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#miraculous spoilers
ryukosword · an hour ago
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Marinette? Yeah, of course! She's a very good friend, and you'll really like her too, once you get to know her. | THE GORILLA 2 × 11, LIES 4 × 2
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Why is Marichat the best ship:
Adrien was in love with Ladybug and Marinette was in love with Adrien.
Marinette thought Cat Noir was only a big flirt, a joker ,a boy who is also careless, silly, brave, a good person, a good fighter but who cannot be near as perfect as Adrien.She fell for Adrien's model looks, his talents and kindness.She never truly know Cat Noir or Adrien and never understood both of them. They were the same person obviously.
(spoiler warning)Even on lies episode she thought that Adrien is happy and has an amazing life. As Cat Noir she thinks that he has no problems in his civilian life like her. But everything she thinks is quite the opposite. She doesn't know Adrien also makes bad puns and also just as reckless as Cat Noir.
As Cat Noir he thinks that ladybug is brave, short tempered, rolls eyes for bad puns and jokes, stubborn, hates liars, not believing in herself ,also kind, fast learner talented and has the right idea at the time. He doesn't know ladybug will shutter and jumble her words,who is also clumsy, never has punctuality and cannot express her crush how she feels. For Adrien, Marinette is clumsy, kind ,sweet and always ready for helping others .He doesn't know that Marinette is also just like Ladybug, does command at dangerous situations, makes eye rolls for bad puns and also clever and witty as Ladybug.
But when Marinette and Cat Noir together, they can understand each other, learn their completly different side and also share their pain, sorrows and how much they care for eachother.
Marinette can learn that Cat Noir is a very lonely boy, whose parents are very strict with huge expectations, who cannot be himself in his civilian life and who uses the miraculous as a key to escape his (prison) civilian life.
Cat Noir can learn that how much Marinette loves him, and also how clever , witty, brave, stubborn she is as Ladybug. A one who rolls her eyes for every bad puns and jokes he does.
That's why Marichat is the most beautiful and the best ship.
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heistank · 3 hours ago
Nobody at all:
Adrien in Guiltrip: She a little confused but she got the spirit.
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flightfoot · 4 hours ago
After watching guilt trip I have to ask, why do you think Adrien is so naturally good at being gentle with people. Like his upbringing allows him almost zero interactions who other kids gets he’s so gentle yet also kinda clueless.
It’s just Adrien has the weird social skill set where he’s both hyper competent and also completely incompetent.
What do you think?
My best guess is that Adrien is just insanely empathetic, with having a really good talent for reading emotions, so long as they’re things that he’s experienced and are portrayed in ways similar to how he portrayed them when he felt them. Which is one reason he’s oblivious to Marinette’s crush, she handles her crush on him very differently from how he handles his crush on Ladybug.
It’s ideal for situations like with Juleka in Guiltrip, because he’s been through a very similar experience himself with his mom, and probably has a good clue of how he would’ve wanted to be treated at the time.
It falls apart when it comes to people whose mindset is more alien to him though, and can lead to him giving more benefit of the doubt than he should, since he’s using his own perspective and mindset as a baseline.
Huh. You know, him being so empathetic may make him a good Butterfly wielder, come to think of it.
So yeah. Adrien has sky-high empathy, but low real-world experience.
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pink-horns · 7 hours ago
Rose Lavillant, or should I say Lavillant Rose, (get it? Lavillant Rose ~ La Vie en Rose. hehe) really takes looking through pink glasses to another level and I love her for it.
Tumblr media
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kataraang0 · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
new outfit new outfit
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bananaapplewaffle · 8 hours ago
It’s kinda wack that Zag is writing and directing the ML movie instead of Thomas.
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maggies-scribblings · 10 hours ago
So. I really loved Guiltrip and the way it portrayed chronic illness.
Tumblr media
(It’s on that thread on Astruc’s Twitter about how Adrien was supposed to have a disability)
It was a very nice reply.
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shipperwithnomister · 11 hours ago
I went and looked for "Uncle Jagged Stone" focs on ao3 and honestly any of those that have Lukanette in them are now super awkward to read after Truth.
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bilvanoir · 13 hours ago
hmmm i'm thinking about Bunnyx and Ladybug's conversation in the Chat Blanc scene (season 3)
Bunnyx : you wanna know what you're getting for your next birthday?
Ladybug : no, of course not
Bunnyx : exactly
hmmm why did bunnyx says that? 🤔🤔🤔 what does it mean? what will happen at marinette's next birthday? 🤔🤔🧐🧐🤨🤨
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thepigeonsopinion · 13 hours ago
Ok. So, here’s the thing...
So my friend and I (well mostly me) were talking about the newest MLB episode “Guiltrip” and we both had a theory (or a realization idk).
A little summary of the episode:
Rose goes to the nurses office because of a headache. Juleka receives a message from Rose during lunch, which causes her to run away somewhere. The class follows her and encourage her to tell them what’s wrong. Juleka tells them that Rose has a illness. The class goes overprotective of Rose. Juleka feels guilty which causes her to get akumatized. Then, Pigella makes an appearance. Juleka’s deakumatized. End of episode. (Sorry if this summary is bad I just wanted to get the main parts of the episode down :) )
So, now that the creators have established that Rose had an illness when she was a kid and it just recently came back it got me thinking. What if the reason of why Rose has short hair is not because she wanted to, but because she had to. What if hair loss was one of the symptoms of Rose’s illness and Rose had to cut her hair because of that. What if Rose’s illness that she has is leukemia or cancer. :0
But that’s just my opinion (・ε・) (or theory idk)
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its driving me insane that the episodes arent released in order bc lila's in the backdrop of guilt trip but she doesnt do a thing and adrien got the pink bubble screen when he looked at mari and mari looked more comfortable to talk to him despite her stuttering and adrien acted so much more confident speaking out to chloe and also chloe actually seems a bit nicer when she joked at the end and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED
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sugarcubetikki · 16 hours ago
I...I tell myself to keep my options open for what Optigami could be potentially about, seeing how synopsis are super misleading.
Yet I keep jumping back to Adrienette every single time.
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lily-frog-trash · 17 hours ago
so marinette just changed her suit in the middle of a fight and we're supposed to move on?????? without explanaition???!!
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coccinelle-et-chaton · 17 hours ago
On Marinette and Adrien's crisis management strategies
No, I wasn't done talking about Guiltrip. Let's discuss.
So the other day I made this post poking fun at the one scene where Rose sneezes and while the class goes berserk, Marinette orchestrates and organizes the mass hysteria, while Adrien quietly is trying to get everyone to chill.
You know, this scene:
Tumblr media
Guiltrip gave us an excellent insight into one of the things that makes the bug and cat, the bug and cat with and without their masks: Their crisis management strategies.
I would argue that one of the biggest lessons of ml is that you can't always control the situations around you, nor convince mean people to stop being mean, but you can control how you react to these negative scenarios. I would argue even further, that it is precisely Marinette and Adrien's ability to manage themselves in these situations what makes them practically impossible to akumatize.
So far, Marinette has been close to being akumatized thrice and in two of those occations she either reasoned with herself or had someone else's help (Mme. Bustier) to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Adrien, on the other hand, has been akumatized once and for what I would consider pretty freakin' understandable reasons. This is to say, in a world where grown men get akumatized over pigeons and the way bread should be made, crisis management is indeed a super power. And it was oh so interesting to see this episode contrasting each style, because for a brief moment, we actually saw them being Ladybug and Chat Noir without the mask.
Why? Well, who is known to manage complex, time-sensitive problems under stress and delivering an equally complex, thoughtful solution? Who, in the direst hour, is able to calmly consider the situation and provide the unwavering support needed to overcome the odds? I'll give you a hint:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was also very interesting to see how these crisis handling translates into the ways they each rationalize a negative situation and where they turn to for support. When they attempted to console Juleka, while Adrien tried to approach the problem first looking at it from Juleka's point of view (something we see him doing also with Chloe or even his dad), Marinette rallied the rest of her friends to show their support (something she herself relies on when she is feeling down, as we see when she reaches for Chat Noir or Alya).
You can argue that maybe if Marinette hadn't jumped the gun to tell everyone, Adrien would probably have been able to reason with her, provide her some experience-based words of encouragement, and avert the crisis that emerged when Rose found out Juleka had told the class about her illness. But you can also argue that if Juleka hadn't witnessed how willing her classmates were to support her, she would still feel alone, thus prolonging her suffering. In this sense, both crisis management styles have their pitfalls and advantages by themselves, but when you put them together, they create a well-rounded solution.
So yes, I'm not even sure I made my point, but that's what I wanted to say.
tl;dr: Guiltrip showed us Marinette and Adrien acting like Ladybug and Chat Noir for 0.2034 seconds and they were both completely unaware.
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a-drienette · 17 hours ago
okay but imagine, if you will, marichat development like this:
- it’s nearly sunset, and after defeating an akuma and chat making a remark about ladybug being the best partner ever, ladybug finally tells chat that she told a friend in her civilian form she was ladybug
- chat loses it and says, “i don’t know if can ever trust you again, i can’t even look at you the same now,” then takes off without letting ladybug say anything else
- ladybug goes home and detransforms in her room and just breaks down, collapsing on her bed and sobbing
- the kwamis all rush to comfort her and offer chirps of advice and reassurance but tikki waves them off because she can see that marinette is overwhelmed and can’t handle them all at once
- after consoling her, tikki nudges marinette to get some air on her balcony (yes her balcony. y’all know where this is going)
- marinette does and regains her composure a bit, but then thinks she saw chat noir and breaks down again
- it was, of course, chat noir in the distance who was taking the long way home (after drowning his sorrows in a cup of whole milk). he says nothing as he’s launching through paris’s now dark skies, but his facial expressions make it clear that he is both infuriated and heartbroken
- but then, he hears someone crying
- “crying is never good. where there’s crying, there’s an akuma, and an akuma means seeing ladybug again and i just can’t,” he mutters to himself
- he looks for the source of the sadness and sees marinette, his good friend, sitting on her balcony and crying. he feels his heart sink instantly because he’s never seen her cry
- he cautiously drops onto her balcony and says “marinette? are you okay? i was just passing by on my way back from....from patrolling the city, and i heard you crying, is everything okay?”
- marinette can’t manage to speak because it’s him, the guy who just told her he’d never trust her again and basically hated her, and here he was, checking in on her because he’s so amazing like that (not that he knows she’s ladybug but)
- and marinette starts sobbing again, which makes chat noir’s heart sink even further
- he rushes next to her, eager to console her to ward off any akuma hawkmoth might be sending, but also because it made him physically ache to see her like this; a girl who was usually comforting others was the one who now needed comforting and chat wasn’t about to leave her anytime soon
- “hey, hey, hey. it’s okay, do you want to talk about it? i’m sure if we talk it through then you’ll see that everything will be alright,” chat says, gently brushing tears off of her face
- marinette stares helplessly up at him, then sighs with a shudder and explains how she told this...friend, something that upset hi--them, and that she doesn’t think they’ll ever trust her or want to talk to her or even look at her again
- chat noir, ever the empath, says, “i know how that feels. i mean, not how you’re feeling, but your friend. i know how they must be feeling right now.” he looks dramatically off into the distance. 
- marinette starts crying again, much to chat’s dismay. he thinks he said something wrong, so he rushes to correct it in the only way he knows how. 
- “don’t worry princess, i don’t think anyone could stay mad at you for long, you’re a purrfect friend.”
- chat noir learns that cat puns make marinette laugh and groan, so he tells her several more in a row until her tears of sadness turn to tears of joy, and instead of worrying about her troubles, she’s now teasing him about his awful puns. who knew she had a soft spot for cat puns? 
- “thanks kitty,” marinette says, her voice warm and affectionate as she looks at chat noir with equal amounts of warmth and affection
- chat noir blushes and tries to cover it up by joking about “that’s what heroes do”
- marinette nods, then suddenly throws her arms around him and squeezes him in a hug
- chat noir, blushing like crazy, brings a hand up to the back of her head and sinks into the hug, previously unaware of how much he desperately needed one
- the two sit like that for a moment, then pull away, both flustered but also grateful for each other’s company
- chat noir is the one to excuse himself, but before he leaves, he places a hand on her shoulder and tenderly says, “if you ever find yourself sad again, come up here to get some air. and you never know, maybe paris’s most handsome superhero will pay you a visit.” he throws her a wink and launches himself off into the night again
- marinette watches him go with a smile, then turns to tikki who has flown up beside her again, and says, “you were right tikki, a breath of air was just what i needed.”
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alternativemiraculous · 18 hours ago
New Pig thought: make it have cheering up powers? Miraculous of Motivation, let's you cheer someone up/boost their confidence/etc. Still situational, but not OP, and would still work with Guiltrip, and Rose in general.
The other idea I had was that of letting you know someone's motivation, with no other effect. You'd have to decide what to do with that information.
What do you think works best with the Pig? Please don't ignore me I'm tired of it. Don't like this if you're not gonna add something 😭
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once again, guiltrip spoilers. Read at your own risk if you haven’t seen it yet.
I love the design for Pigella!! It suits rose to a tee and it differs form the typical “spandex suit that has the same color scheme as the kwami” if you get what I mean. If I were to rank all the suits based on how I would redesign them (S tier being they’re good as they are, F tier being “sweetie I’m so sorry you deserve better”) I would definitely put Pigella at the S tier or the A tier at least. 
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aalissy · a day ago
And we have now finished a week of Marichat May woot woot!! Plus, I’ve almost finished all my finals too <3. Lemme know if you like this chapter tho be warned it DOES have spoilers for Gang of Secrets so plzzz watch that episode first :)
Chat paced atop Marinette’s balcony, running a hand through his blonde hair, messing it up even further. His mind and thoughts were centered solely around the conversation he had earlier tonight with Ladybug. Eventually, he tightened his jaw, determination filling him as he was about to knock on her trapdoor.
Unfortunately for him, though, Marinette swung it up before he could, hitting him directly in the jaw. Her mouth immediately dropped as she raced to him, cradling his face between her warm hands. “Oh my god, kitty, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know that you were up here! How bad does it hurt?”
“I’m fine! I’m fine,” Chat choked out, brushing off her worries with a wave of his gloved hand. His jaw throbbed fiercely but it was nothing compared to some of the injuries he received during akuma attacks.
“If you’re sure,” Marinette muttered, a frown creasing her brow. She narrowed her gaze at him before she tilted her head, looking at him curiously. “But, what were you doing out here? Have you been here long?”
He glanced away from her, rubbing the back of his neck as he blushed a light pink. Chuckling nervously, he said, “No, I just got here.”
She raised a skeptical eyebrow at that. Instead of replying back to him, she nodded her head, gesturing for him to continue explaining. He took a deep breath, gathering his courage before talking again, “I have something really important to tell you.”
Marinette blinked at his words, her expression a mixture of shock and confusion. She worried on her lower lip as she peered up at him. “Go on.”
“Well,” Chat started with another nervous chuckle. “Ladybug and I had a talk tonight and she mentioned that she told a civilian who she was.”
A knowing look entered her eyes and before he could analyze what that meant, she gasped with shock, placing a hand over her chest. “Did she really? That sounds super dangerous, is everything okay? A-and are you okay? I know you’ve wanted to reveal your identity to her for a while.”
He shook his head, a brush of disappointment welling up inside of him before he pushed it away. There was no time to be too upset about it. She had made her choice and it was over now. Besides, he still needed to make his request to Marinette. With a quiet sigh, Chat murmured, “Yeah, I’m just purrfect... a little disappointed, maybe but I understand why she did it.”
Marinette leaned on the brick wall of her balcony, nodding her head rather solemnly as she crossed her arms. “Well, that’s good. I’m glad you’re not here for a much-deserved rant against her.”
“No, no,” he laughed lightly, shaking his head. “I’m not here to rant. I actually came because I had a favor to ask you.”
Another frown furrowed her brow and she uncrossed her arms, leaving them to hang by her side. “Alright, what do you need?”
Chat sucked in another deep breath before shutting his eyes tightly. Speaking quickly, he blurted out his request. “I want you to be the one to know my secret identity!”
She practically choked at that, shouting, “What?!”
Immediately, he opened his eyes to look at her. Marinette had pushed off of the wall, pulling on her pigtails as she paced back and forth on the small balcony. He watched her angrily mutter to herself for a few moments before he hesitantly called her name, “Marinette?”
Her head whipped to his and she walked closer to him. “Why me?” she whispered quietly, her eyes a mix of desperation and sadness.
Chat cleared his throat, shifting from side to side as he considered her words. “Well, I’m practically always here and you’re one of the most trustworthy people I know. If I was going to reveal my identity to anyone but Ladybug it would be you, Marinette. And, besides, you were pretty pawerful as Multimouse.”
He had thought that his pun would lighten the mood some, but if anything it made it even worse. Marinette looked even more sullen as she gazed down at the floor sadly. She rubbed her eyes before sighing quietly. “I can’t know your secret identity, Chat. I-I’m sorry. I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”
He blinked at her a few times. “Why not? You’re the purrfect choice. You’ve never been akumatized and you’re one of my best friends.”
Marinette peeked back up at him with a soft smile. “Which is exactly why you shouldn’t tell me. What happens if I do get akumatized? Or what if Hawkmoth figures out you come here and realize I know who you are? It’s just too dangerous, kitty. I’m really sorry.”
“Oh,” Chat practically whispered. He looked down as he thought about her words. She was right, of course. Like always. With a quiet sigh, he nodded his head and extended his baton. “You’re right, I’m sorry for bothering you, then.”
Her eyes immediately widened before she reached out to hold onto his wrist tightly. “No, Chaton! You didn’t bother me at all! I’m flattered that you even thought of me to know! I-I just... there’s a really big reason why I can’t know.”
All of a sudden, everything clicked. Why she had panicked. Why she looked so worried now. Marinette was right, there was a big reason she couldn’t know his identity. She was the civilian Ladybug told. Of course, it was her. Marinette was probably the most trustworthy citizen in Paris.
Chat’s bad mood immediately disappeared as a small smirk twitched on his lips. “I get it, purrincess. You really can’t know.”
She froze at that, looking up at him as she got paler. Clearing her throat, she tapped her index fingers together. “W-what do you mean?”
“It’s alright, Mari, I’ll keep your little secret now that the cat’s out of the bag.” He reached forward, tapping her on the nose gently with a quick wink.
Marinette turned even paler as she choked. “W-what?! H-how did you figure it out?!”
“Your reaction kinda gave it away.” Chat shrugged with a rather goofy smile on his face.
“How are you taking this so well?!” she threw her arms in the air almost exasperatedly, “You know you’re not supposed to know I’m Ladybug.”
Now it was his turn to gasp in shock. His jaw fell open as his heart raced quickly in his chest. What in the world was she talking about?! Choking on his tongue, Chat swallowed the large lump in his throat. In a hoarse whisper, he asked, “W-what?”
Marinette immediately slapped a hand to her mouth, her eyes widening. “Oh my god, you hadn’t figured it out. Did you?”
He slowly shook his head and she let out a quiet wail, tugging her pigtails once again. As she buried her head in her hands, Chat hesitantly placed a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it once. “I-It’s okay... I-I won’t say anything. Cat’s honor.”
She sniffled, looking up at him with a quivering lip. “B-but... if you didn’t figure out my identity. What secret were you talking about?”
Chat gave her a crooked grin, trying to ignore the tingles that were racing up his arm. He was touching Ladybug’s bare shoulder. Ladybug and Marinette were the same person. It was taking all he had not to completely freak out and wrap her in a tight bear hug. Chuckling awkwardly, he glanced away from her big, bright, blue eyes. “I um, actually thought that you were the civilian Ladybug told.”
Marinette groaned, burying her head back in her hands. She then muttered to herself, “That makes so much sense. I’m such an idiot.”
“Hey!” he said rather offendedly. Lifting her chin up, he connected their gazes once again. “You are not an idiot! If anyone’s the idiot, it’s me! I just came to Ladybug’s house to reveal my secret identity!”
She giggled quietly, biting her lip to contain a small smile. Chat’s heart fluttered at seeing her happier and he decided then and there to make certain that Marinette was always smiling. Squeezing her shoulder again, he murmured, “So, is it alright if I reveal my secret identity now?”
“No!” she clenched her eyes shut tight, shaking her head rapidly. “It’s too dangerous that you already know who I am! I can’t know who you are!”
“But, purrincess,” he whined, feeling his shoulders sag with disappointment. This was supposed to be the moment he swept her off her feet. Sure, he was just her dorky classmate but maybe knowing they were always friends would help him.
“No buts, Chaton!” Marinette poked his chest pointedly. “There’s been enough identity reveals lately! We need to be more careful! Especially with Shadowmoth.”
Chat’s lips quirked almost bitterly before he nodded his head. “Alright, I get it purrincess.” Taking his baton, he extended it quickly and gave her one last wink. “I’m looking furward to the next akuma attack, m’lady.”
Not waiting for an answer, he took off into the night. It was much too tempting to be around her and not reveal his identity. Besides, he had already decided to spend as much time as possible with her as Adrien at school tomorrow. Even though he wasn’t tired, he couldn’t wait to go to bed and see her again.
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