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#I’m so sorry to all those who have followed me for the memes
lotrhyperfixated · 4 days ago
So uh- I’ve had a sudden influx of followers after posting a couple of lotr memes and I really don’t know how to explain to them that I get random bouts of inspiration and then am inactive for like 3 months-
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jamesbuckybarns · 2 days ago
Gif Maker Appreciation Tag
Rules: Answer the first half of the questions with gifsets of your own, then answer the second half by tagging gif makers you love!
i was tagged by the amazing @jackarthurdavenport thank you so much! i apologize for the long post already!
Link a gifset you’re really proud of: sam wilson in catws it was the first time that i made my own coloring, it a simple edit but i love it so much!
Link a gifset where you tried something new: bucky + tfatws quotes i loved making this one and especially trying new effects with the text, really i love how it turned out!
Link a gifset that features your favorite character or celebrity: bucky parallels the struggle was real while making this one because i spent too much time on insignificant details but it’s one of my favourite!
Link a gifset that you want more people to see: klaus hargreeves + what is grief it was such a sweet request and i was really happy of how it turned out because it was my first time trying to include gifs in a circle
Link a gifset that you had fun making: sam flying because of the middle gif ajfzjxns
Link a gifset that you created as part of a meme, challenge, or series: favourite scene from tfatws for the sam wilson appreciation week! such a powerful line and the acting in this scene was amazing
Link a gifset of yours that makes you smile: anthony mackie like this man is hilarious in interviews
Tag someone who inspired you to start making gifs: it’s a bit complicated to answer because i learned to make gifs before getting on tumblr! so my answer to this question is mostly going to be a fandom that made me start making gifs again and it was the queen fandom, i don’t have a specific person in mind
Tag someone who makes great vibrant gifs: this is going to be my fangirl moment... @steveroger because her coloring is so pretty and her gifs are always so colorful i love them!
Tag someone who makes great pale/pastel gifs: i don’t follow a lot of pale blogs but i think i’ve seen a few made by @cinderllas and they were so pretty!
Tag someone who gifs for a fandom you love: i’m gonna go with @favreaus because pavi was my first mutual from the marvel fandom and she made me feel so welcomed and i’m very happy that she (and sae) trusts me enough to be a part of the amazing blog that is mcupoc, i’m so proud to be a part of this team!
Tag someone who uses text/typography really well in their gifsets: it has to be you @jackarthurdavenport because your edits are... wow i don’t even have the words, i might be one of your biggest fan! you always have original ideas and each one of your set are a fave (also your blending omg), spare some talent please!!!
Tag someone who motivates you to step up your game: @twerkforambrose i need to take a minute to talk about your creations because oh. my. god, spare some talent too please? you’re so creative and your sets always come out to be gorgeous, i’m so in love too! i wish i had the patience and the creativity you have to make these!
Tag someone who you have taken inspiration from: @andthwip the quality of the gifs? always on point! so many beautiful sets with a pretty coloring, i wish i could have the same quality on my things!
Tag gif makers who you admire and appreciate! (Put as many people here as you want!): this is gonna be long but i love you all and admire you so much ❤️ @buvky @captain-james @rambeaus @winterfrosted @lacebird @sergeantbuckybarnes @benoitblanc @chrisheavans @kilmongers @wndasmaximoff @lizzie-olsen @wintersoldie @dicapriho @freddie-mercurys @fulcrms @buckybarne @sgtbuckysbarnes @carterfreddys @innuend-o i’m forgetting so many more i’m sorry! and i wish i wasn’t shy to engage conversations with those amazing people i tagged on this post! (and tag them in my things sometimes askdbs) please check out their creations you won’t have any regret!
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chemicalarospec · 5 days ago
update on the current state of my blog/fandoms below the cut for those interested (so it’s not as sneaky as a tag post but not presumptuous either) (nothing sad just updates and descriptions. for like, if you followed for dnp and aren’t getting that anymore.)
so yeah I’ve pretty much left the phandom now. I’m slowly unfolllowing anyone who isn’t a mutual, and might even block a few tags. no hate! I’m just going through That Process where you suddenly don’t like the things you used to love for no reason at all. (still have Dan’s book on its way. I probably will end up reading it, but I might donate it or smth later. Probs good for society to do that anyways lol.) 
so as you can tell, this blog is really a general tumblr blog at this point (every once in a while I have reblogged a dnp post, but as I decrease my exposure to them that will also decrease). I do believe I run a good blog with good reblogs and originals, but you decide if you want to stick around haha. 
Depending on how many people you follow, you might not know my general post type or recognize me on your dash, so here’s a quick runthrough of what to expect: activism posts, specifically the usual tumblr gay stuff and things hot on my dash, but emphasis on Asian activism; posts about cultural topics (including analysis of internet culture); and memes, duh. 
I follow a few people who put aesthetic blog-type things on their main, and I’ve thinking about starting to reblog that too. (I was kinda holding out to make a side, but idk. it’s in flux rn)
I’m really enjoying hanging out in the mcyt/dsmp fandom right now ^_^ When I leave, I don’t know what I’ll do with the side, but I do love the URL. My next fandom will probably be on main, but idk. It won’t be for a while though -- I’m not gaining interest in ANYTHING rn lol, and I also don’t feel myself phasing out of the new mcyters. :D
anyways, yeah. The long and short of it is I’m outta my phannie phase (I’m sorry but I love y’all), this blog will be a generic tumblr blog for the foreseeable future, and @yourfavouritetragedy is my mcyt/dsmp side blog where I will be spending most my time these days. I will still make stupid jokes no one likes, and I’m still as active as ever!
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anxother · 19 days ago
🚫Are there blogs you just won’t follow or characters you won’t interact with?
Outside of the standard “I don’t know you and I have no idea of this fandom, this character, or how we’d even do anything, at all, ever”, which covers most of the ground...
- the printed paper face mask blog. Those blogs where you can tell there’s no thought to the muse or their original context: someone just wants to take on the most basic outside trappings and play a version of themselves.  Expect a lot of coffee shop style social interactions, attempts to gather a found family of other RPers, and no IC conflict, actual plot whatsoever allowed unless it’s a particular type of high-school to young twenty-somethings soap opera drama.  On the live and let live side, I’m sorry I’m just not into that idealised pseudo-social life shit.  On the more judgemental and salty side, in my experience it usually means someone who *cannot* seperate from the character and what happens IC, and that is deeply unhealthy and a huge red flag. 
- the teehee princess OC.  Also comes in brat prince style. Mun wants to be brat who can get away with everything, IC because they are SPESHUL, usually via unique powers and/or a relationship to a powerful canon character, and OOC because they are exploiting the unwritten rules of RP culture that say no one can do anything to them or call them out unless they expressly permit it. Not necesssarily a mary-sue but always far too close.  It’s everyone’s first teen, or at least teen-level, OC, it’s way too common, and on top of that my muses are too often targets as either father/lover/otherwise-wrapped-around-little-finger relationships for them, or as I-don’t-have-to-listen-to-you-DAD style interactions. I’m not here to indulge that and my muses are even less so.  And if you think I am talking about your OC: yes. Yes I am.
(#notallOCs. There have been some great OCs in the KH RPC. Plenty of them tick boxes above but were properly developed into characters. It’s about bad execution, not specific traits.) 
- combine the above for the worst of both worlds
- anything that writes my own muses in a way that I just can’t.  Now for much more of a me thing than an other RPers thing.  I know I’m on the extreme edge for my interpretation of just how uncompromisingly awful Ansem and especially Xemnas can be, or I certainly was pre-KH3.  I shouldn’t judge people on how they interpret characters and other muns are free to do what they want.  But there is something about repeatedly seeing either of them acting like relatively normal people with relatively normal social interactions and interpersonal concerns that makes my eye twitch.
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caden · 23 days ago
Concerning Lindsay Ellis and contrapoints, it seems stupid to me to like coordinate internet campaigns to cancel leftists who are famous for making YouTube videos and then get mad at them for making YouTube videos about their own cancellations. Obviously no one has any obligation to watch those videos, you do you, if you didn’t watch the creator anyways there’s definitely no reason to start now. But also, like, if you got canceled on a public platform, were targeted because of your public platform, and that cancellation— the loss of that public platform— posed an existential threat both to your livelihood and your ability to keep making work in the medium you love— why would you not use that public platform to either defend yourself or apologize? That’s not a bad look, it’s not egotistical, it’s not the equivalent of a drama YouTuber making a monthly sobbing apology video. It just makes sense. In both cases, they didn’t think that a notes app apology was the appropriate response. And literally, in Lindsay’s case, what would the right version of “accountability” and “apology” have looked like? She says “sorry that I made a tweet which could have been misread as me saying something I don’t believe”? That’s a clarification, not an apology, but anything more apologetic would be completely forced and performative. How does she correct the harm when said harm is so nebulous and so up for debate? If she apologizes publicly it looks like she’s just saving face, if she does it privately she’ll never have a chance of being un-cancelled, and there’s no actual consensus on whether on not what she did necessitates an apology in the first place. She obviously thinks that the situation is more complex than that. But no one could argue that her response isn’t being made in good faith. I don’t really think her video is perfect, I think some of her points are pretty flawed and the tone of some sections can be a little arrogant. But if you aren’t willing to hear them out at all, should you really get to continue having a voice in the discussion? I know the easy response to that is “I’m not trying to educate people or have a debate, I’m trying to dunk on white breadtubers”. I know and genuinely love a bunch of people who think this way. I’m not saying anyone is a bad person if that’s your philosophy. It’s your phone and you can choose to engage with the internet in whatever way feels best for you. But I think that’s a childish and irresponsible approach to these topics, which are very serious discussions and need to be treated as something more significant than just meme fuel. Even if you feel like you have no followers and your actions are completely isolated, recognize that this thinking is indicative of and contributes to a larger culture which does not genuinely help progress social awareness nor does it genuinely amplify marginalized voices, but instead encourages us to view politics through an entirely black and white, entirely punitive, entirely entertainment-based lens. I’m not saying cancel culture is bad, in fact, I think it’s usually really good and very productive. But it isn’t infallible either. It obviously has the potential to be both destructive and deceptive and will always slip into that if we don’t each take personal responsibility for our actions and rhetoric. If we demand a one-size-fits-all response to cancellation— the same old Twitter thread where the canceled person just says they’ve learned the error of their ways, are here to amplify marginalized voices, and will never ever do X again— rinse and repeat— we’re not creating a system of real accountability. We’re creating a cycle of performative bullshit activism with zero room for nuance or depth, zero room for genuine evolution, where any conversation about complex social systems, urgent life and death issues, and worldwide political movements becomes worthless if it can’t be boiled down to a pastel Instagram PSA or a trending Twitter hashtag or an epic clapback. I’ve said enough words post over <3
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velvetipped · a month ago
@vqndekamp   asked      ⇢     answer 5-10 uwu    (  mun views meme.  ) 
long post so added it under the cut ! thanks for asking angel. 
i probably won’t participate in exclusivity but i do understand the appeal. whilst i do have portrayals of certain characters that i love & believe are top tier, i also don’t believe ( personally ) that’s it’s fair for me to completely neglect other people’s portrayals because i know that i’d feel hurt if somebody didn’t want to write with me because i wrote the same muse as somebody else. that’s not to say i hold judgement against anybody else who practices exclusivity ( i get it, a lot of us want to be private and limit who we write with ! ) but yeah, for me, it’s a no.
are we in highschool? ffs.  honestly, these blogs are toxic as fuck. & yeah, i get that there are people on here who have done bad things and deserve to be called out for it but to dedicate an entire blog to include people (who sometimes haven’t had chance to explain themselves or be educated on why they’re wrong) is classic case of bullying. and usually, they’re open to submissions & all it takes is for one person to point their finger at somebody because of a personal thing and it gets blown out of proportion. i won’t follow or interact with this mean girl shit, sorry not sorry. i’m not a fifteen year old girl anymore.
bruh if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. if you’re sending somebody hate, you’re an arsehole and a bully and that’s all i’ve got to say on the matter. get a fucking life.
i mean, who doesn’t like positivity? it definitely shines a light on the talent on this blog and makes people smile. i don’t see anything wrong with positivity but sometimes i do like to hold on the ‘the best portrayal’ business because it can be harmful for other people (i’ve said it before, i’ve been one of those people . . . but i can see how it could hurt people who write the same muse.) i’m trying to use language like ‘one of my favourites’ to avoid being too bias and i’ll probably slip at some point because that’s human nature ,,, but yeah, i love positivity but i think sometimes it can be harmful to other people, depending on the language used.
ooc posts.
i love to see what y’all are up to in your lives. like, i absolutely love people shit posting their ooc thoughts. yeah, this is a blog for roleplaying but there’s a human being behind the screen who sometimes just wants to talk ooc.  it’s exhausting to limit your blog just to writing whilst saying active.  i wanna know what you had for dinner or what music you’re listening or simply what you’re feeling in the moment!
idk? i’m not a fan of super duper long urls that are hyphonated and that’s purely an aesthetics thing and probably wrong of me lmao. but looking at them kind of bugs me for no reason whatsoever. but i think everybody on here is pretty creative with their urls. i find it super hard to think up a url when making a new blog which is probably why i always come back to my multimuse because velvetipped is going to forever be me lol. it’s my personality, alright xo. but yeah, i’m not really sure what to say on urls? i love how unique everybody's is and how it identifies them.
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thiiinman · a month ago
i will NOT interact with muses from south park, camp camp, attack on titan, detroit: become human, or hetalia. yes, i am ok with muses from hazbin hotel. HOWEVER, i will be EXTREMELY selective with who i choose to interact with. this is for my own comfort, as i don’t even really like hazbin, and i genuinely hate vivziepop.
this is a sideblog. i follow and send asks from @ubersaws. basic rp etiquette applies here. don’t godmod, mun =/= muse, etc.
i do not tag most things outside of musings and triggers. if you do not like that, don’t follow me.
i only do threads with mutuals. sorry, but this is for my own comfort and so i don’t get overwhelmed. you’re more than welcome to send me anons or in-character asks, though.
i’m very open to oc’s! all i ask is that you have an about page for them!
i’m fine with non-rp tumblr blogs interacting with me! just please don’t send me in-character things.
please don’t rush me for replies. i am an EXTREMELY slow rper, especially when it comes to longer things.
there will be no romantic shipping here. thin man is aroace.
i don’t have any triggers, but neck trauma and vomit are huge squicks for me. please tag those.
i will not do smut on this blog. i am ace and sex repulsed.
i don’t care much about reply length but if you give me virtually nothing to work with, i’m probably not going to reply to you. all i ask for is a few sentences at least.
(i do not have the energy to write something super long here so please accept this in the meantime)
NAME: mono doesn’t know; is known as the ‘thin man’ by most people
AGE: doesn’t know; looks to be somewhere in the 40 to 50 range
GENDER: ?????? doesn’t have a label for it, but is ok with he/him, them/they, and it/its pronouns
SPECIES: not human. best described as a ‘tv monster’
HEIGHT: 10′0
THINGS TO NOTE: thin man does not know that he’s mono. he remembers being dropped into the tower, but that’s only because the tower let him remember that. everything else is gone. the closest thing he gets to a memory is deja vu.
when thin man speaks, it just sounds like garbled gibberish. as such, he’s selectively mute and usually doesn’t speak unless he’s prompted to or he’s around a machine with a speaker.
thin man is not openly malicious. the only reason he takes people to the tower is because he wants to protect them from the outside world. 
he doesn’t hate six. he just wants to keep her away from mono.
thin man is autistic. he absolutely hates loud noises, bright lights, and the feeling of velcro. alternatively, he really likes the feeling of certain carpets and most ‘static-y’ noises.
i’m medic, i’m 18, and i never fucking learned how to read. call me any pronouns you’d like outside of it/its.
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keelywolfe · a month ago
FIC: Just Swimmingly ch.4 (BAON)
Tumblr media
Summary:  Jeff doesn't know where they are or where they're going, but he knows one thing. It's probably not good.
Tags:  Spicyhoney, Established Relationships,  Hurt/Comfort, Additional Tags To Come
Part of the ‘by any other name’ series.
Read it on AO3
Read it here!
By the time the van came to a stop, Stretch still hadn’t woken up. Not that it mattered very much, there wasn’t a thing Jeff could have done to change their situation. At the moment, they were very much outnumbered, overpowered, and even if he’d had a clue where they were, it wouldn’t have done them any good. Before they dragged him out of the van, one of the thugs yanked a bag over his head. Blinded, he struggled to stumble along as two guys pulled him out, trying not to cry out as they led him barefoot across crumbling asphalt into a building with rough carpet.
He kept as quiet as he could, trying to not only listen in case they said anything useful, but also for Stretch, praying to a God he hadn’t spoken to since he was fifteen and his father threw him out that they didn't hurt Stretch. Jeff could survive a few bumps and bruises, but he didn't know how much Stretch could withstand. Intent was key when it came to Monsters, he knew that much, and these guys seemed to have plenty.
At first, he tried to keep track of where he was being led. An impossible effort when the twists and turns of being dragged along left him too disoriented to know his way up or down. They seemed to walk forever until his captors suddenly stopped and Jeff was shoved down into a chair. Rough hands grabbed at him, rope suddenly binding his wrists and ankles. He didn’t struggle as he was tied, only tried to tense his muscles as much as possible, some shitty internet meme he vaguely remembered reading said that it could help slip free later.
Turned out memes weren’t the best source for escape plans. When they were done, Jeff subtly tried to move and the best he could manage was a painful rope burn. The ropes felt like they were wound through the slats in the chair and unless Houdini decided to make good on his possible return from the other side, Jeff was going nowhere fast.
He could hear their captors moving around, muttering too low to be understood and the other sounds might have been more rope. Tying up Stretch, maybe, he hoped that’s what it was; at least if they were together, that was something, hell, that was everything right now.
The bag suddenly getting ripped off his head made him gasp, flinching from the glaring light pointed directly into his face. Squinting, he could barely see the shadowy figures standing behind it, but he was sure he could see a cell phone pointed in his direction.
“Say your name,” a rough voice demanded.
“Andy—” he began automatically. “No, Jeff, I’m sorry, Jeff! My name is Jeff!” There was nothing else and Jeff shifted, grimacing as the ropes dug in. It was on the tip of his tongue to go on, to blurt that he worked in public relations, that he was nobody important and not worth ransoming. He bit the inside of his lip to keep those rambles from pouring out. Partly because it was probably stupid to tell kidnappers your value or lack thereof, and partly because of Edge. He’d always told them to never offer more information than was necessary and yeah, he’d been talking about board games at the time, but Jeff doubted that Clue was where Edge learned that particular rule. If these assholes wanted more info, they could damn well ask.
Either his name was all they wanted or they already had whatever other info they needed. Jeff didn’t even have a chance to try squinting through the too-bright light when one of them came towards him and yanked the bag back over his head. He sat there, sweat beading on his face and his own breath threatening to smother him as he listened to their captors moving around next to him.
“He can’t talk,” one of them said disgustedly. “He’s still wasted.”
Stretch. That meant he was right next to him, thank fucking god.
The rough sound of a slap made Jeff tense, protests bitten off when the same voice cursed and there came the sound of someone rubbing their head, “What the fuck, man!”
“That’s exactly how we want him, dumbass! He doesn’t need to talk, all they need is a good look at him. Come on, they’re waiting.”
Footsteps and then the sound of a door closing. Jeff strained to hear if anyone was still in there with them around his own breathing loud in his ears, his pulse thundering. There was nothing, no shuffle of feet against the floor or the creak of a chair. Jeff waited a little longer, curling his chilly toes against the rough carpet.
Nothing. Jeff took a long, slow breathing, trying to calm his racing pulse. He needed to be cool right now so he could try to think of something. Even if the Embassy was willing to give these assholes whatever they wanted, they sure as hell couldn’t count on that saving their lives. He was no strategist, his degree was in sociology, for fuck’s sake, but. Stretch always called him Handy Andy and it made him feel like someone different, someone braver who could stand up to a violent asshole on a bus and help Stretch with crazy experiments involving swinging bottles of Diet Coke rigged with automatic mentos dispensers. Jeff might not be the best for this situation, but Andy was sure as hell gonna try.
“Stretch,” Jeff said softly. He waited for someone to shout or a slap followed by a demand that he shut up. When none came, he went on, soft and urgent, “I know you can't hear me, but, just in case you can. It's gonna be okay. I know you're big on promises and I'm promising you right now we're getting out of this. I promise you." If he could glean anything of what Jeff was saying, he hoped he could hear that much. At least maybe he wouldn't be afraid.
"i sure hope so, i didn't get this far in life to get dusted by a low rent group of third rate scooby doo level villains. seriously, they tied us up with rope, were they out of packing tape at ‘kidnappers ‘r’ us’ or were they just eager to try the knots they learned in boy scouts before they got kicked out."
Okay, that wasn’t quite the last thing he’d expected, but it was close.
"Stretch?" Jeff gasped out. He couldn’t see a damn thing through the bag, but he could hear a muted popping sound. Suddenly, the bag was gone, far gentler than before and then he was blinking up into Stretch’s smirking face.
Jeff looked around a little wildly and next to him was another chair, the still-tied ropes hanging from the rungs in loose coils.
“yeah, sorry. i woke up back in the van, didn’t want to tip them off. wherever they buy their roofies must not have given them a dosage chart.” Stretch settled his hands on Jeff’s shoulders. “hold still, this is a lot easier than fighting with knots.”
It was the gentlest and shortest teleport he’d ever felt. Only a brief disorientation and when his vision cleared, he was sitting on top of the ropes that had just been binding him.
Jeff scrambled to his feet, swiping his sleeve across his sweaty forehead. Holy shit, maybe he should take up praying again more regularly, this was the fastest service he’d ever gotten. “Can you get us outside?”
His heart sank as Stretch shook his head. “that's gonna be a no. with the bags on our heads, i couldn't see where we are. shortcutting is tricky, it's dangerous to teleport blind. that's how you end up stuck in walls or halfway inside a table or some shit.” Stretch waved a slender hand at the chairs. “dangerous, not impossible. a few inches above where i was sitting was a pretty safe bet to get out of the ropes, but anything else is more likely to get us dead than on the street.” He frowned, glancing around the room thoughtfully. “plus, i'm not going anywhere without a little intel. they’re fucking idiots, but they knew enough to drug me and how to do it. that's not information you can just look up on a wiki-how.”
“Okay,” Jeff took a deep, steadying breath. "So, what do we do, then?” He glanced at the door. “Can you pick locks?"
"sure,” Stretch said absently. He was looking around the room. It was a storage room of some sort, there was more dusty furniture aside from the chairs, including a rickety desk, and metal cabinets lined the walls. “but i can't do much about the door being barred. i heard something get braced against it when they went out.
"Oh. Right."
“yeah,” Stretch agreed, “at least one of them has a brain cell or two rolling around up top, enough to get them this far. but the road trip is over and it’s time to pay the tolls.” Stretch shook his head disgustedly. "first rule of kidnapping is never leave the kidnappees alone. seriously, i'm getting my cues from netflix and even i know that.”
His eye lights paused in their survey of the room, brightening. Jeff followed his gaze and saw in one corner there was an honest to god old-fashioned rotary telephone pushed into the far corner of the desk, nearly buried under the clutter.
"can't be that easy, can it?” Stretch marveled. He picked it up the handset and held to his skull, then sighed unhappily. “nope. no dial tone, no surprise there, no one has a landline anymore. don’t you worry though, little phone.” Stretch gave it a soft pat. “you’re gonna be real useful in just a minute. seriously, this is just embarrassing. my first kidnapping attempt and they locked us in a room with an entire arsenal.”
“I must be missing the vendor in the corner willing to hand over gear if we do a mission for them,” Jeff joked weakly.
“everything is an arsenal if you’ve got the skills.” Stretch rummaged through the desk and came up triumphantly with…a paperclip? He set it on the desk, adding a pencil, some scotch tape, and what looked to Jeff like an old tube of superglue. “kidnapped by the ebott equivalent of the america’s dumbest criminals, fuck me. edge is going to be up my ass for a month.”
“I don’t think you’re giving him enough credit.” It was easier to be calm in the face of Stretch’s ease. “I think six months is the bare minimum.”
“i really wish you weren’t right.” Stretch glanced around the room again, this time directing his gaze upward. “hm, that’ll work.” Tall as he was, the ceiling was still out of reach even for him. Stretch pulled one of the chairs over, ropes trailing behind it like tentacles, and stood on it, reaching for the smoke detector. Jeff could only blink in confusion as he yanked it right off the ceiling.
"You're going to burn down the building?” Jeff asked. Not that he didn’t trust Stretch, but, uh, that seemed extreme for a first escape attempt. “That’d get us out, but I don't think we'll be any more alive."
"nah, just need some parts,” Stretch jerked his head towards the door. “keep an ear on the hallway, will ya, in case they remember that leaving us alone is probably stupid."
“Got it.” Jeff went to the door but before he could press his ear to it, Stretch called his name.
"hey, kiddo, i'm gonna get us out of this." Stretch offered him a familiar, lopsided smile. "i know i don't look like much, but i've been known to keep my head in a bad situation."
"You already saved me once,” Jeff said honestly, "why wouldn't I believe you now?"
Stretch’s pale eye lights flickered with memory, his expression briefly tightening. How did he remember that horrible night in that parking lot, Jeff wondered, what nightmares haunted Stretch’s sleep? He knew something happened after the ambulance took him away, but he’d never heard the entire story. After he’d been released from the hospital, he’d been wrapped up in healing enough to start his new job at the Embassy and as time passed, he hated to ask, didn’t want to dredge it all up again, not when everyone was slowly getting past it. Besides, the others had their own shit to deal with, what with the attack in California and everything happening in Ebott. His trauma was his to handle and that was the end of it.
At the desk, Stretch got to work, humming the ‘mission impossible’ theme under his breath as he dissected the phone and smoke detector with a makeshift screwdriver made from a bent paperclip taped to a pencil. His hands were as deft and easy as any demonstration he’d done for the local kids and Jeff could only marvel at his ease.
“How can you be so calm?” Jeff blurted, wincing even as the words escaped. He hadn’t meant to say it, didn’t want to distract him. Stretch only flicked a glance his way, both browbones raised.
“me?” Stretch snorted, “i am not calm. beneath this gorgeous cookie crust exterior is a honey pie of a person who would start shitting themselves if i could grow the prerequisite equipment. but we're gonna be okay.”
“How do you know?” Jeff hated the faint pleading in his own voice, he shouldn’t be distracting; Stretch was as stuck here as he was and with his HP, it was even worse. He was supposed to be the one helping Stretch, he’d promised, and the best he could do was lookout.
“you seriously think red isn't already on it?” Stretch asked and as terrifying as Red could be, thinking about him right now eased some of the aching fear that was settled in Jeff’s stomach. “all he needs is a clue and we’re gonna get him one. i only hope he can keep edge from razing the city and salting the earth beneath it until then. people might be a little tetchy about that and i’m not even sure you can come up with a press release that’d cover ‘sorry about starting city-wide armageddon, my bad.’”
Before Jeff could think of a reply to that, either an agreement, or a protest that a little chaos could be excused considering the circumstances, he heard footsteps coming from down the hallway. Panicked, he hissed out, “They're coming!”
“fuck, okay, okay.” Stretch scrambled over and set some kind of contraption on the floor near the door that was all waggling wires and circuit boards. He grabbed Jeff by the wrist and dragged him along. “over here, come on, this a harder trick, but you can do it. i need you to hold as still as you can. if you move, they might see you, you get me?"
Jeff managed a hasty nod as Stretch shoved him into a corner, cramming them both in tight, out of the way. "don't move, don't talk,” Stretch reminded him, a low murmur close to his ear. The slim, bony arms around him were comforting and even knowing that Stretch couldn’t physically protect him, having him towering overhead as he caged Jeff against the wall felt oddly safe.
Then something happened. He didn’t know how to describe it. It felt like a heavy curtain fell over the world, everything going distant and muffled, even his vision greying like he was about to faint, only he’d never felt so awake. There was a sudden popping explosion as the door swung open and collided with Stretch’s contraption, but it sounded miles away, the kidnappers’ curses as muffled as if they were speaking from another world.
He didn’t move, held perfectly still even as that curtain slowly grew claustrophobic, nausea starting to churn. Jeff closed his eyes, swallowing convulsively and just went he thought he couldn’t stand it a moment longer, that he either needed to move or he’d start screaming, it was suddenly gone and Stretch was stepping back.
When he opened his eyes, he saw Stretch was pale, sweat showing visibly on his skull. "are you okay?" Stretch asked.
“Me?” Jeff blurted. He caught hold of Stretch’s arms to brace him as he wobbled on his feet. “I’m fine, what about you!”
"i’ll be okay.” Stretch wiped his face on the sleeve of the crummy shirt he’d been forced into with a grimace. “i pulled us halfway into the void. it works, but it burns a lot of juice. the assholes booked it out of here, but more importantly, they left the door open."
The door was opened, they could leave, and yet, Jeff found himself blurting out, “They’ll get away!”
“no,” Stretch said grimly. “they’ll look for us first, thinking we couldn’t have gotten too far. these guys aren’t gonna ditch and run that fast, they know too much. think about it. drugs work on monsters but how do they know what kind and how much? lucky for me, skeleton monsters are different. our systems are finicky, we’re hard to drug. whoever tipped them off about how to roofie me didn’t know that.”
His sockets narrowed suddenly, Stretch turning away to look in the rusty cabinet next to them. “oh, honey,” he said gleefully, “jackpot.”
Jeff joined him, peering into the cabinet as Stretch cautiously wrenched it open. “What did you find?”
He held up a bottle of bleach and said, smugly, “just some nice, normal household chemicals. they can be lots of fun if you know how to mix 'em up and i'm a one hell of a bartender. but first.”
On the desk was another little contraption that was mostly wires and tape. Stretch picked it up and walked over to squat next to a wall outlet. Carefully, he pushed it into the socket. There was a sputtering spark and a tiny red light blinked to life.
“there we go.” Stretch stood, dusting off his hands. “i don’t even want to think about how pants-shittingly angry edge probably is right now, but we can’t let them get the ransom that asgore is probably going to pay and we sure as hell can’t let them get away.”
He grinned then, wickedly sharp for all that his teeth were blunt. “so, how’s about we have some fun, yeah?”
Jeff nodded determinedly. Fuck, yes. If he was going to add to his repertoire of nightmares, he was damn well going to make sure someone else paid for it, in spades.
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queenofvraquin · a month ago
all of them
HELLO JADE. You know I should just start preparing these answers when I reblog these things. Here are all the ones I haven’t answered already:
1. how big is your mods folder? 106GB. YES I KNOW. I’m not even sorry at this point.
3. what is your favorite challenge? Chrissy actually open your game and work on something challenge. I fail it on a daily.
5. what type of cc do you hoard? ALL OF IT. LOL. But really, I always say SIGNS are my favorite. Store signs, Street signs, neon signs. Give me all the signs, baby.
9. who is your favorite storytelling blog?
I have A LOT of favorites because I love sims stories! I think it’s just the coolest thing ever. Some of my favorites are: @simblrinterests Jex is an icon. To make a legacy have such an amazing storyline for so long? I’m constantly screaming over her talent. She’s an excellent writer and does not get enough attention! @ellemant I LOVE soap operas and Josie is *chefs kiss*. It’s always a wild ride and the way she writes it is superb. I could honestly go on for days about how much I love Josie’s stories! @simmerberlin Bee’s stories make me so emotional. The amount of time and effort she puts into everything she releases is amazing. I love how complex her character relationships are and I find myself constantly screaming over everything. Anyone in her discord should know this by now though because I’m constantly writing essays in her server! LOL @xldkx LISTEN, Papercuts is my favorite TV show. Didn’t you know it????? Really someone give Nik a deal because this story is golden. It’s such a hilarious ride. I love all the characters and it’s the story I go back and reread the most! @oblivions-dawn Historical and fantasy sapphic stories? Yes, please. Sign me up! Senu is excellent at building her character tension and let me tell, there is no shortage of beautiful girls on this blog. It’s a queers girls dream LOL @lazarish I’ve always loved Elle’s storytelling! She’s very clever and I feel like all of her stories are incredibly unique. I will FOREVER be sad that she didn’t continue Disco Inferno, but everything she writes is gold! Her sims are very cute too and there are a lot of magical girls! @amuhav Can we talk about how good Aimee is at writing dialogue?? 11/10. I love reading her posts and following her absolute disaster of characters. @cyberth0t We all know Sam is the KING of simblr storytelling. The visuals. The emotion. Inheritance is a masterpiece and THOSE AUS. @deadlymodern The VISUALS alone. The way Thais sets up her story is excellent and the tension between her characters is addictive!!
and last but not least @simlit @lazysunjade​ @ohmygodjadewhydoyouhavesomanyblogs (jk, I love you). You want to talk about stories that are next level? Jade just makes the rest look bad. All hail Queen Jade and her beautiful stories. Never has there been a more quotable, beautifully written, beautifully shot, set of stories on simblrs. Like PLEASE, Jade, I beg you. Save some talent for the rest of us. Although there are a TON I wish I could also put here. We have such a talented community.
13. what do you do when you are unmotivated? Cry in your DMs. Jk. Except not. Because I do. LOL. But really, going back to things that I love that inspired me to begin with. I find when I’m sucked into something I love, I’m more motivated to create!
19. how many posts do you have on your blog currently? 780! 
21. how many posts are in your queue currently? I have a meme for this!
Tumblr media
23. are you in any sims related discord servers?
I am in... 11! LOL I didn’t realize how many I was in until I counted.
27. what’s the farthest you’ve gotten in a challenge? Before I started storytelling I actually got to over 80 babies in a 100 baby challenge before the save went kaput! 
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four-loose-screws · a month ago
I have a another question about localization since you say all of the FE localizations are good but then there's the localization I hear about of FE fates a localize game that I hear so many Nintendo and FE fans say really bad things about it such as a lot of Mistranslations, Big Script changes, Memes being add in, etc also there was some censorship that got some of them really mad and with some of them saying that it's the wrost localize game of all time is it really that bad as they say?
Whew, this ask has been sitting in my inbox for actual months! Sorry for taking so long to respond! It’s probably unsurprising, but there’s so much to unpack here, and just deciding what to write had me going in circles for a long time.
I’m not entirely satisfied with this answer, but if I tried to discuss everything I have in mind about the Fates localization at once, I’d never be done. So I stuck to 5 topics to give a basic summary. If anyone wants to follow up on one particular issue for more info, or know more about something I didn’t discuss here, please do! I’d love to round out my argument.
First off - a little history just to get our minds situated into the history of localization. Bad localization has always existed, in fact that’s pretty much all we had in the 80’s and somewhat into the 90’s until it became clear that video games were going to become very complex in story and text going forward. Even a surface look into old localizations like this one tells a very long story. We have to remember that “bad” localization is everywhere, and it’s just always going to exist, even now that we have professional teams dedicated to localization, so long as humans aren’t perfect, time crunch is standard in the gaming industry, and we all have our own definition of “good”.
Next, here’s the short answer to the question:
When I say “overall” good, I do stress that pretty heavily, because of course there are plenty of changes that each individual player of the game will have their own take on. The Fire Emblem games simply have so much text in them that even a hundred small mistranslations or changes are just a drop in the bucket.
But I do agree that Fates is one of the worst of the FE localizations, if your terms are in number of changes from the Japanese. Awakening’s is up there too. 
Yeah, Awakening’s localization has a lot of questionable moments too. I know this take isn’t a surprise to all fans. But ever since Fates came out, I’ve seen people praising Awakening’s localization, and saying that 8-4 (an outside studio often hired by Nintendo, they localized Awakening) is an amazing localization team and Treehouse (Nintendo’s own team, did Fates) is garbage. TBH… They both did a job that has huge ups and downs. Are people really doomed to always forget the flaws that the previous installment in a series had as soon as something new comes out? Ha ha.
I think it’s common knowledge at this point that localizations are not made for the people who want a more direct-to-the-Japanese version. And that sucks, and the feelings of anger, disappointment, etc. in those who wanted a more direct translation are perfectly valid and entirely understandable. 
But we really, really need to understand and accept that localizations are made for the target audience/culture as a whole, and to sell to the most people possible. By getting angry and rejecting the entire game’s script as “total changes,” “butchering,” “changing the games to fit the localization team’s motives,” and all sorts of other toxic nonsense, we miss out on all of the nuance that actually exists. We rob ourselves of the fun that could be had analyzing whether or not the localizers did their job of adapting the game to the target audience, and how they might have done it better. And we can’t notice and appreciate all of the times the team did do a great or good job.
In the vast majority of cases, localizers only want those who play their games and read their scripts to have fun! To imply anything else is just wrong.
What I feel I can do here, to define if “the localization is as bad as they say,” is debunk these “all or nothing” arguments, and show that the changes aren’t usually anywhere near as drastic or simple as people make them sound.
Now let’s goooooo!
I read these two articles to prepare myself to write this, link here, and link here, which I got off a quick Google search. They are from the time of Fates’ release, and report on how a lot of people generally felt back then, so I found them to be good references to put myself back in time with the thoughts people had then.
Character Changes
These often tend to be the biggest topics of conversation. Hisame will be my topic of more detailed discussion today, but I’ll bring other characters up for a hot second too.
Tumblr media
I can never stress this enough, but Hisame made pickles in the Japanese. He was always talking about them in the Japanese, too. (Fates loves supports revolving around food in general, really.) I think people generally know this to be true? But I did read some comments saying that the pickle love was totally made up in the localization, you can see the proof above, so I had to point it out.
I don’t think a lot of people who have talked about his character picked up on this - admittedly, I didn’t until someone close to me explained it - but the main gag of Hisame’s character is that he’s young, but already acting like an old man. He lectures his own father on how to behave, etc., and makes pickles. And the “acting like an old man” is not totally lost in translation, with him still acting serious and lecturing his father. But the making pickles trait… I’d never pin that as an “old man” stereotype as a US American. Well, now I would, because I know Japanese culture well enough… but anyway.
And this is where the cultural differences come in. The number of people farming and making traditional foods from scratch is dwindling fast in Japan. In just five years there, I watched countless rice paddies and other small produce fields be turned into houses or apartment buildings. The elderly farmers are becoming too old to care for their crops, and their kids choose to pursue other careers, so the family sells off the farmland. Following along this trend is traditional pickle making. You can just buy them ready to eat in the supermarket, so why make your own? Most people don’t even have the space to be making them if they wanted to. And so, pickle making has come to be seen as something old people do. It fits in with Hisame’s “old man” character perfectly.
But again, as an American, I never would have figured that out without knowledge about Japan. Of course you could argue that the localizers didn’t need to change anything about him. The making pickles was quirky and unique, and would give you a chuckle as is. But there was space to make him funnier, so they did. That is, after all, was what the Japanese intended, for it to be funny. It’s not funny in the same way… but sometimes it’s impossible to be.
And that is what is most important in localization between two wildly different languages like Japanese and English - not retaining the same words, but the same intention or mood. The same words can convey a totally different meaning or mood, or make no sense, because of cultural differences. So localizers need to achieve the same mood, not the same words. I have come to see people understand this much better as the years go on, and the general gaming population becomes more learned about what localization is.
Of course, that’s a pretty simplified way of looking at it. But that’s how I summarize localization as a whole, in an easy way to understand. You might not agree with exactly how the localizers did what they did, but I think we might all be able to agree that they were trying to do their job and had no malicious intent to butcher the Japanese original or something absurd like that.
One more thing that’s relevant to this - Japanese people don’t care about repetition so much. The same character tropes are repeated over and over, the same lines are repeated over and over… In the US, we don’t like that! It’s boring and dull! This cultural difference is a constant struggle in localization. A lot of the people who think they want a direct translation don’t realize that it will be boring to them… So localizations alter and add details and lines here and there to give some more variation. This also helps to explain Hisame’s changes to talk even more about pickles.
And I’ve seen many a comment from people saying they liked Hisame in the localization. They found his exaggerated pickle lines fun, and enjoyed many good laughs. How can we call his new characterization outright bad when it worked for some? When they like it more than a straight Japanese translation? He’s still essentially the same guy… just some of the things he says are different. That’s not much of a change at all.
...And back to that original screenshot I showed. Isn’t Hisame still serious in the localization? His lines are funny, but I’m under the impression that he himself is still dead serious. ...Anyway. That’s about all I have to say about Hisame.
Many characters have changed lines. There’s no disputing that. But something to always question is how far do these changes go? Did the localizers completely change the intent or tone of the original? Or are they playing up certain character traits the characters always had in the Japanese? Or is something else going on? 
Tumblr media
This is also a prime example of how shallow some articles or “analysis” into the Fates localization are. You can’t look at one line change and make a sweeping conclusion about an entire character. Always be suspect of stuff like this. Kana ALWAYS acted like a little kid. That’s their entire schtick. They are your cute little mama/papa loving kid. That one line may have changed that scene significantly, but Kana’s whole character? No, not at all.
Even Kana’s S support changes aren’t as simple as it seems. They aren’t all changed. The 2nd gen characters that Kana is close in age to retain their romantic endings, such as Midori. Only those considerably older than Kana turned platonic. 
And Effie, another character commonly cited as changed? She wasn’t radically changed from some deep character to a one-note workout buff. If only a conclusion could be that easy to reach. Overall, on this specific aspect of Effie, the localization simply added in extra strength or workout jokes when the opportunity arose. Some workout jokes were in the Japanese! She was always an extremely devoted retainer who was always working out and training to get stronger so she could better fulfill her duties.
What is MUCH more interesting in my opinion is the issue of her femininity. In the Japanese, her speech nearly always trailed off with ellipses, and she had feminine voice acting. Whereas in the English, all of that femininity is stripped away with a deep voice, and virtually no ellipses. How refreshing it would have felt in English for Effie to have retained that femininity! Women can bench press trees and be feminine! It would be unique to see a female character like that. ...Or so a US American might think.
But from what I understand, strong female characters in Japanese entertainment are nearly always very feminine. They send a clear message: “You can be whatever you want in private, so long as you still fit the girly-girl mold in public and fulfill society's expectations for you!!” In the Japanese, Effie is fitting their stereotype.
So in one way of looking at it, Effie wasn’t really changed, because in both Japanese and English, she paints a stereotypical and the most socially accepted image of a physically powerful female in each culture. ...That’s an interpretation of mine, anyway. I’m not sure how many people would agree with it.
...See what I mean, that the answer of “changed or unchanged” really isn’t as straightforward as “are the lines translated directly?” 
Looking into the deeper details creates a much more interesting picture! You come to paint a picture in your mind, without even thinking about it, of what the localizers intended to do, and you can at least understand what they were thinking. This forms a much more accurate conclusion on whether or not the team achieved a good localization, and whether or not that sacrificed the intent of the original.
So as you can see, few issues are as bad as they’ve been blown up to be. None of the characters are completely different from their Japanese counterparts, or anything so extreme. They were just localized. Whether or not they were localized well, is up to each person’s opinion.
...I do want to write about Soleil, as an example of someone who I think could have been localized better, but I’ll save that for another day. It’s gonna get long. If anyone is interested in seeing this post, just remind me every couple of months or so until I find the time and write it, thanks in advance.
Since I mentioned Kana’s dragon speak in the last section, this is a perfect time to transition into my feelings about memes, aka context-specific humor. I agree with the most commonly shared opinion: memes don’t belong in localization. Though it’s not just because of a simple “change from the Japanese is bad!!!!” approach. In my opinion, the best localizations will be as timeless as possible. I want my future self and everyone else who will play the game in the years to come to enjoy the game as much as possible.
Memes come in and out of fashion so quickly that they’re almost guaranteed to be out of date by the time they release. And only the most popular of popular stories will be widely-known enough for most everyone to get the reference. Of course, it’s pretty difficult to know what expressions and such people will remember and use 10, 20, or 30 years down the line. Some language you think will be timeless will fall out of style. But using memes and references that are not likely to appeal to as many people as possible… that’s one of the few things I can almost universally call “bad localization.”
Unless, of course, the game was intended in the Japanese to be a product of its time, and used a lot of references. That’s a whole different ball game.
Accurate translation, much less full localization, requires creative thinking to recreate the tone and intent of the original. 
Tumblr media
Here’s another example that showcases another couple of things I find really important to localization.
Number 1: The writer of the article said “The American localization … gives her silly lines that aren’t in the original.” But does it really “give” her anything new at all? I’d argue not. Tottemo is commonly translated as ‘really’ or something like that… but doesn’t ‘super-dupity’ convey the same meaning as ‘really’? Just because an English word isn’t given as a common definition for a Japanese word, doesn’t mean it can’t be a definition. Sometimes… a word we don’t commonly think of as a translation for the Japanese, can still be a perfectly valid translation. This is not an addition. Just an uncommon translation of the Japanese word.
Number 2: Japanese has a wide range of “I” and “you” pronouns, sentence endings, and other little things that define character age, personality, gender, and more, that simply don’t exist in English. To not use similar features of English when localizers find opportunities to do so, would just take away that sense of nuance the Japanese had in utilizing their language’s own unique features.
Of course it’s one possibility that Sophie uses kiddy words. She’s not a little kid, but she’s still pretty young! To have everyone use the same word choice, because that’s how the words translate into English, is not only inaccurate to how real people talk, but also inaccurate to how the original Japanese was used. Since many equivalents for Japanese word and grammar choice that define personality do not exist in English, the localizers have to use what does exist in English in new places. I think that makes sense, and creates a much closer script to the Japanese than just translating the words.
Again, it’s all about how we look at the lines!
I see a lot of people define “translation” as “one-to-one recreation of the Japanese words.” To reinforce what I said in the first section, I do not think this is true. To me, translating is recreating the same tone, mood, meaning, and message of the original. You CANNOT achieve that just by translating the words and grammar alone.
Different words conveying the same overall meaning.
Tumblr media
This section is really just a continuation of the previous one. But reinforcing central arguments over and over again is the core of good essay writing.
So this is one of my strategies for deciding whether or not a script is a good or bad translation/localization: “Does the script convey the same basic meaning?” (or tone, etc.)
Changes, adding detail to what the Japanese said, and “playing-up,” are all wildly different things.
So first, I break down the bit of dialogue into as few words as possible.
-Nohr royals inherit dragon blood.
-So they have superhuman power.
...And then I look to see if the localization conveyed that same basic meaning. Which, in this case, I think it did. Your mileage may vary, but I think I’ve made my point at least.
I wanted this scene to be one of the five I addressed because I think it exemplifies yet another of the fascinating differences between Japanese and English. Japanese is a language that likes to be vague, and leave out context that is already established. Speech can seem super boring as few characters say anything unique. (At least… that’s how us English speakers see it! Japanese people think they are just being normal, and not vague or boring at all!) ...English, not so much. So much as leaving out the subject of the sentence is chastised as incorrect grammar. And we like unique dialogue and prose more than most other languages.
I saw one person in the comments of the article I got this visual from argue that the tone is totally different, that the Japanese was more of a history lesson, but the localization is trying to pump Corrin and Leo up for battle, but… eh, I just don’t see it. The English also just feels like he is describing the powers of their bloodline to me. Again, that’s why this is so complex and fascinating, because everyone has their own viewpoints they are coming from.
The “direct translation” and “localization” reach the same message. This isn’t a big change in my opinion at all.
Sometimes mistakes happen...
Tumblr media
These interpretations of Saizo and Beruka’s C Support have always boggled my mind. Coming up with all these explanations as to why the omission was done on purpose to completely erase the support when… it just seems… obvious to me… that the localization team never wrote or programmed a translation and shipped the game with the placeholder? 
After all, if the localization team felt they had to remove or change content that might be questionable for the target audience, wouldn’t they alter or rewrite the conversation, like they have with Soleil’s supports, for example? This very game has multiple examples of proof that the localizers will rewrite entire chunks of script if they feel it makes the scene better fit what the target audience be more comfortable with.
Mistakes happen. That’s all I think Saizo and Beruka’s C Support is. We probably never got an update just because Nintendo doesn’t have a track record of being the best with those.
Of course, I may be wrong. Nintendo and Treehouse keep pretty much all of their processes a secret. But I never, ever would have imagined on my own that Saizo and Beruka’s support was omitted on purpose. Citing this as a reason why we need to be up in arms about bad localization is so absurd to me.
Mistakes happen. It’s not like the Japanese creators didn’t have embarrassing moments with underdeveloped content in this game either… they didn’t even name the continent in this game!
Sometimes, “bad” localization is just human error. It’s something we can’t eliminate entirely, and will just have to accept.
Final thoughts:
I realize that this analysis, for as long as it is, is very short, and still leaves out so much that could be talked about. 
But what I hope that it did was not really help convince readers that the Fates localization is actually good, exactly… but helped to create some more balance in how we look at the Fates localization and localizations as a whole. All localization changes have a reason and nuance to how they ended up happening, and it’s important to be thinking from that perspective when we discuss them!
Since I know I may have created more questions than answers, again, feel free to keep the conversation going through more asks! I’ll answer them in time!
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teenmomcentral · a month ago
Jenelle Evans is lashing out (again) at one of her former Teen Mom 2 co-stars.
On Monday and Tuesday, Jenelle took swipes at Chelsea Houska via social media, accusing the mom of four of trying to make her relationship with husband Cole DeBoer look “perfect” online. She also told her followers on TikTok that Chelsea— who left the show in 2020—  had “personally been a complete bitch to me for years.”
This rant comes weeks after Jenelle ranted that Chelsea and the other original ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars– Kail Lowry and Leah Messer— ignored her at Reunions. She also insinuated Chelsea did questionable things behind “closed doors” at the Reunions that were not discussed on the show.
Although Chelsea has yet to publicly respond to Jenelle’s many rantings about her, a source tells The Ashley that Chelsea is definitely aware of what Jenelle has said about her.
“There is nothing to expose,” a source close to Chelsea tells The Ashley. “Jenelle wants people to believe she knows all these deep, dark secrets about Chelsea but it’s simply not true. Jenelle barely knows Chelsea. They saw each other a few times a year for a few hours, if that. Especially in the later years [of the show], Jenelle was off being involved in whatever drama she was causing. She knows nothing about Chelsea’s personal life or Chelsea’s relationship with Cole,” the source added.
Jenelle’s first rant came Monday when she reposted a fan page’s meme that shows a scene from an early episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ in which a young Chelsea talks about wanting a “happily ever after.” Below those screenshots, the fan page placed a recent photo of Chelsea and Cole and their four children.
Tumblr media
Jenelle took a break from making 911 calls and shaking her rump on TikTok to add her own two cents. She reposted the meme to Facebook, but let her followers know that she feels Chelsea is trying to look perfect online. (This is not the first time Jenelle has stated that she feels Chelsea was “fake.”)
“Photos make everything seems so perfect,” Jenelle wrote. “Life is not perfect. Am I right? Don’t believe everything you see on TV and the media.”
When followers called Jenelle out on TikTok for attacking Chelsea, she denied that she was talking about someone in particular.
Jenelle eventually deleted the post, writing instead, “Lmfao no one’s perfect and life isn’t perfect. Sorry to inform everyone the truth. I know it hurts.”
Still, Jenelle continued to be called out on social media for her unprovoked attack on Chelsea.
“Who exactly am I tearing down when it was facts and no name calling?” Jenelle wrote to critics on TikTok. She then asked a very Farrah-Speak-ish question.
“What was so offensive I said?”
“Again back to my point – life isn’t perfect and no one should act like their s**t don’t stink…Yeah every typical ‘picture perfect family’ on IG isn’t 100 percent flawless…Not talking about one individual but more like a stereotype and group of people,” Jenelle insisted.
“Yeah it sucks some people try to act like their lives are picture perfect and scared to put down their pride to make their loves relatable and admit their flaws,” Jenelle said. “Some girls act like they’re a Stepford wife. And yes I will hold a grudge and always make it known.”
She then stated that Chelsea was “a complete bitch” to her.
“If you have personally been a complete bitch to me for years and can’t simply be nice then no, I will never like you as a person.”
Last month, Jenelle talked about Chelsea on TikTok.
“How was Chelsea? Chelsea was just very quiet, she stayed in her room a lot during the Reunion,” she said. “But ya know, when s**t was poppin’ down, she’d peek out her head and see what was going on and she wasn’t like stuck up, but she just was very like, to herself I guess you could say.”
“Let’s just say Chelsea and Kail had their own clique and that was very important to them,” she continued. “So every time we went to Reunions or anything, it was no talking to Jenelle, no association and I would be there alone on my phone just pretending like time was passing by.”
Two months ago, Jenelle told This Family Tree podcast (in a now-deleted episode) that she feels ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers portrayed Chelsea “as the Golden One” and insinuated that it was the show’s editing that made Chelsea look good and Jenelle look bad.
“Like, I knew some things she would do behind closed doors when we would go to the Reunion shows but that was never brought up,” she said on the podcast. “I’m not trying to rat her out, or even say the things she did but I’m just saying she’s not a goodie-two-shoes. It makes me upset that they wouldn’t show her raw footage but they made me out to be like a villain.”
Chelsea has never responded to any of Jenelle’s rants about her, but the source close to Chelsea tells The Ashley that the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star (and those around her), are not bothered by Jenelle’s attempts to “expose” Chelsea.
“Chelsea and Jenelle have not seen each other or spoken in literally years,” the source continued. “For Jenelle to insinuate that she knows the ‘real’ Chelsea, or anything about how she is today, is ridiculous. Even during the early years of the show, they spent minimal time together. It’s laughable that Jenelle keeps trying to make it seem like Chelsea has this deep, dark past. At this point, Chelsea just thinks it’s creepy that Jenelle is constantly talking about her, even though they haven’t been around each other in years, and Chelsea has never responded to anything Jenelle has said about her. Chelsea knows Jenelle lives for the drama and wants her to fight back. Chelsea doesn’t care enough.”
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thefanficmonster · a month ago
Corpse Husband x Reader (Gender Neutral)
Warnings: Swearing, Minor Argument/Disagreement
Genre: FLUFF, Humor
Summary: Even the pettiest of people know when a fight has gone too far and where it needs to be cut or when a pause needs to be put to it. However, there is a big difference between knowing when to draw the line and actually drawing it. It’s more often than not difficult to cross that line, especially when the people in conflict are like Y/N and Corpse.
Requested by Anon. Hi dear! Thank you so much for this cute request! Sorry it has taken me so long to get it completed and posted but here it finally is! I hope you’ve  stuck around long enough to read it and if so I hope you enjoy it! Love, Vy ❤
No argument with these two is just based on one element only. Well, it starts off with one thing that pisses off on of them and then it all starts piling up. Today’s kick-off element was Y/N’s cancellation of their plans for the night because they have to work an extra shift to cover for a coworker.
“Are you kidding me? Couldn’t someone else cover for them? Did you have to do it? Is there no other worker, one with a day off maybe?“ Corpse argued over the phone when Y/N had called to inform him of the sudden change in schedule.
“I’m the newest on here, Corpse, I do what I’m told to do and I can’t really complain or bargain. I don’t wanna lose my spot after barely two weeks!“ Y/N complained back at him, “Why is it such a big deal anyway?“
Corpse felt genuinely offended by Y/N’s question, “Why is it a big deal? Maybe cause we have been planning this for a week and we haven’t had some proper time for ourselves even longer? Have you stopped to think how much I miss you? Or is your new job all you care about now?”
That was a particular chord he shouldn’t have hit but he did, escalating Y/N’s already pent up frustration, turning it into a fit of fury, “Have you stopped to think why we haven’t been spending time together? It’s not like my work schedule is the only thing getting in the way. Yours is just as inflexible as mine, and you work from home! I have an hour of travelling to and from work alone let alone the time I spend here. You get to decide your own schedule while I have to follow one that’s decided for me by someone else.” They all but bark at him, sparks of anger flying from their eyes and mouth, “I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna waste this small break between shifts that I do get on trying to reason with you. Bye.” And they hung up on him just like that, leaving him just as aggravated as they were.
Both of them half-expected an apology text from the other the whole day but none came from either. Corpse threw himself into editing and later hopped in a Discord call with his friends an hour before the stream was said to start just to keep his mind off the argument with Y/N. They, on the other hand, threw themselves into the files that kept getting dropped on their desk mercilessly, one folder after another. Documents to be scanned, to be filed in a certain order, contracts to be made copies of, emails to be archived, mail to be answered - all the tasks kept their head spinning and just. kept. coming. all like a never-ending, coursing river. It was a nice excuse to keep their mind occupied but an exhausting one at that. It was beginning to be seriously unworthy of the time and effort.
“How are you holding up?“ The girl who got promoted, leaving the spot Y/N now occupies open stopped by to check on them. They’ve grown to be friends with the girl, Annie, giving them advice and tips on better handling the workload and prevent themselves from getting overworked. “Yikes, that’s a mountain you got over there.“ Annie’s eyes widened at the sight of the tall-ass pile of folders and papers that had accumulated on Y/N’s desk.
They let out an exasperated sigh, fighting the urge to slam their head down on the desk and groan at the top of their lungs, “I swear they keep materializing out of nowhere! I’m working as fast as a human being without superpowers possibly could and it’s not lowering! This has to be witchcraft!” Y/N complains, or throws a tantrum more like, face twisting in an expression specially designed to capture the displeasure they’re feeling.
Their coworker laughs, “No, I know you’re doing your best. Michael has been working fir Scott for years now and he still falls behind more often than not. You’re keeping up surprisingly well for this being your time dealing with the Golden Boy of the department.” Annie taps them on the shoulder encouragingly, though she’s quick to withdraw from Y/N’s desk when the aforementioned Golden Boy makes an appearance around the corner. 
Y/N works as the assistant of a very nice and friendly woman from the higher level of the company’s hierarchy so now having to cover for Michael - Scott’s assistant - is a huge shift in pace they were not prepared for. Scott is indeed something else, no wonder he has the title of Golden Boy. He’s apparently the CEO’s right hand so he gets the work Y/N’s superior gets in a week in a single day. And now that’s their problem - a huge HUGE problem.
“You’ve gotten sloppy.“ He doesn’t bother circling around the main reason behind his sudden need to drop by and ruin their day further, “You’ve made three spelling mistakes in the last five documents you’ve sent me. Pull yourself together. You have to if you want to climb the ladder in this firm. Unlike your superior, I don’t tolerate nonsense. Discipline and efficiency is what matters. Oh, and excuses vex me most of all, so avoid those at all costs.“ He goes on and on as though they will remain his long-term assistant which is honestly quite scary to think. A  shudder goes down Y/N’s spine just at the thought of having to put up with this shit for another day, let alone for undecided time.
The stuck up son of a bitch leaves soon after, each step he takes screaming how high and mighty he thinks he is.
“He can take his discipline and efficiency and shove em where the sun doesn’t shine.“ Y/N mutters, squeezing the pen in their hand until its plastic cracks a tiny bit. They hear Annie snicker from a cubical away which manages to draw a smile out of them despite the anger.
                                                              *  *  *
It’s almost 1:30 AM and Y/N’s driving the thirty minute journey back home, eyes hooded with an excruciating need for sleep, mind swimming with curses they could send Golden-Boy-Scott - nothing major, maybe a flat tire in the morning or for a bird to shit on his suit right outside the office building tomorrow. Then again, the only thing REALLY on their mind, only partially covered by the curses, is how they’ll face Corpse once they get home. The two have two rules for arguments - rules they rarely have to follow cause disagreements are as frequent as them falling asleep at a reasonable time, aka not at all. The two rules are: 1) the classic - never go to bed angry and 2) never go to work angry. Unfortunately, their rule book doesn’t have anything about sparking anger while at work so they’ll have to improvise. This can go one of two ways: things will be mended or battered even worse and Lord knows Y/N is in no mood to be butting heads with Corpse, at least not tonight.
Corpse, on the other hand, kept promising to himself he wouldn’t wait for them to come home - he wouldn’t plant his ass on the couch in the living room, looking at the time every minute or so. His original intention was to hide away in his recording room for the Hurricane Y/N to cool down after the long day at work before anything could be discussed. However, he’s broken his own vows - he’s currently sitting in the very spot he said he wouldn’t sit in, checking the time just like he promised himself he wouldn’t. His heart even picks up speed when he hears the damn keys turning in the lock of the front door. He fights a smile when in stumbles a disheveled looking Y/N, eyes red and hollow, posture of a crooked stick figure and hair below the ranks of a bird’s nest.
They don’t hide how taken aback they are when they catch sight of him on the couch waiting like a parent would when their child is out past curfew. The confusion doesn’t stick around long though, instead it gets replaced by a look of naked exhaustion and defeat.
“Ok.“ Y/N starts talking first, words spoken through a sigh, “I know we’re supposed to be in an argument, but I’ve had a shitty day so can we pause this fuckery until tomorrow? I really need cuddles tonight or I might just lose it.“
A moment of silence, barely even worth mentioning, later, Corpse replies a little too enthusiastically for his liking, “Say no more.“
He sheds the shirt he’s wearing and throws it to Y/N who’s already stripped to their underwear, work clothes discarded on the floor. They shimmy in the oversized shirt and skip over to the couch where they find themselves tangled into Corpse’s limbs in a matter of seconds. 
“Don’t get it twisted, I’m still salty at you.“ Corpse mutters with his lips against their hair, causing them to snuggle closer into his chest.
“Don’t worry, buddy. The feeling’s mutual.“ Y/N replies with a slur, sleep already catching up with them.
Spoiler alert: neither of them will remember the argument tomorrow.
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beyondthetemples-ooc · a month ago
Fic questions!
I found this and I promptly used it as an excuse to ramble excitedly about my own writing. v
Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic. OC-centric, plenty of angst but not without emotional catharsis that brings it to hurt/comfort, self-discovery, probably a focus on something mystical or supernatural, and multi-chapter with slightly disjointed scene transitions but always with plot that revolves more around character growth than danger. (Also note a general lack of physical fight scenes, very flimsy humor at best, and limited visual details with emphasis more on sounds and motion because my mind's eye really Does Not conjure up visual details.)
Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to? Canon divergence, I guess? I have a semi-developed fic idea that started back when I was first getting into Steven Universe and was applying real-world rock hound knowledge to a bunch of magical talking space rocks, so I was like "What if Lapis was actually a fusion between a Sodalite and a Pyrite?" And I have... some Ideas for it. But very little idea how to string the whole plot together, or how to end it on a satisfying note.
Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole? Does smut count? Because 99.99999% of the time I'm highly sex repulsed. (Though I have gotten into A Mood on the VERY rare occasion, and tried my hand at it. Never got very far though.)
How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them? FUCK. There are SO MANY.... I have (*checks*) 210 story files in my writing folder! Now about half of those are probably Backup Files, and some stories have multiple files, so figure about 100 stories. I... have a LOT of unwritten ideas, and even more that are half-written but not ready to be published.
So for sharing just one of them? The sequel to DDD has me most excited right now! After Dove does terrible things under her demon side's influence, she's emotionally SHATTERED, okay. She goes through a "situational depression" episode, questions whether she deserves to die, convinces herself she doesn't deserve to live with people who care about her... She's in a really bad place. And it tears my heart out.
So this sequel is about her finding her footing, finding determination through the desperation, and finally just DOING something. She finds out about these powerful crystals that were imbued with great magic, and convinces herself that if they fall into the wrong hands, it could become very dangerous. So someone has to take them under protection. But Raven already tried, and she can't navigate the cave they're hidden in, because the visitor needs Azarathean blood. (Or soul or something, I haven't figured that out quite yet.) The point is, Raven doesn't have that. Dove does. Now, the drastic measures Raven took to pull Dove out of her demon side at the end of DDD left Dove badly hurt, so Raven tries to convince her not to go. Which makes Dove feel guilty, so she decides to sneak around on her own to get them, and that's where the central External Character Conflict comes from. But she winds up getting Azar, freaking AZAR'S help, undergoing this dangerous mission to a magically booby-trapped cave to retrieve these powerful gems, and it's as much a journey of self-discovery for her as it is a self-imposed mission.
Share one of your strengths. Making the characters in the story matter as individuals, not just inanimate husks navigating the plot.
Share one of your weaknesses. Humor. Definitely humor. Ironically, that's especially true in my Teen Titans fanfics! For some reason, in my Pokemon fanfic I think I capture the anime's sense of light-heartedness amidst the action fairly well. But with Dove in the starring role, someone who's a lot more reserved and quiet and thoughtful, not to mention tragic, I guess comedy just doesn't mesh with her stories as well.
Share a snippet from one of your favorite pieces of prose you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it. Leyla's first trip to The Sanctuary! It's a secret tucked-away place, protected by the same caves with those powerful gems I mentioned earlier, and it's a place of magic and beauty. I think the way I described this particular one feels fantastical and captures the beauty I feel whenever I imagine this place. For a child who has only ever heard stories of this place, and for whom magic thrums in her blood, the wonder felt absolutely essential, and I like to think I captured that, too.
Leyla's ear-to-ear smile came with an obvious gasp as she beheld the unfiltered sunlight, the susurrant waterfall, the plants feeding on the succors of this world and rewarding it with splashes of colors and silver and gold more precious than any other gem, and the ancient and moss-covered stone that cupped it all together like a protective father's hand.
She looked up to Srentha.
And when he nodded she rushed in, laughing with fulfillment and discovery before the exploration even began.
Her parents exchanged warm and proud smiles before they followed her in, their pace far more languid and at ease. This place was their own, and they were already familiar with many of its wonders. This was a day for their Sathera, to let her mind fulfill her name and give wing to her thoughts and curiosities.
Her eyes were bright with the questions of a person thrice her age-- she asked them of the world as she looked left, and right, and scanned the sky above them and scouted the treeline beyond. The waterfall gathered in a pool before her and she knelt down, gazing into the depths so pristine it felt like sacrilege to cup her fingers under, and taste. The purity was clean and remarkable. And she let the rest drain through her fingers, watching as it rejoined whatever other mysterious forces drove a river onward, filtering the shallow pool's riches into a small stream, which crossed the whole length of the valley, and vanished. She could see that it went underground... but she couldn't be sure where it led to, or from where the water came.
She wasn't sure it mattered. Everything was in perfect balance, the most water-loving plants gathering the waterfall's mist on their leaves, basking in rainbows, and the rest dotted the lush grass beneath her in clusters and in solitude, delicate yet stable lives sprouting forth to live where the only wind ever came from the waterfall's motion and the only light that reached through was pure and unfiltered, sweet as honey to the world and even its glow felt surreal and idyllic.
The whole place felt... perfect.
And so Leyla turned to her parents, looking over her shoulder with mouth open to say-- something, but her joy, wonder, and amazed fascination were all too great for her to speak.
Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it. So basically I'm really proud of this one because I think it's the moment I best managed to capture Dove and Srentha's history and relationship. And also Srentha's impassioned babbling, which is like, paramount characterization. Prime Essence of Srentha. Very important aspect of his interactions! Meanwhile, Dove's quiet and reserved and doubtful, which is also Distilled Essence of Dove. This particular moment takes place when they know they have a Special Bond, but before they start really realizing they're feeling Romantic^tm. And I think I captured that vibe very well here! Plus, I really like the words I chose.
So... I tried to figure out where to cut this one and it's a bit long for a snippet, but it just doesn't Hit Right without the context OR the conclusion.
“I’m sorry, Srentha, I… I guess I was just so afraid…” Her eyes became distant, lost in the memories of the ache that had been there for so long. “When I was younger, it was impossible to believe that you wouldn’t want to tell everyone – or never see me again…” She closed her eyes, bowing her head at the slightest angle. “I didn’t want you to be afraid of me…”
“Why would I be afraid of you?” Srentha asked, his voice quiet and uncertain. He couldn’t keep the pain from clouding his eyes, his mind. Her reasons were understandable, but did she really have that little faith in their friendship?
Dove lifted her eyes, and her response came back just as soft as his voice had been, unsettled and uneasy and unable to hold a charade of confidence. She managed to keep her voice steady, but she spoke softly, and her tone was tense with control. “Because of Trigon. My mother told me that if anyone ever found out, they would be afraid… or… Later she told me they might… hate me.”
Srentha felt his gaze sharpen. “Dove.”
"...just like they hated Raven..."
"Dove. Listen to me."
She'd paused, tense, like she was poised for defense and fear all at the same time.
His mind glowed in her senses, impassioned, and it was suddenly so familiar she couldn't help finding refuge in it.
"I don't care what the council said about your mother. I don't care what my grandfather said. I don't even care what Raven says. All of Azarath could have found out and hated you and shot your name down like a curse every time they saw you, but that doesn't make you Raven, and thank Azar, because Raven isn't you."
Dove was blinking, bewildered and reconciling it, trying to sort her feelings. Figure out how to respond. But he'd gathered his momentum, and suddenly his smile was breaking out, disarming her and when she looked into his eyes, that tiny electric tingle brought their minds so close she felt the oceans of sincerity and pride rolling within him. So familiar, warm and enveloping.
"You've always been like this grand mystery, or-- or a book that was wide open, but written in another language that I kind of know, but couldn't really translate unless you read it to me, and then your powers made it magical and kind of forbidden, and sure they feel really cold and sharp and weird, but you shared them with me, because you wanted to. Not because your trainers told you to. And you saw my magic like something special to me, not some weird corkscrewy obligation to destiny, or bitter irony because, hah, look what I can do, and good luck figuring out what to do with it because we're all going to die before I could have a place on the council! Except, I always felt like I was right where I was supposed to be when I was showing it to you."
He broke the eye-contact to look down and gather his thoughts, breaths chopped off as he rapidly began and ended words that his smiling mouth couldn't capture, and Dove's mind fizzled like a soda in the wake of his mind's absence.
But before she could sort what any of that meant, he looked up to her, eyes softened, and brows crooked in the depth of his sincerity.
"I guess what I mean is... I could never hate you."
And then she was grounded again, trapped in the absolute truth his words, his eyes, his soul offered to her. Basking in it. Dazzling her, warming her. "N... Never?"
"No. Never. Never, never, never."
Which fic has been the hardest to write? Deeefinitely DDD. Even now I question myself on that particular story. Was it really necessary? Is it too jarring when the most timid character this side of the Sierras starts going full-on demon sadistic? I mean that's kinda the point, she's never had to Actually DEAL With her emotions and powers and inner demon before because her mother's spells took care of it for her all her life. But can the reader tell that's why it's happening? Was I clear enough about that? Is this whole story really just torture p*rn? Is Dove's descent into depressed hopelessness too sudden? I mean sure it's 250k words long, but like, is that ENOUGH? Have I finally made the climax battle between Raven and Dove feel as epic as I've always imagined it? And now, is Raven beating it over her head A Bit Too Hard that "You are NOT EVIL"? I mean Dove's pretty unconvinced so she kinda NEEDS the repetition. But like......... does this story hold together as well as I think it does or am I deluding myself entirely?
Imposter syndrome's a real bitch about this one, for some reason.
Which fic has been the easiest to write? Gestures wildly to the fact that I have 100ish stories somewhat written but not nearly enough to post! I don't know! What does "easiest to write" even mean? They're all easier to write at some points than others, really hard to find the Best Verbiage for and extracting an Entire Plot from One Singular Idea. Oh, I know! Okay. So, the easiest by far was one that isn't even a full fic. It's a complete scene, with a conflict and resolution (an emotional conflict of course, because it's my story after all). But it all started when I reblogged something asking for one-word prompts, and I'd write a drabble based on it. Someone sent in the word "Umbrella". And I pounded that "drabble" out in less than two hours flat. (It's technically too long to be a drabble, but it works wonderfully as a oneshot.)
Is writing your passion or just a fun hobby? Absolutely a passion, my stories and OCs help keep me sane. I'd even go so far as to call it my coping mechanism. DDD, the emvents (stories about Phobia Content that I write exclusively to process Phobia Triggers), Even in Death, even The Final Journey to a degree-- all of these have vast amounts of Me poured into them, to the point where if I wasn't who I was, the stories wouldn't be written the way they were. And I guess that's true of every individual author's works, but I don't just mean that who I am influences my stories. I mean that my stories also influence who I am, and without having them as a way to process the things that have happened in my life and left their mark on me, I might be a very different person too. Dove inspires me, Srentha helps me ease up, Leyla reminds me how much wonder there is in the world, Kary reminds me that it's okay to be angry. That's not even touching on how much Raven and Azar have changed my life.
Is there an episode above all others that inspires you just a little bit more? Pretty much any one that's Raven-centric, particularly End pt. III and Nevermore and Fear Itself and... you get the idea. For the Pokemon fic: "Malice in Wonderland". (It's the one about, take a wild guess: a Mismagius. But they didn't make it cruel and made it like a wild daydream! The whole story for Mistress, my Mismagius, is that she despises the myths and superstitions about her species being sadistic bad omens, and trainer!Me makes it my mission to help dispel them.)
What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever come across? Neil Gaiman said something to the effect of, write stories that you enjoy, because even if nobody else in the world likes the story, at least there's one person who's happy with it. I've held that very close to my heart ever since.
What’s the worst writing advice you’ve ever come across? "Said is dead." Sometimes you just need something snappy, easy, and "blendable", something that fades into the background so the reader focuses on what's being said instead of how. Plus, sometimes it creates a more familiar, lazy, or genial atmosphere. Storytelling vibe. Said is very much alive, if you know just where to use it!
If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose? There's actually a character in my Team Transition stories who breaks the fourth wall. He's me trying my hand at comedy. So he's self-aware that they're in a book, but he TOTALLY believes they're cool enough to be in a movie! I think a Team Transition story being filmed would be deliciously ironic. (And maybe, for comedy: HE'D MISS IT ENTIRELY.)
If you only could write one pairing for the rest of your life, which pairing would it be? Dove and Srentha! Look, I like DamiRae a lot and JeriRae owns my whole Titans-shipping heart, but I don't think I can do a canon romance justice. With Dove and Srentha, I know enough about them and understand their workings and struggles so much that I literally Can Not Write Them Wrong, because with OCs, nobody else in the world can tell me if I've got them right, because I am literally their god. Even if it takes me 3 years to figure out how they have their Vulnerable Discussions sometimes.
Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order? Veeery out of order. The very first scene of DDD to pop into my mind was the climax, and the entire rest of the story happened because I had to figure out How to Write a Story that Leads Up to Raven and Dove Fighting Inside a Mindscape. The way I write, the characters basically live in my head and I sometimes get random glimpses into their lives. Much like my own memories, these glimpses don't always come with all the details and kinda jump around a lot, so it's a bit like a scavenger hunt to dig up the rest of the story.
Do you use any tools, like worksheets or outlines? Mostly just Word 2003. (Yes, 2003. I know it's 17 years outdated, but it's the only one I've found that lets me customize the colors, workspace, keep the window as empty as possible, and is kind to my ADHD.) Though I do also use notebooks, post-its, and whatever scrap of paper I have nearby when An Idea^tm strikes. Certain bigger, complex stories like DDD, The Final Journey, and Something Special have binders completely dedicated to that single story, but they've fallen out of use now that most of my stories are being written and edited on a computer instead of on paper.
Stephen King once said that his muse is a man who lives in the basement. Do you have a muse? Like I said, the characters live in my head and kinda do whatever they want when I look in on them. Certain things people say or media I watch can shake things loose, but I still have to fill in the blanks.
Describe your perfect writing conditions. 3-4 days off work, for one! I'm well-rested and have been remembering to meditate, so my mind is clear and calm. It's cool, dark, and quiet. My stomach and blood pressure are at a peaceful homeostasis and I have cold water ready for sipping. 9pm or later, and I can stay up as late as my muse will carry me. My pets are creating gentle background noise, but not enough to distract me, and in fact I find it soothing. I've had the time to develop this idea, and I can write for as long as I want!
How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting? Depends on the content. Something fluffy between Dove and Srentha gets a lot of passes, because romance just isn't my natural inclination. Something angsty or contemplative tends to come a lot more easily; something like "Even in Death" (when Raven takes Dove to show her what happened to Azarath for closure) only had one version before I revised it into the version I'm much happier with today. Certain sentences get a lot of edits for structure, clarity, flow, and descriptiveness, and multi-plot-thread stories like DDD get scenes shuffled around and added and subtracted until I feel like I've finally figured out The Right Order Things Happen, because the scenes do come to me so disjointedly and usually independently. But once I get the general outline down, usually I can write the scene with one Initial Pass and then one more edit for Stylistic Flair.
But then, sometimes stories like DDD get so many edits that Word uses brown and teal and purple text to display the tracked changes.
Choose a passage from one of your earlier fics and edit it into your current writing style. (Person sending the ask is free to make suggestions). Ffffffunny you should mention that, because I've been editing my fanfics into my current style since 2012. I don't....... have any in my old style anymore. If you'd like to see what that looks like, compare the story "Unforeseen Surprises" on my profile to "Unforeseen and Unforesaken"! The entire story is literally legitimately JUST me doing EXACTLY that!
Ch. 1 of Unforeseen Surprises (extra old version):
Ch. 1 of Unforeseen and Unforesaken (2012 version):
If you were to revise one of your older fics from start to finish, which would it be and why? See above; it's all of them. Mostly for diction and stylistic edits though. I quite like most of the ideas I've had! The one that needed it most was probably Unforeseen, but I started writing that when I was 11 or 12. It's been through about 3 major edits since then, and I can't wait to show everyone the new version of Revelations! (The scene when Raven finds out Dove is also Trigon's daughter! Gotta get through the Pacifist Panic scene first though... that's one of the scene orders that got shuffled around in the rewrite.)
Have you ever deleted one of your published fics? Just once. I started writing an entirely self-indulgent crossover between my stories with Dove and Pokemon, wherein Dove accidentally transports herself to the Pokemon world, accidentally captures a Misdreavus when trying to save it from a battle, and goes back home with the little ghost. I remember I had a really neat idea planned where the Misdreavus ends up in Raven's mindscape and Dove has to chase her down, but I realized I had NO plot WHATSOEVER planned, and deleted it out of embarrassment because I thought it was too self-indulgent and silly at the time. (Now I'm like, "little Zira should've just kept on living their dreams." But I lost the original notes for that story when I lost my first writing flashdrive. /u.u\ )
What do you look for in a beta? I actually don't use betas. I have this sort of internal "meter" (like the poetic sort of meter) that I can't quantifiably define, but Things Sound Better To Me certain ways, and frankly I don't really care if someone else likes This Word better than That Word, because usually I picked This Word for a reason. I can't change what's happening in a story because, while I may be my characters' benevolent creator, I prefer to tell the story I'm witnessing rather than change it up to suit whatever ~tried-and-true~ story structure English class tells you to use. It just Feels More Right that way. (And if you know about The Nexus, you may have an inkling on why that is.) Sometimes I do ask for feedback on Certain Things though, and I appreciate it if people stick to what I'm asking about. Though if they find a typo or swapped synonym, I also appreciate them telling me about that!
Do you beta yourself? If so, what kind of beta are you? I would, and it would depend on what they want. I'm best at copyediting, just taking note of grammar and punctuation mistakes. But I'd also offer my feedback on things like tone, description, characterization, and plot, if someone specifically wanted it. Mostly I just enjoy reading things and handwaving whatever flaws I find, you know? I only offer criticism when it's asked for directly and explicitly.
How do you feel about collaborations? Well, the (far-flung future) upcoming chapters of the Pokemon fanfic were mostly collaborations with my now-girlfriend! We've bounced ideas and characterization and scenes off each other, she's added a few things, I elaborated on them, you know. And one of my all-time favorite fanfic writers read "Umbrella" and asked me if I would be okay with him crossing my story over with his, and of course I was delighted to, so he made the stranger in "Umbrella" his OC! I was absolutely starstruck, and though it wasn't an intentional collaboration, it made my freaking DECADE.
Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much. Oh, this one's hard... let's see. Only three? I can only pick 3? When I have so many talented friends and have such particular tastes? Fuck. I can't only pick 3??? They legitimately all have different strengths and there's just so much love in my heart for their stories.
~ Friends: - Pix (@azarathian) writes one of my very favorite Ravens with the complexity she deserves, and I love her word choices. Among one of only three people who can write BBRae in a way I can actually tolerate, and sometimes even understand why people would possibly ship them. - Randy (@impulse-goblin) manages to make me ship stageblazer even harder, if "magic fam" was a trope it would be my favorite in all of DC fanfic, and they always write heartfelt scenes with excellent dialogue and fun dynamics between characters. - Tee (@t4telliot) has fantastic ideas for making DC comics more inclusive, interactive between characters, and generally just making characters MATTER to each other, and xe also has some of my very favorite ideas for Arella (who is dreadfully underappreciated by DC canon and fandom alike). - My girlfriend (@setphaserstolimp) also dabbles a bit in writing, and somehow she manages to write both excellent heart-wrenching angst and super-fun comedy, and I will forever be in awe of those who can do both.
~ Honorable mention: The writer I mentioned in the last question goes by TheChroniclerJon and has written my favorite OC-centric Teen Titans fanfictions ever. (Besides my own, of course. I'll always be biased and treasure my own OCs above all others, but Jon makes for an excellent narrator with a complex personality and intriguing backstory!) The blend of supernatural horror and working out internal toil hits on all my favorite notes and it's just! Chef's kiss. Exquisite storytelling.
If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose? Oooh, well there was This One Story I found on Ao3 that promised a continuation of season 5, touched on both Red X and Malchior and ALSO the Brotherhood of Evil coming back, and it was all woven together so well! The author didn't sound sure if they'd ever add to it or not, but if I could pick their brain, I'm sure I could find a way to extend the story.
Do you accept prompts? Under the condition that the prompter knows I may or may not actually have the time, motivation, or inspiration to write it? Sure. “Umbrella” was a prompt, after all!
Do you take liberties with canon or are you very strict about your fic being canon compliant? It's somehow both. See, with both my Pokemon and Teen Titans fanfics, there are different versions of canon that have very different tones, characterization, and events. Teen Titans, I kind of cherry-pick which canons I want, because it's a 60-year-old franchise, okay. So many writers have written the same characters in WILDLY different ways. I adhere rather hard to the 2003 cartoon with a "fill in the blanks" sort of approach that takes from the 1980's comics for things like backstory and family that the cartoon never addressed (and even then I ignore everything during/after Titans Hunt). For Pokemon, I take the Pokedex entries as canon, explore the world through the lens of the game mechanics (mainly D/P tbh), and take the occasional tidbit from the anime where it suits my needs. I'd probably take more from the manga because I very much like its more dramatic tone, but I haven't touched a Pokemon manga since before I knew Teen Titans existed. And there's just A Lot to read.
How do you feel about smut? Not my thing. I think there are people for whom it suits a need and tickles a fancy, I certainly don't look down on them, but I'm not among them 99.99998% of the time. PWP can lure me in and convince me to sit through it though.
How do you feel about crack? Oh, crack is FUN! Some people can just make the most ridiculous things into compelling stories. I mean, canonical Teen Titans had stories like "talking alien tofu wants to replace all meet on the planet with vegan food", "everyone gets hypnotized by an overly maternal pie witch", and "Bat-Mite's sidekick pops straight out of Robin's head and breaking his finger turns the world into crayon drawings". Crack kinda feels like home at this point. 8P
What are your thoughts on non-con and dub-con? I have liked Exactly One (1) story that dealt with it. I understand that it's something people can explore, but I actually find it really triggering and do my best to avoid it. Trivialize it and I'm blocking you for life.
Would you ever kill off a canon character? Ha...ha! Ha... ha............ yeah so, you know how Raven has died at least three times in the comics? And keeps coming back? I have a story in the Heavy Revisions Process where Raven dies and winds up being resurrected. (I think I really need to rework what kills her because originally it was a horse kicking her and giving her internal bleeding, then it was something on a supernatural mission, but now I'm like...... girl's uber-powerful, if I'm gonna kill her I need to make it STRONGER. Not sure how yet, but I'm attached to the idea of trying my hands at a Fanfictional Raven Resurrection.) So I'll kill her, but not for good. (Which is, as I said, canon as hell.)
Which is your favorite site to post fic?! I prefer the font and viewing options, I like the in-site editor more, I can copy things directly from Word without having to go through and edit all the HTML tags for Every Freaking Individual Paragraph (which I have to do on Ao3), and most of my favorite fanfics are there. Not to mention, I've been posting stories online since like 2005 or 2006, so all of my OWN stories are on there. I have history with that site and it's probably sentimental value as much as anything else.
Talk about your current wips. Remember the 100+ story files? If I started that, we'd be here all week. An assortment of current WIPs includes: DDD's last chapter, its sequel The Final Journey, Kary's debut story being rewritten and expanded on, Growing Wings where Dove does exactly what's on the tin (long story), Dove's in-depth backstory and childhood scenes, Srentha's debut, The Next Step where Dove and Srentha wrestle with the struggles of starting a family, Leyla's childhood and being raised as both the last in the Azarathean bloodline and Trigon's granddaughter, Something Special where Dove gets kidnapped and held hostage, Something Strange where the whole process of rescuing her fucks up Srentha, and of course the Pokemon fanfic that I've been lightly editing all week, but haven't finished a chapter for in like 5 years. Among many, many others.
Talk about a review that made your day. When TheChroniclerJon reviewed Umbrella and asked if he could incorporate it into his own stories. Just. Stunned. Dazzled. Amazed. Delighted. Highest honor a writer can ask for. Nothing has ever come close since that day.
Do you ever get rude reviews and how do you deal with them? I kinda just roll my eyes at ones that are like "This is too long, I'm out". Like, the word count is Literally Right There, if you don't like long stories then don't read the damn thing. I also feel it's pretty rude when people go to one of my Other Stories and beg for me to update a story I said I'm done with. Like, why? I get SO EXCITED when I see somebody reviewed one of my stories! Especially when it's a Dove story because she's the closest to my writing heart! But then I read it and it's like, "Can you update your Ruby Gloom story?" Fuck off with that. I said I'm not writing it anymore. If you wanted to write me a review to say that, couldn't you have put it on the Ruby Gloom story? Logically I know I should be flattered that people want to see more of it, but emotionally it's a huge let-down. Come on, don't put it on another story entirely.
Write an alternative ending to [insert fic title] (or just the summary of one). Like I said, I write the stories my characters show me and what Feels Accurate to Their Lives. I can't just write an alternate ending and change what's Factual For Them! Though I did wonder for a VERY brief time how the FUCK Raven's desperate bid to get Dove back in the DDD climax didn't kill Dove entirely. Especially after reading "Games" and seeing that the same thing actually killed Azara. But, you know. Raven's a walking Deus Ex Machina. Everything she does in a dramatic moment is ~mysterious~ and ~has no explanation~. But also she has very powerful healing abilities, so that helped. 8F
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katsidhe · a month ago
I'm not sure if you are still doing the "vs" meme, but I had a thought about your comments on Sam as constantly editing his relationship with Dean, Lucifer, himself, etc. So, Chuck's scenes with Sam where you got this real sense of him being Sam's author, vs Sam's scenes with himself in hallucinations where he's resigned about their character, if that makes sense? Or just any thoughts that Sam is like that character that get away from you and that's why the story isn't working lol.
Hmm. This is a little bit difficult for me to parse, and I think some of it is because, even in universe, it’s hard for me to see Chuck as Sam’s author. Or Dean’s, or even someone like Michael’s.
For a being with Chuck’s power, it’s hard to differentiate creation and characterization, I guess. But, like, Chuck really doesn’t seem to force any of it. The only things that we ever watch him author are situations, not people. Not even when he gets frustrated, not even when he really wants to, in s15, does he actually use his power to change anyone’s mind or character. One idle thought, and he could bend Sam and Dean to do whatever he wanted. But he doesn’t. 
S15 is extremely clumsy about this distinction, which is one of its many issues. I have some messy and half-formulated thoughts about SPN’s God and Gnosticism, and about Chuck as a manifestation of the demiurge—the material Creator, who is ignorant, or malevolent, or misguided. He created the universe and mankind, but he is fundamentally separated from the non-material or the spiritual, which is a resounding flaw that creates or perpetuates evil. This is much, much closer to what Chuck actually is than the Gnostic or Christian Gods (unknowable/omnipotent/benevolent) or most other monotheistic Gods.
So I view Chuck along those lines—he is the demiurge, a being fundamentally disconnected from and even envious of the spirit of those he creates, even as he can change the material world that he created however he pleases. Lucifer defied him, and he liked that, and he authored situations around it. Sam defied him in s5, and he liked that, and authored situations around it. Until by s14 he didn’t like it anymore.
Now, in a more general sense, Sam as a “a character that got away” is really thematically pleasing to me, because it’s always Sam who is dissatisfied or pressed against the walls of the status quo. He struggles against the genre he’s placed in: he doesn’t want to be in a action show fighting the good fight, he doesn’t want to be the guy that saves the world, he doesn’t want to be the hero that Says No To Drugs. Whatever the surface-level thematic flavor of the season is, Sam is usually at odds with it, whether it’s “resisting temptation” in s4 or “being loyal” in s8.
He fails narratively, over and over—but in the end he wins the war. What Sam wants is a relationship with his brother, and safety, and survival, and some peace and quiet to carve out his life, and he gets all of that.
And all this happens in spite of and because of all of these times that Sam has edited himself to survive, whether with Lucifer or with Dean.
...I’m not sure if I’ve actually answered what you were asking, sorry! Feel free to follow up.
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thefanficmonster · a month ago
Morning Smiles
Corpse Husband x Reader (Gender Neutral)
Warnings: None
Genre: Domestic FLUFF
Summary: Y/N and Corpse are getting back into the rhythm of spending their days huddled up in his apartment after having spent almost two weeks with very little time together and to themselves. Y/N wakes up first and is on a mission to bring back the joy them and their boyfriend feel every time they’ve done this before.
Requested by Anon. Hi lovely! So sorry to be posting your request so late but it’s finally here now! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it - as I said when answering your ask: Domestic Fluff’s my middle name hehe. Please enjoy the read! Love, Vy ❤
The sun tickling my skin is what wakes me up on this wonderful Saturday morning. Not a blaring alarm clock, not an emergency call from work, not the traffic right below the window of my apartment. I’ve suffered with the noise from the busy street ever since I moved into that place but cheap rent as well as the place’s proximity to my workplace have bound me to it. Convenience over comfort I guess.  The reason I’m unable to hear said annoying and headache inducing traffic today is the change of location. I’m in apartment in an area far more secluded and quiet in comparison to the one I live in. I’m in my boyfriend’s apartment.
Speaking of my boyfriend, Corpse, he’s lying next to me right now. Well, I guess you could say I’m lying on top of him more than next to him, but I digress. What matters is the fact that he has seemingly fallen in a peaceful slumber - if the soft snores leaving his lips are anything to go by. His hair is disheveled, falling over her forehead and closed eyelids. His facial muscles are relaxed and I think I can even see a faint trace of a smile at the corner of his lips. Corpse prefers having the curtains drawn in the morning and I allow it, considering being woken up in the wee hours of dawn when the sun’s first rays let their shine grace the world only works well when one’s had a good night’s sleep, not when they’ve fallen asleep with much struggle an hour or two prior. I quite appreciate the early morning sun but I can live without it, especially when I have Corpse’s face inches from mine, that small smile beaming brightly at me - brighter than the sun itself.
On pure instinct I reach up and gently run my fingers through the locks over his forehead, pushing them away so they won’t prick his eyes when they open. Ok, and for more selfish reasons - to see his full face painted by peace at a carefree and familiar moment such as this one. I say familiar but it’s only a faint memory, if I’m being honest. It needs refreshing after our busy lives have intervened, putting a halt to this routine we developed about five months into our relationship - weekends for ourselves. We’ve spent about two weeks without that kind of weekend, only able to exchange texts and quick five-minute phone calls between responsibilities. I can’t even imagine the last time I’ve missed him so badly.
As much as I’d like to lay here and bask in the moment, admiring his asleep face - an action he’d jokingly call me a creep for - I have a routine to resume. A routine that makes us seem like beavers in the winter despite there being a bright and warm spring day ahead of us, I bet neither of us can bring themselves to care about the beauty of spring when we have so much lost time to make up for. Speaking of making up for lost time, I best get my butt out of bed and do what I’ve been planning since I dragged myself to his apartment with energy levels below zero - making breakfast.
Now, I’m not a good cook by any means. I can actually count all the meals I can make on the fingers of only one hand - their simplicity is so embarrassing I won’t even mention them. However, I pride myself on my pancake making skills. The amount of praise I’ve gotten from Corpse for them only boosts my cockiness in that aspect. I am fully allowed to be cocky about it - I don’t get so many opportunities like that in the kitchen so let me milk this one as much as I possibly can. I do so by making pancakes every chance I get, always tweaking the recipe and adding my own twist to it so I can make it more personalized and mine, if that makes any sense. I’m lucky to have Corpse always willing to taste-test my creations, props to him for never backing down or even giving it as much as a second thought. He’s game all the time, all I have to do is ask. He trusts I won’t confuse a non-edible ingredient for an edible one and poison him which is rather bold of him, not gonna lie. But I appreciate it wholeheartedly.
The coolness of the tiles on the kitchen floor is seeping in through the thin material of my socks, freezing my feet. Socks are my best option of not waking up Corpse, so I shall put up with the cold if it means my lovely boyfriend’s slumber will remain uninterrupted.  I find myself standing with my hands on my hips, just giving the kitchen a once-over, and then another, trying to figure out where to start my ingredient scavenger hunt. So far I’ve tried cinnamon, banana, chocolate chips, dried fruits, so you can imagine I’m slowly starting to run out of ideas. Corpse always having his cabinets so barren - only supplied with essentials - doesn’t help me at all either.
“Stuck on a dilemma?“ The deeper than usual voice greets me from behind, “Also, off topic, but I’ve missed seeing you in my kitchen. Or in my apartment in general. Or just in general. I’ve missed you so much, babe.“
He’s particularly loopy from just having woken up, a slight lazy slur to his words that makes me giggle. As I’m about to turn around, his arms wrap around my waist, his lips landing a kiss first at the top of my head, then my cheek, then the side of my neck. I don’t need to look to know the laziness has transferred over to a smile as well. His features lit up by a smile - that’s a sight I’ve missed but I can wait, I don’t want to turn around just yet. I want to bask in this embrace he’s locked me into, his arms keeping me in place, my back pressed up against his chest, his lips dancing on my skin. It feels like a sanctuary, like home. My actual home, where I truly belong.
“I’ve missed you too, Corpsie. It’s been too long.“ My words sound a tiny bit like a whine as I finally bite the bullet and turn with his arms still around me, wrapping mine around his neck, “A week in our time is a year at this point, huh? Wow, I can’t believe how cheesy we’ve become.“ The realization, though sudden and completely out of left field, isn’t startling or scary. It’s quite fitting actually, like it’s been a well-known truth all this time and we’ve just failed to address it. I like it. “But we’ve digressed - I’m not in a dilemma, I’m stuck with a pancake-block and would appreciate your assistance.“
The lazy smile turns into a bright grin - if that smile I saw on him while he was still asleep was brighter than the sun, this one has to be out of the seeing capacity of the human eye. Though, by some miracle, I see it, and I’m incredibly grateful to be able to flex like that. That smile is all I need to never miss the sun’s rays.
“I’ll be nothing shot of ecstatic to help but first things first...“ One arm unwraps from around me and reaches behind himself as his lips land on mine for a quick kiss before he pulls away and drapes an apron over my sleeping shirt - a shirt of his I stole the first time I was staying over. “I know you love that shirt, so we’re not gonna let it get messed up.“
I gladly accept the apron with a smug smirk on my face, “You seem like you already have a plan.”
Corpse chuckles, adjusting an apron of his own over the shirt he has thrown on - much to my dismay - while giving the kitchen the same curious look I gave it moments ago, “More of an idea than a plan. Tell me, how do coffee flavored pancakes sound to you?”
My eyebrows shoot up in intrigue. How does he expect me to reject an idea like that? I’m such a huge coffee lover, it’s surprising I didn’t think of that myself. “Sound is not what we test in this kitchen. Taste is what matters.” I say, all high-and-mighty while feeling extremely giddy on the inside. “So we shall try and see.”
He lets out another small laugh, “Alright then, whatever you say sergeant. Should I look up a recipe or are we winging it?”
I somehow manage to raise my eyebrows even higher, this time in mock offense, “You think I’m some rookie that needs a recipe to follow?” I even cross my arms over my chest for extra effect.
He lifts his arms in the air, surrendering, “Forget I said anything, chef Y/N. We shall carry on with your plan because no other could possibly compare let alone surpass it.”
Call me cocky, but I’m very pleased with that reply. So pleased, in fact, that I go back to being smug instantly, “That’s what I like to hear. Now give me a kiss for good luck and let us begin.”
Corpse is more than happy to oblige, but not before flashing me another one of those gleaming, dazing, mesmerizing smiles of his. Those smiles are a sun substitute, I’m now 100% certain. I used to be a person who loves waking up to be greeted by the morning rays of the sun. Now I much prefer waking up to be greeted by the morning smiles of my amazing boyfriend. What an upgrade that has been, don’t you think so?
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rcsegarden · 2 months ago
♡ RULES — answer 30 questions and tag blogs you are contractually obligated to know better.
♡ TAGGED BY — @devouredivinity​ approximately a lifetime ago, but today’s when i felt like being perceived, sO
NAME/NICKNAME: nayab / nay
GENDER: femme blob
STAR SIGN: capricorn sun, taurus moon, virgo rising — and yes, i am, in fact, a bundle of anxiety every day of every week of every month of my life
HEIGHT: 5 feet, 7 and a half inches, and very bitter about never making it to 5′8″
TIME: 6:45 AM
BIRTHDAY: january 8th
FAVOURITE MUSICIANS: hoo boy, this one’s hard, because i really do have so many different ones who make me feel seen and have been such integral parts of the formative experiences of my life, but off the top of my head: qurat-ul-ain balouch, janis joplin, bruce springsteen, fall out boy, the national, jimmy eat world, alice kristiansen, taylor swift, etta james, nina simone, halsey, lorde, maggie rogers, noah cyrus, sleeping at last, of monsters & men, the smiths, fleetwood mac, the civil wars, bon iver, mumford & sons, hozier, frank ocean, milky chance, and others
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: look at her now, selena gomez, i’m not even fucking sorry
LAST MOVIE: god, i watched pieces of a woman (2020) three days ago, and i’m still fucked up about it
LAST SHOW: just finished binging 6 seasons of dawson’s creek & lemme just say it ran so one tree hill could copy its walk
WHEN DID I CREATE THIS BLOG: i recreate my blogs a lot, because i have serious issues and need to purge every time a relationship ends & a lot of mine have, so this one was as recent as october 2020
WHAT DO I POST: whatever speaks to me, honestly! there is no rhyme or reason, just connecting to artforms that say the things i cannot articulate
LAST THING I GOOGLED: "distance between the outer banks and nyc in kms”
OTHER BLOGS: beside character blogs, just an extras sideblog that i house my extras for RP applications on!
DO I GET ASKS: typically? nope. but when i reblog an ask meme, my loyal mutuals & pals slip into my inbox to perceive me
WHY I CHOSE MY URL: i love to romanticise myself, what can i tell ya?
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: well, when i’m being good, i like to sleep from 11—5, because i am a notorious Morning Person, and i really do function best on 6 hours of sleep, any more and i want more and any less and i am a total bitch
LUCKY NUMBER: honey, the only numbers that are lucky are those with a $ next to them
INSTRUMENTS: god, i don’t know how to play fucking anything, but my lifelong dream is to master guitar, an organ & violin
WHAT AM I WEARING: heather-grey sweatpants & a pale pink, long-sleeved, softest shirt with plum polkadots on it
DREAM JOB: i just want to help people who feel themselves dwindling want to live another day — be it through social work, counselling, creating art, or ideally, all of the above
DREAM TRIP: honestly? right now, it’s a one-way ticket to colorado to go lay with my best friend on her couch & watch fool’s gold
FAVOURITE SONG: light on by maggie rogers
LAST BOOK I READ: i’m currently making my way through Femme Fatale: Cinema’s Most Unforgettable Lethal Ladies by dominique mainon and james ursini
TOP THREE FICTIONAL UNIVERSES I’D LIKE TO LIVE IN: mmm, i’m gonna say harry potter, because i can’t help myself, neverland, aaaaand wonderland. i feel like these are super basic, but i don’t give a fuck, oops
TAGGING: @bertiehiggs / @prongslily / @fantasmaglory / @copycaat / @chcrubs / @fleetwoodmar / @nautilusk / @prometheis / @fleckedwithstardust / @starlagoon / @diaphcnous / @sunfloewer / @adrianjpg & anyone else who wants to do it, please feel free to say i tagged yooooou i love knowing people better
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