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h0ney-bee · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some stress drawing of some guy I named sticks
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prozaic-ramblings · 2 hours ago
Magic of blood and bone
Author’s note: An excerpt from my original new adult fantasy WIP, out later this year.
Content warning: Mention of blood, gore, violence.
Image credit: Pinterest
Tumblr media
“What the Hell was that?” Alex grunted when she dropped into the passenger seat. “Why’d it hurt like that?”
“It always does,” Thayne sighed as he cranked the engine. “You know what The Book says. Magic of blood and bone comes with a cost.”
Alex nodded, wincing. She had no idea what he was talking about.
“Yeah, well,” she grumbled, rubbing her throbbing right shin. “How come that’s never happened to me before when I’ve done healing spells?”
“And how successful were you, pray tell?”
As she slumped in the seat, images of Sathariel bullet-riddled, sprawled in the alley behind The Amphora flashed behind her shut eyelids. She saw the thick crimson streams spreading across his hoodie, the faint light leaving his eyes while he choked on his own blood.
When she sulked silently in response Thayne replied, “That’s what I thought.”
“So this’s what you feel?” Alex questioned. “Every time you heal someone.”
He stared straight ahead and drummed his thumbs on the steering wheel as the hatchback rattled along the cobblestones.
“We can’t make something from nothing, Alex,” Thayne said. “Only The Magistrate can do that. The pain’s the price we pay to heal what The Magistrate has made.”
When they pulled up to another tenement Alex remained seated while Thayne got out of the car.
“Can I stay here for this one?” she mumbled, resting her head against the window. “My leg’s still killing me.”
She expected Thayne to hurl some sour rebuke. Instead, he nodded and grabbed the spellcasting bag from the backseat.
“Rest up,” he said. “The pain will pass within the hour or so.”
Before he shut the car door, he added, “Alex-“
Wearily she glanced up at him.
“You did great tonight.”
Even the infernal agony surging up her tibia couldn’t dull the small smile that stole across her face as Thayne staggered away to the next house call.
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teeskafiworld · 3 hours ago
Yuji Itadori Sweatshirt
Welcome to Teeskafi. Yuji Itadori Sweatshirt good quality material that needs no ironing. #sweatshirt #yujiitadori #anime # jujutsu #kaisen #jujutsukaisen #school #highschool #curseslayer #demonslayer #slayer #demon
Tumblr media
Description :
8.0 oz., 50/50 cotton/polyester
Classic fit
Reduced pilling and softer air-jet spun yarn
1×1 athletic rib knit collar, cuffs, and waistband, with spandex
Double-needle stitched collar, shoulders, armholes, cuffs, and waistband
Thank you for buy “Yuji Itadori Sweatshirt”
Source :
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kitsuneren · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Demon boi painting I did during a class. These late night classes get all the creativity going lmao.
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rendoesthedoodle · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
for my sister @arii-anna . dumb ass
[ID: An orange demon on a checkered teal background. She has tall pointy horns, pointy ears, and fangs. She has a long teal tongue, plus dark eyes with cross-shaped pupils. Her hair is long and made of an unknown black liquid. END ID]
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demihumanscomic · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Page 69 NICE Also Dulcis Mendax   Please don't steal/repost, thanks
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spooner7308 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And now for a completely original character
Hektik the chaotic anomaly creature
What originally started as a Percy Jackson OC who was a demi god child of Eris, is now a Demi-God, Demi-Fae, all chaos being.
Hektik is a chaos lover like their mother and a shape-shifting trickster like their father. Fortunately, they aren't a malicious creature, preferring pranks and hijinks and being an eldrich Bugs Bunny.
The mask is actually like stereotypical anime weights, serving as a limiter to their power. Because underneath that mask is a vortex of incomprehensible entropic madness and proof that they really shouldn't exist. Like real genetic hybrids like ligers and such, their DNA (or the magic equivalent of such) is unstable, and they could completely dissolve into entropy if the mask is removed for too long.
And looking at their real face can do any number of things from, causing the viewer to turn to stone like Medusa, sucking them in like a black hole, causing all fluids in their body to simultaneously evaporate, or turning them inside out.
No one knows how and or why Eris hooked up with the Pooka, and how Hektik was conceived or born, it's probably for the best that we don't know. Hektik has a good enough relationship with their mother, gaining a lot of their love of chaos from her, but because Eris is a Goddess, she, unfortunately, doesn't have much time for her offspring.
Pooka on the other hand is a mixed bag, as fae have no concept of parenting, it's just not something they do. So some days Pooka would be showing Hektik how to prank travellers, other days he's trying to eat Hektik. This went on for a while until Hektik ate Pooka first, but because Pooka's an immortal, that just means they'll come back at some point, probably angry.
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vomitsartden · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Where the Red Woods grow]
(Unshaded under read more)
Tumblr media
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itaintbeej · 5 hours ago
Lydia: Just be yourself.
Beetlejuice: 'Be myself'? Lyds, I have one day to win Barbara and Adam over. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?
Lydia: Couple weeks.
Delia: Six months.
Charles: Jury’s still out.
Beetlejuice: See, Lydia?
Beetlejuice: 'Be myself'. What kind of garbage advice is that?
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lunathevampirewolfcub · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here meet my sleep paralysis demon Rhalo. They have showed up in my sleep twice and I have had vivid memories of him, ill keep up to date if I see Rhalo again
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Tumblr media
I don't usually paint people, but when I do it's usually scary. Wanted to draw up the demon fron Devil Train >:)
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crimson-chains · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
A gentle but strong demon ^^
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5amanthus · 8 hours ago
Urien and Draz go for a walk, discussing their relationship as well as some of their newfound monster and human friends. 
More original work just for fun
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tinkertea · 8 hours ago
lowkey want a big, cocky demon boyfriend who'll chuckle at the documentaries i'm watching and says "babe if you wanted to know what was going on, you could've just asked me"
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whitepinyon · 8 hours ago
I drew a vampire 🧛🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
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dinosaurcowboy · 8 hours ago
A fun little speedpaint I did a while ago from an animatic I made with Hale on tiktok 🥰 which I’m not posting here cuz it makes me cringe now, idk why 😂
Watch me struggle improvising the right shot as I’m making it.
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