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#pokemon headcanons
arsonist-tittyfuck · 2 hours ago
I'm half tempted to either 1. Ship Nuzleaf and Ampharos or 2. Make them exes. Why? Because if we got with number 1, Hero quiet literally gets two dads. If we go with the canon number 2, Hero gets two divorced dads and travels between Serene Village and Lively Town because that was the agreement.
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(baby Lapras anon) - I am currently trying to socialize the little one with other Lapras her age, but it seems she much prefers to socialize with me than her peers. They don't bully her, but I just found that weird and somewhat cute. Still trying to encourage her to socialize with said peers, though
I am not sure what exactly you’re asking me to help you with.
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wambusenjoyer · 6 hours ago
Also I'm thinking about my pokemon AU while I'm laying here trying to sleep.
Btw in the AU the grumps are human and will probably have the same designs as a default human AU I might do.
Snorpy is the professor, in a “shocking” twist so is Floofty but they're a bit more reckless with their research. They also battle a lot more and think that their knowledge gives them the edge over other trainers. Snorpy tries to help trainers, especially new ones. Floofty is going for the champion spot with their ruthless and calculated battle style. 
I'm trying to decide who the champion would be but it's hard to say. Lizbert if the obvious choice but I don't think she'd settle down just for being a champion. She probably travels and just enjoys doing that with Eggabell and their pokemon.
Eggabell us a pokemon vet (doctor?). She's not much of a battler but she enjoys pokemon as companions. She will double battle with Lizbert for fun pretty often, though.
Beffica is a pokemon photographer. She's a tough trainer. Very smart and witty but really doesn't have as much of a passion for it.
Cromdo is a scammer, constantly seen at the game corners. He probably owns one too. He uses his pokemon to intimate because he's a balding middle aged man.
Shelda is an old soul who writes books about pokemon, specifically herbal remedies for them and about their eating habits. She sells herbs that heal sick and injured pokemon out of her home.
Gramble is an aspiring pokemon breeder. But he's very scared of letting his pokemon battle. He hates seeing them hurt. So he focuses very hard in the companionship aspects of pokemon. He's even training service pokemon for disabled people.
Chandlo is a gym leader. He's well respected in his town. He also helps at a construction place with lots a fighting types. He often does hand to hand training with his pokemon. It's made him very physically strong.
Wiggle is a contest star! She takes pride in her pokemon's cute appearance and wonderful voices. She's been in the contest scene for a long time but us only coming up recently due to winning a master rank contest with her partner pokemon.
Triffany is an archiologist who spends her time in ruins and dirt. Studying places like the spear pillar and meteor falls, trying to figure out what connects humans and pokemon together historically. This has also led to her being obsessed with ghost pokemon and their relationship with human death, which she studies.
Filbo is a gym leader flunky. He tried his hardest to make it to the tip but he couldn't do it. He's kind of I'm a slump but he always will get back up and try again. He sees Lizbert as his rival. And wants to be as strong of a trainer as her.
Wambus is a farmer. He had plenty of wooloo, mareep, tauros, miltank and torchic etc. His main crops are berries but he also has an apricorn tree. He's good at making pokeballs, like Kurt. Wambus has a pretty rough and brawly style to his battling. He' more passionate about battling than he lets on....
Idk how the journalist fits into this. Any ideas, lmk!
Also, everyone's first/partner pokemon, usually their ace and strongest too:
Lizbert- Nidoqueen
Eggabell- Togekiss
Filbo- Slowbro
Beffica- Granbull
Cromdo- Diggersby
Wiggle- Primarina
Gramble- Leavanny
Snorpy- Orbeetle
Chandlo- Machamp
Floofty- Hatterene
Also here’s a poll to help me pick who the champion should be in this AU! 
I narrowed it down to 4 characters because not everyone in this AU is necessarily a battler/wants to be champion.
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my-makeshift-masquerade · 11 hours ago
New Pokémon Snap Headcanon
The reason so many mythicals are in the Lental region is because there are so few humans in the region that the legendary pokémon see it as a vacation spot. The humans that are there seem to do nothing but follow them around and throw them fruit anyway, so that’s an added bonus.
Tumblr media
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wednesdaytheassasin · 13 hours ago
Grass Starters
It is very common for schools, preschools, and daycares to have grass Pokémon as helpers in the classroom. (Most) grass Pokémon are very nurturing and calm, and make great friends for younger children. Bulbasaur and Chikorita in particular are favourited world-wide as childcare assistants.
Tumblr media
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Some Pokémon training headcanons:
Pokémon battling as a competitive sport is overseen by the Interregional Pokémon League Association, or IPLA. In order to join the IPLA, a region must have a minimum 8-gym-long gym circuit, and a champion. The rules on how a region may choose its champion are not dictated by the IPLA, and can vary from region to region. 
Regions who do not meet the specified criteria may join as observers rather than full-fledged members. This would allow them to broadcast any IPLA tournaments, but not allow participation unless in the event of some kind of special circumstance. 
(Known) Member states: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Galar
(Known) Observer states: Alola, Orre, Ferrum, Orange Islands, Pasio
(Known) Non-member states: Fiore, Almia, Oblivia
I am unfamiliar with this region’s canon, therefore I can’t really categorise them: Lental, Holon, Decolore Islands
Alola has been champing at the bit to join, however its membership was denied due to it not having any gyms. 
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mossdeepmedium · 15 hours ago
Because the Corphish line are an invasive species in Hoenn, when they were first brought over the Surskit line was nearly eradicated from the region.
After local authorities stepped in the population has since risen
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How did you take such nice pictures? - Crouton
Amy’s been taking photos since she was a kid, she’s always had a passion for photography. She used to take the family camera and go take pictures of our Pokémon. It was so cute
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igniida · 18 hours ago
I have Poke.mon brain rot again so here’s my HC’s for what pokemon Idia has
Gengar - The first pokemon he got. Gengar was haunting his house when he and Ortho were kids. She loves startling Idia whenever possible but gets really mad whenever others try to scare him. He’s been using Gengar as his partner pokemon since he was young.
Grimmsnarl - The second pokemon he got. Idia met Grimmsnarl when he started his adventure and Grimmsnarl, as an Impidimp at the time, wouldn’t stop following his campsite just to pester Idia. Over time Idia befriended Grimmsnarl before finally catching him. Grimmsnarl is lazy in nature but also mischievous.
Chandelure - A wild pokemon that Idia found in an abandoned house while attempting to hide from some rain. At first Idia was terrified of Chandelure but after discovering she was the only pokemon in the house he caught her so she could join their adventure and be less lonely. She tends to act as the leader of Idia’s pokemon even though she’s not the eldest.
Porygon(Shiny) - Idia met Porygon after his brothers’ death. When he began throwing himself into computer programing rather then pokemon training. He discovered Porygon after trying to 3D print a figurine to put on Ortho’s grave. Since then Porygon has been a helpful part of Idia’s life and even participates in battles with the other pokemon.
Mimikyu - A pokemon who showed up in Idia’s lab one day. He began using robotic parts to build himself a pikachu-esque costume. When Idia found him he, Idia, decided to design an actual robotic body for Mimikyu. Mimikyu quickly fell in love with the body and Idia began creating more robotic bodies for the pokemon. Soon enough they were inseparable. Mimikyu does fight on Idia’s team but becomes very upset when their body is hurt.
Toxtricity(Low Form) - A pokemon that was given to them when she was a baby as a gift for his work. At first Idia wasn’t terribly fond of the pokemon and rather anxious around it. But over time he grew to deeply love her and find her very helpful around his lab. Soon she began fighting on his team with him and the rest of their team.
Rotom - Idia’s Rotom doesn’t fight on his team but is a lab pokemon. They help a lot when Idia is testing new mechanics or looking for problems in machines. They have a tendency to be the most troublesome however, often using their powers to prank Idia before actually offering help. Idia says he’s used to it but Rotom always finds new ways to surprise him.
Houndoom - A pokemon gifted to Idia by an old care taker. Houndoom doesn’t fight on Idia’s team but rather acts as a therapy pokemon for him. Houndoom tends to keep Idia on a strict schedule reminding him when to eat, when to sleep and when to stop working. He works to calm Idia down when Idia is having a panic attack and walks along side Idia whenever Idia goes out so Idia always feels protected.
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theprxfessorpair · 18 hours ago
Yo professors! Hi again, I had a rather big incident at my organization that resulted me being hospitalized for a while. I noticed that my therapy Mr. Mime, Buttercup, was rubbing his hands on my injuries. It's very soothing and put me in a happy mood, but it got me thinking. Do Mr. Mimes normally do this to their trainers, or just the ones who are therapy Pokémon?
Professor Hemlock: "Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that. It's good that you had your Pokémon to help you during that time. But to answer your question, to out knowledge, that's not a thing that Mr. Mime typically do. Though they probably could and just need to be raised and trained to do so, like other therapy Pokémon. So, yes, I suppose just the ones who are therapy Pokémon.
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phoenix-manga · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Legendary/Mythical Pokemon: 
Phoebe only has a few of these powerful and rare Pokemon, they are certainly difficult to catch and even difficult to battle with. A legendary can be caught but can never be tamed. 
Tumblr media
Moves: Rock Polish, Moonblast, Diamond Storm, Power Gem
Diancie was being hunted for its ability  to create diamonds. Poachers wanted to get their hands on it and force it to create gemstones for them. A mysterious trainer caught Diancie but they never used it in battle, they go to different regions and find the trainer who is compassionate and strong to look after Diancie.
This was how they managed to keep the poachers away from the Pokemon. Diancie trusts Phoebe to take care of it’s well-being and would mercilessly attack anyone who caused them harm.
Diancie isn’t used in battle, as Phoebe was told about the situation and promised to never use it. 
Diancie will fight only if it needs to, situations like that are rare and so it often is kept in a pokéball. 
Tumblr media
Moves: Thunderous Kick, Bulk Up, Drill Peck, Close Combat
Zapdos was the only Legendary that Phoebe tried to catch, but the darn thing was too fast to even catch up to. And even when Phoebe finally confronted it, it was really strong and she had to use several revives.
Zapdos’ obedience depends on its mood but most of the time it runs off somewhere before coming back a few hours later.
Tumblr media
Moves: Aura Sphere, Zap Cannon, Fleur Cannon, Iron Defense
Magearna was given to Phoebe by an old man, he simply said that the Pokemon filled its purpose in serving him but now he wants to pass it onto someone he thinks should need it. 
Phoebe was given Magearna, it was always there to comfort her when it senses sadness and frustration. Magearna also do this with her Pokemon.
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theprxfessorpair · a day ago
Speaking of Jynx, I have a couple of questions.
1: Being an all female species, how do they reproduce? If they mate, what is the most common pokemon they do so with?
2: When kissing other things, theres always shown to be a kiss mark left. What are their lips composed of exactly, do they actually wear lipstick?
Professor Alder: "Jynx will typically explore outside their territory in search of suitable mates. They'll pair up with mostly Machoke, Lucario, the Hitmon-trio, Medicham, and even Lopunny...I'm sure there's a few more, but I think you get the picture.
As for your other question, their lips are made up of very sensitive skin. Trainers will give them chapped lip balm to keep their lips moist and to prevent cracking. A Jynx will lay that stuff on thick. I've heard that wild Smoochum and Jynx apply a special tree sap for their lips, but I've never personally seen this. I'm sure that some Jynx wear lipstick as well, but this might be up to preference."
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frozen-tear · a day ago
seb pre-ordering the new pokemon snap because he played it growing up and blowing up the groupchat with sam, abigail, and the farmer because he figured out how to make cute edits of his mimikyu pictures♡
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victoryroadburnout · a day ago
do Pokemon still say their names in your au, or is it just general animal noises?
mostly its general animal noises at first glance, though many pokemon have developed complex vocabularies in their own languages. theres some pokemon like pikachu that still make vocalizations that have been adopted as their names, though
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pokemon-breeder-sky · a day ago
Long story short: a Trevenant recently followed me home after one of my expeditions, and I'd really appreciate some pointers. He doesn't seem interested in any of the food I prepare, but he does disappear for long periods of time, so I assume he's feeding himself. He also refuses to come indoors, which I assume is due to him growing up in the wild. Any advice on this matter would be much appreciated!
Trevenant seems fond of you but doesn't seem so comfortable with domestic life quite yet. This isn't unusual at all with new wild pokemon. Many pokemon that grew up in the wild have no idea what it means to live with people.
Trevenant clearly knows how to take care of itself and their species can photosynthesize so it won't be lacking food. You shouldn't need to worry about its care.
Depending on where you live, Trevenant might be able to stay as an outdoor pokemon. Lots of large pokemon comfortably live outside if they can't or don't want to be indoors. They should be fine as long as they have enough space and don't cause problems in your area.
If you want Trevenant to come inside, then there are a few things you can try. Letting it see you and other pokemon enter your home can show Trevenant that it's allowed to come inside. The species also gets pretty attached to their forest, so getting houseplants and dimming the lights might make it feel more at home.
I sure your new friend will find their place soon! Thanks for the ask!
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The Toxel line smell with their tongues. If you're in a new environment and your Toxel/Toxitricity is just standing there with their tongue out, they're trying to get used to the new environment. Don't interrupt them.
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pokemon-breeder-sky · a day ago
(Pokémon veterinarian anon) Are Lapras herds/pods lead by mainly males or females? I am very curious since I am planning on working at a rescue center
Lapras pods/herds (either term is fine) have a very loose social structure, but older Lapras are generally looked to for their experience. Decisions like when to start migrating or where to look for food are usually made as a group, but the oldest matriarch in a pod often has the most sway.
There are plenty of great Lapras centers around! A few have closed down since their population has rebounded, but many are still going strong. They focus more on rescue and outreach than breeding nowadays.
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hatsudenki · a day ago
Alrighty, OOC this time - lets toss anon out the window, shall we? You're fun. Just plain fun to see on the dash. Clarissa is a riot to experience, and you simply write her in a way that is fun to read. I'm also overjoyed to see you just creating your own corners in the pokemon rpc's worldbuilding, like with the porygon community. At some point i need to just sit down and chatter psychic headcanons with you, but that's of course only for when we both have the brain cells to do so.
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The practice of sprinkling foongus spores into milk to create a natural insect repellent has been traced back to at least the 13th century.
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twsthoodstar · a day ago
Teatime Terror
Thank you to @phoenix-manga for this idea, it’s a bit short but this was so much fun to write! 😂 — 🍬
Gender Neutral! Pokémon! MC
Tumblr media
“Oioioioioi!! It’s coming after me now!”
“AGH! The forks moving!”
“This party’s haunted!”
What a disaster.
Everything was a complete disaster.
The frantic screams of Heartslabyul’s dorm members echoed through the red rose maze, as well as the shattering of tea cups and decorative plates. Delicious smelling pastries that had once been frosted to perfection were now either absentmindedly floating midair or painfully splattered onto the grass.
The clean white cloth was now soaked in milk tea while the dormouse’s teapot was shaking and stuttering as it clumsily zipped across the sky. Whistling a merry tune as it and a teacup chased after the poor students, who were scrambling for shelter behind fallen chairs and ruined rose bushes. With a few familiar faces right in the center of it.
Riddle, absolutely red-in-the-face Riddle, was standing in the middle of the chaos. Soaked in tea with his scepter pointed threateningly at a pair of floating china. “How dare you defy me!” He yelled again, blasting fiery spells at the teacup, which laughed at his aim as it dodged.
“AAAAGH! We’re all gonna die here!” Ace screamed from underneath the table.
“Ace stop shoving me!” Deuce screamed back, elbowing him back into his spot. The two then started fighting with each other, causing even more ruckus from underneath the table.
“Trey-Kun! You ok?!” Meanwhile, Cater was hiding behind a fallen chair as a shield. With his dear friend Trey on the ground right beside him like a fallen soldier. Clumps of frosting and cream from his precious hardly-worked cupcakes smeared all over his face.
Riddle screamed as a piece of cake whizzed by his head and dove behind the chair with Cater’s and Trey. “Whoever is behind this madness I will execute them personally!!” He screeched as Cater frantically smacked Trey’s cheeks together in hopes to wake him up.
Mischievous laughter echoed out as the teapot and teacup swirled around each other gleefully. The atmosphere felt heavy, as if the world were to end right in that moment.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Almost immediately at the sound of your voice, everything stopped. The floating cakes and pastries all crashed down in smushed, crumbled piles. And plates and silverware that were before had been dancing amidst the chaos fell lifeless back on the table.
You were running towards the scene, with a panting Grim in tow, and a pair of red Pokéballs in your hands. And popping out right on cue were a pair of purple faces from the pot and cup. Little purple faces with big yellow grins, happily cooing as they flew up to you.
Everyone slowly peeled out from their hiding places as your friends stared at you with mouths agape. They felt embarrassed for not recognizing it sooner, but even more so for how cowardly they acted.
“THOSE THINGS WERE YOUR PETS THE WHOLE TIME!!!” Ace and Deuce roared as they leaped out at you.
Unfortunately, before they could ask any further, you quietly took your leave. Without another word, back down the path you came without another word.
Let’s just say you didn’t go back to Heartslabyul for a long time.
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