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#ml spoilers
ryukoswordan hour ago
*while in gulitrip*
nino: my friend is sad :(
juleka: i betrayed my girlfriend :(
chat noir: i no longer matter in this universe. my actions do nothing to do much as hider the endless torture that is existence. i am going to cataclysm myself, so that my ashes may wander the universe with the same abandon that the universe wanders space.
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ladyfashionflash2 hours ago
Okay wow I'm an idiot but apparently Guiltrip is episode 11 while Sole Crusher and Queen Banana are episode 7 & 8 respectively. So..uhh... where's Zoe?
really should be watching these in order huh...
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miraculousrainbow2 hours ago
Im not the only ml fic writer that suddenly started incorporating Chat drinks milk in their fics to cope right 馃槀
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mc-lukanette4 hours ago
A concept:
The scene in 鈥淕uiltrip鈥 where Ladybug and Chat Noir are getting Guiltrip鈥檚 bubbles stuck to them. Ladybug鈥檚 pep talks haven鈥檛 worked and she knows that she needs help dealing with Reflekta, but Chat Noir is basically too far gone at that point.
That鈥檚 when she notices Rose trying to cheer her on and gets the idea to give her the pig miraculous. Pushing past her negative feelings as best as she can, she pulls the pig miraculous out of her yoyo and urges Rose to transform and use the pig鈥檚 power on her (since she can always recharge Daizzi afterwards anyway) to help her repel the guilt bubbles.
Cue her (pleasant) surprise when the gift Pigella presents her with (that is meant to show her greatest happiness/desire) is not her with Adrien, but her with Luka.
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violetdupaincheng5 hours ago
AU where Adrien is the main character, and is a big himbo, he also has the power to 鈥渃leanse鈥 akumas with his staff but they just die instead of turning white, so he doesn鈥檛 like using it. Chats personality is generally the same, but Adrien isn鈥檛 as oblivious to Maris crush and he is also SUPER bad with social interactions. Luka is equivalent to Chloe, and Felix is equivalent to Lila. Nino is the obvious substitute to Alya and Marinette can actually form sentences around him.
The title would be Miraculous: the tales of Chat Noir and his lady.
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starry-river-serval6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you hold hands with your girlfriend in the episodes before she turned into a superhero for you but people still say you aren't canon bc you can't legally kiss on the lips on screen
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miss-aviv8 hours ago
Alya after Gang of Secrets.
I swear I love their friendship so much. And I can't wait to watch it get stronger.
Please Do Not Repost. (Unless you're reposting on instagram, then you can just give me credits) But no where else. Thank You
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flightfoot9 hours ago
I am afraid how they will handle Zoe and Chloe. Considering that Sole Crusher is going to be Chloe fault that Zoe gets akumatize due not accepting her. The thing this is a delicate topic. If Chloe never knew about Zoe of course she wasnt going to accept that quickly. Things like this happen in real life. Not many people accept a big change on their life.
I am afraid they will disregard Chloe feelings towards the situation. Even if probably something awful happen to Zoe other parent (or wether is the reason she is now going to be part of the Bourgeois life) and will need some support. The show at least needs to acknowledge both parties feelings.
Hm... the new synopsis makes it sound like Chloe鈥檚 gonna handle it by trying to isolate Zoe from potential friends moreso than just not accepting her, so I鈥檓 betting it won鈥檛 be all that sympathetic to Chloe. Like, maybe sympathetic to some of her feelings, but not to her actions.聽
We鈥檒l have to see I guess. It鈥檚 a bad idea to judge an ML episode before getting to see it (with translations if needed).
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laazybugnoirworld9 hours ago
"Sole Crusher" Synopsis revealed!
Mundo Gloob has revealed the official synopsis for episode #7, which will premiere on Tuesday, May 25th at 18:30 pm (Brazil time)
"Marinette meets Zoe, a new student at her school. But she has no idea that Zoe is the half-sister of someone very powerful at school and that person will do anything to make this friendship be crushed."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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amimons10 hours ago
remember when everyone was freaking out that adrienette would sit beside each other in the theatre in queen banana based on a blurry screenshot? I saw another screenshot and Adrien's a seat infront of Marinette *pours one out for the adrienette shippers*
Why do they always do this to us...taking away any hope of adrienette sitting next to each other 馃槶
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moodys-depository11 hours ago
I've never seen anyone make this connection, but I am gladly going to
This show:
Tumblr media
Was the foundation for this show:
Tumblr media
"How?" You may ask?
A blonde rich man who entertains himself by destroying the lives of teenagers as an antagonist.
The main antagonist of RC is an evil sorcerer, who wields a magical power that feeds off negative energies, and turns the victims into monsters. His goal is to be set free from his prison underground and wreak havoc on the surface.
Papillion is an old man who hasn't felt a woman's embrace for so long, to cope, he uses his source of magic (kwami) to feed off the negative energy of others and turn them into his vessels of evil (akumas).
Gabriel and Mcfist have possibly gay assistants. Sorry, I'm not on the GabeNath train in my eyes Nathalie is a lesbian.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And they both look like they deserve more than minimum wage. For all the stuff they do for those ungrateful fucks.
The protagonists are presumably in the same grade. Schooling is different in France, of course, but Marinette would be in 9th grade if she went to school in America based on their ages.
The Protagonists gained their powers from ancient practices that are passed down (The Ninjanomicon in RC, Master Fu/Miracle Box in ML)
Randy and Marinette hold huge responsibilities and have to juggle school life with social life.
Howard and Alya know about their best friend's identities
Protagonists are Holders of items that hold mysterious magic (Randy keeps the Ninjanomicon with him at all times, Marinette is now the Holder of The Miraculouses)
Bullying victims (Lila for Marinette, and almost the whole school for Randy and Howard)
So in conclusion, Randy had to walk so Marinette and Adrien could...stumble around awkwardly.
This probably doesn't make sense but I love
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laazybugnoirworld11 hours ago
We have two more promotional pics of episode #8 "Queen Banana" thanks to Disney Germany!
Remember this episode premieres on May 28th at 18:50 (German Time) on Disney Channel Germany!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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arrow-2812 hours ago
Miraculous s4 new teaser (spoiler)
Tumblr media
Tablet Gabriel back at it again
How can he see the movie screen I-
Adrien hold him higher my dude
I think Adrien is contemplating his life at this point
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ladyblargh12 hours ago
I hate.... the implication.... that Marinette might lose her memory someday as the guardian....
Master Fu resentment post
I bet he didn鈥檛 even lose his memory 馃槕 he just pretended so he could yeet out of there
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Alya 3b maybe?
Tumblr media
Here鈥檚 Alya with a little post Gang of Secrets spoiler if you squint 馃槈
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zoe-oneesama14 hours ago
IDK if someone else has already pointed this out but: do you think it鈥檚 a little weird that the new bee holder shares has the same name as you, a person who makes comics about Mari with the bee miraculous? Like, is That Guy making a nod to your comic?
I have answered this before, but just to be more clear, while the jokes about 鈥渕e being in Miraculous Ladybug鈥 are fun and I鈥檒l keep making them, I don鈥檛 actually think I was taken into any consideration at all when it comes to the character. The name rhymes with Chloe and it was always destined Amber or Zo茅 or whoever the 鈥淐hloe sister鈥 character would be (if they decided to add her) was going to HAVE to be linked to the Bee.
Plus if they know about my comic, I doubt they鈥檇 be trying to bring attention to it. More likely they鈥檇 be hoping to drown out my comic in search engines.
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delusionalgirlie15 hours ago
Nah nah nah
Alya deffo gonna pull that 鈥渉ey adrien I wanna sit next to Nino can we switch seats?鈥
Tumblr media
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