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alwayslostinmangaland · an hour ago
I love Jolin tsai
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Tumblr media
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petrichorrparasol · 3 hours ago
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A peacock and a bee?? 👀👀
Felix: Quill 🦚 Chloe: Queen Bee 🐝
(I swear I’m becoming Feloe/Chlolix trash 🥲)
Listen up, how about an AU where Felix has the peacock and Chloe stole the bee miraculous back from Zoe. Felix and Chloe get to know each other (or rather their true selves) while meeting as these neutral super heroines.
(I would rather have Quill and QB working as neutrals than with Ladybug and Lilac (which is Lila as Hawkmoth)
Plus I want antiheroes in Miraculous. Because they are cool and have really cool song playlists. They could grow closer this way, and they learn to hate each other less. It would be really cool :D
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grim-echoes · 9 hours ago
guess who is Writing
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zoe-oneesama · 11 hours ago
First of all, I LOVE YOU'RE ART SO MUCH! Secondly, do you have any designs with Zoé being Vesperia? If you have, I would love to see it/them! 🐝
Tumblr media
There's no comparison.
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a-chlolix-blog · 13 hours ago
Adrien/Chat Noir in the Bee Sisters au
Adrien's the first person to notice that Chloé's trying to be better (he so proud of her!).
Even he's kept in the dark about Zoé.
She even stops being mean to Chat Noir (which he's really happy about).
Two hang out more as actual friends with Sabrina.
The three even study together when Adrien has the time.
Adrien finds out about Chloé's crush on Alix... which leads th Chloé finding out about his crush on Ladybug.
Chloé, blushing really hard: SHUT UP AND DON'T TELL A SOUL!!!
Adrien: A short girl with pretty blue eyes that can kick your butt... I totally see the appeal.
Chloé: ... You totally have a crush on Ladybug! That's so cute!!
Adrien: *covers his blushing face with his hands* Please don't tell anyone...
Chloé: Your secret's safe with me!
The two start talking about their short crushes when they're hanging out alone after that (Adrien's careful not to reveal to much tho).
During Despair Bear, Adrien remembers that it's Chloé's birthday and he gives her the idea to throw a party & to invite the class (Butler Jean's akumatized for a whole different reason).
Chloé lets Marinette dance with Adrien saying "Ladybug isn't an attainable lover for Adrien! Besides... Dupain-Cheng deserves a win. After what I put her through for years..."
She does (not so secretly) watch Alix Max and Kim play video games.
It's the akuma Despair Bear that reveals to the whole class that it was Chloé's birthday that day, which shocked almost all of them.
When the akuma is defeated, the class makes their macaroons for Chloé.
While she tasted them all fairly, she liked some more than other's.
Alix's macaroons surprised her. They had lime green & black food coloring on them, but they tasted great.
Chloé: These are really good!
Alix: I call them "Snake Bite Chocolate Macaroons" glad you like'em.
Adrien just watched them from afar, being happy for Chloé as he ate one of Marinette's Macaroons.
While Ms. Bustier was akumatized, Adrien (as Chat Noir) had to keep Chloé from having a breakdown.
She thinks her favorite teacher got akumatized because of her, but that wasn't the case.
Chat Noir watches as the teaches assured Chloé she wasn't at fault while hugging her.
When Zoé shows up, Adrien's surprised that Chloé didn't tell him she had a sister, but actually happy to meet the other blonde (Zoé's a year older than Chloé by one year in this au).
Chat Noir's okay with Vesperia. Saying "She wants to protect Chloé? Good enough for me!"
When Zoé's gets hit by Malediktator, Ladybug entrusts Chat Noir to find another Bee Holder.
Chat Noir: Chloé Bourgeois, I'm giving you the power that could save your family. Will you help us?
Chloé: Of Course I will!
After the battle is won, Queen goes with Chat Noir to return the Miraculous (who then returns it to Ladybug, who returns it to Fu).
At the party Marinette threw for all the heroes of Paris, people were asked which of the Bee Heroes they liked more.
Alya: I gotta say Vesperia.
Nino: Yeah, she's pretty cool.
Marinette: I like her too... but Queen Bee really came through today.
Adrien: I think Queen Bee is great. It was her first akuma fight, but she fought like a pro!
After a while, Chloé confesses to Adrien that Zoé had been coaching her on being a better person while in New York and begs him not to tell anyone.
Her secret is safe with him.
Adrien does he best to support Chloé and help with anything she needs.
He even gives her and Zoé fencing lessons.
Adrien even see Zoé as his own older sister.
Inspired by: @princess-of-the-corner @justanotherpersonsuniverse @symphonic-scream @dcschart
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immaturityofthomasastruc · 16 hours ago
tbh, zoe reminds me of that one character in fairly odd parents. i disliked that character and i definitely hate zoe as well. they're just both so bland, boring. we already have perfect pretty boy adrien here, do we need a mary sue too? like, what's the point of zoe except establish chloe as a more evil villain than the literal terrorist and shitty dad hawkmoth? does astruc have a new lady crush to impress with his great writing skills? im already seeing kids defending zoe, saying she's a flawed character when she's really really not. also, not to shade on zoe even more but she looks so boring. she looks like a background character rather than a secondary (?) character or even a bee hero. also, her hero costume is just so bleh. for a character from new york and living in paris, she sure has some uninspired design. sorry this turned into a rant, i just saw posts defending zoe and adrien like they're the second coming of jesus. also, screw astruc, im still gonna continue loving chloe and her character. no amount of hate comments can stop me from liking her character. damn him treating girl characters as one dimensional ones, it's like he hasn't seen a damned teenager in his life.
Ironically, that name of that character from The Fairly OddParents was Chloe. I’m not making this up.
But yeah. it’s obvious that Zoe was conceived as a replacement for Chloe first and a character second.
“Alright, we got a character design for Zoe’s super awesome hero suit and... what do you mean we need to give her an actual personality?“
But don’t worry, you aren’t alone in feeling this way.
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euesworld · 16 hours ago
"Honey is the taste of your lips, a billion bees couldn't make anything sweeter than your smile and it tastes great too.."
My Queen, you are the sweetest honey on the lips of beauty - eUë
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fanficmaniatic · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Is been 4 years, but the fact that Chat Noir is on the villain side for the S2 and S3 Intros still stresees me out.
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warrior-fish16 · a day ago
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marshmallowmatches · a day ago
Tumblr media
Piece from last week's stream! I'll be doing another one tomorrow (6/19/21) at 8:30 on twitch, come check it out!
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a-chlolix-blog · a day ago
Marinette/Ladybug in the Bee Sisters au
After Ladybug tells Chloé to become friends with Sabrina again in Antibug, she doesn't expect much of a change.
When Marinette actually sees Chloé studying with Sabrina in the library, she's wondering what's up with her.
Because Marinette isn't aware that Chloé's actually trying to change, she doesn't pay it much mind.
Then she notices lots of other changes.
- Least people are getting akumatized because of Chloé.
- Chloé's actually being helpful during school projects.
- Chloé isn't making fun of Marinette anymore or even talking to her.
Ladybug even notices that Chloé's even trying to help with the akumas she had NOTHING to do with creating.
Then Zoé shows up... with Audrey (she doesn't think this is a good mix).
Ladybug loses the Bee Miraculous the same way, but Zoé finds it before the day's saved.
Marinette's more focused on finding the Bee Miraculous than she is with Adrien modeling her hat.
Marinette watches Zoé calm Chloé down after Chloé tells off Audrey... then not to long, Audrey's akumatized into a more powerful version of Style Queen.
Gabriel's all like "yes... a parent being talked down to by the child that's always looked up to them. This should do it!"
Marinette puts aside looking for the Bee Miraculous to focus on Style 2.0.
When Chloé's captured, that's when Zoé jumps into action as Vesperia & meets up with Ladybug and Chat Noir.
Ladybug doesn't trust the new heroine at first.
Ladybug: The Bee Miraculous? Who are you?! Where did you get that?!
Vesperia: I promise I will return the Miraculous as soon as we're done! We gotta save Chloé and Mrs. Bourgeois!!
After the day is saved, Vesperia goes with Ladybug to privately return the Miraculous & her reveal her identity as Ladybug.
To say that LB is shocked is an understatement.
Zoé: I'm sorry for not finding you to return the Miraculous sooner... I would understand if you didn't want me to be a hero anymore.
Ladybug: No... it's my fault, I should've been more careful when I was gonna give it to some else. I am lucky someone like you found it.
Tikki obviously questions Marinette on this chose, but Marinette says "maybe she'll influence Chloé to be a better person".
Little does Marinette know... that's what she's been doing for awhile now.
In the artclub Marinette notices that Chloé's bring Zoé with her and Sabrina because Zoé friends with Marc (due to them being in the same class).
When Marc's akumatized into Reverser, he goes after Chloé and Sabrina (also doesn't know she's doing better), Zoé gets them out of there & run to the Louvre where they see ClumsyBug & ScaredyChat talking to Alix and Nathaniel.
Alix, Chloé, Sabrina and Zoé offer their help. Chloé even gets alittle chuckle out of Alix scaring ScaredyChat.
Then day is saved and Marinette (as well as Chloé) adores that they added Vesperia in the comic along with Rena Rouge and Carapace.
We're at Malediktator now!!
Chloé actually does her assignment on Vesperia (but was to embarrassed to run it out loud), Marinette thinks there's something up but doesn't say anything.
When the akuma shows up, Zoé pushes Chat Noir out the way, so she's hit by Malediktator instead of him.
Ladybug doesn't know who to give the Bee Miraculous, so she has Chat Noir do it (she trusts her Kitty's judgement) while she holds off Malediktator.
When he comes back with a know Bee Heroine, she's shocked.
Chat Noir: Got us a New-Bee, Buggaboo!
Ladybug: Who are you?!
Queen Bee: I'm Queen Bee! It's an honor to work with you Ladybug! I've been dreaming of this since FOREVER!!
After the day is saved, Marinette somehow finds out Chloé's did her assignment on Vesperia & organizes a party for all the heroes in Paris (including Queen Bee).
Despite Chloé not telling her, Marinette's happy she's actually doing great at being a better person.
Inspired by: @princess-of-the-corner @symphonic-scream @justanotherpersonsuniverse @dcschart
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hangesidekick · a day ago
request: hi Hange could write something where their s/o is a miraculous holder (whichever kwami you want) for Viperion, Ladybug and Chloé ? please ^^
requester: @emmacata
note: hi Tcha!! i had loads of fun making this one, and i’m also for everyone to see the rest!! posts will be more consistent now, so thats cool and i hope you all enjoy!! at this point the gifs i choose have nothing to do with the plot at all
reblogs are super helpful and appreciated thank you babes
warnings: shanghai special spoilers
links: masterlist + request guidelines + last post + taglist
Tumblr media
in Marinette’s time being Ladybug she has managed to lose three miraculous’s, the first time being when she dropped the bee miraculous, essentially, straight into Chloe Bourgeois’s hands. the second, when Fei stole the ladybug miraculous from her in Shanghai, and the third, she lost the mouse miraculous trying to put it on herself. She accidentally dropped it trying to dodge an attack and Mullow the mouse miraculous kwami flew after the necklace, which fell right in front of your feet as you were running down the sidewalk. you picked up the necklace looking at it, flabbergasted, it was then that Mullow decided to introduce herself, she explained how Ladybug was desperately in need of the mouse miraculous holder, and thus you transformed into Multi-Mouse. you met up with Ladybug and Chat Noir and helped them defeat the akumatized villain, after Ladybug purified the akuma you de-transformed handing the necklace to a shocked Ladybug. “y-y/n?” Ladybug asked, forgetting that she wasn’t in her civilian form and you didn’t know who she was under the mask. “you know who i am?” you asked her, confused and also shocked. “yes! no! i mean- yeah! i’ve heard of you, but this is the first time we’ve met!” Ladybug stammered, “obviously you know that though, duh.” she face palmed herself. “well, thank you for letting me help you and Chat Noir, i have to go find my girlfriend, Marinette, now. you’ve saved her quite a few times haven’t you?” you asked, reminiscing on all the times Ladybug has said she got Marinette to safety, “ah, yeah...” Ladybug said. maybe she’d have to think of a better excuse.
Paris now has two infamous, superhero duos. Ladybug and Chat Noir as well as Viperion and Lynx, or also known as Luka and you but just like Ladybug and Chat Noir you’re not supposed to know each others identity but one fateful night had other plans. Viperion had just made it to the scene and saw you sprinting across the length of the park, quickly he sprinted after you to get you to safety but he was utterly confused when you decided to run to an alleyway even though your house was two doors away. he jogged toward you to drag you to your house when he heard three specific words “Roaar, transform me!” he watched as a magenta light enveloped your body and changed your appearance, turning you into his ‘partner in hero-ing’ Lynx. you turned to see him and just stared at him, shocked that you accidentally transformed in front of him. all that came out of your mouth was “oopsie...”
well, apparently Ladybug doesn’t choose good bee miraculous holders. Chloe wasn’t allowed the bee miraculous at this point in time, and Zoé is currently akumatized, hence why you were here. After you, Ladybug, and Chat Noir defeated akumatized Zoé you heard a familiar voice call Ladybug’s name and stomp over to her, “Ladybug! how can you keep giving my miraculous to incompetent strangers!” Chloe yelled not knowing she was calling her s/o an ‘incompetent stranger’. “Pollen, transform me! don’t worry babe i wasn’t planning on taking your spot.” you giggled handing Ladybug the bee miraculous continuing to smirk at Chloe’s flabbergasted state. “Ladybug, the only person i allow to wear my miraculous is y/n, you hear me? so, you better tell Vesperia that she’s fired, utterly fired.” Chloe took your hand and dragged you away from the spotted hero, flipping her hair along the way.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~taglist: @stargazingfracture @the-corner-redacted @just-your-local-fanart-weirdo @tamakii-amajiki @lerivaleriano ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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reachthezeneth · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The amount of times I've listened to this today!! I'm absolutely amazed and awed and I'm thankful you would share it with me!!! You're RIGHT!! slowed+reverbed music is wonderful!!!
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