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#rena rouge
simplepears · 3 hours ago
Your miraculous costume is what you really want deep down inside.
Alya says she looks like lila when she was akumatised.
Alya wants to be lila? Its a bit of a stretch but I like to add fuel to the flame.
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terribleartist · 8 hours ago
Something I just thought of. What if Gabriel tells the school that during school projects, the only person Adrien can be pair with is Alya. The first time they get paired, it’s chill. But for the fourth time in the row, Alya is getting.. Curious. She goes up to ask if she could switch partners to see what would happen. The teacher says no and all partners are final, but when someone else ask the teacher agrees. This leaves Alya and Marinette confused. Adrien so too oblivious to really care. Alya and Adrien plan to meet up to work on the project at school while waiting for Gorilla to show up. When Gorilla gets there, Natalie steps out. She tells Adrien that him and Alya were aloud to come over and work on the project. Adrien is excited to have a friend over, but Alya just grows suspicious. The two arrive at the Agreste Mansion. They hang out and get work done, though the whole time Alya was texting Mari about it and how odd it was she was allowed over, but Nino, Adrien’s best friend, wasn’t. Mari is curious but doesn’t think to much of it and tells Alya to keep updating her. Alya excused herself to the bathroom. She’s talking to Trixx until she gets a phone call. She checks her phone and it’s Marinette. Marinette says there’s an akuma, Luckily it was getting late so Alya could use the, “My mom needs me home.” Excuse. Alya goes to Adrien and uses the excuse. He agrees that she should be getting home so he walks with her to the front door and the exchange their goodbyes... But then Gabriel comes out of his room. There’s a long awkward pause..... Gabriel greets himself to Alya and tells her. “Adrien is lucky to have friends like you. You should come over tomorrow for dinner.” This tips Alya and Adrien off. Adrien, excited he won’t eat dinner alone, but has a very odd feeling. Alya, her reporter gut tells her this guy is no good, at this point she’s honestly freaked out. She politely says she’ll think about it. She leaves and one a good way away she transforms and meets up with Ladybug. She’s telling Ladybug about what happened, Ladybug is skeptical because Gabriel was akumatized, and she knows that Alya likes to jump to conclusions, so she brushes it off but the thought rings in the back of her head. Cue akuma fight. The next day, Alya gets to school and Adrien comes up to her and ask if she’d be coming to dinner. She tells him that she hasn’t quite made up her mind, Adrien is disappointed but understands. Alya talks to Marinette. Marinette says. “If you really think you have a lead with Gabriel, I say go for it.” So later Alya tells Adrien she’ll come. The two arrive at the house, do a bit of the project until it’s dinner time. Trixx decides they want to explore so they do. Plagg notices a orange flash speed around so he follows. He runs into Trixx and is shocked like. “WAIT- ALYA IS-“ Trixx interrupts him and nods. “which mean if your here Adrien is cat noir!” Plagg shakes it off and shows Trixx around. Until... They find a layer full of butterflies.. Then the episode ends.
I see this being part one of the season finale. I think it would be a nice way to end the rein of the old Hawk Moth for the Future Hawk Moth to step up.. And the finale episode ending with an unknown person picking up the butterfly miraculous..
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terribleartist · 12 hours ago
Miraculous Fandom Logic:
Alya: *Makes a mistake but learns from it and actually cares about the consequences*
Chloe: *Makes a mistake doesn’t learn anything from it and doesn’t gives two shits on the consequences. Not to mention racist*
The Fandom: “Oh. Her mom was never there :(. She deserves her miraculous” *And is excused of every hate crime she’s done*
That’s fucking bullshit. Yes, I hate that Thomas screwed Chloe but it happened. She doesn’t give two shits of the conquenses her mistakes cause. Alya literally fell to her knees when she found out she put Marinette’s identity in jeopardy. You could tell by her face that she was prepare for Mari to say she could never be Rena again. You guys realize that Alya is putting a lot of effort into being Marinette’s co-guardian! She has a lot of exceptions for herself to help Marinette. She nearly put Marinette in danger and she was clearly devastated that she did. Alya said that her and Marinette would share the responsibility of being guardian and she meant it. If Mr.Pigeon 72 and Optigami doesn’t prove that in your mind then your out of your mind. And though we don’t know much about SentiBubbler I assume because of being Mari’s co-guardian puts a dent in their relationship. We know they don’t break up since it’s confirmed, but that don’t mean that they don’t run into problems. Alya is sacrificing her own relationships to help Marinette. If you still say Alya is EvIL or UsInG Marinette, then obviously you don’t pay attention to the show, plus it’s confirmed that Alya is not evil. And she’s not replacing Chat. It’s been confirmed she not.
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genderfluidmomadragon · 15 hours ago
So I had this crazy dream about Ladybug and Chat Noir where in high distress we learn that the miraculi holders don't actually need the jewelry. They ARE Ladybug, Chat Noir, Carapace, Rena Rouge, and some others. So they're attacked as civilians and Hawkmoth is trying to get the miracle box but suddenly Carapace and Rena burst in ready to kick ass. But they weren't wearing masks because they weren't given their miraculi (they are in suit though?) Ladybug even manages to use Bee powers in a moment of need for the venom.
The box is stolen in the end but then a plot twist happens in my dream and all of the miraculi are gone from the box because all of the true holders don't need them anymore. It's not that they can BECOME their alter egos anymore, they ARE their alter egos.
I think this was very cool of my subconscious.
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fanficmaniatic · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Is been 4 years, but the fact that Chat Noir is on the villain side for the S2 and S3 Intros still stresees me out.
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crispypata · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In this update:
Marinette does her sneaking to see princess Adrien but prince Lila isn’t happy about that!
Hawkmoth steals Adrien’s face and Marinette goes off running to save it
The team helps Marinette defeat the boss and return Adrien’s face, which wins some points with Gabriel and allows them to be together
Everything is happily ever after… until that night when Team Miraculous gets kidnapped by Hawkmoth!
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miraculousmadss · a day ago
Alya and Trixx as roommates head canons
- [ ] they have their own cute secret handshake (alya only uses one finger)
- [ ] Alya teaches trixx about vines and sometimes she mumbles them at bad (yet appropriate) times
- [ ] Trixx helps edit the ladyblog sometimes
- [ ] The twins keep accidentally seeing flashes of Trixx or alya talking to somebody (they are very clever and eventually devise a way to catch Trixx) and alya is upset ™
- [ ] Alya doesn’t constantly carry any bags or wear a sweater with pockets so she just keeps Trixx in her Ridiculously Thick Hair ™
- [ ] alya has had to mimic Trixx’s voice (telling others she has a cold) when Trixx has accidentally said something when she’s supposed to be hidden
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hangesidekick · a day ago
request: hi Hange could write something where their s/o is a miraculous holder (whichever kwami you want) for Viperion, Ladybug and Chloé ? please ^^
requester: @emmacata
note: hi Tcha!! i had loads of fun making this one, and i’m also for everyone to see the rest!! posts will be more consistent now, so thats cool and i hope you all enjoy!! at this point the gifs i choose have nothing to do with the plot at all
reblogs are super helpful and appreciated thank you babes
warnings: shanghai special spoilers
links: masterlist + request guidelines + last post + taglist
Tumblr media
in Marinette’s time being Ladybug she has managed to lose three miraculous’s, the first time being when she dropped the bee miraculous, essentially, straight into Chloe Bourgeois’s hands. the second, when Fei stole the ladybug miraculous from her in Shanghai, and the third, she lost the mouse miraculous trying to put it on herself. She accidentally dropped it trying to dodge an attack and Mullow the mouse miraculous kwami flew after the necklace, which fell right in front of your feet as you were running down the sidewalk. you picked up the necklace looking at it, flabbergasted, it was then that Mullow decided to introduce herself, she explained how Ladybug was desperately in need of the mouse miraculous holder, and thus you transformed into Multi-Mouse. you met up with Ladybug and Chat Noir and helped them defeat the akumatized villain, after Ladybug purified the akuma you de-transformed handing the necklace to a shocked Ladybug. “y-y/n?” Ladybug asked, forgetting that she wasn’t in her civilian form and you didn’t know who she was under the mask. “you know who i am?” you asked her, confused and also shocked. “yes! no! i mean- yeah! i’ve heard of you, but this is the first time we’ve met!” Ladybug stammered, “obviously you know that though, duh.” she face palmed herself. “well, thank you for letting me help you and Chat Noir, i have to go find my girlfriend, Marinette, now. you’ve saved her quite a few times haven’t you?” you asked, reminiscing on all the times Ladybug has said she got Marinette to safety, “ah, yeah...” Ladybug said. maybe she’d have to think of a better excuse.
Paris now has two infamous, superhero duos. Ladybug and Chat Noir as well as Viperion and Lynx, or also known as Luka and you but just like Ladybug and Chat Noir you’re not supposed to know each others identity but one fateful night had other plans. Viperion had just made it to the scene and saw you sprinting across the length of the park, quickly he sprinted after you to get you to safety but he was utterly confused when you decided to run to an alleyway even though your house was two doors away. he jogged toward you to drag you to your house when he heard three specific words “Roaar, transform me!” he watched as a magenta light enveloped your body and changed your appearance, turning you into his ‘partner in hero-ing’ Lynx. you turned to see him and just stared at him, shocked that you accidentally transformed in front of him. all that came out of your mouth was “oopsie...”
well, apparently Ladybug doesn’t choose good bee miraculous holders. Chloe wasn’t allowed the bee miraculous at this point in time, and Zoé is currently akumatized, hence why you were here. After you, Ladybug, and Chat Noir defeated akumatized Zoé you heard a familiar voice call Ladybug’s name and stomp over to her, “Ladybug! how can you keep giving my miraculous to incompetent strangers!” Chloe yelled not knowing she was calling her s/o an ‘incompetent stranger’. “Pollen, transform me! don’t worry babe i wasn’t planning on taking your spot.” you giggled handing Ladybug the bee miraculous continuing to smirk at Chloe’s flabbergasted state. “Ladybug, the only person i allow to wear my miraculous is y/n, you hear me? so, you better tell Vesperia that she’s fired, utterly fired.” Chloe took your hand and dragged you away from the spotted hero, flipping her hair along the way.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~taglist: @stargazingfracture @the-corner-redacted @just-your-local-fanart-weirdo @tamakii-amajiki @lerivaleriano ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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monmiraculous · a day ago
Rena: Actually... Chat Noir.. the truth is... I know who Ladybug is and I help her... I'm sorry...
Chat: ...
[After Days]
Cn: Do you trust me Ladybug?
Lb: Of course I trust you, why did you ask?
Cn: I know being guardian is hard for you, and I know you need help, and support...
Cn: But am I not a good partner?!
Lb: No! That's not true! You are the best partner ever, Chat Noir!
Cn: Then what?! Haven't we worked together for a long time?! What's the thing I don't know??
Lb: It's... it's too hard to explain...
Tumblr media
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savernica · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a sneak peak of my new miraculous au!!
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marisblanket · 2 days ago
Rena Rouge: You sure you’re not in love with Chat?
Ladybug: Haha...pffft of course I’m not, why?
Rena Rouge: Then why did you write L+C everywhere in hearts?
Ladybug: It stands for Lucky Charm.
Ladybug: [accidentally activates her superpower]
Rena Rouge:
Rena Rouge: That’s an engagement ring with Chat’s name on it-
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miraculouscatsupoboe · 2 days ago
Unpopular Opinion
I prefer Rena Rouge to Volpina, obviously.
But I find that Volpina was prettier than Rena Rouge.
Like I love Alya and all but Lila's time as Volpina is one of my favourites and if she gets a redemption then I hope she get like one more round of Volpina or if Alya is the secret villain than Lila gets the fox miraculous.
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jjurina · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Woohoo I am so happy rena rouge back 🦊
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terribleartist · 3 days ago
I want you guys to consider this. An episode called SentiRena. I could see it somewhat playing out like the Ladybug episode. Something happens to Alya that makes her unable to transform(Thanks to HawkMoth) so he makes a Sentimonster of Rena Rouge since Alya has her miraculous on her. Some shit goes down that leads to Ladybug and SentiRena having to back down. I don’t know exactly 🤷‍♀️. So Ladybug kinda sense something is up with Rena Rouge. But at the same time, Alya was finally able to transform. Hawk moth has Learned quiet a bit about Alya so is able to trick Ladybug. Ladybug is just about to detransform to recharge Tikki, but the real Rena comes in knocking over SentiRena. Ladybug is about to detransform by default so Rena Rouge tells Ladybug to go and that she can handle this. And the episode goes from there.
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