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#billy hargrove
smashmouth-hargrove · 20 minutes ago
🌟🌟 i LOVE your Cars 3 hc! Imagine Steve basically watching the movie in a loop, blasting the ost on his way to work, leveling his car to Billy's in front of the traffic light a couple streets from their home every single morning for like, a month straight, and then daring him to race like "C'MON STORM ! BET YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!!" and BILLY like 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ 'I've married a baby' and steve basically:
Tumblr media
at the rythm of 'run that race'
Honestly, it made Billy a little concerned at first about how obsessed Steve was over the movie. He watched it multiple times a week, quoted it constantly from memory, hummed The score in the shower, even put little stickers of the cars along the bumper of his BMW.
But, then he saw happy it made him. The smile on his face while looking over at him from the other lane of traffic, engine revving, ready to take off as soon as the light turned green. The way his eyes lit up and he made that little focused face he did while he watched the movie. How he could rant about the topic of Cars 3 for hours and never get bored, even if it happed while they were having sex.
And then he started feeding into it. Quoting the movie back to him, playing with his hair from the couch while the brunette sat entertained on the floor occupied by the movie, letting him win their little drag races on their way to and from work just to watch his husband laugh and throw his hands up in victory. One birthday even buying Steve the Lightning McQueen Crocs as a bit of a joke, as a nod to his love for the movie and him wearing them pretty much everywhere.
And his interests would change at some point. Cars 3 being put on the shelf and replaced by a shiny new special interest that he would go bananas over. But this is what made Steve happy now and that was enough for Billy. Even if he was positive, he married a man child.
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smashmouth-hargrove · 46 minutes ago
Some part of me is like, “Fuck stereotypes about gay men!” and another part is screaming “Rich, fashionable, gay Beverly Hills uncles Harringrove! Rich, fashionable, gay Beverly Hills uncles Harringrove! Rich, fashionable, gay Beverly Hills uncles Harringrove!”
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billy-hargroves-drool · 49 minutes ago
Listen babes, Billy is not the handsome sweet gentleman u think he is at face value. Billy Hargrove is so fucking trashy and disgusting the man has like 5 ash trays just scattered around his room, he has beer cans just fucking wherever, his just tosses his underwear and leaves it wherever it lands in his room, I doubt this man makes his bed after waking up probably doesn’t even change his sheets till his step mom tells him to, he smokes while he works out, he puts fucking cologne on his god damn pubes.
Billy Hargrove is so fucking gross and disgusting and while im not saying u cant fuck that (cause lbr im gonna fuck him no matter if hes showered or not) YOU JUST GOTTA REMEMBER YOU’RE FUCKING SIGNING UP TO FUCK THIS THING
Tumblr media
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sh1tbird-shantytown · an hour ago
tommy would be the kid that would randomly throw up all the time in elementary school and to this day he does all the time and billy absolutely refuses to take care of him every time he will Run out the house
i’m going to sprinkle in some kegboys here just because i know how this situation feels and it sucks to deal with alone lol
the thing with tommy is that if he so much as gags, he’ll throw up. it’s odd, it’s gross, and it’s unstoppable. once he smelt an anchovy sample at the store and made a mess of aisle six.
another time, was when steve had made dinner for them both some time during junior year. it was some sort of chicken noodle. there had been a particularly chewy piece of chicken and he’d gagged and just vomited all over the mahogany table. steve had sighed and laid him down on the sofa before cleaning it up by himself. the way steve had brushed tommy fringe back with his gentle hand stayed coded into tommy’s mind for a long time.
that had been the first time tommy had felt like he had fallen in love with steve harrington.
then billy had started to run along with them. and the first time he had witnessed tommy throwing up, hadn’t been in an expected.
“that’s gross, man,” steve complained as tommy threw his socks back into the locker. “just take them home and wash them.”
billy leaned down and sniffed a few times and then stepped back with a ridiculous expression. “that’s a wretched, hagan.”
tommy ruffled billy’s hair with one hand and pulled his jeans up with the other, “i know,” he sneered playfully.
steve chuckled at billy’s expense and pulled his shirt over his head. missing when billy wrestled tommy’s head down, level with the sock locker.
“wait—“ tommy tried to prevent the inevitable but it only took a second for the waft to reach his nostrils. billy let go, laughing his ass off. and then tommy gagged, turned and covered his mouth. but billy had tommy’s lunch regurgitated all over his feet by the time steve had even gotten his shirt fully on. he turned to see what the commotion was when the remaining guys changing all groaned in familiar disgust.
“oh no…” tommy heard him whisper as everyone stared fearfully at billy’s feet.
“what the fuck, tommy?” billy’s voice was a little too pitched. tommy sat on the bench when steve guided him back to it.
“don’t let loose your goose yet, hargrove,” steve took over, started tugging billy to the showers.
billy gave steve a look that tommy couldn’t help but giggle a little at. “he fuckin…he—“
“we all saw, no need to relive the event,” steve nodded and left billy with his feet under the spray of water. steve whispered something in billy’s ear that got a nod back and a side hug around the waist.
as they were leaving, steve helping tommy to the nurse. billy got his last words in, “never again, hagan!” he vowed.
steve rolled his eyes as they passed the gym doors and looked over at tommy, “you’re so lucky he loves you.”
anons and all welcome to send more asks :)
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christies-library · an hour ago
Brutal Masterlist (Ongoing)
Tumblr media
Summary: Hawkins, Indiana is hell on earth... until a dreamy new boy from California moves to town.
Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Henderson!reader
A/N: This is my series from my main blog, @coffeecatsandcandles
* - 18+ chapter
Chapter I- Person of Interest 
Chapter II- Dig Deeper
Chapter III- Halloween
Chapter IV- Complicated
Chapter V- Judgement Day
Chapter VI- Winter
Chapter VII- The Return*
Chapter VIII- The Mind Flayer*
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draculcid · an hour ago
plot twist: billy actually doesn’t learn from his mistakes and have an awakening to become a good person.
he just starts watching way too much what would you do.
and everytime he’s about to be mean to someone in public, the words “this is john quinones with the show what would you do,” echo in his brain.
and so he’s forced to be nice because he’s genuinely terrified of that man coming out of nowhere with his camera
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smashmouth-hargrove · 2 hours ago
Y’know what, I’m gonna say it, I think Steve would be the one to be a complete flake on Billy instead of the other way around.
I think that he would be the one who wouldn’t be able to spend the night because that makes it all too real what they have and it scares him shitless. He would be the one to stand Billy up on dinner dates more times than he could count on one hand because he’s so paranoid that if he and Billy are even seen in the same room together it’ll be taken the wrong way. He‘s not the first one to say I love you, and even when Billy does say it he can’t reciprocate it because it feel so forbidden for him to be admitting such a thing.
And it’s not that he’s homophobic, he knows Robin’s lesbian and she does her thing, and other people do their things, and that’s their business, and who is he to judge? But, when it comes to him, his feelings feel so wrong in a way that feels all too right to be natural and it frustrates him to death.
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throwthisawayplease · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
somewhere after the snowball in 1984...
they’re in love !!
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mediocre--writing · 3 hours ago
They’re just sitting there. On the bleachers. Like a pair of basic chicks gossiping in a teen movie. 
Well, it’s an exact description of what they’re doing. Down to the not-so-mindless chat about the boys they were interested in. 
“I mean--do you see the way his hair like bounces when he runs? It practically defies gravity,”
“Yes, I do see that. And if you mention something about his hair one more time, you’re about to defy gravity until you hit the cement behind the bleachers,”
“Harsh, Nance,” Billy tutted as he leaned against the bleacher behind him, “that was harsh!” 
“B, I was obsessed with the guy for like--almost a year, alright? I know how his hair looks when he runs,”
“I know... it’s just gotten a bit longer recently and there’s like this little piece that always hangs above his eyebrow that he blows away and it’s so--”
“Cute? Adorable? Mind-numbingly attractive?” Nancy deadpanned with a pointed glare at Billy. 
“I was going to say endearing, but I like ‘mind-numbingly attractive’ much better,” He gave a classic smirk at her obvious annoyance but enjoyed the view he had of the track team doing their drills and warm ups. 
“What about you, Mr. Sporty? Why aren’t you trying out right there with him?”
“Me?” Billy asked as if the idea of him exercising was a feat unknown to the world. “Oh, honey, I don't run,”
Nancy scrunched her nose at being called ‘Honey’ but rolled her eyes at his statement. “Well you’ve been chasing Steve for so long, it must’ve slipped my mind,”
“And how are things going with you and the stalker?” Billy shot back with a smug look on his face. 
“He’s not a stalker!” Billy tilted his head towards hers, giving a look of disbelief, “He’s the yearbook photographer, it’s his job to take pictures around school!”
“Oh? So it’s his job to make sure he gets photos of you in every class, multiple times a day? For the yearbook, I’m sure,”
“That’s not--” Billy lifted an eyebrow and Nancy accepted defeat, “Fine,”
“I don't see why you don’t just go for it? Corner him in that creepy dark room and get what you want. I’m sure he’s in there right now waiting for you to slam him into the wall and get it on. It’s even got that nice, red mood lighting--”
Nancy slapped Billy’s leg, as he was above her bleacher and leaning back, but, had she had the chance, she would have whacked the back of his head. 
Billy’s loud, bark-like laugh made Steve’s head turn from where he was standing at the start line on the track and stare for a minute. 
“Miss your little Princess?” another boy, Steve thinks his name is Todd or something, taunts as Steve turns back to the track, rather than admiring the way Billy’s gold hair shines in the sunlight.
“Sure,” Steve says, as he wasn’t really paying attention nor felt any need to listen to Todd-whatever.
“Yeah, well I think that Hargrove’s got his claws in her now,”
Steve actually heard and processed that comment, “What?”
“C’mon, you can’t tell me that you haven’t noticed that they’re always together. They follow each other between classes and he drives her home sometimes. I heard from Tommy H, who heard from Carol, who’s seen them eating at Benny’s at least five times by now,” 
“I really don’t care,”
Steve, actually, cared very much. 
He could’ve sworn that Nancy had alluded to liking Byers when she’d finally broken it off with him. Plus, she didn’t seem like the type to like her men especially manly. Especially not someone like Billy Hargrove. And, to the best of his knowledge, Billy Hargrove didn’t particularly care for Nancy’s...kind (you know: women).
“He's looking at youuuuu..” Nancy prodded as she poked at Billy’s jean-clad calf and wiggled her eyebrows towards the field. 
“Can you shut up?” Billy grumbled as if he wasn’t turning bright red out of embarrassment. 
“Ok, Mr. Harrington,” she whispered not-so-subtlety.
Billy leaned forward from where he was leaning and swatted playfully at her shoulder, his face turning even more red and eyes practically bugging out of his head. “I will throw you down these bleachers!”
“Why? You wanna save me and show everyone that you know CPR or some shit so you look all heroic in front of your boyfriend?”
“Nancy Fallulah Wheeler--”
“That’s not my middle name--”
“Well you still refuse to tell me your real middle name,” He accused before going back to his threat, “I swear to God that I will tear you limb from limb and kill you and make it look like an accident,” Billy pointed a finger at her with a glare, but it held no real malice behind it.
“Awww, you’re so in love with him, you’re acting delusional,” Nancy cooed. 
“I’ll tell the stalker that you know he’s been taking your pictures since the school year has began and get all the pictures--no--only the bad pictures, and make them posters, then I will proceed to post them everywhere,” Billy had a bright, teasing smile on his face as he concocted a ‘revenge plan.’ “And I'm sure he has at least one of you sneezing. Or maybe the day when you decided to eat clam chowder and ended up wearing it? Don't try me, Wheeler,”
“Yeah, well, what if I just did this?” Nancy smirked evilly. 
Billy sat up to attention. He knew that smirk. Nothing good ever happened after that smirk. 
Nancy stood up on the bleachers and screamed, at the top of her lungs, “STEVE!!” then dropped down as Billy grabbed her by the waist and yanked her to sit next to him. 
She giggled her little heart out as Billy waved at Steve on the track then whispered his murderous thoughts right in Nancy’s ear. 
Steve, albeit confused, couldn’t help but smile at Billy’s little wave of dismissal and obvious embarrassment. It was kinda cute. 
“Yeah, the princess definitely doesn’t seem to like you anymore, bud,” Todd-whatever felt the need to say. 
“Yeah, that’s not who I’m looking at, but thank you anyway,” Steve gave a mocking smile before the coach’s whistle blew and he took off for his sprint. 
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harringrovetrashrat · 4 hours ago
Steve was so fucking excited. He’d been planning this for a month. A bed and breakfast, a romantic evening together, and hopefully, one of the best birthdays Billy’d ever had. He bit his lip, foot tapping nervously as he waited for Billy to get home from his short shift. Everything was packed, Steve had even made a mix CD, and he checked the clock again, hoping more than a minute had gone by. He swore he saw the second hand go back one before going forward, teasing him.
So maybe Steve had gone a little overboard. Maybe he had put too much effort into Billy’s birthday. But he couldn’t help it. He and Billy had only reunited 8 months and 3 days ago (not that he was counting), and Steve was maybe kind of excited about the idea of getting to spoil Billy. Of getting that romantic weekend away he’d always wanted himself. His ex wives had never been truly interested in him, or get away weekends, so Steve craved it. He was 47 for fuck’s sake, he deserved one. And so did Billy. Gorgeous, just as handsome as ever Billy, with hands rough from work and eyes crinkled in the corners. Steve sighed a little at the thought, fiddling with the clasp of his watch.
The funny thing was, Steve hadn’t even planned on going to that particular auto shop. He’d been planning on holding out and going to his usual guy once he’d gotten back to Hawkins, but his car had had other plans, breaking down basically outside the shop Billy had been working at. Steve almost hadn’t believed it when he rang the bell and Billy came out from the door to the workshop, both of them stopping in shock, taking the other in.
Steve was brought out of his thoughts by the front door clicking shut. Steve got up quickly, his knees clicking in protest, but he ignored them because his boyfriend was home and he was excited.
Read on ao3
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catharrington · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
The envelopes are different every time, but the scratchy hand writing is the same. Made out to Maxine in Hawkins, IN. Sometimes he includes a scratched up piece of paper or postcard with some scribbled handwriting on it. But always, he includes a photo.
Max and El had insisted he keep in touch, all but opening his luggage and putting the brand new still in the box Polaroid camera in with his scant belongings. “I just want to make sure you’re okay,” Max had given up the ruse, her voice taking a serious tone.
Billy put one of his huge hands on top her head. She remembers last time he did, it felt bigger. Now, it was mostly just warm. “I’ll send a couple back, no promises.”
Now it’s up to almost one a day. And Max is going to have a buy a second board soon to make another calendar of all the photos Billy said he wouldn’t send. She’s going to need more push pins and stickers to keep them up. Make them a shrine to the fact that he lives. He’s thriving. He’s not any headline in their newspaper of a beautiful broken dead boy. Not just a number of war.
But right now, the last envelope she got has a little note stuffed with it. Billy’s handwriting rushed and small on what seems to be a note pad paper from a skateboard shop off the pier. He’s written: how’s Steve Harrington doing? That idiot get into any more fights without me around? And Max thinks she might be able to let a small part of her shrine go.
(Fill for HFP, thank you so much for the donation @ihni !!! I had so so much fun making this moodboard as it is so far out of what I usually do. The prompt was Billy free, away from Neil, and happy. And I hope I’ve done it justice. And if you wanted a board or me to write for you please check out the pinned Harringrove for Palestine post on my blog!)
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I’m just a gal, once again asking for harringrove writing prompts
I’ve written these guys [1] [2] [3] and got the flow
Soooooo hit me up 😘
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lifeisfullofdirtysins · 7 hours ago
You know most of the people who cry racist about Billy the most have probably been shitty/racist themselves and its a way to make themselves feel like a better person, even though being happy a character died instead of getting support, just shows how crappy and lacking in empathy they really are
I agree and not to mention he's a mentally ill teenager and yeah he may lack empathy but he's been living in a world where no one cared to be empathetic towards him unless they're horny or want something out of him. Hell, the one reason why I hate Karen so much is not only because she was willing to use him as a toy to make herself feel better but because she suffers no consequences from nearly ruining her marriage. If Billy wasn't going there he might've would've known where Max was or literally wouldn't get his ass beat by his father, and it's the fact that she nearly ruined her marriage for a teenage boy and gets to live happily with her husband that irritates me a bit. I feel his character was villainized way too much and was treated more so like a villain rather than an antagonist or an abused mentally ill teenager, his actor tried to make him more sympathetic rather than just an asshole for no reason. He deserved a better arc and one where he possibly apologizes to Max and Lucas and everyone and eventually leaves his dad's house or we hear that he's going to therapy. I love the show but the problem with their antagonists is that they villainize them too much to the point that you believe they're pure evil or believe there is no point of return. But most of all these are white people who try to define what they think and assume is racist and not to mention too many people forget that if he wanted to call Lucas a slur or literally beat his ass for being black he could've done that already. But yeah, I agree.
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mediocre--writing · 8 hours ago
Steve: I don't need to go to bed. I'm not tired, I'll be fine.
Billy: But I'll be so lonely without you. Come curl up in my arms so I can feel whole again.
Steve: O-oh. Well, wait, are you trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping patterns??
Billy: Is it working?
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draculcid · 9 hours ago
steve and billy messing around for a while but not really putting a label on it. except one day, steve accidentally calls billy his boyfriend- and it’s like defensively maybe? a “get away from my boyfriend!” type of moment?
and billy stands there horrified for a good 5 minutes because he doesn’t know if steve actually meant it and he doesn’t know if he wants steve to mean it. so he just doesn’t know how to react. and steve is just realizing that he’s slipped up and they’re both staring at each other waiting for the other to say something like 👁👁
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