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lastbenchpapers23 days ago
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[March 22, 2021]
Reading this book about a woman that works mundane temp/desk jobs as a hench for a super villians [and then things go terribly wrong for her]. The premise and writing are both very interesting!
Day 22 of Zoomester Studyblr Challenge- What's your comfort food/comfort routine for sad days?
I like to be in bed on sad days, with a fun show and crunchy snacks.
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acaemia5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Please donate to the Filipino farmers affected by Typhoon Rolly (Goni). To find out more, please click here
Tried out the instant bibimbap and it was so good...but the packaging,,,eye pretend I do not see it...
Anyway, I washed the bowl and the plastic container which held the rice so I could reuse it as a two-tier charger case. 馃
I lined the inside of the base cup with excess baking sheet I cut by accident lol. I love the very Asian feel this corner gives me.
Yes the case smells like bibimbap but the baking sheet is enough protection for me :)) Is it weird that I don鈥檛 mind the smell? It鈥檚 better than allowing this unit to end up in a landfill :(
I didn鈥檛 have internet during the long weekend last week, which was alright since I didn鈥檛 have any class. It sucked to not have it but it forced me to do my readings AND clean my desk. It was nice to study my book and stuff ngl!! This was probably the first time I felt like I genuinely studied and learned something.聽
I also cleaned my room last week and moved my bed around to address my backache. I did feel guilty too given that my room is just unnecessarily large, and the idea of me having so much room is just...wack because of how many people need shelter right now after the typhoon. I guess I just can鈥檛 help but feel guilty.聽
It鈥檚 just sad how people who call out people don鈥檛 think twice before they say stuff. There鈥檚 just a lot of layers when it comes to things so I do hope people can just calm down or at least be a bit more open-minded. I am reminded of people being like if you don鈥檛 post you don鈥檛 care etc., but like huh?? We鈥檙e all going at our own pace and what is important is that we鈥檙e trying to be better and to not allow our privilege to blind us or allow us to be insensitive. I don鈥檛 like how being woke or not being a dick is somewhat a competition nowadays, intentional or unintentional.聽
Someday I will be able to help instead of being stuck here. For now, I just feel useless at times. hays.聽
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primrosestudies9 months ago
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Tumblr media
thursday, july 16, 2020 //聽working on a summer assignment
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jynsdeska year ago
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Tumblr media
december 16, 2019 [ 10:09am ]
so i鈥檓 using this blog again apparently! a lot has changed in the past few months & i鈥檓 in a weird headspace. i feel like not having a creative space to keep me accountable has been pretty detrimental to my mental health recently & maybe developing it here over winter break will be therapeutic.
like i said in my previous post, the blog is going to be less study / academics-focused and more of a journal space for multimedia creative content. jynsdesk has been fun but i鈥檓 at a point in life where i need a different approach to this blog. i don鈥檛 expect everyone to remain a follower given the changes i鈥檓 making + my hiatus but thank you to those of you who have in the past, and those of you who continue to do so 鉁
check out my poetry聽@ivyburied!
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lottiestudyinga year ago
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Tumblr media
11.7.19 | reading and note taking for my class 鈥淎sia and the world鈥 that I鈥檓 taking as an elective this semester
also鈥 900 followers?? that鈥檚 wild, thank you so much 馃挆馃挆
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jynsdesk2 years ago
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Tumblr media
january 30, 2019 | 49/100 days of productivity
i made a web app for a school project!! you need desktop view to access since it鈥檚 coded on tumblr and it isn鈥檛 quite finished yet, but i鈥檇 really appreciate some preliminary feedback for my report (send an ask or dm to @jynsdesk)
(kinda???) did some pp work
prepped for a chinese dictation tomorrow
finished my daily chapter/summary for english
didn鈥檛 procrastinate,, i鈥檓 shook
馃幍 // landslide - fleetwood mac 馃摉 // empire of the sun - j.g. ballard
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smilestudy2 years ago
I know chem is super difficult sometimes but you can do it!! try pretending that you're the cool scientist from your fave tv show or something and take it one step at a time. khan academy might be helpful, or even crash course depending on the topics you're studying. good luck & be strong!! :D
thank you!!聽
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stoicstudy3 years ago
馃挊*hugs you real tight* Would you please send this to the first 10 people in your dash? Make sure someone gets a hug today and stay safe! 馃挆馃挆馃挆
aw thank you this is very sweet and i definitely needed it today :) happy to pass along!
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marizastudies3 years ago
some tag games combined!
Thanks to @studiousliz for tagging me
2018 goals: a motivation tag
RULES: List 5 resolutions you have for 2018 and tag any accounts to spread the motivation.
TAKING CARE OF MYSELF!! my mental state has been Shit鈩 recently so taking some time to recover is really something i want to focus on
keeping up the good grades ive been getting
working out regularly so i dont fuck uo my knees again and i can keep fit
keeping in touch with my friends and isolating myself less
getting more organized and manage my time better
Music Tag
RULES: Put your music library on shuffle, list the first 10 songs
Best Mistake - Ariana Grande
Drinkin鈥 - JMSN
A Little Too Much - Shawn Mendes
Siendo Uno Mismo - Manuel Carrasco
Everything I Am - Kanye West
Perfect - Ed Sheeran
Daisy Mae - Leon Bridges
Revvin鈥 My Cj7 - Summer Salt
Take Care - Beach House
Now and Then - Eryn Allen Kane
11 questions
my questions:
windows or mac? why? i have windows but i think i would prefer mac. the mac os looks much nicer in my opinion and its less prone to extreme lags like windows is (i cant see that im typing at the moment bc my entire laptop is frozen...)
what鈥檚 your favorite animated movie? i think moana (but then again i rarely watch movies)
what flavor of gum is your favorite? xylifresh menthol mint (shoutout to my dentist for recommending this lmao)
what tv shows did you watch as a kid? i watched a looot of nickelodeon when i was little so id say victorious, icarly, spongebob, avatar: the last airbender
do you have any pets? no :(
are you fluent in more than one language? yeah im fluent in both dutch and english!
what鈥檚 your dream job? emergency room doctor!!
what鈥檚 a skill you wish you had? i wish i had a nice singing voice but i literally DO NOT
do you have a bullet journal? i considered bullet journalling but im too much of a perfectionist so that would really just take the fun out of it
what鈥檚 your favorite band? im not sure bc i dont really listen to any bands聽
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