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#asked and answered
rhythmelia · 11 minutes ago
Waving hi to the void~
So tumblr thinks I have 110 followers, but that’s including all the porn bots I’ve blocked, because tumblr is a function website that was once worth a lot of dollars. Looks like I actually for reals have 65 peeps, which is...honestly still kind of wild to me? I’m just curious how you found me and why you’re hanging out in the void with me? You’re welcome to come by and say hi!
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theselfshipqueenie · 15 minutes ago
😳 + lance?
Tumblr media
enjoy him lmao
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theselfshipqueenie · 15 minutes ago
😳 Your s/i and Lance?
Tumblr media
heehehee 🥺
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notesofarichlycolorednight · 19 minutes ago
I'll be honest I did NOT think you were talking about writing when you said beta and I was very concerned
the post in question
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spacelabrathor · 46 minutes ago
"weird point of personal pride"
I feel that so hard. Telling myself that I can write a reader-insert without stand-in nicknames and I will do it until I perish.
i use nicknames! for a long fic i’ll usually pick something unique and story-specific, but i agree - i don’t usually go for the terms of endearments, especially in short stories. nothing wrong with them but they don’t really go with my writing style. 
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spacelabrathor · 53 minutes ago
soft fics make my heart tingle
soft fics make my p***y tingle
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bowenbyram · an hour ago
god awful as in like cute!bad boyfriends or god awful as in full of angst and heartbreak?
God awful as in frat boy jerk who gaslights you
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stardustedknuckles · an hour ago
hey sorry if this is weird but I really love your writing and it was a big inspiration for me to start trying to write again since I stopped dabbling in writing for fun like 7 years ago. ik it wasn't intentional on your part but I appreciate it a lot still. I'm still getting thr hang of things but I'm getting there! anyway. I always look forward to reading your work whenever u publish a new fic. thanks :)
Beauyasha - and eventually, the connections I made in the fandom - are what got me writing again after 5 years of nothing at all. So I absolutely hear you and I am honored to be part of that for you. Thanks for this. It brightened my evening. :)
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peapod20001 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bro have u seen these little cotton ball lookin bats,, I love them sm wtf. Also I'm sorry it's late but this is very important ty
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ghostwillows · an hour ago
Gatcha is the old/general term for things like loot boxes. The post is saying not to gamble on microtransactions
Oh so its just online gachapon machines I thought there was like a game called gacha they were talking about specifically.
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ripredwing · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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genevievemd · an hour ago
Ethan at Disney land 😂😂😂
Did he wear the mouse headband??
No. That’s wear he draws the line.
(He wears them once, because Lizzie asked and he can’t say no to her - just like her mom. But there is no photo evidence so it never happened)
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boqvistsbabe · an hour ago
I’m in my Kirby feels I truly just want a big warm hug. Or even to be spooned while laying in bed. Like imagine laying in bed early almost asleep because schools been absolutely draining while he gets home from a roadie and he thinks your awake so he comes in really loud but as soon as he sees you all cuddled up in the big blanket and pillows while laying in the bed in his shirt he just quiets right down and comes over and kisses your head while slowly going to have his shower and then coming right up behind you to cuddle
Okay he is a good hugger I just know it
And he’s always comfy and warm and just the perfect person to cuddle with. And he hates seeing you stressed so when he comes home to find out you’re asleep he does everything super quiet so as to not wake you and then when he crawls in bed behind you and you wake up enough to mumble a hi and I love you before rolling over and curling into his chest.
Fluffy Friday
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briskwinds · 2 hours ago
Do you have a Twitter?
Yes my username is alonelypothead 😊 it's my personal blog x
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genevievemd · 2 hours ago
Can I ask some qs about E&G?
What are their fave physical and non physical things about each other?
How does Gen get on with Alan and Louise?
Who brings up having children first? How does that convo go?
Do they stay in the apartment or move to a house?
Do they travel together? Aside from honeymoon and miami?
Thank you!!
YOU CAN LITERALLY ALWAYS ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT E AND G. I welcome them all. At this point, I’d even answer the nsfw ones, in the most comfortable for me way that I can lol
(Also I’m still away for work and didn’t bring my laptop so I’m answering this on my phone.)
1. G’s favorite physical things, she has two, about Ethan are his eyes and his hands. Her favorite non-physical is his big ass brain. E’s favorite physical thing about G (aside from the nsfw answer of boobs) is her smile. And non physical is her brain, and her heart - he adores how caring she is towards everyone.
2. G and Alan get along great. They’re basically BFFS. And although I had Ethan forgive Louise, I don’t see him maintaining a close relationship with her. So she and G don’t see each other enough for their to be a relationship. But if you were to ask Louise what she thinks of Gen, she’d say she’s happy that her son has someone who loves and fights for him so fiercely.
3. Gen brings up kids first. When they talk about her moving in. Gen is the kind that needs the whole picture, so she wasn’t going to move in if there was a chance that they wouldn’t be together for the rest of their lives. So when Ethan asks her to move in, she asks him about marriage and kids. Kids is also a non-negotiable for her, so if Ethan was a no, she knew they couldnt go farther. But he agreed, he wants everything with her.
4. They stay in Ethan’s condo/apartment until the kids are about 6/4. Then they move into a house. (One that has a yard and a tree house)
5. They travel together. Sometimes it’s just to Portland or Providence for the weekend. Sometimes it’s to farther locations. They go to Paris to celebrate the end of her residency, Maldives for their honeymoon, Miami a few times. They also take a baby moon to Key West before lizzie is born. And unfortunate for Ethan, he endures Disney World for Lizzie’s 7th birthday.
Thank you for these 😭 I could talk about my babies all day long
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d20owlbear · 2 hours ago
tell me about "oh shit here we go" because this as to be some galaxy brain take right here with a name like that
oh god lol I wish XD so the “oh shit here we go again” is just because myself and @cassieoh can’t seem to not start new stuff. 
This is intended to be an 80k romance novel “where nothing happens.” We wanted to write a story of middle-ish aged queer romance somewhere in the nebulous American ‘countryside’ (probably somewhere in NY state or the PNW tbh but ultimately unnamed) where there’s no massive fight to be had, no huge thing they have to overcome other than their own emotions (standard romance tropey stuff), and we’ve more or less decided that we’re not the biggest fan of writing homophobia or similar aspects of real life into our fiction. (That is, ofc, not to say that it shouldn’t be written! just that it’s not our specific cup of tea to write ourselves)
That being said, our main characters are:
Jae-Young Pak (or Jay as an ‘American nickname’)
3rd gen Korean American
Artist, makes his living from sculptures but he dabbles in most media, keeps a small watercolor journal with him at all times that he sketches in whenever he gets the chance
Orphaned at 8 years old, aged out in the system alongside Rachel 
Ari Pasternak
Family immigrated in the late 30s from Eastern Europe, Jewish
Works as a restorationist, mostly from home on items from private collections these days, but he still does jobs with his old team in the city on occasion, and he’s well-known enough that he’s invited to take a few longer trips a year around the country for things
and Rachel, who is Jae’s best friend since they were 12ish and aged out of the system together and Ari’s neighbor. Rachel’s got two kids [currently working names are Kay and Abe though it’s very likely to change] who both she and Jae call the little tweenage monsters (they’re 11 and 13 or so and run feral with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood). They call Jae “uncle Jay”. 
The entirety of the story is Jae coming over to babysit/house sit for a whole summer while Rachel and Adam (her husband) are pulled away for a major work opportunity and Jae works through what is more or less full-time parenting for the first time. Previously he’d only seen them for maybe a few days at a time, a week even, but with Rachel or Adam there as well ‘cause he was visiting, and now he’s the adult here and there’s so much! 
But really, in the grand scheme of things, there’s not much at all that happens other than the occasional pre-teenage semi-rebellion, a few accidents because tweenagers aren’t fully sure of where their limbs are at all times while they shoot up rapidly like bamboo stalks, and Jae cries a little about it, but lo and behold here’s a nice, friendly neighbor who’s used to these tweenage shenanigans spilling out over his lawn offering Jae a hand up and a comforting hug and whOOps now he’s in love oh no!
We’ve got the first 800 or so words of this written and we’re gonna try to stick to the usual romance novel formatting, so we’ll see how that goes and how many words we have to cut after lol
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genevievemd · 2 hours ago
Question: do we know what happens if we DON’T do the diamond scene with Elijah? ‘Cause I’m honestly not interested in paying for a half-assed apology scene. Clearly nothing we do in this book has a lasting effect so I’m curious if not doing it will even matter? 🤔
Dude I have no idea. I didn’t do a replay of the chapter this week so I didn’t check to see 🤷🏼‍♀️
He probably stays salty. Which I say let him, if he’s gonna turn on MC that quickly. He can get roasted for all I care
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boqvistsbabe · 2 hours ago
Okay so kinda random but I’m like obsessed with bagels and went through a phase where I got one everyday for breakfast, so I just imagine how funny it would be to run into Kirby at a bagel shop. You know who he is, but you’re a fan of another team so you never work up the courage to talk to him bc you don’t wanna bother him or annoy him in any way. however, he takes notice of you and soon enough, you both become regulars at the same shop. I feel like he’d be so awkward but want to talk to you that you both don’t know what to say, and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is that you don’t like cream cheese. He laughs and finally takes notice of your phone case which has your favorite team’s logo on it, “damn, a cute girl doesn’t like cream cheese or the hawks, that might be a dealbreaker.” and then you guys end up becoming really good friends and eventually date. Okay bye this literally just started bc I love bagels I—
No wait I love this
And like he always looks at you and smiles and seems all suave but then when y’all actually tan he’s super nervous but it’s so cute
Ahh yes this is adorable
Fluffy Friday
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boqvistsbabe · 2 hours ago
I want to cuddle on a couch with Bowen Byram and just run my hands through his hair. Particularly his hair when it was the length it was during WJC.
and like putting little braids through it too 🥺
Fluffy Friday
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a-dragons-journal · 2 hours ago
I used to have this fursona during a really hard time of my life. They helped me through a lot, and I ended up kind of... Living through their world in my head for awhile, because my real one was really bad at the time, and it gave me a sense of relief from it all.
And it some point during that, i started... Thinking of them first when I thought of me. At some point I think I might have started having phantom stuff happen, although I brushed it off as imagination, because it was usually when I was thinking about them a lot, or just when I was feeling like prancing around the house doing stupid shit to cope.
Eventually, when I grew older, I stopped liking them as a character, and tried to replace them, but no matter how much I tried, it wouldn’t leave. Eventually I just... Decided to accept it, and let them be a part of who I am. They feel kinda like a different ‘person’, almost still a character, but still fundamentally me, just a different aspect of myself. Some days I feel more like them then others. “They are me and I am them,” is something that makes sense to me.
I was wondering if I would fall under the definition of otherkin?
In my opinion, it sounds like you definitely would if you feel it fits you - it’s not uncommon to feel some distance/disconnection between oneself and one’s kintype, though it’s a less talked-about experience these days. It’s not impossible for it to still “just” be a ‘sona, but considering you don’t really like the character anymore and have tried to get rid of them, that seems atypical for a ‘sona to me.
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