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golosila · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Love Pascua💖
Ticktock: golosila
Instagram: golosila_es
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sketchut · 3 days ago
LGBTQ+ Warriors Headcanons
~~None of these are canon or set in stone! Mostly through vibes, and not in any particular order~~
(listed below, may add more later)
Jayfeather - asexual heteroromantic
Hollyleaf - demiromantic bisexual, remember that scene where she told Squirrelflight she didn’t want kits and she’d rather be a good warrior? demiro vibes
Lionblaze - nonbinary (he/him) lesbian, also himbo but that isn’t a sexuality
Squirrelflight - poly pansexual, and should leave Bramblestar for a she-cat
Leafpool - bisexual, male lean
Crowfeather - gay, just hasn’t realized yet
Hawkfrost - aromantic asexual
Tawnypelt - omnisexual, female lean, also a demigirl (she/they)
Puddleshine - nonbinary (they/them), once saw a hc that Darktail tried to make them use he/him and ShadowClan protested until Darktail gave in, possibly uses/seriously considered neo/xenopronouns
Breezepelt - grayromantic heterosexual
Heathertail - unsure, def something wlw but not lesbian
Feathertail - lesbian
Sparkpelt - bisexual
Needletail - demibisexual
Rowanclaw/star - trans masc,
Darkstripe - gay, very gay
Ivypool - bisexual
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after three days of knowing my pan enby friend i talked them through a panic attack about their abusive parents. three years of knowing my only straight friend and i’m pretty sure she still doesn’t know i’m scared of my father
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mothwizards · 3 days ago
if gender is a performance i want people to feel like they’re on an acid trip
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bichcarito · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I spend so many years thinking that I was broken, that something was wrong with me for not feeling the same as others and not doing what is considered -normal-... But I wasn't wrong, this is how I am and since I come out I feel happy! Happy Aceday!
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fleetingvineyards · 7 days ago
you look like her.
your voice, the way you talk
your smile, your laugh
the light in your eyes.
i could fall in love with you.
could you fall in love with me too?
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altruisticenigma · 9 days ago
Before TDOV ends make sure you’re as visible as Thomas Jefferson’s Miku binder (๑>◡<๑)
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transcendedgay · 9 days ago
Happy Trans Day of Visibility, yall!
I just want to take this time to say, thank you for existing and being you. So of you pass, and some of you don't, for personal or involuntary reasons, but you still choose to wear your transness with pride and it's beautiful and it's kind. Your existence in this world, to reject the norm and narrative and to proudly state that you are you and that you make the rules against ever odds thrown at you, it's bravery in its highest form.
I am grateful to the parents who posted about their children transitioning when the internet were still forums and message boards. They gave me answers, possibilities, and for the first time, hope. Then on tumblr, for the first time I felt comfortable telling people I'm trans because everyone who came out and were unapologetic about who they are, made me feel safe and accepted. The community made me feel loved and I felt like I found a place where I belong without judgment and without shame. People who understood the pain, the struggles, but most of all, the euphoria of being authentic to ourselves.
Thank you for everyone, even if you're in the closet right now, there will be a time when your experiences may save someone else. I love you all. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being visible. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone. Happy TDOV ♡
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pinkscribblies · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Trans is beautiful and sexy baby Happy tdov :] I love my trans siblings of all kinds. Remember you’re beautiful and stunning! 
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magg0t-king · 10 days ago
Happy Trans day of Visibility!
Happy TDOV to all of the Enbys, Transexuals, Gender fluids, bigenders, and even a happy TDOV to the non-transphobic people out there!
Tumblr media
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Aun recuerdo cuanto te vi, eras tan lindo y amable, pero me encontraba tan lejano, había perdido a mi verdadero yo.
Buscaba conectar con alguien más, ya no quería que al hablar de él mis ojos brillaran con esperanza, quería que mis sentimientos me pertenecieran solamente a mí, en realidad no quería ser tuyo, ni de nadie. Soy solamente mío.
Pero me encantaba ser tratado justamente como yo quería.
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sinisterchristmastree · 12 days ago
My sexual orientation is insanely hot people
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