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#miraculous thoughts
ljf613 · a day ago
WHY am I not seeing more Marichat content on my dash?
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15megapixels-mlb · 2 days ago
another animatic idea that i wont pursue - file # 006
Adrien singing "Save Your Tears" by the Weekend
because he doesn't like putting up his "mask" anymore to please the audience, and he would rather be dead
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ollieopossums-revenge · 2 days ago
Miraculous Ladybug would be improved so much if there were a narrator or someone to just walk in to frame every once and a while and be like "Wow that's fucked up."
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lucky-charming-cat · 2 days ago
okay but imagine:
1. Marinette giving up her miraculous and being guardian and losing her memory because reasons and it's the only solution
2. Adrien seing this and using the ladybug&cat noir's miraculous to get his lady back by making a wish
3. Gabriel losing his memory of the miraculous in exchange
boom, happy ever after
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theluckiestlb · 2 days ago
Concept: A dramatic reveal in the Agreste underground crypt (à la Chat Blanc). Everyone is detransformed. Marinette is speechless. Adrien is traumatized and feels betrayed. Gabriel is explaining that the usage of the peacock miraculous essentially killed Emilie and Nathalie is on death’s doorstep. Then we hear Plagg somewhere off in the background;
“Damn. Double Homicide.”
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lucky-charming-cat · 2 days ago
What would Hawk Moth (or ShadowMoth, or whatever dramatic name he chooses next) do if Ladybug&Cat Noir just... stopped showing up?
His whole goal is to get LB&CN's miraculous to obtain the wish-making power that comes with a terrible price. The way he wants to achieve that is by akumatising a person, waiting for the superheroes to inevitably show up, and ordering the supervillain to take the ring and the earrings.
But what if they didn't show up? Would he just keep destroying Paris, hoping they'd come back one day? Would he try to make a supervillain physically hurt someone, or maybe even kill? Would he generally push it further and further, making living in Paris a living hell for everyone?
I think about this a lot because his plan is clearly not working (it may have something to to with akumatising the same people over and over again...), and his power clearly has limits (like, you know, he can't stand in front of that window for days, he still has human needs). So what's his plan in case the superheroes didn't go right into the supervillain's hand every single time? Or if the other superheroes did most of the job, and Ladybug would only show up at the very end to capture the akuma? (making it impossible for the supervillain to get her or Cat Noir)
Some ideas I've had:
creating a sentimonster that looks for miraculous, except maybe for eating them (yeah see Gabe the idea was RIGHT THERE you dumbass)- even if it is by searching every district of Paris, it should work eventually
akumatising a different person each time but for a very short period of time and crossing them off a list because if they were LB and CN, they'd immediately give him the miraculous when akumatised (check: Marinette in the episode Ladybug). Yeah Paris has a lot of people but that clearly not THAT many if akumatising Mr. Pidgeon for the 72nd time seems worth a shot (WHY)
Also - yeah I like the fact that his ideas are not perfect, they are in fact incredibly stupid sometimes, it actually makes him more human, but seriously, the whole plan is just based in his belief in Ladybug and Cat Noir's sense of responsibility...
I do wonder what season 5 will be about, considering the anti-akuma lucky charms and the fact that they most definitely won't defeat ShadowMoth in season 4. Maybe he'll just give up, because NO MORE REFLEKTA OR MR PIDGEON?
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lils-of-the-valley · 3 days ago
Sorry y'all, I know I'm late, but I didn't have time yesterday. So HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS AND REACTIONS REGARDING GUILT TRIP LETS GO!
Why am I not surprised that Rose had an imaginary friend that was a unicorn in 6th grade?
And she's so small, I want to hug her
She's so positive, I need that in my life
Juleka is so worried about her girlfriend :(((
Oop-- Mari, maybe that wasn't a good idea
Juleka, no, baby.....
I know I say this every time, but fuck Hawkmoth
The heart vision, I feel like it's been so long
I love how Mari can just turn off her nervousness because her friend's wellbeing is more important than her crush
What the fuck is that sketch place they're going in
The fuck is that portal thing???
Adrien is so kind and sweet, I love him
Oh, it's a boiler room
I know they're all worried about this chronic illness and that they are teenagers, but breath kids, deep breaths, you're all going to panic and I don't know who it will hurt more: yourself or already devastated Jules
Kim is such a dork, I love him
I love all the kids, that's no secret and I will never hide it
The class is so tight-knit, that's so sweet. They all care so much about each other, I wish we were like that growing up
Juleka is freaking out and I get it because they said they wouldn't treat Rose any different, but baby, I need you to breathe. I'm sure Rose loves to hear this, it's honestly really nice to be told that people care about you
See, she's so happy
Ok guys, maybe y'all are laying it a little thick here
An apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Ok, Rose's like squinty "You're hiding something from me" is really cute
Aww, we stan an honest girlfriend
We really didn't have enough Rose content until now. I love her so much??? I love how positive she is about what she's going through and how she's not having any of the class's overprotective shit, all while not telling them off
The group hug!!!!
The fucking panic at a sneeze.....
I feel so bad for Juleka. It's not your fault, baby
"betraying a best friend" I think you mean girlfriend, sir (I know, I know, they won't make it canon...)
Can they not become new akumas? Because honestly, I do not like Reflecta
Miss Meldieve (idk how to spell her name) being sucked into the blackhole should not make me laugh so hard
There's something unsettling about the goob balls being spit out and I really don't like it. Makes me a little uncomfy
Yeah, the goobs makes me very uncomfortable. Should I talk to my therapist about this?
What Chaton gonna self destruct???
Rose to the rescue!!!
She doesn't have the magic of a magical girl wand, she has the power of positivity!
Did LB's suit power up?? I really like this new suit. Highkey wanna make a new LB cosplay with that design now
Daizzi is so cute, omg
That was so simple, we need more than those
Well shit, there's angry amoks
Ok, this episode had a simple solution to things. That's a nice change.
Wait, LB has that power now to give protective charms?? That's amazing
Aw, the class is back to normal
Ok, so final thoughts. I actually really enjoyed the simplicity of the episode, no big physical fights. I like the mental/emotional battle of the episode! And positivity always wins! So, remember y'all! You're awesome and I love you!! You might be feeling down, but don't give up! Positivity isn't always easy, but you can manage it, even if it's a little thing! I believe in you and so does Rose! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
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toujoursmiraculous · 3 days ago
Thoughts and Reaction to Guiltrip!
Alright, so this one is a bit more of a serious one for me. But I'll be going in order of the episode so the more serious talk will be a bit further down! First thing we get is this lovely moment:
Tumblr media
I've already addressed it in a post, but I'll say it again here. Guiltrip is episode 11, several episodes take place before Guiltrip that we haven't seen yet, so this is awhile after Marinette and Luka broke up. We also know that Marinette has always had feelings for Adrien, even when she was with Luka. Luka always knew that fact too. None of this is new and is to be expected, obviously, when Love Square is endgame. But! I also want to point out here that this is just a soft look. Very gentle, very common. I see people looking at each other both in real life and in other shows all the time. A look that says "I adore you". And I think it's sweet! Very subtle, but enough. Something's wrong with Rose. We never get told (in this episode anyway) what it is, but it's a chronic illness that's a worry in Rose's life, ever since she was young. I feel really bad for Juleka, knowing that her friend's been struggling with an illness, and whenever something happens she has to worry about it alone. Also that really sucks when you try to cheer somebody up and make a joke, that because you were mislead about a situation you end up making things worse. Poor Marinette. :c Adrien when he realizes he's bumped into someone (and the pink bubbles to remind us of Marinette's feelings for him):
Tumblr media
Adrien when he realizes just who it was he bumped into!:
Tumblr media
Scroll up now and look at how Marinette was looking at Adrien earlier that day. It's the exact same look. Yet, something feels different from usual to me, idk. But continuing on. Marinette gets slightly jumbled with her words, but manages to give herself a kick and says nope not now! Good for her! You can't expect to change overnight, but she's working on it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She looks to the side, gathering her surroundings for a split second and she misses the top step. I'd like to say that this is just a joke for the show but well, this kind of thing has happened to me a lot because I'm that much of a klutz so I feel for her here. (On Halloween I forgot that there was another step as I was walking down as I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't walk on my foot for 2 weeks. It's a serious problem, guys. Really. xDD) Marinette had told Adrien she's concerned it was something she said that upset Juleka and Adrien tells her while sometimes she doesn't make sense, what she says is never mean. This scene reminds me of when Ladybug's worried about something and Chat Noir's there to keep her grounded and remind her of how things really are. I very much appreciate seeing such a scene with Adrienette! Makes the Love Square much more rounded. Also the way he stops her and says let him go talk to her to try to help the situation and any possible misunderstandings from taking place. ;-;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can I just say... oh my gosh. He went from determined, to hearing Marinette trying to comfort her, to looking with confidence "This girl is amazing." and the whole Ladynoir vibe I'm getting from this scene makes me happy. The thing that's unrealistic about this scene though is you expect to tell me that 8 kids went down those stairs and came up behind them and Marinette, Adrien, and Juleka didn't hear? XD Now here's where the serious comes in. Rose is hospitalized with an illness we don't know about, but has been a long-term thing that has Juleka really worried a lot. That must be so stressful :c I'm going to be honest and say I never really saw Julerose romantically. Like I can see how people do, but to me, I could see that their bond was really unique. It didn't really fit completely in the "BFF" category either. But if felt like there was more to them that I didn't really understand. I think the best example off the top of my head was during Zombizou, when Rose was going to help Chloe after she slid down Chat's stick and she went too fast for him to catch her. Juleka seemed especially worried and concerned for her. Rose never seemed to get concerned about Juleka in the same way Juleka was about Rose. Juleka's always been more protective and worried and it was always one of those things that made me go "hmm, interesting". Now this episode finally explains why and I'm honestly super glad for it. Because this kind of a relationship is not a common one in media, especially kids media. Partially because having such serious illnesses in young people is not particularly common, and having someone who's so caring and protective of that person is even less common. And most people probably don't realize how amazing it is to have health problems and then have someone in their life who acts like Juleka does for Rose. I had a life-threatening illness as a kid, one that still affects me greatly today. When in school, my friends knew about it without me having to say anything unfortunately, and while they didn't usually treat me differently, sometimes they were pretty ignorant and didn't understand why I wasn't "normal" like them. They asked questions that were harder ones to answer, and tended to forget my answers. I got a lot of "I know you have X problem but I still don't see why you can't..." as well as thinking I was lying if I said I wasn't well and couldn't go to a party, and that was hard to deal with, being limited in what you can do which makes you different and being judged for things out of your control. So seeing these kids who only know something's wrong with her, but are willing to do so much to make her life better and happier, not judging her at all, wanting to take care of her no questions asked was really heart-warming for me. I only had one friend during that time that was anything close to this. I never had to explain anything to him if I didn't want to. He never asked me personal questions I didn't want to answer. And he seemed to know what he could do to make things for me easier if I was having a hard time without me ever saying so. And this is another reminder to me that this show is aimed at kids. To show kids that they'll likely encounter someone around their age that's going through something serious like a health problem, and what that kid needs most is kindness and not to be made to feel like they're even more different from the other kids than they already feel. The way they handled that aspect of it for such a short, limited intro to it, I think they did good. I discussed this next bit with a friend. She mentioned it first, the trope where those with chronic or serious illnesses are usually an "inspiration". With this episode, you kind of get the feeling that because Rose's been through so much, she's therefore a really positive and bubbly person and it kind of gives off the vibe that if you don't view things the way she does, then you're not doing it right. "What matters isn't the problem, but how you handle it." While I agree with this, and that when you come out of or regularly deal with
such hard times, automatically trying to see the world better and brighter can easily happen, but it's not exactly realistic either, at least not to the extent Rose and other people the media has portrayed. For one, I think you have to have always been more of that kind of person from the start to realistically be so positive. As my friend said and I agree, positivity is just who Rose is, she's not who she is just for the sake of a trope. But honestly, when you've gone through something so difficult, and if life continues to throw you more difficulties on top of it, being positive so much can sometimes turn into a negative and be harmful too. When you've been through a lot, it's important to allow yourself to feel the negative too because it's part of dealing with such problems. And if you've been through a lot in life and you haven't come out of it being all sunshine and rainbows, always looking on the brighter side of things, that's perfectly okay. Life's hard and tends not to work out how we'd like, or even for the better sometimes. If being positive and hopeful after struggling is hard to do, you're not bad or wrong for feeling that way, everybody handles things differently. c: ANYWAY, moving on to the rest of the episode! Juleka being all irritated and worried that the class was going to expose her spilling Rose's secret xD While the situation isn't ideal, it's nice that this is the most involved she's seemed with everyone in the entire duration of the show. But Rose knows something's up, and I love that she talks to her about it and realizes that she should've told everyone herself instead of Juleka being the only one who knew. Which has been such a burden on her. (Oh no, what if this is a reflection of Alya knowing Marinette's Ladybug later on? I'm hoping not.) Ugh these children and how much they care about Rose! These kids are the absolute best. But then they kind of ruin it a little with going overboard. Which, frankly, I think is just ignorance of her situation really. I mean, we don't know what exactly is wrong with Rose. Just that she ends up in the hospital. If they knew about her condition, what causes her to get sick, what to look out for, etc, they'd be much more informed and much less likely to be frantic whenever something's not perfectly "normal" with her. All of these kids are going to be overprotective parents someday, aren't they?
Tumblr media
Okay so like... are Adrien and Marinette going to question at all how Ladybug and Chat Noir showed up immediately after Juleka was akumatized, and no damage had happened outside of the school for it to be known to the public? Literally the only ones that could've possibly known were the class to have shown up that fast. ??? I am confusion. "I can't help my best friend face his father." "No, Nino..." Two things: The fact that THIS is what he's feeling guilty about? My poor Nino! Dx I just love him, he really doesn't get enough love and appreciation imo. Also, um, isn't Ladybug like right by Chat? Didn't she hear that? What? Idk but I feel like we're really missing something here. Usually we get things that are kind of hints, that make us wonder if they know right, but this? This is a bit too blaring-in-your-face, and there's two major things so close together. Really strange. Chat about to use Cataclysm on himself. Good grief that was not expected. Chat Blanc threatened to destroy himself along with everything else. Now Chat Noir while affected with negative emotions from an akuma almost Cataclysmed himself. This show really is getting deep and dark isn't it. o.o Also is there something Adrien needs to work out with someone...? Daizzi and Rose saying the other's so cute, ugh they're both so cute! And Pigella's costume and transformation is so adorable omg. Okay so Pigella's power allows people to see their biggest wish, the thing that'd make them the most happy and feel positive emotions. I know some people probably think "That's it?" Considering that Shadow Moth preys on people's negative emotions, such a power is actually extremely useful facing Shadow Moth. (And let's not forget, that while that's her power, she has the ability to fight and make a difference just from being transformed too) BUT AWWW Juleka's wish! And her face when Pigella said it aloud. ;-; Am I the only one wondering if Pigella may someday use her power on Shadow Moth and that's how they learn his motive? I'm so impressed with how Rose knew how to handle everything. She knew she can't slip up with Juleka. She knew to sneak away to detransform and come back as Rose. She knew to subtly give the Miraculous back so nobody would ever know she had it. Even Chat Noir had no idea! I don't know why, I'm just so very proud of that. "She doesn't need a Miraculous to be a superhero." She really has the characteristics of one, and I can't wait to see more of Pigella. Also I'm really wondering. This scene here:
Tumblr media
All the kids that are part of that friend group are there...except Marinette and Adrien, of course. Alya knows why Marinette isn't there. But is she wondering about why Adrien isn't there too? LOL Marinette being like "I'm taking your pillow back, sorry! Gotta wait for it like everyone else." and the boys being like LE GASP. Marinette's right, she's not fragile! The fact Rose jokes with her and makes everyone laugh, and Chloe saying "Hey, why doesn't everyone laugh when I say something like that?!" Adrien: Because in your case, it's never a joke. Chloe: Hm, that's true. Which is super funny, especially how he just so casually says it. But also it really shows again how Chloe wants to be liked. She wishes the kids would laugh when she makes comments, but it's because they're said in a serious/obnoxious way, instead of making light of something like in Rose's case here, that they don't. I know she talked about it with Ladybug in an episode, but it again shows that that's what she'd like. All that needs to happen is someone helping her get there. Maybe Zoe and Luka will somehow help with that later on. Anyway, this was a really great episode! I feel like some things might not make quite as much sense as they should if we got it in order, but what can you do when Gloob has to air them? Even a friend of mine who's been doing what she can to avoid spoilers, still got spoiled. She's having to delete tumblr to avoid future spoilers because people can't help themselves and tag things properly. So thanks Gloob. :P All we wanted was the episodes in order. We've waited this long for S4, we can wait a bit longer. But they gotta make money I guess. I'm glad other countries are trying their best to keep it in order anyway. c: Guiltrip also has some really great Adrienette moments, and covered a more serious topic which was really interesting and shows how much the show's changing. Especially with some of the choice of camera angles and movements! Like the zoom-in on the door with Adrien and Marinette, the boys LE GASP scene. Very cool artistic choices! Looking forward to the episodes that come before this one to try to help fill in some of the gaps! And apologies to those that frequently read these posts from me, I started writing it up late and couldn't finish so you get it the day after instead. xD
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annyelle · 3 days ago
Rewriting Miraculous Ladybug: Felix Agreste
Tumblr media
If you’re a fan of Ladybug anime version and Felix, hear me out
Okay so we all know Thomas abandoned the idea of Felix because he didn’t play well with Marinette, was an evil character, cliche, bad idea etc. I won’t say it’s not true. Because I am sure it is. But just because Thomas created a character with great potential, but was idk he probably gave up on him, lost inspiration or something. And then Adrien was created
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, Thomas Astruc gave us permission to upgrade Felix and that’s what I’m gonna do. Just listen
Look, I love Felix and I’ve always seen so much potential in this character, but there’s one point on which I have to agree with Thomas. Why would Marinette - sweet, intelligent, kind girl - fall for Felix? We know he’s cold, distanced, he is basically an asshole. At least this is what we know about him from the creators. But for me this is a great material for more complicated story. 
Tumblr media
In the current Miraculous Ladybug Marinette fell in love with Adrien after she saw his true self - kind, awkward, lost boy, who just needs a friend. He is our sweet cinnamonroll and no one can’t change my mind
What about Felix? What could possibly make Marinette fall in love with such a dork? Or maybe... what made Felix such a dork towards Marinette?
Felix is a son of Gabriel Agreste. We don’t know if he’s a model like Adrien or if he had a childhood friend (Chloe). So what do we know?
Felix is not homeschooled, he attends school just like everyone else
he seems to have friends / positive relationship with classmates
he’s not interested in Marinette and tries to get rid off her
his father seems to be even worst than the current Gabriel Agreste
there’s no information about his mother, so she could’ve been missing just like Adrien’s
All of it gave me an idea. So here’s how I would create Felix and explain Marinette’s feelings towards him:
Felix attends state school instead of being homeschooled because his father thinks it’s great for improving social skills (which is important for Felix, who’s the first person to inherit father’s business). Of course Felix have to attend a lot of extra classes and private lessons, but it doesn’t change the fact he has contact with his peers.
He’s not rude or anything. He is calm and reserved, but he talks with his classmates just like a normal person. He avoids conflicts, because his goal is to graduate with the best possible opinion. 
However, he is not allowed to have a girlfriend. Father won’t allow Felix to participate in such things, because it’s unnecessary and it could distract his son from doing career. So when Felix noticed Marinette is falling for him, he had to act like he’s not interested. Even if he actually might like Marinette, he couldn’t act either way.
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lucky-charming-cat · 3 days ago
hi, this is your daily reminder to PLEASE PLEASE ❗TAG S4 SPOILERS❗, especially for out of order episodes like Guiltrip
have mercy on those of us who chose to torture ourselves with waiting for the episodes to be released in order
Hashtags I've seen used: #mlb spoiler #mlb spoilers #ml spoiler #ml spoilers #miraculous spoiler #miraculous spoilers
Also adding the episode title as a hashtag HELPS A TON
THANK YOU for your kindness
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fabuloustrash05 · 3 days ago
Shout out to Rose Lavillant for being the only female hero (so far) to actually look like a magical girl in a show about magical girls and not wearing a non creative skin tight superhero suit.
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miladynoire · 4 days ago
okay but, gabriel is definitely aware adrien is mentally unwell. gabriel will literally feel the negative emotion of someone who stubbed their toe across the city, so he must feel the strong emotions from adrien, especially if adrien has contemplated suicide before (like this episode has highly implied). gabriel is 100% aware that his son is severely depressed, yet he still actively chooses to neglect him and make him feel unloved. if there’s anything i want to come out of this show, it’s that gabriel never ever gets a redemption arc.
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2manyfandoms2count · 4 days ago
Rose's kind of increasing confusion as the pile of apple grows kind of makes me think that she's never heard of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also the Miracuclass really said a pile of apples that might topple on her at any moment might help her feel better XD
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demonofthemoon · 4 days ago
About the episode Guilttrip so spoilers for those
But I love this chronic illness rep because as someone who has a chronic disease that is not super well known it makes me feel so validated to see this in a show. Like I have so many goddamn emotions that I'm nearly crying some straight tears of joy rn.
But also the fact that the class was trying their best to be so supportive was so damn sweet it reminded me of my friends and how aware they are of my sickness, it's never in a bad way just in the checking to see if I'm okay because I'm always bad with letting people know I'm in pain, like the class was super obvious about it but were so well meaning that I kept smiling.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is some of the most impactful things I've seen for disability representation, just because I'm disabled does not mean I'm always on the verge of death and need to be treated like I'm 99 years old. I can and will live my damn life to the best of my ability. Fuck I love Rose so much like I've always liked her character but now she's shot up to my top 10.
Also this completely debunks all the bull class salt because they acted the same with Rose and Lila they just want to help and that is a truly admirable quality for everyone to have. And it helps show why Rose especially would be understanding of Lilas disability and want to help.
Also may we please talk about the fact that Adrien is now just fully confirmed to be suicidal bc what the everloving fuck was that. My cat son please for the love of God get some therapy.
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