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selenitesand · 16 minutes ago
Just for anyone interested, I took it upon myself to write an x reader for the Vanya simps, called "Never Lose You" On wattpad and AO3 <3 Enjoy my lovelies
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lialovesbooks · an hour ago
The scene in episode ten of tua where vanya is playing with her orchestra and the rest of the umbrella academy is right outside the recital hall and Allison and Luther are like, quietly arguing until Diego jumps in and aggressively shouts “DO YOU HEAR THE MUSIC? IT’S STARTING” is actually one of the funniest bits in the show because out of context it just sounds like they’re a harried family late for their sister’s concert.
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circumstellars · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, im crawling through footage for material for an unrelated gif matter and in all this goddamn time watching this ludicrous series not once did I ever register that Dolores is in fact fucking haunted but alright
Tumblr media
This isn’t some kind of editing error (one continuous up close take?), and it isn’t Five’s doing, clearly. Whether this is intended as a quick little wink wink audience, or they intend at some point to pull a weird Pinocchio situation that would kill me with instant psychic damage, well that remains to be seen... 
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plaguewater · an hour ago
dog days are over by florence and the machine is a five song. you cannot change my mind.
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chris-hargreeves · 2 hours ago
klaus hargreeves & penelope garcia ♥️
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY
can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY
can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know
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agentbluefox · 3 hours ago
I feel like I’ve seen a post similar to this but I’m going to say it anyway. Reggie needs to be smacked over the head with an umbrella while ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ plays in the background. 
I can see it happening. 
It would be beautiful. 
Let Grace do it. 
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stevesnailbat · 4 hours ago
solar power is literally about tua season 2 klaus hargreeves
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dragonsmooch · 4 hours ago
SI/OCs - Pokemon Sun & Moon:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Drake (left, OC, older brother) and Kaida (right, SI, younger sibling)
More art/info on them, and more OCs, below the cut!
Drake - An Alolan Pokemon Trainer, though he’s pretty much retired after completing the island challenge. A trans arospec man, though pretty lackadaisical about his gender, most often goes by he/they. He turned down an invitation to Galar’s Gym Challenge, wanting to take it easy. He’s adopted, but that never mattered to him, or his adopted sister Kaida. He’s gentle, a little gullible, and always has candies in his pockets to share. Approaches battling with a quiet confidence. He’s generally calm, but easily embarrassed. Has an odd amount of luck for stumbling upon great discoveries and making friend. This leads to rare things coming home and some rather hilarious moments for his family, like the “Type: Null” incident. By now, he’s “practically besties” with every island’s kahuna, guardian deities, and several powerful trainers.
Residence: Hau’oli City, Melemele Island, Alola Region
Associations: Ilima, Hala, Lana, Kiawe, Mallow, Olivia, Sophocles, Molayne, Acerola, Nanu, Mina, Hapu, Kahili, Professor Kukui, Guzma, Plumeria, ex-Team Skull members, Gladion, Lillie and Hau from Alola (all platonic)
Appearance: Hazel eyes. Long and tousled ash brown hair, but sometimes dyes it white, “pink brown” or “wine red.” Cobra Tank, Skull Tank or Bone Keeper Tank; black Cutoff Jeans or green Athletic Shorts; scaly/cruel Penny Loafers or grey Sporty Sneakers; cruel/scaly Street Cap; Nylon Backpack. Kaida also sent him some dragon type Sport apparel from Galar.
Tumblr media
Alolan Raichu (female), Alolan Muk (male), Lurantis (male), Decidueye (male), Incineroar (male), Alolan Persian (male)
Reserve: Primarina (female, mother’s), Gengar (male, currently with Kaida), Mewtwo (NB, X, currently with Kaida), Alolan Marowak (male), Dusk Lycanroc (female), Aerodactyl (male), Type: Null (NB), and an odd spattering of legendary/mythical Pokemon thanks to wormhole shenanigans (he doesn't catch or keep them, they're just friends)
Kaida - An Alolan Pokemon Trainer who participated in the Alolan island challenge before traveling to the Galar region. Doesn’t really care about her gender, can use any pronoun, but most use she/her since they’ve known her as that the most (she doesn’t super mind). She isn’t as talented of a trainer as her brother, making her feel a bit inferior compared to him. She sought to broaden her horizons and chose to travel to Galar. Although she didn’t get endorsed for the Gym Challenge, she loved to watch the contestants and traveled around to follow the action. Playful, a bit silly, but reliable and a hard worker. She approaches battles with good cheer, confident but not too upset after losing unless she messed up badly. Some of her brother’s odd luck rubbed off on her, starting with the Bagon she found in Alola and the Type: Null she found in Galar. Knows every Gym Leader, although she’s horrible with names and often resorts to nicknames. (Most often shipped with Piers, and/or Raihan)
Residence: Previously Malie City, Ula'Ula Island, the Alola Region; currently Spikemuth, the Galar Region
Associations: Professor Kukui, Ilima, Hala, Olivia, Nanu, Hapu, Guzma, Plumeria, ex-Team Skull members, Gladion, Lillie and Hau from Alola; Raihan, Piers, Opal, Bede, Allister, Kabu, Nessa, Milo, Gloria, Hop, and Marnie from Galar
Tumblr media
^Drawn by the wonderful @/werewolfpine!!!
(Mock game data: Multicolor Swirl eyes (contacts, normally brown). Long and straight dark brown hair (sideswept bangs), but sometimes has it in sideswept waves or ponytail and/or dyes it white. Ghost-type Rotom Bike apparel. Scary face Torn Top, purple/mischief maker Faded Sweatshirt, or dragon type Sport Top; red Hoodie or lovely nightmare Zippered Parka; ghost type Sport Shorts or black/gray Skinny Trousers; dark/ghost/poison type Sport Legwear; brown Ankle Boots; dragon/poison type Sport Rucksack; poison/ghost type Sport Cap; black Half-Rim Eyeglasses; black Simple Gloves. Stole some scaly/cruel clothes from Drake, also has Sludge style apparel, green Flower Barrette and a green Beach Hat from Alola.)
Tumblr media
Salamence (female, currently with Drake), Galvantula (female, gift from blind trade), Noivern (male), Salandit (female, gift from Plumeria), Wimpod (male, gift from Guzma), Type: Null (NB, met in Galar)
Reserve: Gengar (male, brother’s), Mewtwo (Mewtwonite X; not actually caught, just a friend of her brother’s)
Future PKMN: Sobble (female), Dreepy (female, gift from Raihan), Galarian Yamask (male, shiny), Rolycoly (female), Snom (male), Toxel (Amped nature, female, gift from Piers), Bergmite (female), Impidimp (male), Galarian Zigzagoon (male, currently with Piers), and whatever else Drake sends her as a surprise
Kaida is the main character in her own fic, which Drake also features heavily in. Prequel info here! First chapter here! And Kaida also features in a few AUs! All fics involving her and the other characters in this post are linked here!
Mele, Kaida & Drake's Mom; owns Primarina (female), Umbreon (female), and Milotic (female)
DJ, ex-Skull member, transfem; owns Arbok (male) and Salandit (male)
Kalama, ex-Skull member, female; owns Garbodor (female) and Houndoom (female)
Tua, ex-Skull member, male; owns Haunter (male) and Alolan Muk (male)
Royce, office worker, male; owns Elgyem (male) and Metang (NB)
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allisoooon · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I have not seen this very much, just bits here and there, possibly because I don’t run in those circles, so I’m…stunned.  What’s wrong with Allison?  She’s by far the most functional and kind sibling.  She made giant mistakes in her past, to the point where I’d say she abused her daughter, but unlike the vast majority of abusers, this wasn’t a result of entitlement so much as a consequence of someone growing up with this power and knowing nothing else.  Some abusers were raised so immersed in abuse themselves that they don’t know what they’re doing to their kids and are shaken to their core when they find out.  Not to mention she is wracked with guilt and suffering the very worst consequence she possibly could—separation from her daughter.
What we see in people on this show who have especially potent powers is that they suffer consequences of overuse or lack of control.  We don’t really see this in Diego, and we only see it in Five with regard to him getting tired and Luther in regard to him being more harmful or destructive than he probably intends, but the others have this.  Ben has the most terrifying power of any of them, opening a portal in his body to let a giant-ass monster through to slaughter a bunch of people and we know that messed with him.  Vanya can get a bit Dark Willow when she turns into the White Violin (an understatement).  Klaus’ entire power is a drawback, depending on whether his power is psychic in nature like in the comics (which would mean having powers not related to the dead), and he has suffered mental health issues from it every day since childhood. Allison gets power trippy when she overuses her power.  The narrative purpose of these drawbacks is to keep things from being too easy for our heroes, so they still have to work for their happy ending instead of letting their powers do all the work.  It is necessary, especially since the setting of the show is so different from that of the comics, where TUA was more likely to run into people who were a match for them.
This has resulted in Allison struggling to find a balance—how much power use is too much? And that makes her fascinating to me.  I don’t feel at all sorry for the asshole whose hand she burned, but I am concerned for her when she does it because she’s backsliding a bit into where she was when she used her power to get everything she wanted (and consequently showing Ray why she can’t just Rumor everything better).  If people dislike how she struggles in this way, but are sympathetic toward Vanya or Klaus for that same struggle, that’s…I mean, the one reason I can think of for that is implicit bias.  By which I mean racism.  I’m not saying you have to love Allison or you’re a racist, but if you see her as problematic while believing Vanya is some innocent little darling who wasn’t at fault for her actions, you’re going to want to honestly think about why and make some internal corrections, because some kind of bias is happening.
I think??? I’ve seen people who didn’t like how she handled Vanya in the first season, and I would direct those people to this essay.  People do somehow forget that Vanya was the aggressor for most of the season while Allison was trying to protect her and form a relationship with her. Vanya almost killed her, but when they met in Dallas, all of that was left in the past and they just hugged. If anything, it’s deeply concerning that Allison thinks getting her throat slashed was her fault when she was defending herself in a dangerous situation.  If anything, this fandom is prone to victim-blaming Allison.
The final Allison-criticism I’ve seen about is slightly more understandable: that she’s boring.  I disagree, obviously, and I think what people who say that are picking up on is the fact that she isn’t outrageous the way most of her siblings are.  Believe it or not, I’m including Vanya here—she’s the opposite extreme from Klaus, Five, or Diego, but she is still an extreme.  But it’s in the writing of the more balanced and subtle characters—the Pam Beeslys, the Ann Perkinses, the Donatellos—that the quality of the writing shows, if the audience is willing to look past the surface.  Outrageous characters are entertaining, but moderation shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of depth.  Allison is beautifully written, just overshadowed by her noisier siblings.
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miranimeaeclipse · 5 hours ago
Çawa diçe? That means How’s it going in Kurdish. So before we begin, I know it’s been 4 days since I’ve posted and here’s why: 1) I had a lot of packing to do so I can move to my dads house 2) I graduated! YAYYYYY!!!!! And 3) I’ve been spending time with my sisters that I haven’t seen in years so I completely forgot about this.
Also, I wanted to say Happy Asexual Pride day! Polyamorous Pride day! Intersex Pride day! Transgender mtf Pride day! And Transgender ftm Pride day!🥳
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I haven’t made the Transgender ftm one yet, I will after this post. If you don’t know the definitions for these sexualities, I will tell you in about 30 minutes
Tumblr media
Asexual - when you feel little to no sexual attraction
Polyamorous - when you’re in a romantic relationship with more than one person
Intersex - (I’m not 100% sure) It has something to do with your reproductive system when you’re born. Ok, someone please tell me what intersex means
And we all know what transgender means.
Sorry I’m not that helpful, I pretty much suck at this don’t I?😅
But anyway, why don’t I share the results with you of Kill the Handler with you. Usually I won’t share responses if I only have one but I wanted to discuss something in this persons answer
Tumblr media
They make a damn good point. The Hargreeves (not even Vanya) would be able to kill Reginald because despite how much of an asshole he was, he was their dad. The only one who I think would maybe have the balls to do it is Five and I used the word MAYBE so I’m betting 50/50 on him. And I take back what I said about Vanya, I just saw the ‘in a blind rage’ part. Oh yeah, if Vanya can kill Pogo in that state, she can definitely Reginald.
Speaking of Vanya, the wheel finally FINALLY landed on Vanya so here is your question:
What kind of character is Vanya to you? Why?
If I’m being honest (and I know I’m going to get hate for this) she’s a Love/Hate character to me. I loved her in S1, hated her with my every being in S2. I’m hoping I’ll love her again in S3. I know you guys are going to ask so I’ll just answer: why do I hate Vanya? Lots of reasons but I’ll just name one: she killed Ben.
I know I’m going to get hate from the fandom for this but I blame her for killing Ben. I know what you’re going to say and yes, it was the government guy that set her off. However, she wouldn’t have been in that position had she not been caught by the police, and she wouldn’t have been caught if she had just listened to Five, stopped being stubborn, and not have tried to run away with Sissy.
I get it, she lost her memories. However, he told her that she caused the apocalypse in the future, will cause the apocalypse if she stayed there, and will fuck up the timeline if Sissy goes with them. And yet, she still tried to run away with Sissy. It is her fault Ben died and I will always blame her for it. Sorry Vanya lovers.
Here, watch this video to earn free money! I’m kidding, you guys don’t get jack but still watch it anyway
For those of you that have stuck with me even when I was very late with these posts, thank you. I know I’m such a slacker but thanks for still responding to these, even liking the posts, I really appreciate that.
Tumblr media
Şevbaş! That means good night in Kurdish.
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ghosthaands · 5 hours ago
Hey, I finally got the second chapter of my MerMay fic “Stranded” posted! Sorry for the delay, thanks for your patience! @tuamermay @softforklave @cemeteryklaus
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malewifediego · 5 hours ago
Eudora saying "I remember how close you were" after Diego tells her Grace died makes me think that Diego was a grown ass man telling everyone how much he loves his mom even after he moved out
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roscents · 5 hours ago
top 5 séries
chorando aqui um pouco pq tinha feito a resposta e o tumblr resetou a página? porém sigo aqui firme pq novidade não é com esse site KKKKKKKK mas muito obrigada por mandar, de verdade!! queria muito responder isso 🥺
1. game of thrones - apesar de todos os defeitos, ainda tenho muito apego emocional e foi a série que eu mais revi na vida kkkkkkkkkk
2. this is us - tô só esperando as férias pra rever toda e sofrer de novo rs
3. buffy the vampire slayer - ainda tô em processo de terminar a série, mas eu amo que amo e tem cada episódio incrível que olha...
4. mindhunter - david fincher tu me PAGA homem desgraçado
5. shadow and bone & bridgerton - depois de ler os livros de ambos os universos, ver e rever a série e sofrer por todo o cast, me considero no direito de empatar as duas
menções honrosas: marvelous mrs. maisel e the good place.
Tumblr media
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deathgod-ben · 5 hours ago
When S3 drops, I swear to God im gonna hate on the palm colored characters the same way the racist fans come after characters of color. Watch me eat up Klaus, Vanya and the other whities
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galactic-magick · 6 hours ago
"You're a Good Kisser": Klaus Hargreeves x Reader
Tumblr media
Request: hey! could you maybe do a klaus x reader with 7 or 15 from the prompt list? lotsa love! <3 - @emobensgf
7: “Promise me you’ll be here when I wake up?”
15: “That was definitely a weird way to find out you’re a good kisser.”
Summary: Klaus calls for your help when someone is trying to kill his family, and in the process share your first kiss together.
Words: 1000+
Warnings: canon-typical violence, swearing
Author’s Notes: First time writing for The Umbrella Academy, hope it’s alright!
This certainly wasn’t the first time you had to save Klaus from a sticky situation, but usually they’re not quite this dire and deadly.
You’re used to the common things you’ve been doing since you’ve known him, like helping him sneak out or driving him home when he’s drunk, but now you get to add saving his life to the list.
He sounded frantic on the phone, telling you someone was after him and his family. You head over to where he is as soon as you possibly can, bringing anything you think might help.
“I’m so sorry- I didn’t know who else to call-“ he splutters as you run up to him.
“Hey, it’s okay,” you nod. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen him this terrified of anything. “Where is everyone?”
“We figured if we split up it would be harder for them to track us down,” he sighs. “I said that was dumb, though,”
“Yeah, that is pretty dumb,” you shake your head. “So who the hell is after you?”
“Don’t know. Some people just sent us a threatening note and then shot up our house. Five probably did some shit to make people mad or something,”
You laugh, “You ever consider that maybe the rest of you also have the capacity to cause problems?”
“Nah, I’m flawless,” he chuckles.
You gesture for him to get in your car and you drive away from the phone booth, scanning the streets for any sort of clues. It doesn’t seem like Klaus was directly followed, but you can’t promise the same for the rest of his siblings. Especially because apparently none of them bothered to tell Klaus where they were headed.
“They don’t trust me with any information,” he rolls his eyes. “You know, there’s this park we used to go to when we were kids to get away from dad for a while, maybe some of them went there,”
He tells you the address and you drive over, and sure enough you see Allison and Luther.
“There you are,” Klaus huffs. “Is it just you two, or-“
“Klaus, what are you thinking?” Luther cuts him off. “And why the hell are you bringing Y/N into this?”
“Well sorry I wanted to have someone to hang out with when you guys left me alone,”
“Guys!” Allison steps between them, speaking in a loud whisper and pointing across the park. “Look,”
You all shut up pretty quickly, and see a few shadows in the distance.
You grip Klaus’s hand, “Is that…?”
“Yeah, they’re the ones after us,” he nods.
A bullet goes through the air towards Luther, and he dodges it just fast enough. They start marching towards you, shots firing at both you and civilians with no remorse.
“I’ll try to rumor them to stop,” Allison says, running into the crossfire.
“Allison, no!”
“I heard a rumor-“
Luther pushes her out of the way before she can finish.
But that means the bullet that was originally about to hit her is about to hit Klaus.
Without a second thought, nothing but adrenaline running in your veins, you push him out of the way as well, both of you toppling onto the hard ground and your lips crashing together.
You don’t pull away at first, barely registering what happened.
“Well that was definitely a weird way to find out you’re a good kisser,” he chuckles against your mouth.
You push yourself up, dragging him next to you behind a nearby car, “Not the time, Klaus,”
“What? It’s never a bad time to make out,”
You groan, grabbing his shirt and kissing him again, “Will that hold you over until later?”
“Maybe,” he grins.
You peek above the car to see Luther fighting them, punching at least a couple guns out of their hands.
“I’m gonna try to help,” Klaus says, tapping your shoulder and standing up.
“No, wait-“
After you just saved him from getting shot.
“Y/N? What are you doing here?”
You see Vanya come up to you.
“Vanya!” you smile, happy to see her. “Klaus called me for some help with the situation, but clearly it’s not going very well,” you hear Klaus scream. “Do you know where the others are? We’ll probably stand a better chance with everyone together,”
“Five and Diego shouldn’t be far,” she responds. “I’ll try to hold them off until they get here,”
You watch as she races towards the others. You don’t think you’ve ever seen her powers in action, but you trust her.
Before long Five and Diego show up, and the whole family is able to deal with them. Diego finds out who they were working for, and Luther and Allison check to make sure all the bystanders are okay. It caused quite the commotion, but mostly everyone appears to be alive and well.
You find Klaus on the ground, semi-conscious with a few wounds, thankfully nowhere fatal, but still concerning.
“Talk to me, okay?” you hold his face as his eyes flutter open.
“I’m fine…”
“We’re going to get you home, okay?”
You sit in front of Klaus on his bed, first-aid kit in tow. He got a few cuts and bruises, so you do what you can to clean it up and ease the pain. He’s mostly silent, which is rare for him, but he was so close to being knocked out an hour ago you don’t blame him.
“You should be alright for the night,” you say. “But if the cuts don’t close up on their own we might have to get Grace to give you stitches,”
“I’ve been through much worse, I’ll be fine,” he shrugs. “Are we going to talk about that kiss, though?”
You laugh, “You want to?”
“I meant what I said, you’re a very good kisser. And I bet you’re even better when you’re not trying to avoid death,”
“Hmm,” you smile. “You weren’t so bad yourself,”
You start to pack up your things since it’s getting late, and his face falls.
“Could you stay?” he asks.
“I think that’s a little fast for me, Klaus,”
“No, no, c’mon, you know I don’t mean like that,” he chuckles, falling back onto the pillows and blankets. “Just…promise me you’ll be here when I wake up?”
“Okay,” you nod, lying down beside him and kissing his cheek. “I promise.”
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deathgod-ben · 6 hours ago
I really feel like green is Ben’s color. Like, he just radiate green
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deathgod-ben · 6 hours ago
It wasn’t supposed to end like this, Ben thought as he stared down his own body. 
Allison’s cry was louder than the sirens, Luther kept going on with the cpr.
It was supposed to be a simple mission, just like every other missions. Ben had been training hard the past weeks. Diego would stay up late with him, training every day. 
Ben wanted to become stronger. He knew the team was depending on his power, he didn’t want to let down the world, his family, 
his father.
It wasn’t supposed to end like this. Ben just wanted to make his father proud.
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