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#pokémon headcanon
fandomstars · 10 minutes ago
I got no idea what to write....does anyone even read my posts?
So headcanons/oneshots...any requests?
Just fill out the form and your good to go!
Spirk, Pokemon, etc.
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inthcgartcn · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Takumi is a former coordinator that lost confidence in his skills as a coordinator. Technically he is on “hiatus”, and has taken interest as a Pokemon Daycare worker. Several Pokemon that had to be dropped off at his location were reluctant to leave due to his care which makes things kinda... messy some days.
His team is as follows: Arcanine, Alolan Ninetails, Sawsbuck, Mareep, and Goomy.
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pokehaviors · 26 minutes ago
Hey there, welcome back! What is the largest and the smallest sizes recorded for Lapras? Thanks in advance!
As I’m sure you know, the average height and weight for a normal Lapras is around 8 feet and 480 pounds. This is the general and what is considered normal for a healthy Lapras, both in the wild and in captivity, although they rarely get larger in the wild.
Every species has outliers, though, and Lapras is no exception! The smallest Lapras on record was Beanie, a Lapras hatched in captivity in Kalos’ Ambrette Aquarium. She was hatched with a rare form of dwarfism, and before her death, she was recorded at around 3′6″ tall and 197 pounds. Unfortunately, due to her condition she passed away very young, at only around twelve years old- significantly shorter than the usual Lapras’ lifespan, which can range from a hundred to even three hundred years!
As for the largest, there are lots of myths and legends of enormous Lapras from all over the place, but the largest recorded one was Leviathan, a wild bull male and leader of a pod that primarily cycled around Alola and Hoenn. Part of his pod was captured for documentation of wild Lapras and their health a few decades ago, and he was recorded at being a whopping 12′4″ tall and a little under 1000 pounds. He was tagged and released, but the tag unfortunately was damaged and fell off not long after, and he hasn’t been seen since. It’s still very possible that he’s out there, though!
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pokehaviors · 43 minutes ago
I was on vacation and came across an abra that (long story) ended up following me home. I haven't really dealt with psychic pokemon before and I'm not sure how it would interact with my poochyena and cyndaquil. They're very playful and this abra is definitely more on the shy side despite its inquisitiveness. Any tips?
Abra is historically a very shy and reserved Pokémon, so you should feel very honored that this one took such a shine to you! As always, my advice on socialization is always to take it slowly and carefully. Introduce your new friend to your other Pokémon one at a time, in an area they all feel comfortable in, and make sure to keep a careful eye on them to pull back if things get too intense.
Thankfully, Abra is considered a starter-level Psychic-type, ideal for Trainers new to the type, so you shouldn’t have much of a struggle with them! Keep in mind that they sleep from 16 to 18 hours a day, and good advice on getting them used to you is letting them sleep on your dirty laundry, to get familiar with you even as they sleep. They can be bathed with a damp washcloth and normally eat a standard kibble and Berry pate. 
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professor-blue-oak · 5 hours ago
Ōkido-hakase, since I'm in Ecruteak City right now, should I try battling Morty or return to Mahogany Town, where I was training to battle the new Ice Gym Leader? What do you think? - Jun @goldenmareep
I mean, you’re there so you may as well try it out. Just be careful. He’s laid back most times but he’s a huge stickler for traditions and proper etiquette. He gave Ethan a slap on the wrist for not bowing at the right angle.
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mossdeepmedium · 6 hours ago
The Dragalge line mostly eat rotten seaweed in the wild, so it came as no surprised when domesticated the line loved rotten or discarded food
Like many other poison types, the gastric acids in their stomach dissolve any hazardous materials, making them unstoppable eating machines
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Hey, i heard that if you own any memebr of the honedge line, and they trust you enough, you can wield them like actual weapons.
I recently got the chance to own an aegislash myself. Anyadvice for aegislash care and wielding an aegislash in self defense.
Given that Aegislash is 5’7”/1.7 m tall/long and weighs 117 lbs/53 kg (going by Pokédex numbers), wielding it like a sword might be tricky unless you’re pretty strong, so this’ll be for the line as a whole.
First off, all members of the Honedge lines can drain energy and influence someone’s thoughts while being touched. Do not try prolonged holding with a Pokémon you do not trust with your safety. If you start feeling exhausted, become severely unfocused, have missing time, and/or have intrusive thoughts, stop doing this immediately. You should tell someone else you trust that you’re doing this, so if you start feeling ill or acting strange but aren’t able to get yourself out of this situation, they’ll know to help you.
Care-wise, Honedge, Doublade, and Aegislash all like to have their blades polished with a cloth and non-caustic oils. Scratches or chips to the blade will heal over time or while treated at the Pokémon Center, but heavier damage will require reconstructive surgery. While these Pokémon may touch with their ‘scarf’ or even wrap it around their trainer’s arm while being held, yanking on it will upset them.
As for wielding these Pokémon defensively: Honedge and Doublade are able to take a hit and can perry blows, though that’ll take a lot of practice to get that coordinated. Doublade’s double blades gives it twice the space to block with. Aegislash’s Shield Form gives it even higher defense and more area to block with, but again, its size makes it very difficult to pick up.
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sleepy12ftpanda · 6 hours ago
What if the humans of the Pokeverse evolved to be completely herbivorous?
Like, that’s the reason why they can have such deep bonds with animals. They don’t need to prey on them for food.
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mnstcrbnll · 6 hours ago
[ ok but basically kyogre doesn’t even care for most legendary pokèmon he likes lugia, he’s ok with the tapus and has a unhealthy mix of fear and respect for rayquaza
Tumblr media
he probably doesnt even know about the creation trio havel cares for his ocean and Thats It ]
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(Morning sick Lapras anon) - That guess that other person made was correct, the female was egg bound. I just felt a bit uncomfortable talking about it because I am a male.
(Followups to this and this)
That’s fine! Again, I’m glad everyone’s okay in the end.
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jadeazora · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, I wasn't able to talk about this yesterday due to hitting the media limit, but what is this guy's arm situation? Like, in his USUM model, he's only got the one showing:
Tumblr media
While in Generations, he has both:
Tumblr media
The last time we saw it in the games, it was all the way back in BW's opening... (I also have to wonder if we'll ever find out how it got damaged like that?)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mythgirlimagines · 10 hours ago
Headcanon #161: Yellow
She’s ambidextrous!
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mogai-headcanons · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mew from Pokemon is an autistic pansexual Pokemon who is best friends and partners-in-crime with Buneary, a demisexual lesbian demigirl!
dni transcript under the cut:
dni: racist, sexist, ableist, islamophobe, antisemite, anti-mogai, truscum/transmed, t(w)erf/swerf, aspec exclus, anti-pan/ply/omni, anti-mspec lesbian/gay, against men/nonbs using femme/butch, pronoun policer, map or supporter, pro-ship/anti-anti, gendercrit, nonbinary skeptic, anti-queer, anti-endogenic, anti-self dx, autism speaks supporter, anti-blm/acab, cringe/flop blog, or nsfw blog. thank you!
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askalinoone · a day ago
smell exactly like computer. funny how that work.
ANYWAY IM A LINOONE and i love to RUN and SPEAK TO POKE and ANNOY HUMAN and FIGHT EVERYONE, i know many knowledge and wanna share!! if poke or if human send ask and i answer best to me ability. thank u c:
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mossdeepmedium · a day ago
Sometimes when Doduo evolve into Dodrio, the prexisting heads reject the newly formed third head
Other times they get along like they’ve always been together
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danni-dollarsign · a day ago
SWSH headcanon - Piers’ REAL Challenge in the Gym Challenge
aight another head canon that nobody asked for but still makes me so SOFT to think about: Piers having to take baby Marnie with him during his gym challenge.
So like, I have a hc that they’ve been on their own since Piers was around 11, so while other kids his age are doing the gym challenge, he’s taking care of his sister with help from other friendly adults that know the pair in Spikemuth. So when he’s 12, he’s gained a pretty big rep as a great pokemon trainer from a nowhere city on social media (not him posting it, but others who record his matches) - so basically he gets a special endorsement to enroll in the challenge.
However, he doesn’t want to leave his sister alone for 3 months, so he decides to just take her with him.
Along the way he makes friends in the challenge, and they help him take care of Marnie (as well as himself). Then there’s the first gym match and he’s ready to go out, but Oleana stops him like “You can’t take a baby on the field.” and Piers panics for a second, worried that he’s going to have to drop out since no-one can watch Marnie for him.
flash cut to Piers wrecking shop in the gym battle while Oleana sighs as she’s holding this cute little baby Marnie in her arms. This happens at every single gym, and though Oleana never admits it, she secretly began to enjoy tending to Marnie and often would try to babysit whenever she ran into Piers during her few moments of free time. 
anyway that’s my head canon rant of the day lolol thanks for reading~
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feathersofvibranium · a day ago
//just woke up from a nightmare and realized that
Sam Wilson does his counseling job so well that he would absolutely have nightmares by proxy
also because the man’s one hell of an empath
Sam Wilson wakes up in the middle of the night drenched in cold sweat can’t go back to sleep goes on 3am jogs*
which those then happen so much -esp after losing riley- that he has turned a negative into a positive because that’s what he does and makes it part of his morning training routine
*3am is when there are less people out so he can refocus but it’s also when it’s... safer (ooh you didn’t think this was gonna be about race? buckle up)
This is the man who’s now [tfatws] also shouldering ALL of the US’s (systematic, political, social, justice, accountability, etc) inequities and problems on his own shoulders by taking up the Captain America shield and mantle (read: by that I mean he’s chosen to be a representative and the voice of and for the people of the US, not that he can or will tackle every issue by himself)
Steve Rogers may be the super soldier who can physically fight all day
Sam Wilson is the regular and relatable human with a heart of gold who will fight for the marginalized communities and the little guys all day, whether or not they accept him because it’s the moral thing to do and because he knows what it’s like
Steve Rogers defies his own physical boundaries by and to always doing the right thing
Sam Wilson defies and will break the unjust external boundaries and shackles so that others can do the right thing as well
if you haven’t realized that Sam Wilson is *exactly* who we need as Cap in the 21st century please pay more attention
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