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#pokemon raihan
champion-prism · 8 hours ago
Warning: NSFW
Pls comfort fuck raihan everytime he loses. Shower his cock with love and attention. Go down on him real slow, kissing down his abs, kitten licking his length, softly sucking at his balls till he begs. Make him feel really pretty and wanted, okay?
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kisenth · 9 hours ago
tfw partnering up with Raihan just means that ur more likely to die at HIS hands than the enemy due to earth quake / sandstorm, and he's still all =D
r "Anyone facing off against the great Raihan and Kira is done for!" k //BLANK STARE. r "And no need to worry - I'm recording the whole thing with my rotom phone to post later." k "What's the title? 'How I Murdered My Partner'? 'Defeating The Champion At My Side'?" r "Real funy. Oh, speaking of which... Try to smile a bit more in the next match, would you?" k "I will if you stop killing my team."
Followed by the ever so comforting-
r "I might change the weather, Kira! Don't hate me if I do!" =D k "I know where you live." ^.^
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askgalartop3 · 14 hours ago
What is your receiving love language and giving love language?
Oh! Oh! Do you mind if we guess each other's and say if it's right or not!? Well, we're gonna do that anyway! 😁
I'm gonna start with Lee because his are easy. Both giving and receiving are physical touch! 😘 He's a hugger. Right Piers?
sounds bout right me
I'd never really thought about it... But I guess that's right. Hugs are great!
Piers... I'm guessing quality time with a dash of physical touch for giving... And quality time for receiving?
Also words of affirmation for receiving.
mmm... that...sounds right I guess. Rai yours is words for receiving
No question there. But giving? I'm not so sure. You flirt a lot, but I don't think that makes it also words. I couldn't guess beyond that.
Really? You two don't know? 🥺 I'm hurt! It is words, mixed with acts of service! I'm a people pleaser! I flirt because its easy and it makes people happy!
Yes! 😭
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simakai · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All my hoodies are BACCCCCKK! Including the popular models like X!Sans,UF!Sans and Megalovania, Raihan and Gladion from Pokemon, the White Mage from FF, and a few more! I’m finally recovered enough to work fur or huge appliqué designs. Honestly thanks to everybody for their support and understanding through my recovery. I really hope I can get to work a lot on your fun projects soon! :D
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Strangest place you have ever made out with somebody? 🙈
Hm... An empty conference room in Battle Tower, back when it was Rose Tower.
Dang! 😉 I am learning so much about you through this blog! For me it's gotta be my neighbor's backyard pool when they were on vacation 🤣
And you said the most illegal thing you'd done was accidental property damage!
To be fair, I had permission to be in their pool 😘 I was housesitting. What about you Piers?
I havent
But you're not a virgin...right?
Ive had sex. doesnt mean Ive sucked face in a weird place
I never thought the day would come when Piers is more innocent about something than Lee...
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Piers yes or no, did you sleep with the plush last night?
i will neither confirm or deny anything
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
If you all had the chance to meet someone, who would it be??
Lance! 😁 He's one of the most well known and beloved dragon trainers to ever exist!
Wow, that was fast of you. Honestly, I've always wanted to meet any of the other champions. Lance included, I suppose. I'd love to have a battle with them.
never really thought about it... maybe Roxie? she seems cool
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Top three fav kinks?
Nope. I am not answering this one.
You realize every time you say that I'm going to needle you for answers later, right?
I am aware. Doesn't mean I'm going to tell people something they don't need to know about me. That includes you.
Hm... So you're telling me that if I said I liked biting people, pulling on long hair, and being praised, that you wouldn't tell me anything in return? 😉
No. I would not.
You're blushing~ 😘
I am not. Besides, I don't even know if anything you just said is even true!
Only one way to find out~ 😘
You are terrible...
you two done?
I am.
Depends. You got something to share?
Kinky! (Lee you're blushing again btw.) (I AM NOT!) I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. Now are you the one tied up or doing the tying?
wouldnt you like to know?
I would like to know. 😉 Does that mean you'll show me?
Ugh, lame!! Both of you are lame!
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sleepy-lunar · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dummies about to spit bars. (+ Height comparison)
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Ayyyy, so Leon and Sonia aren't a thing, but do any of you boys like somebody? 👀
I might. 😉 But I'll never tell
There's...a few people. But I'm, not interested in anything serious right this moment.
Shit, no way? Tell me who!!
Nice! Piers what about you?
Really!?!? 😳 Why don't you two tell me these things!?
you never asked
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Yandere Raihan headcannons
Tumblr media
Warning: yandere (obviously), Raihan is kind of a manipulative prick, bullying (from yours truly, Raihan...), blackmail.
Reader is gn in this.
When you first met him, he was INTIMIDATING.
Seriously, he’s everything you’re not.
To make things worse, he’s kind of a jackass to you.
You can’t really convince people he is a mean fucker cuz they got rose-tinted glasses on.
He’s a celebrity to them, sooooo... of course they won’t believe you.
Motherfucker degrades you like it’s his job.
Honestly acts like HE’S the one tired of being an ass to you.
“Still sucking at pokemon battles... what a drag.”
“I really don’t wanna ask this... but when are just gonna give up? You’re not even as good as the rest of these low ranking trainers.”
“You’re just abusing your pokemon at this point with all the losses you managed to conjure up.”
Tbh it kinda stings... a lot.
Sure, you won’t become a Champion... but he doesn’t need to do you like that.
Don’t tell Raihan this, but the stuff he says makes you cry when no one is looking...
Oh wait, he knows, he sees everything you do.
How? Stalking.
What? Did you forget that this is a yandere Hc?
Dude actually takes photos of you at your most vulnerable (either in the shower/bath, having a mental breakdown, eating like a pig, etc.)
Blackmails you into quitting Pokémon training.
Secretly, he would never send those photos out. They’re for his eyes and his eyes ALONE.
After your early retirement, you decide to settle on something mundane like working at a flower shop in Postwick.
The pokemon you had, save for your starter/favorite, were given to a pokemon rehabilitation facility for them to be rehabilitated and then released back into the wild.
Honestly, it makes you sad to see them go, but they deserve a better life than being cooped up in a boring, mundane life with you.
The pokemon that remained with you helps out in the flower shop by watering, influencing plant growth, picking up soil bags and carrying, or whatever the pokemon can do.
For a couple months, you haven’t really heard from Raihan.
I mean, how can you come across him? He’s in Hammerlocke. You’re all the way in a small town area.
Well... soon you bump into him.
Almost literally.
You had your head down most of the time since you were focused on not tripping with the bag of soil on you back.
“Oh hey, I almost didn’t see you! You practically blend in with the dirt around.”
Many things are going through your head, one of those being a question of why he was here.
Isn’t he a gym leader???
You ignore him with a grumble and walk around him with your pokemon in tow, making sure the soil doesn’t fall off your back.
“What happened to the rest of your team? Couldn’t ya get them to help you with that? Or are they too weak?”
For some reason, you decide to answer him.
“I took them to rehab to be released.”
The dude for some reason decides to follow you and ask you questions disguised as insults.
“What are you? Some kinda dirt organizer?”
“You look like you gained some weight.“
“What’s wrong? You look like you’re about to cry-“
You stop and turn to him and use your customer service voice.
“I’m sorry sir, but unless you are a customer, you should not be distracting me from my job.”
You’re finally left alone... for a day or two.
Then you get orders placed by the dragon type gym leader.
At first, you simply have them delivered by delivery service, but then your boss has you deliver them to the guy personally since “it was requested by the customer”
Everyday, you are forced to visit him with flowers of different kinds, traveling a couple hours up there and back.
You still don’t understand why he’s out for you... until he asks you out.
The whiplash was intense, it was too much for you.
The only thing you say is “no?” And then leave.
He already payed over phone, so you weren’t leaving without the money.
After that, Raihan downright harasses you.
He doesn’t go to personally mess with you though, he sends his Flygon to deliver letters with no name written on it.
Poor pokemon is confused, a little concerned when you read the letter.
You don’t blame the poor thing, you just give it a poke-puff with a tired grin before it flies off, leaving you emotionally drained.
And then Raihan blackmails you. Again.
Same photos, too.
‘Why did he even keep those!?’ You would think.
Since you didn’t want people to see you at your most vulnerable, you accept his request to go out.
When you accept, he becomes a completely new person.
He’s suddenly acting all soft and warm towards you.
Extra cuddly, definitely not the dickhead you’ve known.
Gone are the harsh jabs at your secret flaws.
He will still tease you, but only for small things like almost tripping over your own feet or doing things he considers cute.
He will make it public that you two are dating, further chaining you to the prick.
Lots of kisses... lots of them...
Raihan will have an arm resting over your shoulders, even when he’s in the middle of talking to someone
He’s a big show off, no surprise there.
Spoils the fuck outta you, like- he gets stuff you didn’t even know existed and certainly didn’t need.
The relationship is surprisingly normal and a bit cheesy.
If you can ignore the fact that he blackmailed you...
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vulnonapix1234 · a day ago
Piers: I have like... A ton of followers
Raihan: on what app?
Piers: App? I am the leader of a cult.
Raihan: can I join?
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xmoonlitxdreamx · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
????????????????? inspired by me truly struggling to wake up yesterday
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
If you three were stranded on a island, who would be the most likely to survive? If there could be only one to survive that is.
All three of us are pretty well versed in living outdoors. Everyone who went through the gym challenge is. But I think it would come down pretty close with Raihan and I.
yea. I aint so suited to that
I go camping a lot still but Lee's got a lot of survival skills that I don't. It would definitely be close
That said though, I would certainly help the both of you!
Same here! I can't go letting my friends die! Especially when Piers is the one who knows how to cook!
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yandere-scenarios · 2 days ago
Raihan Pokémon hcs?
Tw: Possessiveness, isolation
Tumblr media
Raihan is possessive as hell, to start
Sure he'll post about you constantly and he'll always want to take selfies with you
For him this shows to the entirety of Galar that you are his, end of discussion
If he's asked about it, he'll insist the two of you are together and nothing is going to ruin this narrative for him
Even if that means he has to keep you locked up with his dragons helping to keep you hidden from the world
With this in mind, escape is out of the question
At least one member of his team will stop you from getting far
Then Raihan will question why you tried to escape
Was he not showing you enough affection?
Was he away too often?
How can he make you want to stay?
He'll keep what you tell him in mind so he can ensure you don't leave
Not that you could anyway
Not with his dragons helping to keep you safe and sound with him
Hope this was okay
- Mod Omen
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askgalartop3 · 2 days ago
Leon isn't it weird having your brother work for your future wife? 🤨
...Seriously? Just because I think Sonia's pretty and she's my friend doesn't mean I'm going to marry her. I said there's nothing between us, and I meant it.
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askgalartop3 · 2 days ago
If you all had the chance to raise a Pokemon that's not allowed in Galar, who would it be??
Uh Lee? Would you do the honors? I think this needs a note of professionalism
What Raihan wants me to say is that there is no pokemon that's "not allowed in Galar". There are ones we don't allow use of during the gym challenge, but any pokemon is welcome to be owned and brought here.
With that said, I think a pigeot would be interesting to train. I hear they can be mean if not raised right. Reminds me of Charizard!
Thanks Lee. This is a hard one for me to answer. Every dragon that I can think of can be found somewhere in Galar. Except for the legendaries, and I know I'm not catching any of those anytime soon. So... How about a castform? 🤣 Something silly and cute just to have around the gym!
the only pokemon I know of that would be interesting is Meloetta. Id like to sing a duet with one
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askgalartop3 · 2 days ago
What’s the weirdest interaction you’ve all had with a fan?
Weirdest? Probably that one guy who actually proposed to me, in person, in the middle of the road. He had a ring and everything. I'd never met him before, and you can bet I scoured the internet for prank videos with me in them after. I didn't find one 😬
I've had a few women try to stalk me. One even went so far as to pretend to be a gym leader from another region to try and talk to me online.
most weird fans cant get near me thanks to Team Yell but I had a couple folks try to rush the stage at the end of concerts
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