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#just my thoughts
sp-ud2 hours ago
Its honestly so sad to see how much ranboo is trying to be the perfect streamer and not mess up or get into any potential drama. As soon as all this techno stuff happened, he noticeably stopped doing techno-related jokes and would get silent if technos in the vc/mentioned when in the past he'd be talkative. even today, a dono asked him if he'd meet up with big q and techno, and he very obviously hesitated to say techno, and after a moment he did say his name but only to say "I dont think techno does meetups...yeah..but I'd love to meet up with big q!" and I've just seen an influx of tweets celebrating over how "ranboo doesn't want to meet up with techno and hes a techno anti" it just gets me so sad to see how ranboo wont even interact with the people he looks/looked up to because of how twitter would react.
I saw a lot of people say they cant imagine what will happen when ranboo eventually does mess up, but tbh I genuinely think theyll still somehow shift the blame to someone else or wont take it seriously "because he didnt mean to!" when they would send dts to other ccs for messing up.
they put ranboo oh such a high pedestal and then act shocked when in almost every tweet he apologizes.
i will say though, techno literally has never done meetups despite having plenty of chances and offers to do such. it makes sense that ranboo wouldnt think techno would be down to meetup.
and i think you're making too many assumptions here, I don't think ranboo is talking about techno less because he doesn't want to make twitter mad, but because techno has socially withdrawn likely due to twitter.
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kimjihyun2 hours ago
If the MC was like, 16陆 or smth, how do you think each route will go? 馃
for starters, there's absolutely no way they'd ever see a romance with any of the characters ever. being so young when they first meet everyone definitely changes the dynamic of the mc's relationships with the characters and romance would be out of the picture.聽
zen definitely takes on the same role he does with yoosung. he's 100% older brother material and that's something that comes out rather quickly. he knows what it's like to be young and all alone and he does his best to make sure that none of the younger members have to feel the same way, especially the mc. his past is a rough one and he鈥檇 hate to watch the people he鈥檚 close with fall into the same situations because they didn鈥檛 have a support system.聽
yoosung wouldn鈥檛 change all that much, but he鈥檇 definitely grow a little more mature with time. for a long time, he鈥檚 the baby of the rfa. he casts his responsibilities aside a lot and he tends to feel super lost in his future, but seeing the mc handle what occurs in the apartment so well at such a young age really bends him into shape. he鈥檚 an adult now; he needs to learn to handle things like an adult.聽
jaehee is terribly cautious with the mc. she鈥檚 already really hesitant with her trust at the beginning of the normal story, but the party being coordinated by a kid? it seems a little out there. she, of course, is always kind though, quick to make sure the mc always has what they need whenever they need it. trouble with an email? ask jaehee. not sure if a suggested guest is really a good idea? run it by her. she wants things to go as smoothly as possible and when she sees how hard they鈥檙e working it definitely all clicks into place.聽
jumin shares a lot of the same ideas as jaehee, but he also seems to care significantly less. it doesn鈥檛 matter how old the mc is, as long as the party is being organized in the best way it possibly can be, he doesn鈥檛 really care. i will say though, he鈥檚 definitely big on making sure they鈥檙e always safe and healthy. he hates to admit it, but jumin cares deeply about the people around him, and when he sees that they haven鈥檛 eaten all day or the hacker is becoming a bigger threat than anyone thought, he鈥檚 the first to jump into action.聽
saeyoung would never be more stressed in his entire life. he鈥檚 definitely freaked out by the idea that the mc could be in danger (especially because of him), so he works himself half to death. he still hides behind his little 707 personality, but it鈥檚 really clear that he wants to make sure the mc is safe in whatever way possible. in a way, seeing a kid go through so much is something that really really resonates with him because of his childhood, so he feels a terrible need to help them.聽聽
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ghostlymushroomtea4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I remembered reading about this condition a while back today. After re-reading about it and look at the symptoms of said disorder I may have to call my doctor. Not to self diagnose here, but good grief these are the symptoms I deal with any time I eat grains or too much sugary stuffs. Like rn I have the worst brain fog and I know for a fact I struggle with candida aka a stomach yeast over growth that you can see on my tongue. I keep getting headaches and just feeling sick. But I haven鈥檛 actually drank in years now so I have forgotten what feeling tipsy is like but my dudes my lips are a little numb like I鈥檓 fucking tipsy... well looks like I need to talk to my doc and just never eat grains again. Because the off again and on again that I鈥檝e been doing with grains has been painful. Like this stomachache makes me want to throw up and the acid reflux is just ridiculous.
And like I don鈥檛 really belch anymore, use to be a thing I did because it pissed so many people off. Will when it鈥檚 needed. But like I eat grains and all I can do is belch. Sometimes I come off so bitchy too like I hate how much this could explain some of the issues I鈥檝e had.
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mugcn4 hours ago
I have seen a little too much negativity about the most recent LOKI tv spot. I dare say that you lot are exaggerating quite a bit after being faced with that one particular scene, claiming that Disney entirely strips (pun intended) Loki of his dignity and uses his character as nothing more than a comedic relief etc etc.
The scenes and the entire atmosphere of the tv spot is entirely different from what we鈥檝e seen before. Much creepier and darker, from the music to the lighting to the scenes we are presented with. The only intentionally funny thing about it is the part where Loki finally receives a weapon from Mobius only to have it taken away from him seconds later.
The part where Loki is ridded of his clothes isn鈥檛 meant to be funny. Nothing about it screams 鈥渙h look haha he is naked now, this is what you wanted, right?鈥 or anything of the like. You can tell just by the atmosphere and the music. I believe the intention of this tv spot, this scene, was to set up the TVA as more of a malicious 鈥渃ompany鈥 rather than a hero that saves the day (or time, in this case).
Loki鈥檚 reaction isn鈥檛 entirely out of character, either. Completely apart from the fact that he isn鈥檛 even given a chance to react properly, considering how quickly everything happens, let me ask you this; what exactly do you expect him to do? Shout and scream, throw insults?
Loki knows about the TVA. He knows that he is at a disadvantage. There鈥檚 literally nothing he can possibly do except observe the situation, try to figure out what could happen, and think of a way he could either talk himself out or escape.
I quite liked this post which casts an entirely different light on the scene. I encourage anyone to take a look at it.
That aside, we literally see someone being murdered right afterwards, even see fear on Loki鈥檚 face after witnessing such. We also see him not being okay with forcibly being stripped (facial expression & words). It is not meant to be funny.
What I take from the 鈥渋nfamous鈥 scene is the following: His experience with the TVA will 鈥渇orce鈥 Loki to cast his old self aside and change.
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angelhummel4 hours ago
鈥渉ating brittana is lesphobic!鈥澛犫渉ating bartie and bram is biphobic!鈥 when will you realize the problem is just brittany lmao
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strangebrainrot4 hours ago
Watching Pacific Rim so now I'm thinking about Pacific Rim AU things
Billy and Max being co-pilots and from Australia because i said so. Billy still gets to keep his surfing and sunshine and they have even more reason to be super chaotic. Their Jaeger is named Riptide Bruiser
Neil working on the wall and calling what the kids are doing a waste of time
Dustin is definitely one of the research division like I'm thinking very similar to Newt
El and Kali are copilots AND MY FRIEND @harborchild SAID THEY SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING BUILT INTO THEIR JAEGER THAT AMPLIFIES THEIR ABILITIES SO THEY CAN USE THEM AGAINST KAIJU. They are absolutely correct and I will not be taking criticism. Their Jaeger is named Bleeding Rainbow
Steve honestly doesn't really strike me as a pilot, but i definitely think he would be a solid vitals guy. Like one of the people in the office that's keeping track of vitals and coordinates and the drift
Alexei and Murray are also from the research division and Alexei developed El and Kali's device
Hopper being a retired Jaeger pilot and always giving her a solid hug before a drop. His jaeger's name was Bandit Sheriff
Billy and Max use the kaiju blue to keep a tally of their kills like in Predator
Will is training to be a jaeger pilot so that he can take his mom's place at Jonathan's side because she's old according to him, but she denies that accusation every time it comes up
Jonathan and Joyce's jaeger is named Magnet Clash
When Will becomes a pilot, Hopper comes out of retirement and he and Joyce co-pilot Bandit Sheriff
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zozobear084 hours ago
I have one thought to share before I go to sleep and it is the fact that the last person who had to sit Christopher down and tell him that his dad got shot was probably Shannon, and now its Buck,,, like the implications of that! Especially since Carla is back, or they couldve even brought Pepa or Abuela back. Like there is family in LA that couldve told Christopher this information but instead they have it be Buck!!!
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lumenoidian4 hours ago
Tbh my favourite thing about tumblr compared to other platforms is the absolute lawlessness. Being on tumblr is like being in the woods in your own natural habitat. I can bang my sticks and rocks together while shouting incoherently and no one would need to ever know about it. And if someone watches they either agree with me or beat the absolute shit out of me. Rules of the jungle baby.
Being on twitter is like going into the deep ocean which is full of both sharks and abhorent creatures. The best fate to have on that platform is to be unnoticeable, because even the pretty fish get bitten by sharks that chase them. I usually just post my art and get out, fleeing back to my submarine for safety.
Also tumblr is way better because we are all on even playing ground. There are no tumblr influencers. If someone insults me for some random reason, like nine times out of ten you go on their blog an their a conservative freak with an outspoken daddy kink who would call me kitten in my discord dm's.
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lovelacegsl4 hours ago
people still trying to sell jo and laurie as 'platonic soulmates' is so odd to me, it's really hard for me to see them as anything close to 'soulmates' at all because for me the definition of soulmate is someone who understands you and makes you want to be better, someone who challenges you. just because laurie was 'in love' with jo for a long does not make them that, they bring out the worst out of each other, and are very toxic together(more laurie than jo but whatever) and yeah they're friends, they have fun together but that does not make them soulmates, just stop pretending they're something they're not just because they didn't end up together, laurie didn't respected jo for a long time when they were young, didn't respected her wishes and ignored her signs, tried to take advantage of beth almost dying to steal a kiss from jo, he was just... very nasty towards her
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enigmaticpink4 hours ago
Sometimes it just hits me that I'm back in my childhood bedroom. Like it's a weird thing to get caught up on, but after years of living elsewhere, coming back and being back in the very first bedroom I knew, it just really hits me how much has changed since I last was living here. I woke up in the middle of the night half expecting to see the bars of my old bunk bed, my old toy chest, and the box television I used to watch cartoons on, and instead I was just greeted with the present. I've changed alot these past several years but I can still see the green I chose to paint this room as toddler, peaking out from the newer paint, and I can still see the glowy star stickers my brother put up, and I sort of feel like nothing has changed at all.
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steviethenarwhal4 hours ago
trevor flirting with all his american boys while jamie slowly gets emotionally crushed and devastated in the corner? trevor waking up one morning to find that jamie's up and left, packed his bags and isn't answering his phone? gone off the snap map? tell me more, tell me more what happens next?
Oooooh your idea is way angstier than what i wrote (this is about the trevor-jamie hooked up before Anaheim au for the uninformed). So if we assume Trevor flirts too much and Jamie just leaves bc he can鈥檛 take it anymore... what happens next?
Hmmmm well we could have Trevor track down Jamie of course. Follow him to Toronto and make a grand confession outside Jamie鈥檚 parents house if we were in a good mood and wanted them to be happy.
If we wanted them not to be happy, then does Jamie get a bf at some point? Does Trevor sleep with some specific person that particularly hurts Jamie for聽 some reason (idk who that would be)? Do they come back to Anaheim bruised and beaten, feelings so worn down that it might just be easier to forget any part of the last year happened bc their wounds are still too raw? Is a temporary truce called? Or is the cold shoulder the move instead?聽
Do they seethe when they see each other with someone else at a bar? Or worse has apathy already set in? It鈥檚 not supposed to be this hard and if it鈥檚 this hard now, what is worth saving anymore? A few good nights of sex? Is that enough to keep caring?聽
But what about the team! They have to figure this out for the team. Or do they? Idk do they?
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sapphicdahliance5 hours ago
I have a size kink, but like 90% of that is just because I鈥檓 small. how do you NOT have a size kink if ur under 5 ft tall
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mantis-in-the-dirt5 hours ago
anyways i think the "it's just minecraft roleplay" is a completely valid thing to say, but it's also often invalid and i wanted to ramble on it for a moment so. couple things.
if you're using that to completely ignore someone else's analysis or to just avoid an argument, than you're not actually using it as an argument and you're just avoiding things. if that's your only argument coming into a fight about analysis, you are, once again, not actually trying to have any kind of civil debate or anything like that. you're just trying to say they're wrong without putting thought into it, and you really,聽really聽can't do that centering around analysis.
on the other hand, if you're using it, it applies to all things. tommy's exile? just minecraft roleplay, you don't get to care that much. dream's prison arc? just minecraft roleplay, you don't get to care that much. wilbur's spiral and revival? just minecraft roleplay, you don't get to care that much. none of it gets to matter to you if you say nothing can matter to other people.聽
(also, those of you who try to say that the relationships between the characters stem into real life, stop. it's really scary. i've seen people say big q needs to "shut dream up" irl too in reference to the prison arc. that's horrifying. step back and think for a while, please.)
also, just because you believe that or you don鈥檛 get any strong feelings from it, doesn鈥檛 mean someone else isn鈥檛. for example, the dream smp makes me feel lots of things, and saying聽鈥渋t鈥檚 just a minecraft roleplay鈥 is incredibly invalidating.聽
there are double standards all over this fandom, and they often center around tommy and dream or dream and a lot of different characters, and that needs to stop happening if any of us want to call ourselves legitimate analyzers.
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combustion-man5 hours ago
I got lots of thoughts about lots of media and after 10 years on this post-post-apocalyptic website maybe it鈥檚 time to just throw them out there for funsies
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