everything and go watch it right now
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calsangel · 2 hours ago
apart from disney+, where can i watch love victor? i want to jump on this bandwagon!!
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tvvvvweb · 2 hours ago
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tvvvvweb · 2 hours ago
Love victor season 2 chats
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gele-gordijnen · 2 hours ago
I hate the idea of Benji relapsing being about his relationship with Victor because it puts the onus on Victor to fix it. It ultimately feels like romanticizing addiction. Relationships don’t cause nor do they fix alcoholism. And if Victor is going to end up with Benji (which we all know he is 🙄 I mean come on) I don’t want it to have anything to do with that part of Benji. It feels all wrong to me.
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smileyface-sadmind · 2 hours ago
I love Rahim sm 😂😂
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damiendo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Michael Cimino & George Sear (Love, Victor)
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wings-of-a-storm · 3 hours ago
This is literally just a general thought with very little analysis, so if you have any more in-depth thoughts on it I'd be happy to hear them, but I can't but feel like maybe Benji was afraid of being a "basketball boyfriend" partly because of the way the team was already treating Victor, and then it just happened to work out that Benji came around to the idea and started supporting Victor at the same time the team did. Any thoughts?
Hi there! Honestly, thank you so much for popping over and asking this question because it is something I have actually been thinking about a lot lately!
I think Benji absolutely was afraid of being a 'basketball boyfriend'. Not for the label itself but for the environment he would be exposed to.
To start with, it is canon that Benji has been the target of casual homophobia around Creekwood High. There are two incidents we already know of. Remember this charming event that took place all the way back in 1x01?
Tumblr media
Benji saw a bunch of jocks bullying Victor, recognised him as the new student with gorgeous eyes and cool kicks, and came over to help him. As soon as Victor accepted his help standing up, an onlooker catcalled them with "Owh owh! Get it new kid!" simply because Victor touched Benji's hand. Like Benji had gay cooties. Even Felix warned Victor that Benji was gay in case Victor didn't want to be associated with that label...
And now in 2x03 we learn of this incident occurring:
Tumblr media
Who knows how many times Benji has been the target of these kinds of aggressions on a day to day basis at school.
Add in jocks, who are notorious for this kind of behaviour in high school. (We saw them throwing someone's backpack around in S2, even.) And Benji is absolutely scathing of them for it. ("You play sports, which is not exactly the most evolved group you could be a part of." / "Victor is in the early stages of jock recovery. He just escaped the cult of cheap body spray and casual misogyny.")
So yep, in summary, I think the last place Benji would ever want to be in is the lion's den of jock turf. He doesn't respect jock behaviour, he's probably had run-ins with them in the past, and he just isn't into sport. He's a creative boy who likes his music and art. And let's face it, there is kind of a tribal disconnect between sporty kids and creative kids in some high school environments. Benji prides himself on being more evolved than the beer-guzzling sports crowd. He's erm a bit pretentious. But I still love him.
And even though Benji was clearly in the wrong when he made those highly insensitive, cruel, judgmental 'jokes' about jocks in front of Victor, I give him so much kudos for reflecting on his own behaviour, not making excuses for it in his apology, going out of his way to prove in action how much he meant his apology, and actually turning up to that basketball game in the lions den on his own without mates to keep him company or lessen his discomfort.
Go Grizzlies! ;)
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