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#stahp i'm crying
sundaysundaes2 months ago
AHHHH i read revival and you have done it once again, youre literally my idol with how good you write stories!!!!
idk how u do it but the way you create chemistry between the characters.. it feels so real馃槱馃槱 youre one of the writers i come to look at in hopes of learning how to write my own fics bc the way u create a story is just so masterfully done and leaves me speechless. i wish i could write dialogue like you!! 馃馃
Tumblr media
ahhhhh thank you so much for the message, I am melting into a puddle of joy because of you. I was a bit insecure with this one since it was the first time I wrote something for Jaehyun and I wasn鈥檛 sure whether I got his characterization right. But I鈥檓 glad you liked it! AND NO YOUR PRAISE IS TOO MUCH ASLDFSLD
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niuxita213 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No, we鈥檙e going together. We have to go together... [To Lola] You... you knew? I鈥檓 sorry. You didn鈥檛... Just... just be smart, Chelsea. If you need me, here. Take it. Make sure you get the test.
#wanted#lola buckley#chelsea babbage#shitty screencap posts (TM)#I feel so personally victimized by this scene#lola gurl you need to STAHP ditching chelsea without at least warning her first#this isn't even like the last time she did it when she called chelsea's dad and left her with him without telling her#because he was worried about chelsea and lola was worried about her too and at least in her mind chelsea was safe that way#but this was unnecessarily cruel!!!!#look how excited chelsea was earlier thinking they were going into witness protection together and talking about getting a cat or a dog#like????#I mean from lola's pov I can sort of see where she's coming from in that she thinks chelsea will be better off without her (she always has)#and she probably figures that chelsea will be hurt/angry in the moment but in the long run it will be for her own good#but still... not cool#that said the way she looks absolutely DEVASTATED like straight-up fucking crying every time she does it#the whole 'deliberately hurting someone you love bc it will save their life' thing is SUCH A TROPE in a non-platonic context I wanna SCREAM#stop putting ideas in my head show!!!!!!#I will say though that those last words to chelsea about getting tested did have a different vibe to them of like#a mother that has to abandon her child bc she knows they'll be better off without her but still makes sure they have enough food/diapers#and I'm weirdly emo about that#for the FIRST time I got what they were coming from with that 'if I'd had a daughter' line and I could have almost gotten behind it#but at the end of the day 'I don't care let them fuck'#anyway thank god this happened like 20 minutes into the episode so you knew the reunion would likely come near the end#instead of having to wait another whole ass episode for it#but STILL#stop hurting my precious cupcake chelsea :((((#also the intimacy of that second-to-last cap UGH#stop toying with my emotions like that show!!!!!#we could've had it alllllllllllll
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mochiffon5 months ago
YOUR VOICE IS 鉂も湪馃ズ馃挒馃挆馃挅馃挄
Grace-- I-- 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃挆馃挒馃挒鉁ㄢ湪 thank you akdbbajgsajah馃槶馃槶馃槶馃挒馃挒馃挒鉁
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abulousa year ago
*smacks his lips with his* my mouth now.
鈥渂abe, i don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 how it works.鈥
Tumblr media
鈥渄o it again though, for science.鈥
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lucidmagic9 days ago
I must say, at the fault of sounding cheesy, you've got a way with words. The way you're able to compel such emotions from a chapter alone is amazing. The way you're able to make the chapters coherent and smooth, while still keeping a sense of mystery shrouded over is spectacular. As the story furthers you get answers but are still filled to the brim with questions. To put it simply you make my days and I'm happy that I am able to read such an amazing story from a wonderful and talented author
STAHP I CANT TAKE COMPLIMENTS you鈥檙e going to make me cry! 馃槶馃槶馃槶 That is so sweet to say and thank you for filling my inbox with such love. I鈥檓 happy that you are enjoying the story so far. It鈥檚 crazy the amount of appreciation I鈥檓 getting from everyone. I can hardly even fathom it for the most part. A portion of me is convinced it鈥檚 some sort of elaborate prank and that you鈥檒l pull the rug out from me any moment. But so many of your words are sincere so I guess I have to believe you. You have about 3 more chapters plus a bonus smut chapter because of a previous deal so the journey is far from finished.
Thank you so much! Stay safe and healthy!
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destiniesfic26 days ago
Shadow and Bone was super enjoyable in a way that TV kind of isn鈥檛 for the fantasy genre. The cast was perfect. The romance and angst and longing is lovely. I鈥檓 not going to compare it to other shows and books because that way lies disaster. I know it鈥檚 not a perfect show by any means, but I enjoyed it. And I liked everyone on screen!
Also, LoL. Aleksander May be a villain but he鈥檚 not afraid to cry. Which is Stan! Hard! Like oh my gosh. It鈥檚 adorable. It makes you feel all gooey inside. Ben you can鈥檛 play a villain this cute! Stahp! Don鈥檛 run from bae Alina, you鈥檙e making him cry!
Here's the deal: the Shadow and Bone show knows that fantasy can be fun.
Which you'd think would be kind of obvious to the genre, since it naturally revolves around, you know, the fantastical? Magic? Splendor? Etc. etc.? But in a post-Game of Thrones world, a lot of fantasy is up its own ass a little. It's like people feel they have to make a case for taking fantasy seriously, therefore fantasy stories need to take themselves seriously. (I'd argue that another notable exception to this trend, though, is SaB's cousin show The Witcher, which at least knows fantasy can occasionally be funny.)
Shadow and Bone doesn't require you to take it seriously. It just requires you to be invested enough to go on an adventure. A lot of this is due to the extremely smart inclusion of the Crows, who take their own situations seriously enough (well, except Jesper) to sell them, even when they find themselves running across a mine-riddled field carrying a goat or sneaking onto a skiff in the silliest bowler hats you have ever seen. And because the Crows are there to add fun聽鈥 let's face it, Alina's story would not be as enjoyable to watch without them 鈥 other people get to be in ridiculous situations too. Alina gets to kidnap herself! Mal gets to charge into danger with the excellent parting line "I never said I was smart!" Ben Barnes gets to chew all the scenery he can fit in his mouth, which, well, I guess he'd do anyway, huh? But he has a great time about it.
I just watched episode five with a friend and the transition from everyone reverently whispering "Sankta Alina" to Jesper's breathless post-coital "Saints!" made her laugh so hard I almost had to pause. The switches between the Ravkan plot and the Crows are a bit rocky at the beginning, but when the show hits its stride there are moments of intentional comedy like that to balance out dark or serious parts. And even when the show is not being funny, it's always enjoyable, never a slog. Like no, I would not want to be on that final sandskiff ride with the whole crew... but I'm not sitting there in abject dread waiting for whatever will come. By that point, you trust that it'll at least be entertaining and not miserable.
And that's why the show works. I've seen some people even say "Well, I don't know if it was good, but I know if you gave me another season right now I'd watch it immediately," and I think that's beautiful.
Oh, and be careful of Aleksander's tears, anon 鈥 that's how he gets ya!
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amenomikoa month ago
Mitsunari: MC, I'm confused.
MC: Hmm? What's wrong, Mitsunari?
Mitsunari: I don't understand why people keep on calling me as "Angel". I am no angel MC, I'm a human (麓锛浵夛紱`).
MC: (This is why you ARE) No, actually they are calling you that because of your personali-
Mitsunari: I am confident I am no angel because- B-because- I always force my wee wee into your meow meow even though you beg me to stop, and then- and then- even after morning comes, I still make your meow meow cry and--
Mitsunari: And then with all that I get to make you have babies with me! Not one, but four! I know I've been a very bad guy making you pregnant every year and then--
Mitsunari: I WAS HAPPY >A<!!!!!
Mitsunari: So I'm not an angel QAQ? I'm a bad guy too?
*Door sliding shut*
Meanwhile, the other lords in council hall:
Ieyasu: ...My ears. My brain. My innocence 蕰蕵虆蜏蕵虆蕯.
Masamune: ...Wow.
Mitsuhide: *Sips his tea* ( 汀^ 蜏蕱 汀^)馃嵉
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159potterhead2 months ago
(I'll be shooting two ask today this is the regular one and another one is on the way so buckle up next one is not an easy one coz your NOT COUSIN decided to interfere in my business and I have some message for them)
Yayy! I have a wip access!! 馃ぉ
But I love you more馃槝馃槡馃挄
Holds you close to me when you dive in馃馃馃馃グ馃グ
OMG!!! You're really giving me a vintage Polaroid 馃ズ but that's鈥搕hat's so valuable to you and you're giving it to me of all people? And I won't stop at one photo, I'll keep on clicking pictures of you when you are not looking or sometimes when you are laughing on my silly jokes. I'll capture those small moments and keep it close to my heart coz there's where you belong 鉂わ笍馃挅鉂わ笍馃挅
No one in my relation or even any of my friends have any pet so idk any breed of cat. I only know a few breeds of dog but I'm okay with as long as I get to keep a pet. My parents are always like we're keeping you already we don't need to have a pet. I guess we can keep a pet at our new home. Whatever breed you like, but I want small kitten with fur if we're getting a cat 馃グ
You do have all the money sorted out well. Who need financial advisor when my girl can do it very well.
(Oh! Stop it! you're a cutie pie馃馃馃グ)
馃幎I only called her one time maybe it was two times? Don't think it was three times, can't be more than four times, think we need to rewind, you text that boy sometimes must be more than three times, didn't mean to two-time, to two-time you馃幎
(jsjxkdks im screaminggg馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ)
of course you do!! ;)
duh! you of all people is enough to show you how much you mean to me<3 babe stahp i鈥檓 gonna cry you鈥檙e so cute馃槶馃挒馃挒 why do you have to be like this?馃ズ鉂わ笍
ah yes the same response my parents gave me, I see it鈥檚 universal馃馃ゲ then a small kitten with fur is what we鈥檙e getting! how about a fluffy black kitten with blue eyes, and another brown/blonde one with green eyes? get it?;)
indeed馃槑鉁岎煆 and who needs the rest of the world when i鈥檝e got you?
(no u馃槡)
(ooo the 1975 I see you)
馃幎I wanna scream I love you from the top of my lungs, but I'm afraid that someone else will hear me馃幎馃挄
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stray-but-okay2 months ago
My friend ALWAYS sends me videos and posts about Felix baking sweet and handing them out to friends and staff all because I use to bake sweets in school and hand them out to all my friends and it legit makes my heart fill up so much that she still associates me with that memory 馃槶馃槶馃槶 Of all things to be remembered by that's by far the cutest, she legit says I'm the first thing she thinks of when she sees it like Bro stahp ima cry
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159potterhead2 months ago
(Takes the mic**馃帳)
Shout out to @thatgaywerewolf and Yo-peeps in the back鈥搃t's me y'all鈥搕his one goes for the preety girl in the front cheers for my beloved馃挄
(okay so I've also tried a hand at rapping the rap is written without a break and for the rhyme I used this proton term coz I didn't recall any word so I hope you get it)
I see you're getting your tough on
And it's turning me on
Trust me I'm not a moron
But you're an icon
Who called me a proton
but baby how will I tell you I'm not positive if anything I'm far from it will you believe me if I said I'm a python with my guards on and I don't wanna hurt you baby coz you're my sweetcorn and If you let me I'll be your unicorn in the size of a Pokemon.
Is this a rom-com?
I'm sorry but that's how I see it
like a cheery on the tart
Just like a piece of the heart
With the dart on the spot馃挊
Which I won't pick apart
Nor would I discard
I'll keep it close to my heart even if I die-hard
I'll cherish it like an old teapot until I fall apart
Doesn't that sounds like a great movie plot?
I'll make you a card in the shape of a heart coz you're my jackpot,
And I'll give you my heart like the abstract piece of an art
We can paint it from the start or we could do it in the park
We don't have to be on the clock
And I'll protect you from the mob and mock them till they rot
We'll stay there till gets dark
Until the spark from the star
I'll play you the harp from the shard of the glass just like the angel in the dark
Or will it be Mr. Stark?
I don't know that's all the words that rhymes idk why i put mr.stark it was the only word rhyming and I'm laughing again why would you let me begin it happens just like a chain and I hope it rains you know Dean has a mark of cain if I keep going I'm gonna faint coz I don't have a brain
(mic drop 馃帳)
Thank you people. Oh! please don't chant my name like that. I don't take any questions but since you guys wanna know Due to pandemic I won't be doing anymore tours for my new album but who knows maybe in future I'll do it. Keep screaming people 馃槀馃槀 (I'll come over the edge of the stage and I'll bend down to kiss you and then I'll tell you to meet me backstage with a wink and crowd will notice it and go crazy)
Oh! I saw that babe isn't it lovely. We're so cute that someone for like real person finds us cute馃槏
And idk no one has said it before irl life I just worry a lot about the bad things that may happen you know when I have faith that things will go good that time something exactly opposite happens so idk I always weight the bad side more so I'm prepared for it mentally and when it happens I can yell, "I knew it!" (I can imagine that God of eary season Sam hugging that person saying 'too precious for this world' I'm gonna cry now 馃槶馃槶)
Oh! God! You are so easy to be with. I can take care you come here I wanna wrap you up in a blanket and keep you safe in arms馃挄 (Does that mean you're adopting me? Will you come to all my recitals and visit me in college? Don't throw out my emo music when I'm away coz it's not a phase mom it's who I am馃槄馃槄)
I'll look forward to our movie nights and I wanna jump around the house like crazy and dance with you all night long (And I just love this song)
馃幎And when I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone's bed you put me on and said I was your favorite馃幎
omg we鈥檙e doing this again lessgooo馃帳
ayyye yaaas shoutout to our only fan ahah. oh you stahp鈽猴笍馃馃徏
you are literally unstoppable!!馃槅馃槅馃槀馃槀馃槀 idk about you, but with all these dope rhymes, you seem like you鈥檝e been granted a special brain!馃槀
(raaaaaging applause馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏)
buuuut don鈥檛 worry people! she will be doing virtual concerts live from our mansion and it鈥檚 pay-what-you-can!! (babyyy stooop馃槃 not in front of all these people- *blushes insaaanely* ok go i鈥檒l meet you in the back馃檲馃槡)
yesssss I agree馃ズ馃グ馃グ I mean what can I say? we are cute馃槒馃挒
oh that must suck. I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 negative tho. you鈥檙e just being realistic, I think it鈥檚 alright. this way you don鈥檛 get your hopes way too high and get let down hard. I should learn from you ahah. but your overall vibes are so cute and wholesome and fun, yk? I enjoy hanging out with you, and by that I mean our little asks<3 (that鈥檚 what I was intending!)
aah I can say the exact same about youu! aww鉁煉 *shuffles closer into your warm embrace* (if that鈥檚 what you want, i鈥檒l be more than glad to馃槈 of course I won鈥檛, i鈥檒l be blasting them through every speaker!!! what? I鈥檓 the cool mom!馃槑)
saaame馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃挅馃挅馃挅鉁ㄢ湪鉁 can it just come already? (hehe I knew you do;))
馃幎and time can do so much, are you still mine? I need your love, I need your love. god speed your love to me馃幎馃挄
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levisnormie2 months ago
I better find a good tea, I wanna love it sooner馃様馃様
Mammoneybb, Lisa's snippet is so good I wanna cry 馃槶馃槶 I love me my angsty fics and I'm definitely also wait for it!! 馃槶馃槶
Also Langa goes
鈾櫔row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream~~鈾櫔 馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀
I didn't imagine Langa like dog dragging their bum no definitely not BRAIN STAHP鈥
Yeahh!!! I'll definitely wait for it too!
Lmaooo omg meenah no you did not-
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littlesniggy3 months ago
IT'S OPEN! If you mind doing all of the Strawhat pirates (if not just Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Ussop) just walking into drunk s/o screaming like that one husky (this is so random I'm sorry-)
So, idk if we are thinking about the same screaming husky but I just went with the one getting louder and louder...hope that was okay :)
Luffy: He came rushing to the dorm, thinking someone had gotten hurt. When he opened the door, he found you sitting on your bed, screaming like a maniac, with a bottle of sake in your hand. You face was beat red and your eyes were facing the ceiling like a dog. He stood there confused for a moment before he started laughing, holding his stomach. 鈥淵/n! Hahahaha! What are you doing?鈥 he couldn鈥檛 even walk over properly due to his laughter. You looked at him, a drunk smile on your lips and declared proudly 鈥淚鈥檓 a dooog!鈥
Zoro: He was taking a nap somewhere on deck when he was woken up by a loud scream coming from your dorm. He didn鈥檛 even think twice when he got up and rushed towards the source of that noise. When he opened the door breathlessly, his face dropped when he saw you half sitting, half lying on the bed, a half empty bottle of sake next to you. 鈥淥i, Y/n! Cut the crap! You almost gave me a heart attack!鈥 he complained but you were too drunk to even care. 鈥淪tahp complainin鈥欌oroooo! C鈥檓on, take a drink with meee!鈥 Of course, he never said no to a drink or you.
Sanji: 鈥淵/n-chuaaaaan! What鈥檚 the matter?! Did you hurt yourself?鈥 you weren鈥檛 even halfway through screaming when the door swung open and Sanji stormed in, a lot of concern in his eyes. You giggled at the sight and repeated the scream, this time even louder. Sanji was more than confused but started chuckling. He lit a cigarette between his lips and walked over to you, plopping down right next to you. 鈥淚 know you鈥檝e missed me, Y/n-chan, but there is no need to make such unladylike noises.鈥 Deep down though, he found it adorable.
Usopp: He had just finished creating one of his new weapons and was about to show it to you when he heard that ungodly like scream. A chill ran down his spine and he rushed over to the kitchen where the noise was coming from. He saw you sitting at the table, completely wasted and an idiotic yet adorable smile on your face. Zoro was sitting across from you, head resting on the surface of the table, probably passed out. 鈥淥i, Y/n! What鈥檚 going on?鈥 he walked over to you. 鈥淕ooooood Usopp! 鈥榯is wasss my battle scream! Next time Ima use it!鈥 you declared proudly. 鈥淭hat wasn鈥檛 a battle scream! This is one!鈥 and he started screaming his most fierce war cry, making you join with your own. Needless to say, everyone else hated you two that moment.
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the1985taco4 months ago
Wotakoi, Koyanagi and Kabakura
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My fav couple of all time, I love their hot and cold relationship. Stahp! I'm crying of overflowing sweetness rn!馃槶鉁
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randomoutsiders5 months ago
POV: you're waiting for James in his dorm in knee high socks and his jersey with dinosaur lingerie underneath 馃槒馃槒
Tumblr media
I'm sorry 馃様馃枑锔
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vitypark5 months ago
pairing: cravity (ot9) 脳 gender neutral reader
contains: fluff, cursing
Tumblr media
he would be so pouty and sulky oh my god鈥
he'd go "i'm the one supposed to ask!!"
he finds it really cute tho
but he wanted to be the one asking so he 鈥 playfully 鈥攕ays "no" and that he's asking you on another date
you're mad at him so he gives you a kiss to hype you up
no need to say that it works
but !! at the end of your date he tells you that he accepts your "offer" 鈥 he's shy please bear with him 鈥 and gives you another kiss
"but i'm gonna ask you too!!"
Tumblr media
this man is b l u s h i n g
he loved it, and obviously said "yes"
he can't say anything else tho, he gets redder whenever he looks at you, so yeah hello silence
he thinks that's really cute that you asked him first and bought matching necklaces for the two of you 鈥 because compromise rings are too expensive and you wanted it to be different
you're blushing SO hard and he's not losing his chance to pinch your cheeks, plus he thinks that you're even cuter when flustered
is calling you pet names for the rest of the day, and maybe of your life
"can i kiss you, sweetheart?"
rip me
Tumblr media
he's so happy that you asked him!!
this man can't stop smiling and he forgets to answer you but i think we can accept a smiley jungmo as an "yes"
he hugs you so tightly and then he holds your face and kisses your forehead :((
"hey, as your boyfriend i should treat you some expensive dinner, shouldn't i?"
he's trying to act all tough and manly but oh god he's still so smiley
he doesn't plan on letting go of your hand soon
probably saying "i love you" after he walks you home
takes a selfie with a stray cat he found on his way back with "what do you think about having children? he said meow btw" as a caption
Tumblr media
he is sO GIGGLY
he can't stop giggling !! he says "yes" and goes back to giggling
he's telling you how much he likes and appreciates you and that he's happy that you like him back aND how beautiful you are he's so cute can i date him pls
probably too shy to start affection but you get the sign and hold his hand
giggly ruby is back
very nervous but also very happy
meets you at his house the next day and finally kisses you
you're staying the night 鈥 or he's gonna sulk
he showers you with affection the whole night and you can't complain because he's just perfect and very kissable
Tumblr media
he's so annoying about it oh my god
"ooh? y/nie wants to date me so bad they can't even wait for me to ask?" PLEASE
says "yes" anyways
very very happy and probably thinking which flowers are decorating your wedding
holds your hand and caresses it softly, like it's the most precious thing in the world
treats you normally after it but is actually dying of nervousness inside
probably goes "hey wanna date?" after kissing you for the first time
he's a dork but the best boyfriend you can have
Tumblr media
surprised because you've been acting like a couple some time now so he completely forgot about it
says "yes" blankly because he's still processing everything
"wait, i mean no!! i'm supposed to ask you, not the other way round!! you're so unfunny, we're breaking up."
gives you the silent treatment for like three seconds and starts giggling and saying keyboard smashes out loud
"sjhsjsjjsnd we're dating now"
takes a picture of you and immediately sets as his wallpaper
tells you to do the same or else he's breaking up with you
wanted to kiss you but he was too shy !! ended up doing it later and happy for not being too slow 鈥 again
Tumblr media
so confused at first, he's like "huh? what do you mean?" HJSHSJHS
when you ask again, he's a blushing mess
i can imagine him 鈥 playfully 鈥 hitting your shoulder and going "haaaah stahp" and then hiding his red face in his hands
he's so happy because he just likes you so much
"y/n likes meee and now i'm dating them~!" HE'S A BABY
holds you close and fakes a cry when you have to go, probably clings onto your leg like a child or a koala idk
anyways he's smiling widely for the next days and his friends are concerned and kinda scared
Tumblr media
at first thinks that it's a joke
"don't try to fool me, i saw this trend"
when you say you're serious, he gets rED
he thinks that you're adorable and that you asking him is very cute, he's gonna remember it forever
his hands are sHAKING but he stills manage to hold your face and give you a peck
you better get ready because he loves small pecks and he's gonna give you a lot of them
he just loves you a lot and is very happy to be with you. he has no experience but will put a lot of effort in making you happy
Tumblr media
lets out a very high pitched scream
oh my god you made the boy panic
*nervous bunny noises*
you're just sitting there, waiting for an audible answer
he clears his throat and holds your hands, looking straight into your eyes. if it wasn't for his red and bunny face, it would be kinda scary
"y-yes i want to be your b-oe鈥 buhfr-"
bear with the baby
you just chuckle at his nervousness and give him a kiss at the tip of his nose, and he's flustered
like a lot
anyways he texts you later talking about how much he loves you, after freaking about it to his hyungs
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george-fabian-weasley5 months ago
Emmaaaa thank you so much for joining my sleepoverrrr <333聽聽
Tumblr media
More Than Friends by @girl-next-door-writes
Summary: George and you have always been on the precipice of something more than friends, but will this camping trip finally push the pair of you to cross that line and risk the close friendship you share?
Okay so I've read this before but I'll read it again a thousand times hdksjdjjd i love the summary, it feels like a movie trailer scriptttt
鈥淪eriously?鈥 You rolled your eyes, trying to hide your amusement. 聽鈥淥kay, so we鈥檝e got three hammocks and there鈥檚 four of us. 聽Someone鈥檚 gonna have to share.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l share with you.鈥 Fred offered far too quickly, causing you to raise a suspicious eyebrow and George鈥檚 heart to drop. Knowing you would be sleeping all snuggled up with his brother was an agony he wasn鈥檛 sure he could take. He was about to offer to share with Lee after all when you spoke again.
Gah Georgie stahp you're too adorable just run me over
Was he going to be spending the entire night pressed up to you in a hammock? 聽Would you rather be the little spoon or the big spoon? What if he snored? 聽What if he farted in his sleep? 聽What if he was gross and disgusting and you never looked at him the same way ever again.
I really like this part for some reason, it felt raw and you could see George overthinking the whole situation like any normal person would do and it's honestly so cute imagining him so flustered
鈥淣ope. 聽You lay down first, then I鈥檒l get in and we won鈥檛 fall out with all the moving and the stuff.鈥 George insisted, wrapping his arms around himself as he felt a light chill. 聽It didn鈥檛 take long for you to get comfortable and you peeked out of the hammock to check your friend hadn鈥檛 fallen asleep standing up.
i like drunk yet still respectful george cmon now he's too cute im soft for this boy pLEASE
George wasn鈥檛 sure when he had started crying, the soft stuttering of his breathing rousing you from the edge of sleep, causing you to shift so you could look up at him curiously. 聽The hammock swung precariously for a moment, threatening to dump the both of you onto the floor before settling once more as you stilled. Reaching up, you brushed the warm tears from his cheek. 聽His eyes closed as he leaned into your touch, trying to commit every sensation to memory. 鈥淲hy so sad, darling?鈥 you hummed softly, and he could feel your warm breath against his cheek, could sense how close your face was to his.
鈥淩ight, he loves you, you love him, you two are finally together, brilliant. 聽CAN WE SLEEP NOW?鈥 Lee wailed, causing the rest of you to burst into a fit of laughter.
Tumblr media
Overall: I love the storyline, the monologues and the dialogues are just perfecto. I love that the paragraphs with dialogues are shorter than the paragraphs without dialogues; it brings a sense of tidiness into it. The plot was so smooth, literally there's nothing I could comment on at all. Even the punctuation marks are all spot on.
Overall 10/10 for being such an adorable story, 10/10 would recommend reading it, 10/10 would yearn the same affection, Emma you did such an amazing piece and I'm so proud of youuu <3
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