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genderfluidmomadragon · 17 hours ago
So I had this crazy dream about Ladybug and Chat Noir where in high distress we learn that the miraculi holders don't actually need the jewelry. They ARE Ladybug, Chat Noir, Carapace, Rena Rouge, and some others. So they're attacked as civilians and Hawkmoth is trying to get the miracle box but suddenly Carapace and Rena burst in ready to kick ass. But they weren't wearing masks because they weren't given their miraculi (they are in suit though?) Ladybug even manages to use Bee powers in a moment of need for the venom.
The box is stolen in the end but then a plot twist happens in my dream and all of the miraculi are gone from the box because all of the true holders don't need them anymore. It's not that they can BECOME their alter egos anymore, they ARE their alter egos.
I think this was very cool of my subconscious.
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fanficmaniatic · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Is been 4 years, but the fact that Chat Noir is on the villain side for the S2 and S3 Intros still stresees me out.
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xhanisai · 3 days ago
Disregarding the scene where Nino and Alya become Carapace and Rena Rouge in front of each other,
Imagine a love square with those guys. Basically Carapace internally panics whenever he sees Rena because, “She’s so pretty bUT IM NOT GONNA CHEAT I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.”
That would have been both hilarious and an absolute headache ahahahah
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gale-gentlepenguin · 3 days ago
(Gabriel agreste tied up)
Ladybug: Gabriel Agreste, You are under arrest for your heinous crimes!
Chat noir: You messed up big time!
Carapace: Thats right! How dare you neglect your son!
Rena Rouge: How dare you lie to him and make him feel so alone!
Ladybug: We are going to pay you back one million fold for your attrocities.
Chat noir: Ummm guys? I appreciate it, But shouldnt we mention the terrorism?
Carapace: Yea, but we are focusing on the truely horrific acts first.
Ladybug: (Glaring at Gabriel) You make me sick!
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marikittynoir · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Here's my piece for @thedjwifizine! I had the amazing opportunity to work with @botherkupoand illustrate for her fic Need A Lift?
Thanks to @niyes-lahiffe and @thelastpilot for being fantastic mods!!! Y'all did amazinggggg! 💚🧡
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hangesidekick · 4 days ago
request: hi.. can you write something about adrien and fat reader (hi from an xl size i hate it). i feel like he wouldnt really like me and be judgemental idk why but since ive read a lot of ur stuff in like two days i kinda got interested in how do you think he would react to a chubby person?? its okay if u dont want to do it tho, love ur writings!!
requester: @reveluvspecial
note: oh my goodness graciousness! i know you for a fact you are beautiful, and in case anyone else who feels like they have any less value because they have a bigger size than what society says is ideal, than i want you to know that you should never feel ashamed for being bigger than someone else, that you are beautiful no matter what size you are skinny or chubby and that if someone truly loved you they wouldn’t care what size you came in. i love all of you, and all of your extra weight and i imagine the miraculous characters would too. much love, to all of you. this was a very sweet request, i hope you thoroughly enjoy.
warnings: mentions of anxiety, self deprecation, body image anxiety
links: masterlist + request guidelines + last post + taglist
Tumblr media
you were terrified to walk into Mme. Bustier’s classroom, too tired of all the anxiety that weighed you down, scared of their judgmental thoughts, the worst part was Adrien Agreste was in your class. Famous model, perfect face, perfect body. And your body was so.. imperfect in your eyes, but the bell rang and if you didn’t step inside now, you’d be late, your caretaker getting a call from the school announcing your tardiness, and it would be a mess, so it’s now or now, there’s no other option. You opened the door and walked inside, all eyes shifted toward your figure, “ah, there they are now! class, this is our new student, y/n, everyone say hello.” “hello, y/n!” the entire class repeated as if this was kindergarten, their stares were all so intense but soft at the same time. you knew that stare, it meant they were judging you, but they were guilty about it, they didn’t want you to know, but you did, you always knew. “y/n, why don’t you take a seat next to Adrien today, since Nino is in the back next to Lila, and i’ll get class started.” “okay.” your voice was small, and with every step towards Adrien your mind screamed ‘stop, don’t! what will he think?! he’ll judge you, he’ll hate you, he wants nothing to do with you! he’ll judge you!! cant you see that! no one likes a overweight person, they aren’t pretty! run! leave now!’ but you sat next to him stiffly, ignoring the lies your mind told you were truths and you focused on your teacher. “hi, i’m Adrien, it nice to meet you.” your seat partner spoke, increasing your anxiety, but you knew how to put on a brave face and act like everything was alright, “y/n. nice to meet you too.” you replied, your mind still going wild of what he might think of you, but he smiled instead and focused on class.
lunch came, your least favorite part of the day, it’s where you’re most susceptible to be judged, i mean when people know you’re fat they immediately assume, you eat too much, however a lot of the time that’s not the case. but you can’t change their minds, and you know not to starve yourself, because you’d rather be healthy and chubby than unhealthy and skinny, because you being healthy is the most important thing you can be. and so you sat down at an empty lunch table, your lunch a hearty salad, and water, the kind of food they won’t judge you about, but before you took your first bite, someone caught your attention, “hey, y/n, come have lunch at our table!” Adrien called, waving his hand for you to come, and you went, maybe Adrien would want to be friends, maybe he wouldn’t judge you. maybe. you sat next to him and met his friends, a sweet baker’s daughter who wanted to be a fashion designer, an aspiring dj, and a superhero enthusiast who had her own blog. and that forty minutes of lunch you were dreading, turned out to be the highlight of your day. actually, it was the highlight of your days, you had lunch with those four everyday and they never made you feel less than, or uncomfortable, or devalued, and the thing is, they do that genuinely, they don’t watch what they say around you because they never say anything that’s hurtful, or offensive to people like you. you found genuine friends, genuine people you could rely on that you know would never hurt you on purpose and they do judge you, but they judge you on your personality, and your humanity.
throughout your time being friends with Adrien your feelings for him grew, and you couldn’t help but wish you could be in his arms. but what happens if you do end up dating, what would he think, will the weight on your body be a problem? what would his dad think? he’s a fashion designer, Adrien is a model, they would hate you, you’d be the black sheep! all of these thoughts pummeled into you one day when the five of you were out to get ice cream from Andre’s, “y/n? are you alright? you haven’t touched your ice cream.” Adrien asked, concerned, “huh? oh, um, i don’t want ice cream anymore.” “why not?” you didn’t want to tell him why, you didn’t want to tell him that, “maybe if i say no to ice cream now and meals later, and exercised, maybe get a dietitian, and size down, i could date him and then he wouldn’t be embarrassed to be with me and his dad would like me and we’d have a great life and i wouldn’t be the ugly duckling.” “wait, who?” unfortunately, you had said that out loud. “oh, umm..” “wait, y/n, are you talking about me? you actually think i’d care what size you are?” he asked, hurt flashed through his eyes, you meekly nod, like your guilty of a crime, “y/n, i would never. i don’t care what size you come in, i don’t care what my father thinks of you. actually,” he takes your hand in his, “i think i fell in love with you the moment you became confident and truly yourself around us, i fell in love with you, y/n, not your body.” Adrien Agreste is the one person who made you fall in love with yourself, he never cared about what you looked like, what your weight was, what size you wore, or how many stretch marks covered your body. and now, as he holds you in his arms, you know he isn’t thinking of the weight he holds in his arms, he’s thinking of how many kisses he place your face before you get annoyed by it. Adrien loves you. All of you.
taglist: @stargazingfracture @tamakii-amajiki @emmacata @just-your-local-fanart-weirdo [bold names cannot be tagged :((]
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thatguywiththefaceog · 4 days ago
June Smut-Carapace/Chat Noir Costumes
Chat Noir and Carapace fool around in their costumes
requested by anon
This story is rated E for explicit and is for adults only. All characters depicted are over 18.
Carapace’s mouth was sweet Chat thought as he kissed his partner. The leather costumes the heroes wore were tight and left very little to the imagination. Both their bugles were very visible to each other.
Chat had made sure to find the best hotel for this randevu. No one could find them here. Carapace unzipped the front of Chat Noir’s costume down to his crotch. Chat pulled his erection from his leather suit.
Carapace kissed the head of Chat’s cock. As Carapace went to take off his hood, Chat stopped him.
“W-wait. Leave the costume on.”
Carapace smirked. “As you wish, my prince.”
His lips wrapped around Chat’s cock as he took the blonde boy in. Chat let out a hiss of pleasure as the turtle based hero sucked his cock. Carapace’s gloved hand fondled his balls.
The sensation was too much and he came, blowing loads of cum onto the DJ hero’s face.
“Aw, shit. Sorry dude.” Chat was so embarrassed.
But Carapace took a glob of cum and swallowed it. “My dude, that’s what's supposed to happen.”
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chatalyst · 4 days ago
Those “2 year hiatus between season 1 and 2” fics that had Nino as the Guardian who handed out the miraculouses and chose heroes while Ladybug and Chat Noir were Crime Fighting Duo #1 and Alya and Chloe were strong, powerful backup heroes while maintaining their core personality traits… ily
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A Miraculous TikTok Account
Part 57
I’m freeeeee
The cops pulled them off of Gabriel before they could kill him. Not that they were going to, of course, but they didn’t believe them when they said that. Who knows why. Definitely not that his arm was broken and his face was swollen to the point of being almost unrecognizable, that couldn’t be it.
They helped load the barely conscious Gabriel into the cop car and Alya slammed the door shut behind him with a showman's flourish.
The fireworks crackling overhead seemed to be celebrating the defeat of Hawkmoth. The holders were deciding to ignore the fact that it was New Years because defeating Gabriel Agreste was definitely more cool and important than the fact that they would all need to buy new calendars.
Done! Hawkmoth was done! Whoo!
So, why wasn’t the police car pulling away yet?
“What’s your father’s blood type?” Asked a policeman.
Ah, yeah, blood loss. That makes sense.
Adrien shrugged. “Heck if I know. Red, probably, but don’t quote me on that.”
“Oh, it’s definitely red,” said Marinette, examining the heel of her shoe.
“Red,” said Adrien with a nod to the officer.
The officer looked at them all for a moment in horrified silence before slowly turning away. As he should.
The four teenagers that had beaten Gabriel up waved him off with red-coated hands and smug grins. Adrien was too busy kicking out every rich person in the Gala to even give his father the ‘decency’ of seeing him off.
“Yeah, no, get out I literally don’t like any of you. You suck and I hope to never see you again. Except you, Kagami... come here, actually, I think you and Rena would be SO cute together --.”
Alya shoved him a little harder than was strictly necessary. “Ignore him, he’s just stupid.”
“C’mon! SHE’S gay, YOU’RE gay, you have so much in common!”
“I swear on the kwamis, Adrien...”
“You can’t be the fifth wheel FOREVER --.”
Nino grinned and threw his arm over Adrien’s shoulders. “Stop fighting. If she wants to die alone then she can.”
Alya scoffed, looking over to where Marinette and Chloe were flirting over a plate of finger foods. “A little help, guys?”
Chloe didn’t even look up. “Nah.”
“What happened to women supporting women?”
“We’re supporting you getting a relationship with another woman. There is nothing more ‘women supporting women’ than that!” Marinette argued.
Adrien waved off the last rich person and then turned to the gathered staff members. “I know my dad has already paid you but… take some of the gold things if you want? I don’t really care. Have at it.”
There was a beat of confused silence. And then it clicked into place and chaos reigned. The miraculous holders decidedly ignored all the yelling and screaming as they slipped inside Adrien’s house and started towards his room.
Sure, they could make the long trek across town to their house but, seriously, why would they? They were tired and it was past midnight and they wanted to steal Adrien’s clothes, so… no.
They made a pit stop to free the two people they had locked in the closet. They apologized and explained themselves and, when that didn’t work, Adrien and Chloe each Venmoed them five thousand euros. They seemed to relax after that and the five of them let them go join the free for all happening just outside.
“Damn, I wish I could just throw money at my problems until they disappear,” said Nino wistfully.
“You can now, you have a rich boyfriend,” Alya pointed out.
“... wait, am I a sugarbaby?”
“No, I don’t think so. Aren’t sugarbabies bottoms? Isn’t that the whole ‘baby’ part of it?” Joked Marinette.
“Then I guess you’re the only one that’s a sugarbaby here, Poppet.”
“Bitch --.”
Adrien and Chloe exchanged exasperated looks as their respective partners continued to debate who was technically more of a sugarbaby all the way to their room (with Alya egging them on, of course).
When they got to the safety of his room, they all detransformed. They didn’t know why they didn’t just show everyone, it would come out soon enough with both Marinette and Nino dating two very prominent figures and Alya being the last friend in the group… but they couldn’t bring themselves to tell the public just yet. They really just wanted to relax for the night.
Speaking of relaxing: why the fuck was Adrien’s bed so big? Adrien was tall and relatively wide because of his muscles but KWAMI that bed could fit all five of them with room to spare.
“Dude, what size bed is that?”
Adrien shrugged and pulled down a jewelry box from his closet. He dropped the butterfly miraculous inside.
“Custom, it has to be,” said Marinette.
“Oooooh, if it’s custom then it’s probably soft,” mumbled Alya. She dropped back on it and grinned. “I was right. I’m sleeping here, Adrien, find a new bed for yourself.”
“Wait, no, I want the bed!” Marinette complained.
“I was his friend when we were kids so I should get it.”
“I’m his BOYFRIEND --.”
“We can all have the bed,” Adrien said with a sigh. “It’s big enough. Anyways, who’s keeping their miraculi and who wants to keep them locked up?”
There was a short, uncomfortable silence.
“It’s not permanent,” he added quickly. “If you want to have them back at any point I’m not going to keep them from you, but if you want a break…”
They relaxed. It was a big decision to make, choosing to get rid of the miraculi entirely, but if they could always go back on the decision…
Nino dropped his in the box. “I have enough going on, I really don’t need this adding to it.”
Everyone nodded. They had expected that.
They hadn’t expected, however, to watch Alya take off her necklace and drop it in.
“I… I don’t like who I am with it on, not really. I don’t trust myself with it. Maybe I’ll take it back for short bursts if things happen but… yeah, I can’t.”
They nodded their understanding. The power of illusions could go to anyone’s head, really, it was good of Alya to recognize that and let it go.
Chloe and Marinette glanced at each other before pushing Adrien’s box away from themselves. They liked having the ability to fly, thank you very much, it was much quicker than walking. Also, the ability to boss around bees was pretty cool. So, yeah, they were keeping theirs.
Adrien himself kept both the brooch and the ring. The brooch because he was curious about the curse that he had discovered, the ring because he liked having Plagg around.
Adrien closed the box and set it in the back of his closet for now. And, speaking of his closet: clothes! They were going to steal clothes if it was the last thing they did.
But it didn’t need to be the last thing they did because Adrien was aware of what they wanted and didn’t care enough to stop them.
“Alright, who wants what?”
“I just want a... big shirt,” Marinette said through a yawn. “And maybe a coffee.”
“No coffee,” Chloe chided. Then she glanced at the closet. “Um… got any silk?”
Adrien nodded slightly. “Of course. What do you think I am? Poor?”
The apparently poor three complained loudly about their new classification for a bit but it was clear none of them actually cared.
Alya was the first one to break character, stretching lazily and eyeing the closet. “Just some athletic shorts for me.”
“I’m legally obligated to wear a hoodie at all times,” said Nino. “Also, silk pants because I want to see what I’m apparently missing out on.”
Adrien tossed them all their desired clothes and they didn’t bother even leaving the room to get changed. If you live with someone long enough you’re probably going to see them naked, especially when you share bathrooms.
Marinette, first to finish, turned around and gave a frown. “Hey, wait, isn’t that my shirt?”
After checking to see who she was talking to, Adrien cast a lazy look down to the shirt he was wearing as a crop top. It was a Fruits Basket shirt and he KNEW he hadn’t bought it himself because he’d never even watched the show.
But he shrugged and everyone moved on. It wasn’t like she could really complain when she was wearing a Batman themed shirt of his with the intent to steal it.
That done, they all collapsed on the bed. It took some time to find an arrangement that fit everyone’s sleeping styles, but eventually they ended up with all five of them together, comfortable under the blankets.
Adrien tried to speak but he got stopped by Marinette’s hair falling into his mouth, which sucked. He spat it out and then tried again: “Right, I’ve got a plan.”
“Wow, two plans in one night? Don’t strain yourself,” Alya teased.
He reached across Chloe and Nino to flick her forehead.
“Serves you right. Anyways, I’ve got a plan to deal with Fu.”
The next morning, the doorbell rang.
Alya shot awake, eyes wide. She slipped out of bed and started searching the floor for a shirt to pull on over her sports bra so she could check out what was going on.
The others woke up when the ringing continued, but none of them seemed all that eager to move anytime soon. They curled closer to each other, grumbling sleepy curses about whoever had the audacity to come by at… fifteen o’clock. How dare they?
Alya threw her hair into a messy ponytail and glanced over at everyone else.
After a few moment’s consideration, Alya came to a solution. She found thick headphones -- cat ear headphones, Adrien, really? -- and then walked to the piano. She banged her fist on the highest pitched keys.
Adrien screeched and launched himself out of bed, finally awake. This made everyone else tumble out of bed as well because they were experienced enough with his freakouts to know that being close to him during one meant scratches.
The four of them glared at Alya from their scattered places on the floor. She wasn’t all that concerned. She tossed Marinette a set of leggings to wear and then waved them along.
Her friends struggled to catch up -- especially Marinette, who had to juggle both pulling on pants and walking and did so with the grace of a chihuahua on adderall.
“You’re an asshole, Alya,” grumbled Nino.
“You love me.”
“Debatable,” said Chloe.
(Adrien climbed onto Nino’s back so he could go back to sleep. Nino barely blinked.)
“Nah, I’m perfect. You love me.”
“Mm,” hummed Marinette, which was better than a distinct ‘no’ if you weren’t paying attention to the angry tone she hummed it in. And Alya wasn’t paying attention to her tone. Good for her.
(Marinette made to head to the kitchen but Chloe stopped her before she could find her way to the coffee machine. Marinette made vague mouth sounds without any real meaning but Chloe pressed a kiss to the top of her head and she found herself suddenly not caring all that much.)
Finally, they reached the door. Alya swung it open to reveal Master Fu.
“I have come to retrieve the miraculi,” he informed them shortly.
Alya leaned against the doorframe. “Or what?”
“... sorry?”
“You’re one old man on the last leg of his life and we’re five athletic teens. What can you really do to us?”
Master Fu laughed, apparently thinking it was a joke. They didn’t join in.
“... I thought none of you liked being superheroes --.”
“Oh, don’t get me wrong, we hate it,” Marinette piped up. “But we don’t want you messing with more kids so we’re not giving them back.”
“That is very selfish --.”
“Buddy, you’re defending child labor and endangerment -- UNPAID child labor and endangerment, at that. You’re not going to get the moral high ground here,” said Nino.
Master Fu glared at them. “You may not keep the miraculi.”
“Again: what’re you gonna do to stop us?”
There was a few moments before he apparently came to a decision: “You’re living in a house paid for by me.”
Chloe grinned. “Alright.”
“... what?”
Chloe shrugged. “It’s cool. In fact, we kind of expected you to try and hold that over us. I have a moving company on speed dial and they’re stopping by tomorrow to take everything. Speaking of which, we really should get going so we can pack everything into boxes...”
She moved to brush past him, but Master Fu threw his cane in her path.
“Take it where?”
Marinette shrugged. “Doesn’t matter to you as long as we leave.”
Master Fu was not amused. “I WILL get those miraculi back. You kids don’t --.”
“So you admit it? You think we’re kids?” Alya cooed.
“... I will not leave you alone until you give me them back. I’m hundreds of years older than all of you combined, you have no idea what you’re messing with.”
Adrien pulled his face out of Nino’s neck, finally. “No. You’re going to leave us alone. Because I --” He stopped at the cold look Alya sent him and restarted “-- because ALYA found proof of identity fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion.”
Then, Nino pulled his phone from the pocket of his hoodie. The screen showed it was recording. “Also, thanks for admitting you’re hundreds of years old on tape for us. It really helps our case.”
“I’m sure the government would be very interested in how exactly you’ve lived this long,” added Chloe.
The five of them sent smug grins towards the rapidly paling Master Fu.
“This… this isn’t over!”
Marinette snickered. “Oh, sweetie, I think we all know it is.”
Alya gave a little finger wave before slamming the door in his face.
Nino glared at Chloe. “Did you really get the moving company for TOMORROW?”
“They were all booked outside of tomorrow, okay, I wouldn’t have done it otherwise!” She defended herself. “Packing is gonna suuuuuck,” complained Nino.
“I’ll get my bees to help everyone.”
“Oh, so NOW you use the bees to help us --,” started Alya.
“We are not having this argument AGAIN,” whined Marinette. “Can we just get going? We don’t have much time.”
Chloe rolled her eyes at the slightly cross look her girlfriend sent her. “Fine, I’ll say I’m sorry, is that what you want?”
“YES,” said the other four in unison.
“... well now I don’t want to.”
Marinette rolled her eyes. “Alright, fine, don’t apologize with words. Just make up for it by carrying two people over while I carry one.”
Nino’s eyes widened fearfully. “Oh FUCK no I’m not letting you dumbasses --.”
“Do you want to walk?”
“... one of us really needs to learn to drive.”
@nathleigh @sassakitty @th1s-1s-my-aesthet1c @blueslushgueen @woe-is-me0 @ladybug-182 @cas-and-their-refusal-to-write @trippingovermyfeet @melicmusicmagic @meimei3841 @roseliali-art @ultimatetornshipper @blissful-passing @not-a-pushover @that-one-scared-gay @diana-luna-13
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last-blueknight · 5 days ago
Chloe deserved better 🐝
Tumblr media
She will be a stereotypical bully and spoiled blonde, but she didn't deserve a chapter like Miracle Queen or Queen banana.
The team worked well, they just needed to trust each other and not abandon them in their worst moments.
And not take away their miraculous!
(I'm not saying it for nothing, I'm talking about self defense against hawk moth)
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marisblanket · 5 days ago
Carapace: Ladybug and Chat Noir share one brain cell.
Carapace: It occasionally gets passed to Rena.
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rosecanes · 5 days ago
Carapace Miraculous Wallpaper/Profile Pic
Tumblr media
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awholelotofladybug · 5 days ago
Stammering Adrien AU New York Special Moment #4: Clash of Heroes
Based on this AU
After a misstep fighting Techno Pirate, Chat Noir's Cataclysm destroys Uncanny Valley. Ladybug is quick to fix this, but Knight Owl is not impressed and Chat Noir is a bit shaken.
Knight Owl: Is this how you operate? Cleaning up after him while he mindless destroys everything he touches?
Chat: *looking at his shaking hands* I... I k-k-k-killed her...
Uncanny: I'm okay, Chat, besides, I am an android, so even if I was still damaged, someone with technical know-how could...
Majestia: Now's not the time for semantics, Uncanny.
Knight Owl: My point is that this sort of dynamic doesn't work, and neither of you should be heroes. You should turn in your Miraculouses, now.
*Suddenly, Su Han and the rest of Team Miraculous appears*
Su Han: That is not your decision to make.
Queen B: Yeah, and you don't know Ladybug and Chat. They've saved Paris, maybe even the world, plenty of times over.
King Monkey: And they did a lot of it without help.
Rena: They're some of the best heroes Paris has ever had.
Carapace: *holding Chat by the shoulders* They've overcome all sorts of obstacles, physical and mental. *smiles at his bro*
Chat: *smiles back*
Pigella: And the last thing we're going to do is let you bully them.
Pegasus: We stand by them. They're our leaders. So if you want them... *takes a fighting stance with the rest of the team* ... Come and get them.
*The American heroes look at each other, then back at the team*
Knight Owl: *reluctantly* Alright, maybe I was a little harsh. If all of you vouch for them, maybe Ladybug and Chat do know what they're doing. Just watch your backs, and each other's. *looks at Su Han* And you. Tell your guardian I hope he knows what he's doing.
Su Han: *nods*
Chat: *approaches Uncanny* I am so sorry...
Uncanny: I forgive you. As I was saying, I could have been repaired either way, and I am certain you wouldn't have done it on purpose. *hugs him* Take care of your team, and yourself.
Chat: *hugs Uncanny back*
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last-blueknight · 6 days ago
Pema the Kwami Hunter
(villain/antihero concept for miraculous ladybug)
Tumblr media
Pema lost all of her loved ones during a ritual involving the power of the Kwamis.
Her longebidity and physical aspects of it were strongly altered.
In pain and alone, she decided to take an oath to use this curse in order to destroy all existing miraculous, so that no one would use those powers again for selfish purposes.
She is against anyone who uses a miraculous, even if is a villain or hero.
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