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infjpiper · a day ago
Tumblr media
silver and ethan have matching poses im crying
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bad-blood-animal · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My second commission from Syerii has arrived, and I think I’m in love! They’re married! Here’s a bonus sketch.
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canalaveblog · 2 days ago
Not my fanfiction but a friend wrote this really soft PreciousMetalShipping fic:
It’s really cute
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professor-blue-oak · 3 days ago
Video Story: Car Sale
Blue: [recording a door]
Ethan: [Dressed in an inflatable wacky sales car tube man] [Starts banging the door] “Sir! SIR! Excuse me! Excuse me sir!! Are you looking to buy a new car!”
Ethan: [Trying to open the door] “We’ve got an amazing deals on a Ram truck!”
Someone could be heard suddenly cracking up in the background. It started quiet but picked up just a little in volume
The camera turns to reveal Red in PJs and messy hair. The camera turns back to the door with a quiet “oh shit”
Ethan: [Opening the door] “There! You sir! Might aye inte-rest ya in a Dodge Ram Jeep 4-wheel drive truck!” [wiggling like a wacky inflatable tube man]
Red wheezes in a fit of laughter and starts coughing. Ethan seemed to be struggling to keep a straight face as he flailed his arms around like a wacky inflatable tube man. The champion starts laughing when a red-head with hair down to their back, entered the room
Blue zooms in on Silver’s tired face, the camera shaking as the professor tried to stop himself from laughing.
Silver: [sleepily staring] [He turns around with a lazy wave of his hand and could be heard going up some steps]
Guess who had a movie night sleepover since Ethan was feeling a bit stressed from all the interviews
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hzlcyonn · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
dw guys silver has two hands <333
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hzlcyonn · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Gold slander is strong in this acc
Tumblr media
notice the difference?
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professor-blue-oak · 8 days ago
Aggressive high-five? Terrible idea especially if you forget to remove your wedding and engagement ring
Totally didn’t do that with Ethan... nope! Not at all.
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idenisade · 9 days ago
Mini pokemon comic ^^
That's how I see Johto gang. I love all the protagonists and rivals (except XY when it comes to rivals) and I wanted to make a mini comic that came to my mind. If this post goes well, I can do it with other protagonists and rivals from Pokémon ❤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes, I love preciousmetalshipping ❤
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professor-blue-oak · 12 days ago
Are there foods that both Pokémon and Trainers can eat? Or does it depend on the Pokémon?
The food really depends on the Pokémon but nothings actually stopping us from eating Pokémon food aside from poison and steel typing pellets
You can thank Ethan for the information on how not safe poison pellets are. He’s now no longer allowed to take dares according to Sil. Ethan ended up in the hospital by the way for food bad poisoning. That’s the Indigo League Champ for ya
Now as for human food, it once again depends on the pokemon. A trubbish can eat basically anything but what you feed them also affects their smell. But a lot spices can be toxic for most pokemon, mostly the ones categorized as Field
Unless you make the food yourself, I’d say don’t feed your dog restaurant bought food as you don’t know what went into the making of it and some of the unknown things could cause issues like allergies and bad reactions
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hzlcyonn · 13 days ago
Gold, trying to court Silver: i love you, bitch. ain't gonna stop loving you, bitch.
Blue, slow clapping with tears in her eyes: beAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!
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professor-blue-oak · 14 days ago
Any idea when Ethan and Silver's wedding is gonna be???
I’m not going to tell you :p
Sil doesn’t want this being covered by the media but I will tell you it’ll be outside
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professor-blue-oak · 14 days ago
Champion Ethan stopping some poachers with just his shiny Gyrados while caring for an egg
And in Ethan’s words
Ethan: Yeah, so I was like “Tch, cmon man! Alright. I’ll indulge ya crooks but we need to make it quick. I bought Sil his favourite ice cream cake and it’ll start melting.”
So one ones hand on the Chikorita egg while my other hand is reaching for Moon’s pokeball. I call Moon and instruct him to use Stone Edge on whatever wacky machine they were using and they were absolutely terrified! Some sleeping Aron were rudely awoken but luckily some rangers were already there.
Anyway, long story short, I pummel their asses, free some Pokémon, and make it back home in time for date night before the ice cream cake could melt!
His full name is Blood Moon
Tumblr media
Yeah, grown Ethan buffed up also but just slightly
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