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hxlyconn · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
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professor-blue-oak · 2 days ago
Someone put my sexuality on my fan-wiki as “Gay”
... I’m Bi
At least they included the pride march
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professor-blue-oak · 2 days ago
Okay now but like, Red is totally understandable. He just doesn’t talk a lot so how the heck are you supposed to interview him. Unless you know Kantonian Sign Language or have a translator on hand, then you’re out of luck
I mean, it ain’t like he’ll do a surprise interview either despite having a service pokemon too.
The amount of wrong information I’ve seen is unsurprising
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professor-blue-oak · 3 days ago
Aggressive high-five? Terrible idea especially if you forget to remove your wedding and engagement ring
Totally didn’t do that with Ethan... nope! Not at all.
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sundaeserenade · 3 days ago
So a few weeks ago I wrote a thread on twitter about wanting to write a reguri soulmate fic where they decide to not be soulmates and make the decision for themselves. like it’s a mutual thing that they both decide on instead of it being this sign from the universe or fate or whatever. basically, they just go against fate.
and i tried writing out that idea and forcing it into the standard path of r/g/y/fr/lg but i ended up not liking that and i didn’t like a few other things that i did. so this was a learning experience! if i ever write this, it’ll have to be an with no canon ties. which is probably better because i can do whatever i want with the world building!
but i wrote 2.3k words... and i’m not going to post this on ao3 bc it’s not finished and it never will be. it’s not polished and it never will be, but i figured i should post it here so that it’s somewhere, at least.
They were considered to be two of the lucky ones. Finding one’s soulmate so early on in life is a blessing from the universe, a sign that their bond is under the ever watchful gaze of the divine. Luck will follow them, surely. What do they have left to despair over? What do they have to fear? The greatest challenge of their lives has already been solved, and so they are told to walk freely and without pressure clinging to their shoulders.
They found each other at the fine age of six, and from now on, they will be blessed and find wealth.
“I don’t believe any of it,” Green whispers. He keeps his voice low, eyes darting around the blanket fort they’d built in Red’s living room. The only light they have is a single flashlight that keeps flicking on and off due to low battery. Red’s in charge of turning it off and on in hopes that it’ll last just a minute longer while Green is pouring over the books he’d taken from the bookshelf at his grandfather’s house. 
They’re all self-help books with titles like How to Find Your Soulmate and Gut Feelings Can Get in the Way of Love and other crap that Red doesn’t care for. Green turns pages and looks at indexes, his mouth forming words but no sound coming out. He skims over paragraphs meant for people twice his age to read, but Green’s smart, always has been, and he’s handling the bulk of the work while Red turns the flashlight on and off again.
Green stops on a page and Red leans forward to read the chapter title: Life is Always Better with a Soulmate! Green scoffs and rolls his eyes. “That can’t be true. What about those couples that break up? Your mom and dad did, right Red?”
Red nods, lips thinning. There’s a nervousness in his heart, heightened by the darkness that comes and goes with the dying of the flashlight. All of these books are telling lies and the adults believe them. But both he and Green know that it’s wrong, that soulmates aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. 
After all, when he’d first met Green, when they’d first shook hands and looked into each other’s eyes, their bond was formed. 
It felt like… It felt like what volcanoes erupting looks like. A loud, earth-shaking feeling that filled Red with shock and fear of what was to come. It felt like the air was being forced out of his lungs, like an ekans squeezing a rattata. It felt like being lost in the woods at night and getting an expensive toy as a birthday present. It was frightening and too much all at once, so much so that they both jumped back, startled and scared.
But it was a bond being formed under the eyes of the universe. A pact being sealed without their consent or understanding. They had found their soulmate, and the elation and joy swept over Pallet Town like a wind with Red and Green staring at each other in confusion through all of it.
Green is Red’s best friend, but he can’t say for sure if that’s because of the bond or because Green likes to talk about pokémon with him. There’s no one else around who has such a strong interest in the creatures, but Green will flaunt his knowledge and sneak them into his grandfather’s lab to look at some of them. They fed a growlithe together, they ran from a nidoran together, but Red doesn’t feel that special feeling again. 
“I don’t feel it either,” Green admitted to him when Red had written out his question. “Maybe that’s all we’ll ever feel. Maybe it’s normal.”
There are no marks to make the process of finding soulmates easier. It’s a feeling, it’s a gaze, it’s a touch that one feels when they meet their special someone. Because of this, everyone is overly friendly. Shaking hands and hugging strangers is commonplace. Eye contact is expected, and Red is secretly relieved to have met Green because now he can avoid meeting people’s eyes.
Everywhere around them, people are almost desperate to find their one. It’s so deeply ingrained in their way of living and looking at the world. So Green wonders and ponders and thinks. Red asking that question only opened up other possibilities, and Green is curious and intelligent, so he runs with it in search of the truth. 
Which brings them to the blanket fort and the lies printed in black ink. The two of them sit there comparing what they’ve experienced in their lives to what the world at large believes. Red’s parents were no longer together, and yet they’d been soulmates. What does it mean? They’d been told repeatedly that once they found their special someone, the world would right itself, the universe would sing their song and they’d face little to no hardships.
“It’s a lie,” Green spits, closing the book with a loud slam. “They’ve been lying to us, Red.”
Red puts down the flashlight and reaches over to take Green’s hand. 
There’s no spark or visions of celebration to differentiate the touch from any other one.
 When Green turns seven, he puts distance between them. 
When Green turns eight, he starts being mean.
When they both turn eleven, they begin their pokémon journeys. 
It’s a monumental undertaking and when he was younger, Red had thought he and Green would face it side by side. But now, Green runs forward, spewing taunts in his wake. There’s no link between them that offers Red a peek into what Green’s really feeling, no sign given by their bond that could explain his behavior. Red is left alone, confused and hurt by his own soulmate shunning and belittling him every chance he gets. 
Red keeps walking because that’s what he’s always done. He catches pokémon, forges bonds with them, and trudges through grass and mud and rain to get where he needs to go. It’s fun being outside so much. He gets to be on his own, away from people and it’s not seen as him being strange or weird. Pokémon aren’t afraid of him. Pokémon don’t whisper hurtful things behind his back. It’s him, his team, and the four badges in his case.
That is, until the foreboding air and eerie light of Lavender Town comes creeping closer. An unsettling presence hangs over the town like a smog, and Red finds himself thrust into the city's problems as he chases Team Rocket. And in doing so, he runs into his soulmate once more in the Pokémon Tower. 
Red has a reason for being here; he’s been chasing Team Rocket thugs his entire journey. Green, however… Well. There’s only two reasons for visiting the Pokémon Tower, but Red doesn’t pry. Green tries once again at intimidation, and it ends as it always has previously; Green hiding his hurt behind a cracking mask and Red never being able to find the right words to say.
And yet, when he leaves Lavender Town after driving out Team Rocket and saving Mr. Fuji, he spots Green on Route 7, leaning against a tree. It’s not like Green to stick around in places where there’s no gym, so Red is confused...until he understands that Green’s been waiting for him.
A feeling of dread weighs him down. Was their fight at the Pokémon Tower not enough? Were the insults not enough? Red has had enough, and moves to the left to give Green a wide berth. He doesn’t want to battle or deal with the complex feelings that follow. He’s spent enough time here. He needs to go.
Green’s voice stops him. It’s not because of the bond or any other false truth that’s been shoved down his throat. At one point, Green had been his best friend. And now, he still remains Red’s soulmate. Red keeps handing out chances for change, opportunities to fix things, but nothing ever comes. He needs to go.
Green pushes off of the tree, his arms still crossed. “Camp out with me tonight.”
Not a battle. Not an insult. Not a pointless taunt. A proposition. An opportunity for change? Red would be a fool not to take it.
He nods.
 By the fireside, Red and Green stare into the flames and keep their words to themselves. Their tents are already set up, their teams have already eaten dinner and they’ve done the same. There’s nothing left to take care of, but still they prolong what brought them together in the first place. 
Red has no idea what it is that Green wants, so he’s confused, but that’s not the only thing that’s confusing him. He hasn’t spent this much time around Green in years, and yet...he feels nothing from their soulmate bond. There’s no relief or itch for touch, there’s no yearning in his heart and no sudden impact of feelings like when they’d first locked gazes. If feels normal between them, as it always has since that first meeting. 
Is this normal? Is this how it’s supposed to be?
Green tosses another twig into the fire that it didn’t need and looks up at Red. “Do you want to break our bond?”
Red’s eyes widen. His lips part. He forgets to breathe. He stares.
“I’m not going to force you,” Green holds up a hand. “But I… I’ve been thinking...about this whole soulmate thing…”
Red keeps silent, his heart racing and it’s the most feeling he’s ever felt since that day. 
“I don’t know about you, but luck hasn’t been following me,” Green says, glaring at the flames. “Wealth hasn’t found me. And I know… I know we aren’t close anymore, but…” Green sighs, looks up at Red and the fire in his eyes is unlike anything Red’s ever seen. It’s volcanoes erupting and stars bursting into dust. “I want to make this decision myself.”
Quickly, Red reaches into his backpack for his notepad and a pencil. He bites his lip as he thinks on what to say. When it comes down to it, there’s just one question that hasn’t left him and probably never will. 
Have you felt anything since that first day? Even now?
Green looks over the paper and he takes a minute to respond. When he does, hurt chokes his voice, reality making his throat tighten. “No, I haven’t.”
Red sits back. The last bit of hope up and fades and he’s left with this choice. What is a soulmate bond if there’s no feelings attached? If there’s no constant affirmation that this is right? How do they know for certain that they’re each other’s soulmates? The feelings had been immense, but they’d vanished since. But who was to say that was a bond being formed? What if it was just them, the two of them, and nothing more?
But it had to be a bond, because that’s how it’s always been described. That was the one part those books got right. That initial feeling of everything at once, like the universe crashing in on them. Amazing and scary and beautiful and sad. Everything that they are and could be leveled against them in one, single gaze. 
Then after, there’s no more. That is all they are afforded. 
Green is his soulmate, but Red thinks of him as a lost childhood friend, someone who isn’t interested and wants nothing to do with him. Still, those old times when they were younger… Red wouldn’t mind going back to that. He prefers friendship over this bitter rivalry that hurts much more than it should, that tears and rips his skin.
But isn’t this the same? Green wants nothing to do with him yet again. Not as friends, not as soulmates, only rivals competing for something that they were supposed to do together. Red grips his pencil tight.
Do you hate me that much?
Green stutters. “Red, I…” He shakes his head, leans forward to set his elbows on his knees. He stares into the flames but then looks past them to regard Red. “I don’t hate you. I just think this would be best for both of us.”
“Because have you ever felt anything for me?” Green asks, turning the question around. “You always ask if I’ve felt anything, but have you? What is this bond doing for us, huh? Everyone talks like it’s the best thing, like it’s an amazing necessity, but it’s not!”
Red looks away, feeling Green’s frustration and understanding it. They always sang of soulmates, sang of love and fate, but it’s done nothing for them. Are they too young? Too ignorant of the world? And if so, shouldn’t they figure this out themselves? They can’t trust what they’re told, they can’t trust what people say. This is a step that they have to make on their own.
With every step on his journey, Red’s been making his own choice and how freeing it’s felt. He decides where to go, who to battle, what pokémon to catch. He decides his place in the world and who he wants to be. He dives into caves and crosses rivers. He looks up and dreams of snow, he looks back and yearns for times long past. But those are still his choices to make. 
This is the same. This is something that they can choose for themselves. There was always the possibility for more, an opportunity for the two of them to become more, but…this opportunity, this chance may be what they need.
What does Red have to lose? There’s never been another feeling or indication. They’ve grown apart despite being fated to be together. They’ve already defied all logic and reason. 
And he wants… He wants to know. Maybe if they break the bond, another feeling will happen and they’ll know for certain, then. 
How do we break it?
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I FINALLY wrote something, it may not be long but it’s something. It’s all fluff, surprisingly.
Since I was able to write on Ao3, heres the link!
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professor-blue-oak · 4 days ago
What the fuck is my husband up to? Now I’m really curious 😤
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professor-blue-oak · 4 days ago
Scheming things. Flying types are involved
— Red
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Some Reguri before I go to bed~
I cannot express how much I love drawing Green’s hair-
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parasitic-boyfriend · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you @sundaeserenade for this absolute zinger headcanon that i cant stop thinking about
(og post here)
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professor-blue-oak · 7 days ago
This is kinda random but with my 3rd wedding anniversary just around the bend, it kinda popped into my head and I’m sure you guys would get a kick out of it.
A lot of you already know that I see as a father figure. Well, he played the father role during my wedding. Walked down the aisle, “father-daughter” dance thing.
But he was hella nervous before the wedding ha! I think I’ve got it video too but he said something along the lines of like
Lance: I think the last time I was this nervous was when I barged into the Team Rocket Base
Naomi: You weren’t nervous during our wedding? (Said with an annoyed huff)
Lance: Why the hell would I be nervous to marry the love of my life?
Naomi: Hmm, fair enough
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sundaeserenade · 7 days ago
just some hand holding reguri headcanons, because i can’t stop thinking about them
red loves hand holding and one of the reasons he loves it so much is because green does that thing where he rubs his thumb along the back of red’s hand
^ this kills the man
green likes to do it in public and red almost passes out from embarrassment every time
green knows this and does it on purpose
green ALSO squeezes red’s hand to get his attention
^ this kills the man ²
red has a really tight grip on green’s hand, like he is not letting green go
because they hold hands a lot they’ve learned to keep pace with each other and it’s cute as hell
when either of them are wearing a hoodie or pants with large pockets, they’ll fit both hands in a pocket
if it’s cold outside they still hold hands... they just are wearing gloves and it’s NOT AS GOOD
green ALSO does the thing where he brings red’s hand up to his lips to kiss
^ this kills the man ³
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professor-blue-oak · 8 days ago
My cuddling card has been returned to me after what felt like forever.
Anyway, how are y’all. Sorry if I seem to be posting less. This whole league thing is taking up a lot of my time. I sponsored someone so I need to keep an eye on them
Inbox is still open
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sundaeserenade · 8 days ago
okay here are some reguri headcanons
i am a sucker for red just wanting to hold hands. like when they first get together, he’s shy about it, but then he eases into holding hands in public or wherever. kisses he’s too embarrassed to do in public though
green teaches red how to kiss and it’s funny as hell
red gives great hugs
green needs a hug from red every day
they hold hands under the table when they’re eating out
they play footsie
so i’m not really about pet names tbh! i think green would call red “champ” and “big guy” sometimes but red just calls and that’s okay
they take turns being little spoon and big spoon
^ they sleep in different positions a lot like the bed is full with pikachu and eevee too so...sometimes they’re real scrunched together
they have movie nights!! popcorn and beer!!
they get into arguments on battling strategies. it’s like what they fight about the most. which item is best to use in what situation kind of stuff
red is so so fucking impressed with green’s accomplishments and tells him as often as he can and green takes those compliments but he is embarrassed bc it’s RED saying that stuff
red is green’s biggest fan, he reads all of green’s published work
^ that embarrasses green
green is red’s biggest fan, they get their own merch for free from their sponsors and green wears red’s stuff around the house
^ red loves that
green falls asleep doing work and red always carries him to bed
picnic dates all. the. time
they get into competitions over who can catch the most pokemon/who has the most completed pokedex
^ red wins most of the time
they both like traveling!!! green likes to see the other regions/cities and learn more about the new pokemon/evolution/mega stones/whatever gimmick game freak thinks of next
red likes traveling because of nature!! but also the same things as green
red loves, loves, loves traveling with green. green bitches the whole time but red is so so so happy
green likes traveling with red, too
red has so much experience with camping or w/e from his journey/mt. silver that green doesn’t even have to do much! which is a bonus!
they both love to stargaze when going camping,,
they don’t sleep as well when they’re not together
they’re in love
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hxlyconn · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I AM QUESTIONING LIFE DECISIONS RN BC WHAT IS THIS (i drew this around february i think,,, their designs suck bye—)
Guess this is why I'm known as the weird introverted kid at school😭✋
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professor-blue-oak · 8 days ago
Tired Mod
Tumblr media
I’m feeling tired and my college semester is wrapping up and I’m late on some homework. I’ve been forcing myself to draw but I feel burnt out and sleepy. I promised more Specs the Beluga Wailord but for some reason my body won’t allow me to draw it lol
Nervous to post it but I am burnt out at the moment and I’ve supposedly once spent 4hrs on here once
Why not spam this inbox and my @galar-ranger-magnus inbox before I close em for a bit
This inbox: Feel free to keep doing what you’ve guys been doing
@galar-ranger-magnus : Hes a coordinator and ranger who so happens to be nonbinary. Ask about his job or hobby or even ask for Ranger Clair. There’s a whole pinned post about everything
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