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Fun Fact
The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
#just popped into my head
thebestwritertm · 5 days ago
Reading high towards the sky
As we all realize that the world
Is a big fat fucking lie
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bluefaeriefury · 6 days ago
Stars in the night,
Twinkle like the stars in her eyes.
I just want her eyes to light up like that all the time.
I'll do anything to make sure they are,
Since she's my lovely star.
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sammy-witch-of-heart · 28 days ago
Latula “acts rad and awesome to hide insecurities of not being adequate or likeable or unique” Pyrope 🤝 Karkat “acts angry and hateful to push people and his own vulnerabilities away so no one acknowledges that he cares when that could get him killed back home” Vantas
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realpissboygaming · a month ago
Wall-e and eva t4t
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falconlord5 · a month ago
Clark Kent’s destiny is to be Lois Lane’s house husband.
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tortoiseoffury · 2 months ago
you are my sun, looking at your glare makes me cry
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demonologist-in-denim · 2 months ago
When Fergus MacLeod sold his soul, it was to a crossroads demon, one whose promises and touch and kiss are long forgotten. When Crowley sold his poorly mended patchwork of a soul, it was to Dean Winchester.
In selling the whole of his supposedly worthless soul to the crossroads demon, Fergus acquired a momentary modicum of stature. Then he went to Hell. He was shackled to the rack, butchered and flayed. His essence was twisted into something monstrous and eternally writhing in torment. And the only means of easing that torment was to inflict it on others. He bought souls and damned them to the same torment as his own. He tortured and murdered and carved the unending pain of his existence into the flesh and ethereal gleam of others. And for his efforts, for the cost of his misery and his service to Hell and ultimately his soul, he gained status and authority and power.
In selling the remnants of his restored soul to Dean Winchester, Crowley was provided with the palest shade of unrequited affection and a reluctant friendship. And he was equally grateful and resentful for those crumbs of kindness. He fettered his kingdom for it. He curbed his ambitions and his potential, diminished demonkind, sacrificed his self-interests, and softened against the onslaught of a blood-born conscience that swore to both save and destroy him. He cut into all his old wounds, long scarred over, allowed them to bleed again, in the barren hope of rediscovering his heart. He killed himself, alone and unloved in the wasteland of some alternative reality, so that he might at the very least be well remembered. And for his efforts, for the cost of his misery and his service to the Winchesters and ultimately his soul, he was still unworthy of being considered family.
Of those offering something in return for his soul, the crossroads demon was the more generous of the two.
This little ficlet is for @petrichoravellichor, whose fic A New Kind Of Life reminded me when I needed it why I love this character and his struggle so much.
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transhumanoid · 2 months ago
anime boys should bust their voluminous anime nuts on each other as a greeting, like shaking hands but slightly less formal
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sun-moon-stars-jedi · 2 months ago
Parents always have that one name they yell first when their kids are doing something dumb, because there is always that one troublemaker who causes a little more chaos than their siblings, so its them they think of first when there’s trouble.
For Bruce Wayne that name isn’t one of his kids’ names per say, he just yells “Robin” automatically.
Its the name that has been around the longest and is the most likely to be connected to dangerous situations. And while his kids make fun of him for not remembering their correct names or aliases, its still effective because all of them instintively listen to that name, so in the end it works and Bruce can live with a little teasing about him getting old and forgettful.
No, its not a problem until Bruce yells “Robin!” in full on parental disapproval mode in the middle of a gala, in front of Gotham’s high society and cameras, and everyone starts to whisper a la “Did Wayne adopt another kid already???” and even worse “Hah, he sounded just like Batman” and Bruce is floundering for an explanation, because really, there is no good option at that point.
Cue Damian stepping up, looking all cute and harmless in his mini tuxedo with his hair ruffled and cheeks red from whatever shenanigans him and his siblings got into that evening, and explaining that Bruce of course meant Robin, Damian’s new and a little unruly puppy, named after the greatest hero of all time. Isn’t that right, Father?
And so Damian gets a new puppy, Bruce gets ridiculed as the air-headed billionaire who can’t even distinguish between a child and a puppy, and everyone is happy.
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remusmainblog · 3 months ago
Remus: *casually breaks the laws of physics* 
Logan: How are you doing that?
Remus: *confused* doing what???
Logan: Laying down on the ceiling?!?!
Remus: You guys can’t do this...?
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bloodyuser0 · 3 months ago
its real crazy how some of you got mad peaceful protesters were breaking buildings, but are silent when white terrorists break into a government building???
But these brain dead trumpets break into an official buildin and its ok?
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cherricove · 4 months ago
animal crossing nuzlock:
you’re a florist so you can only make money selling flowers and flower products
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frigatea · 5 months ago
y’all know that one picture of fyodor where he has the wine dripping off of him?
Tumblr media
this one??
yeah it reminds me of a bear and it’s like,, the only frame(s) in the anime where i’m actually scared of him,, 
he looks like he’s about to commit several crimes in two seconds
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zeroth · 5 months ago
do y’all remember when people did ‘forever follows’? i kinda miss those.
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ladphobicbrit · 5 months ago
i’ve decided that the feral shed cat’s name is mitzi.
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sassafrassjack · 5 months ago
"Oh, hold me like a baby
That will not fall asleep
Curl me up inside you
And let me hear you through the heat"
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mr-squiggley-poufs · 6 months ago
Hi I literally hate my brain right now
I'm just having bad thoughts and they're not bad as in I'm having an anxious/depressive episode
They're bad in the fact that they make me so goddamn uncomfortable with the fact that they popped into my head
Like I'm absolutely disgusted with the fact that my brain came up with this shit
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planty-of-the-opera · 6 months ago
Do you think if I put my phone on record in the freezer it'll record the ice being made in the ice machine?
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tall-glass-of-nope · 6 months ago
Life better stop treating me like a pimple
Ma’am I am a beauty mark
You can squeeze all you want but I’m a prominent, permanent fixture
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