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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
do i ship benji and victor after season 2. NO!!
i feel like benji makes it all about him and his problems and like i get it victor can be tough like with the aa but benji seems toxic from victor. i don’t ship it
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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
s2 ep 4 spoiler
as an asexual individual i’m really struggling to connect to the sex parts bc i’m not into that. i feel like this season is more sex than the first. just me??
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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
tbh tbh i’m not feeling the same connection rn to this show season 2 as season 1. i feel mixed about some of it.
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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
love for pilar
damn ok spoilers for s2 e1-2
so we know how felix’s mom struggles with depression
but this time she had a bad episode and in turn lost her job
felix couldn’t afford $200 of the rent.
but pilar took the initiative
instead of using the money for the billie elish tickets (btw they weren’t sold out she lied so felix didn’t feel bad) she gave it to felix
in turn felix didn’t have to find the 200 bucks and could save the house.
now that made me cry
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mxti-penguin · 2 days ago
love victor season 2 episode 1 and 2 spoilers
ok ignore how i’m so excited about adriens new pet.
but wow victors mom is a jerk. the fact that on the first day of school victor was so scared to tell people that he was gay(in turn to the extent of people spreading a rumor on creeksecrets saying mia cheated) is sad. it really stemmed from his mom saying things that got in his head.
also, damn mia and tyler i kinda ship it. like damn she lied to him saying she was in college but i mean damn they cute.
and lakes joke about Corporations after pride month was having me on the floor
oh one last thing the thing benjis dad did when he came out was funny but sucked.
so i can’t wait to watch the other 8 episodes. so far it’s rlly good. 
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bi-in-space · 3 days ago
brb going to see if leah x abby fanfics exist.
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queen-of-nerds · 3 days ago
pride month book quotes day nine
 “The whole world stops, and I can hardly hear the music. All I hear is my heartbeat. I cup my hands around her cheeks. 
“I’m going to do this.” I say softly. And then I kiss her.”
-Leah on the Offbeat
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toni and shelby, the wilds // girls, girl in red // rosa diaz, brooklyn 99 // becca lee // karolina and nico, runaways // girls like girls, hayley kiyoko // robin buckley, stranger things // courtney peppernell // graham and megan, but i’m a cheerleader // 1980s horror film, wallows
happy pride month 💛
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viktorkrumn · 9 days ago
pride month drabbles 04/30
every day of pride month 2021 I will post a 100-word drabble about an lgbtq+ ship or character. check out #pmd on my blog!
Abby looks around in dismay. Their dorm counter features a half-melted ice tray, coffee-stained mugs, spilled sugar, and a third try at coffee frappuccino that had been first too watery, then too bitter.
Leah should be back any second.
Abby pulls herself together. Milk in the fridge; cups in the sink; sugar pushed around with a wet rag.
As soon as Leah walks in, a cup is thrust into her hands. “Try this!”
A cautious sip. “Mmm, yummy.”
Abby can see her cringe. “It’s awful, isn’t it?”
“You’re a terrible cook. It’s way too sweet. But let’s try again, together.”
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wandamaximoffswifey · 11 days ago
Since it’s pride month, I want to take a few moments to talk about biphobia.
It needs to stop. Biphobia occurs in media, the LGBT community, and the straights community. If you don’t know, biphobia can be examples such as--
“You’re so greedy/selfish”
“I’m afraid to date a bisexual because I think they’ll cheat on me with the opposite sex.”
“Bisexuals in straight-passing relationships have it easy/Bisexuals in straight-passing relationships shouldn’t go to Pride”
If you’ve said any of those things and haven’t apologized, I suggest you do so now, and learn more about bisexuality, and how you can support them.
As well as the examples above, the television media as well as books aren’t helpful expressing bisexuality, meaning that when a character is bi, their label is watered down (ex. “I like girls and guys/I swing both ways”) instead of just saying “I’m bi”. Of course, if the character doesn’t prefer labels, that’s fine, but you can’t tell me that every bi character doesn’t prefer labels. That’s why ‘Leah on the Offbeat’ is such a great book. The characters actually say the word “bi” and openly call out homophobia/biphobia throughout the book. It’s too bad that Love, Simon ruined Leah’s character, though.
If you’d like accurate bi representation, I don’t know what to tell you. I haven’t seen a movie/TV show or read a book in a long time where the bi characters are accurately represented. (If you have some, please let me know. I’m deprived.)
Now, onto the biphobia in the LGBT community. Yes, we all know biphobia exists with straights and everything, but no one talks enough abought how biphobic the LGBT community is itself. For example, there are gays and lesbians who refuse to date bi people simply because of their sexuality. Experience is a proper excuse for lesbians, because sometimes they would want someone who knows what it’s like for lesbians every day, but anything otherwise is just biphobic. 
It’s not a preference. If a lesbian or gay wouldn’t date a bisexual for the dialogue examples I’d written in the beginning, then they are biphobic. 
What stings in the heart, however, is that when we try to bring biphobia up on Tik Tok, or YouTube, or popular social media apps, we get shut down, or talked over by others saying “Okay, well, here’s how I’m more oppressed than you.”
To end with this post, I’d like to remind you all of a few things.
Biphobia exists, so don’t pretend it doesn’t.
Watering down the bisexual label for a character in a movie/book/tv show is biphobic and isn’t representation.
If you defend a biphobic person simply because they’re a friend of yours or your favorite television character (*cough* Santana Lopez *cough* Kurt), then you are biphobic.
And last but most certainly not least--
Adding ‘cis’, and ‘white’ in front of ‘cis white bi girls’ doesn’t erase your misogyny, nor your biphobia (*cough* Tik Tok LGBT/straight boys *cough*)
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Abby and leah from simon vs the homsapiens agenda (love, simon)
thank you so much for the ask anon!!
1. what made you ship it?
basically just all of leah on the offbeat tbh. but more specifically just how comfortable they seemed around each other and all their cute little flirty interactions were just adorable
2. what are your favorite things about the ship?
how unexpected it was!! at least for me after reading simon vs the homo sapiens agenda i would not have predicted that leah and abby would be a thing or that leah would be canonically bi and it was just so groundbreaking cause it would have been so easy to fall into the stereotype of the whole rivalry over a guy thing and then becky albertalli took it in a completely different direction and made an honestly way more compelling queer interracial romance with two canonically bisexual female characters and it was awesome!! also they’re just so cute and they love each other so much it’s so wholesome if you haven’t read the love, creekwood novella i highly recommend it cause it is chock full of adorable wholesome abby x leah content
3. is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
i don’t think so? although tbh it’s been a hot minute since i’ve read anything in the simonverse so i don’t really remember. the only thing i can think of is about the love, simon movie and that’s that kat langford should not have been cast (even though i love her) cause leah is canonically fat and i really hate that they erased that
also side note i met becky albertalli at a book convention once and i just gushed for like a full minute about how much her books mean to me and how beautiful her writing is and she started crying and i got to hug her and it was an incredible experience
so yeah thank you so much for the ask please send in more!!!
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drawing13ducks · a month ago
My thoughts on Leah and the Offbeat, 3 years late
Leah on the Offbeat is definitely one of my favorite books if not my FAVORITE book. I relate to many of the characters in minor or larger ways, but I also appreciate reading about characters that are different than me.
One of those characters is Leah Burke, the main character in this book. I love Leah and I actually had Katherine Langford as my celebrity crush for quite a while (she’s the actress who plays Leah in Love, Simon). I also enjoyed reading about a female character who’s not stereotypical and is quite angry often, something that normally seems negative when the angry character is male. 
However, there was a lot of things left unfinished with Leah and her character arc. I hoped this would continue in Love, Creekwood, but it seemed that things were resolved off-page, rather than within the e-mails. 
What I’m referring to is what Leah says to Abby during their argument, specifically the one regarding Abby’s sexuality. I do wish that Leah apologized about saying you can’t be partially bi (or whatever she said) while Abby was trying to figure out what labels fit for her. Every character has their flaws, so I understand that Leah was upset with Abby who seemed to be making a joke of being bi, at least in her eyes. 
I hope that was happened with Leah and Abby is that Leah apologized for not understanding that Abby might have a preference for men/ not being comforting when Abby was going through things. I do imagine that Leah apologized for this eventually, but I do wish it was shown in one of the books. But other than that, I found the book to be perfect. Of course my opinion might not be the best since I’m not bisexual, but being someone who used to identify as a lesbian and now a trans man, I can understand a lot of the feelings Leah and Abby went through regarding their sexualities.
Anyway, I’ll probably keep re-reading this book and the rest of the Simonverse ones (once I check them out from the library), so I’ll post my thoughts then. Even though I doubt people are still active in this fandom, it’s nice to post my thoughts online. 
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blue-hat-girl · 2 months ago
the way I'm reading Love, Creekwood and underlining every damn line... good shit
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