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#like yea that’s a satan outfit
megumifushi · a month ago
I bet that Nanami smells like an expensive af cologne meanwhile Gojo either uses that same type of cologne or he deadass smells like Old Spice since he wouldn't use Axe Body Spray because he says that "it's made for boys" and he's a man now.
I wish he’d use Axe, I’m fucking allergic to Axe products and that would therefore give me a good reason to avoid that fucking man
he already makes my skin itch by just doing nothing so
Nanami smells like fresh-pressed linens and a warm hug
Nanami feels like a leather couch you haven't broken in yet
Nanami tastes like expensive sake, a slight mint, and a subtle sweetness
Nanami looks like the most secure safety blanket
Nanami sounds like the whistle of wind chimes in the calm of a storm
Gojo smells like that one time you ordered an outfit online and it came and was absolutely TERRIBLE: regret. he smells like regret
Gojo feels like sitting in public transit and your seat is wet but it’s not raining so you’re just sitting on a foreign substance and stuck like that for 30 min
Gojo tastes like the most syrupy medicine, yet it does not cure any of your illnesses, no. no it causes them
Gojo looks like pure sex, if that sex was the worst quickie of your life that left you with a UTI and probably multiple STDs
Gojo sounds like nails on the chalkboard except the nails belong to satan himself and the chalkboard is actually solidified tears
yea that’s all for now folks.
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r0-boat · 3 months ago
This is part 2 of Daffodils
These two were based off of a dream I had like last night
Grab some cookies and some water this shit gets pretty long
Tw: slight brainwash, drugging and abusive parental relationship
Before you went to bed you tampered with your phone trying your hardest to contact the brothers and text them
Your D.D.D didn't work in the human realm so you brought your regular phone that you had Satan and Levi temper with to make sure I can message crossrealms.
Incredible but it barely worked in the human Realm.
Satan said it only worked in spots where the human world and the devil dumb where more connected....
Which was not out here... displace barely had service. Not to mention the Wi-Fi, which was very trash by the way.
It was spotty at best and sometimes you would have to walk around the room see where it was slightly Stronger
You felt a slight headache so you decided to go to bed
The bed you lay it on last night was incredibly soft you haven't had a good amount of sleep in a while.
You must have felt more tired than you thought last night he went to bed extremely light-headed and now waking up lightheadedness disappeared completely
You woke up to the smell of tea and pastries
You saw a small cart filled with platters of pastries and a cup of tea.
You noticed some common French pastries as well as pastries you've never seen. You didn't realize you are starving until you smelled but delicious sweet sugary smell.
You picked up one that caught your eye the most and took a bite.
This was definitely handmade and had that unique taste. With a little something else I taste you can't quite pinpoint... maybe it was some ingredient from the celestial Realm.
You heard a knock at the door followed by a warm angelic female voice
"Miss/Sir I was informed by his lord- hrm-" she cleared her throat " Master Abraham inform you about the house rules"
You finished your tea before telling her to come in
She opened the door and closed it behind her. Then unfolding a piece of paper the paper looked extremely old definitely straight out of some part in history.
The maid inhaled and then spoke " the master is very strict in his household and you'll be following a set of rules, but you are his guest so these rules wouldn't be too strict"
You didn't normally follow any rules back in the Devildom. But hearing these rules made you feel more at ease...why... maybe was a nice change of pace from a chaotic unorganized hoL...
But this was the first time you've ever thought something like that about the the HoL
oh well, you decided not to stir up trouble here it was only for 7 days and remember this man was built like Beelzebub. With probably the wrath of Satan and Lucifer.
The maid continued to speak "please wear Pleasant cloths at the dinner table. Your original clothes are in the washer it reaked of Unholy nature..."
I guess not all Angels think of demons the same way as Simeon or Luke.
There was an only clothes in your bag you brought there also some other items you brought to what you managed to hide in a drawer somewhere in this room. You didn't fully trust this place yet.
You just hope they don't destroy your clothes one of them was T shirt you borrowed from Mammon. They had a rocket ship with a graph line on that said "stonks" he saw it in a store in the human world and got it because it was funny
The angel continue to talk " you will be following a schedule design to make the most out of your stay here" she gave you a copy of the schedule.
You looked through the schedule
8:00 am - 9:00 am: breakfast
9:10am - 9:35 am: small tour of the manor
9:40 am - 10:35 am: rest
10:40 am - 11:00 am: garden tour
11:00 am - 12:00 am: outdoor lunch
12:30 am - 3:00 pm: outing
God (hah pun intended) this guy is Lucifer on crack...
However it seemed to stop at the last part so it wasn't that bad
You are going to ask when your clothes where however when you looked up from the schedule but the maid was gone.
You looked at the schedule again then back at the clock
You wondered how the brothers were doing... you at first like how quiet it was but I began to feel a little lonely.
You walk to the Wardrobe that had a note on it.
" clothes you will be borrowing for now"
You tore off the note and nonchalantly Threw It On The Floor.
You opened the Wardrobe I find a single outfit it was extremely expensive-looking as if you were going to do fine dining and not downstairs to eat breakfast.
This whole situation started to feel off you've definitely seen this in a movie before a situations like these never end well...
You're sure that if Diavolo where to give this the okay he would have make sure a single hair on your head would not be touched.
But part of you deep inside still had a bad feeling.
You finally came down after getting dressed you also did your hair. Kind of nice that the bathroom was in your room.
Abraham I was already at the table.
Contrary to what you said before the dining room actually looked like you were about to go fine dining.
Abraham's table manners were very refined and it made you feel out of your element here.
Abraham look back at you "hm? Oh... don't worry you'll be taught what to do at the dinner table by one of my Butler's later, just enjoy breakfast my dear"
The way he said my dear you felt shivers down your spine.
It was like he was talking to a long time friend or someone in his family...
... you're beginning to wonder... if he knows who you were... you don't really like bring up ... but this situation seemed appropriate...
You decided to wash your worries away with the food in front of you.
This is definitely human world food. But it was definitely a dish you do not recognize...
After breakfast he began to tour you around his place.
You followed behind Abraham. You still dont trust him. He spoke about what this place was designed after and the Arts on the wall and other stuff you didn't care to here.
Your head perks up when he said something
" do you know why you're here..."
You shook your head hiding the fact you were shaking with fear.
"... I heard good things about you from Michael...and... other sources..."
You know what he means by 'other sources'
The two of you walked back to the living room where he sat on the couch.
There was a chair sitting horizontally to him he pointed to it "sit" he commanded
You felt like you were about to be lectured by your parent...
" I would like to have a conversation with you"
Yeah, that didn't help
He called and maide over and asks to bring the two of you some tea.
You rested your arms down on the table.
You looked at your arm I noticed a golden bracelet that had a slight glow to it you didn't even realize it was there?
maybe you put it on... but you don't remember putting it on?
Abraham sipped his tea and spoke " oh yes that's a bracelet made from special gold from the celestial around you had it on the entire day, that metal is extremely strong but it's so light you can't even feel it"
The more you stared at the bracelet the more familiar it felt...have you seen this before?
Your worries wash away when you sip that tea.
" it's chamomile with lavender, you seemed anxious when you came here so I thought this would soothe you"
The conversation wasn't much of one it was mostly small talk.
You finally asked the question...
" how do you feel about your sons...?
His demeanor completely changed from calm and collected to anger
He thought this was the end for you until he scoffed and said.
" they are no sons of mine anymore... they are better dead for all I care..."
Oof, well damn; I mean you kind of knew but-.
The sound of him getting up broke you from your thoughts " I do not wish to be reminded of them... they're better forgotten." The maid picked up his finished cup of tea as he walked off...
Well that was awkward... but you didn't die so I guess it was a win.
You smiled at the maid and she smiled back as you handed her you're finished cup where you started feeling light-headed again.
You groaned in pain and discomfort as your other hand held your head.
" Are you okay young miss/master?"
"Y-yea, I just need to lay down"
The maid perks up " may I ask what you to your room please?"
You shook your head "no I got it thank you..."
Who stumbled into your room holding your head and laying on your bed.
You saw clothes folded on the opposite side of the room on another cart.
You picked up one of the folded clothes revealing a t-shirt with a rocket on it
.... "who's shirt was this again?"
Going to have to end this here folks this is shorter than the last one but don't worry part 3 will be longer
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obaby-obeyme · 5 months ago
I recently learned Mammon has angel eyes, blue to gold like Simeon and Luke, also managed to get all the angel clothes except Belphie! And felt real bad for Satan having an identity crises and being forced to just be calm about it made me have some angry feelings for Michael.
Yea I can't say I enjoyed the Angel event. I was hoping at the end we'd at least get to see how the brothers reacted after the bangles came off but it felt like an abrupt ending.
Ngl I did enjoy Levi's segment, at least the part of him growing to be more confident in his feelings.
Everyone else I was like, no honey that's not you! This is weird! Go steal Mammon! (Not that I encourage stealing disclaimer xD)
And yes it totally made Satan very blah! No feelings?! PEACE?!
If I see Michael on the street it's HANDS ON SIGHT!
And I've only unlocked Levi's outfit so far
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cirilee · 10 months ago
Ok so I have an angsty idea for Seraphonic, can I share it with you??
(cont) Ok so, my angsty idea is that Rumiel fucks around and finds out by saying some REAL cruel shit to Marf, and Marf basically goes Oh, I guess if I'm the most evil guy ever, I'll go back to Hell where I belong. And then like, goes back to being Satan's Jester (1/?)
When Marf leaves, Rumiel either goes to Maudlin like, We never needed him anyway! or Help,,,I fucked up,,, Marf signed the divorce papers,,, and this either goes 2 ways depending on which one happens, they both end the same tho (2/?)
If it goes the Haha we never needed him anyway route, it kinda goes back to the way it was in the beginning but now Rumiel is trying to compensate for both of them while Maudlin is like, I don't want wanton destruction I want friends I miss Marf, and eventually they go to Hell to get their guy back!! (3/?)
And if it goes the Maudlin help Marf divorced me Route then they just go to hell faster but this time the conflict is trying to get Rumiel to apologize and say he fucked up and Marf to leave Hell WILLINGLY, this also happens in the other route but like, much slower because Rumiel is spending time with Maudlin trying to compensate for Marf’s presence (4/?)
And in the end Marf goes back to being Maudlin’s second dad and his relationship with Rumiel gets slightly better. Sorry for the amount of asks I've sent I just had an idea and wanted to get it out P.S: Rumiel didn't mean the things he said to Marf, He just thought it was their usual banter but then he started crying (5/5)
thank you for absolutely blessing (HA!) my inbox with this cute storyline!!
I would love to explore Marf having to go back to his satan’s jester days (especially for the outfits)
Tumblr media
and heck yea, Maudlin would miss her second, more talkative, less violent dad !! without him it’s just cities burning down and healthy meals all day U_U marf knows which are the best cookies to steal U_U
!!!!! although i love both routes, i am all in favour of rumiel trying to imitate marf’s impact on their lives, and in the end he has to accept he can’t do it. that would evolve him pretty far though, i think after an arc like this, he’d be almost ready to actually respect the little demon guy (!)
thank you thank you, what a wonderful storyline !!
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mamagabi-s-corner · 11 months ago
because tumblr is ass, I have to redo the ask uuu
@sweetsugarystars​ asked about zai-ro
me @/ Zai-Ro
ok jokes aside, no one will know that this dude’s name was actually Deceit before I fleshed him out into a stand-alone character.. 18-19 year old me was a cringy ass crappypasta baby who liked the concept of zalgo (previous persona was a mutant™) and Deceit was like.. a part of said persona™
trigger warnings for rape, abuse and manipulation. Maybe more shit, but I’ll try and keep my shit tagged as much as possible. Keep in mind, the Pretender story is a dark one, not safe for kiddos nor for anyone sensitive to such. god I will eventually start working on it as soon as I finish Borderline which.. I hope in a year or 2 I can finish it so I can fuck off in peace haha. THINGS THAT ARE WRITTEN IN HERE ARE THE THINGS I DO NOT CONDONE IN THE REAL WORLD!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T SAY I CONDONE IT, I ACTUALLY DON’T I JUST WRITE IT FOR THE PURPOSE OF PLOT DEVELOPMENT AND TO EXPLORE SAID SENSITIVE TOPICS TO SEE HOW FAR I CAN PROGRESS THE STORY!!
anyways. when zai zai was fleshed out. he
-was suppose to be the antagonist of the Pretender story (dude was to object against Starna being the 7th satan and would do anything in his power to make it not happen) -the main enemy of the Shnibas (i.e. his relationship with Mei was abusive, as he was the perpetrator) -actually tortured Starna to the point of giving her some real ass ptsd there.
but all that went to shit because I felt like zai just didn’t fit that narrative, not to mention the execution looked wack (I was still a budding writer so I had no idea what I was doing); so I decided to see what potential I can weed out of him. Sure enough, I bit off more than I could chew, and now you have a mentally crippled Lust Demon who drank way too much respect women energy drinks. I did keep at least one aspect to him, being that he CAN AND WILL use his status as the Satan of Lust and pull a r/maliciouscompliance on those who dare abuse Starna, or not even help her because she’s an aborted child.
So basically his story is a shellnut of development hell which turned into him being an actual victim of abuse, seeing as that there aren’t many written male characters who are abuse victims/survivors.
Poor guy was a rape child of an existing aborted child who was kept in obscurity by the former Satan of Lust (Zai’s father), gave birth to him at an unripe age of 16 which was thought to be impossible because aborted children aren’t able to reproduce until they ‘evolve’ (rumor has it that at a certain age aborted children will become full fledged demons.. but their life expectancy is up to 16). anyways I think I remember telling you about the horrible treatment his mother went through (being mostly a sex-slave rather than a ‘wife’ of the Lust Demon at such a young age, wore really suggestive outfits that revealed most skin, and was generally shunned for being an aborted child), it gets worse when zai-ro goes through the same thing she does, despite her objections; but her voice never mattered as she was always silenced. Of course, when the whole thing blew over and Zai began to craft statues as a way to cope, it would always be of his mother, but she would always be clad in nice dresses that covered her overly exposed skin. I think I showed you that one image I drew of zai’s mother (with some parts of the arms missing) Zai gets the horns from his mother lel. anyways that other part will be explained in a few. (anyways I can’t find a coherent version of the spoiliops so have this video)
Tumblr media
(picture is the concept image drawn 2 years ago for zai-ro’s rose garden, with his mother’s statue in the middle)
What I did change (from the aforementioned aspects earlier), was that Mei and Zai WERE in a relationship, but it’s actually Mei who’s the one who manipulated him without much regard nor awareness. He depended on her and actually felt love for the first time, but was not aware that her love towards him was.. empty.. let alone conditional. When he learned of that discovery, he felt betrayed by her and actually went against her, eventually leading into a serious bloody conflict between the two. Both of them barely got out unscathed and kept their distance from each other, no one won that day. Zai-Ro of course suffered the most and as a result he hid himself in his own rose garden; the prolonged isolation caused him to have a ptsd like hallucination where his mother, hovered over him, verbally abusing him, saying how she should have killed him when she had the chance, how he reminds her of his father, technically his brain being a piece of shit. He took it out on the statue, damaging the arms in the process. When he realized what he had done, it was too late. That statue still remains in the rose garden as a grim reminder of his own consequence. Mei of course was hurt and grew such resentment towards him, that she wouldn’t even acknowledge his presence at all. neither did zai-ro but yea, it drove other Satans insane, but they couldn’t do much because they had no idea what happened between the two.
until several hundred years later when she began having vivid dreams of a particular event which changed her life forever - she was a witness. To what? She bore witness to Zai’s father’s concubines having sex with a young teenage Zai-Ro. She remembered hearing him beg them to stop and cried, often resulting in her waking up in tears.. The biggest kicker is a nightmare where the same teenager looms over the corpses of the once concubines who raped him on a daily basis. When he became the Satan of Lust, the first thing he did was kill all his father’s concubines, sparing no one, and again. Mei, was the witness.
she lamented on the past and eventually realized why he lashed out at her in the first place. She never took pity on him, she never showed any regard towards his feelings, or at least pretended to; her love wasn’t even love. It was pure manipulation, something that sadly runs in the clan (Shniba clan is notorious for being manipulative, especially towards their significant others… the only exception would be Akako who actually showed love towards Sha-Mi. If she hadn’t and manipulated him the entire time, she wouldn’t be seen in the drawings up on the wall in the domain of the shniba clan, she would be fucking around like the rest of the sisters and brothers (implying she too manipulated her victims into getting what she wants, but when she met Sha-Mi, she stopped and eventually settled down with him, even giving birth to Mei and her older sister (brother at the time)) With manipulation tactics running in the family, it’s up to you to figure out a way to put an end to it.
In other words, Mei is the perpetrator in this story, Mei is the woman who abused her partner to the point he depended on her, she LEECHED off his love for her and got what she wanted. When she realized that, she began to hate herself for it, and eventually distanced herself from her clan (the remaining shnibas alive are herself, her daughter and her sister, her mother is in a death bed while the rest of them were killed in the war against the former Satan of Lust, literally reduced to ash while akako’s body was preserved), and out of her own volition, tries to find a way to grow out of that behavior not just for the sake of others, but for herself. Now the biggest question is whether Zai forgives her or not.. It’s up to him to decide that. Maybe with Clem’s help something might happen, who knows.
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the-ancients-son · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?   “Janus.”
“... James.”
2. WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME?   “Janus Audron.” “Janos Audron.” “Why are you asking that? I just told you.”
3. DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU’RE CALLED THAT? “Based off the god of beginnings and endings.”
“A fancy way of saying ‘John’.”
“It sounded ordinary.”
“... Single.”
5. WHAT ARE YOUR POWERS AND ABILITIES? “I have telekinesis, sleep magic, inhuman strength and endurance, and I can fly.”
“Flight, endurance and strength, some wind magical abilities, telekinesis.”
“You really ask a lot of questions don’t you... telekinesis, flight, waves of energy... that sort of thing.”
6. WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR EYES? “Golden yellow.”
“Gold.” “You need to ask, why? Whiteish grey if I must say it verbally.”
“No, why would I?”
8. DO YOU HAVE ANY FAMILY MEMBERS? “Yea, my dad and friends that are like family, if they count.”
“Yes, I have a son.”
“Not anymore... unless you count adopted family...”
9. DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? “Not anymore.”
10. TELL ME ABOUT SOMETHING YOU DON’T LIKE. “... celery is a satan vegetable.”
“The hylden were not good people.”
“Almost anything, practically.”
11. DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES OR ACTIVITIES YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? “I like to go flying, baking, crochet, knitting, and reading mainly.”
“Yes, I like to cook and bake, knit, crochet, garden, read...”
“... Reading.”
“Unfortunately yes...”
“What kind of question is this? ... I have.”
“... too many.”
“... yes.”
14. WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? “Uh... vampyre i guess?”
“Vampyre, or ancient?”
“I don’t know how to answer this.”
15. NAME YOUR WORST HABITS. “... neglecting my needs.”
“... I suppose my tendency to let my kindness burn me out.”
16. DO YOU LOOK UP TO ANYONE? “Yea, Dad of course.”
“I dunno.”
“... Janos...”
17. GAY, STRAIGHT, OR BISEXUAL? “Uh... all of the above? I’m pan.”
18. DO YOU GO TO SCHOOL? “No,” - all three
19. DO YOU EVER WANT TO MARRY AND HAVE KIDS SOMEDAY? “Yea... though I can’t have biological kids.”
“I’ve done that, actually. I wouldn’t mind finding another partner, though...”
20. DO YOU HAVE ANY FANS? “*shrug*”
“I have a paper fan I use during the summer.”
“No... random question...”
21. WHAT ARE YOU MOST AFRAID OF? “... Dad dying again...”
“Something happening to Janus...”
“Like hell am I telling you.”
22. WHAT DO YOU USUALLY WEAR? “The clothes I’m wearing now.” “This outfit.”
“... *gestures at his outfit*”
23. DO YOU LOVE SOMEONE? “Platonically? A ton of people. Romantically...? I dunno...”
“Not romantically.”
“... No.”
“None, exactly.”
25. HOW MANY FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE? “A lot! They’re all great.”
“A few...”
“... I can count my friends with one hand, *holds up 2 fingers*”
“I like to bake it sometimes, it’s quite tasty.”
“... Meh.”
27. FAVORITE DRINK? “Fruit juice like apple or orange, though coca and tea are also good.”
“I practically live off of coffee.”
“Places with Janus in it.”
“... libraries.”
30. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SOMEONE? “Uh... *blushes* ... I dunno.”
“Not currently.”
“*blushes* no!”
31. WHAT’S YOUR DICK SIZE? “UH... *more blushing as he covers his crotch*”
“... uh, I’d rather not answer... *averts his eyes, blushing*”
“Why would you ask that?! *intense blushing*”
32. WOULD YOU RATHER SWIM IN THE LAKE OR THE OCEAN? “A lake. A bit more private.”
33. WHAT’S YOUR ‘TYPE’? “Dark hair, kind and smart, funny...”
“I... don’t really know.”
“I don’t have one.”
34. ANY FETISHES? “... no, why...?
“... no.”
“I don’t even have much sexual desire, much less that!”
35. TOP OR BOTTOM? DOMINANT OR SUBMISSIVE? “... *a lot of blushing* bottom and submissive...”
“I’ve never done it before, nor do I want to!”
36. CAMPING, OR INDOORS? “Oooo, camping is fun!”
“Camping can be nice.”
“Not necessarily.”
“Yes, very much so.” Stolen from @thecrxmxnal​
Tagging: @crimson-warrior​, @rubyscout​
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professoraurabolt · a year ago
WHOA Mama mia calm down guys I’m not that interesting I literally made myself sick from eating too many raisins I’m not someone you should get to know kjsfhvdgskjghfghgsfh
🎁 Do you prefer drawing fandom stuff or your own characters?
I honestly love drawing fandom stuff!!! Which is bad because I NEED to work on my personal projects but hnnhnng Luigi so fun to draw thou. I do still draw my own characters from time to time but any fixation I get takes over my whole creative thought process and I am reduced to fandom work and fandom work alone.
🦋 Do your drawings resemble you?
Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of me because ahhhaha I need a haircut and I can’t let you see me like this, I literally had it today where I looked in the mirror and just said “my fucking god I look like one of my OC’s” so yea no pic of me until I get my hair sorted.
As for relation to my art,, uhhhhh I guess???? I like to wear my Satan shirt as well as a bunch of kandi bracelets (I should really show some of them off at some point) of all sorts of colours so I guess that kinda translates over to my work too! :D Ideal outfit is clown make-up and suit-
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