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#Commander Wolffe
aenaxes · an hour ago
gives goodnight kisses: cody, rex, hunter
cannot sleep without getting goodnight kisses: fox, echo
refuses to sleep without goodnight kisses: wrecker
wants goodnight kisses but doesnt know how to ask (shy): wolffe, tech
wants goodnight kisses but doesnt know how to ask (bastard): crosshair
goodnight kisses to making out until 2am pipeline: jesse, fives
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uponrightful · 2 hours ago
Welcome Company
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: Trying my hand at writing for my favorite Clone Commander. Wolffe. The poor baby just needs some love for all the hard work he does.
I could make a continuation if anyone is interested. 
All he could see were rows of civilian housing stretching down the long sidewalk. Direct copies of one another, given to all of the GAR’s volunteers who didn’t live close enough for quick recall to the base. Only Wolffe knew what he was looking for amongst the sand-colored houses lining his left and right.
He had been told a flag would be outside the front steps, one with a small transcription in Mando’a. Of course it wasn’t something anyone would pay attention to in such a diverse collection of houses -but to a clone- the writing spelled out something practically unheard of. There would be a key under shade of the porchlight, where he would be free to enter and exit as he pleased so long as the they was returned to its rightful place.
This place was known to a few. Only spoken about during the harshest of times by those who saw their brother in need of something that couldn’t be given by the medbay, or a concerned Jedi General. Captain Rex had spent time here; Matter of fact, so had Cody. But Wolffe… he couldn’t remember who had spoken to him about this place. Or why he’d decided to come during the middle of the night.
The door probably wasn’t even open this late.
He’d laid in his rack for hours, scouring over datapads and battle plans with this place in mind. Going back and forth with the idea of spending just one night away from the sterile smell of the barracks. One night without having to suppress his nightmares that left him rinsing off the sweat in a cold ‘fresher.
He stood at the front door, key in a tightly gloved fist. Staring at the door with a feeling of pure confusion and terror that no battle had ever left him with. This was new territory. And with the fresh bandage over the side of his face, Wolffe couldn’t remember ever begging for help like he was now. He was the one denying himself now. With another glance at the small flag waving in the midnight air, he read the phrase over and over again, letting the word slowly become more and more inviting with each repetition.
Such a simple word, but so foreign to Wolffe or any of his brothers.
The key slid into the door with ease, telling Wolffe just how many times it had been opened and closed by warriors who had finally reached their end. Only to be told of a place that they would be welcomed. The door swung open freely on its hinge, and a wave of scent hit Wolffe. It was unlike anything he’d smelled before. Some type of flower, he thought. Maybe something not of Coruscant, but surely something he wasn’t able to label. He looked down to see carpet, a mat on the floor and a wooden crate with a small sign hanging above the station. Written neatly on the sign was;
Boots and Armor, If You Wish.
Wolffe felt himself tense at the request. All of his prior instincts said not to, and protect himself from whatever it was that might be lurking further down the foyer. He fisted the key in his palm again, letting the short teeth bite into his palm before turning his gaze towards the door behind him. A deadbolt, inaccessible by the outside glared at him. It was to be the final step in staying at this place.
Only one could stay at a time.
He sat the key down on an entry table, and flipped the deadbolt shut. If Rex could do it, so could he. With full hesitation he pulled at the clips on his armor, slowly disrobing of the plastioid with a watchful glare scanning the hallway in front of him. Lastly went his boots. After everything was settled neatly in their designated places he continued down the hallway, suddenly aware of the padded carpet under his socked feet. It was kriffing strange. Only at the end of the hallway did he see another direction. Another sign, posted at the bottom of a stairway, with that same feminine handwriting;
Sleep - Food <-            ->
A simple decision. He could see a kitchen just inside the archway to his right, but no lights were on. But there were no lights to be seen at the top of the stairs either. Wolffe couldn’t help but think the entire arrangement was made for men like himself. No interactions, a quiet space and no offending lights for when the entirety of the world was practically overstimulating. Whoever it was doing this, surely knew enough about troopers to understand just how welcoming all of this felt.
He chose the kitchen.
Inside sat a complete set up. An island with a basket of fruit stacked, and hanging off the sides of the wire basket. All shades tinted the fruits: purples, yellows and reds and a particularly interesting-looking teal one that called to Wolffe. Not only that, but another sign -much larger than the others- was attached to the wall, glowing a blue light that lit up the room. On it, three questions were asked;
What would you like at breakfast? When must you return? Is contact allowed or not?
Wolffe typed in his answers, keeping in mind that he would be forced to return to base by tomorrow night. Also, finding it hard to accept any in-person contact, he declined. Pausing to think hard about what to write for food. He’d been told that this place will make anything. From things that troopers couldn’t afford at restaurants, to just supplying more ration bars than they were typically allotted. Apparently Rex’s favorite were the dinner meals…
Whatever is convenient. He typed quickly, hoping that whoever came to check the board wasn’t upset with his lack of specifics. He submitted the link, watching as another page displayed, giving him more information.
There is dinner in the hotbox next to the sink. You are welcome to have anything in the pantry, or refrigerator as well.
Breakfast will be in the hotbox when you come below in the morning. Do not trouble yourself with a wake-up holo. Everything here is at your convenience.
Wolffe turned to the sink, and opened the door to see a steaming plate of food awaiting him. If it wasn’t for the soreness of his headache he would’ve thought this was a dream. All of it was so well-rehearsed, yet he hadn’t stepped foot in this place once. Yet another reminder of just how many troopers desperately wanted shelter. He wasn’t anything different when it came to whoever was providing this.
The food smelled delicious, and lacked that overall greyish color that mess-hall food always had. In addition to the overly-large serving, three rolls sat at the edge of the plate with steam rolling off of them. Wolffe couldn’t think of describing what it looked like other than homemade. Something like a civilian would come home to after a day at work. Something that his men dreamed about. A meal that looked foreign to Wolffe. He ate it ferociously; Uncaring of how animalistic he looked while savoring each bite. With no one to watch, there was nothing holding him back from wiping the gravy off the plate with a piece of the bread and shoving it in his mouth appreciatively. He couldn’t wrap his head around the situation until he realized that the entire plate was empty, and for once in his life Wolffe felt truly full.
Inside one of the cabinets, he procured a glass and filled it with water from the tap; Unwilling to look inside the refrigerator at all the possible things he’d been given freely. After refilling the glass, he took another look at the glowing holoboard. Now, it was slowly fading away into darkness, only leaving the streetlamps glowing outside to light the kitchen. He took another glance at that teal-colored fruit, wondering just what it tasted like before putting his dishes and silverware in the sink.  
His feet met the strange feeling of carpet again as he trod heavily up the stairs, paying close attention to the lack of pictures on the walls. Even though he’d never been in a home it wasn’t lost on him how there wasn’t a single personal picture anywhere. Only landscapes, with indiscriminate buildings and scenery that Wolffe didn’t have the eye-strength to look at any longer. After such a heavy meal, and that smell of flower made his entire body feel heavier than a parachute pack and full armor. He’d walked in feeling like a stranger… but at this point, he couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else.
Wolffe was met at the top of the stairs by another sign;
‘Fresher and Towels. Fresh Clothes are Offered in the Basket. Feel free to lock the door behind you.
Wolffe didn’t know what to think as he opened the door. Just as the sign said, a set of grey sweats had been folded neatly in a basket, along with a towel hanging on a rack next to a ‘fresher. He checked for a limiter, expecting to see a water gauge showing how long he’d be allowed in. Only there wasn’t anything. He locked the door out of habit, and went about pulling the bandages off his face. It hadn’t been long since he’d been cleared for re-assignment, but that didn’t mean his scars weren’t sensitive. He wouldn’t mention it to anyone, but as the adhesive tape holding the gauze to his face pulled away he instinctively winced. Embarrassingly, he stayed under the hot spray of water long past an acceptable amount of time. Not until the water went cold did Wolffe finally step out and step into the change of clothes given to him.
The grey crewneck and sweatpants were stiff like a replacement set of blacks. Something he hadn’t had in over six months. He was surprised to see there was still a tag attached to the pantleg, and for a second he thought about just putting his blacks back on. But the thought of sleeping on whatever couch or cot they had supplied in those didn’t feel quite respectful enough. They felt great. Baggy legs and torso that again felt so civilian to the Commander. He sighed almost contentedly in his short walk towards another sign;
Sleep well. You’ll always have a home here. Extra blankets are in the closet to your left, please make use of them if you so wish.
As if he’d received orders from General Plo, Wolffe took an extra blanket from the closet before entering the bedroom making sure to not disturb any of the other items contained on the shelves. Inside the bedroom, a quiet hum filled the room. A white noise that had Wolffe feeling that much more heavy. A large four-poster bed sat right in the middle of the room with more pillows on it than he’s even seen combined in a barracks. Bright white sheets and a dark grey knit-like blanket had been tucked neatly into place, only for Wolffe to fold himself underneath of them.
He inhaled deeply, smelling that soothing floral scent in a more concentrated amount. Whatever this place is… Wolffe was beginning to understand why there were so many of his brothers that considered it a safe haven. One thing that none of them had mentioned was the signs. Rex had made it seem like there were others here. Maybe someone who walked you through the place, or maybe gave newcomers a welcome. But he’d not seen a single sign of anyone since arriving.
Those thoughts didn’t last long, before Wolffe fell asleep buried around the multitude of pillows that offered a replacement for the physical contact that most troopers who stayed the night desired. Along with the white noise and a weighted blanket laying over his chest, there wasn’t a single bad dream that infiltrated Wolffe’s already tired mind.
Little did he know, soft footsteps entered the ‘fresher and replaced the damp towel with a freshly-laundered one. Added a new toothbrush and toothpaste on the sink along with a handful of other toiletries that the Commander might want when he woke up. Those light footsteps deadened as they padded down the stairs, where the dishes were washed silently and placed back in the cabinets for the morning. The sounds would pace up to the holoboard, and stand there for a long while tapping the floor quietly as if in thought of what to do with the Commanders answers. Wolffe -like many- had no idea what to ask for. They weren’t allowed to enjoy food, or feel like they belonged somewhere.
Here they can be whatever they want. They can be human. They can be loved in this place.
The owner of those socked feet had been warned about the quiet Commander and how desperately he needed such a place like this. How stoic and hardened he’d always been, not to mention how his injury had closed up whatever humanity he’d possessed prior. Vod had mentioned this trooper’s name so many times that the person looking at the holoboard felt like they knew Wolffe without ever meeting him. Of course they’d seen versions of him… but that didn’t compare to the way his strained muscles had relaxed on the carpet. How positively dazed he’d looked with a full stomach. It was more than worth the wait, to see such a hard man find some well-deserved comfort in this place.
This person hadn’t ever used signs, or turned off the lights in welcoming anyone. This person always welcomed these tired warriors with open arms and warm conversation. Even candles and music were in order from the more outgoing troopers who enjoyed company while they unwound. Only this trooper was different. Wolffe seemed to enjoy the darkness and quiet especially with sore eyes. Using minimal light and sound would make his stay that much better.
The socked feet padded back over towards the pile of fruit sitting on the island. Eyes trailing over the blue fruit that had interested the Commander so much. They picked up a couple of them, rolling them over in their hands with a whole new list of ideas popping up in their brain.
He’s still new to all of this… Next time -with a little extra care- Wolffe will be tearing off that kriffing plastoid and those boots before he gets through the threshold.
The smell of something stomach-stirringly sweet had Wolffe stretching awake, blissfully and uncharacteristically slow to sit up from the bed. His muscles quivered deliciously under the unfamiliar feeling of a restful sleep. It felt like he’d truly been asleep for days.
Kriffing hell…
He immediately reached for his vambrace, and found it sitting in a neat pile next to the bed along with his blacks that smelled like laundry detergent. His jaw almost dropped at the thought of someone slipping under his radar. For some reason though, he couldn’t bring himself to think any more about the impropriety and instead felt utterly unworthy of the attention to detail. Even his vambrace had been polished to a mirror finish; All of the black scuffs and small scratches had been buffed away.
I’ve got to pay someone for this… It can’t all be free.
Only the smell of whatever was downstairs got Wolffe out of bed. At the foot of the stairs he found another sign hanging from the handrail endcap;
Good morning, I hoped you slept well. Your breakfast is waiting in the hotbox. Everything in the house is at your disposal.
“Whoever you are… thank you.” Wolffe muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. Even the typical stiffness there had miraculously disappeared. Probably due to sleeping on something other than a canvas and steel cot.
“You’re something special…” He added quietly, lifting up the sign to inspect the penmanship on the sign. At this point he was certain that a woman did all of this. There was no way a man would ever put this much thought into anything as insignificant as clone troopers. Not to mention he’d never known a man -clone or not- that kept such a nice house, or made a point to voluntarily do laundry.
Inside the hotbox, he found a huge stack of flat bread covered in a thick, blue syrup. With enough meat on a smaller plate to make the Kaminoans discharge him for medical misconduct. Wolffe silently said another small praise for the way he was being attended to, wondering what exactly this meal was. He took a glance at the holoboard, and read the display as he reached into the cabinet to retrieve a glass.
Pancakes with Bluefruit Syrup and Bacon. Pair it with the milk in the Refrigerator.
He obliged the request and filled his glass with the milk, expecting to get a comm at any second. Wolffe didn’t take five minutes to finish the meal, including his second glass of cold milk and a couple glasses of water due to his inability of ignoring the guilt behind drinking anything other than cold caf and water. Again he placed his dishes in the sink, hearing the snick of the hotbox beside him. A small green light began blinking. With bated breath, he reached for the handle and opened it.
Another plate of food sat steaming hot.
Kriffing hell… He couldn’t help but let a small pull at the corner of his mouth. She’s watching.
“You shouldn’t.” He spoke quietly, truly unsure of how loudly he needed to speak for her to hear him. “Just this will be fine.” He added, taking the plate and settling back down in his seat with every intention of finishing the second helping. Every bite filled him with more than just food, but a sense of gratefulness that he was certain he’d never be able to repay.
Wolffe spent the entire morning exploring the house. He didn’t mean to snoop, but it was more impulse than curiosity. He found a library, full of flimsy books. Something he’d be hard pressed to remember seeing anywhere else. A small gym that looked practically untouched, and one room that looked much different from all of the others. Most of the house was minimalistic, with enough comfort items to give even the most civilian-experienced trooper a sense of home. However this room, was what Wolffe always imagined a real home looked like.
It was heavily decorated with wooden furniture, and a chair that looked odd to say the least. Instead of four legs posted on the ground, the two pairs of spindles were attached to long curved planks that sat on the floor. It looked practically unusable. Maybe it’s broken. He thought, pushing the chair to test just how off-balance it was. The chair rocked backwards, only to right itself like it was actually meant to do such an odd thing. In a crazed moment of curiosity, Wolffe took a careful seat in the chair. He leaned back just enough for his shoulders to touch, and pushed with his heels against the floor. He jolted upwards at the sensation, the sensation of falling overriding his inquisitiveness. He blew out a heavy breath, and tried again. This time he didn’t push back as hard and found himself instinctively trying to find a comfortable pace to rock.    
A rocking chair. He thought humorously, wondering what exactly the name for such a weirdly satisfying piece of furniture was. It wasn’t long before Wolffe had soothed himself to sleep in the strange chair, thinking about how many of his brothers had found some sort of peace in here. This time, thanking the quiet girl who somehow was able to sneak around corners and stay out of his watchful sight.
The girl on the other hand, was well aware of the Commander’s exploration. Unfortunately the rocking chair he’d fallen asleep in was the place she spent most of her time during the days she spent catering to her troopers. Only this time she’d neglected to remember that Wolffe was new. Most of the boys were content to stay to one side of the house… the side where all of the signs had been placed for him. But she should have expected such a careful man to inspect his surroundings more carefully. Not that she particularly minded the intrusion. In fact, it was quite the sight to see such a stoic man scared by a rocking chair.
It had taken everything to keep from giggling at his unfortunate mishap.
Wolffe was such a large man, and it had been quite a long time since another man had sat in that chair. Seeing him completely slumped and snoring loudly in the rocker warmed her heart. The girl only hoped that Wolffe would return after tonight and make use of the chair again. From the sounds of his heavy sleep and his choice to not re-apply bandages to his face, she felt confident that whatever she’d done right, it had made a difference in the Commander.
Commander Wolffe gripped the key in his hand, taking one last glance down the foyer. One final sign had been left at the door, giving a message that Wolffe was more than upset to receive;
Goodbye Commander Wolffe, I hope to see you again. You are always welcome company here at Home.
She knew who he was... and it didn’t seem to matter.
Wolffe knew he would be back. There was something about this place that he wanted more of. It wasn’t the bed, or even the pancake things that he had two plates of. Not even the welcome silence or unlimited hot water had him hoping for another chance at planet-side leave. It was maybe the chance at seeing the woman who had been so willing to help him. He was certain that his brothers had seen her… spoken to her. But she’d known something about him before he put that key in the door. Nothing about his life had warranted such a careful undertaking by a stranger.
He was disposable. But whoever that girl was, deserved more credits than he would make after a lifetime of serving the GAR. More thanks, for two meals and a bed than she was aware of.
“C-can I…?” His question hung in the air unfinished. All of the confidence of a Commander had dissolved like the dirt and sweat that had been washed out of the blacks the clung to his body. It was a conglomeration of many questions. The desire to come back, and open that door so he could pretend that he was a normal person. A deep-seated wish to see what this special woman looked like. And another hopeful thought that whoever she was, might let him sit in that rocking chair just one more time.
Instead, Wolffe shook his head and turned to place the key to this place back under the shade of the porchlight. In the last moments before he began the long walk back to the barracks, he tried to think up an alibi for why he’d disappeared from his rack during the middle of the night.
What he didn’t think of, was looking back to see a set of wide eyes watching him as he disappeared down the street. He didn’t see her small smile at the way his shoulders looked taller than when he’d arrived, or the way his armor gleamed under the bright Coruscant sunlight. She’d seen the way he smiled at her clean-up job and couldn’t wait to hear about it from Captain Rex when he found the time to pay her a visit.
Commander Wolffe was a notoriously hardened Commander. But under her roof, there was a chance she could ease the burden of carrying the heavy weight of a war. It wasn’t GAR work, but it was the best she could do.  
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aesnawan · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
The bad batch got me thinking again about what happened to Wolffe post order 66. Well, here is what I think happened: former trooper commander turned Bounty Hunter until he and Rex meet again
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xdirewolfx · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Rex my beloved, he suffered in Clone Wars so much. Lost his brothers, people counted him and his brothers as numbers, racism against clones... But he stood tall and never let his guard down.
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Boost: Wolffe has these insanely strong opinions on everything. Go on, ask him a thing no one should have an opinion on.
Comet: What’s, uh, the worst multiple of 4?
Wolffe: 12, obviously.
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kirinpl · 15 hours ago
First kiss with clones p.1
Rex - Rex wanted to make sure that you you have no doubts. You were the first person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, so obviously he was nervous! He didn't have any particular moment when he wanted to do so. Just one time, when you were alone, he turned his head towards you and notice that your face was close. He moved his gaze from your eyes to your lips and you knew what he wanted, but still sat quietly, curious how does he play it. "Can I kiss you?" How predictable. You grabbed him by his blacks and pulled him towards you. He had not expected this and moaned into your mouth. When you got away from each other, he was all blushing, but asked for another one. Who are you to say no to him?
Wolffe - Wolffe isn't the best at expressing feelings. He'd rather get into Sarlacc than admit that he likes you. He ignored the feeling at first, but when it became unbearable, he got more and more frustrated. You noticed it and asked him what's wrong, why was he avoiding you? The answer came in his hands on your waist and lips on yours. He poured into that kiss all his frustrations and couldn't keep his hands from roaming over your body. If it ended up with just a kiss, then congratulations on your self-control, cause he knows how to make your breath away.
Fives - Fives was absolutely the sweetest partner you could have. He's very into physical touch, so holding hands in public was must. He wouldn't have waited long for a kiss, but he'd rather to do It when you're alone, so no one would disturb you. You'd be cuddled in bed/sofa and he'd start sweet talking to you. He'd grab your cheeks and squeeze that your mouth would make a pout and give you quick peck. "Fives, If you want to kiss me, do It properly". "Yes madam/sir". You didn't believe his boast before, but after a while you had to admit, he was a great kisser.
Echo - Echo's nervous. Telling you his feelings for you was stressful, so is with kiss. He'd try to make romantic atmosphere, altought he doesn't have much options (no one pays him). He'd take you for a walk in the evening and sit somewhere high, so you could have nice view on Coruscant at night. You'd take snacks and after a while, he'd told you how important you're to him and he'd eventually ask, If he can kiss you. After saying yes, he'd put his hand on your cheek and kiss you slow, gentle and tenderly. Try not to freak out when you'll hear applause and whistles from afar. Boys from 501st with Fives at the fore couldn't keep themselves and had to check the situation. Even after being embarrassed by his brothers, he couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the night.
Hevy - Hevy didn't show it, but his heart was racing like crazy at the thought of kissing you. If he had had any experience it might have been easier for him but now he was hiding behind a facade of confidence. Your relationship became real after months of teasing and after he won your heart, he didn't know how to go about it. He decided it'll be easier, if he did it by surprise (maybe then you wouldn't have noticed his lack of skill). How surprised was he, when instead of standing in shock, you kissed him back. He had to step away because he was out of breath. "First kiss?", "Was it obvious?" "Yes, very". You must have worked a bit, but after a few times he wasn't an amateur anymore.
Alpha-17 - Alpha is a tough type. You weren't even sure how you got together, but you didn't complain. He was your personal bodyguard and even if he wasn't talking about his feelings, he would express them by protecting you from... Everything he'd consider as a threat. Your first kiss happened after a very hard day for him. He almost lost his life, and although he didn't care much about it, he preferred not to do it before he kisses you. So next time when he sees you, he doesn't waste time and pin you to the wall with no way to escape. His kiss was dominant and possessive, he didn't let you take control for a second. He didn't do it for a while, so don't get surprised, when your lips won't be the only part of you body, that will be kissed.
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nicodemuslily · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Jedi Council strikes back (AU)
Cody: IT’S A GIRL!
Kit: What?
Cody: The General Secura gave birth. 
Wolffe: And it’s a girl!
Cody: But we may had interrupted another important meeting again?
Mace: No. Everything is fine. 
In my alternate universe, the Jedi survived the Order 66 plot and Aayla gives birth to her first daughter two months before the official end of the war against the Separatists (Palpatine is known as a traitor and a Lord Sith, but he run away for quite some time before the Jedi and the clones finally find him, and the Separatists try to fight back a little). 
Well, clones are still closed to the Jedi when Bly’s daughter is born. :)
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crystalessenceswrites · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mando’s S/O’s with severe stomach pains Din, Paz and Boba
Tumblr media
Burden of the Survivors [AO3] Din x bounty hunter!reader Mando works alone- except for when he absolutely can’t. There are few people Din trusts – trusts as in he doesn’t expect a viroblade in the back the second he’s turned around. She’s one of them. Just as cautious and nearly as tight lipped about her past as he is, Din doesn’t mind her around too much. Chapters: [One] [Two] [Excerpt]
Shadows [AO3] Din x fem!reader Modern monster AU - enemies to lovers Crypto- concealed; secret. You have always lived your life in the shadows; after all, you’re one of the creatures who go bump in the night. He has sworn his life to a creed that aims to protect the world from monsters like you. Chapters: [One] [Two] [Three] [Four] [Five]
Tumblr media
Sharing a bed with Boba
Washing each others hair with Boba
Standing Up for Boba Boba x fem!reader
We Never Stopped Boba x fem!reader You're forced to confront how you really feel about you former partner. Warnings: Implied sexual reference, discussion of death, angst
With You Boba x fem!reader Literally just Boba being a softie. 
Missing You Boba x fem!reader Boba wants to show you how much he missed you. Warnings: explicit sexual material
Something New Boba x fem!reader Boba wants to bring one of your fantasies to life. Warnings: explicit sexual material, CNC
Rules Boba x fem!reader You break one of Boba's rules while he's away. Warnings: explicit sexual material
Push Back Boba x fem!reader Boba brings out the brat in you. Warnings: explicit sexual material
When We First [AO3] Boba x fem!reader How were you to know the role Boba Fett would play in your life when you first crossed paths? [Oneshot] Chapters: [One]
Tumblr media
Borrowed Wolffe x fem!reader You borrow one of Wolffe's shirts while waiting for him to return. Warnings: explicit sexual material
Together - With You [AO3] Wolffe x fem!reader You're not quite sure how you're going to break your unexpected news to Wolffe. [Part One] [Part Two] Warnings: explicit sexual material, pregnancy
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minchai · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing - Commander Wolffe x f!reader
Rating - Explicit, 18+
Words - 817
Warnings - cocK WARMING WOOF WOOF, dom/sub undERtoneS, wolFFES AUTHORITY KINK, MY AUTHORITY KINK, the word sweetheart yoU knO i hAD TO DO IT TO EM KSDFNSKDJF
It’s late. Your apartment is dark and quiet. The bright lights of the city flicker through the blinds, covering the floor in dappled light that moves and flashes as speeders pass. Muffled sound surrounds you, slipping through the cracks in your walls, yet inside the apartment there is an air of stillness, as if the world took a deep breath and a hushed pause fell over you.
You inhale, shaky and trembling as your thighs twitch on top of strong, muscled legs. Your hands quiver against a warm chest that rises and falls with steady breathing. You fight to stay still, to be good.
But, it’s so damned hard when you’re sitting on Wolffe’s cock.
You whine, a high, soft sound, as your hands flex uselessly against Wolffe’s chest. The walls of your cunt pulse and throb, and you ache with wet, molten arousal that moves through you like a slow promise. “Something wrong, sweetheart?” Wolffe asks, voice light with amusement.
You can’t see his face from where you rest your head in the crook of his neck, but he sounds like he’s grinning, delighting in your torture.
Bastard. “Please. Please, Commander. I’ve been good,” you mumble, resisting the urge to kiss and mark up his neck. That would be against the rules.
Wolffe chuckles. The sound, dark and honeyed, slips down your spine and pools in your cunt, sending a throb of aching need through you. You whimper, breathless and needy, as your body twitches with barely contained desire. It feels like you’re overfull. Sensation overwhelms your nerves, drowning you and pulling you under. All you can think about is Wolffe’s cock inside of you, thick and heavy. Or how warm his skin is beneath you, scorching you. Or how it feels to lay against his chest as he breathes, steady and sure.
“Please, Commander” you whimper.
The sound of a book closing meets your ears. You tense with anticipation as warm hands fall on your back, stroking languidly, up and down. Up and down. The whisper of callused skin across the skin of your back makes you shudder, fighting desperately with yourself to keep from grinding against him. “You sound so pretty when you beg, sweetheart,” he growls, hands moving to hold your waist in a fierce grip.
You whimper, cunt pulsing around his cock, as you try in vain to stay still. You can’t help the way your hands move to his hair, grabbing curls in tight fists. You’re desperate for something to anchor you, something to hold on to as violent delight whispers through your veins, teasing and maddening and wonderful all at once.
“You think you deserve to cum?” he asks.
His voice rumbles through you, low and rough, as you nod desperately against his neck. A whispered ‘yes, sir’ falls from your lips like a broken prayer, slipping into the space between you. You feel him hum, as if he’s contemplating your answer.
“You have been a good girl,” he muses, thumb rubbing absentmindedly over the curve of your stomach before falling to rest on top of your thighs.
One of his hands shifts closer to your pussy, and you whimper as your walls flutter around his cock. Wolffe’s breathing hitches, sharp and abrupt. You have a moment to relish the sound, to savor in your small victory, before rough calluses thumb over your clit. You jerk, arching against Wolffe, head thrown back at the unexpected stimulation. A wanton moan is ripped from you as you cling to Wolffe.
“Such a good girl for me. You want to cum, sweetheart?”
His question is desperate and ragged, and it makes your stomach flip as a flurry of emotions flow through you.
“I do. Please, sir” you gasp. Your voice is loud, and it’s needy, but you don’t care.
Sharp, stinging teeth dance across the skin of your throat as the thumb at your clit rubs tight, fast circles. Wolffe curses roughly as you shudder and tremble against him. Your body begins to tighten and clench, as icy pleasure races through you, lighting across your nerves and sinking into your bones.
“Be a good girl and cum on your Commander’s cock.”
And you do. Your orgasm tears through you, vicious and lovely. It’s white-hot and blinding, and for a moment, your mind is quiet. A silent cry of pleasure that reverberates through your entire being.
Slowly, you begin to process what’s around you. The soft slide of Wolffe’s hair through your fingers. The flex of his hands on your waist. The shuddering breaths as chests brush against one another. It’s intimate, and it’s quiet, and it fills you with a floating contentment as you relax against him with a sigh. You feel weak, limbs leaden with the slow fading bliss of your orgasm. Wolffe presses a kiss to your shoulder, and you melt more heavily against him.
“So perfect for me, sweetheart.”
taglist: @jango-fettish @beskarprincessjenny @escapedthesarlacc @goodmanthatcody @bonk-horny-jail @neekid @starlightrows @spookoofins @cyaniderainfall @jgvfhl @holanjao @gallowsjoker @darthmama1618 @fuckyeahbeskar @thefact0rygirl @ettorah @shinelikebeskar @dummythicccommanders @aesnawan @alien-soop-spam @phoenixhalliwell @caitlynmarty @kaitou2417​
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theoutsidelandhere · a day ago
happy to note that I am still simping over commander wolffe 😌
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20 for fic writing asks!
Have a nice day/night
What’s your favorite minor character you’ve written?
Commander Wolffe
Tumblr media
He’s about the only minor character I really write for consistently. Honestly most of the time there isn’t enough for me to hold onto to find inspiration. Also, Bodhi doesn’t count. He is a major character within his story and I love him for it.
Behind the Scenes of Fic Writing: 30 Questions for Authors
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fabiola-betancourt · a day ago
The Star Wars fandom on tik tok is so damn toxic! You cant post anything without someone complaining about something.
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fandom-blackhole · a day ago
Sinful Sunday
AN: Alright everyone, here it is this week, and I just gotta say that they all are VERY sinful this week so go crazy lol. I do have a taglist for this now, so if you want added just let me know! (Also ik this is super early, but it is almost 3 am and I stayed up late writing these, and skipped a THOT and I just wanna wake up to validation)
Sinful Sunday Masterlist
So this THOT bloomed from the idea of Modern AU Captain Rex, who is still a captain in the army so you rarely get to see him because he is active duty.....
Rex was finally home on leave after months of being away on missions and leading men into dangerous battles. After being separated for so long it was hard to believe that you were actually cuddled up to him with his chest to your back watching a movie in your living room. The movie that was playing had been some movie that released while Rex had been away and he had specifically requested to watch, saying he thought it looked good. But here you were, neither of you paying attention to the movie, at all. It had started innocently, Rex just running his hand along your hip and thigh as he actually watched the movie. But it was very obvious that the touches didn't stay innocent long no matter how much he tried to fake it. Soon his hand started moving its path more towards your inner thigh, then higher up your inner thigh, high enough that with each pass he brushed softly against your clothed core. It wasn't until Rex was working his hand into your sweats and panties that you grabbed his hand and groaned out, "You wanted to watch this." Rex replied almost immediately, and in a whispered, almost needy, tone right in your ear, "Sorry darling, but I just can't help myself, I havent seen you in so long." And with that he pushed his hand out of your grip and slid his fingers right through you wet lips, brushing over your clit making you whine, and shoving his fingers as deep as possible into you, drawing out a gasp of his name from your lips. Rex only took enough time to groan about how wet and warm you were before he started fingering you like his life depended on it. As always Rex knew where to hit inside of you to bring you the most pleasure, and as he did he kissed and sucked on your neck. As Rex's fingers sped up you couldn't help but to grind down against his palm and when your clit was pressed into his palm you couldn't stop the shout that passed you lips, and you could feel the smirk that spread across Rex's face when you did. You felt yourself get closer and closer to your peak, and as Rex felt you start to tighten on his fingers he made sure that with every grind of your hips your were rubbing your clit on his palm. It took you no time at all to reach down and grab his hand over your clothes as you moaned out his name and came explosively all over his hand. When you finally caught your breath, you looked over your shoulder to look Rex in the eyes, only to find them blown wide in lust and him growling, "I hope you're ready, because I am far from done with you, darling."
Okay so another clone boi is getting a THOT this week and it is the sexy and grumpy Wolffe and his biting kink that he soooo has and I refuse to believe otherwise......
The first time the two of you actually had sex you had been surprised when Wolffe had buried his teeth into you shoulder as he came. You hadn't brought it up after, especially considering he hadn't broken any skin and only left teeth marks and a decent bruise that you would run your fingers over in the coming days while he was away on a mission. After that the bites and nips started happening more often, and you couldn't help but enjoy the feeling and the colorful marks he left for you that reminded you of him while he was gone. Neither of you brought it up, but it was obvious that both of you enjoyed it.
It wasn't until after a particularly long mission that when he was getting ready to go down on you, you gently pulled his hair to pull him away from you. And while avoiding eye contact you mumbled out asking him to bite and leave marks all over your thighs, and well, Wolffe didn't need to be told twice. Immediately feeling list flow through his veins Wolffe praised whatever deity was out there for giving him the perfect significant other, and went to town. Wolffe liked and gave soft nips to one thigh first before kissing a spot by your inner thigh and following it quickly with his teeth. He repeated that action two more times on that thigh before switching to the other one and starting the whole process over again. By the time wilffe was finished both of your thighs were covered in marks that were already bruising and you were a squirming mess. Wolffe, running out of patience and just wanting to fuck you silly and leave a few more marks an your shoulders, stood quickly and slammed into you with a grunt.
And because my head is full of THOTS for Boba, here is a tiny THOT that is literally just giving Boba some head....
You were honestly kind of suprised that you managed to get Boba to sit on the edge of the bed and agree to him letting you pleasure him for once. But now, as you kneeled between his thighs, with his thick cock standing tall in front of your face you wondered where you should even begin. And what was making it worse was that Boba was watching your every move intently. You gingerly reached out and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, noting that your fingers didn't even wrap around completely because he was so thick, and then you leaned forward and gave the head a small kitten lick that dragged a small grunt from Boba. Feeling a bit more confident you wrapped your lips entirely around the tip and sucked and ran your tongue around it and over his slit, which is what cause Boba to tangle his fingers in your hair and pull slightly, grumbling about no teasing. Smirking, you pull back and spit in your palm before wrapping your hand around his base again and start moving your hand up and down at a nice steady pace. Then you smile up at him before leaning back down and swallowing as much of his cock down your thoat as possible, which wasn't as much as you would have liked. Boba cursed, and you could feel his hips twitch wanting to thrust up bjt he held back. Then you went to work bobbing your head and pumping your hand in time, while curving your tongue along the under side of his cock. You stayed at this pace, occasionally pulling off for air, before plunging him down your throat again. At some point you look up to meet his gaze at the same time you cup his balls and that's when you saw his resolve break. With a curse Boba's hand in you hair tighten more than you thought possible and he apologized quietly before lifting his hips to start fucking your mouth and throat. It didn't take long at all before you felt his cock twitch and balls tight, before he pulled out so his head was the only thing still in your mouth and he spilled everything, completely filling your mouth and some dribbling out with the spit trailing your chin and neck.
Haha, did I hear more Sub!Din? No, well too bad, here's some filthy Din getting pegged.....
You weren't sure how you got into this situation entirely, but maker you were so turned on by this turn of events. The original plan had been to only put the strap on and give Din everything he had ever given you and more. But the second you put the strap on this time, you instantly went into a power trip, and from the way you had Din on his knees licking and sucking on the plastic cock you were currently sporting, well you think it would be safe to say that he too was enjoying the turn of events. Grippimg onto his hair you tsked at him and made him look you in the eyes, "Oh, pretty boy, if you are gonna suck my cock, you're gonna have to do it right. Open up for me." The second he did you groaned at his obedience and you cooed out good boy, before slowly starting to slide the dildo into his mouth, you gave him a few shallow thrusts,  before slowly and steadily pushing the entire thing down his throat, which him only gagging once. You groaned and gripped his hair telling him, "Kriff, you're such a good boy, why don't you suck this cock for a minute and then I'll fuck you like I promised." As you spoke you saw his own cock twitch between his thighs before he started bobbing slowly on the strap. Like you promised, it only took about a minute before you got impatient and pulled him off and you leaned down to kiss his forehead and told him to climb onto the bed and lay down.
You quickly followed and kneeled between his thighs, throwing one legg over your shoulder and keeping the other on you hip as you pressed into Din slowly and watched his eyes close and forehead wrinkle up in pleasure. Once you were fully inside you praised him for taking you so well and rewarded him by pumping his weeping cock a few times, which resulted in a long groan and a choked, "please!" Abliging him you started giving small harsh thrusts, circling you hips, a d trying to find the spot that made him moan your name so sweetly. The second you hit his prostate you knew because he did just that and you drilled into him while smirking and watching the flush flow across his face, ears, neck, and chest. The sight was beautiful and hot and you told him just that, which pulled a whine from him as he turned his head and buried it in the pillow. You spent alot of time at this pace and angle praising him and pouring as much pleasure into Din as possible, but then he brokenly whimpered out your name and a "please...moOore." Smiling you lean down to his ear and say, "Only because you asked so nicely, pretty boy." And you pulled almost completely out of him before slamming back in, and you grabbed his angrily red cock and started pumping it in time with your thrusts. Din didn't stand a chance to hold out much longer and after a handful of quick thrusts and pumps he was cumming all over you hand with a shout as you continued to rail into his prostate to dragon his pleasure. When you were satisfied that you couldn't give him anymore, you gently laid down his legs on the bed, and slowly and carefully pulled out of him, before standing up intent on cleaning him up so the two of you could cuddle peacefully.
Taglist: @ollovaemisc @googiebeankat @shellyc9 @vikingqueen28 @altarsw @rosegoldarti @groovinomicon @jessaminejaylinnreaper @randomfangir12718 @moodsare @virgil-nonbinary @embonbon @meabravo @joculatrices @evensisacaption @saveatruckrideoptimusprime @hayley-the-comet @blackmarketmummy @callme-eds @fuckyeahbeskar (crossed out names are ones I couldn't tag, sorry!)
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Clone boys with an autistic s/o?❤️
I tried to write these to include any form of neurodivergence. I have more knowledge/experience with some than others, so I apologize if I don't have the right language to cover everything. I think all of the main clones are caring and understanding by nature, and would love their S/Os no matter any differences.
Cody and Tup are gentle and quiet with their care. They'll work tirelessly "behind the scenes," taking care of the aspects of life their S/Os aren't able to on their own. They'll bring a sense of stability and comfort to their partners.
Wolffe and Hardcase wouldn't see this part of their S/O as any different than any other aspect of a person. They understand that in any relationship, you have to learn and adapt and compromise. And so they would do just that.
Fox and Rex are natural protectors, so it's easy for them to support their partners in whatever way is most needed. Whether it's shielding them from potential triggers, giving them space, or helping them through a tough moment.
Fives, Echo and Kix are passionate advocates for their S/Os. They won't stand for any bullying, ostracism, or judgement. They'd celebrate their partner's differences and would ensure they never feel unloved because of them.
Jesse and Dogma have a lot to learn, but they are dedicated. They ask lots of questions and are quick to apologize if they accidentally mis-step. And they will dutifully help with medications or other treatments, too.
Wrecker and Crosshair know what it's like to think, behave, and even look differently than most, so they are very empathetic. They won't ever be bothered by their partner's needs, no matter how involved they may be.
Hunter is very understanding, especially when it comes to any sensory-related symptoms or difficulties. He and his partner would look out for each other and step in for support when needed, knowing the other will do the same. 
Tech keeps a whole research file and learns everything he can, from the subject itself to his S/O's specific needs. He wants to understand every part of them, especially the parts that may not be fully understood by anyone else.
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coffeezombiestuff · a day ago
Tumblr media
Well I said once I’m a fucker for weird Pairings I present Wolffe and Echo! As a couple, yes. why? Because I can^^
also reference used for this, I normally SUCK at drawing peoples profile like this “No matter what may happen to you, be sure, I will always be there for you.” Wolffe said, leaning his forehead softly against Echos. they both closed their eyes, enjoying a moment of peace. “You still love me?” Echo wanted to know.  “Even though I look so sickly and weird?”  “You are still you and yes, I do Love you.”
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smokahuntis · 2 days ago
Now listen,
Wolffe, commander wolffe... that man could fuck me up, down right do me dirty ruin my life and my bed. I wouldn’t complain. Get me pregnant, go ahead. Do not care.
Tumblr media
But this man!
Commander cody? That’s a family man... that’s the man that picks me back up and makes a house a home. Wolffe is a daddy, Cody is a father.
Tumblr media
I said what I said.
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ken-obiwan · 2 days ago
Just watching S4E6 of The Clone Wars and I'll never get over Plo Koon's trolling of his sons™️
Like he knows Wolffe really doesn't want to listen to 3PO and is just like:
"I'm certain Wolffe would love to hear about it."
And Wolffe is just in the background like...
"Please father... don't make me..."
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wolffes-wap · 2 days ago
Ya like clones? Well then I have some great news for you-
Tumblr media
Come on down to The Clone Zone! We’re a friendly (and active!) community that are looking for new members to talk all about our Boys, though any SW fan is more than welcome to join in on the fun <3 (We’ve got channels for all trilogies and tv shows currently aired, and more!) We’d love to have you!
Link on the house ;)
Update: Right now we’ve reached our capacity! (We didn’t think the post would pop off like this 😭✋) Thank you for all the shares and taking a looksie in our server! Once we have some more wiggle room, I’ll share the link again. Stay tuned!
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rex-is-best · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A little self insert never hurt anyone 😅
My discord friends told me to post this
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