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#new studyblr
peony-studies · 7 hours ago
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15.04.21 my desk Is messy but I love it anyway because it's colourful and it sparks joy✨ today my new bullet journal arrived and I'm pretty excited but I already miss the old one, it was a gift from one of my best friends 🥺
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cmowe-studies · 17 hours ago
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14 IV 2021 (21/100)
Morning walk, then online classes
Worked for 2-3 hours
I made some corrections in the borchure I designed yesterday, according to my teacher’s remarks
Drew a page of a comic (also a school project), then did maths homework
Danced for a good hour
🎵 “Communist Love Song” by Soltero
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thebrightgeneralist · 18 hours ago
Quote of the Day: "We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes nonwork."- Milton Friedman
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study-with-strifas · a day ago
Studyblr Intro!
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Hello Studyblr! My name is Strife (or Roxas) and I'm new to the community :)
About Me ⏳
I'm 17 and use she/her, they/them, and it/its pronouns
I'm a Pisces and a Slytherin
I'm an lgbt POC
US Junior in high school (11th Year)
I only speak English, hoping to start learning Korean soon
I have autism and anxiety
I'm trying to teach myself guitar
I'm a beginner Hellenic witch
I plan to go to college next fall, majoring in either anthropology or robotics engineering
Classes I'm Taking 💼
Algebra II
Computer Programming
World History
Classic Literature
My Interests 🐚
Video Games
Horror Aesthetics
Jewelry Making
Alt Fashion
Jrock (The GazettE is my favorite band)
Writing (Fantasy specifically)
Why a Studyblr? 🧸
I think having a studyblr will help hold me accountable and form better studying habits.
I'm homeschooled, and the oldest of 6 kids. I need to help watch my siblings a lot and don't have many chances for socialization. Hopefully, having a studyblr will help me make more friends with similar interests.
Goals (by the end of this year) 🕯
Start a Bullet Journal
Start Working out regularly
Maintain a 3.7 gpa
Read 20 books
Expected Posts 📻
Bullet Journal spreads
Writing Excerpts
Book commentary
Reblog if you'd like, I'd love to meet new people! :)
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cmowe-studies · a day ago
13 IV 2021 (20/100)
Got up, went for a morning walk
I had 3 tests 😬 (and 8 online classes in general), I spent entire morning on designing a brochure, and put together an imposition of it (it was for my printing classes I had around 12)
Planned to work, but spent 2 hours trying to find the source of an error in Adobe Illustrator instead
Fixed the bug and worked for 3 hours
🎵 “Near DT, MI” by Black Midi
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thebrightgeneralist · a day ago
Quote of the Day: "The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave."- Thomas Jefferson
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melancholical-moss · 2 days ago
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Hi everyone! ❤️ I'm currently preparing for my English exam about nature and environment tomorrow. Gotta admit I'm pretty exited about it, because I love nature and animals! I may be a little scared by spiders most of the time, but I'm trying to overcome that fear of mine and live with them in peace 😁. So what are your favourite things about nature?? 🌱🐿️
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peony-studies · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
13.04.21 some doodles I made during online class (trying not to fall asleep while the professor repeats the same concept for the millionth time)
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peony-studies · 2 days ago
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Hi everyone 🌻 this is my first post, I'm pretty excited to join the studyblr community! My name is Letizia (you can call me Leti) and I'm Italian, I'm studying to become a teacher. I finally decided to start this blog because recently I started to feel unmotivated and sad because of the covid restrictions. Yesterday I received an email from my uni tutor where she basically told me that I have to stop my internship in preschool and I already miss the kids 🥺💔
Anyway, Here some of my recent spreads, I like to keep them simple and functional, I know it's not the most aesthetic thing but I hope you'll like it! At the end of each page, I write at least three things I'm grateful for
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3nby-l0s3r · 2 days ago
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Fellow studyblrs is this a vibe?
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cmowe-studies · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
11+12 IV 2021 (18+19/100)
Yesterday I spent 2 hours drawing
Then I hung out with my friend, we watched Shrek the musical and cooked a dinner
Today I went for a walk in the morning, then had few classes (7 to be precise), had a test
Worked for good 4 hours
Went to therapy only to find out the appointment is next week 😬 (but I made like 9000-10000 steps so it’s not that bad)
Studied math for an hour with a tutor
Drew a page of a comic project to school
🎵 “The Partisan” by Leonard Cohen
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study-with-ana · 2 days ago
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"Yet with these April sunsets, that somehow recall My buried life, and Paris in the Spring, I feel immeasurably at peace, and find the world To be wonderful and youthful, after all.'
~ T. S. Eliot – Portrait of a Lady
12- 13th April, 2021 | 11: 00 am | 60- 61/100 | 100 days of productivity
Revised for the full syllabus english mock test (which was supposed to be held offline but later got cancelled and was taken online due to rising covid cases)
Completed the mock test paper and went to Bangur to submit it
Went for Pôhela Boishakh shopping in the evening
Had 2 meals and went to sleep early as I was tired
Nil Shosti in the morning
Had chowmein for breakfast
Practiced coordinate geometry
Binge watched a horror kdrama "Hey ghost, let's fight"
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thebrightgeneralist · 2 days ago
Quote of the Day: "All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."- Havelock Ellis
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bitchingbiomed · 3 days ago
I'm Em, I'm 20, and I'm absolutely not thriving.
I'm a second year uni student studying BSc. biomedical science at a UK university. I created this blog to hold myself accountable and track my daily revision, as I've got 30 days to my first end-of-year exam.
I'm a student with special educational needs (I've got dyspraxia and dyscalculia, which is admittedly a bit Not Great when combined with a STEM degree). If you want to know more, feel free to ask.
You can also find me over on instagram at @/helicase.studies.
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studiesandbooks · 3 days ago
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“... and the mystery of poetry obsessed you.”
Mahmoud Darwish, from Unfortunately, It Was Paradise: Selected Poems; “The Hoopoe,”
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