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#father figure champion lance
professor-blue-oak · 10 days ago
Lance gives off the same vibe as the bi wife energy song. Cant explain it
He’s straight but he supports the LGBT. I think Noami is actually bi too so it all lines up
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crack-canon · 14 days ago
So if you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that I HC Champion Lance as a father figure to Blue Oak But
Like what if Lance also took up the role of the bride’s father during wedding. So like what if he walked Blue down the isle
Now I’m not sure if grooms do a dance too like a father-daughter dance but what if Lance did that too.
Date: May 2, 2021
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professor-blue-oak · 15 days ago
This is kinda random but with my 3rd wedding anniversary just around the bend, it kinda popped into my head and I’m sure you guys would get a kick out of it.
A lot of you already know that I see as a father figure. Well, he played the father role during my wedding. Walked down the aisle, “father-daughter” dance thing.
But he was hella nervous before the wedding ha! I think I’ve got it video too but he said something along the lines of like
Lance: I think the last time I was this nervous was when I barged into the Team Rocket Base
Naomi: You weren’t nervous during our wedding? (Said with an annoyed huff)
Lance: Why the hell would I be nervous to marry the love of my life?
Naomi: Hmm, fair enough
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professor-blue-oak · 24 days ago
Hey professor! Sorry if this is too personal. I recently lost a re-election for my high school student government. I did everything right and I accomplished so much. The person who won quoted memes in their speech and I talked about all the accomplishments I made for my classmates. How did you handle losing the championship even though you had earned it? :(
I actually talked about this a while back but in short; I got super depressed, hid myself in my room for months on end, neglected my Pokémon, replayed all my mistakes in my head thus driving me into further depression, Lance took me away from the house after almost nearly a year and just away from Gramps so I could get help. Things happen and now I’m where I am today all because of Lance.
But I feel like the most important to realise is that, sometimes teens and “politics” don’t mix. We’re stupid as kids and make weird decisions. “Oh! Haha funny memes-“ lets vote for that kid. I once had a kid in my class win majority vote all because they had jokes about a Pokémon meme on their flyers.
So, I know this may be considered rather big for you and that you probably worked really hard, but kids are just stupid sometimes. Don’t let this loss cling to you or you’ll be all salty.
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professor-blue-oak · a month ago
I know a lot of older people (even scientists) are a bit old fashioned. How did Professor Oak (or former professor I should say) respond to you having a support animal? I know my parents don’t believe in a lotta mental health stuff
He found it really dumb which is hella stupid because he studies Pokémon’s relationship with humans so he knows about service/support Pokémon. Got into a whole argument with Lance about it. I still remember the shouting from that night
Oak: Why does he need a support Pokémon? He already has so many Pokémon he doesn’t even look after! What makes you think he can even look after another one?
Lance: Oak, shouldn’t you know about Pokémon relations? A support Pokémon is going to help him get back on track and maybe then the media can stop hounding your ass about where your grandson is
Oak: ... fine
Lance: Ugh, can’t believe that’s what makes you agree. At least he’ll finally get the help he needs! [a good silent minute] He’ll be staying at my place. I’ll come back for him once the therapy sessions start [Lance beings to leave]
Oak: Last I checked, you aren’t his legal guardian
Lance: Last I checked, you’re were and still are doing a terrible job [door slam]
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lovelyteng · 13 days ago
Haunted Corruption Chapter 1 - Started Worse At Night
(Start to night as full moon, pans down as appears words said "Few Years Later..." as voice-over speaks while pans to the city even park, building, and houses as wind start breezing.)
Cal: (narrating) My name is Cal Suresh. I'm former chess champion. So, after event of Wonderworld as outside of the theater... Few years ago, me and my friends was trapped in the theater and then corrupted into negative monsters by Lance... As for me... My corrupted monster named Fortstopher IV who king of my set stage called "On the Board of the Traveler". He was appeared with my anger and narcissism by my first lost of chess challenge on the theater, then I turned into him as I'm gets a corrupted! (Lightning strike flashes on screen as cut to Cal's House, then pans to inside from window to pictures from walls as pans it while said.) Then he defeated and I'm free by Leo Craig and Emma Cole with costumes from my kingdom, and then during battle Lance, me and my friends give them with personal costumes to defeat him. (Last pans as final picture was Cal and his 13 friends along Balan with happy expressions as shadow figure with teal eyes walking on the hallway in guilty and worried as holding the bucket, then down the stairs while continue speaking.) Finally, they're got defeated Lance, me and my friends are finally gets outside of the theater... (Cut to kitchen, shadow figure puts bucket on the desk, then picks the pot and popcorn pack as it pours in the pot, then turn on the stove and the pot places on the stove as cooking while continue speaking.) I've got realized for after chess challenge when I lost. It was... (While narrative, shadow figure pours popcorn on the bucket as takes it and then walks to living room.) My past mistakes.
(Lunar light shines to shadow figure revealed was Cal Suresh who feeling guilty and worried as he holding popcorn, then he sitting couch and turn on the tv but he got interrupted by doorbell was ring which feeling scary as puts popcorn on the couch and then picks the broom, he walking slowly and reaches the doorknob, then quickly open the door, he screams and then looks down was Cass Milligan who feeling anxiety and guilty as holding an umbrella.)
Cal: (gasps) Cass! I'm really sorry about this, I thought you're a corrupted people!
Cass: (soft voice) It's okay, Cal. I can't find my pet cat, Paula! You seen her?
Cal: I'm sorry, I can't seen her.
Cass: Then why are you scared me as you thought I was a corrupted people?
Cal: I watched my favorite horror series on TV called "Corrupted of Infection"! Like I almost watch end episode about that! Which I watching it in every night.
Cass: Wow! That's way too much for watches it, Cal. And thank you for saying about my pet as you can't seen her. (Walks away.)
Cal: (waves of goodbye to Cass) Okay, good night and good luck to find her! (Closes the door, walks back to place for sit, and turns on the TV as appears of Corrupted of Infection.) Oh! I can't wait a final episode as nightmare was end soon! (Picks the popcorn and eats it.)
(Cut to outside of Balan Theater as Fiona Demetria, Haoyu Chang, Iben Bia, Attilio Caccini, and Lucy Wong run to outside the theater from different directions, then they looking Cass.)
Cass: You found her? (Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, Attilio, and Lucy shook their head.)
Attilio: I can't her either. Same for Yuri.
Lucy: Same for Jose.
Haoyu: Same for my adoptive aunt, Sana.
Fiona: Same for Eis.
Iben: Same for my adoptive father, Bruce.
Cass: (anxiety as starts come out the tears) And same for Cal! (Sobbing while runs as enters into Balan Theater.)
Attilio: Cass, wait! (He and his four friends run as enter into Balan Theater.)
(Cut to Jose Gallard, Yuri Brand, Sana Hudson, Eis Glover, and Bruce Stone walking on the sidewalks.)
Sana: Geez! My adoptive brother have watching his favorite show... again!
Jose: He seem likes almost done for watching TV because the last episode of final season was here as he's finally over to it.
Bruce: (chuckles) I liked him when he getting excited about final episode.
Eis: (nods while humming in agree) Me too.
Yuri: I wonder he's doing about watching it?
(Cut to Cal watching the TV in shocked and worried as Corrupted of Infection appears on the TV's screen while eating the popcorn in worried.)
Woman: (in British accent and German voice-toned) Dr. Clement! Go!
Dr. Clement: But Trixie...
Corrupted Peoples: (in eerie and echo voices) Join us, Trixie Taylor...!
Trixie: Just go!
(Cut to Cal shook in worried while he says.)
Cal: Trixie, don't do it, don't do it! (Cut back to show, Trixie screaming and caught by corrupted peoples as Dr. Clement screams and runs, cut back to Cal screams along Dr. Clement till stop the screams.) Oh no, Dr. Cliff Clement, looks like, you're a last one of entire city!
(Cut back to Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce walks to outside of Balan Theater.)
Bruce: The youngsters inside the theater.
Eis: I wonder they're doing of inside this?
(Cut to inside of Balan Theater. Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, Attilio, and Lucy walking with flashlights during Cass crying of anxiety in background.)
Iben: Oh, poor Cass. She never found her cat...
(Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, Attilio, and Lucy shocked from Cass screaming in background.)
Attilio: Cass? Are you okay? Cass! (Gasps) I'm coming for you! (Runs away.)
Haoyu: Hey, Attilio! Wait for us! (He and his friend runs to Attilio as join him.)
(Cut to outside of Dressing Room as Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, Attilio, and Lucy runs to it as Attilio toward front of his friends.)
Attilio: Okay then! (hesitated) I go to her or I call to her! Or, or, or, or... (still hesitated but shocked) What?! (Holds his head and shook.) What's happening to me?! (Grunts and fall as hold on the floor.)
Fiona: Attilio? Are you okay?
Attilio: I'm fine... But I'm feeling cold in here.
Haoyu: Neither do I have.
Fiona: Me too.
Lucy: Yes, I have, Fiona.
Iben: I feel... my negative inside me...
(Suddenly, Cass stopped screaming as the door was knocks.)
Cass: (inside of Dressing Room, in eerie and echo voice as calmly.) Attilio... Come in...
Attilio: (paused as worried) Uh, Cass? Are you okay?
Cass: (still calmly) Yes, I'm completely fine. Why are you come in?
Attilio: Uh... (To Haoyu) What's wrong with her?
Haoyu: I don't know.
Attilio: Well, thank for my hesitance and indecision to myself. (Open the door, he gasps in horror.) Cass! What's happened to you?! (Familiar hand take Attilio and drag him into Dressing Room as screams, then closed it as flashlights are all turned off.)
(Cut to Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, and Lucy scream, then runs and tired open the door as it seem locked while Attilio screaming.)
Lucy: (grieved) Oh no! Attilio! Are are you okay with Cass?! What's happened to you and her?! (still grieved but shocked) What?! Why I can't hold emotion this?! (Holds her head and shook.) What's happening to me?! (Grunts and fall as hold on the floor.)
Haoyu: That's strange. The reason was happened to Cass, Attilio, and Lucy. It's seem like... haunted!
Fiona, Iben, and Lucy: (gasp) What?! How?!
Haoyu: The spirit entered the mortal's body, the spirit which kind of... the corrupted form.
Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, and Lucy: (shocked in realize) Nega-Bosses?! They're back?!
(Attilio stopped screaming as Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, and Lucy paused and looking to Cass and Attilio come out Dressing Room in calmly with creepy smile as their eyes was covered from below the heads.)
Fiona: Cass? Attilio? Are are you okay, you two?
Cass: (in unison of Purrla and her voice with eerie and echo) Yes, Fiona... We're fine and I'm happy by him... (Points at Attilio.)
Attilio: (in unison of Princess Marey and his voice with eerie and echo) That's right...
(Cut to Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, and Lucy slowly walks away in backward from Cass and Attilio.)
Iben: You're acting creepy while your looks was different!
Lucy: Yes! I agreed to her!
Cass: Well, you seem already used...
Cass and Attilio: Your... Main... Negative... Emotion!
(Spotlights turned on as shine to Cass and Attilio as Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, and Lucy screaming in horror to Cass and Attilio was half of their normal and Nega-Boss form, then their eyes shown was part of Nega-Boss.)
(Cut back to Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce hear their friends' screaming, then cut to Cal hears the screaming while eating popcorn was paused from screaming.)
Cal: (shivering, worried) Err... I don't likes this!
(Cut back to inside of Balan Theater. Fiona, Haoyu, Iben, and Lucy start run but Attilio touches Lucy's back as Lucy screaming while transform as her eyes turned into Inkaballe's eyes, then turned of half-corrupted of Inkaballe as stop screaming while Fiona, Haoyu, and Iben gasp as Cass and Attilio laughing in creepy happily and Lucy stand up as join them while Fiona, Haoyu, and Iben screaming in terrible.)
Haoyu: Run! (He runs along Fiona and Iben.)
Cass: Look likes they're playing cat-and-mouse chasing game!
Attilio: Sounds great idea for you, Clocktower Kid!
Lucy: (in unison of Inkaballe and her voice with eerie and echo) Then we're chase them!
(Cass, Attilio, and Lucy runs as chase Fiona, Haoyu, and Iben runs to exit doors but Lucy used her power to blocked every doors as they stopped, Haoyu tries open the door in impatient while Iben looking Haoyu in worried as Fiona looking Haoyu and then looking Cass, Attilio, and Lucy, then gasps in realized.)
Fiona: I know what's happened to them! It was infected of corrupted was one main negative emotion as appeared Nega-Boss likes same start corrupted from last time! As infected people touches one person who getting full of main negative emotion energy, they'll turn into corrupted people!
Iben: I thinks it is!
Fiona: Haoyu, please stop be impatient for that! You'll getting infected!
Haoyu: (impatiently) I know, I know! I'm trying open the door!
Fiona: But you need to relax as open the door. (Haoyu slaps her hand as start cry, Haoyu and Iben gasp.)
Haoyu: Oh no! Sorry, Fiona! I-I didn't do this!
Fiona: (sobs in betrayed) I was trying you to be relax, Haoyu! (Runs away with sobbing.)
Iben: Fiona, wait!
Haoyu: (still impatiently but shocked) Why I did do to her?! (Holds his head and shook.) This can't be happening to me!
Iben: (gasps) Haoyu!
Lucy: Looks like I'm touches him!
(Iben gasps as looking anywhere until looking the metal staff as she gets it. Iben fighting Cass, Attilio, and Lucy as Lucy touches Haoyu on his back as he screaming while transform as his eyes turned into Worville Wright's eyes, then turned of half-corrupted of Worville Wright as stop screaming as until Iben stopped fight and gasp to Haoyu laughing in crazy as Cass, Attilio, and Lucy join him as Haoyu stand up as flying while Iben screaming in terrible and runs away.)
(Cut to Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce as outside of Balan Theater. Eis and Sana tries open the door while Jose and Bruce getting tired from night as Yuri looks firefly.)
Jose: (sleepily) We can get to home now? We're getting tired as start sleep from night into overnight! And Bruce already falling asleep! (Points at Bruce sleep as he and Yuri holding him.)
Sana: Seem you're right then, not seem for Cal still watching the show as he getting tired as keeps opening his eyes.
(Cut to Cal still watching TV as his eyes getting red from tired and sleep which feeling worried for much longer as still eats the popcorn.)
Dr. Clement: You! You are one for caused of this to everyone, Dr. Edgar Albert!
Dr. Albert: (in Scottish accent) Well, yer lad can't stop me, Dr. Edgar Albert!
Cal: You can do, Cliff!
(Cut back to Iben running to find Fiona and away from Cass, Haoyu, Attilio, and Lucy until she stopped runs as start crying as grief and then sitting on the floor as covering her eyes, then she start holds her head and shook with grief.)
Fiona: (offscreen) Iben! (Runs to Iben in worried.) Are you okay?
Iben: (gasps as wiping her tears) You're came back here!
Fiona: Don't worry, Iben. I'm here. (Pats Iben's back as her eyes turned Inkaballe's eyes as smiling, in unison of Inkaballe and her voice with eerie and echo) And you'll never left from us, The Lady of the Midnight Sun!
Iben: (gasps in shocked) Wait! You're not Fiona! You're... (Fiona shape-shifting into Lucy.) Lucy?!
Lucy: Surprise! (Taps Iben's back as as she screaming while transform as her eyes turned into The Grim Creeper's eyes, then turned of half-corrupted of The Grim Creeper as stop screaming, she looking herself, then looking Lucy with Cass, Haoyu, and Attilio walking as they're all smiling as Iben stand up while Fiona watching them as hiding the box, she gasps and runs away.)
(Cut to Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce as outside of Balan Theater. Eis and Sana getting more tries open the door while Jose start fall asleep but shocked as wake up as holding Bruce when fall asleep as Yuri holding him and feeling worried.)
Jose: (facepalms and then slide down, groans in tired) Come on, you two! This'll get takes longer!
(Suddenly, Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce shocked even Bruce who wake up in shocked from phone ringing. Yuri holds her phone and looking it as taps it, she gasps.)
Yuri: It's Fiona! She's got a problem for our friends!
Bruce: What?! Did someone hurts my adopted daughter? (He, Jose, Sana, and Eis looking Yuri's phone.)
Fiona: (onscreen from Yuri's phone, in crying of betrayed) Yes, Bruce! Iben turned half-corrupted form as same Cass, Haoyu, Attilio, and Lucy! (Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce gasp in horror.)
Jose and Eis: What?!
Yuri: What's happened to them?
Fiona: Well, we're enter the theater, getting start feeling cold as... Nega-Bosses haunted us... in spirit. (Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce gasp in horror even more.) You're one main negative emotion like Nega-Bosses was appeared... (Five shadow figures with glowing familiar eyes as sneak to her while Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce start worried to her.)
Sana: Uh, Fiona?
Fiona: ...Then touched behide us... turned into half-corrupted of Nega-Bosses! (Five shadow figures shine as light on as realized Cass, Haoyu, Iben, Attilio, and Lucy which smiling as sneaking behind Fiona as Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce scream in horror.)
Eis: Fiona, watch out for behind you!
Fiona: Huh, what? (Turns around to Cass, Haoyu, Iben, Attilio, and Lucy as scream, then they touch Fiona in unison as she dropped her phone as screen pitched black which she screaming and transformation sounds offscreen while Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce shocked expressions moment as Yuri taps mute speak-call.)
Eis: I don't like this!
Sana: Me too!
(Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce paused from Fiona finally stop screaming.)
Jose: I thinks she's okay then?
Bruce: I don't thinks so then...
Yuri: Look! (The screen shows up to familiar figure with Anjellica's eyes as she, Jose, Sana, Eis, and Bruce gasp in horror.) The eyes... something... familiar!
Bruce: (gasps) It's can't be!
Jose: It was...
(Spotlights turned on as shine as revealed was Fiona turned half-corrupted form of Anjellica as Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce scream in horror.)
Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce: Fiona?!
Fiona: (in unison of Anjellica and her voice with eerie and echo) Come on and join us! (She laughing along Cass, Haoyu, Iben, Attilio, and Lucy as Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce screams, Yuri taps end of calling as she and her friends breathing in relief.)
Yuri: That was so close one!
Jose: What's gonna to do with?!
Sana: Tomorrow, we're enter the theater.
Jose, Yuri, Eis, and Bruce: What?!
Eis: Are you lost of your mind?
Sana: No! This gonna enter... with Cal!
Jose, Yuri, Eis, and Bruce: (gasp) Cal!
Bruce: That was could be work as he's getting join us.
Sana: Come on, guys. Let's go home.
(Jose, Yuri, Sana, Eis, and Bruce walking in different directions for their home. Cut to Cal fall asleep as snoring on the couch along the popcorn falls on the floor, Sana and Yuri open and enter the house as Sana turned on the light, she and Yuri shocked to Cal was fall asleep on the couch and the popcorn fell on the floor.)
Sana: Well, Yuri. He seems got missed TV show. (Yuri walks to TV as screen was natural show.)
Yuri: No, mother. He seems got done for his favorite TV show. (Take the remote from Cal's hand as turned off.)
(Sana and Yuri walking to the stairs, pans to Cal.)
Sana: (offscreen) Tomorrow, we're going to theater along with him.
(Cal start scared in sleep from the voices of his head.)
Fortstopher IV: (in Cal's head) You heard that, Sir Suresh? They're want you for your help.
Fortie VI: (in Cal's head) Then you and your friends enter the theater, they'll join you.
Cal: (with sleep talking) No! Getting away from me! (Whining as holds his head in sleep.)
(Fade out as pitched black screen.)
To be continued.
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multiverseforger · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Prince Uxas, the son of King Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra and the second in line to the throne of Apokolips, plotted to seize control over the planet from his older brother, Drax.[6] When Drax attempted to claim the fabled Omega Force, Uxas murdered him and claimed its power for himself. His skin turned to stone, Uxas rechristened himself as Darkseid.[7][8][9][10] At some point, he fell in love with an Apokoliptian scientist and sorceress named Suli, with whom he had a son, Kalibak. However, Heggra ordered Desaad to poison Suli out of the belief that she was corrupting her son.
Following Suli's death, Darkseid's heart grew even colder and his disdain for his mother intensified when she forced him to marry a woman named Tigra, with whom he had another son, Orion. Seeking vengeance against Heggra for killing the one he loved, Darkseid ordered Desaad to poison her so he could finally became the supreme monarch of Apokolips. Darkseid then tried to force Tigra to eliminate Orion, but the latter was ultimately traded with Highfather's son, Scott Free, as part of a peace treaty between the warring planets of Apokolips and New Genesis.[11] This trade eventually became a setback for Darkseid, with Orion growing up to value and defend the ideals of New Genesis as a powerful champion in opposition to his father. The prophecy foretold that Darkseid would meet his final defeat at the hands of Orion in a cataclysmic battle in the fiery Armaghetto of Apokolips. Likewise, Darkseid and his training minion, Granny Goodness, were unable to break Scott Free's spirit after a long, torturous upbringing and Free ultimately managed to escape Apokolips, taking with him the mightiest of the Female Furies, Big Barda, as his wife. Free, now known as the superhero Mister Miracle, and Barda began living on Earth, and Darkseid used this "betrayal" as a pretext to declare the treaty with New Genesis abrogated so the planets could resume their conflict.
Seeing other deities as a threat, Darkseid invaded the island of Themyscira in order to discover the secret location of the Olympian deities, planning to overthrow the Olympians and steal their power. Refusing to aid Darkseid in his mad quest, the Amazons battled his Parademon troops, causing half of the Amazon population's death.[12][13][14] Wonder Woman was able to gain her revenge against Darkseid for killing so many of her sisters by placing a portion of her own soul into Darkseid. This supposedly weakened the god's power as he lost a portion of his dark edge.[15][16]
Darkseid's goal was to eliminate all free will from the universe and reshape it into his own image. To this end, he sought to unravel the mysterious Anti-Life Equation, which gives its user complete control over the thoughts and emotions of all living beings in the universe. Darkseid had tried on several other occasions to achieve dominance of the universe through other methods, most notably through his minion Glorious Godfrey, who could control people's minds with his voice. He had a special interest in Earth, as he believed humans possess collectively within their minds most, if not all, fragments of the Anti-Life Equation.
Darkseid intended to probe the minds of every human in order to piece together the Equation. This has caused him to clash with many superheroes of the DC Universe, most notably the Kryptonian Superman. Darkseid worked behind the scenes, using superpowered minions in his schemes to overthrow Earth, including working through Intergang, a crime syndicate which employs Apokoliptian technology and later morphed into a religious cult that worships Darkseid as the god of evil.
The Great Darkness SagaEdit
Main article: The Great Darkness Saga
One thousand years in the future, Darkseid has been absent for centuries and is almost completely forgotten. He returns and comes into conflict with that era's champions, the Legion of Super-Heroes. After using both scientific and magical methods to enhance his power, Darkseid transposes the planets Apokolips and Daxam—which places Daxam under a yellow sun and gives each of its inhabitants Kryptonian-like superpowers equal to those of Superman. Placing the Daxamites under his mental thrall, he uses them in a massive attempt to conquer the known universe. However, he is eventually defeated by the Legion and many of its allies.[17][18][19][20][21][22]
The Seven Soldiers and "Boss Dark Side"Edit
In Grant Morrison's 2005 Mister Miracle limited series, it was revealed that Darkseid had finally discovered the Anti-Life Equation, which he then used to destroy the Fourth World altogether. The New Gods fled to Earth, where they hid. Highfather and his followers were now a group of homeless people. Metron used a wheelchair, the Black Racer was an old white man in a wheelchair, DeSaad was an evil psychiatrist, Granny Goodness was a pimp (or "madam") for the Female Furies and Darkseid himself was now an evil gang leader who is referred to only as "Boss Dark Side". It is revealed that Darkseid actually gave the Sheeda North America in return for Aurakles, Earth's first superhero.[23] This was, in turn, purely in order for Darkseid to get Shilo Norman, whom he considers the "Avatar of Freedom", in his clutches so that he could eventually destroy the New Gods.
Final CrisisEdit
Main article: Final Crisis
As prophesied, Orion returns to Earth via boom tube for his final battle with Darkseid. During the massive fight, Orion ultimately kills him by ripping his heart out, which created a firepit of Apokolips from Darkseid's chest cavity (in reference to the prophecy of their final battle). As Darkseid dies, a battered, wounded Orion walks away from the battlefield having "won" the battle against his father once and for all. However, Darkseid's life essence endured even the death of his body and fell back in time, where he was reborn as "Boss Dark Side", aided by his resurrected minions and the supervillain Libra.
Once again bound to the form of a human, "Boss Dark Side" began to appear in a number of titles in the run up to Final Crisis. In Flash (vol. 2) #240, he led an army of fanatics, their will broken by the "spoken form" of the Anti-Life Equation, to kidnap the Tornado Twins. In Birds of Prey #118, he runs his Dark Side Club where superhumans fight to the death, brainwashed by drugs produced by Bernadeth. In Teen Titans #59, it was revealed that he had employed the Terror Titans to capture the Teen Titans and use them in his club fights.
In Final Crisis, Darkseid has begun to take over Earth and corrupt the Multiverse with the aid of his herald Libra, a reborn supervillain and antichrist-like figure who soon converts much of the Secret Society of Super Villains to his cause with the aid of the Crime Bible and the Holy Lance. Darkseid is also joined by the souls of his fellow evil New Gods, who, like Darkseid, now possess either modified human bodies or the bodies of other superpowered beings, such as Mary Marvel.
Darkseid also arranges for detective Dan Turpin to be lured into the Dark Side Club, where Turpin is turned into Darkseid's "final host", as his Boss Dark Side body has begun to mummify due to Darkseid's foul astral presence. With his legion of followers and allies aiding him as he undergoes his latest "rebirth", Darkseid successfully conquers the Earth with the unleashing of the Anti-Life Equation onto mankind. However, the rebirthing process is still far from complete as Dan Turpin's mind and soul, while corrupted by Darkseid's essence, still remains in firm control over his body. However, at the same moment Shilo Norman, the "Embodiment of Freedom" is shot by S.H.A.D.E. operatives, thus signalling the "Victory of Evil". Darkseid wins control over Turpin's body, now twisted in a close copy of his Apokoliptan former appearance, and wearing an updated version of his battle armor. Darkseid then gains the fullest of his power, his "fall" having the effect of compressing and crumpling space-time around Earth.
After escaping from captivity, Batman shoots Darkseid with the same radion bullet that killed Orion, while Darkseid simultaneously hits Batman with the Omega Beam, sending back in time and then "infecting" Batman with Omega energy that will cause him to jump forward in time, with disastrous results when he reaches the present. Darkseid is mortally wounded, but not before his Omega Sanction teleports Batman into prehistoric times. Remains believed to be Batman's (later revealed to be the last of the many Batman clones that Darkseid created) are found by Superman, who confronts Darkseid. As Darkseid mocks his old enemy for failing to defend Earth, it emerges that in Darkseid's fall through the multiverse, he created a doomsday singularity that now threatens all of existence. When Superman attempts to physically assault him, Darkseid reveals that he now exists inside the bodies of all those who fell to the power of the Anti-Life Equation and that killing Darkseid will kill humanity. Darkseid then reloads the gun that was used to shoot him, to kill Orion by way of firing the bullet backwards in time (a move Superman deems to be suicide due to the paradoxical nature of his actions: the bullet used to kill Orion is ultimately fired at him by Batman and is now poisoning him to death).
Before Darkseid can use the Omega Effect to kill Superman, Barry Allen and Wally West lead the Black Racer to Darkseid and making contact with him frees Turpin from Darkseid's control. Wonder Woman (having been freed from possession by one of Darkseid's minions) then uses her lasso of truth to bind Darkseid's spirit form, effectively freeing humanity from the Anti-Life Equation and being controlled by Darkseid. In his final effort, Darkseid's disembodied essence appears and tries to seize the Miracle Machine Superman has created; however, Superman uses counter-vibrations to destroy him. Furthermore, the last piece of Darkseid's plan fails when Batman, thanks to the actions of the new Batman (Dick Grayson), Red Robin (Tim Drake), Robin (Damian Wayne), and the Justice League, is able to return safely to the present, consuming the Omega Energy in his body without damaging the time-stream further, thus becoming the second individual, along with Mister Miracle, to escape the Omega Sanction.
Doctor Impossible later manipulates the Crime Syndicate of America into helping him resurrect Darkseid via a machine that draws energy from the Multiverse itself. The resurrection backfires, and instead creates a new being known as the Omega Man.[24]
The New 52Edit
Darkseid on the cover of Justice League vol 2 #23.1 (November 2013). Art by Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado.
In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. In this new timeline, Darkseid's name is first invoked by a Parademon in Justice League #1.[25] He is later mentioned again in Justice League #2,[26] and in Justice League #3 Darkseid makes his first appearance in the series, seen in a vision by Victor Stone after he is injured by an exploding Mother Box.[27] In the final pages of Justice League #4, Darkseid himself appears.[28] In Justice League #5, the League confronts him but they are overpowered by him, when he severely hurts Superman with his Omega Beams and breaks Green Lantern's arm.[29] Finally, in Justice League #6, Darkseid is driven out when Cyborg activates the invaders' Mother Boxes and Superman forces him through a boom tube. The incidents that occur in these issues make Darkseid the very first foe the newly formed League faces as a team. The issue also reveals DeSaad and Steppenwolf, referring to Darkseid's daughter and their ceaseless search for her across countless worlds.[30] Darkseid's daughter escapes containment in Justice League of America's Vibe #7 after the dampeners on her cage are temporarily disabled.[31]
In the New 52 continuity, there is only one set of New Gods across the 52 Multiverse. So as Darkseid invades Prime Earth in Justice League, he sends his lieutenant Steppenwolf to do the same, with greater success, on Earth 2, resulting in the deaths of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and stranding Helena Wayne and Kara Zor-L on Prime Earth. Five years later, Darkseid once again invades Earth 2, which never fully recovered from his armies' earlier assault, and it is revealed that he and Highfather of New Genesis struck a deal allowing him the unchallenged right to invade Earth 2.
In Darkseid #1, his background story was revealed. Formerly a farmer named Uxas, he hated the deities of his world. So he traveled up to their mountain while they slept and tricked them all into fighting each other. As they were all weakened from the war, he killed them one by one with his scythe (similar to Kronos of Greek mythology) and stole their power, before destroying his world and creating Apokolips.
In Justice League: The Darkseid War (after the retirement of the "New 52" imprint), Darkseid comes into conflict with the Anti-Monitor. Darkseid's daughter Grail leads the Anti-Monitor, who is revealed to be a scientist named Mobius, to Darkseid for the former to kill the latter. Mobius believes that with the death of Darkseid, he will be free from being the Anti-Monitor. After an intense battle, the Anti-Monitor fuses the Black Racer with Flash and sends it after Darkseid. Using the fused Flash and his own powers, he kills Darkseid. With Darkseid dead, the universe is unbalanced as it has lost its God of Evil. Later, Lex Luthor would be merged with the Omega Sanction, becoming the new ruler of Apokolips.
After killing the Anti-Monitor using an Anti-Life Equation-powered Steve Trevor, Grail would later resurrect Darkseid through the newborn child of Superwoman. The child has the same powers as his father Mazahs, with the ability to steal the powers of others. Stealing the new "God" abilities of the Justice League, Grail fuses them with the child and brings Darkseid back to life. However, he is under her complete control. Grail later attempts to redeem herself by seemingly killing Darkseid with the Anti-Life Equation. However, it is later revealed that she reincarnated him back as a baby with the intention of teaching him differently.
DC RebirthEdit
Darkseid (as a baby) appears in DC Universe: Rebirth #1 where Grail tells him of Wonder Woman's long lost brother, Jason.
Baby Darkseid reappears in Dark Nights: Metal where it is shown that Batman stole him from Grail and intends to use the Omega Beams to send himself back in time. This never comes to fruition and Darkseid is either returned to or retrieved by Grail.[32]
Sometime afterwards, Darkseid matured into a toddler, and using telepathy, demanded that he needed to feast on Old Gods to return to his former self. After killing A.R.G.U.S. agents that were hunting them down, Darkseid and Grail began hunting down and taking the life force of Zeus' demi-god children, killing several including Perseus and Hercules, and growing into the size of a child. After recruiting Jason and luring Wonder Woman to him, Darkseid ages once again into a young man. He fights Wonder Woman himself and as he starts to drain her life force, he is betrayed by Jason. When Zeus appears and transforms into his true form, Darkseid fights the Olympian God, destroying their surroundings in their brawl. When they take a Boom Tube to Manila, Philippines, Zeus grabs onto Darkseid and unleashes bolts of lightning on him. However, Darkseid reveals that he planned for this and that his true target was Zeus himself, and he begins to drain and kill him, restoring Darkseid back to his original self. When the rest of the Justice League arrive, Darkseid decides it is best not to fight them as he does not want to risk revealing his greater plans, and promptly leaves through a Boom Tube with Grail
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pokemonruby · 4 months ago
for the ask thing you just reblogged - Cynthia from dppt and Vincent valentine from ffvii!
Sexuality Headcanon: goth lesbian Gender Headcanon: trans woman ofc!  A ship I have with said character: i really like her and diantha together!  A BROTP I have with said character: steven, wallace, lance - basically all of the champions, but especially those three. A NOTP I have with said character: cynthia with any man.  A random headcanon: steven and cynthia definitely nerd out about archaeology together. they have probably ventured into the depths of mt. coronet many a times, or study the ruins in celestic town. and since steven will always come accompanied by his husband, i also like to think cynthia and wallace go on shopping trips in jubilife together. General Opinion over said character: like most people, i’ve harbored a crush on cynthia ever since my childhood and always appreciated how utterly fearsome she is in comparison to the other champions. i still struggle to get past her to this day... all in all i think she is a very interesting character and i hope we can learn more about her in the eventual dp remakes. 
Sexuality Headcanon: bisexual goth Gender Headcanon: he/they vincent rights  A ship I have with said character: i just think that personally, cid and him should get married. i think vincent deserves that much after everything he’s been through.  A BROTP I have with said character: again, the entire party is essentially just the found family troupe, but i especially like vincent serving as a fatherly figure to yuffie considering her actual dad is, well... you know. vincent just exudes dad energies ok.  A NOTP I have with said character: hmmmm not sure. though i don’t really pair him with anyone besides cid, so.  A random headcanon: vincent is sephiroth’s actual father and you’ll have to pry this theory of mine from my cold, dead hands. i will never accept that sephiroth is related to ugly ass hojo (also makes the events of the game all the more tragic if you think of it this way.)  General Opinion over said character: vincent is my favorite character for the simple fact that i wouldn’t have gotten through this game if it wasn’t for him. he is an excellent healer and basically carried my team through the 2nd disc & into the final boss, which i definitely wouldn’t have beaten if not for him. also i love goths.
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Worldbuilding Month: Day 3
{According to my outline, today was supposed to be “explain to the audience that culture is not erased but rather embraced; it just happens to coexist alongside Common and other international efforts for unity and peace,” but because yesterday’s post was so in-depth, fuck it, we’re talking about gay stuff.
Putting this behind a cut because the intro is long and the meat of the post is longer, and also, I’m one of those people who say the word “queer” a lot and would prefer to have this up as a warning so I don’t have to explain to folks why it’s okay and why the “queer is a slur” thing is TERF rhetoric.
Because Pokémon is a children’s franchise from a country that’s somehow more conservative about LGBT+ issues than the United States, it should come as no surprise that there’s very little explicit queer rep in canon, and anything that could conceivably connected to the LGBT community is either: A) actually fanon, or B) treated as a joke. (See any time crossdressing is brought up for the latter.)
It should also come as no surprise that I like to ignore this. Or, rather, I like to briefly touch on it now and then because I like the idea of using media to discuss topics of real-world importance, so the short answer about whether or not homophobia/transphobia/etc is dead is “legally, yes; culturally ... eeeeeeeeeeh.” As in, no one’s outlawed being queer. Gay marriage is legal everywhere. No government, national or otherwise, cares that you’re gay. Resources are not that difficult to find if you’re new to this and trying to figure things out, and the trainer community is very, very queer and very, very prone to having older trainers mentor younger ones so they can figure things out for themselves. (For the latter, the entire point of training according to trainers themselves is to go out, find themselves, and change their lives out there, so even if the rest of the world was just like it is IRL, honestly, training would probably be a lot like Tumblr, only with fewer TERFs and a lot more walking.)
On the other hand, there’s still a lot of tension. The entire idea of world unity and openness is still a pretty new thing, so older generations aren’t as accepting of queer people as the younger generations and various governments themselves are. There’s not really any violence, exactly, but it’s not exactly unusual for someone to have a parent who believes their lesbian daughters just need to meet the right person or a grandparent who’s just casually transphobic. The point is Bill’s world is definitely a utopia compared to ours, but it’s not perfect. Yet.
When it comes to culture beyond the old-fashioned folks out there, queer people are pretty well-accepted. There’s no push for having queer people in certain roles because on a greater scale, discrimination doesn’t exist. To that end, a lot of the characters you’re familiar with may be queerer than you think.
Which means I’m about to get into a List, but first, a couple of side notes:
1. The canon pokémon professors are largely ace, straight, or lowkey bi. Professor Juniper is definitely a lesbian, and Sycamore is pan, but the majority of the others are currently cis dudes in marriages with cis women, cis dudes who were once married to cis women, or Professor Magnolia (who’s aro). The point here is that most of the canon pokémon professors are at least attracted to a gender other than their own.
2. Giovanni is a painfully straight dilf, but the other evil team leaders are some form of queer. For example, Maxie is gay af, Archie is pan and in a poly relationship with his own executives, Cyrus is aroace, Ghetsis is sexually attracted to taking over the world (and himself), Lysandre is very gay and lowkey pining for Sycamore, Guzma is bi, Lusamine is also painfully straight, and Rose is pan but pretends to not be interested for the sake of the media.
3. All of the pokémon storage system administrators are queer with the exception of Amanita, who’s eight years old and therefore we are not going to fucking talk about what she wants right now. Granted, this is largely due to Bill’s habit of adopting every underdog he can find and turning them into administrators, and it just so happens that society’s most offbeat characters might be a little bit queer, generally speaking. I’ve gotten into which flavors of queer in previous posts, but I might bring it up again in a resource post of its own this month if people are interested.
4. Ash Ketchum is perpetually ten, so like Amanita, we’re not gonna talk about what he wants. He is, however, absolutely questioning his gender. (Red, who’s a separate character from Ash, will be mentioned below. Likewise for Blue, who’s separate from Gary. Alls I can say is Professor Oak had really bad luck with children and just so happens to have three orphaned grandchildren.)
That leaves the gym leaders, trial captains, kahunas, Frontier brains, and the Elite Four gauntlets/Champions, which are as follows:
Brock is bi but doesn’t realize it.
Misty is painfully straight.
Lt. Surge is painfully straight.
Erika is trans and a lesbian. She may or may not be pining for Sabrina. (Related note: She’s the daughter of one of the kimono girls from the same troupe as Bill’s mother. I bring this up because of the whole technically canon point that only girls can learn the dances to summon Ho-oh and Lugia, which means Erika was taught these once she came out.)
Koga is ace but heteromantic.
Janine is a lesbian though. Koga doesn’t know, and Janine, knowing her father is super-traditional, has no intention of telling him, so she’s 100% in the closet.
Sabrina is ace but questioning her romantic orientation, and probably the only thing that gets her really flustered is the entire concept of romance (which is to say, Erika).
Blaine is gay.
Blue is very gay.
Lorelei is aroace.
Bruno is straight.
Agatha is straight and also salty over a failed relationship with Professor Oak. (Blue’s father is her son, by the way, but not Gary’s.)
Lance is gay af.
Red is pan and perpetually confused by Blue.
Trace does not exist idek what you’re talking about.
Falkner is bi.
Bugsy is aroace.
Whitney is a lesbian who likes to pretend she’s bi so no one questions why her gym is full of pretty girls only.
Morty is gay and publicly in a relationship with Eusine. (Or, at least, people know he’s in a relationship, but the media just refers to Eusine as “a local pokémon collector” and nothing more.)
Chuck is bi and happily married to his wife, thanks very much.
Jasmine is trans and aroace. (I like to pretend Special didn’t happen.)
Pryce is aroace.
Clair is probably the gayest gym leader you’ll come across. Yes, I’m including Kalos here.
Will is gay.
Karen is not only gay but also has been elevated to gay icon by the media. She is the sort of gay baby gays look up to and hope to be one day.
Roxanne is trans but straight.
Brawly is bi.
Wattson is shockingly (no pun intended) straight and happily married.
Flannery is gay. She’s not as gay as Clair, but she comes very, very close. She’s also post-op trans.
Norman is aroace, and we won’t get into what that means for his marriage.
Winona doesn’t care for labels. (She’s nonbinary but goes by she/her and she’s pansexual.)
Liza and Tate are, like, eight, so we’re not getting into this either.
I take my comments about Clair back. She’s the most lesbian gym leader. The gayest gym leader, hands down, is Wallace. As an unrelated side point, he's not in a relationship with Steven Stone, contrary to popular belief.
Juan is Wallace’s gay mentor, but because he came from an older generation, his queerness is kinda toned down by comparison.
The entire Hoenn Elite Four is aroace. All of them. Glacia is trans.
Steven Stone is also ace, but he’s panromantic. He’s currently in a relationship with adventure.
Roark is gay.
Gardenia is gay. And trans.
Maylene is bi.
Crasher Wake? Gay.
Fantina? Gay.
Byron? Bi and married to a cis woman.
Candice? Gay.
Volkner? Very gay. Not dating Flint, weirdly enough. Yet.
Sinnoh is famous for having an extremely gay lineup, in other words. It’s a meme among the pokémon training queer community that one day, everyone will just move to Sinnoh and be ridiculously gay in the snow.
The Elite Four, however, is three-out-of-four gay, with Aaron, Flint, and Lucian being the gay ones here. Bertha is not gay but rather aroace and also trans.
Cynthia isn’t gay, contrary to popular belief, but she is in a wlw relationship. She’s actually pan, and her partner is Diantha.
Cilan is straight. Chili is ace. Cress is gay.
Lenora is bi and extremely happily married.
Burgh is aroace and nonbinary. (Pronouns are they/them or he/him.)
Elesa is ace but doesn’t quite know where she is romantically speaking.
Clay is extremely straight and furthermore one of those old-fashioned people I was talking about earlier.
Skyla is a very proud lesbian.
Brycen is gay and in the closet because he’s afraid Unovan tabloids would have a field day with that.
Drayden is gay, but Iris is pan.
Cheren is gay but too uptight to admit it.
Roxie is bi and also poly, incidentally.
Marlon is bi.
Shauntal is gay. She has a crush on Caitlin.
Marshal is gay.
No one really knows which way Grimsley goes, and he seems to delight in not telling anyone. (He’s bi.)
Caitlin is a very tired trans woman who’s also bi.
You would think Kalos would be gayer than Sinnoh, but actually no. A lot of them are actually straight, bi, or simply ace. 
Viola, Ramos, and Wulfric are all the “we’re just cis and straight” crowd.
Grant, Korrina, Clemont, and Valerie are all ace.
Valerie is homoromantic, though.
Olympia is bi and also post-op trans.
Malva is straight and once had an unfortunate thing for Lysandre.
Wikstrom is straight.
Siebold is shockingly straight, to the surprise of literally everyone before he’d clarified this point.
Drasna is gay ... which is also to the surprise of literally everyone, who all thought she was straight.
Diantha is openly gay, but her relationship with Cynthia isn’t public knowledge. She leans into the gay identity to be a lesbian icon for younger queer kids, but she’ll still accept roles for straight characters (even ones in romance movies) because she wants to also show off her range as an actress.
Ilima is gay and trans.
Lana is eight and what is this.
Kiawe is bi.
Mallow is also gay and trans.
Sophocles is aroace.
Acerola is surprisingly not ace but rather just simply straight. I have this headcanon because I refuse to make a pun out of her name.
Mina is pan af.
Hala is straight.
Olivia is very, very straight.
Nanu is too tired to care. (At one point, he was bi, though.)
Hapu is a baby gay.
Kahili is an awkward af gay.
Molayne is not only gay, but he’s also the storage system admins’ wise gay uncle, who possesses the only brain cell among the storage system admins’ gay community. He’s also nonbinary (they/them or he/him), but he’s honestly extremely chill about pronouns.
Galar is basically the Sinnoh for bi people, ngl.
Milo is bi.
Nessa is bi.
Kabu is bi.
Bea is bi.
Allister is eight years old and what is this. (Probably ace, though.)
Opal is actually pretty straight. She was once in a relationship with Mustard.
By contrast, Bede is very gay. And also trans.
Gordie? Bi.
Melony? Bi.
Piers? Very bi.
Marnie is bi but kinda denies it.
Raihan is extremely gay and for some reason thinks the other Galarian gym leaders are gay too.
Klara is bi.
Avery is bi.
Leon is bi.
Mustard is straight and once had a relationship with Opal but is currently happily married to someone else.
Peony is basically like Clair and Wallace for straight people. Like ... he’s the straightest person you will ever meet. Take all the stereotypes about straight people, remove the toxic masculinity, and distill the results down, and you will have Peony. Peony is so straight you can use him to hang pictures perfectly. He’s so straight that if you’re ever insecure about whether or not you’re gay enough, you need just to stand next to Peony for five minutes. Peony is basically why almost everyone else is a little bit bi—because Arceus or Mew or whoever put all the straightness in the world into Peony and went, “Wow, I think I went a little too far.” Peony is that straight.
Most people probably don’t care about this region because it’s an anime only, but I care.
They’re all gay. Luana’s daughter exists because of a sperm donor, but Luana herself isn’t married and is very much a lesbian.
Furthermore, Rudy is trans because Electric Tales of Pikachu once made a trans joke about him, and you know what? I’m going to fix that so it’s something that actually respects trans people.
The Orange Islands are basically the other location gay trainers say they’ll turn into a queer commune, only it’s for gay people who judge the snow-loving gays hardcore. (To be fair ... they have a valid point. Listen. Listen, my fellow queer people. Why would you want snow when you could have sunny beaches and no frostbite?)
Anyway, Noland is aroace.
Greta is ace but biromantic.
Tucker is nonbinary (they/them or he/him) and also aroace.
Lucy is straight, shockingly enough.
Spenser is aroace.
Brandon is aroace.
Anabel is bi.
Palmer is straight.
Thorton is aroace.
Dahlia is homoromantic but ace.
Darach is 100% straight.
Argenta is aroace.
The Battle Frontier is, in other words, the closest thing to a Sinnoh or Galar for ace people. }
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primaryknowledge · 5 months ago
Pulp Fiction is a 1994 American neo-noir black comedy crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, who conceived it with Roger Avary.[4] Starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth, Ving Rhames, and Uma Thurman, it tells several stories of criminal Los Angeles. The title refers to the pulp magazines and hardboiled crime novels popular during the mid-20th century, known for their graphic violence and punchy dialogue.
Tarantino wrote Pulp Fiction in 1992 and 1993, incorporating scenes that Avary originally wrote for True Romance (1993)[citation needed]. Its plot occurs out of chronological order. The film is also self-referential from its opening moments, beginning with a title card that gives two dictionary definitions of "pulp". Considerable screen time is devoted to monologues and casual conversations with eclectic dialogue revealing each character's perspectives on several subjects, and the film features an ironic combination of humor and strong violence. TriStar Pictures reportedly turned down the script as "too demented". Then Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein was enthralled, however, and the film became the first that Miramax fully financed.
Pulp Fiction won the Palme d'Or at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival, and was a major critical and commercial success. It was nominated for seven awards at the 67th Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won Best Original Screenplay; it earned Travolta, Jackson, and Thurman Academy Award nominations and boosted their careers. Its development, marketing, distribution, and profitability had a sweeping effect on independent cinema.
Pulp Fiction is widely regarded as Tarantino's masterpiece, with particular praise for its screenwriting.[5] The self-reflexivity, unconventional structure, and extensive homage and pastiche have led critics to describe it as a touchstone of postmodern film. It is often considered a cultural watershed, influencing films and other media that adopted elements of its style. In 2008, Entertainment Weekly named it the best film since 1983[6] and it has appeared on many critics' lists of the greatest films ever made. In 2013, Pulp Fiction was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".[7][8][9]
Narrative structure
Pulp Fiction's narrative is told out of chronological order, and follows three main interrelated stories: Mob contract killer Vincent Vega is the protagonist of the first story, prizefighter Butch Coolidge is the protagonist of the second, and Vincent's partner Jules Winnfield is the protagonist of the third.[10]
The film begins with a diner hold-up staged by a couple, then moves to the stories of Vincent, Jules, and Butch. It finally returns to where it began, in the diner. There are seven narrative sequences; the three primary storylines are preceded by intertitles:
"Prologue – The Diner" (i)
Prelude to "Vincent Vega and Marsellus Wallace's Wife"
"Vincent Vega and Marsellus Wallace's Wife"
Prelude to "The Gold Watch" (a – flashback, b – present)
"The Gold Watch"
"The Bonnie Situation"
"Epilogue – The Diner" (ii)
If the seven sequences were ordered chronologically, they would run: 4a, 2, 6, 1, 7, 3, 4b, 5. Sequences 1 and 7 partially overlap and are presented from different points of view, as do sequences 2 and 6. According to Philip Parker, the structural form is "an episodic narrative with circular events adding a beginning and end and allowing references to elements of each separate episode to be made throughout the narrative".[11] Other analysts describe the structure as a "circular narrative".[12]
Hitmen Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega arrive at an apartment to retrieve a briefcase for their boss, gangster Marsellus Wallace, from a business partner, Brett. After Vincent checks the contents of the briefcase, Jules shoots one of Brett's associates, then declaims a passage from the Bible before he and Vincent kill Brett for trying to double-cross Marsellus. They take the briefcase to Marsellus, but they have to wait while he bribes champion boxer Butch Coolidge to take a dive in his upcoming match.
The next day, Vincent purchases heroin from his drug dealer, Lance. He shoots up and then drives to meet Marsellus's wife Mia, whom he had agreed to escort while Marsellus was out of town. They eat at a 1950s-themed restaurant and participate in a twist contest, then return home with the trophy. While Vincent is in the bathroom, Mia finds his heroin, mistakes it for cocaine, snorts it, and overdoses. Vincent rushes her to Lance's house, where they revive her with an adrenaline shot to her heart.
Butch betrays Marsellus and wins the bout, accidentally killing his opponent. At the motel where he and his girlfriend Fabienne are lying low and preparing to flee, Butch discovers she has forgotten to pack his father's gold watch, a beloved heirloom, and flies into a rage. Returning to his apartment to retrieve the watch, he notices a MAC-10 on the kitchen counter and hears the toilet flush. Vincent exits the bathroom, and Butch shoots him dead, leaving the gun inside.
As Butch waits at a traffic light in his car, Marsellus happens to spot him. Butch crashes his car into Marsellus, leaving both of the men injured and dazed. After coming to, Marcellus takes a gun out, shoots at Butch, and chases him into a pawnshop. Butch gains the upper hand and points the gun at Marsellus, but the owner, Maynard, captures them both at gunpoint and ties them up in the basement. Zed, a security guard, joins Maynard. Together, they take Marsellus to another room to rape him, leaving "the gimp", a silent figure in a bondage suit, to watch Butch. Butch breaks loose and knocks out the gimp with a punch. He is about to flee but decides to save Marsellus, returning with a katana from the pawnshop and killing Maynard. Marsellus retrieves Maynard's shotgun and shoots Zed in the crotch. Marsellus informs Butch that they are even, as long as he tells no one about the rape and departs Los Angeles forever. Butch picks up Fabienne on Zed's chopper, and they drive away.
Earlier, after Vincent and Jules have killed Brett in his apartment, another man bursts out of the bathroom; this man shoots at them wildly but misses with every bullet. Jules and Vincent kill him. Jules professes their survival was a miracle, which Vincent disputes. As Jules drives, Vincent accidentally shoots Brett's associate Marvin in the head, covering themselves and the car interior in blood in broad daylight. They hide the car at the home of Jules' friend Jimmie, who demands they deal with the problem before his wife comes home. Marsellus sends his cleaner, Winston Wolfe, who directs Jules and Vincent to clean the car, hide the body in the trunk, dispose of their bloody clothes, and take the car to a junkyard.
At a diner, Jules tells Vincent that he plans to retire from his life of crime, convinced that their "miraculous" survival at the apartment was a sign of divine intervention. While Vincent is in the bathroom, a couple dubbed "Pumpkin" and "Honey Bunny" hold up the restaurant and demand Jules' briefcase. Distracting him with its contents, Jules overpowers Pumpkin and holds him at gunpoint; Honey Bunny becomes hysterical and trains her gun on him and Vincent returns with his gun aimed at her, but Jules defuses the situation. He recites the biblical passage, expresses ambivalence about his life of crime, and allows the robbers to take his cash and leave. Jules and Vincent leave the diner with the briefcase in hand.
John Travolta as Vincent Vega:
Jules' partner-in-crime, working for Marsellus Wallace. Tarantino cast Travolta in
Pulp Fiction
Michael Madsen
, who had played Vic Vega in
Reservoir Dogs
, chose to appear in
Kevin Costner
Wyatt Earp
instead. Madsen has since expressed regret over his decision.
Harvey Weinstein
pushed for
Daniel Day-Lewis
in the part.
Travolta accepted a reduced rate – sources say either US$100,000 or US$140,000 – but the film's success and his
Academy Award
nomination for Best Actor revitalized his career.
In 2004, Tarantino discussed an idea for a movie starring Travolta and Madsen as the "Vega Brothers"; the concept remains unrealized.
Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield:
Vincent's partner in crime, working for Marsellus Wallace. Tarantino wrote the part of Jules with Jackson in mind, but his first audition was overshadowed by
Paul Calderón
; Jackson had assumed the audition was merely a reading. Weinstein convinced him to audition a second time, and his performance of the final diner scene won over Tarantino.
Jules was originally scripted with a giant afro, but Tarantino and Jackson agreed on the
wig seen in the film;
one reviewer took it as a "tacit comic statement about the ghettoization of blacks in movies".
Jackson received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Calderón appears in the film as Paul, a bartender at Marsellus' social club, as well as Marsellus' assistant. Tarantino wrote the role for
Laurence Fishburne
who turned it down. According to Tarantino, Fishburne refused it because his team did not see it as a starring role;
Fishburne later said he turned it down because he felt the film glamorized heroin.
Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace:
Wallace's wife and an aspiring actress. Miramax favored
Holly Hunter
Meg Ryan
for the role of Mia.
Alfre Woodard
Meg Tilly
were also considered, but Tarantino wanted Thurman after their first meeting.
She dominated the film's promotional material, appearing on a bed with cigarette in hand. She was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Despite being launched into the celebrity
, Thurman chose not to do any big-budget films until
Batman & Robin
(1997) three years later.
She later starred in Tarantino's
Kill Bill: Volume 1
(2003, 2004).
Harvey Keitel as Winston Wolfe:
A "
" who aids Jules and Vincent. Tarantino wrote the part of Wolfe specifically for Keitel, who had starred in
Reservoir Dogs
and was instrumental in its production. In Tarantino's words, "Harvey had been my favorite actor since I was 16 years old."
Keitel had played a similarly employed character in
Point of No Return
Tim Roth as Ringo/"Pumpkin":
A burglar and Yolanda's boyfriend. Roth had starred in
Reservoir Dogs
alongside Keitel. He had used an American accent in
Reservoir Dogs
, but uses his natural, London accent in
Pulp Fiction
. Though Tarantino had written the part with Roth in mind, TriStar head
Mike Medavoy
Johnny Depp
Christian Slater
Early in development, Tarantino had contemplated casting Roth as Vincent and
Gary Oldman
as Jules, rewriting the characters as "two English guys".
Amanda Plummer as Yolanda/"Honey Bunny":
Ringo's girlfriend and partner in crime. Tarantino wrote the role of Yolanda for Plummer to partner her with Roth onscreen. Roth had introduced Tarantino to her, saying: "I want to work with Amanda in one of your films, but she has to have a really big gun."
Maria de Medeiros as Fabienne:
Butch's girlfriend. Tarantino met de Medeiros, a Portuguese actress, while traveling with
Reservoir Dogs
around the European film festival circuit.
De Medeiros had also previously worked with fellow cast member Uma Thurman on the 1990 film
Henry & June
Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace:
A crime boss and employer of Jules and Vincent. Before Rhames was cast, the part of Wallace was initially offered to
Max Julien
and then to
Sid Haig
, but both turned down the role.
According to Bender, Rhames gave "one of the best auditions I've ever seen".
His acclaimed performance led to him being cast in big-budget features such as
Mission Impossible
Con Air
(1997), and
Out of Sight
Eric Stoltz as Lance:
Vincent's drug dealer.
Gary Oldman was the preferred choice among TriStar executives, based on his portrayal of drug-dealing pimp Drexl Spivey in
True Romance
Rosanna Arquette as Jody:
Lance's wife.
Pam Grier
read for the role, but Tarantino did not believe audiences would find it plausible for Lance to yell at her.
Tarantino later cast Grier as the lead role for
Jackie Brown
Ellen DeGeneres
also read for the part of Jody.
Rosanna's brother
(later Alexis) also appears in the film, emerging from a bathroom to shoot at and miss Vincent and Jules who then kill him.
Christopher Walken as Captain Koons:
veteran of the
Vietnam War
who delivers a young Butch his father's coveted gold watch. During Koons' monologue, which is interspersed with colourful descriptions of the
Viet Cong
he mentions a soldier called "Winocki". Joe Winocki is a character in the 1943 film
Air Force
directed by
Howard Hawks
, one of Tarantino's favorite directors.
Bruce Willis as Butch Coolidge:
An aging boxer on the run from Marsellus having
him. Willis was a major star, but most of his recent films had been critical and box-office disappointments. As related by
Peter Bart
, participating in the modestly budgeted film "meant lowering his salary and risking his star status, but the strategy ... paid off royally:
Pulp Fiction
not only brought Willis new respect as an actor, but also earned him several million dollars."
Willis' appearance and physical presence were crucial to Tarantino: "Bruce has the look of a 50s actor. I can't think of any other star that has that look."
Chandler Lindauer plays a young Butch.
Additionally, Bronagh Gallagher plays Jody's friend Trudi who does little but smoke a bong during the scene where Vincent revives Mia. According to author Jason Bailey, "Quentin thought it would be funny to have this casual observer who just happened to be there. All of this was born out of the experience of, when you go to someone's house to buy drugs, there are always people who are just there."[43]Phil LaMarr portrays Marvin, an associate of Jules and Vincent. LaMarr auditioned for Tarantino after both had done a show for an improv group a few months prior.[44] He read for the roles of Jules Winnfield and Brett before being cast as Marvin.[44] Tarantino himself appears as Jules' friend Jimmie, in whose house they clean up a murder. Tarantino was unsure whether to play Jimmie or Lance, choosing Jimmie as he wanted to be behind the camera during Mia's overdose scene.[35]
Frank Whaley portrays Brett, an associate of Jules and Vincent who has a briefcase requested by Marcellus. Whaley met Tarantino while he was filming Reservoir Dogs at a lab in Sundance Institute. He recalls, "we ended up meeting and spending time together, and I liked him, so I was really happy when he asked me to be in this movie."[45]Burr Steers appears as Roger, a friend of Brett's nicknamed "Flock of Seagulls" by Jules. The scene of the confrontation between Brett and Jules went through several takes due to Steers making mistakes. Steers recalled in an interview that he had found acting difficult due to the loudness of the gunshots.[46]
Angela Jones portrays Esmeralda Villalobos, a cab driver who aids Butch's escape. Her casting and character were inspired by her performance in the 1991 short film Curdled, later remade as a 1996 feature film with finance from Tarantino and again starring Jones.[47]Duane Whitaker, Peter Greene, and Stephen Hibbert play Maynard, Zed, and the gimp, respectively.[48] According to The Daily Beast, these "three psycho hillbillies" that torture Butch in Maynard's shop's basement are a reference to the film Deliverance.[47]Steve Buscemi makes a cameo appearance as a waiter at Jack Rabbit Slim's, dressed as Buddy Holly. Buscemi, who had appeared in Reservoir Dogs, was originally considered for the role of Jimmie, but was unable to commit.[47]Kathy Griffin appears as herself.[49]
Roger Avary wrote the first element of what would become the Pulp Fiction screenplay in the fall of 1990:
Tarantino and Avary decided to write a short, on the theory that it would be easier to get made than a feature. But they quickly realized that nobody produces shorts, so the film became a trilogy, with one section by Tarantino, one by Avary, and one by a third director who never materialized. Each eventually expanded his section into a feature-length script.[50]
The initial inspiration was the three-part horror anthology film Black Sabbath (1963), by Italian filmmaker Mario Bava. The Tarantino–Avary project was provisionally titled "Black Mask", after the seminal hardboiled crime fiction magazine.[29] Tarantino's script was produced as Reservoir Dogs, his directorial debut; Avary's, titled "Pandemonium Reigns", formed the basis for the "Gold Watch" storyline of Pulp Fiction.[51]
With work on Reservoir Dogs completed, Tarantino returned to the notion of a trilogy film: "I got the idea of doing something that novelists get a chance to do but filmmakers don't: telling three separate stories, having characters float in and out with different weights depending on the story."[52] Tarantino explains that the idea "was basically to take like the oldest chestnuts that you've ever seen when it comes to crime stories – the oldest stories in the book ... You know, 'Vincent Vega and Marsellus Wallace's Wife' – the oldest story about ... the guy's gotta go out with the big man's wife and don't touch her. You know, you've seen the story a zillion times."[10] "I'm using old forms of storytelling and then purposely having them run awry", he says. "Part of the trick is to take these movie characters, these genre characters and these genre situations and actually apply them to some of real life's rules and see how they unravel."[53] In at least one case, boxer Butch Coolidge, Tarantino had in mind a specific character from a classic Hollywood crime story: "I wanted him to be basically like Ralph Meeker as Mike Hammer in Aldrich's Kiss Me Deadly [1955]. I wanted him to be a bully and a jerk".[42]
Tarantino went to work on the script for Pulp Fiction in Amsterdam in March 1992,[54] possibly at the Winston Hotel in the Red Light District.[55] He was joined there by Avary, who contributed "Pandemonium Reigns" to the project and participated in its rewriting as well as the development of the new storylines that would link up with it.[51] Two scenes originally written by Avary for the True Romance screenplay, exclusively credited to Tarantino, were incorporated into the opening of "The Bonnie Situation": the "miraculous" missed shots by the hidden gunman and the rear seat automobile killing.[56] The notion of the crimeworld "cleaner" that became the heart of the episode was inspired by a short, Curdled, that Tarantino saw at a film festival. He cast the lead actress, Angela Jones, in Pulp Fiction and later backed the filmmakers' production of a feature-length version of Curdled.[57] The script included a couple of made-up commercial brands that often featured in later Tarantino films: Big Kahuna burgers (a Big Kahuna soda cup appears in Reservoir Dogs) and Red Apple cigarettes.[58] As he worked on the script, Tarantino also accompanied Reservoir Dogs around the European film festivals. Released in the United States in October 1992, the picture was a critical and commercial success. In January 1993, the Pulp Fiction script was complete.[59]
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bubblytarts · 6 months ago
What about the rivals and friends in the Emissary Au? What are their stories?
Anon you’ve made me very happy for asking about my au *simp eyes emoji*
And oops, it has a lot of characters in it. Hope you don’t mind this going under the cut!
The stories and goals of protagonists, rivals, and other friends:
Red - As stated in a previous post, Red wants to go on a journey through the Kanto region. He would like to be friends with both Blue and Green, but they both seem to be fighting off his advances. While he originally elects to ignore Team Rocket, he can’t stand by once they start hurting Pokemon. (His starter is Charmander)
Blue - Blue wants to prove to his Gramps that he can be the strongest trainer ever. He and Red used to be friends, but Blue’s bluntness pushed the two of them apart. He sees Red as the only obstacle between him and greatness. Not so fun fact is that his greatest fear is ghosts - including ghost types. (His starter is Squirtle)
Green - Taking inspiration from pokespe, Green is a thief. She knows it’s wrong to steal, but doesn’t mind doing it in order to keep her head above water. She makes off with the last starter from Oak’s lab, and later runs into Red and Blue when she steals from them. While she seems open to being friends with Red, Blue gets on her nerves. (Her starter is Bulbasaur)
Ethan - Ethan wants to become the strongest trainer who ever lived. His goal is to beat Lance and become Champion, and then challenge Kanto after that. He gets caught up in Team Rocket not because of justice, but because Proton criticizes his battle skills. (His starter is Cyndaquil)
Lyra - Lyra originally just follows Ethan to help get an egg for Professor Elm, but then sticks with Ethan in order to raise Togepi herself and also to make sure Ethan doesn’t get himself killed. She ends up getting separated from Ethan and Silver when she decides to help Eusine hunt for Suicune, which rapidly goes wrong. (Her starter is Chikorita)
Silver - Silver, like Green, steals his starter. His goal is to stop Team Rocket at any cost. He reluctantly teams up with Ethan and Lyra at the Goldenrod Radio Tower, and gets dragged along. He’s reluctant to become Ethan’s friend, but even more reluctant to tell him why he hates Team Rocket so much. Silver also hates how Ethan has absolutely zero strategy in battle, and it gets them into many arguments. (His starter is Totodile)
Brendan - Brendan originally starts challenging the gyms to prove to his dad that’s he’s strong. But as time passes, Brendan realizes that Hoenn isn’t perfect, and through talking with Steven, decides that he’s going to become champion so he can make the world a better place for both people and pokemon. He also primarily fights Team Magma, and in the Battle of Sootopolis, fights with Maxie. (His starter is Treeko)
May - May is Birch’s daughter, and immediately inserts herself as Brendan’s new best friend. She travels with Brendan because Birch can’t handle her raw, chaotic energy. May has no idea what she wants to do when she grows up, but she’s okay with that. She’s more about enjoying the experience. In the Battle of Sootopolis, she fights with Archie, which is a much more dangerous fight than Brendan’s fight with Maxie. (Her starter is Mudkip)
Lucas - Lucas is Rowan’s assistant. He’s a bit uptight, and doesn’t appreciate Dawn and Barry’s antics. Originally, he was sent on a fetch quest by Rowan and Dawn’s mother to find her after she ran away from home, but then decides to play tour guide to help Dawn live her life the way she wants to. (His starter is Chimchar)
Dawn - Dawn’s mother is very rich, and very overprotective. Overprotective to the point that she’s having the family move to Kanto so Dawn can’t go on her journey around Sinnoh. So, she runs away from home with her friend Barry after stealing from Rowan on accident. Cynthia convinces her to actually try to make something of her journey, and Dawn gains a lot of confidence as she fights the gyms and Team Galactic. (Her starter is Piplup)
Barry - Barry convinces Dawn to run away from home. He wants to rush through all the gyms to get strong enough to fight his dad, but Dawn convinces him to slow down and enjoy the journey. According to his list of fines, Team Galactic should file for bankruptcy. (His starter is Turtwig)
Hilbert - He’s a genius. Hilbert is an excelling student, but has more of an interest in staying a kid than learning to be a businessman or politician. He goes on his journey with his twin sister, Hilda, and friends Cheren and Bianca. He’s also the first one of the group to trust N despite being the King of Team Plasma. Hilbert ends up becoming the champion of Unova, but ultimately meets a terrible fate. (His starter is Oshawott)
Hilda - If Hilbert’s the brains, Hilda’s the brawn. She’s very driven, and is striving to become an entrepreneur. But of what, she’s not sure yet. She also is very accepting of N, and realizes that he doesn’t quite realize how little power he has in his situation. After the defeat of Team Plasma when Hilbert goes missing, Hilda is the one to recruit Rosa and Nate to help find him. (Her starter is Tepig)
N - The King of Team Plasma. N asks the twins to join the team, and is slightly disappointed when they refuse, because they seem like nice people. That being said, N doesn’t get along very well with Cheren. Over time, he starts to realize that maybe Hilbert and Hilda are better people than his father. Once Hilbert goes missing, N goes into hiding to avoid being the next victim, all while searching for his best friend. 
Nate - Nate wants to be the new champion. Or at least, he thought he did. As Nate and his friend Rosa are forced to help Hilda fight off Neo Team Plasma, Nate realizes that battling isn’t really for him. Instead, he finds that he enjoys pretending to be someone else for stealth missions, and that translates afterwards to a love of acting. (His starter is Tepig)
Rosa - Rosa wanted a cute pokemon and to travel with her best friend. She didn’t mean to meet N, or later Hilda, or get caught up in Neo Team Plasma’s plot. But she finds that she’s a rather good leader. Plus, there’s Colress, who seems to be pulling the strings on the opposing side, yet doesn’t seem to believe in their goals himself. Rosa is the only one on her side to consider that Colress could be a hero if he tried - however, he disagrees. (Her starter is Snivy)
Calem - Calem has amnesia. That’s the problem with him trying to tell his story. Calem woke up passed out on the steps of Sycamore’s lab with Serena and Shauna staring at him. He accompanies them on their journey hoping that traveling Kalos will trigger his memories to return. All he remembers is that he needs to tell the professor something important. Maybe it has something to do with his irrational hatred for Team Flare. (His starter is Froakie)
Serena - Serena wants to be champion. She planned on traveling the region with her best friend, only to get two extra passengers. Calem, who is contributing nothing to her journey, and Victor, who wants to take photos of everyone but her. Over time though, Serena comes to appreciate both of them as her close group of friends - and Victor maybe more than friends. But Team Flare is awfully suspicious, and a passionate person like Serena isn’t going to let them get away with whatever they’re planning. (Her starter is Fennekin)
Shauna - Shauna, on the other hand, loves her new friends. She’s ready to make memories with Serena and the others, but is also one of the first to realize that maybe there’s a reason Calem showed up right when Team Flare really started to bother the region. (Her starter is Chespin)
Elio - Elio has always lived in Alola, and is thrilled to be hosting Selene for the summer. While they both start the Island Challenge, Elio quickly gets sidetracked by worrying about Team Skull and forming a rivalry at first sight with Gladion. Elio is much more interested in working under Nanu and getting him to arrest the gang members. He quickly realizes that won’t happen. (His starter is Litten)
Selene - Selene is Dawn’s younger sister. Dawn managed to stay in Sinnoh, but Selene was forced to move to Kanto. She convinced her mother to let her spend a summer in Alola with Elio and his mother, and then of course found a loophole with Kukui to go on her Island Challenge. Selene spends lots of time with Hau and Lillie, and also helps to convince Guzma that Lusamine is not going to provide him with the help she’s promising. (Her starter is Rowlett)
Victor - Victor actually makes his debut in Kalos. He’s a photographer trying to photograph famous people in the region, and follows the Kalos party in order to best find the gym leaders. Along the way, he falls in love with Serena, and when he heads back to Galar, she gives him a present that sets in motion the future. During his sister’s Gym Challenge, Rose recruits Victor to be his and Leon’s personal photographer, which puts Victor in incredible danger - even if Rose doesn’t realize quite how much power Victor brought from Kalos. 
Gloria - A feisty trainer ready to take on the Gym Challenge and Leon. She feels like something isn’t quite right in Galar, and willing to work with Sonia to figure it out, but not if it gets in the way of her training. Along the way, she becomes good friends with Marnie, and has a friendly rivalry with Bede. She may also have a slight crush on Hop, but that’s not her biggest worry. (Her starter is Sobble)
Hop - Hop has always wanted to challenge his brother, and doing it with Gloria by his side is perfect. However, as he continues to lose to his rival and fall behind, he loses confidence. It takes saving Leon and the world to make Hop believe in himself again. (His starter is Scorbunny)
In addition, there’s a little girl. She has a large straw hat and a Pikachu. She appears all across the regions, talking about things that have happened, and things that are yet to come. She seems kind, but perhaps she knows more than she lets on. If so, some terrible predictions may come to pass, but the return of old foes? That’s not possible, right?
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theamazingtrainernate · 9 months ago
What’s this? An assortment of Birthday Presents?
@fabulance sent:
It was only natural for Nate’s boss (and surrogate father figure) to spoil him on his birthday! The Aloan-Exeggutor headed young man would receive a large (and heavy) box gifted wrapped in dragon-pokemon designed wrapping paper! Inside find the following: a Blackthorn Dragon Tamer outfit (complete with cape!), a custom made whip similar to the one Lance and Clair use, an assortment of fruits, vegetables and water gotten from the Dragon’s Den and a CD containing a video message from Lance himself. It’d play a scene of the Champion Dragon Master wishing Nate a happy birthday right before having his dragons chase after a smuggling ring’s armored ship out on international waters. Yes there were explosions in the background...
Tumblr media
“Always a busy man... dude’s probably busier than me huh?” He chuckles as he finishes watching his personalized message. Still.... “HOLY SHIT! These things are cool! Not to mention well made! I can’t wait to see how I look in this!” At this rate, he’s going to have a growing cape collection.
@silverliningheir sent:
He gave Nate a vouch for 25% off buying apricot juice and other items from the Kiosk he and Gold runs. That’s it. Not even a card or a happy birthday wish in person. 
Tumblr media
“... Thanks dude, I’ll check it out when I’m in the area.” 
Koga (@fansirvice​) sent:
Nate would receive a simple birthday card with  an assortment of herbs and teas as well as a recipe book to help keep him healthy. He also got a note saying that if he wanted to learn a few espionage tricks or ninjutsu, Koga would be willing to give him a free lesson as a gift. 
Tumblr media
“Huh.... didn’t expect to get anything from Koga... I might have to take him up on his offer.”
@hoennhunk​ sent:
Nate received a male Absol from Brendan along with a card! It read: Happy Birthday! Normally people see Absol as a bringer of disasters, but really they warn people when they’re about to happen. I’d say he’ll help safeguard you from danger, but let’s be real, you’ll race toward the danger to save people all heroic like. That’s why I made sure this fluffy guy knows a few tricks to help you out. 
Tumblr media
“Woah.... you know you’re a lot more majestic close up, you know that right?” The Absol casually just flicks it’s hair, seemingly enjoying the praise that Nate gave it. “Well then,” he chuckled, “welcome to the team buddy! Looks like Brendan already gave you some cool tricks, so I’m sure you’ll fit in great with everyone else!”
Hugh ( @fansirvice​ ) gifted:
Nate’s best bro in the whole wide world actually managed to meet THE Nate in actual person wherever he was. Mostly because he wanted to deliver his gifts in person, which almost didn’t happen because someone travels all over the place too damn much! Pulling up to Nate on his motorcycle, Hugh removed the gifts from the passenger car he had attached on the side. 
“Happy Birthday, man. Your manager had no idea which region you’d be in but I have my ways to find you.” Thank you Pidove, living in his hair.  Nate got “rare” (Glarian) Stunfisk along with an assortment of vitamins for his pokemon. “I was going to offer to give you motorcycle driving lessons, but with the life you live you probably already know how to ride one. Along with jet planes, motorboats and maybe a train.”
Tumblr media
“Hey, thanks dude! I’m sure this lil guy will come in handy one way or another! Besides, I think I’ve only really seen the Galarian ones on TV...” Of course, Nate was just about to rush in for a bro hug.... only to realize that Hugh mentioned motorcycle driving lessons. 
Tumblr media
“Motorcycle lessons? BRO! Holy shit!” Now he wanted those extra badly! Especially since he didn’t know anything really about driving! After all, his pokemon were reliable and often times faster for what he needed... “Dude! They didn’t teach me any of that! Hell, I’m stuck resorting to my pokemon most the time! Either that or spendin top dollar to get someone else for me to drive. I actually would LOVE to learn how to ride a motorcycle like that badass one you have right there!”
Clasping his hands together, Nate bent down a bit as if he was almost begging... ok he was kinda begging. “Hugh, bro, my man... could ya please give me the lessons? Hell, I promise to stay in Unova while you teach me too! Please bro, please?”
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legendarysharpshooter · 9 months ago
Lost Prince (S1) Prologue Pt. 1
A/N: My entire tumblr account got deleted for... really stupid reasons, so now I’m  reposting this because I enjoyed having it on tumblr and I’ve had a renewed interest in writing.
Pairing: Shance
Sirens blare all around them as the Castle takes hit after hit. He stumbles into the bridge and spies Coran running about, struggling to check everything at once. His father, King Alfor, stands in the center of the room. He makes his way over.
“You called?”
“Akiva,” Alfor replies, turning to look at him, expression grim. His son stands tall before him. The two are nearly identical in appearance, though Akiva is lither, less filled out. Alfor knows, however, that his son is just as strong as him, and just as tactical as well. Allura may be too young to understand his decisions, but his oldest certainly will.
The ships jolts as it takes another hit. Coran scrambles back to the front of the bridge, brows furrowed in concentration as he reads the screens.
“We must hurry!” Coran shouts. “Zarkon is getting closer!”
“Akiva,” Alfor says, looking back down at his son. “I have a special task for you.”
“Where are the other Paladins?” Akiva asks, glancing once more around the room. His father sighs.
“They’ve gone to hide the Lions,” he says. “You too, must take the Black Lion and hide it away from Zarkon’s reach.” Akiva’s gaze slides past Alfor to Coran as he takes in the scene. He knows Zarkon is powerful, but to send their only chance at winning away?
“Please, my son,” Alford pleads, stepping down from the podium. He places a hand on Akiva’s shoulder. “You are the only one capable of piloting the Black Lion, you must use that connection and build a stronger bond with it. It’s the only way to protect it from Zarkon and give the universe a fighting chance.”
“And what of Allura?” he asks. “And the remaining Alteans? We can’t just leave them to die!”
“Those that have chosen to stay will remain here to hold off Zarkon as long as possible. Some have volunteered to go with you and help protect the Black Lion. They are down in the hangar, waiting to leave with you,” Alfor answers. The Castle shakes and the pair stumbles.
“We don’t have much time left!” Coran shouts, fingers flying across the screens. Akiva stares out at the ships growing closer. He watches one charge up its ion cannon.
“And where is my sister?” he asks. Alfor places both hands on his shoulders.
“There are many paths to take in life,” he says. “Allura has her own path to walk. I can only hope that one day your paths may cross again.” Akiva watches his father for a long moment, eyes brimming with unshed tears.
“This is goodbye then,” he mutters.
“My journey may end here, but yours must continue so that one day Zarkon can be stopped.” Akiva sucks in a breath and pulls his father into a hug. Alfor returns the embrace quickly before they’re pulling apart and his son is disappearing down to the Black Lion’s hangar.
The hangar is full of Alteans of all ages, moving quickly back and forth as they load the Black Lion up with supplies for their journey. Akiva takes a moment to watch the organized chaos, wishing he had had time to prepare himself.
“My Prince.” A young Altean, no older than Allura, approaches him, bag in her hands. She bows and holds the bag out to him. “King Alfor requested we pack your most essential items for you.” He smiles and takes the offered item.
“Thank you,” he says before getting right down to business. “How close are we to departure?”
“We are loading the last of the supplies,” she responds. “Once everyone is on board we will be clear to leave.”
“Prepare to leave in five doboshes.” She nods and runs off. Akiva watches her go before looking up at the large sentient creature. The largest of the Lions towers over them all, mouth lowered to allow everyone access. A faint growl rumbles through his mind, and he knows it’s the Lion reassuring him. He knows it’s Black’s way of acknowledging and accepting the situation.
It’s Black accepting him fully as its new Paladin.
They traveled by wormhole to a star system far, far away from war and landed on a young, primitive planet. The inhabitants, at first, were wary of the newcomers. They feared the Alteans’ strange technology, leagues ahead of their own. Soon, however, agreements were reached among all and treaties laid out to help the planet grow but also protect the system from the Galra’s looming threat.
Many years passed, and the planet, known as Earth, grew. Prospered under the peaceful guidance of Altea’s Prince.
Sadly, peace would not last and with the Prince’s passing, war reigned supreme across the land. Alteans learned all too quickly the folly of man and the greed of Mankind. They feared what would happen if war returned to their home, reminded all too much of the Galra’s destruction.
Fearful of their home being destroyed, they fled and hid away where none would find them. War on Earth waged for years until finally, Akiva’s granddaughter stood up as a champion of peace. She followed in her grandfather’s footsteps and, with the help of the Black Lion, brought peace once more to Earth.
The Black Paladin became a symbol of peace, and Alteans, warriors and protectors. Together, they-
“Lance, what are you doing?”
A young boy sits by the window of the classroom, papers spilling off his desk. His white hair glints in the sun as his pencil scribbles across the page before him. His tongue pokes out the side of his mouth in concentration. Bright blue Altean marks rest on his cheeks. His feet swing back and forth, too short to reach the floor.
“Drawing,” he answers, pushing away his paper and starting on a new one.
“Maybe you want to do that later?” she suggests. He shrugs.
“I have to do it now,” he says, hand feverishly scrawling across the paper.
“And it can’t wait until recess?” He shakes his head and frowns, blue eyes scrunching up in frustration but never leaving the paper. The teacher sighs and steps over to his desk. “And why is that?”
“Because I’ll forget.”
“Forget?” she asks, confused. He nods. “Forget what?”
“What it’s showing me,” he answers, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. He starts on a new picture, the old one fluttering off the desk.
“What it’s showing…” the teacher’s eyes follow the picture as it lands on the floor. She stares at it a long moment, taking in the old, scraggly looking cat. Her gaze takes in all the pictures around the desk then. They range from landscapes with strange flower and two moons, to hooded figures with strange masks.
Her attention lands on one particular piece. This one contains a young Altean with long, curly white hair. Her eyes remain closed and she slumbers inside some type of pod. A tiara circles her head.
Eyes wide, the teacher looks at all the other ones. Of the one of a planet long thought destroyed, yet here it is fully intact. An image of large creatures with purple fur, yellow eyes and sharp teeth. She looks at a picture, clearly of the Black Lion, and four other lions with it; below them the Paladins of old.
She sees a ship, sleek and elegant in design; one created to maneuver quickly through space. Another ship appears in a second picture, this one cut in half through some type of hole.
A prince with white hair and purple skin, gazes back at her, surrounded by four others.
“What are all of these?” she asks, but Lance shakes his head and continues to draw. “Lance?”
He breaks his pencil and rips through the paper but continues trying to draw. He drops the pencil and picks up another, shoving paper off his desk until he finds a new, clean piece.
“Lance!” The teacher tries grabbing his arm, but he shrugs her off, determined to see this one through as well. His hand slows as he begins to take his time with this one.
Slowly, a boy with big, yellow eyes, shaggy black hair and large, fuzzy ears emerges on the paper. Next to him is another boy, this one with a scar across his face and a splotch of white in his hair. He places the pencil tip on the paper and begins drawing another person but stops and drops the writing utensil.
Tears begin streaming down his face as he stares blankly at his desk. They drip onto the paper, smudging details on the drawing.
The nurse rushes in then, an Altean herself, long blue hair pulled back into a braid. She kneels beside the boy and leans over to try and catch his attention.
“Lance?” she asks, voice gently. He continues to stare down, eyes seeing something that nobody else can see. Carefully, she places a hand on his shoulder and give a small shake. It snaps him out of whatever trance he had been in. He blinks and looks over at her.
“There you are,” she says, smiling. “Are you feeling okay?”
“I…” Confused, he looks at all the pictures around his desk, and then at his teacher. Weren’t they talking about something important? Why is everyone staring at him? His head swims, trying in vain to piece together something he can’t seem to remember. It dances at the edge of his mind, just out of reach.
“Why don’t you come lay down in my office for a bit?” the nurse suggests. His teacher begins picking up the pictures, haphazardly stuffing them into a neat pile. He watches her for a moment before slowly rising out of his seat.
The whole class watches him gather up his things and disappear out of the room.
The day Krolia shows up is one Lance will never forget. It had been a day like any other, up until Galra cruisers are spotted by Earth’s moon.
Lance is with the Black Lion when the sirens go off. He jumps up, startled, and runs over to the wall. There he activates a switch that sends the Lion further into the ground and seals it off from danger. He watches it go before running out of the cave himself and finding his way home as quickly as possible. Once he’s out, the path itself closes giving the outward appearance of being a rocky wall.
His half-sister finds him wandering the halls of their home. Her short, curly brown hair bounces in the air with every step she takes. Deep, dark blue Altean marks are the only indication that they’re even remotely related; a result of his Altean mother marrying their Altean father after their human mom passed away. His sister stops him in the hall.
“Everyone’s been looking for you, you know,” she says.
“I was busy,” he mutters. She eyes him skeptically.
“Lance! Veronica!” The pair jumps and slowly turn to face their mother. She stands at the end of the hall, hands on her hips and frowning at the both of them.
“Can’t you hear the sirens? Now is not the time to be playing around,” she hisses. “Come here at once!”  
They slowly skulk over to their mom and step into the security room with her. She mutters to herself, chastising them both as the door shuts with an audible click. Lance’s other half siblings sit around the room with Altean military personnel and government officials.
All eyes remain on the screen on the far side of the room. Footage of three Galra cruiser plays on a loop.
“They triggered our alerts after entering the inner ring of the solar system,” a Garrison official say, voicing somewhat distorted over the phone. The footage changes then to show one ship shooting down the other two. “For some reason though, this one shot the others down. It is currently enroute to Earth as we speak.”
“Have you sent out a hailing frequency?” Lance’s mom asks.
“They’ve been unresponsive to all our attempts. Would you like us to shoot it down?” She stares at the screen for a long moment, weighing the pros and cons.
“Disable the craft but do not kill,” she answers. “I wish to speak with whoever is in that cruiser.”
It seems like forever to Lance before the Garrison is arriving with their prisoner.
Lance stands with his mom as they bring the Galra inside. He watches, curious as she stops before his mom, handcuffed and disarmed.
Her skin is purple. Hair a deep, dark purple on top and a magenta below. Her ears are pointy like an Altean’s. The sclera of her eyes is yellow with her irises matching her skin. She has two dark stripes on her face, one on each cheek.
She kneels before Lance’s mother.
“Queen Ourania,” she says. “I am Krolia of the Blade of Marmora.”
“And what business do you have on Earth, Krolia of the Blade of Marmora?” his mom asks.
“We picked up frequencies similar to that of the Lions of Voltron. I was sent on a scouting mission with the Galra to locate the source,” Krolia replies. The Garrison officials beside her raise their weapons, preparing to shoot if necessary. Ourania raises her hand, silently asking them to hold their positions.
“Did you find what you were looking for?” she asks.
“I believe there is a Lion located on this planet,” Krolia says. “And seeing Alteans here only confirms my suspicions.”
“Alteans came to this planet many years ago to be away from Zarkon and his war,” Ourania confirms. “We have found peace and prosperity with the natives of this planet…. And your presence is a clear threat to that peace. Are we meant to leave you free or shoot you where you stand?”
“I shot down the only ones who will bring harm,” Krolia argues.  
“To lull us into a false sense of security, perhaps,” The queen responds.
“I want to help.”
“And why should I believe that?” Krolia huffs, expression conflicted as she weighs her options. She slowly shifts her attention to the boy at his mother’s side, eyes soft  yet tightwith worry. Lance watches her back, a sense of comfort washing over him. Something tells him she’s friendly… but still… his mom seems hesitant to trust her. Maybe there’s something he doesn’t know?
Krolia sighs in defeat, realizing she has no other choice.
“The Blade of Marmora i-”
“I know of the Blade,” Ourania snaps. “Do not recite their creed to me. My ancestors were there at their founding.”  
“Then you should know of what we do,” Krolia says instead. “I have been working undercover in Zarkon’s ranks to put a stop to his empire.”
“What proof do you have, then, of your allegiance to the Blade?”
“My blade,” Krolia responds, gesturing to the guard on her left. The Garrison official shift, eyeing her warily.
“Do you have her blade?” The queen asks him.
“Yes, ma’am,” he responds. “But… we removed it from her when she landed.”
“Give it to her.”
“Anyone can claim to have a blade,” she says. “Only true members of the Blade, however, can activate them. Please hand it to her.” Hesitantly, he pulls the blade out and hands it over.
Lance watches, eyes wide, as the knife glows and grows longer. When it finally stops glowing a sword rests in her hand.  
“Lance,” she says and the boy jumps. He looks up at her with wide, blue eyes. She smiles and affectionately runs a hand through his hair. “Sometimes for the sake of peace, one must fight. I know that your lessons have said some bad things about the Galra... Zarkon’s reign will forever be a dark stain on their long history. It’s important to know, though, that even Alteans aren’t perfect. The Galra are not inherently bad, they have become misguided. It’s important to know that too… and to remember that they were once our allies and they can be our allies again.” She looks to Krolia and then the guards.
“Release her,” she says to them. “She can be trusted.” The Garrison officers, lower their weapons as Krolia turns to be released from her handcuffs. Ourania looks back to her son. His eyes swim with confusion and curiosity. A desire to know more, lurks in the depths of his conflicted gaze. She smiles softly.
“There are pieces of history not even your teachers know about,” she tells him. “Secrets that only those of Akiva’s heritage are privy to, and I think it’s time you learn about his involvement with a young prince and their mission to take down a corrupt leader.”
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zephyrfics · a year ago
Rocket Aftermath Summary- Part 1
writing is really hard!!! it requires Motivation and Energy and i am so tired. all i want to do is makes pretty flowers in animal crossing.
so here is a very basic plotline of the fic i have been obsessed with for 8 years... the title is “Rocket Aftermath” and it is about silver and how he struggles to get to the Best Possible Place for him. there is character growth and found family and a rarepair and it’s great, i swear, just listen... (this is long)
--Backstory: Silver has three parents. Giovanni and Ariana are his biological parents, but they broke up not long after he was born; after that, Giovanni and Archer become partners, and Archer is very much Silver’s third parent. Unfortunately, even though there are three of them, they are still terrible at raising a child. They do love him, though. (Giovanni is the worst at showing it, but that’s because of some childhood trauma that we will get into much later.)
--Archer is actually Silver’s most competent parent, though he tries to spoil the kid rotten. Ariana is the second most competent- she usually has to be the ‘mean’ parent that tells Archer that no, the kid doesn’t need four video game systems. (For his part, Giovanni always tries to hand the kid off to someone else.)
--Giovanni should have never had a child, since his philosophy is “i don’t know how to act around children so i stay hands-off until this one is an adult so i can have conversations with them”
--Silver is trans. the One Good Thing his parents did is be fully supportive of him in this. the Pokemon world has much more accessible resources for LGBT inclusive care, but because the world isn’t fair, there are still some doctors that refuse to listen to any evidence because they’re idiots. just imagine this mafia family threatening a doctor with bodily harm if they don’t prescribe this kid hormone blockers. silver does benefit from having criminal parents in that way.
--Anyone remember that one post about the rat from Ratatouille being trans, and how his family supports him in every way, except when he announces that he wants to be a chef and then he becomes the black sheep of the family? That is Silver, except he announces that he hates Team Rocket and he’s going to take them down.
--additional backstory: everyone in silver’s family is using a fake name. Giovanni came up with his very dramatic name when he was young, and Archer and Ariana both came up with theirs when they joined a criminal organization.
-----yes, this means that Giovanni got his name from stereotypical black-and-white mafia movies. no, i don’t make the rules. he is not italian im sorry
--Silver named himself after Mount Silver, for some complicated reasons that are revealed throughout the fic.
--Silver was 12 when Giovanni disappeared. He is now 15 in the Johto timeline.
--Silver initially struggles to fight against Team Rocket because doing so means fighting against his parents, who he still cares about (even if their priorities are wildly off-track). He decides to Do The Right Thing, though he struggles with this for years afterward, since in his mind he made the conscious decision to bring down the Team, which meant the subsequent disappearance of his parents.
So, this fic begins directly after Silver loses to Lance in the Mahogany base. After that, the fic diverges from canon. Silver travels to Goldenrod with his mother, and subsequently decides to fight Team Rocket. He ends up joining forces with Gold to beat all the Rockets out of Goldenrod.
After the Team falls, Silver has nowhere left to go. His dreams have been crushed since the current Champion (Lance) just beat his entire team. (In this fic, Lance only uses his strongest Dragonite and obliterates Silver’s entire team with one Pokemon.)
(---sidenote: in canon, Silver asks the player character who the hell Lance is. how would a kid obsessed with being the strongest trainer in the world not know who the current champion is...? someone please answer this question, i have been wondering for years...)
So after Goldenrod, Silver is left adrift. He loses track of his goal, and somewhere in the process, decides to try out this ‘be nice to his Pokemon’ thing. He lets them all out and tries to talk to them (feeling very silly the whole time).
Silver has 6 Pokemon at this point. When they are given a chance to speak, three of them demand to be released: Kadabra, Magneton, and Haunter.
So Silver ends up releasing them. (He might justify that they no longer want to listen to his orders.) He releases them on the route west of Ecruteak, which is the route he caught Magneton... and because of that location, he decides to avoid that area and head east.
Silver ends up traveling to the Dragon’s Den, not because he has a destination in mind, but because he no longer has a goal and has no idea where to go besides forwards. He is not taking the Gym challenge, but it makes sense to head to the last Gym in Johto.
Silver ends up in Dragon’s Den, and settles down there. He lives there for several months.
At that point, Lance comes back to Blackthorn, his hometown, and pays a visit to his grandfather, the Elder of the Dragon’s Den. Silver has no idea that Lance has ties to anything in Blackthorn, and he is very defensive when they encounter each other again. (Lance is quite shocked that ‘that jerk kid who thought he was tough enough to fight Team Rocket’ is in Dragon’s Den, but Silver disappears before Lance can investigate further)
It boils down to this: Silver is living in the Dragon’s Den, which is technically illegal because it’s a sacred ground for the Blackthorn Clan, but Silver knows how to be stealthy and he’s not really bothering anyone. Lance starts to become concerned for this teenager, and eventually encourages Silver to train with him once he sees Silver is making an effort to take his advice to heart.
Then one thing leads to another, Lance’s passing interest in the kid grows to concern, and before you know it, Lance has practically adopted him.
--there are many scenes between the two as they grow to trust each other. Lance starts to wonder where Silver’s parents are, so Silver evasively tells him that they’re “gone”, which leads to a misunderstanding where Lance goes “oh my parents are dead too!” and silver says “wait no- what? they’re not dead they just abandoned me” and then Lance thinks “my son now” and that is that
...then Lance really does adopt Silver, because the kid’s fake Trainer license gets sniffed out, and Silver has to have a legal guardian present in order to become a legal Trainer... but if you listen to Silver’s side of the story, he just likes the last name Blackthorn. (The fact that Lance accepts him unconditionally and has promised to never abandon him, along with being a listening ear whenever Silver needs to vent... that all has nothing to do with it.)
--Lance is a good dad who doesn’t really know how to raise a kid but dammit, he cares and he’s going to try. Silver doesn’t really know how to deal with this relationship either, but they figure it out together. They are a found family and I love them so much
--I acknowledge that Lance actually adopting Silver is unnecessary but this is my fic and i just get all mushy when i think about it. pay no attention to my glaring issues that are laid out before you
Silver also gets to move in to Lance’s apartment that he never really uses- as Champion, Lance has living quarters at the League, where he usually spends his time. But Silver needs an actual roof over his head, so Lance practically gives him the place. (Silver tries not to cry when Lance gives him this. Silver has not had a permanent living situation since he was 12. He is now 16.)
fast forward some months... Silver has a happy life now, and all that goodness... things are looking up for him, though he’s given up on the dream of being the greatest Trainer and isn’t sure what to do with his life yet.
The Pokemon World Tournament (PWT) gets announced, and all the regions are expected to participate. As Champion and the top Gym Leader, both Lance and Clair are supposed to go to Unova as the representatives of Johto to have diplomatic meetings. It’s all very boring and political.
However, the announcement of the PWT was unexpected, and it resulted in a change: Pryce, the elderly Gym Leader of Mahogany, abruptly announces his retirement (because he doesn’t want to fly halfway across the world and be forced to stay there for months, thanks). 
This throws the League into chaos, because the PWT is only a year away, and Pryce has not named a replacement. It falls to the League to organize a way to call for applicants and begin the process of selecting a fitting Gym Leader.
--(if it’s not clear, Pryce was being an ass for doing this so suddenly. he’d been thinking of retirement for a while now, but was too stubborn to actually go through with it- his family has been badgering him to quit for years now, because they just know the old man is going to slip on ice and break a hip going into work one day. Pryce basically stayed on the job just to spite them. yes, i am basing him off of stubborn old people i know.)
So, as two of the top members of the League, Lance and Clair have to deal with this mess a lot. They talk about it (really just complain, in Clair’s case), even when they’re around Silver.
The suggestion happens as an idle thing- Clair is complaining about how hard it is to get actual competent Trainers, and Silver happens to be in the room. She gestures to Silver vaguely and says something like, “even he would be a good Gym Leader.”
Clair and Lance turn to look at him. Silver waves it off.
Lance does not treat this as a joke.
Silver turns down the offer in an instant, because all he can think of is how his father was a Gym Leader, and he wants nothing to do with Giovanni’s legacy. Lance is disappointed that he won’t consider it, but Silver storms off like a moody teenager so Lance lets it go.
...later that night, completely unrelated to anything, Silver finds himself idly searching on the Internet for Gym Leader things. He wonders what he’d be like, as a Gym Leader; what type would he specialize in, and how the application process works.
He mentally goes through all the Pokemon types he has at that moment, since he wouldn’t start from scratch, and crosses out all the types tat are already covered in Kanto and Johto. He can’t train Poison, or Water; no Flying, either, though Crobat is definitely a part of his team now... so that just leaves the two types of his Sneasel: Dark and Ice.
Silver finds a new goal: he will be the first Dark type Gym Leader, and he will be the best Gym Leader he can possibly be.
god i am tired. i might add to this later but yeah. i dont know if any of this makes sense
welcome to my fic, where silver becomes a dark type gym leader. tune in next time to see me rant about how awesome his zoroark is, and also how i doomed myself into shipping a rarepair with my favorite character...
also i am upset that i didnt manage to write my fic before we actually got a dark type gym leader....i have been sitting on this fic for three generations now, i am so upset. (also that we got another rival that become a gym leader??? bede??? hello??? i am so proud of him but a part of me feels like game freak stole my idea, what the hell)
--note: i first came up with the idea for the fic when BW2 came out with the PWT. i was fascinated that giovanni was participating, and wanted silver to interact with him... sorry in advance, but that no longer happens in this fic for Reasons. the confrontation between these two doesn’t happen for a while but it does happen i promise. anyway that means that this fic is 8 years old? haha holy shit
--silver will eventually go to therapy to work out his many issues.
-- a Thing in the fic is that silver goes to great lengths to cover up his past so that no one knows he is giovanni’s son- it’s kind of impressive how long this kid goes without anyone figuring him out, honestly
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Opening Your Heart to Love CH1
Summary: Felicity never thought she would become her mother. A single mom to gorgeous little girl. She didn't regret it. No one meant more to her than her daughter.
Oliver had a plan in mind when he returned home. To continue his mission to right his father's wrong. He never imagined a little girl breaking through the walls of his heart, reminding him that there was more to life than the mission. And he never expected to fall in love with her mother.
Smoak girls were a force to be reckoned with. 
Felicity Smoak was used to chaos. It was a part of her daily life but the chaos that had taken over the QI floors wasn’t something she was prepared for when she came into work today.
5 years ago the Queen’s Gambit was lost at sea along with its inhabitants. Robert Queen, CEO of Queen Industries. Oliver Queen, the son of Robert and Moira Queen, the city's favorite billionaire playboy. Sara Lance, the sister to Oliver Queen’s on again and off again girlfriend, now, ADA, Laurel Lance. His father’s bodyguard, the Yacht captain, and the seven crewmen.
Every single one of them was gone. Believe to be dead.
Until now.
Oliver had washed up on the North China Sea, discovered by two fishermen, and had returned home to Starling City.
The whole city was in a frenzy but none more than QI and it’s employees.
It was like everyone forgot they had a job to do and would much rather focus on gossiping which left Felicity to pick up the slack.
When lunch rolled around Felicity was more than happy to head down to the lower floors.
She pushed open the door to the daycare facility that QI provided for its hard-working parents.
“Ms. Smoak, hi, I will have Addison ready to go in just one minute.” Victoria, the woman who ran the daycare greeted.
“I got it.” Felicity smiled, accepting the small green jacket from Victoria. “Addi,”
A little girl no older than 4 with long brown hair and green eyes, was sitting at a table coloring however head snapped up at the sound of her name. She smiled widely.
She scrambled to her feet, running across the carpet floor.
Felicity crouched down, bringing the little girl in her arms as the small child let out a delighted. “Mommy,”
“Hey, sweetie, you ready to go for lunch?”
Addi pulled back with a smile nodding eagerly. “Yes, I want fries.”
“Sounds good, but we have to go to the cafe around the corner cause Mommy has to be back here in forty minutes.”
“But I want to go to Big Belly Burger.” Addi pouted up at her with puppy dog eyes.
Felicity dreaded the puppy dog eyes. She looked like her father when she looked at her like that. It always brought a sharp pang to Felicity’s heart.
“How about we get Big Belly Burger tomorrow instead?" Felicity suggested. "It’s my day off tomorrow. We can make a day of it. Do anything you want.”
“Okay.” Addi plopped a kiss on her cheek.
Felicity smiles affectionately, smoothing a hand through her daughter's dark hair. Addi was easy to please and it was a blessing for a single parent like herself.  
Felicity helped her daughter into her jacket and took her by the hand. She thanked Victoria and bid her goodbye, telling her they would be back in a little bit.
9 minutes later and they were grabbing a table at the cafe near QC. It wasn’t their first time there and the staff had become quite acquainted with them. Within the first few minutes of sitting them at a table.
Addi had grilled cheese with a side of fries placed in front of her and a glass of milk.
Felicity had a plate of cheese fries placed in front of her and a glass of water.
“Hi, Addi, how are you today, sweetheart?”
Addi looked up at the older woman and smiled. “Emma, hi, I’m good. Momma says we get to go to Big Belly Burger tomorrow.”
Emma was the owner of the small cafe and she loved children. She was older, early sixties, and lamented the fact that her own grandchildren lived too far away for her liking. She was more than happy to dote all her grandparent affection on Addi.
Emma gave Addi a hurt look. “Oh, you don’t like it here.”
“I didn’t say that,” Addi protested. “I love it but you don’t have big belly burgers here or JJ.”
Emma’s brow furrowed. “What's a JJ?”
“My best friend!” Addi exclaimed. “We like to color and play hide and seek and watch cartoons and play at the park.”
“Yeah, I definitely can’t top that but how about you bring your friend in some time and I will whip up the two of you my family's famous Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes. How’s that sound?”
Addi turned to Felicity, her little face eager. “Momma, can we?”
Felicity smiled. “I’ll talk to JJ’s momma. If she says yes we can come back on Friday.”
Emma grinned. “I look forward to meeting your friend.”
Addi grinned up at her. “You're my friend, too.”
Emma smiled affectionately. “You’re such a sweetheart.”
“She is,” Felicity grinned, reaching out to brush her daughter’s brown curl back over her shoulder. Her heart panging as she did so.
There were times she looked so much like her father. Like right now with her eyes filled with excitement.
It both made Felicity happy and broke her heart.
                                            ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Felicity resisted the urge to reach into her clutch and check her phone for a text from Carly, JJ’s mother.
Addi was sleeping over at JJ’s for the night and by some miracle, Felicity had against her better judgment allowed her co-worker and friend to talk her into going out for the night.
Felicity came to regret that decision. She did not want to be at Oliver Queen’s welcome home bash.
She didn’t have anything against Oliver Queen. She didn’t really know him. But the wild parties, alcohol, the dancing bodies, low inhibitions was not her scene. It hadn’t been her scene for a really long time.
Not since her time at MIT.
Felicity moved to the bar and ordered a screwdriver.
“Oh My God, there’s Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn.” Vanessa, her friend, and co-worker from work tugged on her arm and pointed toward the stairs excitedly.
“Everybody man of the hour!!” Tommy yelled out loudly, patting Oliver on the chest.
The crowd cheered.
“Please, ladies,” Tommy continued. “Give this man a proper homecoming.”
The women cheered loudly than before with some men joining in.
Oliver descended the steps walking through the crowd and the crowd reached out touching him on the arms and his back with wide smiles and excitement as ‘we are the champions' echoed through the club.
Oliver climbed on top of a platform.
“Ollie, Ollie!” Tommy passed him up a shot of tequila.
Oliver raised the glass and down it. He looked out to the crowd grinning widely. “I miss Tequila!”
The crowd let out even louder cheers and Oliver climbed back down, his feet landing lightly on the floor.
Felicity looked at Oliver closely. There was no denying that Oliver Queen was very attractive. Beautiful in a roguish way, and it helped that he strike an imposing figure. He did not come back from an island malnourished. He came back even more good looking than when he left.
Still, something in her gut told her, his pandering to the crowd, his smile…
It was all for show.
Her gut was proven right when his smile fell from his face the second his back was turned from Tommy Merlyn.
Felicity stared at him, wondering why he was pretending to be the same guy he was five years ago for people he didn't owe anything to.
She jolted when he suddenly looked right at her, his expression unreadable.
She whirled back around toward the bar.
She waited ten seconds before looking over her shoulder but he was gone.
She let out the breath she didn't realize she was holding in.
"We should go and talk to him."
Felicity had forgotten her friend was there until she had spoken.
"No, we definitely shouldn't."
However, Vanessa continued on as she hadn't spoken. "I'm going over there."
“Good luck with that,” Felicity muttered, reaching for her glass, turning back toward the bar.
It wasn’t long before Vanessa returned looking slightly dejected, Felicity rubbed her arm in comfort and offered her a drink.
Her friends smile brighten, her woes forgotten, she drained Felicity glass and then tugged on her hand, leading her out onto the dancefloor.
Felicity allowed it. She had always liked dancing.
Sometime later, she looked around wanting a less populated area. She walked up the steps to the upper floors. Intending on calling Carly and check-in.
She knew Addi was in bed by now but she still just wanted to hear about her.
Felicity reached the top of the stairs and startled as a woman rushed past her. A woman she recognized from the news. ADA, Laurel Lance.
Felicity brow furrowed as she watched her go before looking ahead and her eyes widened when she saw Oliver Queen standing there. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt or intrude, I was just looking for a less crowded area.”
“You're not intruding.”
Felicity was not certain she believed him. She continued walking past him and stood a few feet away. She pulled out her phone dialing Carly.
She was aware Oliver Queen was standing nearby. She doubted he was trying to eavesdrop but he was close enough to hear her side of the conversation.
She spoke with Carly for a few minutes before hanging up. She gripped the railing looking below, seeking out her friend and spotting her in the middle of the crowd.
“Why don’t you leave?”
Felicity brow furrowed and she looked over at Oliver. “Are you kicking me out?”
“I didn’t mean it like that.” Oliver moved closer. “You just don’t look like you want to be here.”
“It’s easy to spot what you yourself feel.”
“It’s clear to me. You don’t want to be here? So why are you?” Felicity countered.
“It’s expected of me.”
“It shouldn’t be. I don’t know you but I’m sure five years alone on a deserted island would change anyone. Including you.”  Felicity pursed her lips a second later. “Sorry. I don’t have a filter when I talk and tend to be more honest than people appreciate.”
“It’s refreshing.” Oliver murmured. “Why are you here tonight? You keep checking your phone. You clearly have somewhere else you rather be.
Felicity did.
She thought of her daughter, staying home, and the few occasion where she would let her stay up watching her favorite Disney movie.
“My friend wanted to come and well she’s a big girl but I want to make sure she doesn’t get too drunk she doesn’t know who she’s going home with.”
“Who's your friend?” Oliver asked, scanning the crowd.
“The redhead in the silver dress.” Felicity pointed down to her friend in the crowd.
“Oh, we’ve met.”
“I know, she sees something and she goes after it. Sometimes it goes her way and sometimes it doesn’t.” Felicity shrugged.
Oliver forced a smile. “I got that.”
Felicity looked at her friend and saw Vanessa scanning the club. She sent Oliver a polite smile. “It was nice talking to you, Mr. Queen.”
“I prefer Oliver,” he said but Felicity was already walking down the steps, the club music drowning out his words.
                                              ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
“‘Licity, there you are! So I was going to leave but I didn't want to before letting you know.”
“Is something wrong?” Felicity asked concerned.
“No," Vanessa shook her head and turned to wave at a guy who started approaching them. “I was gonna have some other kind of fun.”
“Are you sure? You’re not drunk are you?” Felicity questioned turning Vanessa back to her, looking at her closely.
“I’m not drunk. I promise. He’s just really hot and we hit it off and its been a while.”
“Okay,” said Felicity. “Then text me when you get where you’re going and text me when you get home. And keep your phone on you.”
If something were to happen she could track the GPS. “Will do. Love you, see you on Monday.”
She hugged Felicity just as the guy reached them.
“Ready to go?” The guy asked, and offered Felicity a polite smile.
“Yeah, bye Felicity.” Vanessa waved and grabbed the guys hand and tugged him back through the crowd and headed for the exit.
Felicity looked up to where she had been standing with Oliver but he was gone. Felicity shook her head not really knowing what to make of her encounter with Starling City’s returning playboy and headed out.
She planned to go home, curled up on her couch with a glass of red wine and Netflix.
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crystalelemental · a year ago
And now, another obnoxiously long post to annoy everyone who doesn’t get the cut for “See More.”  My personal hopes for characters on a banner from each game that I’ve actually played in the Fire Emblem series.  Which is all of them except Thracia.
Shadow Dragon/New Mystery:
Cecil/Cecille - I have no idea which is the actual spelling, the patch I used went Cecille, but the wiki says Cecil.  Either way, she was really good in my run, and had Swords as her main weapon.  We are hurting for cute sword cavs in Heroes, I would appreciate her presence.
Yuliya - Listen, you know I love my headstrong noble clerics.  Put Yuliya in the game.  Ideally as the demote of the banner.
Elice - Listen to me, motherfuckers.  You put her in the game solely as an attachment to Duo Marth.  That doesn’t count.  I want her, as a unit, properly added to the game.  I want her to be a really good cleric, maybe not with a preferred staff, but at least a new staff effect.  Maybe another passive buff for a team member kind of thing.  Obviously Wrathful or Dazzling staff, and maybe a Tier-4 Push skill.  Speed/Defense?  If people do get close up they have to contend with her being faster and bulkier?  I think it could work.
I really want it to be Midia, since she’s cool, but I don’t think they’ve ever done a banner entirely of female characters so I guess we need a guy, huh?  Bring in Jubelo, I guess.  I dunno, all the male characters I wound up liking are already in the game, so I guess he should show up with his sister?  I feel like he should demote too, though, but I guess having him be 5* locked is an option?  I can’t bring in Julian without Lena, though.  Oh, maybe good Hardin?  From the beforetimes?  I dunno.  I’m not super invested in this pick.
GHB as Eremiya.  Come on.  How the fuck is the best non-dragon villain from New Mystery not in the game yet?  The side chapters of this game were fantastic, and had some of the best characters overall.  Give me Eremiya.
Tatiana.  Obvious first pick is obvious.  I want her to be a spectacular healer, as she deserves.
Zeke.  Okay, yes, we already have Camus and Sirius, but hear me out.  Tatiana can’t show up without her husband.  Yes this means another lance cav but deal.
Luthier.  Just...put him in the game already.  As a demote.  I don’t really like him, but his fans are very adamant about his appearance, especially since Delthea’s in the game, and I can respect that fervor.  He’d probably be a Red mage.  I think he has Fire spells, right?
Look, if we got Valentian Catria, then you have to finish the set with Valentian Palla or Est.  Personal hope goes for Palla.  Because I like her better.  The downside is there’s no way to include her that doesn’t have a color share.  And I’d personally say lance.  Yes, I know how bad that is, but what, we’re going to make a third red Palla?
GHB: I honestly want Jedah.  I thought he was a neat villain!  Definitely better than fucking Rudolf, shit father champion before Jeralt dethroned him.
Erinys.  Since the last batch was Gen 2, this time will be Gen 1.  And I like Erinys.  Or Fury, or...whatever the hell your name is.  Honestly, get added to Heroes so we know what your name is supposed to be.  Anyway, she starts out with even proficiency in sword and lance, so this is a perfect excuse for a sword flier.
Lex.  Listen, I’m not a huge fan of the guy, but of the male characters not in the game, he’s the best option.  Plus, axe cav is also a really scarce option, and it’d be nice to have another.  Plus he can be the demote!
Brigid.  Absolutely needs to be the prize of the banner.  Listen to me.  After what you did to Eyvel, you need to do this.  Oh, you think because I didn’t play Thracia I didn’t know about this?!  Fix yourselves!
Azelle.  I don’t really care about the kid, but I know there are many Arvis fans who are like “We gotta get the family together!”  So sure, have his brother.  You know, the one he meteored to death.
GHB: Honestly, get Aida in here.  She was neat.  And she can be pretty much any kind of mage.  Probably a red mage because association with Arvis and fire, but you know.
Binding Blade:
NIIME!  NII!  ME!  COME ON!  We get plenty of grizzled old warrior dudes in the series, and in Heroes too, but when’s the last time we had an eccentric old witch as a playable character?  Niime is super unique, super fun, and honest to god my top candidate for getting into Heroes on principle.  Ordinarily I’d say Red mage because dark magic, but if Bramimond can be Colorless tome, I think she could be too.
Juno.  Anyway, Juno finishes the trio of pegasus sisters from this game nicely, and is a perfect candidate for a demote.  She’d also be a Sword user, to round things out as the Whitewings before her did.
Gonzalez.  Listen, this guy’s great.  Much like Niime, it’s a matter of being really unique within the series.  He’s a brigand.  You have a playable Brigand for like the only time until Three Houses made it a class option.  Plus his interactions with Lilina are super cute.
Okay this one’s a toss-up.  On the one hand, Elen would be a fun cleric, but I feel like if she’s going to show, it’d be on a banner with Guinevere and probably Miledy.  Or however you spell that one’s name.  So I feel like the other option makes more sense.  Cath.  Fuck you, I like Cath.  Blue dagger, bite me.
GHB: I...guess we kinda have to go Murdock here, huh?  I want to be a bitch and say “Bring in Sigune, so no one knows what’s happening,” and it would fit an Ilya theme if Gonzalez were replaced with Zelot and Cath with like...I dunno, someone from that route.  Honestly though this banner is really tough.  I feel like I could easily fill two banners from this game and still have characters I want in.
Blazing Blade:
Farina.  Again, sword flier, because sister trio requirement.  I like Farina a lot, so I’d be okay with her being 5* locked as long as she’s actually good.  None of this bullshit they pulled with Fiora.  That was so unfair...
Renault.  I absolutely love Renault.  His supports with Canas are probably my favorite in the series for how well they built the world and established themselves as characters.  Renault is such a cool dude, and I’m on board for anything they want.  Healer?  Makes sense.  Colorless Tome?  Also awesome.  Axe because of his former ways and his sick right hook to Bartre’s face?  Sign me the hell up for punch priest.  You cannot go wrong with Renault.
Dart.  He’s a cool pirate dude, what more could you want?  Axe unit, probably the common.  Unless you want to demote Farina, which I am all for.
Nergal.  Fuck you, the villain’s on the banner, same as Idunn.  This is official Dread Isle 2, fuckers.  “Why is Farina there?”  Why was Rath on the last one?!  Anyway, Nergal needs to be big tough and either Red or Colorless tome.  I say “or colorless” because of Bramimond.  Bramimond is just an advanced path of Nergal, and their shared attachment to dark magic suggests Nergal could, in theory, be Colorless.  Either way the color split’s good with me.
GHB: Limstella.  Like...who the fuck else?  Best character in the game, give me Limstella.  Blue tome.  I’m good with them sharing Fimbulvetr with Brunnya, and instead focusing on better speed and maybe better res for slightly less attack, HP, and defense.  Also all of this assumes that my ideal banner isn’t actually possible, in which we get Nergal, Limstella, Sonia, and Ephidel, with like...I dunno, I guess Uhai as the GHB since he’s pretty popular for a secondary antagonist?
Sacred Stones:
Garcia.  Okay, so who wants to explain to me that when talking about serious, caring family men, somehow we got fucking Dorcas in the game in like year 1, but Garcia’s still not here.  Anyone?  Garcia is 10x the man Dorcas could ever be.  He’s someone who dedicated his life to service in the military, so much so that he missed the birth of his son and the death of his wife.  When he finds this out, he realizes his mistakes, abandons the military life, and settles down to be a father to the son he never knew.  That’s super compelling!  Axe fighter, one of the best, give Garcia what he deserves.
Natasha.  I like my healers.  I’m fine with her being either the common or the 5*.  Either’s good.
Knoll.  I actually really like Knoll.  He’s kinda like Renault, in that his supports really work for me, and build up the conflict in the world we’re in.  Not quite as compelling, but still neat.  Red mage.
I’m gonna say Syrene, but it could be anyone.  I just liked Syrene.  Yes, she would be a lance flier, I’m so sorry.
GHB: Selena.  Honestly, I was never a huge fan of her, and contrary to popular belief I actually think most of the villains in this game suck, but after finding out how massively popular she was and that she was passed over to make Cormag and unconscionably terrible lance flier, this injustice must be remedied.
Path of Radiance:
Lucia.  Lucia’s cool as shit, and so are all the Crimean knights, that’s basically this banner.  New sword infantry, I’m gonna say duelist-focus kinda like Shannan instead of pushing speed tiers ever further.  I get so tired of the slight increase to max speed every time a new sword infantry units drops, please do something more unique like Shannan from now on.
Geoffrey.  Lance cav, I know, I’m sorry.  Make him good, though.  He deserves to be good.
Bastian.  Green mage, for the wind focus.  Bastian should also be good, but I feel like he might be a bulkier mage type instead.  Kinda like a Boey-esque figure, instead of like a Ced, you know?  Maybe it’s just because I want something different.  I also think he should have an effective damage, possibly against fliers.  He’s the tactician, it’s either that or a Tactics buff on top of a personally beneficial effect.
Astrid.  Okay, yes, Jill’s not in the game, but shhhh, I have a thing going here.  Astrid becomes part of this knighthood, and while it makes her a lot less interesting in Radiant Dawn due to her association with one of the worst characters in the series, she’s super good and super cool in PoR, so get her in as a colorless bow cav.  Also make her the demote.  No, I’m serious!  She’s the trainee type, starts at level 1 but with Paragon and good growths.  She’s like a Nino!  Just give her the demotion, please.  We really need good colorless demotes, we can’t just have Chad and Norne as the only units with actual fodder.
GHB: Jill.  BEFORE YOU YELL!  Do not give the Haar treatment.  Make her legitimately good, like Young Minerva.  Unique weapon, signature skill, the works.  There’s no reason you can’t treat Jill like Astram, and frankly, after how long fans have had to wait for her despite her overwhelming popularity, this is a fucking apology to the class.
Radiant Dawn:
Skrimir.  This is Beast Emblem, baby, and I want Skrimir in this game so fucking bad.  Skrimir is so cool.  Red armor beast.  If you really want, Close Defense 4, like the inverse of Caineghis.  This would make him less effective than Caineghis for AR, and he probably wants DD4 instead for that purpose, but you’re not tanking shit in AR with a red color anyway.  All in on attack and defense, and I think an effect that makes him stronger when above half health is appropriate.  He’s boastful and only starts being humble once he gets his shit rocked.  Cockiness equates to buffs at high health for me.  You’re strong as long as you’re winning.
Nealuchi.  Come on, you know you want this.  Colorless, and a demote.  Again, we need good demoted units.  I’d like to see him as a pure support.  Since we’re dropping Ploy skills, give him Speed Ploy, and maybe an Arvis-esque weapon effect.  Strong Res and Speed but lower Attack and Defense, make him more supportive.
Rafiel.  Get the last Heron in here, come on.  I’d say Blue, personally.  Make him similar to Leanne, since I can’t imagine him having strong defense or attack.  Just pure support, but maybe with more of an emphasis on team support through buffs rather than movement?  Like the Gap skills or something on C, that sort of thing.
Janaff or Ulki on green, I’m good with either.  I honestly want to say Ulki?  I dunno.  They’re the green bird.  Make them pretty strong but with supportive focus since Tibarn’s allies.
GHB: Sephiran.  I can think of no one else on the list of villains that should be here.  Sephiran’s cool, I think this is a perfectly sensible choice.  I could definitely see an argument for making him the prize of the banner instead, and setting one of the non-Skrimir options as GHB.  But you know.
“Steve did you just make a banner entirely out of male characters?  Are you okay?”  IT’S NOT MY FAULT ALL THE COOL BEAST LADIES ARE ALREADY IN THE GAME, SHUT UP
Miriel.  She should be in the game already, I don’t understand how she’s not.  Red mage, fire magic was her focus so it makes sense.  I’d honestly call for her as the demote.
Vaike.  Get Teach in here.  Axe fighter, make him good.
Kellam.  I guess?  Mostly because any other option would result in double color split, which feels shitty.
Anna.  Look, she sustained popularity.  She deserves to get in.  Sword infantry, don’t go the higher speed route, just make her quirky and engaging as a unit.
GHB: Gangrel.  It’s a shame he’s not in the game yet.  Validar can fuck himself, he’s boring as all hell, but Gangrel was fun.  He...probably would be a sword infantry, but give him the Levin Sword, and having it deal adaptive damage.
Okay look, I don’t know if I care enough about the Fates units not yet in the game.  I think we could go a year without another Fates banner just fine, but in the interest of showing preferences:
Charlotte.  She’s popular, people have wanted her default form for a while now, make her the infantry axe unit she was destined to be.
Benny.  Axe armor common.  We have plenty of axe armors, but few commons.  We’re due for another.
Nyx.  Red mage, high damage and res, but lower defense and okay speed.
I’d like to say Mitama, but this is clearly a Fates banner, so I guess Sophie?  Or Dwyer.  Honestly I’m fine with either.  Since Benny’s the demote, they have to be good, so good luck if they go Sophie, she’d have to be a lance cav.
GHB: Honestly, Ignatius or Percy.  I’m fine ignoring the remaining villains.  Anankos feels very Mythic, I hate Hans, and Arete isn’t interesting enough for me to care.  But then, neither are these two.  Fates banners really have very few options left that I’d be excited for.
Three Houses:
Felix.  Because dammit, we need him and Annette.  Sword infantry, but he can be the slight push of speedcreep type.  May as well give him the damage reduction based off speed skill for Lunge too, because god is dead.
Marianne.  I’d personally like cav healer demote, but I know people would riot.  So honestly?  Sword cav, adaptive damage with her hero relic.  Make her super fast but maybe a bit on the weaker side in terms of attack?  Pack DC since she’d have high Res, and maybe a Lull skill for Attack/Speed?
Flayn.  Now you may be expecting healer, given her status.  But no.  I want a demoted colorless tome, and I feel like Flayn could give me that.  And honestly?  Make it the Raven tome.  “How the hell is a colorless Raven tome supposed to work?”  Inverts the “strong against colorless” effect.  With Bramimond and likely other Colorless tomes showing up, and being a huge pain to deal with, I feel like “strong against colorless” effects are going to continue to increase in value.  Flayn would be a colorless tome that goes against that particular grain, who’s a common unit with an inheritable tome.  Let’s be honest, are you going to seriously drop Bramimond’s tome for a generic one with Cancel Affinity just so you can beat Sophia?  I didn’t think so.  It’s not hugely meta defining, but it would give her an interesting niche.
Constance.  Best girl of the Ashen Wolves.  Blue tome flier, for sure.  I want her fast and strong, everything else can be ignored.
GHB: Seteth.  I hate to do it to him, but what, are we really going to pass him up for a fucking Agarthan?  They’re not even characters.  Besides, having a free unit with ties to a banner unit to encourage completing the set is IS’s MO.  I also hate to say lance flier, but he does have a unique weapon to draw from there, so it’s probably a less damning fate than Axe flier with a generic weapon and sub-par stat spread.
“Steve, there’s no Black Eagles.”  Yes.  They have 5 reps in the game so far, while the other houses have 3.  I’m all for Black Eagles, but let’s be equitable here.
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