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#911 spoilers
cirrius-akiyo · 2 minutes ago
A) Ravi works a different shift than the rest of the 126 that the show focuses on, so it's unlikely he'll be with them when the shooting starts
B) The actor isn't listed on imdb or in the press release for the episode C) They're gonna fucking shoot Eddie and honestly, I hope he dies so all the fucking buddie shippers will shut the fuck up.
A) If this is regarding my last post, you and me know well that was a speculation. And eventhough he works in different shift, it doesn't mean there couldn't be a change in schedule/schedule line up. Plus, we see Buck in civilian cloth + different station number, that maybe pointed out that they were not on shift and maybe Ravi is.
He may not be shot on the first round, but the sniper may still be on the loose and could be a possible target on the next.
B) There is that, but that thing is unreliable. And again, that was my speculation. If that doesn't happen, cool.
C) If you don't ship Buddie, that's your prerogative/choice. I'm cool with it. But to be hostile and aggressive in my ask, we don't do that here. My blog is a safe space for shippers and non shippers, but please mind your words.
So you are welcome to block me/unfollow me/block the tags.
Hope you have a good day, that you know...just don't stuck in that much negativity.
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evanbuckleyed · 32 minutes ago
I feel like everyone is rooting for Eddie to get shot and I’m over here like no please god 😭😭😭 Why does everyone want my man to suffer?
people just love angst i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
also since eddie hasn't had much of an arc this season i think people are just desperate to see him on screen for more than like 2 minutes even if that means he gets shot lmaoooo
i'd prefer if no one gets seriously injured but as long as no one dies i'm kind of whatever about it. i'm still not fully convinced it's eddie who gets injured anyway
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eddiediazbeloved · 38 minutes ago
jordan and i just started s3 and i’m not sure how i’m gonna handle it if eddie gets shot on monday and i have to SUFFER and keep quiet about it for like a million years until we finally catch up
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justsmilestuffhappens · 40 minutes ago
I just thought about Mama Athena knowing her boy loves to play detective so she organises for him to go on a ride-along like Sue did for Maddie, and Buck has the Best Day Ever in the squad car, decked out in an LAPD hoodie and shades.
And technically+legally ride-alongs aren't supposed to get involved with any actual investigations, chases or arrests, but Athena lets him read out the miranda rights and press the button for the lights and sirens.
She's working a full shift so it's late when it's time to leave, but she's not letting him go home hungry so he stays with her as she goes home, where Bobby is waiting for them both with one of Buck's favourite meals. Bobby listens to all of Buck's enthusiastic accounting of the day and even brings out dessert.
And maybe he falls asleep on their couch, still bundled up in his hoodie, occasionally mumbling "...right to remain silent..." while Bobby and Athena do the dishes, before they tuck a pillow under his head and a blanket over his shoulders and wish their oldest child sweet dreams.
Or maybe he stays awake - barely - and Athena drops him off home, his real home, where Eddie opens the door with a fond smile and open arms, cooing lovingly when Buck starts sleepily babbling about having the greatest day and how amazing Athena is and how Bobby made trifle.
(Buck gets her a mug for her birthday that says LAPD's Finest.)
Okay umm. My lip trembled.
😎 😎
This is so freaking cute and soft. I think we really needed this right now. Especially with the incoming episode that's going to wreck us.
Buck would freaking love to go on a ride along. Why hasn't he yet? It would be a change of pace from before taken in the back of the squad car when he gets in trouble even if he doesn't get arrested.
'Oh so this is what it feels like to sit in the front seat of these for once'
Athena second guesses her idea for a second right there though. At least she didn't pick both him and Eddie if that were even possible.
Oh. Maybe they're at a scene and she chasing a perp telling Buck he can't help her don't touch anything while she goes to grab the perp. Only Buck's on the radio because he knows the area or building. Being a fire marshal taught him so he knows the layout of the business and there's a short cut or that ways a dead end you got 'em. The back alley was blocked by a delivery truck every Tuesday, I had to give them a violation before, he can only head to the East street.
Buck saying the Miranda rights without needing the paper either both because he's been told a few times and or because that's his favorite part because it's important Eddie they have to say it and it reminds the suspect, it's the law for a reason and needed dude.
Him telling Eddie all about it lively the next day as Bobby relays his face to Athena yeah it was a good idea for cheering Buck up but he won't stop trying to solve mysteries any time soon though.
Buck in an LAPD hoodie gimme! Just imagine the others teasing him are they gonna lose him only he's like no you can't get rid of me and they wouldn't have it any other way buckaroo you better not.
Them coming home to Bobby's cooking. Literally chef's kiss. Yes. Buck insists on helping serve at least or clean dishes, the rules of the firehouse even if he's a guest but he's not really he can help.
Buck telling Bobby about their day and how badass Athena was she used the voice Bobby like she does at scenes it was so cool 😎 only Bobby knows yes his wife is amazing that's not new buddy.
Oh God him falling asleep saying the Miranda rights is top tier wow so cute and I could totes see it.
"Lord we've created a monster'
Athena shaking her head with a fond smile at her giant pseudo son as Bobby kisses her cheek.
'He's our monster, he's real good'
*BRB I'd die because Buck wouldn't hear this he's asleep! I
😵 💀
Ironically I prefer that over the buddie one him falling asleep on the couch but throw in Eddie coming over to pick him up with Chris in the morning or him driving over after passing out because it was hella late and Athena took his keys, texting Eddie he'd stay there with them, the boy was tired and he'd get his boyfriend back
'Please don't kidnap him Athena'
Eddie teases back with a 😟
'You'll get him back in one piece'
it's like nearing midnight then.
Buck telling Chris he got to turn on the siren and the lights getting a gasp as eddie looks on at his boys teases the fire truck has sirens too but they're not the same Eddie, yeah daddy Buck has a point. Betrayed by my own son again. Eddie clutches his chest like the giant dramatic dork that he is.
Buck giving people little meaningful gifts always gets me like I want it so bad after the coffeemaker prank yes please let him do that for the others too especially like this how sweet cute
😍 🎁
It's a wonderful memory he'll cherish compared to the take your kid to work day when his parents had him sit in the office corner and be quiet as his they worked I'm so sorry umm let's not end it there
Maybe the next time something goes down he's like hey Athena look see I didn't touch anything this time and I called the cops no b break in the chain of evidence and all that and she tells him yes that's better but he's still on thin ice she doesn't want him in danger and he gets teary at that because she drops she doesn't want to see him get hurt but knows he'll jump to help people first think later and can't blame him it saves lives
🤕 🥺
Let's end it there thank you so much I've gotta get back to writing but this is the good stuff 👌 I love this it's so delicious amazing! 😀
Athena: You never give up. That's what being Buck means to me.
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outrunningthedark · an hour ago
Hey! I love your 911 theories so I was wondering if you thought with Eddie getting shot, if we’re gonna see any tension between Chris choosing between Buck and Ana at the hospital 👀 or at the very least seeing how Ana works in context with the rest of the people in Eddie’s life (and hopefully get some buddie content out of it)
Hey, nonnie! Thanks for stopping by 🤗
We might actually see Buck with his BFFs (and A*a 🤢) before Eddie gets shot! Grain of salt and all, but Cocoa Brown told fans on instagram that Buck would be at Eddie’s house in 4.13 🤔 IMO, she can’t be trusted, but it’s something to look out for just in case.
As for the aftermath of Eddie getting shot, Oliver confirmed he is sharing a scene/scenes with Gavin in the finale. The question we don’t have an answer to is where A*a fits in because the one insta story we got had Oliver in a room with Cocoa and Gavin.
I am going to assume that Christopher seeks comfort from Buck after finding out what happened (think back to “I’m not going anywhere.” Buck will have kept his promise).
I honestly cannot see GW being kept on the show beyond this season, so the biggest question is whether we get closure in the finale or find out in 5A that it ended off screen. But she will more than likely be there upon hearing the bad news. (Is Tim bold enough to have Christopher show up to the hospital and run to Buck? Would he dare?)
There will definitely be Buddie content, even if we don’t see them alone together in the hospital. Buck is going to be concerned about his “best friend” and be a pillar of support for the little boy he treats as his own.
Here’s one scenario that is making me cringe (but I also wanna see it???):
If Buck and A*a share a scene together. . . we will be hearing “Edmundo” & “Eddie” at the same time 🤯 Is Buck confused by the use of Edmundo? Does Eddie try to correct her? How awkward can it get?
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herbatahleb · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I also want to be part of the discussion about the next episode and Eddie's possible injury. But unfortunately I can't write so here's a picture lol
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translucent-bisexual · an hour ago
what do you think maddie life decision will be for finale??
The more I think about it the more I’m kinda wondering if it may be a proposal OR they’re gonna bring back the Dougs money storyline thing
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translucent-bisexual · an hour ago
They are reaching for each other but where is the blood?
On Buck I think it’s next to his head since he does have a head wound, but on Eddie I think it’s the dark spot that’s circled? I could be wrong though since I was more so paying attention to the fact that the person said Eddie is reaching for him
Tumblr media
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from-nova · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Sounds like Season 4 is done filming!
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persnicketi · an hour ago
I really love the idea of them bringing Probie on every time they need a Chaos Agent. Like, every episode he appears just gets more convoluted until anytime the rest of the 118 see him they’re just like... “ABSOLUTELY not today”.
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fd19135 · an hour ago
There's people out there hoping Eddie gets shot so we can see Buck's reaction, maybe get a "take care of Christopher", possibly see a "I thought I lost you" scene...
It's me, I'm those people
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futures-tense · 2 hours ago
Do you think if Owen didn’t get involved with the arsonist thing, would Raymond still have targeted Carlos since he’s Gabriel’s son, and Raymond even said it was just a matter of time before he was caught (since Gabriel was getting closer)
Ooo thats such an interesting thought!!! Can you imagine though like, TK and Carlos aren’t aware of an arsonist in the area at all which like brings the fear factor up by 500
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pragmaticoptimist34 · 2 hours ago
Carlos apologizing to TK in 1x03 for offering him champagne at the failed dinner date feels like the opening act to Carlos apologizing for not having a fire extinguisher upstairs in 2x12. Same energy.
He is so quick to chastise himself in both moments for things he was totally unaware of. WHY?
Who’s writing the Carlos Reyes meta during hiatus, so I don’t do it? Save me from myself. 😆
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adhdwtf · 2 hours ago
cant wait until eddie confesses his feelings for buck and immediately gets shot and sent to superhell
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shannon-diaz · 3 hours ago
I wonder if either the mom has muchin housin bipromxity or if the kid damaged the balcony on purpose to hurt his mom regretting it so he called 9-1-1.But he damaged other stuff. Eddie notices something wrong but not sure what, so ana helps and so does buck. Then when 133 is called eddie/buck attend cause eddie asked to be told. Cause I felt like buck was trying to reassure eddie over what he did.
I’ve seen quite a few people mention Munchausen by proxy in speculations for the episode actually. It's a very plausible scenario, especially with what you mentioned! And Eddie notices that something is off with the mother and the kid or has a bad feeling and the other two help Eddie trying to figure it out. And when Eddie finds out there was another call to the apartment made he calls Buck for backup/help maybe but I haven’t been able to figure out yet why Eddie is in his firefighter uniform but Buck is in his civvies. Why is Eddie on call and Buck isn’t? Was Eddie wearing it to get more information? Why are Buck and Taylor so shocked and shaken? Are they really waiting at a hospital or are they looking at something else unfolding? I know some people have said it’s from the second call and Buck changed from his civvies into the firefighter shirt but I think it might be from the first call? And what if the shot of Eddie checking out the street is also from the first call when he feels like something is wrong if he wants to find out who could’ve seen something? We have on set pictures, a promo and a synopsis and we still don’t really know anything. 😵
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shannon-diaz · 4 hours ago
Hi! I just had to pop in and say that Iove I absolutely love your blog:)
Also, to go off with that anon about what if Eddie doesn't get shot right away, what if the shot is towards Buck (maybe even grazes him) and Eddie goes and pushes Buck away before he away BUT THEN the sniper shoots again and this time shoots Eddie, making him fall on the ground. And then Buck goes after him but the paramedic pushes Buck down? (ngl I can't stop thinking of the different ways this is gonna go down)
Omg, you’re so sweet, thank you! 🥺
It’s certainly a possibility, especially because it looks like Eddie has noticed that something is wrong so he’s checking out their surroundings and the two are standing pretty close together in the street scene. It wouldn’t surprise me if he tried to push Buck closer to safety bc he’s always trying to protect his family. Honestly the promo is making me starting to hyperventilate a liiiittle bit because there are so many different ways this could go and we know nothing!
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shannon-diaz · 4 hours ago
But if the kid has been fed all these lies from his mother he probably believes them and perhaps if they take her away (cause she has been hurting him) the kid could potentially lash out. A twist you never saw coming - I could totally see them going with the Stockholm syndrome storyline. Lashing out at someone trying to help you. 🤔
To be honest I still don’t think it‘s the kid unless he has a connection to a sniper? From the way the promo makes it out to be the scene where they get shot at is probably right at the end of the episode after they had their second call at the apartment with the kid and mother. My guess is that Eddie has suspicions after the first call and tries to do a little bit of research on the mom, possibly with the help of Ana. And they may get a second call to their place where they save the kid and when Buck tells Eddie that the kid is lucky he met Eddie. I believe this is when we see the mother in the flower print when she’s loaded into the ambulance again and the confused face she makes is when the gunshots are ringing out. I do believe they’re taking the kid away at the same time as the mother so that it can’t be him. But honestly, the promos have tricked us before!
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bellakitse · 4 hours ago
When Ronen said we would also need therapy after episode 13, did he mean because of tarlos or just the show in general?
I honestly think he means the show in general.
Given that it's gonna be a Tommy/Sniper episode, I actually think we won't see much of Tarlos in 13. But given what Tommy and her family is going through, I have a feeling it's going to be intense and Gina will of course knock it out of the park.
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oneawkwardcookie · 4 hours ago
Radha Kaise Na Jale | Buddie
A teeny-tiny something for @zeethebooknerd, because 4x12 was peak jealous Eddie (and gopiyan aani jaani hain 😝)
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