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#champion leon
snapshotofstories · 11 hours ago
SWSH Pokedex
I don't if anyone is still playing Pokemon SWSH but I've recently got back into it and I'm hoping to complete the pokedex. I have Sword along with the DLC so if you need anything from those, I'm happy to trade.
Here are the pokemon I am looking for:
If you have any of these, lemme me know!
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sharpie-sniffer · 15 hours ago
penis man- the origin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
penis man ha
Tumblr media
(badly drawn by me)
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askgalartop3 · 15 hours ago
What is your receiving love language and giving love language?
Oh! Oh! Do you mind if we guess each other's and say if it's right or not!? Well, we're gonna do that anyway! 😁
I'm gonna start with Lee because his are easy. Both giving and receiving are physical touch! 😘 He's a hugger. Right Piers?
sounds bout right me
I'd never really thought about it... But I guess that's right. Hugs are great!
Piers... I'm guessing quality time with a dash of physical touch for giving... And quality time for receiving?
Also words of affirmation for receiving.
mmm... that...sounds right I guess. Rai yours is words for receiving
No question there. But giving? I'm not so sure. You flirt a lot, but I don't think that makes it also words. I couldn't guess beyond that.
Really? You two don't know? 🥺 I'm hurt! It is words, mixed with acts of service! I'm a people pleaser! I flirt because its easy and it makes people happy!
Yes! 😭
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Strangest place you have ever made out with somebody? 🙈
Hm... An empty conference room in Battle Tower, back when it was Rose Tower.
Dang! 😉 I am learning so much about you through this blog! For me it's gotta be my neighbor's backyard pool when they were on vacation 🤣
And you said the most illegal thing you'd done was accidental property damage!
To be fair, I had permission to be in their pool 😘 I was housesitting. What about you Piers?
I havent
But you're not a virgin...right?
Ive had sex. doesnt mean Ive sucked face in a weird place
I never thought the day would come when Piers is more innocent about something than Lee...
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Piers yes or no, did you sleep with the plush last night?
i will neither confirm or deny anything
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
If you all had the chance to meet someone, who would it be??
Lance! 😁 He's one of the most well known and beloved dragon trainers to ever exist!
Wow, that was fast of you. Honestly, I've always wanted to meet any of the other champions. Lance included, I suppose. I'd love to have a battle with them.
never really thought about it... maybe Roxie? she seems cool
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Top three fav kinks?
Nope. I am not answering this one.
You realize every time you say that I'm going to needle you for answers later, right?
I am aware. Doesn't mean I'm going to tell people something they don't need to know about me. That includes you.
Hm... So you're telling me that if I said I liked biting people, pulling on long hair, and being praised, that you wouldn't tell me anything in return? 😉
No. I would not.
You're blushing~ 😘
I am not. Besides, I don't even know if anything you just said is even true!
Only one way to find out~ 😘
You are terrible...
you two done?
I am.
Depends. You got something to share?
Kinky! (Lee you're blushing again btw.) (I AM NOT!) I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. Now are you the one tied up or doing the tying?
wouldnt you like to know?
I would like to know. 😉 Does that mean you'll show me?
Ugh, lame!! Both of you are lame!
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tippytoes112 · a day ago
brooooo i look back on the pokemon sword and shield fandoms beginning and laugh
i remember y’all had the most unnecessary hatred for leon and hops mother
y’all were all like “their mother has pictures of leon all over her house!! she must hate both of her kids 😔😔😔 hop must be so depressed..”
and hops mother had one line in the entire game, and it was her giving camping gear to hop
yeah, she really hates them lol
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Ayyyy, so Leon and Sonia aren't a thing, but do any of you boys like somebody? 👀
I might. 😉 But I'll never tell
There's...a few people. But I'm, not interested in anything serious right this moment.
Shit, no way? Tell me who!!
Nice! Piers what about you?
Really!?!? 😳 Why don't you two tell me these things!?
you never asked
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kisenth · a day ago
She can't quite reach the poor girl's shoulder, but she at least wants to give her pats on the back in hopes of calming her down.
Tumblr media
" . . . Try not to die, okay? Uhm, yeah. Just - don't do that." In turn, she pats the gym leader's shoulder. Doppelgangers are no joke okay.
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epicspheal · a day ago
I’ve talked a little bit about “Raihan is actual royalty” on this blog a long time ago but I’ve since been into a whole modern Royal AU of Galar. Besides Raihan two people who I think would also be good candidates for active Galarian Royalty? Melony and Gordie. I just get royal vibes from them and it would add a lot the whole rift between them. Like if their family was the noble family of Circhester and had a centuries long tradition of training ice types, Gordie’s decision to train Rocks would easily cause such a big rift and divide the entire town.
Avery is also another candidate. His outfit has some nods to the aristocracy and I always kind of imagine that families with powers (be it psychic powers, ghost/spiritual awareness, aura guardians, people connected to dragons) would likely be royalty or just part of the elite in various regions. 
Of course that line of thinking would implicate Opal too, and I have her as like the final like active known Royal. With her fairy magic and inheriting the Ballonlea gym from her mom I could see that being the case. She gives off an old royal vibe that just doesn’t like the politics of the nobility and just does her own thing. And the best “F*** you” to the nobility, taking some random orphan Bede and declaring him her heir!
And then Hop, Leon, Piers and Marnie I all see as being people who royal heritage from way back when. Like their great-great-great grandmother was from an old royal house who was married off. So like they don’t get much benefit from it other than if say in a royal KBDN or KBNZ pairing, Leon or Piers’ royal blood helps to quiet the naysayers who think Raihan shouldn’t be marrying a commoner.
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vulnonapix1234 · a day ago
Gloria: Hop will give us a sign if we can get out and finally find Leon!
Piers: A sign? Like throwing a stone or-
explosion goes up in the distance
Piers: -that.
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
If you three were stranded on a island, who would be the most likely to survive? If there could be only one to survive that is.
All three of us are pretty well versed in living outdoors. Everyone who went through the gym challenge is. But I think it would come down pretty close with Raihan and I.
yea. I aint so suited to that
I go camping a lot still but Lee's got a lot of survival skills that I don't. It would definitely be close
That said though, I would certainly help the both of you!
Same here! I can't go letting my friends die! Especially when Piers is the one who knows how to cook!
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champion-prism · a day ago
Leon's the sorta guy who'd crawl through mud all day looking for a shiny variant of your favourite Pokemon.
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champion-prism · a day ago
All nighters with Leon.
You've got so much work to do in the last couple of weeks of the semester, rushing through lecture notes and working on papers and projects and occassionally crying. Leon just grabs a soft blanket and settles by wherever your workspace is. He snoozes a bit, his presence comforting as you try to solve a tricky problem set. He'll wake up from time to time to give you a sleepy kiss before settling back down, sometimes getting up to get you both a small snack or a cup of tea/coffee/cocoa/peach water, whatever it is you prefer. He'll come back to see you wrapped in his cape while you stare at your laptop screen, cramming as much information as you possibly can. By the end of your all night study session, Leon is fast asleep, so you cuddle up next to him and press a kiss to his jaw and fall asleep with him.
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askgalartop3 · 2 days ago
Leon isn't it weird having your brother work for your future wife? 🤨
...Seriously? Just because I think Sonia's pretty and she's my friend doesn't mean I'm going to marry her. I said there's nothing between us, and I meant it.
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askgalartop3 · 2 days ago
If you all had the chance to raise a Pokemon that's not allowed in Galar, who would it be??
Uh Lee? Would you do the honors? I think this needs a note of professionalism
What Raihan wants me to say is that there is no pokemon that's "not allowed in Galar". There are ones we don't allow use of during the gym challenge, but any pokemon is welcome to be owned and brought here.
With that said, I think a pigeot would be interesting to train. I hear they can be mean if not raised right. Reminds me of Charizard!
Thanks Lee. This is a hard one for me to answer. Every dragon that I can think of can be found somewhere in Galar. Except for the legendaries, and I know I'm not catching any of those anytime soon. So... How about a castform? 🤣 Something silly and cute just to have around the gym!
the only pokemon I know of that would be interesting is Meloetta. Id like to sing a duet with one
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samsonet · 2 days ago
Champion Strategies, chapter 4
[read the entire fic here!]
The next morning Leon teaches his brother to shave. Hop gets a kick out of it, laughing at how silly they look with their faces covered in shaving cream. He shaves his lower legs, too, even though Leon tells him he doesn’t need to.
“I just wanna make sure I’m doing it right, that’s all.” He runs his hand on his shin. “Wow. It’s so smooth!”
His good mood seems to be strong, because he doesn’t complain a bit when Leon has to take a call about the Battle Tower. Al Rent’s rain team is having some trouble, and he wants to give them a vacation. He’s got a sandstorm-based team ready to substitute, if that’s alright.
“Of course. You should give all the teams a vacation; they deserve it. No need to worry about substitutes.” That is what the owners of other regions’ battle facilities would say, right? “Ah, I’m sorry, I just got a message.”
Al cheerfully thanks him and hangs up.
The message, it turns out, is not related to work. It’s from Raihan.
[Raihan:] How’s the little guy doing?
[Leon:] He’s good. Seemed moody yesterday but he’s fine today
[Raihan:] Glad 2 hear it. Im gonna be in wyndon today, can I come over at 3?
[Leon:] Sure
When Leon enters the living room, he finds Hop giggling over his phone.
“What are you looking at, buddy?”
Dutifully, Hop hands over his phone.
It’s a video of Gloria. She’s standing in front of a mirror, holding her Eevee in one hand and the phone in the other. She’s making silly faces, which Eevee copies as best as it can.
“Oh. This is her TikTok?” Of course Gloria would be making videos for it. She’s at that age where a lot of her peers are on the site; being there is a way of keeping up with kids her age even when champion duties keep her busy.
Leon pulls up the app on his phone. He’d made his own account about a month ago, looked at some cute Yamper videos but hadn’t posted anything himself. Now is the perfect time to change that.
“Hey, can you teach me how to make a TikTok video?”
Hop looks up in surprise. “You have an account? What’s your username?”
“Leon-dot-Wyndon.” He would’ve chosen @ChampionLeon, @Leon1, @CharizardFan1, or even @LeonReyesOfficial, but somehow every one of those has already been taken.
A soft ping announces that @HopReyes189 has followed him.
“Okay, I can show you how to do a dance, and then I’ll record you on your phone and you can post it.”
The dance Hop teaches him is called the “Ribombee.” It has a lot of quick movements, and it takes a few tries for him to remember them all in order.
“Alright, now I’m gonna play the music, and you do the dance when I tell you to.”
The music is cheerful, with a nice beat and lyrics so fast they’re hard to make out. He likes it.
“Okay, now.”
The whole dance takes about twenty seconds. His professional training has taught him to smile and keep eye contact with the camera, but this is a rare non-battle instance where he actually likes what he’s doing.
Hop gives the signal to stop.
“How’d I do?”
“You need to do it again.”
“Huh? Why?”
“Because nobody posts their first take of a meme,” Hop says, matter-of-factly. “You have to do it a few times and pick the best one.”
“I see, I see.”
They record four more takes of the Ribombee. Together they agree that the second take was the best. Hop shows him how to upload, what hashtags to put in the caption, and how to highlight it.
“A lot of people will probably follow you when they realize it’s really your account. It’s like Chattr but there are a lot of teenagers, so don’t feel too bad if they make fun of you. Later I can teach you about sea shanties.”
“Sounds good. Wait. You’ll teach me about what?”
At three, Raihan arrives. He’s got that cat’s-mouth expression Leon knows so well, and he’s holding something behind his back. Rotom floats beside him, camera aimed at Hop.
“What are you hiding?”
Raihan slaps his left hand to his chest, a movement of mock insult. “I’ll have you know that I am hiding nothing... well, okay, I do have some amazing news, but I was trying to build up to it. You know?”
“Oh, really.” He leads him to the couch in the living room, remains standing even as Raihan makes himself comfortable, quickly hiding the mysterious object in the pocket of his hoodie. “Let me guess. Some magazine wants us on the cover again?”
“Ah-ah-ah! This good news isn’t for either of us. It’s for your little bro.”
With one long motion, he pulls out the object. It’s a large envelope, printed with rust red and dark blue. Hammerlocke University colors.
Hop takes the envelope with wide eyes. He looks at the addresses, then tears it open and pulls out the papers.
“Is this…” A gasp. “I got accepted!”
Raihan says, “He applied to Hammerlocke. Hammerlocke asked me if the kid who applied was the same one who battled my gym. They were definitely impressed.”
Leon is still processing it. “You applied there? When? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“A-a few months ago. I was only going to tell you if I got in. I thought you didn’t like Hammerlocke University, you know, because of…”
Raihan and Leon glance at each other. They laugh.
“No, it’s a great school. Of course I’m worried about you being on your own, but… I know you’ll be fine. You survived the gym challenge, didn’t you?” He rubs his knuckles on the top of Hop’s head. “Good job, Hopscotch.”
Raihan leans back. “I won’t lie to you, being Leon’s brother didn’t hurt your chances. But Hammerlocke is putting you on their league team, meaning they think you’re good enough to represent them in front of the whole region.” He preens a little. “I was on their team during undergrad. You’ve got a lot to live up to, little champ!”
“Oh, please.” Leon grins. “When Hop gets there, everyone’ll be be calling him the best Hammerlocke ever had!”
He pats Hop on the back. His brother is grinning widely, face flushed from the excitement.
“And I’ve got another surprise for you.” Raihan goes back to the door, sticks his head out, and calls, “You two! We’re ready!”
In three seconds, Gloria and Sonia are in the flat. They’ve brought bags full of colorful items. Gloria has cupcakes. It looks like the three of them have planned it all out. Leon isn’t mad, though. This is the perfect situation for a small surprise party.
Hop greets his friend with an expression of pure joy on his face. It’s wonderful to watch. Leon stands with the other adults as the kids talk about what this means.
“How long have you been planning this?” he asks in a low voice.
“Raihan got the news yesterday morning. We came today because Gloria got some free time.” Sonia puts her hand on her cheek. Her fingernails have been painted rust red and dark blue. “We figured telling him here would make the whole thing more exciting.”
“Thank you, both of you. For today, but also for everything you’ve done for him. I… I’m so glad he has you two to look out for him.”
Raihan gives him the soft, friendly smile that he never shows online. “Hey. He’s got the best big brother in the world, too.”
The celebration lasts for a few hours, with the five of them talking and laughing. Eventually Gloria yawns, and Sonia takes the opportunity to say goodbye and take her home. Raihan follows with one last “congratulations” to Hop.
Then they are alone.
Leon looks at Hop, and his chest hurts from just how much he’s feeling. Joy, affection, pride, love — it’s overwhelming. His little brother is so smart. So talented. So amazing. He’s so lucky to have him.
Leon hugs his brother tight.
“I’m so proud of you. I love you so much.”
Hop hugs back. When he pulls away, he’s smiling.
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