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#pokemon piers
Lol that recent just gave me the thought of Alister turning up in Spikmuth at like 3 am, asking for help.
Yeah, that’s definitely what happened. Allister is usually wandering around looking for ghosts at night, and happened to catch a Sableye. Dark types and ghost types are high maintenance, so trainers really need to know what they’re doing. Allister wants to keep Sabeleye, but wants to make sure it’s healthy, so he immediately goes to Spikemuth. He’s not bothered by the dark moonless streets, and he knows exactly where to find Piers.
He’s lucky Piers is a light sleeper, or he’d never have heard Allister’s knocking at the door. Piers ends up calling Bea and telling her Allister is at his place before setting him up on the couch. Piers gives Sableye some food but otherwise makes Allister wait until morning.
That morning, though, Piers writes out a whole stack of papers on how to take care of dark type pokemon. And tells Allister to come back for some checks just to make sure (he doesn’t want to see a pokemon in harm’s way).
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What would it be like if Nessa went to spikemuth to visit?
There’s a lot of dark alleys and a bad reputation in Spikemuth. Still, Nessa is a brave and strong woman, so she visits whenever she has to without complaint. Piers does escort her around, though, as a courtesy. People don’t visit Spikemuth often, so most visitors get lost anyway.
Piers and Nessa are different but they have a lot of common ground and get along very well. Nessa also loves Marnie and likes to treat her to a shopping day when she’s around.
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beatradical · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Like Mother, Like Son.
Star-kissed his hair may be, the prince still inherits the silken strands of moonlight that streaks his mother's dark locks.
Happy blessed Mother’s Day~! <3 
My Instagram (fuyu_tjondro) is the most updated account for the Rapierzel AU art pieces.
The same content will be posted here though... Eventually. X’D
Piers © Pokémon Sword & Shield
Rapierzel AU, Queen Junipa (OC), Art by Fuyu
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squidbiscuit · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Alright, I'm done scribblin' for tonight.
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electro-kins · 11 hours ago
hello!! may i get a kin matchup for genshin impact, pokemon, and demon slayer? i’m a INFP with anxiety and ADHD. i’m quite pessimistic and reclusive, mostly avoiding public spaces. i tend to do my own thing most of the time, not really interacting with people much. i get frustrated easily and sometimes i’m just prone to giving up. i’m usually pretty tired but never can sleep at night. i have a lot of interests that i could take about for hours. sometimes i can unintentionally come off as mean, or look aggravated. when making friends, it’s usually hard for me to put myself out there. when i do end up making friends i can be reclusive at first, but eventually open up. i often want to live up to the expectations of people but fear i’m letting them down. i like listening to music and daydreaming a lot, i also like to paint + draw. sorry if i did this wrong, and thanks in advance!
you kin...
Tumblr media
you kin... ALL THE FLUFFY LONGED HAIRED PONY TAIL GUYS!! they're all pessimistic, reclusive and tend to do their own thing :} despite being this way they could talk about their interests for a while with certain people!! you sound like a great person, thanks sm for the request <33 i hope you're happy with the results!!
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askgalartop3 · 15 hours ago
What is your receiving love language and giving love language?
Oh! Oh! Do you mind if we guess each other's and say if it's right or not!? Well, we're gonna do that anyway! 😁
I'm gonna start with Lee because his are easy. Both giving and receiving are physical touch! 😘 He's a hugger. Right Piers?
sounds bout right me
I'd never really thought about it... But I guess that's right. Hugs are great!
Piers... I'm guessing quality time with a dash of physical touch for giving... And quality time for receiving?
Also words of affirmation for receiving.
mmm... that...sounds right I guess. Rai yours is words for receiving
No question there. But giving? I'm not so sure. You flirt a lot, but I don't think that makes it also words. I couldn't guess beyond that.
Really? You two don't know? 🥺 I'm hurt! It is words, mixed with acts of service! I'm a people pleaser! I flirt because its easy and it makes people happy!
Yes! 😭
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wiillyamm · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm inclined to believe the only reason my last post got low notes is because I captioned it "MY BALLS ITCH" instead of the fact that im Bad at Drawing
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Strangest place you have ever made out with somebody? 🙈
Hm... An empty conference room in Battle Tower, back when it was Rose Tower.
Dang! 😉 I am learning so much about you through this blog! For me it's gotta be my neighbor's backyard pool when they were on vacation 🤣
And you said the most illegal thing you'd done was accidental property damage!
To be fair, I had permission to be in their pool 😘 I was housesitting. What about you Piers?
I havent
But you're not a virgin...right?
Ive had sex. doesnt mean Ive sucked face in a weird place
I never thought the day would come when Piers is more innocent about something than Lee...
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Piers yes or no, did you sleep with the plush last night?
i will neither confirm or deny anything
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
If you all had the chance to meet someone, who would it be??
Lance! 😁 He's one of the most well known and beloved dragon trainers to ever exist!
Wow, that was fast of you. Honestly, I've always wanted to meet any of the other champions. Lance included, I suppose. I'd love to have a battle with them.
never really thought about it... maybe Roxie? she seems cool
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Top three fav kinks?
Nope. I am not answering this one.
You realize every time you say that I'm going to needle you for answers later, right?
I am aware. Doesn't mean I'm going to tell people something they don't need to know about me. That includes you.
Hm... So you're telling me that if I said I liked biting people, pulling on long hair, and being praised, that you wouldn't tell me anything in return? 😉
No. I would not.
You're blushing~ 😘
I am not. Besides, I don't even know if anything you just said is even true!
Only one way to find out~ 😘
You are terrible...
you two done?
I am.
Depends. You got something to share?
Kinky! (Lee you're blushing again btw.) (I AM NOT!) I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. Now are you the one tied up or doing the tying?
wouldnt you like to know?
I would like to know. 😉 Does that mean you'll show me?
Ugh, lame!! Both of you are lame!
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piers-supremacy · a day ago
I'm a theatre nerd and had more piers role ideas
Connor Murphy in dear evan hansen
Professor Hidgens in TGWDLM
The squip in be more chill
Tumblr media
All of this 😙👌
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Ayyyy, so Leon and Sonia aren't a thing, but do any of you boys like somebody? 👀
I might. 😉 But I'll never tell
There's...a few people. But I'm, not interested in anything serious right this moment.
Shit, no way? Tell me who!!
Nice! Piers what about you?
Really!?!? 😳 Why don't you two tell me these things!?
you never asked
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Welcome to the blog
Hello, I’m Ness and I’m the mod of this blog. My pronouns are she/they and my account is @lul4b0n . 
A few things I’ll get out before you start with an ask
I refer to Piers as He/They and believe he’s a demiromantic pansexual, this is my personal hc
A few characters from the game might appear once in a while, but this blog is focused on Piers.
I might include art on some of my posts, the art isn’t mine unless I state so and I’ll try my best to give credit.
I might write some small drabbles and headcanons every once in a while
If you want to send an ask that has adult content mentioned (nsfw and all that jazz) make sure you mark it with a CW or TW at the top before sending
While you can send nsfw asks, do not send nsfw relating to the minors in  the game.
You can swear - in fact, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t allow ir considering Piers and i swear like sailors
Hot takes are always welcome - as long as it comes from a place of inclusivity
🚫 NO TOXICITY 🚫 I don't want to deal with asks that attack marginalized groups
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Now Piers, if the island situation was different and you had to survive for Marnies sake, would that heighten the odds for you?
Marnie can take care of herself for the most part. but Id still do everything I can for her. I think itd only give me better odds cause wed be working as a team
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